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Dr. Marilyn Duran and Alicia Figueroa

Healthcare utilization of residents living in Erath County

The descriptive study is focused on health care utilization of residents in Erath County. The purpose of the study is to obtain data to apply for grant funding to support the collaborative development of a health clinic to increase health care access for the underserved citizens of a rural county.

Dok Woods

Predictors of Retention in Baccalaureate Nursing Programs

This is a quantitative correlational study of predictors of retention in baccalaureate nursing programs including nursing self-efficacy, self-directed learning readiness, and selected program admission criteria.

Jennifer Donwerth and Mary Winton

Using PDAs by Nursing Students During Clinical: Enhancing Patient Care Delivery and Communication with Instructors

Jennifer Donwerth and Mary Winton were two of 54 individuals chosen to participate in the Health Information Technology Scholars (HITS) program. Individuals selected for the HITS program were chosen from over 400 applicants. The goal of the four-phase HITS program was to promote the integration of current technology into nursing education so that future nursing graduates to practice in a technological environment. HITS faculty were required to complete online modules, attend a conference and develop and complete a research project. The research project chosen by Jennifer Donwerth and Mary Winton was to evaluate whether or not the use of PDAs by nursing students in the clinical setting enhances patient care delivery and communication with instructors.

Creative Projects

Jennifer Donwerth

Authored Textbook Chapters and Pharmacology Manual

During FY2008 Jennifer Donwerth completed chapter reviews for 2 pathophysiology texts, revised the complete instructors manual for pharmacology text and revised a chapter for geriatric text.

Paula Maness

Rural Nursing Preceptorship for BSN Students: Collaboration for Recruitment and Learning

Articles on the topic were published in peer-reviewed nursing journals in November 2008 and April 2007. Presentation titled Effectiveness Of Rural Preceptorship For The Purpose Of Recruitment And Retention For The Rural Health Workforce was given at the Texas Rural Health Association annual meeting in August 2008.

The Rural Nursing Preceptor Program has been developed over a period of several semesters with the current group of preceptors available numbering 18 consistently. I work individually and in groups with the preceptors, their supervisors, hospital administrators, and the students themselves to accomplish stated goals and outcomes for the preceptored experience. Students have consistently found this activity beneficial and rewarding as evidenced by their written journal entries and evaluation of the individual preceptors and process during the experience and at the end of the program. The preceptors have verbally and in written evaluation of the experience indicated that the activity with the students has allowed them to renew their own dedication and enthusiasm for nursing. Hospital administrators have expressed gratitude for the presence of our students in realistic and meaningful experiences that allow them a period of time to acclimate to the real world of a hospital based career. They actively seek to recruit the graduates of our program and consistently express their thanks that we are deeply involved with assuring patient safety and good standards of care in developing a nursing workforce in this setting.