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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Tarleton State University!

Our Mission and Purpose is to provide empowering educational opportunities that prepare students for rewarding careers as collaborative leaders in their chosen fields and contribute to the development of a mathematically literate citizenry.


Math Department News & Events

Dr. Kathy Smith elected to national mathematics committee

Click here for the news article.

Dr. Robert Muth Receives Prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr. Robert Muth

Dr. Robert Muth has received a Uhlenbeck Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Group Representation Theory and Applications program from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley, California.  Dr. Muth will be representing Tarleton and working with the foremost experts in the field of group theory during his time at MSRI.  Here is a link to the MSRI web site.

Click here for the article in Tarleton Media Relations.

Tarleton represented at The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas 2016 annual conference

Tarleton represented at AMTE

Eileen Faulkenberry, Kathy Smith, Trace Bowen (Waco Campus), and Jimmie Rios (Fort Worth campus)

Click here for the article.

The Tarleton State University Particle Modeling Group receives national recognition

The Particle Modeling Group is led by Professor Bryant Wyatt.

Click here for the article.

Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry elected to AMTE-TX executive board

Click here for the for the story in Tarleton Media Relations

Math Day 2016

Dr. Kirby real last lecture     Dr. Kirby closes real last lecture

Dr. Jim Kirby, The Real Last Lecture

   Click here for the program.

   Click here for the list of student posters and visual displays.

   Click here for the Math Day Awards

   Click our Facebook page link for more pictures and information.

Tarleton Aeronautical Team Wins Third Place in NASA Competition

   See the Tweets in the NASA Student Launch Website.  The prize is $10,000!

   Click here for the full story in Tarleton Media Relations.

TSU team wins third place in nasa competition

Tarleton Aeronautical Team goes to NASA Competition

   Click here for the news article in the J-TAC.

   Click here for the Aeronautical Team's Facebook page.

   Click here for the NASA Student Launch website with information about the competition.  The link to NASA.TV interview of Tarleton and  the AGSE from Wednesday can be found here, a must see.

TSU Aeronautical Team

Tarleton Math Faculty and Students Participate in Tarleton Day of Service April 7, 2016

   The Math Department scheduled nine different service activities.  Click here for the list of projects and activities. 

   Click here for an article in Hood County News about our Rocket Team, students, and faculty at Lakeside Baptist Academy in Granbury.

   Dr. Keith Emmert launches air-powered rockets at Curtis Elementary School in Weatherford. Nearly 60 third-graders were involved in this fun activity.

Air-launched rockets

For many more pictures and details, see our Facebook page at

Dr. Wyatt and the Tarleton Particle Modeling Group Attend the Graphical Processing Unit Technology Conference April 4-7

This spring Dr. Wyatt has been to ICTCM and MAA conferences.  Where will he and his students go next?  That's right, the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley.  You want lunar-forming impacts?  The Particle Modelers have it.  You want mass transfers in binary star systems?  Look no further.  The GPU Tech conference has the latest information on high performance video cards used by the Modelers to do simulations.

The Tarleton Particle Modelers with Jen-Hsen Huang Co-founder, President, and CEO of NVIDIA at GTC 2016

Particle Modelers with President of NVIDIA

Click here for the link to the GPU Technology Conference website.

Tarleton student William Sumpter gives a poster presentation.

GPU Tech Conference

Tarleton Faculty and Students Attend MAA Texas Section Meeting at Stephen F. Austin University

Eight faculty, seven graduate students, and eleven undergraduates went to Nacogdoches March 31 - April 2, 2016.  There were five presentations by faculty and nine presentations by students. The presentation "N-Body Simulation of Binary Star Mass Transfer Using NVIDIA GPUs" by students Baylor Fain, Taylor Hutyra, and Edward Smith won best-in-room.  For more pictures, see our Facebook page

 MAA TX 2016 awardees

Tarleton Aeronautical Team and Faculty Attend International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics 2016

Presentations were given by Dr. Brawner, Colby LaRue, Steve Merwin, Michael Warren, Dr. Gresham, and Dr. Wyatt.  The Tarleton rocket was the hit of the conference.

picture of ICTCM 2016 attendees

Kiwanis hear from Tarleton's Aeronautical Team

Tarleton Aeronautical Team

Dr. Eileen Faulkenberry's presentations at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teachers (CAMT) are now online. 

      Click here for the news article.

      Click here for the videos of Dr. Faulkenberry's presentations.

Dr. Jim Kirby gives Last Lecture talk "The Power of Positive Thinking, Even... No, Especially... in Mathematics"

Last Lecture

Department Head Message

Dr. Brawner, Department Head Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Tarleton State University. I hope you will find our website helpful and informative.  Our department’s main goal is to help students excel in the fields of Mathematics and Mathematics Education.  We have highly qualified faculty members in different areas in pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Education.  

Whether you are taking one course as a university requirement or pursuing a degree in Mathematics, our faculty’s dedication to upholding high teaching standards will provide you with a rich, knowledge-filled experience.

We are located at the Mathematics Building. Come by and check out our facility classrooms and computer lab. If you would like further information, please feel free to call us at 254-968-9168.

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Earn a Masters in Mathematics in as little as 15 months in one of the following fields

  • Data Mining.  This program offers a 25,000 dollar internship.
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics.  This program offers up to an 11,800 dollar teaching assistantship.
  • Mathematics Education.  This program offers up to an 11,800 dollar teaching assistantship.