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Phi Eta Sigma has meetings for officers and members to discuss upcoming events throughout the year.

Phi Eta Sigma is not a social organization, but throughout the year, we do several community projects.  In the past, we have helped out with the event Calling for Children at the Foster Home in Stephenville.  It is an annual phone-a-thon that helps raise money for the children's home.


Minutes Planning Meeting January 25, 2011

Members present at the meeting: Shayla Priddy, Jaylan Roan, Cody Clary, Linda Volleman, Dr. Linda Jones, and Dr. Rueben Walter

The meeting was called to order by President Shayla Priddy at 4:08 PM in the science building conference room. 

The induction ceremony was the first item of business discussed.  The ceremony will be held on in the TSU Ballrooms at 5:30.  To get more members involved in leadership positions, it was suggested by Shayla Priddy that an invite to an information meeting be added to the original invitation letters.  The information meeting will be held the Monday before the induction ceremony.  The information meeting will be held to introduce new members to possible leadership positions and inform them about the duties involved with each of the current officer positions.  The location of this meeting will be decided on at a later date.

Service projects were the next item of business on the agenda.  Suggestions were made by all members of the group and discussed.  Some of these suggestions included providing hospitality for different events such as the Olympia, math and science UIL meets, and other things of that nature.  Providing snacks for traveling UIL students for the Stephenville and Dublin schools was also suggested.  Shayla Priddy and Linda Volleman are responsible for further checking into that.  Dr. Jones suggested collecting pennies to be a part of the “Tea Cup writers” project.  The group agreed to judge essays for a contest in February.     

Cody Clary will be updating the current Phi Eta Sigma website.  Jaylan Roan is going to create a facebook page that will help us keep in contact with more of our members in the future and hopefully get the word out more about upcoming events and projects.  

Information about scholarships was shared with the group and will hopefully be added to the website and facebook pages to involve more people.  Only one scholarship entry can come from our chapter in accordance with the number of people inducted each year.  If more than one member were to apply, a local judging would take place to choose the applicant that would move on.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:47 PM