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Nuclear Engineering Classes

Nuclear Engineering Classes

BS in Physics - Nuclear Track

A joint venture between the Physics program at Tarleton State University and the Nuclear Engineering Department at Texas A&M University to provide select nuclear engineering courses for Tarleton Physics majors through the Physics program's membership in the Texas Physics Consortium (TPC) and the Nuclear Power Institute (NPI).

In addition, Tarleton Physics graduates have access to special pipeline scholarships for pursuit of graduate study in either Health Physics or Nuclear Engineering in the Nuclear Engineering Department at Texas A&M.   

BS Physics - Nuclear Track

The BS in Physics with Nuclear Track provides students with up to 26 hrs in course work in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering. This provides the student with the necessary background for admission into the graduate program in Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University or employment in the nuclear power industry. These courses include the 12 hr Nuclear Power Technology Certificate.

Physics students in other concentrations may also take one or more nuclear engineering or certificate courses as part of their support field coursework.

The BS in Physics with Nuclear Track can be completed at the main Stephenville Campus or at any of Tarleton's satellite campuses (Fort Worth, Weatherford, or Midlothian).

Nuclear Power Technology Certificate

Physics students who complete the following four course sequence developed by the Nuclear Power Institute and Industrial partners will be awarded a Nuclear Power Plant Technology Certificate in addition to using the courses for degree credit. These courses are taught via distance education from Texas A&M University as part of Tarleton's partnership with NPI.


  1. Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals
  2. Nuclear Power Plant Systems
  3. Nuclear Power Plant Operations
  4. Human Performance for Nuclear Power Plant Engineers

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