Principal Investigator Department Title  Amount Grantor Award No. Terms
Randy Harp Ag Houston Livestock 50,400.00 Houston Livestock
Linda Schultz Chemistry Chemistry Deprt Research 35,000.00 Welch Foundation AS-0012 6/00-5/05
Weldon Newton Ag Brown Foundation 2,349.00 Brown Foundation
Ron Jones TIAER Texas Intensive Forestry Studies 15,000.00 Temple-Inland Forest Products 11/00-11/01
Ron Jones TIAER Silez River Basin 917.87 Earth Design Consultants 4/00-3/01
Ron Jones TIAER Tetra Tech Subcontract 27,274.65 Tetra Tech 68-C-99-253 4/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Modeling of SNY Magill Watershed 16,347.65 Iowa State 00-7144-03 6/00-8/02
Ron Jones TIAER National Watershed Protection Program 140,000.00 Tetra Technology Inc 68-C-99-249 11/00-10/01
Ron Jones TIAER Community-Based Watershed Planning 83,334.00 Iowa State 75-6001870 9/00-9/03
Joe Gillespie Health & PE TMATE 100,000.00 Sid Richardson Foundation 00-22 4/01-8/02
Sandra Johnson Agriculture   Institution Internship-HCCS/Kellogg 4,534.71 Kellogg Foundation 601-5/02
Total Private Funding 475,157.88
Principal Investigator Department Title  Amount Grantor Award No. Terms
Ron Jones TIAER Phosphorous Best Mgmt 6,075.95 TSWCB
William Larmer Education Tarleton Model Acc 132,250.00 State of Texas
Ron Jones TIAER Tech Assistance for mathematics 6,333.44 TSWCB 66.454 2/99-3/01
Ron Jones TIAER Bosque River Watershed 45,678.24 TSWCB 98-9 9/99-9/01
David Drueckhammer Agriculture Professional Development for Secondary 2,000.00 Texas Education Agency 3-713713713 9/00-8/01
Ron Jones TIAER TMDL Research Support 148,575.72 TNRCC 582-0-80113 12/99-8/05
Elaine Evans Nursing Tobacco Curriculum for Nursing 60,304.59   THECB 9/00-8/01
Ron Jones TIAER Investigations of Phosphorous 100,000.00 TSSWCB TMDL00-01 6/00-8/02
Richard Shigley Criminal Justice Rural School Safety 195,633.36 Governor's Office ED-99-J20-15550-01 6/00-6/02
Joe Gillespie Health & PE Teacher Quality Enhancement 88,999.79 Texas A&M Research P336B990084 10/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Phase I Trinity River 29,910.00 TNRCC 582-0-34033 6/00-12/01
Richard Denning Fine Arts Touring/Presenter 3,720.00 Texas Commission on Arts
Total State Funding 813,405.14
Principal Investigator Department Title  Amount Grantor Award No. Terms
Betty Murray Financial Aid Workstudy 248,717.00 U.S. Department of Education P033A004131 7/00-6/01
Ashley Lovell Ag Endangered Species resource 29,630.99 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 4/00-7/02
Ashley Lovell Ag ITAM 72,318.58 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 10/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Lake Waco/Bosque River Initiative 658,996.15 USDA-Natural Resources Conservation 68-7442-6-258 3/96-3/02
Ashley Lovell Ag GIS Analysis - ITAM 71,715.03 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 10/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Wetlands in Small Agriculture Wetlands 45,113.94 Texas Agriculture Experiment Station TSSWCB 95-13 5/96-12/00
Ron Jones TIAER Environmental Issues:  The Next Generation 1,079,138.93 Environmental Protection Agency R-82680701-2 9/98-2/03
Reuben Walter Chemistry Center for Astronomy Education 300,000.00 U.S. Department of Energy P116Z000046 9/00-9/04
Joe Gillespie Health & PE Preparing Teachers for High Need Schools 41,865.00 U.S. Department of Education 445782/P336B99084 1/99-9/04
Pam Littleton Math & Physics Road Map Project 40,000.00 TAMURF 445511-02001 1/00-12/01
Ashley Lovell Ag Equipment Operation Natural Resources 44,274.00 Department of Defense 10/00-10/01
Bert Little CAE Center for Agribusiness Excellence 4,998,000.00 USDA - Federal Crop Insurance Corp. 12/00-9/02
Ron Jones TIAER Sp Ed Demonstration 36,500.00 Department of Education 1/00-8/01
Ron Jones TIAER Composting Support Project - Bosque 674,712.00 TSSWCB 00-8 1/01-12/03
Ron Jones TIAER NPS Conference - TSSWCB 30,000.00 TSSWCB 97-2A 2/01-10/01
Ron Jones TIAER Walnut Creek Watershed 112,000.00 Ag Research Service 58-3625-1-147 2/01-11/02
Ashley Lovell Ag LRAM Coordinator - ITAM 66,599.19 Department of Defense 10/00-9/01
Jim Choate Small Business Small Business Development 8,743.00 Small Business Development
David Keith Student Support Student Support 200,903.00 Department of Energy P042A970359-00 9/00-8/01
Jane McClain Upward Bound Upward Bound 407,097.92 Department of Education P047A990036 9/00-8/01
James Choate Small Business Small Business Development 239,076.00 Small Business Development 1-7620-0048-15 10/00-9/01
Total Federal Funding 9,405,400.73
Grand Total Funding FY 2001 10,700,039.70