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Academic Prerequisites for Veterinary School

A program in Pre-Veterinary Medicine is  offered through the Departments of Biological Sciences and Animal Science. Although the Pre-Veterinary programs offered through both departments meet all the requirements for admission to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, a student is typically best suited for one program or the other. It is important that a student discuss with an advisor which program is best suited to his or her interests, skills, and goals.

The specific course requirements for entry in Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine with Tarleton's equivalents are listed below (current as of 10/31/2014).

Credit hrs Equivalent Tarleton Courses
Life Sciences
    General Biology with lab 4 BIOL 1406
    General Microbiology 4 BIOL 3407
    Genetics 3 BIOL 3403
Animal Sciences
    Animal Nutrition or Feeds & Feeding 3 ANSC 4306 or 3409
Chemical Sciences
    Inorganic Chemistry with lab 8 CHEM 1411 & 1412
    Organic Chemistry with lab 6 CHEM 2423 & 2425
    Biochemistry 5 BIOL 4374 or CHEM 4374
    Statistics 3 MATH 3450
    Physics 8 PHYS 1401 & 1402
    Composition and Rhetoric 3 ENGL 1301
     Psychology 3 PSYC2301
    Technical Writing 3 ENGL 3309
    Speech Communications 3 COMS 1315 or 2302

Veterinary Schools in Texas

There is one veterinary school in Texas: