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Faculty Research

Dr. Annette Albrecht has been working with graduate students in the area of social media and grief.  They will be surveying students to determine their experiences with online condolences.

Dr. Albrecht is working with professors from several universities surveying freshmen and their perception of their high school counselors.

Dr. Jonali Baruah is working with student intern, Carmelle Bolding, focusing on the effects of time and diversity in groups on generation and selection of ideas among face-to-face and computer mediated groups.  She plans to develop a training module to enhance group-creativity among adolescents and adults.

Dr. Baruah had an article published in the 2013 Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology.  She also presented a poster on Temporal effects on group ideation process at the 8th INGroup Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in July, 2013.

Dr. Sam Bore had an article published in the National Forum Journal of Counseling and Addiction.  Psycho-educational Groups in Schools: The Intervention of Choice discussed several topics that can be addressed in psycho-educational groups including social skills development, emotional and sexual issues, stress management, study skills and diversity.

Dr. Kyle Eichas has written a chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Identity Development entitled Identity and Positive Youth Development: Advances in Developmental Intervention Science.

Dr. Eichas is also working with a cross-disciplinary team of researchers to launch two projects at the Waco campus.  The Longitudinal Life Course Study examines college as a life course transition for students pursuing nontraditional educational pathways.  The project is collecting its first wave of data.  The Making Career and Education Choices Workshop is a positive development program that targets the transition from college to the world of work or graduate school.  It is in its initial stages of implementation and evaluation and will be offered as an ongoing service for students.

Dr. Thomas Faulkenberry is currently working on three projects in numerical cognition.  In one project, he is measuring how much of adults' finite working memory capacity is required to do mental arithmetic.  Another project involves tracking participants' hand movements to determine how mental representations of fractions form over time.  Finally, he is using a false-memory paradigm to investigate whether solutions to small arithmetic problems (involving operands less than 5) involve direct memory retrieval or more deliberate solution processes.

Dr. Faulkenberry is also the lead author on a paper that has been accepted for publication in the Oklahoma Journal of School Mathematics, entitled "Teaching Integer Arithmetic without Rules: An Embodied Approach."

Ms. Jennifer Gibson will be conducting research on eyewitness testimony and the weapon focus effect. 

Ms. ManDee Mason is conducting research on modified learning environments in the PSY 101 General Psychology course.

Dr. Julie Merriman is conducting research with the TREAT Riding Research Team, applying play therapy tenets to Equine Assisted Therapy.  They have hired 8 students as research assistants on the project.

Dr. Merriman is also conducting research on Compassion Fatigue in school counselors and Compassion Fatigue in Licensed Professional Counselor-interns.

Dr. Kim Rynearson's most recent research activities relate to transfer students, university partnerships, and adult learners.

Student Research

Departmental Graduate Assistants, Jessica Sanchez and Stacen Benavides, are currently working with the TREAT Research Team as research assistants.  They are assisting research team members teaching volunteers basic tenets and conducting observations and data entry.

Student Intern, Carmelle Bolding, is working with Dr. Jonali Baruah, focusing on the effects of time and diversity in groups on generation and selection of ideas among face-to-face and computer mediated groups.