New Resources - June 2011

Call Number
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF175.5.A35 A344 2010 The affect theory reader

BF448 .S44 2011 Best laid plans : the tyranny of unintended consequences and how to avoid them

BF692.2 .P43 2011 Man and woman : an inside story

BF697 .W323 2011 Debating sex and gender
D - History: General and Old World

D804.3 .F328 2011 Facing the catastrophe : Jews and non-Jews in Europe during World War II

D804.6 .M66 2010 Survivors : Jewish self-help and rescue in Nazi-occupied Western Europe

D805.J3 Z364 2010 Unbroken : a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption
E - History: America

E93 .U45 2010 American Indian nations from termination to restoration, 1953-2006

E97.6.S68 K43 2010 Inside the eagle's head : an American Indian college

E99.C55 P35 2010 Chickasaw removal

E176.1 .O45 2010 Killing the president : assassinations, attempts, and rumored attempts on U.S. commanders-in-chief

E178.4 .A38 2010 The accidental historian : tales of trash and treasure

E179.5 .W65 2010 Manifest destinies : America's westward expansion and the road to the Civil War

E183.8.C5 L313 2011 China's America : the Chinese view the United States, 1900-2000

E184.M88 S55 2011 Detained without cause : Muslims' stories of detention and deportation in America after 9/11

E185.6 .A28 2010 In the lion's mouth : Black populism in the New South, 1886-1900

E185.615 .A59245 2010 African-American political psychology : identity, opinion, and action in the post-civil rights era

E185.86 .L664 2005 "Long live the spirit" [videorecording]

E330 .S53 2010 The deadlocked election of 1800 : Jefferson, Burr, and the union in the balance

E338 .H39 2010 Unfinished revolution : the early American republic in a British world

E338 .L36 2010 Driven West : Andrew Jackson and the trail of tears to the Civil war

E443 .P37 2010 The quarters and the fields : slave families in the non-cotton South

E621 .E24 2011 This birth place of souls : the Civil War nursing diary of Harriet Eaton

E635 .S36 2011 A visitation of God : Northern civilians interpret the Civil war

E901.1.O23 A3 2006b The audacity of hope [sound recording]
F - History: America

F391.2 .L54 2003 The dog of my nightmares : stories by Texas columnist
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GC227 .C37 2010 The wave [sound recording]
GN357 .E94 2001 Everybody's ethnic [videorecording] : your invisible culture
H - Social Science
 AV  HB74.P8 F695 2007  Freakonomics [videorecording]
 AV  HB103.H3 L44 2000  The legacy of Friedrich A. von Hayek [videorecording]
   HB3711 .K63 2010  Recessions and depressions : understanding business cycles
   HB3722 .S842 2010  Freefall : America, free markets, and the sinking of the world economy
 AV  HC110.C6 S536 2010  Shop 'til you drop [videorecording] : the crisis of consumerism
   HD30.28 .P58 2010  The next boom : what you absolutely, positively have to know about the world between now and 2025
 AV  HD57.7 .L4287 2008  The leaders [videorecording]
   HD58.6 .R83 2007  Communicating in global business negotiations : a geocentric approach
   HD60 .H393 2010  The ecology of commerce : a declaration of sustainability
   HD62.4 .C787 2008  Lies, bribes & peril : lessons for the real challenges of international business
 AV  HD62.5 .E565 2010  The entrepreneurs [videorecording]
   HD9560.5 .E42 2010  Oil, dollars, debt, and crises : the global curse of black gold
   HF1019 .O54 2008  One red paperclip [videorecording] : Kyle MacDonald makes the deal of a lifetime
   HF1101 .N27 2011  Online business education
   HF5381 .P76 2011  The chaos theory of careers : a new perspective on working in the twenty-first century
 AV  HF5386 .H7564 2009  How I made my millions [videorecording]
   HF5438.25 .H665 2006  Selling for dummies [sound recording]
   HF5478 .M345 2007  Making it big on eBay [videorecording]
   HF5822 .W495 2002  Why you buy [videorecording] : 21st century advertising
   HG221 .M81556 2010  Money and calculation : economic and sociological perspectives
   HG540 .E33 2011  Exorbitant privilege : the rise and fall of the dollar and the future of the international monetary system
   HG925 .C629 2011  The future of global currency : the euro versus the dollar

HG930.5 .C665 2011 The concrete Euro : implementing monetary policy in the Euro area

HM101 .I538 1998 I'm normal, you're weird [videorecording] : understanding other cultures

HM716 .T45 2010 The sense of sociability : how people overcome the forces pulling them apart

HM1111 .S37 2011 Being there together : social interaction in virtual environments

HM1166 .H37 2010 Texture : human expression in the age of communications overload

HM1211 .V35 1995 Valuing diversity [videorecording] : multi-cultural communication

HM1221 .C87 2007 International public relations : negotiating culture, identity, and power

HN59.2 .F59 2008 Where have all the liberals gone? : race, class, and ideals in America

HN90.M6 C37 2005b Our endangered values [sound recording]

HQ777 .O74 2011 Cinderella ate my daughter : dispatches from the front lines of the new girlie-girl culture

HQ784.P43 P67 2011 Popularity in the peer system

HQ799.2.V56 V55 2011 Violence in context : current evidence on risk, protection, and prevention

HQ1061 .G8633 2011 Agewise : fighting the new ageism in America

HQ1219 .B33 2007 The beauty backlash [videorecording]

HV7431 .C694 2011 Crime and terrorism risk : studies in criminology and criminal justice

HV8073 .K668 2011 Genetic justice : DNA data banks, criminal investigations, and civil liberties

HV8742.G72 P74 2010 Offenders, deviants, or patients? : explorations in clinical criminology
J - Political Science
   JC599.A36 S76 2011  Stones of hope : how African activists reclaim human rights to challenge global poverty

JF256 .S33 2011
Thinking in an emergency
K - Law

KF1614 .M66 2011
Advertising and public relations law
L - Education
   L13 .N4  Addresses and proceedings - National Education Association of the United States
   LB1025.3 .B4735 2011  Teaching 2030 : what we must do for our students and
 AV  LB1025.3 .I5736 2006  Instruction for all students [videorecording]
 AV  LB1025.3 .K667 2011b  A chance to make history [sound recording]
 AV  LB1027.4 .P53 2006  Planning instruction [videorecording]
   LB1029.G3 D535 2011  Digital games and learning
 AV  LB1033.5 .C61855 2006  Communication and professional growth [videorecording]
   LB1044.87 .D55 2011  Digital education : opportunities for social collaboration
   LB1044.87 .P335 2011  Key issues in e-learning : research and practice
   LB1050.5 .O96 2010  The RTI daily planning book, K-6 : tools and strategies for collecting and assessing reading data & targeted follow-up instruction
   LB2343.32 .S554 2005  Why do I have to take this course? : a student guide to making smart educational choices
 AV  LB3013 .M3265 2006  Managing the learning environment [videorecording]
M - Music and Books on Music
   ML193 .K73 2011  Interpreting music
   ML410.H476 M68 2010  The words and music of Jimi Hendrix
   ML417.G68 L47 2010  Partita for Glenn Gould : an inquiry into the nature of genius
   ML420.J29 G74 2011  Empire state of mind : how Jay-Z went from street corner to corner office
   ML3187 .M45 2010  Downhome gospel : African American spiritual activism in Wiregrass Country
   ML3521 .L38 2010  Jim Crow's counterculture : the blues and Black Southerners, 1890-1945
   ML3527 .H47 2010  Forever doo-wop : race, nostalgia, and vocal harmony
   ML3531 .A57 2010  The anthology of rap
   MT6.C12 A53 2011  Analysis of tonal music : a Schenkerian approach
N - Fine Arts
   N6512.7 .A6687 2009  Art:21 [videorecording] : art in the twenty-first century. Season five
   N7445.2 .H823 2010  Adventures in art : selected writings 1990-2010
   NC997 .A6864 2010  Design th!nking
P - Language and Literature

P91.3 .B385 2011
Media and communication research methods : an introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches

P96.L34 M96 2010
Bourdieu, language and the media

P96.P322 H55 2011
Paranormal media : audiences, spirits, and magic in popular culture

P96.W35 C37 2011
The media at war

PN1993.5.E85 E85 2010
European cinema in motion : migrant and diasporic film in contemporary Europe

PN1993.5.T8 A77 2011
Cinema in Turkey : a new critical history

PN1994 .B57335 2011
Minding movies : observations on the art, craft, and business of filmmaking

PN1994 .S532 2011
American film in the digital age

PN1995.9.A78 P38 2010
Yellow future : oriental style in Hollywood cinema

PN1995.9.C513 W65 2010
The apartment plot : urban living in American film and popular culture, 1945 to 1975

PN1995.9.D6 N539 2010
Introduction to documentary

PN1995.9.H47 O93 2011
Dance and the Hollywood Latina : race, sex, and stardom

PN1995.9.R68 T446 2010
Ancient Rome at the cinema : story and spectacle in Hollywood and Rome

PN1995.9.W6 B76 2011
Dangerous curves : action heroines, gender, fetishism, and popular culture

PN1997.I51555 H56 2010
Lone Scherfig's Italian for beginners
PN1997 .W536145 2002
Wilde [videorecording]
PN1997.2 .I75 2004
Iron jawed angels [videorecording]

PN3448.P6 S34 2010
The political novel : re-imagining the twentieth century

PR149.L47 D67 2010
Inseparable : desire between women in literature
PR4034.P7 L36 2010
Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice [videorecording]
PR6068.O1959 U12 2005
U.S.S. Seawolf [sound recording]
PS3553.O692 S265 2009b
The Scarpetta factor [sound recording]
PS3554.I319 C465 2006
Chasing Destiny [sound recording]
PS3557.R5355 A6 1993
The John Grisham value collection [sound recording]
PS3557.R5355 P34 2001b
A painted house [sound recording]

PS3558.O3594 Z6 2010
Brother-souls : John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac, and the Beat generation
PS3561.A5593 B68 2004
The botox diaries [sound recording]
PS3561.E3865 T47 2004b
Therapy [sound recording]

PS3563.Y74 O5 2000
Once an eagle : a novel
PS3565.A8 F355 2004b
The falls [sound recording]
AV PS3566.A822 A6165 2007 The 6th target [sound recording]
AV PS3566.A822 A618 2008 7th heaven [sound recording]
AV PS3569.E3334 S53 2009b Shanghai girls [sound recording]
AV PS3569.L275 U54 2009b Undone [sound recording]
AV PS3570.O54 C66 1997 A confederacy of dunces [sound recording]
AV PS3573.I45652 B45 2009 Bellwether [sound recording]
AV PS3602.E764 A79 2007 The Alexandria link [sound recording]
AV PS3606.O737 H68 2009b Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet [sound recording]

PS3608.A785 H38 2005 Haunted ground

PS3608.A785 L35 2007 Lake of sorrows
AV PS3608.U358 S63 2005b Soapsuds [sound recording]
AV PS3613.O34 D37 2009b Darling Jim [sound recording]
AV PS3622.E744 C87 2009b Cutting for stone [sound recording]
AV PS3623.A3644 H35 2009 Half broke horses [sound recording

PZ7.C6837 Cat 2009 Catching fire

PZ7.C6837 Hun 2008 The Hunger Games

PZ7.C6837 Moc 2010 Mockingjay
AV PZ7.H732226 Tu 2010b Turtle in paradise [sound recording]
AV PZ7.H74023 Wh 2000 When Zachary Beaver came to town [sound recording]
AV PZ7.N24 Em 2010 Emily's fortune [sound recording]
AV PZ7.R79835 Har 2003 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [sound recording]
AV PZ8.1 .N28 2009 Nelson Mandela's favorite African folktales [sound recording]
Q - Science

Q180.A1 V35 2009
Doing science : design, analysis, and communication of scientific research

QA42 .K73 1997
A primer of mathematical writing : being a disquisition on having your ideas recorded, typeset, published, read, and appreciated

QA76.9.A25 G65 2011
Computer security

QA269 .N687 2011
SuperCooperators : altruism, evolution, and why we need each other to succeed

QE471.15.C3 C376 2010
Carbonate systems during the Oligocene-Miocene climatic transition

QE506 .P76 2011
Catastrophes! : earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and other earth-shattering disasters

QH325 .A895 2010
Inside the human genome : a case for non-intelligent design

QH366.2 .D374 2009
The greatest show on Earth : the evidence for evolution

QH366.2 .Y69 2009
Why evolution works (and creationism fails)

QH447 .A54 2010
Here is a human being : at the dawn of personal genomics

QH541.5.F7 D63 2010
Freshwater ecology : concepts and environmental applications of limnology

QH604 .C38 2008b
Cell cycle control : new research

QK97.5 .T43 2011
Techniques in plant identification [videorecording]

QK882 .P546 1982

QL467 .M345 2010
The curious world of bugs : the bugman's guide to the mysterious and remarkable lives of things that crawl

QL568.F7 H577 2011
The leafcutter ants : civilization by instinct

QL620 .R47 2010
Reproduction and sexuality in marine fishes : patterns and processes

QL698.95 .E34 2010
Effects of climate change on birds

QL751 .U413 2010
A foray into the worlds of animals and humans : with A theory of meaning

QP33.6.M36 M39 1999
An introduction to mathematical physiology and biology

QP303 .L53 2011
Clinical kinesiology and anatomy
R - Medicine

R895 .H6 2007
Intermediate physics for medicine and biology

RA638 .M675 2011
The panic virus : a true story of medicine, science, and fear

RA1148 .H36 1999
The handbook of forensic psychology

RB37 .A745 2011
ASCP caseset : laboratory medicine

RB38.2 .J37 2005
Clinical laboratory science review : a bottom line approach

RB38.25 .P65 2006
Quick review Q & A's for clinical laboratory science examinations

RC265.6.L24 S55 2010b
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks [sound recording]

RC281.C4 L5595 2008
A lion in the house [videorecording]

RC451.4.S7 P735 2011
Mad at school : rhetorics of mental disability and academic life

RM222.2 .D4875 2007
Diet confidential [videorecording]

RM237.86 .A338 2010
Gluten-free girl and the chef : a love story with 100 tempting recipes

RT82 .P745 2008
Nursing and allied healthcare professionals [videorecording ] : professionalism and self-presentation
S - Agriculture
S441 .T58 2010
Toward sustainable agricultural systems in the 21st century

S936 .H36 2011
Climate savvy : adapting conservation and resource management to a changing world

SB472.45 .L3625 2004
Landscape design principles [videorecording]

SB472.45 .L363 2004
Landscape design process [videorecording]

SB475.83 .X47 2004
Xeriscape [videorecording] : appropriate landscaping to conserve water

SH451 .L42 1977
The complete book of fly tying
T - Technology
TK5105.885.G66 G66 2010
Google world [videorecording]

TL789.8.U6 A53334 2010
Footprints in the dust : the epic voyages of Apollo, 1969-1975

TR724 .P37 2002
Wildflowers across Texas

TR726.T7 B53 2009
The life & love of trees

TX360.U6 I57 2010
Strategies to reduce sodium intake in the United States

TX725.A1 S67 2011
Storied dishes : what our family recipes tell us about who we are and where we've been

TX951 .W57 2010
Punch : the delights (and dangers) of the flowing bowl mixed drinks, with more than forty historic recipes, fully annotated, and a complete course in the lost art of compounding punch
U- Military Science

UG1242.R4 S68 2002
SR-71 Blackbird : stories, tales, and legends
Z - Naval Science
 REFERENCE  Z253 .U69 2010  The Chicago manual of style
U. S. Documents

GA 1.13:PEMD-94-24 Hispanics' schooling : risk factors for dropping out and barriers to resuming education : report to Congressional requesters
Texas Documents
   N330.7 R339 NO.464A 2010 txdocs  Texas Emissions Reduction Plan : I just received a grant-- Now what?
   N330.7 R339 NO.464B 2010 txdocs  Texas Emissions Reduction Plan : grant forms and instructions

The Journal of personal selling & sales management

Everybody's ethnic [videorecording] : your invisible