New Resources - September 2011

Call Number
A-General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B1111 .D3 The English mind : studies in the English moralists presented to Basil Willey

B2430.B43 C75 1992 The crisis in modernism : Bergson and the vitalist controversy

BF76.4 .A63 2010 APA ethics code commentary and case illustrations

BF176 .M43 2010 Measuring psychological constructs : advances in model-based approaches

BF233 .B97 2009 Brain sense : the science of the senses and how we process the world around us

BF317.5 .C65 2010 Tacit and explicit knowledge

BF378.S65 M475 2009 Memory in mind and culture

BF408 .B555 2010 Creativity and art : three roads to surprise

BF412 .F74 2010 Gifted lives : what happens when gifted children grow up?

BF431 .D443 2009 Development of professional expertise

BF575.E55 W3 2009 The age of empathy : nature's lessons for a kinder society

BF575.N35 S55 2009 The culture of excess : how America lost self-control and why we need to redefine success

BF637.C45 G83 2011 Close encounters : communication in relationships
BF637.L4 V35 2011 Naturally selected : the evolutionary science of leadership

BF637.P36 D48 2011 Developmental coaching : life transitions and generational perspectives
BF697 .C59 2010 Individual differences and personality
BF697.5.B63 F37 2011 Fat shame : stigma and the fat body in American culture
BF723.B3 D48 2010 The development of shyness and social withdrawal
BF723.G75 P43 2010 Grief in childhood : fundamentals of treatment in clinical practice
BF724 .S595 2010 The behavioral neuroscience of adolescence
BL580 .H375 2009 War on sacred grounds
BL610 .B69 2010 Mystery cults of the ancient world
BM755.C6 C64 2007 Kindler of souls : Rabbi Henry Cohen of Texas
BS1245.52 .M48 2010 Methods for Exodus
BT103 .M67 2010 The evidence for God : religious knowledge reexamined
BT109 .F75 2010 Medieval trinitarian thought from Aquinas to Ockham
BV4596.A54 A46 2009 Angels in disguise : when God sends animals to comfort us
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CT262 .C48 1999 Notable men and women of Spanish Texas

CT3260 .W623 2003 With courage and common sense : memoirs from the Older Women's Legacy Circles
D - History: General and Old World

D649.G3 G46 2010 German reparations, 1919-1932 : a historical survey

D763.I82 R27 1989 A river swift and deadly : the 36th "Texas" Infantry Division at the Rapido River

D769.3 28th .W43 2010 Guard wars : the 28th Infantry Division in World War II

D804.195 .R67 2010 The wonder of their voices : the 1946 Holocaust interviews of David Boder
REFERENCE DK36 .S285 2010 Historical dictionary of the Russian Federation

DP269.8.I5 I39 2008 "If you tolerate this-- " : the Spanish Civil War in the age of total war

DS36.65 .M58 2008 Danger pay : memoir of a photojournalist in the Middle East, 1984-1994

DS62.8 .G68 2011 The government and politics of the Middle East and North Africa

DS134.62 .F37 2009 Inheriting the Holocaust : a second-generation memoir

DS195.5 .B63 2009 Children of Armenia : a forgotten genocide and the century-long struggle for justice

DS318 .A653 2009 The life and times of the Shah

DS548 .B7613 2009 Indochina : an ambiguous colonization, 1858-1954

DS557.73 .D48 1999 Vietnam at 24 frames a second

DU627.18 .P766 2009 The rights of my people : Liliuokalani's enduring battle with the United States, 1893-1917
E - History: America

E78.S65 P45 2001 The Columbia guide to American Indians of the Southeast

E78.T4 H19 2001 Prehistory of the Rustler Hills : Granado Cave

E78.T4 T87 1999 A field guide to stone artifacts of Texas Indians

E78.T4 W24 2003 The Native Americans of the Texas Edwards Plateau, 1582-1799

E96.2 .P38 2010 First Nations education policy in Canada : progress or gridlock?

E98.M6 N38 2010 Native Americans, Christianity, and the reshaping of the American religious landscape

E99.C832 C65 1999 Clovis blade technology : a comparative study of the Keven Davis Cache, Texas

E99.K5 M43 1999 Kiowa, Apache, and Comanche military societies : enduring veterans, 1800 to the present

E99.K5 M44 2008 Kiowa ethnogeography

E159.5 .M295 2010 The archaeology of American capitalism

E169.12 .F37 2010 The contours of America's cold war

E169.12 .L558 2010 The world turned inside out : American thought and culture at the end of the 20th century

E172.O74 O74 2011 The Organization of American Historians and the writing and teaching of American history

E184.A1 D2827 2010 The Phinehas Priesthood : violent vanguard of the Christian Identity movement

E185.615 .T387 2011 Black nationalism in the United States : from Malcolm X to Barack Obama

E185.97.R63 S95 2011 The politics of Paul Robeson's Othello

E540.F6 C49 2010 Civil War citizens : race, ethnicity, and identity in America's bloodiest conflict

E838.5 .J6735 2007 Barbara Jordan : speaking the truth with eloquent thunder
F - History: America

F203.5.M2 S38 2009 Monument wars : Washington, D.C., the National Mall, and the transformation of the memorial landscape

F220.A1 N46 2008 Neo-confederacy : a critical introduction

F385.2 .C64 2008 Branding Texas : performing culture in the Lone Star State

F389 .M54 2000 Texas by Ter*an : the diary kept by General Manuel de Mier y Ter*an on his 1828 inspection of Texas

F392.B53 E94 2011 Crazy from the heat : a chronicle of twenty years in the Big Bend

F392.G9 S25 1999 The historic seacoast of Texas

F392.T47 L37 2011 Don't make me go to town : ranchwomen of the Texas Hill Country

F394.G2 B59 2000 Galveston and the 1900 storm : catastrophe and catalyst

F395.M5 C65 2001 Tales of the Wild Horse Desert

F395.M5 M46 2011 Naturalizing Mexican immigrants : a Texas history

F596 .C437 2001 Vaqueros, cowboys, and buckaroos

F596 .K393 2008 Still : cowboys at the start of the twenty-first century

F718 .P66 2008 The American Far West in the twentieth century

F787 .S495 2011 The American wall : from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico

F1788 .K35 2008 Cuba in revolution : a history since the fifties
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G70.4 .M38 2011 Computer processing of remotely-sensed images : an introduction

G875.S35 A3 2010 Race for the South Pole : the expedition diaries of Scott and Amundsen

GA190 .B36 2010 Magnificent maps : power, propaganda and art

GF50 .E2617 2010 Ecosystems and human well-being : a manual for assessment practitioners

GT931.B47 I54 2011 Berliner chic : a locational history of Berlin fashion

GT2853.G7 W37 1997 Consumption, food, and taste : culinary antinomies and commodity culture

GV54.T59 M33 2008 Spare time in Texas : recreation and history in the Lone Star State

GV347 .S65 2011 Pay for play : a history of big-time college athletic reform

GV697.A1 B483 2010 Better than the best : Black athletes speak, 1920-2007

GV706.32 .L49 2010 Ballers of the new school : race and sports in America

GV706.32 .S724 2011 Sport and challenges to racism

GV706.8 .S646 2011 Sport and migration : borders, boundaries and crossings

GV711 .S67 2011 The sociology of sports coaching

GV875.A565 S86 2010 The amazing tale of Mr. Herbert and his fabulous Alpine Cowboys baseball club

GV1051.L463 H47 2010 The lost cyclist : the epic tale of an American adventurer and his mysterious disappearance

GV1797 .L887 2008 Kilgore Rangerettes
H - Social Science

HB615 .K674 2010 Korean entrepreneurship : the foundation of the Korean economy

HB3716 .J48 2011 The fruits of graft : great depressions then and now

HC125 .E3923 2010 Left behind : Latin America and the false promise of populism

HD30.23 .S6335 2011 Decision-making : a behavioral economic approach

HD30.28 .D3963 2010 Power and influence : the embeddedness of nations

HD31 .S657 2011 Enduring success : what we can learn from the history of outstanding corporations

HD49 .C664 2012 Ongoing crisis communication : planning, managing, and responding

HD49 .U44 2011 Effective crisis communication : moving from crisis to opportunity

HD57.7 .B64565 2011 The cult of the leader : a manifesto for more authentic business

HD57.7 .L43 2011 Leadership in organizations : current issues and key trends

HD58.8 .B876 2011 Organization change : theory and practice

HD58.8 .K3553 2011 Governing through technology : information artefacts and social practice

HD60 .C674 2011 Corporate social and human rights responsibilities : global legal and management perspectives

HD60 .E55 2010 The new pioneers

HD60 .V35 2010 Values and opportunities in social entrepreneurship

HD1691 .A365 2011 Water resources and development

HD1691 .W365 2011 Water security

HD1694.A5 T37 2011 Engineering nature

HD5706 .R64 2010 The impact of labor taxes on labor supply

HD5856.U5 B33 2007 On the Dirty Plate Trail : remembering the Dust Bowl refugee camps

HD7091 .M16 2010 The decline of the traditional pension

HD9017.A2 J86 2011 The new harvest : agricultural innovation in Africa

HF5549.5.C35 D53 2011 Global careers

HF5549.5.C35 T35 2011 The talent management handbook

HF5549.5.E45 G627 2011 Global talent management

HF5549.5.M3 H824 2011 Human resource development : theory and practice

HG501 .A95 2011 Inside the Fed

HG1710 .M68 2009 Moving money : the future of consumer payments

HG2040.5.U5 E54 2011 The subprime virus : reckless credit, regulatory failure, and next steps

HM1033 .D553 2011 Dimensions of human behavior. The changing life course

HM1033 .D56 2011 Dimensions of human behavior. Person and environment

HM1033 .M67 2011 Most underappreciated

HM1106 .R428 2011 Close relationships

HN79.T43 S67 1999 Batos, bolillos, pochos, & pelados : class & culture on the South Texas border

HN120.C48 C538 2005 Border identifications

HN120.C48 V54 2000 Crossing borders, reinforcing borders

HQ536.15.T4 C37 2001 Homesteads ungovernable

HQ755.5.E85 T87 2010 Modernism and eugenics

HQ756 .P365 2011 Papa, PhD : essays on fatherhood by men in the academy

HQ767.9 .C675 2011 The sociology of childhood

HQ796 .S545 2011 Adolescents, families, and social development

HQ799.S69 F87 2010 Stalin's last generation

HQ1090.3 .N492 2011 New men : manliness in early America

HQ1172 .G37 2011 Gender and Jewish history
REFERENCE HQ1233 .G452 2010 Gender and women's leadership : a reference handbook

HQ1236.5.U6 M392 2011 Women's rights in the USA

HV99.H7 K57 2009 The Hogg family and Houston

HV6534.L37 D4 2003 A law for the lion
REFERENCE HV8139 .W37 2010 U.S. border security

HV9955.T4 A53 2005 Crime in Texas
J - Political Science

JK901 .W46 1993 Regulation in the White House : the Johnson presidency

JK1967 .B49 2009 Beyond red state, blue state

JV6483 .B78 2010 Desert duty : on the line with the U.S. border patrol
K - Law
REFERENCE KF145 .C56 Corpus juris secundum.
REFERENCE KF385.A4 U15 2011 U.S. court cases
REFERENCE KF4502 .F68 2000 The founders' Constitution

KF4545.S5 P76 2010 The promises of liberty

KF8745.C54 G76 2010 Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark
L - Education

LB1025.3 .T4393 2011 Teaching with vision

LB1092 .B524 2011 Education, an 'impossible profession'?
REFERENCE LB1536 .L58 2011 Benson handwriting : with integrated language arts
REFERENCE LB1536 .L58 2011 Benson handwriting : with integrated language arts
REFERENCE LB1536 .L58 2011 Benson handwriting : with integrated language arts

REFERENCE LB1536 .L58 2011 Benson handwriting : with integrated language arts

LB1570 .Y55 2011 Critical curriculum leadership

LB1576 .M453 2011 Classrooms of wonder and wisdom

LB1738.5 .E385 2010 Educational leadership preparation
LIMITED LB2335.95 .D78 2011 University presidents' leadership frame and giving

LB2806.22 .B86 2011 Leadership for quality and accountability in education

LB2900.5 .B89 2011 Theories of educational leadership and management

LC212.722.T4 L38 2010 Before Brown

LC3731 .C294 2011 Preventing long-term ELs
M - Music and Books on Music

ML38.A95 S688 2011 SXSW scrapbook : people and things that went before

ML54.6.K43 R6 2009 The road goes on forever and the music never ends

ML87 .N48 2010 Austin city limits : 35 years in photographs

ML419.A75 S86 2010 Louis Armstrong

ML420.B7775 A3 2009 Bridger

ML2054 .D37 2010 Shakespeare and the American musical

ML3477.8.A97 A97 2011 The Austin Chronicle music anthology
ML3534 .L452 2010 The twisted tale of glam rock
N - Fine Arts

N6512.F575 A4 2010 Vernon Fisher

N6537.D7 A4 2008 James Drake

NA730.T5 H4 2002 Geometry in architecture

NA737.F46 A4 2011 New traditional architecture

NA737.F67 D45 1999 The architecture of O'Neil Ford

NC1882.5.N37 R436 2010 The record : contemporary art and vinyl

NX512.A5 A4 2010 Terry Allen
P - Language and Literature

P53.75 .L46 2009 Teaching reading to English language learners

P90 .M3679 2011 Media perspectives for the 21st century

P92.U5 S37 2008 Belo : from newspapers to new media

P96.E57 L478 2010 Media and environment
REFERENCE PE1111 .K37 2012 Texas write source
REFERENCE PE1111 .K37 2012 Texas write source
REFERENCE PE1111 .K37 2012 Texas write source
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Image grammar : activity book
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power
REFERENCE PE1117 .T49 2011 Texas treasures : a reading/language arts program
REFERENCE PE1117 .T49 2011 Texas treasures : a reading
REFERENCE PE1117 .T49 2011 Texas treasures : a reading
REFERENCE PE1117 .T49 2011 Texas treasures : a reading
REFERENCE PE1121 .H65 2010 Holt McDougal literature
REFERENCE PE1121 .H65 2010 Holt McDougal literature

PE1128 .C47 2011 Longman cornerstone

PE1128 .C47 2011 Cornerstone pockets

PE1128 .C473 2011 Longman keystone

PE1128 .I57 2011 Inside : language, literacy, and content
REFERENCE PE1128 .O56 2012 On our way to English.

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 1 pt. 1 School tools

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 1 pt. 2 School places

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 2 pt. 1 My family

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 2 pt. 2 Family feelings

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 3 pt. 1 I like farm animals

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 3 pt. 2 Wings and things

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 4 pt. 1 What grows in the garden?

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 4 pt. 2 Let's grow!

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 5 pt. 1 What will he wear?

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 5 pt. 2 I sense the seasons

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 6 pt. 1 Community places

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 6 pt. 2 Where is he?

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 7 pt. 1 Jobs in our community

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 7 pt. 2 What will I be?

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 8 pt. 1 What do you see?

PE1128 .R43 2011 gr. K unit 8 pt. 2 Up in the sky

PE1128 .R43 2011 Reach : language, literacy, content
REFERENCE PE1145.2 .G46 2012 Spelling connections
REFERENCE PE1145.2 .G46 2012 Spelling connections
REFERENCE PE1417 .S386 2008 The language of composition : reading, writing, rhetoric
REFERENCE PE1417 .S386 2008 The language of composition : reading, writing, rhetoric

PN56.M54 C83 2010 The passions of modernism : Eliot, Yeats, Woolf, and Mann

PN1992.3.U5 G68 2002 Watching television come of age : the New York Times reviews

PN1992.75 .A49 1994 HollywoodTV : the studio system in the fifties

PN1992.8.F33 L45 1995 Living room lectures : the fifties family in film and television

PN1992.8.T3 T56 2002 Television talk : a history of the TV talk show

PN1992.935 .W37 2001 Veni, vidi, video : the Hollywood empire and the VCR

PN1993.5.I8 C48 1993 National identity in Indian popular cinema, 1947-1987

PN1993.5.M4 B4 1992 Cinema of solitude : a critical study of Mexican film, 1967-1983

PN1995 .E7613 1992 Aesthetics of film

PN1995.9.H6 D74 1996 The dread of difference : gender and the horror film

PN1995.9.M29 W9 1994 High concept : movies and marketing in Hollywood

PN1995.9.S47 L44 2010 Lady Chatterley's legacy in the movies : sex, brains, and body guys

PN1995.9.S6 P5 1993 The new Latin American cinema : a continental project

PN1996 .A64 2011 Analysing the screenplay
PN1997.G59 V47 1997 Selznick's vision : Gone with the wind and Hollywood filmmaking
PN1998.3.G662 A3 1999 Hollywood exile, or, How I learned to love the blacklist : a memoir
PN2061 .B55 2010 Acting : the first six lessons : documents from the American Laboratory Theatre
PN2067 .T36 2010 Character costume figure drawing
PN2068 .B53 2005 The professional make-up artist
PN2071.P49 S68 2010 The philosophical actor
PN2085 .T44 2010 Theatre and performance design
PN2091.S8 D57 2009 Directors & designers
PN2115 .T44 2010 Theater historiography : critical interventions
PN4784.C615 W43 2010 Web journalism : a new form of citizenship?
PN4874.R34 D36 2007 Harry Reasoner : a life in the news
PN4888.E65 S37 2010 Environment reporters in the 21st century
REFERENCE PN6014 .T49 2010 Texas literature : a case study
PN6714 .J49 2008 The Jewish graphic novel : critical approaches
PR275.N29 B88 2009 The familiar enemy
PR461 .V35 2011 Literary research and the Victorian and Edwardian ages, 1830-1910
PR585.S33 H65 2009 Darwin's bards
PR2420 1966 The dramatic works in the Beaumont and Fletcher canon
PR8807.G67 H36 2009 Terror and Irish modernism
PS266.T4 G675 2011 State of minds
PS310.J39 R93 2010 Post-jazz poetics : a social history
PS1631 .W37 2010 Critical companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson
PS3511.E46 Z895
Edna Ferber's Hollywood
PS3551.L2637 Z46 2009 Together, alone
PS3570.R5 T79 2011 Trillin on Texas
PZ7.K85975 Tra 2004 Tran and the beautiful tree
Q - Science

Q163 .D68 2006 What is science?

QA76.9.D3 R2195 2010 Distributed database management systems

QA273.6 .H665 2011 Probability measures on semigroups

QA276.8 .B33 2011 Finite elements

QA279.5 .K79 2011 Doing Bayesian data analysis

QC981.8.G56 I47 2011 The impact of global warming on Texas

QD96.P7 R529 2011 Essential practical NMR for organic chemistry

QH313 .W67 2011 Work meets life

QH323.5 .B453 2011 Mathematical models of biological systems

QH332 .P48 2011 The politics of bioethics

QH367 .W73 2010 The Darwinian tourist

QH429.2.C75 O43 2009 Francis Crick : hunter of life's secrets

QH438.4.S73 L35 2011 The fundamentals of modern statistical genetics

QH438.5 .S65 2011 Phenotypic variation

QH455 .D76 2011 Haldane, Mayr, and beanbag genetics

QH541 .H868 2010 The art of ecology

QH541.2 .E252 2010 The ecology of place

QH588.S83 S7495 2011 Stem cells : scientific facts and fiction

QL520.2.U6 A225 2011 Damselflies of Texas : a field guide

QL618.2 .L66 2011 The rise of fishes : 500 million years of evolution

QL666.O6 P74 2009 Venomous snakes of Texas

QL696.C4 C655 2010 Shorebird ecology, conservation, and management

QL737.C214 R43 2011 Red panda

QL737.M34 A46 2004 A pocketful of opossums

QM455 .S35 2010 Portraits of the mind
R - Medicine
REFERENCE RA440.85 .D47 2005 Introduction to research

RA448.5.H57 H393 2010 Health issues in Latino males

RA807.T4 V35 2000 Taking the waters in Texas

RC480.5 .C645 2010 The neuroscience of psychotherapy

RC628 .D428 2011 Debating obesity

RC1210 .C365 2011 Cultural competence in sports medicine
REFERENCE RC1211 .P73 2011 Praeger handbook of sports medicine and athlete health

RC1236.H43 S67 2011 Sports cardiology essentials

RM736.7 .K86 2010 Therapeutic recreation leadership and programming
S - Agriculture

S419 .T38 2011 Agriculture in world history

SF88 .L58 2007 Livestock handling and transport

SF768.2.H67 D39 2008 Equine reproductive physiology, breeding and stud management

SF768.3 .S68 2010 Applied animal endocrinology

SK287.U6 S58 2010 Gray ghosts and red rangers
SK451 .T535 1999 Texas wildlife resources and land uses
T - Technology

T174 .N3773 2010 Persistent forecasting of disruptive technologies

T395 .G35 2010 Gendering the fair

TD370 .W392 2010 Water quality.

TD390 .W38 2010 Water sources.

TD428.M49 M26 2010 Management and effects of coalbed methane produced water in the western United States

TR650 .F58 2010 The Gernsheim collection, Harry Ransom center

TR654 .M3384 2007 Reflection of a man

TR681.L4 M37 2005 Changing the face of power

TR820 .K4297 2002 Photo du jour

TR820.5 .L433 2007 Russell Lee photographs

TS1765 .Q56 2010 Textile futures

TT504.4 .T8 2011 The beautiful generation

TT505.B55 B56 2010 Blow by Blow

TT505.C45 L4913 2010 Chanel
U- Military Science

U31 .H36 2006 Warfare in the ancient Near East to 1600 BC

UG472 .M37 2005 Mapping and empire
Z - Library Science
People weekly. [serial].
MICROFORMS Journal of leisure research. [serial].