New Resources - December 2010

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World
D773 .C76 2010 Shepherds of the sea : destroyer escorts in World War II

DB2228 .B74 2010 The greengrocer and his TV : the culture of communism after the 1968 Prague Spring
DK26 .L65 1979 The Russian journal--II : a record kept by Henry Parry Liddon of a tour taken with C.L. Dodgson in the summer of 1867
E - History: America
E99.S28 P54 2010 Seminole voices : reflections on their changing society, 1970-2000

E184.A1 O43 2010 The paradoxes of integration : race, neighborhood, and civic life in multiethnic America

E184.C97 G875 2010 Forging diaspora : Afro-Cubans and African Americans in a world of empire and Jim Crow

E185.2 .F277 2010 Freedwomen and the Freedmen's Bureau : race, gender, and public policy in the age of emancipation

E185.615 .A679 2010 Agitations: ideologies and strategies in African American politics

E434.8 .H64 2010 The caning of Charles Sumner : honor, idealism, and the origins of the Civil War

E615 .C58 2010 Haunted by atrocity : Civil War prisons in American memory

E745.T78 H44 2010 Dogface soldier : the life of General Lucian K. Truscott, Jr.

E840.8.R45 P33 2010 Edwin O. Reischauer and the American discovery of Japan
F - History: America
  F391 .I94 2010 The Texas Rangers : a registry and history
  F394.U75 V35 2010 Welcome to Utopia : notes from a small town
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  GE145 .E58 2010 Environmental risk assessment and management from a landscape perspective
  GF78 .C66 2010 Seven rules for sustainable communities : design strategies for the post-carbon world
  GV563 .R56 2010 Sport club management
  GV944.5 .L57 2010 The U.S. Women's Soccer Team : an American success story
H - Social Science
  HB835 .S39 2010 Consuming choices : ethics in a global consumer age
  HD57 .D38 2010 Strategic speed : mobilize people, accelerate execution
  HD58.82 .M3668 2010 The ambiguities of experience
  HD4605 .S74 2010 The people's agents and the battle to protect the American public : special interests, government, and threats to health, safety, and the environmens
  HD6053 .P35 2010 The women's small business start-up kit :a step-by-step legal guide
  HD9502.U52 S829 2010 Global energy security and American hegemony
  HF5465.U5 L66 2010 The American department store transformed, 1920-1960
  HF5469.23.U62 D48 2010 Building a housewife's paradise : gender, politics, and American grocery stores in the twentieth century
  HF5823 .O68 2009 The age of persuasion : how marketing ate our culture
  HF6161.C44 S54 2010 Fashion, media, promotion : the new black magic
  HM671 .S675 2010 Seeking spatial justice
  HM1106 .I43 2010 Imagine that : studies in imagined interactions
  HM1236 .S513 2010 Palestinian and Israeli public opinion : the public imperative in the second intifada
  HQ756 .U54 2010 Men can : the changing image and reality of fatherhood in America
  HQ1237.5.U6 C76 2010 Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't : rethinking the rules of the game that keep women from succeeding in business
  HV689 .L56 2010 On being and having a case manager : a relational approach to recovery in mental health
  HV875 .G753 2009 Satan's playground : mobsters and movie stars at America's greatest gaming resort
  HV6722.M6 V36 2010 Hospitious adoption
J - Political Science
  JK516 .R67 2010 The provisional pulpit : modern presidential leadership of public opinion

JK516 .U54 2010 The unitary executive and the modern presidency

JZ6405.W66 L46 2010 Hanoi Jane : war, sex, & fantasies of betrayal
K - Law

K3876 .C68 2009 Covering ABS : addressing the need for sectoral, geographical, legal, and international integration in the ABS regime : papers and studies of the ABS Project

KFT1595.9.H3 Y63 2010 Special education hearings in Texas : an analysis of trends and decisions from 2006-2008
L - Education
  LB1027.55 .B87 2010 When kids are grieving : addressing grief and loss in school
  LB1029.R4 C61 2010 RTI for diverse learners : more than 200 instructional interventions
  LB1031 .N355 2010 Differentiation at work, K-5 : principles, lessons and strategies
  LB1031 .O49 2010 Beyond differentiated instruction
  LB1031.5 .V45 2010 Collaborating with students in instruction and decision making : the untapped resource
  LB1048 .H66 2010 Homework done right : powerful learning in real-life situations
  LB1050.6 .C35 2010 On mixed methods : approaches to language and literacy research
  LB1576 .F4767 2010 Pyrotechnics on the page : playful craft that sparks writing
  LB1585.3 .K64 2010 Teaching children science : hands-on nature study in North America, 1890-1930
  LB1731 .D44 2010 Demystifying professional learning communities :school leadership at its best
  LB1731 .J565 2009 An analysis of the relationship of professional learning community implementation in Texas high schools and student achievement
  LB1731 .T4199 2010 Teachers learning in community : realities and possibilities
  LB1731 .Y375 2010 Powerful professional development : building expertise within the four walls of your school
  LB1777.3.T4 E88 2009 An analysis of the relationship between high school principals' perception of teacher leadership behaviors and school performance
  LB2806.36 .T37 2010 Taking measure of charter schools : better assessments, better policymaking, better schools
  LB2822.75 .P67 2010 Everything school leaders need to know about assessment
  LB2822.8 .C54 2010 Coaching conversations : transforming your school one conversation at a time
  LB3034 .C76 2009 The differential effects of organizational structure on learning : distributed learning versus massed learning in year-round calendar schools and traditional calendar schools
  LC1202.T4 W37 2009 A comparison of teaching models that promote academic achievement in an inclusive secondary classroom
  LC2717 .E394 2010 Change is gonna come : transforming literacy education for African American students
  LC3731 .N65 2010 Unresolved identities : discourse, ambivalence, and urban immigrant students
  LC4065 .L56 2010 Culturally proficient education : an asset-based response to conditions of poverty
M - Music and Books on Music
  M1978.C37 D38 1988 The music of Wonderland [sound recording]
  ML82 .B25 2010 Music and the Southern belle : from accomplished lady to Confederate composer
  ML410.B13 L386 2010 Bach's keyboard music
  ML1380 .T66 2010 How to wreck a nice beach : the vocoder from World War II to hip-hop : the machine speaks
  ML3506 .H455 2010 At the jazz band ball : sixty years on the jazz scene
  ML3534.6.L29 A83 2010 Rock the nation : Latin/o identities and the Latin rock diaspora
  ML3545 .D56 2010 The early years of folk music : fifty founders of the tradition
  ML3854 .A84 2010 Absolute music, mechanical reproduction
  ML3920 .H635 2010 Music at the end of life : easing the pain and preparing the passage
N - Fine Arts
  N6537.L26 A4 2010 Suzanne Lacy : spaces between
  N6923.C3744 A4 2010 Maurizio Cattelan : is there life before death?
  N7193.C5 A7433 2010 Christo and Jeanne-Claude : remembering the Running fence
  NA2543.S6 M44 2010 Media houses : architecture, media, and the production of centrality
  ND237.S43465 A4 2010b Dana Schutz
  ND237.W6495 F64 2009 Lemuel Maynard Wiles : a record of his works, 1864-1904
  NK2116 .I59 2010 Interior design practice
  NK4712 .R44 2010 High style : masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  NK7198.W87 A4 2010 Vienna circa 1780 : an imperial silver service rediscovered
P - Language and Literature

P92.U6 C845 2010 Cultural narratives : textuality and performance in American culture before 1900

P94 .E77 2010 Ethics and entertainment : essays on media culture and media morality

P95.8 .P6436 2010 The political economy of media and power

P96.S66 L33 2010 Acoustic territories : sound culture and everyday life

PE1408 .A447 2010 Showing & telling : learn how to show & when to tell for powerful & balanced writing

PE1408 .H6647 2010 Performing prose : the study and practice of style in composition

PN56.T37 C75 2010 Critical terms for media studies

PN171.O55 M38 2010 Audience, relevance, and search : targeting Web audiences with relevant content

PN1991.3.U6 R87 2010 Points on the dial : golden age radio beyond the networks

PN1991.8.T35 P74 2010 Toxic talk : how the radical right has poisoned America's airwaves

PN1992.77.A56 B35 2010 American idolatry : celebrity, commodity and reality television

PN1998.3.S39 R38 2010 The films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro

PN4756 .M36 2010  Media ethics beyond borders : a global perspective

PN4756 .W367 2010 Global journalism ethics

PN4784.C615 I36 2010 International journalism and democracy : civic engagement models from around the world

PN4784.T4 M45 2010 TV news anchors and journalistic tradition : how journalists adapt to technology

PN4793.D48 J68 2010 Journalism education in countries with limited media freedom

PN4888.W37 S33 2010 Beyond the killing fields : war writings

PN6714 .C6515 2010 Comics as a nexus of cultures : essays on the interplay of media, disciplines and international perspectives

PR115 .N67 2010 X marks the spot : women writers map the Empire for British children, 1790-1895

PR468.F56 W34 2010 Financial speculation in Victorian fiction : plotting money and the novel genre, 1815-1901
PR4611 .A1 1936 The complete works of Lewis Carroll
PR4611 .A1 1982 The Penguin complete Lewis Carroll
PR4611.A2 G74 1965 The works of Lewis Carroll
PR4611.A3 F67 1972 Aventures d'Alice au pays des merveilles

PR4611.A3 L38 1967 Alicia in terra mirabili : liber notissimus primum abhinc annis centum editus

PR4611.A3 L39 1966 Aliciae per speculum transitus (quaeque ibi invenit) : fabella lepida in qua aliud Aliciae Somnium narravit
PR4611 .A4 1951 Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and other favorites

PR4611 .A4 1968 Jabberwocky, and other poems

PR4611 .A4 1971 Alice in Wonderland : authoritative texts of Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Through the looking-glass, The hunting of the snark, backgrounds, essays in criticism

PR4611 .A4 1977 The Russian journal, and other selections from the works of Lewis Carroll
 PR4611 .A7 1895 Alice's adventures in Wonderland
PR4611 .A7 1908 Alice's adventures in Wonderland : in words of one syllable
PR4611 .A7 1952 Alice in Wonderland : a world-famous classic simply told
PR4611 .A7 1953 Alice's adventures under ground

PR4611 .A7 1960 Alice's adventures in Wonderland [sound recording] : the Lewis Carroll classic :complete.
PR4611 .A7 1961 Alice in Wonderland
PR4611 .A7 1973 Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland
PR4611 .A7 1989 Alice's adventures in Wonderland

PR4611.A7 S74 1992 Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in Wonderland [videorecording]

PR4611 .A73 Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking-glass : complete in one volume

PR4611 .A73 1940 Alice in wonderland
PR4611 .A73 1946 Alice's adventures in Wonderland, and Through the looking-glass

PR4611 .A73 1960b Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; &, Through the looking-glass

PR4611 .A73 1971 Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there

PR4611 .A73 1990 More annotated Alice : Alice's adventures in wonderland and Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there

PR4611 .A73 1994 Alice in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there

PR4611 .A73 2000 The annotated Alice : Alice's adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass

PR4611 .G85 2007 Lewis Carroll's La guida di bragia : a ballad opera for the marionette theatre : featuring a facsimile of the manuscript and other diverse amusements for the entertainment of the entire family

PR4611 .H8 1967 The annotated snark : the full text of Lewis Carroll's great nonsense epic The hunting of the Snark and the original illustrations by Henry Holiday
PR4611 .H8 1970 The hunting of the snark

PR4611 .H8 1976 The hunting of the snark : an agony, in eight fits
PR4611 .H8 1981b Lewis Carroll's The hunting of the snar

PR4611 .H8 1983 Lewis Carroll's The hunting of the snark : an agony, in eight fits

PR4611.H83 G3 1973 The snark puzzle book

PR4611 .J3 1991 Jabberwocky : a pop-up rhyme from Through the looking glass

PR4611 .N87 1966 The nursery "Alice"
PR4611 .R4 1971 The rectory umbrella ; and, Mischmasch

PR4611 .S9 1991 The complete Sylvie and Bruno
PR4611 .T5 1908 Through the looking-glass : in words of one syllable

PR4611 .U7 1954 Useful and instructive poetry

PR4611 .W33 1977 The wasp in a wig : a "suppressed" episode of Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there

PR4611 .W33 1977b The wasp in a wig : a "suppressed" episode of Through the looking glass and what Alice found there

PR4612 .A2 1985b Lewis Carroll at Texas : the Warren Weaver Collection and related Dodgson materials at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
PR4612 .A2 2009 The Lewis Carroll collection : primary works
PR4612 .A32 1954 The diaries of Lewis Carroll

PR4612 .A34 1993 Lewis Carroll's diaries : the private journals of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) : the first complete version of the nine surviving volumes with notes and annotations
PR4612 .A4 1982 The selected letters of Lewis Carroll

PR4612 .A4 1991 Looking-glass letters

PR4612 .A445 1980 Lewis Carroll and the Kitchins : containing twenty-five letters not previously published and nineteen of his photographs
PR4612 .A45 1987 Lewis Carroll and the House of Macmillan
PR4612 .G4 1950 Lewis Carroll : photographer

PR4612 .G4 1969 Lewis Carroll : photographer

PR4612 .G66 1984 Feeding the mind : a celebration of Lewis Carroll's visit to Alfreton in 1884
PR4612 .M34 1973 The magic of Lewis Carroll
PS648.F3 F345 1995 Fantastic Alice
PS3515.E37 Z589 2010 Picturing Hemingway's Michigan
PS3525.I55727 A79 1983 Alicia in Blunderland
PS3603.A77447 G6 2010 "Go down, Old Hannah" : the living history of African American Texans
Q - Science

QA76.76.G46 V65 2010 Practical code generation in .NET : covering Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010

QA76.76.O63 T6965 2011 Skills for success with Windows 7 : getting started
QA95 .C3345 1958 Symbolic logic ; and, The game of logic (both books bound as one) : mathematical recreations of LewisCarroll
QH331 .B477 2010 Biology and ideology from Descartes to Dawkins
QH541.15.R45 A64 2010 Restoring ecological health to your land
QL666.C5 S68 2010 The last tortoise : a tale of extinction in our lifetime
QL696.F32 E22 2010 The eagle watchers : observing and conserving raptors around the world
QL758 .E36 2010 The wolf's tooth : keystone predators, trophic cascades, and biodiversity
R - Medicine

R726.8 .C4677 2010 No place for dying : hospitals and the ideology of rescue

RA645.D5 D513 2010 Diabetes in Black America : public health and clinical solutions to a national crisis

RA778 .T673 2010 Ancient bodies, modern lives : how evolution has shaped women's health

RM222.2 .Y24 2010 The hundred year diet : America's voracious appetite for losing weight

RT85.5 .H33 2011 Peer review in nursing : principles for successful practice
S - Agriculture

S930 .B49 2010 Beyond naturalness : rethinking park and wilderness stewardship in an era of rapid change

SB482.A4 H35 2010 Urban green : innovative parks for resurgent cities

SF745.5 .X543 2010 Xie's Chinese veterinary herbology

SH101.M46 A65 2009 Aquaculture site selection and site management
T - Technology

TD345 .B815 2010 Water ethics : foundational readings for students and professionals

TP374.5 .M36 2010 Thwarting consumer choice : the case against mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods

TP659 .G54 2010 Bottled and sold : the story behind our obsession with bottled water
  TR681.C5 C6323 1978 Lewis Carroll's photographs of nude children
U- Military Science

UB418.W65 I85 2010 Women in the United States armed forces : a guide to the issues

UG763 .B78 2010 Eyes in the sky : Eisenhower, the CIA, and Cold War aerial espionage
Z - Naval Science
Z - Library Science

U. S. Documents
Texas Documents
  Z678.4.T4 G73 2010 The State Library and Archives of Texas : a history, 1835-1962