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Campus Shuttles and Parking

Shuttle Service

The public transit service, which provides handicap accessibility, is offered free to all passengers commuting to and from campus. The transit service connects The Grove Apartment complex to the Tarleton campus with a fleet of two shuttles. An additional shuttle will ferry commuter students and university employees to and from the campus All Zone parking lot adjacent to Tarleton’s softball and baseball fields.  For more information about parking policies and the campus shuttle service, contact the Office of Parking Services at 254-968-9001.

There is no on-campus shuttle service with the exception of the evening shuttle service. There is no shuttle service during the summer.

Ride Systems App*

Download the new Ride Systems app to keep track of where our shuttles are and when they can be expected to arrive!  The app is available in the following formats:

*Stephenville Campus Only, When Shuttle Service is in Operation

More Info

The shuttle service will operate weekdays at the following times:

Remote Lot Shuttle

First stop: 7:30 am
Last Stop: 6 pm
Stop location: Corner of Harbin & Washington
Frequency: Approx. every 15 minutes

Apartment Shuttle-The Grove Apartments

First Stop: 7:30 am
Last Stop: 6 pm
Frequency: Approx. every 30 minutes

Evening Shuttle Service (on-campus only)

Hours: 7 pm-1 am, Sunday through Thursday
To use: Call Control Center at (254) 968-9265 for a pick-up