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Spotlight on: Junior and Senior Recitals

As the music department grows, we do more and more junior and senior recitals every semester.  These recitals are an important milestone for our music students and everyone is encouraged to come and support them as they take the next step towards getting their music degrees.

Junior Recitals for Spring 2017 (All Junior Recitals are at 4:00 PM)

Ron Petty, January 26
Roy Hakins, January 26
Chad Wiley, February 2
Grant Shane, February 2
Cassie Goodwin, March 2
John Nickels, March 2
LeeAnn Hamilton, March 9
Madison Bowen, March 9
Ste'fon Landers, March 23
Akira Okamoto, March 23
Logan Throckmorton, March 30
Nathan Mena, March 30
Skylar Lochbaum, April 27

Senior Recitals for Spring 2017 (all Senior Recitals are at 7:30 PM)

Sabrina Hilburn, February 17
Breanna Chapman, March 22
Melissa Furber, March 29
Austen Whaley, March 31
Matt Daigle, April 10
Victor Becerra, April 17
Nathan Carrean, April 19
Ricardo Allen II, April 21
Haden Capps, April 28