New Resources - October 2010

Call Number
A - General Works
ELECTRONIC AG5 .B78 2009eb Britannica concise encyclopedia [electronic resource]
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
ELECTRONIC B288 .T56 2010 Reason's dark champions : constructive strategies of Sophistic argument
  B945.D44 C67 2010 Democracy & rhetoric : John Dewey on the arts of becoming
  BF176 .H64 2007 Psychological testing : a practical introduction
  BF311 .C514 2009  Radical embodied cognitive science
  BF575.A5 B373 2008 Creative anger : putting that powerful emotion to good use
  BF575.D35 B66 2009 The other side of sadness : what the new science of bereavement tells us about life after loss
  BF717 .L33 2009 The Praeger handbook of play across the life cycle : fun from infancy to old age
  BF724 .E49 2009 Family matters : the importance of mattering to family in adolescence
  BF789.D4 M377 2010 The art of conversation through serious illness : lessons for caregivers
  BF798 .J69 2010 Essentials of temperament assessment
  BF1042 .H88 1999 Leaps of faith : science, miracles, and the search for supernatural consolation
D - History: General and Old World
  D32 .B94 2010 Empires in world history : power and the politics of difference
  D769.1 .B78 2010 A nation forged in war : how World War II taught Americans to get along
  D790.252 332nd .M69 2010 Freedom flyers : the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II / J. Todd Moye.
  D804.33 .S34 2004 Six million paper clips : the making of a children's Holocaust memorial
E - History: America
  E183.8.M6 W44 2010 Unequal partners : the United States and Mexico
  E184.S75 A65 2010 New faces, new voices : the Hispanic electorate in America
  E184.36.P64 L58 2009 The un-Americans : Jews, the blacklist, and stoolpigeon culture
  E185.61 .K355 2010 Right to ride : streetcar boycotts and African American citizenship in the era of Plessy v. Ferguson
  E185.625 .M314 2010 Setting down the sacred past : African-American race histories
  E185.86 .G494 2010 Beauty shop politics : African American women's activism in the beauty industry
  E302.6.C6 L44 2010 George Clinton : master builder of the Empire State
  E457.2 .W34 2010 Lincoln and McClellan : the troubled partnership between a president and his general
  E457.45 .H43 2010 Lincoln, the cabinet, and the generals
  E468.7 .F57 2009 First hand : Civil War era drawings from the Becker collection
  E475.27 .B424 2010 Receding tide : Vicksburg and Gettysburg : the campaigns that changed the Civil War
  E77 .P425 2010 North American Indians : a very short introduction 
  E85 .S69 2010 Slavery in Indian country : the changing face of captivity in early America
  E97.6.P65 E23 2010 Pipestone : my life in an Indian boarding school
  E164 .S64 2010 This violent empire : the birth of an American national identity
  E169.12 .J265 2010 The dragon's tail : Americans face the atomic age
  E183.8.M6 W44 2010 Unequal partners : the United States and Mexico
  E184.S75 A65 2010 New faces, new voices : the Hispanic electorate in America
  E184.36.P64 L58 2009 The un-Americans : Jews, the blacklist, and stoolpigeon culture
  E185.61 .K355 2010 Right to ride : streetcar boycotts and African American citizenship in the era of Plessy v. Ferguson
  E185.625 .M314 2010 Setting down the sacred past : African-American race histories
  E185.86 .G494 2010 Beauty shop politics : African American women's activism in the beauty industry
  E302.6.C6 L44 2010 George Clinton : master builder of the Empire State
  E457.2 .W34 2010 Lincoln and McClellan : the troubled partnership between a president and his general
  E457.45 .H43 2010 Lincoln, the cabinet, and the generals
  E468.7 .F57 2009 First hand : Civil War era drawings from the Becker collection / edited by Judith Bookbinder and Sheila Gallagher.
  E475.27 .B424 2010 Receding tide : Vicksburg and Gettysburg : the campaigns that changed the Civil War
  E513.5 55th .W55 2010 Practicing medicine in a black regiment : the Civil War diary of Burt G. Wilder, 55th Massachusetts
  E621 .B54 2010 Mosquito soldiers : malaria, yellow fever, and the course of the American Civil War
F - History: America
  F379.N562 L693 2009 Look and leave : photographs and stories from New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward
  F391.D257 M66 2010 Edmund J. Davis of Texas : Civil War general, Republican leader, Reconstruction governor
  F395.J5 S76 2010 The chosen folks : Jews on the frontiers of Texas
  F826.M28 M396 2010 Gettysburg to Great Salt Lake : George R. Maxwell, Civil War hero and federal marshal among the Mormons
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  G63 .E554 2010 Encyclopedia of geography
  G1371.S1 S7 2010 Texas : a historical atlas
ELECTRONIC GE55 .B43 2008eb American environmental leaders [electronic resource] : from colonial times to the present
  GN281 .G7 2010 Fatherhood : evolution and human paternal behavior
ELECTRONIC GT3925 .H64 2010eb Holidays, festivals, and celebrations of the world dictionary
  GV875.5 .A46 2010 Practice perfect baseball
H - Social Science
  HB61 .C647 2008 The concise encyclopedia of economics
  HB72 .A33 2009 Against injustice : the new economics of Amartya Sen
  HB72 .F75 2008 Morals and markets : an evolutionary account of the modern world
  HB74.5 .B48 2010 Better living through economics
  HB95 .M43 2009 The hesitant hand : taming self-interest in the history of economic ideas
  HB171 .F49 2009 From economics imperialism to freakonomics : the shifting boundaries between economics and other social sciences
  HB501 .P646 2010 The crisis of capitalist democracy
  HB3722 .R45 2009 This time is different : eight centuries of financial folly
  HC59.7 .P447 2010 Globalization and competition : why some emergent countries succeed while others fall behind
  HC106 .N64 2010  Who cares? : public ambivalence and government activism from the New Deal to the second gilded age
  HC106.83 .L5 2010 The big short : inside the doomsday machine
  HC107.T43 P63115 2010 Freedom is not enough : the war on poverty and the civil rights movement in Texas .
  HC240 .D25 2009 Which way goes capitalism? : in search of adequate policies in a dramatically changing world
  HC427.95 .D63 2009 Gravity shift : how Asia's new economic powerhouses will shape the twenty-first century
  HD38.7 .D378 2010 Analytics at work : smarter decisions, better results
  HD2756 .J64 2010 Seizing the white space : business model innovation for growth and renewal
  HD5109.2.U5 W67 2010 Workplace flexibility : realigning 20th-century jobs for a 21st-century workforce
  HD5706 .L218 2010 Labor in the era of globalization
  HD6983 .S664 2009 The cost of living in America : a political history of economic statistics, 1880-2000
  HD8378.5.A2 E85 1992 Ethnic minorities and industrial change in Europe and North America
  HD9000.4 .W47 2010 The economics of food : how feeding and fueling the planet affects food prices
  HF1359 .C6527 2010 The end of influence : what happens when other countries have the money
ELECTRONIC  HF1373 .P75 2009eb The Princeton encyclopedia of the world economy
  HF5386 .T81495 2009 The Trump card : playing to win in work and life
  HG2040.5.U5 R57 2009 The rise and fall of the U.S. mortgage and credit markets : a comprehensive analysis of the market meltdown
  HG4026.5 .R435 1986 Recent developments in corporate finance
  HG4515.95 .L43 2009 Nerds on Wall Street : math, machines, and wired markets
  HG4523 .V64 2010 financial market bubbles and crashes
  HG4928.5 .L48 2010 Liar's poker : rising through the wreckage on Wall Street
  HG5993 .S56 2010 Gender dimensions of investment climate reform : a guide for policy makers and practitioners
  HJ4181 .E76 2009 Erosion of the property tax base : trends, causes, and consequences
  HM1093 .H37 2010 What is constructionism? : navigating its use in sociology
  HM1106 .N38 2010 The man who lied to his laptop : what machines teach us about human relationships
  HN89.S6 H33 2010 Winner-take-all politics : how Washington made the rich richer-and turned its back on the middle class
  HN90.S65 H35 2009 Creating an opportunity society
  HQ10 .B78 2010 Marrying well : the clinician's guide to premarital education
  HQ1061 .I535 2009 The international handbook on aging : current research and developments
  HQ1075 .D59 2010 Dividing the domestic : men, women, and household work in cross-national perspective
  HQ1180 .I5726 2009 The intersectional approach : transforming the academy through race, class, and gender
  HQ1206 .P747 2008  Psychology of women : a handbook of issues and theories
  HQ1208 .B352 2010 The second sex
 ELECTRONIC HQ1236.5.U6 S32 2006eb From suffrage to the Senate [electronic resource] : America's political women : an encyclopedia of leaders, causes & issues
  HQ1416 .S65 2010 Women's roles in eighteenth-century America
  HQ1421 .F35 2009 Women and social change in America : a survey of a century of progress
  HQ1421 .P56 2010 Jewish feminists : complex identities and activist lives
  HQ1439.N6 G84 2010 Living the revolution : Italian women's resistance and radicalism in New York City, 1880-1945
  HT206 .H273 2010 Living the drama : community, conflict, and culture among inner-city boys
  HV98.O7 M67 2010 Stretched thin : poor families, welfare work, and welfare reform
  HV551.2 .L22 2009 Leadership in unconventional crises : a transatlantic and cross-sector assessment
  HV1553 .E523 2009 Encyclopedia of American disability history
  HV4708 .A74 2010 Arguments about animal ethics
  HV6046 .D28 2009 Female offenders and risk assessment : hidden in plain sight
  HV6250.4.W65 G475 2010 Gender violence at the U.S.-Mexico border : media representation and public response
  HV6439.U5 Y68 2010 Youth gangs and community intervention : research, practice, and evidence
  HV6626 .D666 2010 Domestic violence : intersectionality and culturally competent practice
  HV9471 .I63 2010 Interrupted life : experiences of incarcerated women in the United States
  HV9950 .F35 2010 The American criminal justice system : how it works, how it doesn't , and how to fix it
  HX56 .S37 You can trust the Communists : (-- to do exactly as they say!)
J - Political Science
  JA85.2.U6 V45 2010 Centrist rhetoric : the production of political transcendence in the Clinton presidency
  JC599.U6 S345 2010 Rule of law, misrule of men
  JK511 .G45 2010 Encyclopedia of the American presidency
ELECTRONIC JK1411 .G767 2009eb Speakers of the House of Representatives, 1789-2009 [electronic resource]
  JK1764 .F725 2010 Constituent moments : enacting the people in postrevolutionary America
ELECTRONIC JK2249 .G767 2008eb Political corruption in America [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of scandals, power, and greed
  JK4866 .C69 2010 The House will come to order : how the Texas speaker became a power in state and national politics 
  JV51 .C28 2010 Can the subaltern speak? : reflections on the history of an idea
  JV6483 .H45 2010 Migra! : a history of the U.S. Border Patrol
K - Law
  KF4541 .H79 2010 Hybrid constitutions : challenging legacies of law, privilege, and culture in colonial America
  KF4651 .R365 2010 Defenders of liberty or champions of security? : federal courts, the hierarchy of justice, and U.S. foreign policy
L - Education
  LB1025.3 .G443 2011 Why do I need a teacher when I've got Google? : the essential guide to the big issues for every twenty-first century teacher
  LB1027.23 .P68 2010 Wayside teaching : connecting with students to support learning
  LB1033 .T27 2009 Teaching hope : stories from the Freedom Writer Teachers and Erin Gruwell.
  LB1060 .W5435 2009 Why don't students like school? : a cognitive scientist answers questions about how the mind works and what it means for the classroom
  LB1115 .C278 2010 Jenny's story : taking the long view of the child : Prospect's philosophy in action
  LB1573 .M3913 2010 40 reading intervention strategies for K-6 students: research-based support for RTI
  LB1576 .F476 2007 Craft lessons : teaching writing K-8
  LB1731 .K224 2010  Bringing your learning community to life : a road map for sustainable school improvement
  LB1775 .G64 2010 Peer review and teacher leadership : linking professionalism and accountability
  LB2341 .B743 2007 The essential academic dean : a practical guide to college leadership
  LB2341 .B744 2006 The essential department chair : a practical guide to college administration
  LB2822.75 .V373 2010 Essentials of response to intervention
  B2822.82 .M65 2010 Using story : in higher education and professional development
  LB2831.8 .R36 2010 Lifelong leadership by design : how to do more good for kids and feel better about your life's work
  LB2831.92 .G74 2009 Your first year as principal : everything you need to know that they do not teach you in school
  LB3031 .H63 2010 Season it with fun! : a year of recognition, fun, and celebrations to enliven your school
  LC3731 .S24 2010  True American : language, identity, and the education of immigrant children
  LC4019 .B84 2010  The practical (and fun) guide to assistive technology in public schools
  LJ75.Z735 W55 2010  The lost boys of Zeta Psi : a historical archaeology of masculinity at a university fraternity
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML410.C24 G35 2010  No such thing as silence : John Cage's 4'33"
AV MT1 .M98723  Music K-8 [sound recording].
N - Fine Arts
  NB237.C393 A4 2010 Stalwart : the art of Christopher Carter
   ND979.B27 F48 2009 Icon of loss : the haunting child of Samuel Bak
   NK2115.3.I57 K45 2010 Designers here and there : inside the city and country homes of America's top decorators
  NX180.S6 B465 2010 For all the world to see : visual culture and the struggle for civil rights
P - Language and Literature
  P40 .S562 2009 Sociolinguistic perspectives
  P40.5.L33 H3413 2009 On the death and life of languages
  P96.A56 A56 2010 The anthropology of news & journalism : global perspectives
  P96.M4 G34 2010 New digital media and learning as an emerging area and "worked examples" as one way forward
  P115 .M38 2009 Language contact
  P301 .I58 2009 Inventing the potential of rhetorical culture : the work and legacy of Thomas B. Farrell
  PA3879 .R4 1987 Aristophanes' old-and-new comedy
  PE1075 .T687 2010 Why do languages change?
  PE1404 .H37 2010 Authoring : an essay for the English profession on potentiality and singularity
  PJ7737 .M75 2009 The Islamic context of the Thousand and one nights / Mushin J. al-Musawi.
  PN56.M54 L42 2009 Literary modernism and beyond : the extended vision and the realms of the text
  PN1031 .G725 2009 True-love : essays on poetry and valuing
  PN1992.77.G54 S34 2010 Screwball television : critical perspectives on Gilmore girls .
  PN1995.9.V46 B76 2010 Hollywood gamers : digital convergence in the film and video game industries
  PN1998.3.S485 C75 2010 Critical approaches to the films of M. Night Shyamalan spoiler warnings
  PN2270.A35 H53 2009 Historical dictionary of African American theater
  PN3365 .S45 2010 179 ways to save a novel : matters of vital concern to fiction writers
  PN3503 .L393 2010 Religious experience and the modernist novel
  PN4784.W37 P45 2010 Peace journalism, war and conflict resolution
  PN4888.W37 B38 2010 War stories : the causes and consequences of public views of war
  PN6728.S9 D3 2010 Our hero : Superman on Earth
  PQ1905 .G68 2010 rom ancient myth to tragic modernity
  PQ2191.P4 E5 2009 Paris spleen : little poems in prose
  PQ2605.A3734 Z97 2010 Albert Camus : elements of a life
  PQ8098.14.O7 Z754 2010 Ariel Dorfman : an aesthetics of hope
  PQ8179.Z38 C5513 2010 Chang*o, the biggest badass
  PQ8180.17.A73 Z9355 2010 Gabriel Garc*ia M*arquez : the early years
  PR1195.S5 B87 2010 The art of the sonnet
  PR4034 .P7 2008 Pride and prejudice
  PR4172 .W7 2005 Wuthering heights
  PR5403 .T46 2008 Selections from the poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley
  PR5824 .O85 2008 Oscar Wilde and modern culture : the making of a legend
  PR6003.E282 Z5758 2009 Samuel Beckett and the postcolonial novel
  PR6015.I4735 Z844 2010 True friendship : Geoffrey Hill, Anthony Hecht, and Robert Lowell under the sign of Eliot and Pound
  PR6019.O9 U6724 2009 Ulysses and us : the art of everyday life in Joyce's masterpiece
  PR6039.O32 L6338 2005 The lord of the rings : a reader's companion
  PR6058.E2 Z575 2009 Professing poetry : Seamus Heaney's poetics
  PS151 .M48 2009 Flawed light : American women poets and alcohol
  PS153.C3 W36 2009 Cathedrals of bone : the role of the body in contemporary Catholic literature
  PS166 .A46 2010 Pen of iron : American prose and the King James Bible
  PS228.P69 S38 2009 Where the world is not : cultural authority and democratic desire in modern American literature
  PS228.V5 B69 2009 Masculinity in Vietnam War narratives : a critical study of fiction, films and nonfiction writings
  PS310.D42 V46 2010 Last looks, last books : Stevens, Plath, Lowell, Bishop, Merrill
  PS374.G78 G66 2009 Modern American grotesque  : literature and photography
  PS374.M54 G47 2009 Standards of value : money, race, and literature in America
  PS379 .H86 2009 What America read : taste, class, and the novel, 1920-1960
  PS617 .S93 2009 The Swallow anthology of new American poets
  PS648.N32 T6 2010 To everything on earth : new writing on fate, community, and nature
  PS1331 .L68 2010 Mark Twain : the adventures of Samuel L. Clemens
  PS1449.C85 Z57953 2009 On the cusp : Stephen Crane, George Bellows, and modernism
  PS1642.P5 A77 2010 On leaving : a reading in Emerson
  PS2127.P6 H66 2009 Inexorable Yankeehood : Henry James rediscovers America, 1904-1905
  PS3505.R43 Z68 2010 Form, power, and person in Robert Creeley's life and work
  PS3507.O726 W55 2009 White rose and the red
  PS3507.R55 Z483 2009 Letters to women : new letters. Volume 2
  PS3511.A86 Z89163 2009 William Faulkner : seeing through the South
  PS3511.I9 B375 2009 The Basil, Josephine, and Gwen stories 
  PS3515.E343 Z69 2009 Understanding Lillian Hellman
  PS3515.E37 Z6655 2009 Key West Hemingway : a reassessment
  PS3545.I5365 A6 2009 New selected essays : where I live
  PS3545.I544 Z5826 2010 William Carlos Williams, Frank O'Hara, and the New York art scene
  PS3555.L47 Z63 2010 Shouting down the silence : a biography of Stanley Elkin
  PS3555.L625 Z57 2010 Ralph Ellison in progress : from Invisible man to Three days before the shooting
  PS3573.O526 Z77 2009 Tom Wolfe's America : heroes, pranksters, and fools 
  PS3618.A646 H67 2010 Horse and rider : poems
  PT2603.E455 Z595 2009 A companion to the works of Walter Benjamin 
  PT2603.E455 Z95813 2009 Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht : the story of a friendship 
  PT2621.A26 Z7733 2010 Three sons : Franz Kafka and the fiction of J.M. Coetzee, Philip Roth, and W.G. Sebald
  PT2635.I65 Z654 2010 The Cambridge companion to Rilke
Q - Science
  Q175 .P5123 2007 Philosophy of science : an anthology
  Q175 .P5129 1998 Philosophy of science : the central issues
  QA13 .H68 2009 How to think like a mathematician : a companion to undergraduate mathematics
  QA21 .P53 2009 The math book : from Pythagoras to the 57th dimension, 250 milestones in the history of mathematics
  QA21 .S976 2009  Mathematics in historical context
  QA63 .E74 2009 Aha! solutions
  QA199 .V56 2009 Geometric algebra : an algebraic system for computer games and animation
  QA241 .E775 2008 Introduction to number theory
  QA268 .B475 2010 Codes and automata
  QA268 .B496 2008 Codes : an introduction to information communication and cryptography
  QA278.2 .Z45 2010 Applied linear models with SAS
  QA279 .G36 2008 Analysis of variance designs : a conceptual and computational approach with SPSS and SAS
  QA372 .A353 2008 An introduction to ordinary differential equations
  QA401 .V38 2009 Mathematical modeling and simulation : introduction for scientists and engineers
  QE39.5.U7 W55 2009 Stories in stone : travels through urban geology
  QE711.2 .P74 2009 Prehistoric life
  QH31.D2 B47 2009 Charles Darwin : the concise story of an extraordinary man
  QH75 .K47 2007 Key topics in conservation biology
  QH83 .W526 2009 Defining species : a sourcebook from antiquity to today
  QH352 .R63 2006 Introduction to population ecology
  QH353 .L63 2007 Invasion ecology
  QH360.2 .P35 2009  Evolution : the story of life
  QH362 .E87 2005 Evolutionary science and society : educating a new generation
  QH366.2 .A95 2007 On evolution
  QH438.5 .G55 2009 Ecological developmental biology : integrating epigenetics, medicine, and evolution
  QH445.2 .D368 2010 The $1,000 genome : the revolution in DNA sequencing and the new era of personalized medicine
  QH505 .V625 2009 Glimpses of creatures in their physical worlds
  QH540.5 .M66 2010 The ecological thought
  QH541.15.B56 L4812 2003 iodiversity
  QL55 .I445 2009 Scientific and humane issues in the use of random source dogs and cats in research
  QL451 .B43 2009 Arachnids
  QL737.C2 U73 2010 Urban carnivores : ecology, conflict, and conservation
  QL751 .E87 2010 Evolutionary behavioral ecology
  QL757 .C614513 2005 The art of being a parasite
  QM151 .D454 2010 Strength training anatomy
  QP301 .P637 2011 ACSM's introduction to exercise science
  QP360.5 .F68 2009 Foundations in evolutionary cognitive neuroscience
  QP475.5 .I54 2008 A natural history of seeing : the art and science of vision
  QP623 .Y367 2010  Life from an RNA world : the ancestor within
  QP752.F35 L39 2010 The fats of life : essential fatty acids in health and disease
  QR103 .K66 2007 Introduction to geomicrobiology
  QR251 .B83 2003 Human wildlife : the life that lives on us
R - Medicine
  R726.8 .T73 2010 Palliative care : transforming the care of serious illness
  RA399.A1 P475 2009 Performance measurement for health system improvement: experiences, challenges, and prospects
  RA778 .W234 2010 Our bodies, ourselves and the work of writing
  RA1224.2 .L36 2010 Toxic bodies : hormone disruptors and the legacy of DES
  RC77.5 .K36 2010 Essentials of electromyography
  RC520 .K36 2008 Understanding paranoia : a guide for professionals, families, and sufferers
  RC564 .W497 2010 What is addiction?
  RC569 .C487 2009 Subtle suicide : our silent epidemic of ambivalence about living
  RJ255.6.D55 E84 2009 Ethics and newborn genetic screening : new technologies, new challenges
  RM138 .M43 2010 Medication safety : an essential guide
  RT71 .U85 2011 Theory and research for academic nurse educators : application to practice
  RT73 .P39 2011 Nursing student's guide to clinical success
  RT81.5 .R488 2007 Reviewing research evidence for nursing practice : systematic reviews
S - Agriculture
  SF285.5 .N37 2007 Nutrient requirements of horses
  SF285.5 .N37 2007 Nutrient requirements of horses
  SF406.2 .N88 1995 Nutrient requirements of laboratory animals
  SF406.2 .N88 1995 Nutrient requirements of laboratory animals
  SF407.P7 N88 2003 Nutrient requirements of nonhuman primates
  SF427.4 .N88 2006 Nutrient requirements of dogs and cats
  SF427.4 .N88 2006 Nutrient requirements of dogs and cats
  SF457 .B57 2009 The simple guide to freshwater aquariums
  SF494 .N855 1994 Nutrient requirements of poultry
   SH156 .N86 1993 Nutrient requirements of fish
T - Technology
  T174 .S263 2010 2030 : technology that will change the world
  TK5102.9 .B543 2008 Algebraic codes on lines, planes, and curves
  TR681.I6 R38 2010 Sleeping beauties : newborns in dreamland
  TT507 .C47 2010 1,000 ideas by 100 fashion designers
   TT769.C452 B46 2010 Embroiderers of Ninhue : stitching Chilean rural life
U- Military Science
  UB418.W65 M66 2010 A few good women : America's military women from World War I to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
V - Naval Science
   VM383.T5 T617 2008  Titanic : the ship magnificent
Z - Library Science
  Z1021.3 .E43 2009 Emblemata : symbolic literature of the Renaissance : from the collection of Robin Raybould.
U. S. Documents

Texas Documents
TX-DOCS C2600.6 C66D 2009/4TH City mixed beverage comparison summary / State of Texas, Comptroller of Public Accounts.
TX-DOCS  E500.8 AD95PL Advanced placement and international baccalaureate examination results in Texas.
TX-DOCS P400.3 L23WA 2010 txdocs 2010 land and water resources conservation and recreation plan.
TX-DOCS A2250.5 T139CA txdocs Taking care of business : guide to employment lifestyle workbook / [Garry Bowman, author and editor].
Decision sciences journal of innovative education. [online]
Dental traumatology [online].
Dermatologic surgery : official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery ... [et al.]. [online]
Dermatologic therapy. [online]
The Developing economies. [online]
Developing world bioethics. [online]
Development and change. [online]
Development, growth & differentiation. [online]
Development policy review : the journal of the Overseas Development Institute. [online]
Developmental science. [online]
Diabetes, obesity & metabolism [online].
Dialectica : international review of philosophy of knowledge. [online]
Digestive endoscopy : official journal of the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society. [online]
Diplomatic history. [online]
Disasters. [online]
Diseases of the esophagus [online].
Humanity : an international journal of human rights, humanitarianism, and development. [online]
The Indiana quarterly magazine of history. [online]
International legal materials. [online]
journal of psychophysiology [online].
Journal of the University Film and Video Association. [online]
Journal of the University Film Association. [online]
Math horizons. [online]
Pennsylvania legacies : the newsmagazine of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. [online]
Philosophy of music education newsletter. [online]
Proceedings of the American Society of International Law at its ... Annual Meeting. [online]
Proceedings of the American Society of International Law at the meeting of its executive council. [online]
Proceedings of the American Society of International. Annual Meeting. [online]
Proceedings of the American Society of International Law a
Professional psychology. [serial]