New Books and Resources December 2011

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF173 .B833 2011 Intersubjective processes and the unconscious

BF173 .E156 2011 From classical to contemporary psychoanalysis

BF175.4.P45 O753 2011 The suffering stranger

BF311 .E495 2010 Enaction

BF315 .R58 2011 The primordial mind in health and illness

BF468 .F568 2011 The textures of time
AV BF531 .T53 2010 This emotional life [videorecording]

BF636.6 .M45 2011 Counselling and therapy techniques

BF723.P25 P32 2011 Parents and toddlers in groups

BF724.8 .S64 2011 Specialty competencies in geropsychology
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World

D767.99.P4 B55 2011 Victory at Peleliu

D780 .S78 2011
Surface and destroy

D805.5.D6 S33 2011 Commemorating hell

D808 .S44 2011 The long road home
E - History: America

E83.89 .G58 2011 Wounded Knee Massacre

E98.D9 T57 2011 Tipi : heritage of the Great Plains

E98.E85 O85 2011 Indian voices : listening to Native Americans

E98.T77 S49 2011 Red power rising

E99.C5 B744 2011 Deconstructing the Cherokee nation

E165 .T53213 2010 Alexis de Tocqueville and Gustave de Beaumont in America 

E169.1 .G545 2010 Globalizing American studies

E183 .K67 2011 State power and democracy

E184.A1 C377 2011 Affirmative reaction

E184.A1 E553 2011 Transcending racial barriers

E184.A1 S5724 2011 The invisible line

E184.F4 B35 2011 The third Asiatic invasion

E184.I8 A55 2010 Anti-Italianism

E184.M5 R344 2011 Recession without borders

E184.M5 V344 2011 Mexican Americans across generations

E185.61 .B44 2011 Seeing through race

E185.61 .M655 2011 After the dream

E185.615 .L5765 2011 How racism takes place

E185.615 .P26 2011 Civil rights advocacy on behalf of the poor

E185.625 .A385 2010 The African diaspora in the U.S. and Canada at the dawn of the 21st century

E470.2 .W45 2011 A glorious army

E547.M8 P67 2011 One of Morgan's men
F - History: America

F27.P5 T43 2009 The Maine woods

F395.M5 B56 2011 Fighting their own battles

F664.3 .M68 1997 Roadside history of Nebraska

F694 .T85 1982 Twin territories times

F729.3 .W47 1986 A traveler's companion to Montana history

F780 .C75 1970 A Confederate in the Colorado gold fields

F791 .N68 1975 New Mexico newspapers

F817.M48 R56 1984 Rim country history

F817.S3 R42 1973 Open range and hidden silver

F869.A15 B5 1986 Mining camp days

F1060.3 .O98 1983 Outlaws & lawmen of western Canada.

F1233.5.G33 D43 1976 Goodbye, Garc*ia, adi*os

F1246 .G47 1967 Lower California guidebook

F1569.C2 M157 2011 The big ditch
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G155.A1 S272 2011 Tourism and poverty

G635.W47 A32 2011 The magnetic north
  GA105.3 .K73 2011 Cartography : visualization of spatial data
  GB661.2 .G866 2011 Modern hydrology and sustainable water development
  GF75 .C537 2011 Inhuman nature : sociable life on a dynamic planet
  GF75 .L37 2011 Metaphors for environmental sustainability

GT605 .H55 2011 American menswear

GT2085 .G56 2011 Global denim

GV191.42.C6 C38 1989 The Colorado guide

GV711 .C587 2011 Coaching and management techniques in athletics

GV865.A1 T39 2011 The runmakers

GV867.64 .R83 2011 Raceball

GV875.A15 F45 2011 Under pallor, under shadow

GV1024 .M42 1982 Texas auto trails
H - Social Science

HB172.5 .N326 2011 Rethinking macroeconomics for sustainability

HB615 .I5 2011 In search of research excellence
  HB3722 .W55 2010 Uncontrolled risk
  HC102.5.M33 A3 2011 Big Red
  HD31 .M28134 2011 Drucker's lost art of management
  HD57.7 .B748 2010 The leader's guide to influence
  HD58.9 .S952 2011 Systems thinking
  HD61 .R5747 2011 Risk tolerance in financial decision making
  HD9348.U52 C336 2011 Robert Cade : Gatorade inventor
  HD9743.U6 G67 1982 The Colt legacy
  HF1025 .W66 2011 Economic geography
  HF5549.5.C75 M36 2011 Managing an age diverse workforce
AV HF5813.U6 A78 2010 Art & copy [videorecording]
  HG261 .B73 1980 What you need to know about your gold & silver
  HG3368.A6 E47 2011 Islamic banking
  HM1121 .P79 2011 The psychology of social conflict and aggression
  HN25 .N48 2011 Pursuing quality of life
  HQ76.3.U5 A37 2008 Gay America

HQ728 .M5736 2011 Rethinking family practices
  HQ756 .F38246 2010 Fatherhood
  HQ759 .M873819 2010 Motherhood
  HQ759.92 .A43 2011 Stepfamilies

HQ767.9 .F765 2011 Rethinking children and families

HQ799.2.P6 T35 2011 Rebel girls

HQ799.95 .G74 2010 Understanding the life course

HQ1064.U5 L63 2010 Aging across the United States

HQ1154 .N467 2011 The new woman international

HQ1236.5.U6 W66 2011 Women, politics, and American society

HV6452.A72 G73 1988 A little war of our own

HV6574.U6 D84 2011 A stolen life : a memoir

HV8079.W58 N46 2009 Animal investigators

HV9145 .S74 2011 Effective practice in youth justice

HV9950 .N373 2010 Strengthening the National Institute of Justice
J - Political Science
  JC599.C3 H86 2010 Human welfare, rights, and social activism

JF285 .T73 2011 How power changes hands
K - Law

KF4541 .U76 2011 A march of liberty

KF4772 .C65 2011 We must not be afraid to be free

KF4772 .M38 2011 The Supreme Court and the press

KF4783 .H67 2011 The agnostic age
REFERENCE KFT1230.5.V4 S64 Vernon's Texas codes annotated
L - Education

LA227.1 .C56 2010 Creating the college man

LB1029.R4 M62 2011 Models for implementing response to intervention

LB1060 .M575 2011 Profound improvement

LC4091 .J33 2011 The pedagogy of confidence

LC5131 .L555 2011 he new political economy of urban education

LC5131 .U696 2011 Urban literacies
M - Music and Books on Music
AV M1245.U495 S54 2002 Signatures [sound recording]
AV M1258.U55 O54 2002 One nation [sound recording]
M1505.P965 B6 1988 La Boh*eme [sound recording]
AV M1505.P965 M3 1989 Madama Butterfly [sound recording]
AV M1505.P965 T6 1992 Tosca
  ML410.C3293 W54 2011 Elliott Carter
  ML420.B647 F37 2011 Soul of the man
  ML420.W24 B64 2011 Heat wave
  ML2080 .M83 2011 Music in television
N - Fine Arts
  NA5235.S25 F76 1968 San Xavier del Bac
  NA8470 .T49 1995 The log home book
P - Language and Literature

P93.5 .V545 2011 Visible writings

P95.8 .S77 2011 Mass media, politics and democracy

P96.S29 E37 2011 Power of scandal

P116 .F58 2010 The evolution of language

PE1404 .M375 2011 Myth and creative writing

PN94 .B54 2010 Theory after theory

PN1993.5.U65 S545 2011 A divided world

PN1995 .S498 2011 Great flicks

PN1995.9.A74 W45 2010 Designs on film

PN1995.9.B62 F69 2011 Body shots

PN1995.9.F34 Z57 2011 The enchanted screen

PN1995.9.F54 M55 2011 Siren city

PN1995.9.I48 R34 2010 Reservation reelism

PN1995.9.N4 S54 2011 Soul searching

PN1995.9.U64 R66 2011 American history goes to the movies

PN1995.9.W4 W495 2011 Westerns

PN1998.3.C72 W66 2011 Wes Craven : the man and his nightmares

PN2042 .S68 2004 Banned plays

PR2976 .S3445 2011 The Routledge guide to William Shakespeare

PR4588 .J55 2010 Dickens and mass culture

PR4611.A73 W56 2011 The Alice behind wonderland

PR6023.E833 Z944 2010 Doris Lessing

PS153.N5 R47 2010 Representing segregation

PS1342.S58 F853 2010 The reconstruction of Mark Twain

PS2155 .M37 2009 Margaret : a tale of the real and ideal, blight and bloom

PS3525.I19 T353 2011 Michener's South Pacific

PS3561.I483 Z6225 2011 Stephen King on the small screen

PS3563.O88456 Z595 2011 Conversations with Walter Mosley

PZ7.B915985 Vas 2009 The vast fields of ordinary

PZ7.F6356 Dad 2007 Dadblamed Union Army cow

PZ7.H95735 Fre 2009 Freaks and revelations : a novel

PZ7.P22115 Lo 2010 A long walk to water : based on a true story : a novel

PZ7.P3338 Sp 2009 Sprout

PZ73 .G84 1996 *Fiesta!
Q - Science

QA76.9.C58 G78875 2011  Grids, clouds and virtualization

QA276.6 .G86 2011 Theory of sample surveys

QA567.2.E44 W37 2008 Elliptic curves : number theory and cryptography

QD139.P6 P625 2011 Light scattering, size exclusion chromatography, and asymmetric flow field flow fractionation

QE471 .L375 2011 Sedimentology and sedimentary basins

QH75 .C6817 2011 Conserving and valuing ecosystem services and biodiversity

QH84.5 .S43 2011 Seasonally dry tropical forests

QH86 .P75 2011 Tropical rain forests

QH323.5 .H67 2002 Modeling and simulation in medicine and the life sciences

QH323.5 .K73 2007 Modelling, analysis and optimization of biosystems

QH352 .K66 2001 Elements of mathematical ecology

QH361 .C275 2009 Remarkable creatures

QH366.2 .A53 2009 Animal evolution : genomes, fossils, and trees

QH541 .S326 2010 Resolving ecosystem complexity

QH541.5.S3 F37 2011 Atlas of oceans

QK603 .S74 2010 The Kingdom fungi

QL533.2 .W54 1994 Flies are fascinating

QL638.9 .T49 2005 Amazing sharks!

QL737.C435 E437 2011 The great sperm whale
R - Medicine

RA781.7 .L375 2009 Yogabody : anatomy, kinesiology, and asana

RC440.8 .P82 2011 Psychiatry's contract with society

RC451.4.A5 S66 2011 Aging and mental health

RC451.4.P68 C6683 2011 Correctional mental health

RC454 .A4193 2011 Causality and psychopathology

RC454 .M24 2011 Trouble in mind

RC550 .S533 2002 Odysseus in America

RC628 .B657 2011 Obesity : cultural and biocultural perspectives

RC660 .C4635 2011 Clinical dilemmas in diabetes

RJ505.P6 P526 2011 Play in clinical practice

RJ505.P6 V35 2010 Child-centered play therapy

RM666.S714 L5 2009 Triumph of the heart : the story of statins

RM735 .F68 2011 Foundations for practice in occupational therapy

RT71 .H545 2011 Creating a caring curriculum
S - Agriculture
  S417.F67 C64 1977 The century of Robert H. Forbes

S441 .C728 1977 The American farm : a photographic history

S548.4 .A875 Proceedings of the annual meeting

SF140.S72 K37 2009 Biostatistics for animal science

SF246.E55 F56 1994 Final report

SF309.9 .L44 2005 Understanding harness
T - Technology

T57.74 .M98 2011 Short-memory linear processes and econometric applications

TA656 .P488 2010 Lessons amid the rubble

TD388 .W365 2010 Water matters

TD424.8 .F56 1998 Prediction of effects of best management practices on agricultural nonpoint source pollution in the Arroyo Colorado Watershed

TD665 .P46 2011 Urban storm water management

TD930.2 .L577 2000 Livestock and the environment

TL506.U5 G85 2000 Guide to over 900 aircraft museums

TL789.8.U5 M338 2011 Space and the American imagination

TP248.215 .P43 2010 Biotechnology and genetic engineering
TR679 .F37513 2011 Fashion box
U- Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Library Science
  Z733.D416 K57 1995 The gentle science : a history of the conservation library
U. S. Documents
ELECTRONIC A 1.36:1929 eg International evidence on food consumption patterns
ELECTRONIC A 1.77:232-CP eg Let's eat for the health of it
ELECTRONIC A 13.155/3: eg The Investi-gator
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:RMRS-RP-82 eg Height-age relationships for regeneration-size trees in the northern Rocky Mountains, USA
ELECTRONIC A 13.80/30: eg Alabama's forests
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-824 eg Woodcock Bog Research Natural Area
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-844 eg Adapting to climate change at Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PSW-GTR-232 eg Using forest inventory and analysis data and the forest vegetation simulator to predict and monitor fisher (Martes pennanti) resting habitat suitability
ELECTRONIC A 13.92/2:D 45/DRAFT/2009 eg Draft environmental impact statement
ELECTRONIC A 57.91/2:TX-PM-0902 eg Collecting vegetative plant material
ELECTRONIC A 57.91/2:TX-PM-11-02 eg Pollinator plants for north-central and west Texas and southwestern Oklahoma
ELECTRONIC A 77.38/2:C 14 eg Camellia japonica 'Anacostia'
ELECTRONIC A 77.38/2:V 65 eg Viburnum 'Nantucket'
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:F 94/ eg Novel production systems for small fruits ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:H 75/ eg Improving honey bee health, survivorship, and pollination availability ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:H 75/2/ eg Managing diseases and pests of honey bees to improve queen and colony health ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:H 75/3/ eg Evaluation of pathogens and pesticides affecting honey bee health ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:H 75/4/ eg Evaluation of pesticides on honey bee health ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:IM 4/ eg A 3-year study of the impact of Imidacloprid-treated hardwoods on pollinator health in Worchester County, Massachusetts ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:OR 1/ eg Integrated orchard management and automation for deciduous tree fruit production ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 93.2:D 63 eg Estimating the substitution of distillers' grains for corn and soybean meal in the U.S. feed complex
ELECTRONIC A 93.2:F 49 eg European financial imbalances
ELECTRONIC A 93.61/5:02-012 eg Seniors' views of the Food Stamp Program and ways to improve participation
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:80 eg On the doorstep of the information age
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:82 eg Food safety audits, plant characteristics, and food safety technology use in meat and poultry plants
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:83 eg How Americans rate their diet quality
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:116 eg Food security improved following the 2009 ARRA increase in SNAP benefits
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:120 eg Grassland to cropland conversion in the Northern Plains
ELECTRONIC A 101.49: eg AgDiscovery
ELECTRONIC A 110.2:AL 5 eg Allergies and food safety
ELECTRONIC A 110.2:F 73/15 eg Food product dating
ELECTRONIC A 110.2:T 84/5 eg Is pink turkey meat safe?
ELECTRONIC A 110.2:W 37 eg Preparing for a weather emergency
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:B 39 eg Let's talk about handling and preparing a beef brisket
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:EG 3 eg Let's talk about safely handling and preparing eggs
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:H 17 eg Let's talk about ham
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:K 14/2 eg USDA introduces mobile Ask Karen
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:R 49 eg Food safety brochures for at-risk groups
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:T 32 eg Safe and easy Thanksgiving dinner
ELECTRONIC AE 1.129: eg National Archives calendar of events
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-31 eg An Act to Designate the United States Courthouse Located at 80 Lafayette Street in Jefferson City, Missouri, as the "Christopher S. Bond United States Courthouse"
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-38 eg An Act to Designate the Facility of the United States Postal Service Located at 1081 Elbel Road in Schertz, Texas, as the "Schertz Veterans Post Office"
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-39 eg An Act to Designate the Facility of the United States Postal Service Located at 5014 Gary Avenue in Lubbock, Texas, as the "Sergeant Chris Davis Post Office"
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-40 eg An Act to Extend the Generalized System of Preferences, and for Other Purposes
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-41 eg United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-42 eg United States-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-43 eg An Act to Implement the United States-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-44 eg United States Parole Commission Extension Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-45 eg An Act to Clarify the Jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior with Respect to the C.C. Cragin Dam and Reservoir, and for Other Purposes
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-46 eg Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-51 eg An Act to Amend Title 28, United States Code, to Clarify and Improve Certain Provisions Relating to the Removal of Litigation against Federal Officers or Agencies to Federal Courts, and for Other Purposes
AE 2.110:112-52 eg An Act to Direct the Secretary of the Interior to Allow for Prepayment of Repayment Contracts between the United States and the Uintah Water Conservancy District
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-53 eg An Act to Amend Title 38, United States Code, to Provide for an Increase, Effective December 1, 2011, in the Rates of Compensation for Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities and the Rates of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for the Survivors of Certain Disabled Veterans, and for Other Purposes
ELECTRONIC C 1.60/3:74-36-86 eg Statistical-physical models of man-made and natural radio noise
ELECTRONIC C 1.60/3:76-105 eg Refractivity and rainfall data for radio systems engineering
ELECTRONIC C 1.60/3:78-144 eg Radio propagation in urban areas
ELECTRONIC C 3.275:C 33 eg The census comes home
ELECTRONIC C5.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-54 eg Proceedings of the Workshop on the Fate and Impact of Marine Debris
ELECTRONIC C 13.10:800-142 eg Practical combinatorial testing
C 13.10:960-10 eg X-ray topography
ELECTRONIC C 13.10:960-14/2009 eg WWVB radio controlled clocks
ELECTRONIC C 13.11:143/2007 eg State weights and measures laboratories
ELECTRONIC C 13.46:1079 eg Tables of industrial gas container contents and density for oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen
ELECTRONIC C 13.48:61/PT.1- eg Physical properties data compilations relevant to energy storage
ELECTRONIC C 13.48:73/PT.1- eg Compilation of chemical kinetic data for combustion chemistry
ELECTRONIC C 13.58:7328/DRAFT eg Security assessment provider requirements and customer responsibilities
ELECTRONIC C 13.58:7419 eg The use of portable fire extinguishers in nightclubs
ELECTRONIC C 55/2:IN 8/2 eg An Introduction to coastal habitats and biological resources for oil spill response
ELECTRONIC C 55.102:N 62 eg El Ni*no, La Ni*na, and ENSO
ELECTRONIC C 55.102:N 62/2007 eg El Ni*no, La Ni*na, and ENSO
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-F/NEC-76 eg Finfish maturity sampling and classification schemes used during Northeast Fisheries Center bottom trawl surveys, 1963-1989
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-F/SPO-108 eg Marine fisheries habitat assessment improvement plan
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-F/SPO-115 eg Proceedings of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council's Habitat-Ecosystem Workshop
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-NE-183 eg NOAA Fisheries Service's Large Marine Ecosystems Program
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-NE-206 eg Growth of black sea bass (Centropristis striata) in recirculating aquaculture systems
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-NE-207 eg Analysis of Atlantic sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) fishery impacts on the North Atlantic population of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta)
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-NE-214 eg Mortality and serious injury determinations for baleen whale stocks along the United States and Canadian eastern seaboards, 2004-2008
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-NE-215 eg Atlantic sturgeon research techniques
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-17 eg Local stability and maximum net productivity levels for a simple model of porpoise population sizes
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-19 eg The relationship between change in gross reproductive rate and the current rate of increase for some simple age structured models
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-20 eg Testing methods of estimating range and bearing to cetaceans aboard the R/V D.S. Jordan
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-21 eg An annotated bibliography of the ecology of co-occurring tunas (Katsuwonus pelamis, Thunnus albacares) and dolphins (Stenella attenuata, Stenella longirostris and Delphinus delphis) in the eastern tropical Pacific
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-22 eg Structured flotsam as fish aggregating devices
C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-29 eg Report of eastern tropical Pacific research vessel marine mammal survey, May 15-August 3, 1982
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-3 eg The mid-net zipper ridge a possible cause of unobserved porpoise mortality
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-30 eg Estimating age of spotted and spinner dolphins (Stenella attenuata and Stenella longirostris) from teeth
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-31 eg Re-estimation of three parameters associated with anchovy egg and larval abundance
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-32 eg NMFS guidelines on economic valuation of marine recreational fishing
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-46 eg Histopathological manual for monitoring health of striped bass in relation to pollutant burdens
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-47 eg Hawaiian monk seal population research, Lisianski Island, 1982
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-48 eg Interpreting spotted dolphin age distributions
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-49 eg Observations of the Hawaiian monk seal on Laysan Island from 1977 through 1980
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-50 eg Hawaiian monk seal observations on French Frigate Shoals, 1980
C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-52 eg Operational plan for NMFS albacore program
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-53 eg Albacore fishing and windspeed
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-6 eg Results of the chartered cruise of the M/V Maria C.J.
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-60 eg Determining fish movements from an "archival" tag
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-62 eg Procedures for sampling dolphins
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-7 eg Synopsis of biological data on the green turtle in the Hawaiian islands
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS NCCOS CCMA/SPECREP/2011 eg Sediment quality triad assessment in Kachemak Bay
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:OAR GSD-34 eg Devised scheme for GOES operational total precipitable water product bias correction
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NMFS 6 eg Ichthyoplankton survey of the estuarine and inshore waters of the Florida Everglades, May 1971 to February 1972
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NMFS 7 eg The feeding ecology of some zooplankters that are important prey items of larval fish
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 17 eg NOS standards for evaluating operational nowcast and forecast hydrodynamic model systems
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 18 eg Solute dispersion modeling in New York harbor
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 19 eg VDatum for the Calcasieu River from Lake Charles to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 20 eg Report on the NOS Workshop on Residence/Flushing Times in Bays and Estuaries
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 21 eg VDatum for central coastal North Carolina
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 23 eg The St. Johns River Operational Forecast System (SJROFS) and its skill assessment
C 55.13:NOS CS 24 eg Implementation of model skill assessment software for water level and current in tidal regions
VDatum for the San Juan Islands and the Strait of Juan de Fuca with updates for Puget Sound
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 26 eg Implementing a live access server to enhance access to coast survey development laboratory data--Gulf of Mexico experimental nowcast/forecast system
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 27 eg Coupling a finite element storm surge model of the North Carolina sounds with operational ocean and weather prediction models
C 55.13:NOS CS 28 eg Three-dimensional hydrodynamic model developments for a Delaware River and Bay nowcast/forecast system
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 29 eg The second generation Chesapeake Bay operational forecast system (CBOFS2)
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 30 eg The Tampa Bay operational forecast system (TBOFS)
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 31 eg The design, calibration and validation of a coupled numerical ocean modeling system for the west Florida shelf
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 4/2004 eg Tidal Constituent And Residual Interpolation (TCARI)
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS CS 5 eg MECCA2 program documentation
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS OCS 12 eg Hydrodynamic model development for the Port of New York/New Jersey water level and current nowcast/forecast model system
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NOS OCS 15 eg NOS experimental nowcast/forecast system for the Port of New York/New Jersey (NYEFS)
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:B 53/2 eg Damage assessment and restoration planning for marine birds
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:C 63/25 eg Status and trends of wetlands in the coastal watersheds of the eastern United States, 1998 to 2004
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:C 81/16 eg Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands' coral reef management priorities
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:H 11/7 eg Hands on habitat
ELECTRONIC C 60.10:01-382 eg Vulnerability of wireline and cellular telecommunications networks to high power radio frequency fields
ELECTRONIC C 60.10:11-481 eg Improved estimation of the third-order harmonic emissions of land mobile radio base stations
ELECTRONIC C 60.2:D 56/4 eg Exploring the digital nation
ELECTRONIC C 60.2:T 25 eg First interim progress report on the ten-year plan and timetable
D 1.107:SCI 2 eg Defense Science Board task force report on science and technology issues of early intercept ballistic missile defense feasibility
ELECTRONIC D 1.2:AC 7/4/2008 eg Introduction to defense acquisition management
ELECTRONIC D 1.6/2:T 61/2 eg DSCA handbook. Tactical level commander and staff toolkit [
ELECTRONIC D 1.6/2:T 61/3 eg DSCA handbook. Liaison officer toolkit
ELECTRONIC D 5.417:235 eg The absence of Europe
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:2311 eg Development of Improved Performance Research Integration Tool (IMPRINT) performance degradation factors for the Air Warrior Program
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5651 eg Synthesis and purification of tunable high Tg electro-optical polymers by ring opening metathesis polymerization
ELECTRONIC D 101.146:AR 5 eg Arms control and proliferation challenges to the reset policy
ELECTRONIC D 101.146:C eg Chinese lessons from other peoples' wars
ELECTRONIC D 208.207:87 eg International law and the changing character of war
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102011-3381 eg Building America expert meeting report
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102011-3383 eg Building America expert meeting report
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-10211-3329 eg Targeting net zero energy at Fort Carson
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-52748 eg Wind turbine drivetrain condition monitoring during GRC Phase 1 and Phase 2 testing
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-550-47427 eg Building Energy Simulation Test for Existing Homes (BESTEST-EX). phase 1, test procedure
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-52414 eg Building Energy Simulation Test for Existing Homes (BESTEST-EX)
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-52635 eg Laboratory performance evaluation of residential integrated heat pump water heaters
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-47459 eg Updated U.S. geothermal supply characterization and representation for market penetration model input
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-52688 eg Technical manual for the SAM biomass power generation model
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 30-52576 eg Green building policy options for New Orleans
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 30-52788 eg Government program briefing
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 40-50905 eg American Samoa
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 40-51297 eg Implementing solar PV projects on historic buildings and in historic districts
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 40-51815 eg Solar schools assessment and implementation project
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-2 C 00-52624 eg Step-stress accelerated degradation testing for solar reflectors
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5000-50658 eg Structural design of a horizontal-axis tidal current turbine composite blade
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5000-50981 eg Development and verification of a computational fluid dynamics model of a horizontal-axis tidal current turbine
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5200-50747 eg Comparison of minority carrier lifetime measurements in superstrate and substrate CdTe PV devices
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5200-50755 eg CdS/CdTe solar cells containing directly deposited CdSxTe1-x alloy layers
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5200-52441 eg Metastable electrical characteristics of polycrystalline thin-film photovoltaic modules upon exposure and stabilization
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5400-50297 eg Impact of biodiesel impurities on the performance and durability of DOC, DPF and SCR technologies
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-6 A 20-52186 eg Life cycle assessment of a parabolic trough concentrating solar power plant and impacts of key design alternatives
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-6 A 20-52191 eg Meta-analysis of estimates of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from concentrating solar power
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-5000-52524 eg Failure atlas for rolling bearings in wind turbines
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-5100-51838 eg Process design of wastewater treatment for the NREL cellulosic ethanol model
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-5200-51859 eg A flat ATIR optics approach to CPV
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-5500-52233 eg Wind energy forecasting
ELECTRONIC E 9.2:D 36 eg Using EnergyPlus to perform dehumidification analysis on Building America homes
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5000-52614 eg Establishment of small wind turbine regional test centers
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5000-52856 eg Capacity value of wind plants and overview of U.S. experience
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREl/PR-5100-52636 eg Technoeconomic comparison of biofuels
ELECTRONIC ED 1.136/8: eg Civics
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:L 87 eg Looking in the mirror
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:OV 2/2009 eg An overview of the U.S. Department of Education
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:P 93/7 eg Balancing student privacy and school safety
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:Q 4 eg The quiet revolution
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:ST 1/4/2010 eg Stafford Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:1/17 eg How daylight came to be
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:1/19 eg Skunk
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:2/4 eg How Wildcat and Coyote tricked each other
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:2/9 eg The Great flood
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/13 eg Medicine horse
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/15 eg The Wild buffalo ride
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/16 eg I am a rock
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/17 eg The man who loved shell money
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/18 eg Old Man Napi
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/20 eg Coyote and the mean mountain sheep
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/7 eg How the morning and evening stars came to be
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/8 eg Raccoon's black eyes and ringed tail
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/1 eg The Weasel and the eagle
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/2 eg Snail Woman at Sqp3a'le
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/3 eg Blue Jay, Star Child
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/4 eg Assiniboine woman making grease
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/5 eg Coyote and the North Wind
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/6 eg How the summer season came
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/7 eg Little Weasel's dream
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/9 eg The Bear Tepee
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/10 eg Pet crow
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/11 eg Owl's eyes
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/12 eg Chief Mountain's medicine
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/13 eg Coyote and his big brother Wolf
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/14 eg Running Free
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/15 eg Coyote gets lovesick
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/16 eg Coyote and the cowboys
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/17 eg Napi's journey
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/19 eg Tepee making
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/20 eg Skokomish baskets and canoes
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/21 eg Warrior people
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:4/TEACHER eg Thoughts from the shadow of a flame
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/1 eg Firemaker
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/2 eg A Visit to Taholah ; Joseph's Long Journey
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/3 eg Do what you are told
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/4 eg The Skull story
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/5 eg The Lodge journey
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/6 eg Mary Queequeesue's love story
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/7 eg True story of a ghost
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/8 eg  A fishing excursion
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/9 eg The Buffalo of the Flathead
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/12 eg Coyote arranges the seasons
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/13 eg Broken Shoulder
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/14 eg How the Big Dipper and North Star came to be
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/15 eg Duckhead Necklace
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/16 eg White Rabbit
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/17 eg How horses first came to the Gros Ventre
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/18 eg Stories of an Indian boy
ELECTRONIC ED 1.348/3:SCH 6/7 eg Evaluations of school readiness initiatives
ELECTRONIC ED 1.348/3:ST 9/2 eg How to assess student performance in science
ELECTRONIC ED 1.348/3:ST 9/3 eg How to assess student performance in history
ELECTRONIC ED 1.348/3:T 22/3 eg How to recruit and retain teachers and other school leaders in hard-to-staff rural and small school districts
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