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M.S. Educational Psychology - Licensed Psychological Associate

Advising Guide: M.S. Educational Psychology-LPA 09-10

                        M.S. Educational Psychology-LPA 10-11

Internship or Practicum forms: click here

Practicum Prerequisite Courses: verification form

Internship or Practicum: Which one do I take? 

  • Licensed Psychological Associate students (M.S. - Educational Psychology) take PSY 505 - Practicum I and PSY 584 - Practicum II

Internship and Practicum: How many hours of field placement are required? 

  • Licensed Psychological Associate students (M.S. - Educational Psychology) clock hours for PSY 505 and 150 clock hours for PSY 584 (note: 450 clock hours under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist are required for licensure, so students are encouraged to obtain more than the minimum required hours in their practicums or to take PSY 587 - Practicum III as an elective)

Don't forget - you must submit a new application to the department office each semester you wish to be in practicum or internship

  • Deadline for a fall practicum/internship: July 1st
  • Deadline for a spring practicum/internship: November 1st
  • Deadline for a summer practicum/internship: April 1st

The deadline for submission of all paperwork at the end of the semester is 5:00 pm on the Monday of finals week. You may turn in your paperwork earlier if you finish your practicum or internship before then.