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Math Clinic

The Math Clinic is a free tutoring service provided by the Mathematics department. It is located in Room #203 in the Mathematics Building. Our tutors are either graduate teaching assistants or undergraduate students that have a strong mathematics background. There are 2 computers available for students who have online math homework, and need a quiet place to work. Students are welcome to use the clinic as a place to complete homework assignments, and have a tutor there in case any questions arise.

What to bring with you to the clinic:  

  • Any Notes or Textbook that can help.
  • Original assignment for specific directions.
  • Paper, Pencil/Pen, Calculator

Location: Mathematics Building, Room 203

Note: A tutor will NOT do your homework for you.

If you have any complaints/suggestions: contact Kaycie Griffith at or 254-968-1949

Math Clinic Hours

Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm

Fridays 8am - 12pm

Apply to Be a Tutor

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