Call Number
A - General Works

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BD435 .E46 2012 Who lives, who dies, who decides? : abortion, neonatal care, assisted dying, and capital punishment

BF408 .F747 2011 That used to be us : how America fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back

BF441 .K238 2011 Thinking, fast and slow

BF637.H4 P38 2012 Pathological altruism

BF724 .A274 2012 The adolescent brain : learning, reasoning, and decision making

BJ1661 .H56 2002 Way to be! : nine ways to be happy and make something of your life
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

D - History: General and Old World

D743 .C595 2011 The Second World War : a military history

D764.3.L4 R45 2011 Leningrad : the epic siege of World War II, 1941-1944

D765.2.W3 T83 2011 Remembering occupied Warsaw : Polish narratives of World War II

D767.4 .G66 2011 Fighting for MacArthur : the Navy and Marine Corps' desperate defense of the Philippines

D774.M5 S93 2011 The Battle of Midway
D781 .M67 2011 U-boat attack logs : a complete record of warship sinkings from original sources, 1939-1945
D804.5.G4 P255 2012 Fatal crossroads : the untold story of the Malm*edy Massacre at the Battle of the Bulge
D810.S7 A54 2011 Classical spies : American archaeologists with the OSS in World War II Greece
E - History: America

 E78.G73 E926 2011 Plains Indian art : the pioneering work of John C. Ewers

E159 .L45 2011 Pilgrimage

E183.8.S95 T33 2011 In the lion's den : an eyewitness account of Washington's battle with Syria

E184.A1 M895 2012 Coming apart : the state of white America, 1960-2010

E184.M5 V48 2012 From Indians to Chicanos : the dynamics of Mexican-American culture

E185.18 .M335 2012 Coming for to carry me home : race in America from abolitionism to Jim Crow

E199 .H89 2011 The Siege of Fort William Henry : a year on the Northeastern frontier

E331 .Z45 2011 A brave man stands firm : the historic battles between Chief Justice John Marshall and President Thomas Jefferson

E354 .H525 2011 The rockets' red glare : an illustrated history of the War of 1812

E354 .H78 2012 Mr. and Mrs. Madison's war : America's first couple and the second war of independence

E451 .H77 2011 Midnight rising : John Brown and the raid that sparked the Civil War

E459 .H29 2011 Lincoln and the Border States : preserving the Union

E475.7 .W59 2011 The Battle of White Sulphur Springs : Averell fails to secure West Virginia

E476.57 .W45 2011 The Bermuda Hundred Campaign : the creole and the beast

E611 .A33 2011 They have left us here to die : the Civil War prison diary of Sgt. Lyle Adair, 111th U.S. Colored Infantry

E668 .D547 2011 A tour of Reconstruction : travel letters of 1875

E687.9 .M55 2011 The destiny of the republic : a tale of madness, medicine and the murder of a president
F - History: America
F394.A962 T489 2011 Texas State Cemetery
F593 .L288 2011 Emigrants on the Overland Trail : the wagon trains of 1848
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G530.T6 T583 2012 Titanic calling : wireless communications during the great disaster

G530.T6 V65 2012
Voices from the Titanic : the epic story of the tragedy from the people who were there
  G850 1910.S4 W55 2011 The lost photographs of Captain Scott : unseen photographs from the legendary antarctic expedition
  GA105.3 .J46 2011 Maphead : charting the wide, weird world of geography wonks
  GB848 .L96 2011 All the water in the world
H - Social Science

HC106.84 .K86 2012 Too much magic : wishful thinking, technology, and the fate of the nation

HD30.22 .S785 2011 Managerial economics : concepts and principles
  HD30.255 .B497 2011 Merchants of virtue : Herman Miller and the making of a sustainable company
  HD58.7 .H646 2011 Corporate dreams : big business in American democracy from the Great Depression to the great recession
  HD58.9 .S643 2012 How excellent companies avoid dumb things : breaking the 8 hidden barriers that plague even the best businesses
  HD62.4 .I515 2011 The global oil & gas industry : management, strategy & finance
  HD62.5 .E559 2010 Start your own business : the only startup book you'll ever need
  HD6054.4.U6 S55 1994 Enterprising women : lessons from 100 of the greatest entrepreneurs of our day
  HF5415.1265 .P677 2012 Social media metrics for dummies
  HF5415.1265 .S24 2012 The social media bible : tactics, tools, & strategies for business success
  HF5549.5.A34 D427 2012 Protesting affirmative action : the struggle over equality after the civil rights revolution
  HF5661 .G4455 2011 CPA review. Auditing

HF5661 .G4456 2011 CPA review. Business
  HF5661 .G4457 2011 CPA review. Financial
  HF5661 .G446 2010 CPA review. Regulation
  HF5681.R25 I53 2004-05 Industry norms and key business ratios
  HG221 .D257 2011 Extreme money : masters of the universe and the cult of risk
  HG230.3 .T395 2012 First principles : five keys to restoring America's prosperity

HG501 .B67 2011 Greenback planet : how the dollar conquered the world and threatened civilization as we know it
  HG2040.5.U5 M395 2012 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac : turning the American dream into a nightmare
  HM1116 .P57 2011 The better angels of our nature : why violence has declined
  HN28 .F57 2011 Welfare theory : an introduction to the theoretical debates in social policy
HQ769 .P2715 2010 Parenting after the century of the child : travelling ideals, institutional negotiations and individual responses
HQ784.W3 N88 2011 Damned nations : greed, guns, armies, & aid
HQ1236 .W652525 2012 Women's rights
HQ1237.5.U6 L43 2012 Grace and grit : my fight for equal pay and fairness at Goodyear and beyond
HQ1410 .W66 2011 Women on the North American Plains
J - Political Science
  JK1967 .K56 2012 The swing vote : the untapped power of independents

JK2261 .E37 2012 The age of austerity : how scarcity will remake American politics
K - Law

 KF2995 .B885 2011  Copyright for teachers & librarians in the 21st century
KF4778 .I53 2012 Liberty's refuge : the forgotten freedom of assembly
KF4886 .H39 2012 The voting wars : from Florida 2000 to the next election meltdown
KF4945 .S58 2012 Computer forensics : cybercriminals, laws, and evidence
KF9430 .P384 2011 Patriot acts : narratives of post-9/11 injustice
REFERENCE KFT1230.5.V4 B88 Vernon's Texas codes annotated. Business organizations code.
L - Education

LB1025.3 .S526 1998 Learning to teach : --not just for beginners : the essential guide for all teachers

LB1029.P67 P73 1993 Portfolios in the classroom : a teacher's sourcebook

LB1029.R4 O635 2011 RTI with differentiated instruction, grades K-5 : a classroom teacher's guide

LB1050.455 .T36 2001 Guiding reading and writing in the content areas : practical strategies

LB1050.5 .B34 1997 Every child can read : strategies and guidelines for helping struggling readers

LB1050.5 .C62 2012 Assessing and addressing literacy needs : cases and instructional strategies

LB1139.25 .I59 1998 Into teachers' hands : creating classroom success.

LB1573.3 .C85 1997 Making more words : multilevel, hands-on phonics and spelling activities

LB1575.5.U5 K68 1995 The author studies handbook : helping students build powerful connections to literature
  LB1576 .C84667 2004 Using picture books to teach writing with the traits : an annotated bibliography of more than 200 titles with teacher-tested lessons

LB1576 .C8467 2008 Using picture books to teach writing with the traits : an annotated bibliography of more than 150 mentor texts with teacher-tested lessons : K-2

LB2844.1.N4 K766 2004 Your first year of teaching and beyond

LC1202.M4 H46 2011 The blind advantage : how going blind made me a stronger principal and how including children with disabilities made our school better for everyone
  LC2802.S9 D48 2011 You need a schoolhouse : Booker T. Washington, Julius Rosenwald, and the building of schools for the segregated South
M - Music and Books on Music
 AV ML87 .G8195 2005 A great day in Harlem [videorecording]

ML410.F82 S76 2012 C*esar Franck : his life and times
  ML410.J62 J6313 2011 Antonio Carlos Jobim : an illuminated man
  ML419.T375 A3 2011 Clark : the autobiography of Clark Terry
  ML420.B32 A3 2011 My song : a memoir
  ML420.L38 R55 2011 Lennon : the man, the myth, the music--the definitive life
  ML420.M1387 M2135 2012 Madonna & me : women writers on the queen of pop
 STACKS ML420.P974 R67 2011 Prince : inside the music and the masks
  ML420.V248 A85 2012 I'll be here in the morning : the songwriting legacy of Townes Van Zandt
  ML422.B9 A413 2012 Hans von B*ulow's letters to Johannes Brahms : a research edition
  ML423.N33 A94 2011 Everything is an afterthought : the life and writings of Paul Nelson
  ML3930.P24 R4 1997 Charlie Parker played be bop
N - Fine Arts
  N5279.2 H35 2011 The Arthur and Hedy Hahnloser collection : an eye for art shared with artists
  N6490 .D358 2011 Defining contemporary art : 25 years in 200 pivotal artworks
N6490 .H38 2011 Picasso to Warhol : fourteen modern masters
P - Language and Literature

P95.8 .A76 2011 Kill the messenger : the media's role in the fate of the world

P96.N35 P34 2012 Stories and social media : identities and interaction
P96.P75 B37 2012 The Martians have landed! : a history of media-driven panics and hoaxes
PC4829.S6 V3 1975 Regional dictionary of Chicano slang
PC4829.T4 G3 1975 El diccionario del espa*nol de Tejas = The dictionary of the Spanish of Texas (Spanish-English
REFERENCE PC4832 .R2 1895 Diccionario de mejicanismos : colecci*on de locuciones i frases viciosas, con sus correspondientes cr*iticas i correcciones fundadas en autoridades de la lengua : m*aximas, refranes, provincialismos i remoques populares de todos los estados de la Rep*ublica mejicana
PE1450 .T753 2006 Eats, shoots & leaves : why, commas really do make a difference!
PN146 .K34 2012 Getting published in the humanities : what to know, where to aim, how to succeed
PN1995 .K195 2011 The age of movies : selected writings of Pauline Kael
PN1995.9.C49 L56 2011 Celluloid sermons : the emergence of the Christian film industry, 1930-1986
PN1995.9.C55 B35 2012 The funny parts : a history of film comedy routines and gags
PN1995.9.E79 O42 2011 Of muscles and men : essays on the sword and sandal film
PN1995.9.F36 F86 2012 Fantasy
PN1995.9.N55 H53 2012 Shows about nothing : nihilism in popular culture
AV PN1997 .I5147 1999 The insider [videorecording]
PN1997.M4355375 R46 2011 Meshes of the afternoon
PN1997.M7759 A38 2011 Death in Venice
AV PN1997 .S36245 2003 Separate but equal [videorecording]
PN1997.2.F363 D38 2011 Far from heaven
PN1998.3.L445 O88 2011 Mike Leigh
PN1998.3.P45255 B43 2011 D.A. Pennebaker
PN1998.3.R584 W55 2012 Jacques Rivette
PN2306.N5 C66 2011 The Shaw Festival : the first fifty years
PN3018.K53 C66 2012 Nicole Kidman
PN4784.V54 S65 2011 Going solo : doing videojournalism in the 21st century
PQ8097.N4 Z593 2011 Pablo Neruda : poet of the people
PR8518 .M33 2012 The doctor dissected : a cultural autopsy of the Burke and Hare murders
PS586.3 .P644 2005 Poetry speaks to children
PS3509.L43 Z48 2011 The letters of T.S. Eliot
PS3515.E37 S923555 2011 The critical reception of Hemingway's The sun also rises
PS3554.I33 Z46 2011 Blue nights
PS3555.R42 Z77 2011 Louise Erdrich : Tracks ; The last report on the miracles at Little No Horse ; The plague of doves
PS3569.I295 S85 2011 Swirl by swirl : spirals in nature
PS3569.W384 N64 2011  Noise that stays noise : essays
PS3570.H62 Z87 2012 Gonzo republic : Hunter S. Thompson's America
PS3570.Y45 B44 2012 The beginner's goodbye : a novel
PZ7.B528539 Fo 2011 Fortune cookies
PZ7.B64827 An 1999 A. Lincoln and me
PZ7.B91527 Nh 1994 Night of the gargoyles
PZ7.C89 Ss 2003 Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes
PZ7.C962 Al 2010 Alchemy and Meggy Swann
PZ7.C962 Lou 2006 The loud silence of Francine Green
PZ7.F634 Tw 1997 Twilight comes twice
PZ7.F8373 Har 2003 Harriet, you'll drive me wild!
PZ7.G873 Thr 2010 Three by the sea
PZ7.H543968 Te 2008 Tenth Avenue cowboy
PZ7.L8432 Dr 1998 Dream weaver
PZ7.M512765 Ti 2011 T*ia Isa wants a car
PZ7.M95674 App 2011 Apple pie ABC
PZ7.P2843 Caln 2001 Canoe days
PZ7.S68923 Not 2011 Nothing like a puffin
PZ7.Y89656 Tw 2011 The twins' blanket
PZ8.3.A775 Sam 2011 Samantha on a roll
PZ8.3.B175 Hi 1991 Hide and snake
PZ8.3.B2545 Nab 2011 Naamah and the ark at night
PZ8.3.E297 Th 2006 This Jazz Man
Q - Science
QA76.76.S46 S37 2012  Internet success : a study of open-source software commons

QE386.C22 T678 2011 Gems & minerals : earth treasures from the Royal Ontario Museum

QH108.B43 B75 2012 A natural history of Belize : inside the Maya forest

QH367.1 .P48 2003 Our family tree : an evolution story

QL31.P45 T46 2011 For the birds : the life of Roger Tory Peterson

QL49 .D362 2006 Extreme animals : the toughest creatures on Earth

QL737.U58 M59 2011 Pig
R - Medicine

 R118.6 .I58 2008  Introduction to reference sources in the health sciences

RA777.3 .O9 2010 The dorm room diet : the 10-step program for creating a healthy lifestyle plan that really works

RC454 .B865 2011 Mental illness

RC480.5 .K68 2010 On being a therapist

RC954 .N8925 2012 Nursing older adults
RM262 .P4685 2013 Pharmacotherapeutics for advanced practice : a practical approach
RS105 .P34 2011 PCAT
RT86.3 .B34 2012 Communication in nursing
S - Agriculture
   S494.5.U72 G67 2011  Carrot city : creating places for urban agriculture

S494.5.U72 H36 2012 Breaking through concrete : building an urban farm revival
S661 .S357 2004 The science of biological decomposition [videorecording]

SF195 .W4713 2012 Cow : a bovine biography

SF428.2 .K38 2011 Meet the dogs of Bedlam Farm
T - Technology

T395 .G746 2011 Fair world : a history of world's fairs and expositions, from London to Shanghai, 1851-2010

TD427.P4 G47 2011 The tarball chronicles : a journey beyond the oiled
pelican and into the heart of the Gulf oil spill

TT507 .W21737 2011 Less is more : minimalism in fashion

TX360.U62 N33 2012 Desert terroir : exploring the unique flavors and sundry places of the borderlands
U- Military Science

V - Naval Science

Z - Library Science
Z674.75.S63 M87 2012 Location-aware services and QR codes for libraries
Z674.75.S63 S74 2012 Strategic planning for social media in libraries

Z674.75.W67 S43 2012 User experience (UX) design for libraries
Z678.9 .L275 2012 Next-gen library redesign
Z679.2.U54 B37 2011 The library renovation, maintenance, and construction handbook
Z680.5 .C48 2012 Building mobile library applications
  Z701.3.D54 B85 2011  Preparing collections for digitization
Z711.2 .M36 2009 Training paraprofessionals for reference service : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians
Z711.45 .B54 2012 IM and SMS reference services for libraries
Z711.7 .H36 2011 Diversity programming and outreach for academic libraries
Z1037 .M2865 2010 Neal-Schuman guide to recommended children's books and media for use with every elementary subject
ZA3075 .I537 2006 Information literacy instruction that works : a guide to teaching by discipline and student population
ZA3075 .T427 2011 Teaching information literacy online
STACKS ZA4240 .F39 2012 Semantic Web technologies and social searching for librarians
ZA5055.U6 F67 2011 Fundamentals of government information : mining, finding, evaluating, and using government resources
U. S. Documents

Texas Documents
 TX-DOC SB608.V4 S62 1994  Texas guide for controlling insects on commercial vegetable crops

Historical methods. [serial].
OFFSITE Childhood education. [serial]
OFFSITE Educational forum [serial].
OFFSITE Educational research. [serial].
OFFSITE Environment. [serial].
OFFSITE Explicator [serial].
ELECTRONIC Fisheries. [serial].
OFFSITE Germanic review [serial].
OFFSITE Life [serial].
MICROFROMS IIE transactions. [serial].
ELECTRONIC Energy engineering : journal of the Association of Energy Engineers. [serial]
ELECTRONIC Geography teacher. [serial]
ELECTRONIC Action in teacher education. [serial]
ELECTRONIC HF5601 .A26 Accounting history review. [online]
ELECTRONIC P2 .A3 Acta linguistica hafniensia
ELECTRONIC U162 .A3 Adelphi : [series]. [online]