New Books and Resources - March 2011

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B995 .L654 M36 2010 Lonergan and historiography: the epistemological philosophy of history

BC9 .C66 2009 EB A dictionary of philosophical logic

BF311 .D815 2010 Why people get lost: the psychology and neuroscience of spatial cognition

BF311 .H339 2002 Minds, brains, computers : an historical introduction to the foundations of cognitive science

BF311 .R685 2010 The new science of the mind : from extended mind to embodied phenomenology

BF337.C62 P55 2010 On balance

BF636.6 .T45 2010 Therapy and beyond: counselling psychology contributions to therapeutic and social issues

BF637.P74 N566 2010 Islands of privacy

BF692.5 .I58 2011 An international psychology of men: theoretical advances, cases studies, and clinical innovations

BF721 .M47613 2010 Child psychology and pedagogy: the Sorbonne lectures 1949-1952

BX4722 .D69 2000 Jansenism: Catholic resistance to authority from the Reformation to the French Revolution
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World

D103 .M96 1905 Mediaeval and modern history

D744.7.U6 B635 2010 The "Good War" in American memory

D761 .A59 2010 Inside the Nazi war machine: how three generals unleashed Hitler's Blitzkrieg upon the world

DC611.L319 M55 2008 State and society in eighteenth-century France: a study of political power and social revolution in Languedoc
E - History: America

E78.E2 B72 2001 The Columbia guide to American Indians of the Northeast

E83.836 .E44 2010 The Second Creek War : interethnic conflict and collusion on a collapsing frontier

E83.8596 .C37 2010 Myth, memory, and massacre : the Pease River capture of Cynthia Ann Parker

E98.B65 R68 2010 Removable type: histories of the book in Indian country, 1663-1880

E99.C53 G77 2008 The Cheyenne Indians : their history and lifeways : edited and illustrated

E99.C6 M48 2010 Ogimaag: Anishinaabeg leadership, 1760-1845

E99.N3 P34 2010 Navajo

E99.N3 P378 2010 Yellow dirt: an American story of a poisoned land and a people betrayed

E99.P3 V36 2010 War party in blue: Pawnee scouts in the U.S. Army

E99.T52 A33 2009 Extinction or survival?: the remarkable story of the Tigua, an urban American Indian tribe

E123 .T6313 1999 The conquest of America: the question of the other

E165 .W6413 2008 The North American journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied

E175.8 .V35 2011 The challenge of rethinking history education: on practices, theories, and policy

E183.8.C5 L88 2007 China's inevitable revolution : rethinking America's loss to the Communists

E184.A7 H685 2010 Family of shadows: a century of murder, memory, and the Armenian American dream

E184.I6 I6845 2010 The Irish in the Atlantic world

E184.J3 K255 2010 Nikkei farmer on the Nebraska plains: a memoir

E184.M5 A655 2008 Viva la raza: a history of Chicano identity and resistance

E184.M88 P44 2011 Behind the backlash: Muslim Americans after 9/11

E184.S75 B45 2010 The trouble with unity: Latino politics and the creation of identity

E185.6 .W685 2010 The warmth of other suns: the epic story of America's great migration

E185.61 .M4777 2010 At the dark end of the street: black women, rape, and resistance: a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power

E185.615 .O27 2011 The Obamas and a (post) racial America?

E185.615 .S5814 2010 Conservatism and racism, and why in America they are the same

E185.625 .S537 2010 Monstrous intimacies: making post-slavery subjects

E185.93.C2 T55 2010 Dangerous or endangered?: race and the politics of youth in urban America

E208 .Y67 2010 Henry Hulton and the American Revolution: an outsider's inside view

E312.72 1985 The papers of George Washington. Revolutionary War series

E322 .B37 2010 Abigail and John Adams : the Americanization of sensibility

E332.2 .S44 2010 Seeing Jefferson anew : in his time and ours

E415.7 .B64 2010 At the precipice: Americans north and south during the secession crisis

E443 .F68 2010 Slavery, Civil War, and salvation : African American slaves and Christianity, 1830-1870

E446 .V36 2010 A slaveholders' union: slavery, politics, and the Constitution in the early American Republic

E449 .R644 2010 Hearts beating for liberty: women abolitionists in the old Northwest

E468.9 .N46 2010 Acting in the night: Macbeth and the places of the Civil War

E745 .V57 2008 Americans and the wars of the twentieth century

E895 .H65 2008 To see ourselves as others see us : how publics abroad view the United States after 9/11
F - History: America

F394.W12 F57 2010 Waco, Texas' William Cameron Park : a long love affair with nature's splendor : a centennial history: 1910-2010
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G155.L29 B34 2011 The tourism encounter: fashioning Latin American nations and histories

G156.5.H47 H46 2010 Heritage and globalisation
  G530.F185 L64 2010 Alone: orphaned on the ocean
  G535 .M327 2011 Modern piracy: a reference handbook
  GB1003.2 .Y68 2007 Groundwater in the environment: an introduction
  GT367 .D36 2010 The Japanese house: material culture in the modern home
  GT2060 .A15 2010 100 dresses
  GV191.63 .B83 2010 Outdoor parents, outdoor kids: a guide to getting your kids active in the great outdoors
  GV361 .M73 2010 More teaching games for understanding: moving globally
  GV415 .H66 2010 Home field: Texas high school football stadiums from Alice to Zephyr
  GV706.32 .D87 2011 Advancing the ball: race, reformation, and the quest for equal coaching opportunity in the NFL
  GV706.32 .M37 2010 Benching Jim Crow: the rise and fall of the color line in Southern college sports, 1890-1980
  GV863.A1 W37 2010 Baseball: an illustrated history
  GV867.64 .B88 2010 Baseball and rhetorics of purity: the national pastime and American identity during the war on terror
  GV943.9.S63 S73 2010 Stadium worlds: football, space and the built environment
  GV967 .G566 2010 Golf and philosophy: lessons from the links
H - Social Science
  HB71 .B435 2009 Uncommon sense: economic insights, from marriage to terrorism
  HB74.P8 L4797 2009 Superfreakonomics: global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bombers should buy life insurance
  HB95 .R6125 2010 A maverick's defense of freedom: selected writings and speeches of Benjamin A. Rogge
  HC79.C6 S495 2010 Shopping: social and cultural perspectives
  HC428.B4 Y87 2010 Two dragon heads: contrasting development paths for Beijing and Shanghai
  HC428.D34 T43 2008 Catastrophe and contention in rural China: Mao's Great Leap Forward famine and the origins of righteous resistance in Da Fo village
  HD30.28 .M257 2011 Strategy execution: translating strategy into action in complex organizations
  HD30.3 .R45 2011 Reframing difference in organizational communication studies: research, pedagogy, practice
  HD30.4 .E86 2011 Essentials of business research methods
  HD38.5 .S5614 2010 Operations rules: delivering customer value through flexible operations
  HD57.7 .F866 2011 The future of leadership development: corporate needs and the role of business schools
  HD58.7 .C353 2011 Organizational behavior: integrating individuals, groups, and organizations
  HD58.7 .C6437 2011 Corporate reputation and the news media: agenda-setting within business news coverage in developed, emerging, and frontier markets
  HD58.7 .P49 2010 Organizational behaviour: performance management in practice
  HD58.82 .B495 2010 Beyond skill: institutions, organisations and human capability
  HD62.4 .M395 2011 International management: strategic opportunities and cultural challenges
  HD69.P75 P4758 2010 Perspectives on projects
  HD69.P75 P687 2011 Procuring complex performance: studies of innovation in product-service management
  HD69.T54 S25 2011 The multitasking mind
   HD75 .D4868 2010eb The development dictionary: a guide to knowledge as power

HD82 .L69 1976 The path of economic growth

HD1696.C8 H34 2010 Limiting resources: market-led reform and the transformation of public goods

HD6060 .P48 2009 Gendered tradeoffs: family, social policy, and economic inequality in twenty-one countries

HD9075 .B82 2011 King Cotton in modern America: a cultural, political, and economic history since 1945

HD9571.5 .G35 2009 Money, oil, and empire in the Middle East: sterling and postwar imperialism, 1944-1971

HD9710.U52 H39 2009 The automobile and American life

HE147.65 .C65 2009 Reducing climate impacts in the transportation sector

HF5392 .H36 2009 The richest kids in America: how they earn it, how they spend it, how you can too

HF5549.5.E45 V36 2011 Managing a global workforce: challenges and opportunities in international human resource management

HF5549.5.M5 P68 2011 International human resource development: a leadership perspective

HF5718 .T554 2011 Straight talk: oral communication for career success

HG173 .Q28 2009eb QFinance: the ultimate resource

HG223 .P67 2011 The price of everything: solving the mystery of why we pay what we do

HG540 .V53 2011 The day after the dollar crashes: a survival guide for the rise of the new world order

HG2040.15 .R485 2011 Reverse mortgages and linked securities: the complete guide to risk, pricing, and regulation

HN59.2 .G58 2009 The culture of fear: why Americans are afraid of the wrong things

HN59.2 .W46 2009 Beyond red and blue: how twelve political philosophies shape American debates

HQ759 .A436 2010 The monster within: the hidden side of motherhood

HQ759 .M8736 2010 Mothers who deliver: feminist interventions in public and interpersonal discourse

HQ778.5 .B864 2010 Au pair

HQ789 .H65 2010 Children's rights in international politics: the transformative power of discourse

HQ799.2.M35 M372 2010 Fashioning teenagers: a cultural history of Seventeen magazine

HQ801 .D336 2010 Dating: philosophy for everyone : flirting with big ideas

HQ1190 .F46315 2010 Feminist technology

HQ1197 .S43 2010 Imagining Black womanhood : the negotiation of power and identity within the Girls Empowerment Project

HQ1421 .U53 2010 What women want: the global marketplace turns female-friendly

HQ1438.T4 M36 2010 Texas through women's eyes: the twentieth-century experience

HT123 .S27 2010 Great American cities: past and present

HT123 .U74263 2010 Urban communication reader. Volume 2

HV7921 .B693 2010 The policing web

HV9778.5 .N37 2008 Palestinian political prisoners: identity and community
J - Political Science
  JC571 .L49 2010  Human rights and memory

JC571 .V553 2010 The politics of human rights

JC574 .C68 2010 Why voice matters: culture and politics after neoliberalism

JC580 .H39 2011 Unspeakable truths: transitional justice and the challenge of truth commissions

JC591 .L48 2010 The cost of free speech: pornography, hate speech and their challenge to liberalism

JF1001 .K43 2009 Voting for policy, not parties: how voters compensate for power sharing

JK1726 .H47 2010 Rude democracy: civility and incivility in American politics

JK2281 .J623 2011 Campaigning in the twenty-first century: a whole new ballgame?

JK2281 .N482 2011 New directions in campaigns and elections

JZ1480.A57 T285 2008 US Taiwan policy: constructing the triangle
K - Law

K3842 .O94 2010 The Oxford handbook of regulation

KF4541 .B44 2010 The Penguin guide to the United States Constitution: a fully annotated Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and amendments, and selections from the Federalist Papers

KF4541 .G534 2010 Understanding the founding: the crucial questions

KF4545.S5 M353 2010 Fugitive slave on trial: the Anthony Burns case and abolitionist outrage

KF4550 .D598 2010 Constitutional law

KQC194.5 .O56 2010 The politics of property rights institutions in Africa
L - Education
  LB1025.3 .B3894 2011 Too simple to fail: a case for educational change
  LB1028.3 .N44 2011 Writing assessment and the revolution in digital texts and technologies
  LB1028.3 .O5545 2010 Open networked "i-learning": models and cases of "next-gen" learning
  LB1028.3 .S38886 2011 Schools and schooling in the digital age: a critical analysis
  LB1028.3 .S64 2011 The politics of American education
  LB1028.5 .Q84 2011 Quest to Learn: developing the school for digital kids
  LB1028.5 .R438 2010 Rethinking learning for a digital age: how learners are shaping their own experiences
  LB1031 .T65 2005 The differentiated classroom: responding to the needs of all learners
  LB1033 .T24 2010 The teachable moment: seizing the instants when
                        children learn
  LB1044.87 .M44 2010  Instruction and technology: designs for everyday
  LB1050.46 .B45 2008 Handbook of reading assessment
  LB1576 .H635 2010 Collaboration and co-teaching: strategies for English learners
  LB1585 .B88 2011 Teaching science in elementary & middle school: a cognitive and cultural approach
  LB1715 .T415 2011 Teacher preparation for linguistically diverse classrooms: a resource for teacher educators
  LB1731 .T26 2005 Supporting and sustaining teachers' professional development: a principal's guide
  LB2341 .K455 2001 Understanding and facilitating organizational change in the 21st century: recent research and conceptualizations
  LB2341 .K455 2001 Understanding and facilitating organizational change in the 21st century: recent research and conceptualizations
  LB2806 .L84 2010 Leadership as lunacy: and other metaphors for educational leadership
  LB2806 .S685 2011 Refocusing school leadership: foregrounding human development throughout the work of the school
  LB2822.75 .J64 2010 Data strategies to uncover and eliminate hidden inequities: the wallpaper effect
  LB2822.82 .H68 2010 Giving wings to children's dreams: making our schools worthy of our children
  LB2822.82 .K69 2010 Making failure pay: for-profit tutoring, high-stakes testing, and public schools
  LC208.8 .B68 2009 Crossing the finish line: completing college at America's public universities
  LC3715 .M44 2010  Meeting the needs of students with diverse backgrounds
  LC3731 .O78 2009 Ethnicity in college: advancing theory and improving diversity practices on campus
  LC6252.M6 M65 2009 The Minnesota response: Cooperative Extension's money and mission crisis
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML197 .F86 2011 Twentieth century music and the question of modernity
  ML207.C8 F37 2003 Rites of rhythm: the music of Cuba
  ML410.P89 D33 2010 Il trittico, Turandot, and Puccini's late style
  ML417.C746 B47 2010
Monument eternal: the music of Alice Coltrane
  ML421.B4 D38 2010
The Beatles
  ML421.T43 R43 2010
Ain't too proud to beg: the troubled lives and enduring soul of the Temptations
  ML423.F4 G74 2010
Pick yourself up: Dorothy Fields and the American musical
  ML2054 .L68 2010
South Pacific: paradise rewritten
  ML3477 .R67 2010
Amore: the story of Italian American song
  ML3479 .R84 2010
Soul music: tracking the spiritual roots of pop from Plato to Motown
  ML3506 .A444 2010
Jazz matters: sound, place, and time since bebop
  ML3556 .S876 2010
Sacred steel: inside an African American steel guitar tradition
  ML3758.I53 B46 2010
Rasa: affect and intuition in Javanese musical aesthetics
  ML3780 .C57 2010
Work and sing: a history of occupational and labor union songs in the United States
N - Fine Arts
  N6488.5.S73 R66 2010
Contemporary collecting: the Donna and Howard Stone collection
  N6494.E27 B65 2010
The ethics of earth art
  N6494.M64 B88 2010
Modernism: a very short introduction
  NC255 .W58 2010
An Italian journey: drawings from the Tobey collection: Correggio to Tiepolo
  ND237.C52 A4 2010
Fern hunting among these picturesque mountains: Frederic Edwin Church in Jamaica: the Olana collection
  ND553.L3528 A4 2010
Printing the grand manner: Charles Le Brun and monumental prints in the age of Louis XIV
P - Language and Literature

P92.C5 C511 2011
Changing media, changing China

P94.6 .H64 2010
Intercultural communication: an advanced resource book for students

P95.54 .V65 2010
Voice: vocal aesthetics in digital arts and media

P96.T47 S45 2011
Global terrorism and new media: the post-Al Qaeda generation

PG6640 .C65 2006eb
Collins sllownik polsko-angielski

PG6640 .C65 2006eb
Collins English-Polish dictionary

PN171.Q6 R44 2010

PN1993.5.G7 F58 2010
Studying British cinema: 1999-2009

PN1993.5.L3 H37 2010
A companion to Latin American film

PN1994 .T63 2010
Sync: stylistics of hieroglyphic time

PN1995.9.D6 A43 2010
Counter-archive: film, the everyday, and Albert Kahn's Archives de la Plan*ete

PN1995.9.E78 F73 2010
Framing the world: explorations in ecocriticism and film

PN1995.9.H6 D59 2010
A history of horror

PN1995.9.P6 S525 2010
Cinematic Cold War: the American and Soviet struggle for hearts and minds

PN1995.9.W6 R335 2011
Neo-feminist cinema: girly films, chick flicks and consumer culture

PN1997.8 .B43 2010
Crash: cinema and the politics of speed and stasis

PN1998.3.A7635 A5 2010
Hal Ashby: interviews

PN1998.3.H58 E9 2010
Everything you always wanted to know about Lacan: (but were afraid to ask Hitchcock)

PN2193.E86 D48 2010
Devising in process

PN3377.5.D4 T68 2005
Writing and selling your mystery novel: how to knock 'em dead with style

PN6081 .D495 2003eb
Collins dictionary of quotations

PQ7079.2.H5 K5 1994
El condado de Belken: Klail City

PQ7079.2.M46 P47 1991
Peregrinos de Aztl*an

PQ7079.2.M6 C313 1998
Barrio on the edge = Caras viejas y vino nuevo

PQ7297 .P63 2005 Obras reunidas

PQ7297.P63 Q47 1978
Querido Diego, te abraza Quiela

PQ8097.H26 A6 1996
Antolog*ia virtual

PR6005.H66 Z593 2009
Agatha Christie's secret notebooks: fifty years of mysteries in the making

PR6060.E42 T45 2009
The thirteenth child
PR9619.4.G67 G73 2005 Graves in the wilderness

PT851 .T93 2007
Humor, satire, and identity: Eastern German literature in the 1990s
Q - Science

Q162 .P275 2010
Science 1001: absolutely everything that matters in science in 1001 bite-sized explanations

QA8.4 .T83 2009
What is a number?: mathematical concepts and their origins

QA10.5 .S85 2011
The mathematics that every secondary school math teacher needs to know

QA24 .V36 2009
The mathematics of the heavens and the earth: the early history of trigonometry

QA42 .K727 2005
Mathematical publishing: a guidebook

QA76.5 .H3528 2009
The race for perfect: inside the quest to design the ultimate portable computer

QA76.642 .K57 2010
Programming massively parallel processors: a hands-on approach

QA76.76.H94 F76 2010
From A to <A>: keywords of markup
QA76.9.C66 H33 2011 Social engineering : the art of human hacking

QA274.23 .F746 2010
Multidimensional stochastic processes as rough paths: theory and applications

QA278 .K585 2011
Principles and practice of structural equation modeling

QA278.65 .W45 2010
Bias and causation: models and judgment for valid comparisons

QA279 .L35 2004 Graphical models

QA297 .L566 2003
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics: a meshfree particle method

QA372 .A33 2009
Ordinary and partial differential equations: with special functions, Fourier series, and boundary value problems

QA374 .P58 2010
Linear partial differential equations and Fourier theory

QA601 .S785 2010
Sparse image and signal processing: wavelets, curvelets, morphological diversity

QC446.2 .S4 1997
Quantum optics

QD79.C4 C48376 2010
Chromatography: a science of discovery

QD113 .K58 2010
Color for the sciences

QE538.8 .S74 2010
Disaster deferred: how new science is changing our view of earthquake hazards in the Midwest

QH307.2 .R88 2011 Experimental design for the life sciences

QH324.25 .K66 2010
Knowledge-based bioinformatic:  from analysis to interpretation

QH331 .R4513 2010
An epistemology of the concrete: twentieth-century histories of life

QH366.2 .A968 2010
Am I a monkey?: six big questions about evolution

QH541.15.E25 V35 2010
Valuation of regulating services of ecosystems: methodology and applications

QH545.F53 P38 2010
5 easy pieces: how fishing impacts marine ecosystems

QH581.2 .G66 2010
The machinery of life

QK63 .J66 2010
Remote sensing of vegetation: principles, techniques, and applications

QK475 .T73 2010
Trees and forests: a colour guide: biology, pathology, propagation, silviculture, surgery, biomes, ecology, conservation

QL548 .P944 2010
Mariposa Road: the first butterfly big year

QL757 .B562 2010
The biogeography of host-parasite interactions

QL858 .U54 2010
Mammal teeth: origin, evolution, and diversity

QP356 .B74 1986
Vehicles: experiments in synthetic psychology

QR181 .I4255 2010 Immunology

QR189.5.P36 T48 2010
Three shots at prevention: the HPV vaccine and the politics of medicine's simple solutions
R - Medicine

R121 .B598 2010
Black's medical dictionary

R895 .M375 1999b
Medical physics and biomedical engineering

RB40 .C58 2010
Clinical chemistry: theory, analysis, correlation: with 509 illustrations and 25 color plates

RB45.15 .D525 2010
Blood collection: a short course

RB55 .P73 2008
Practical CSF cytology: an interactive training course for neurologists, neuropathologists, and laboratory physicians

RB115 .I233 2010 eb
ICD-10 (2010)

RB145 .C26 2009
Clinical hematology atlas

RB155 .T52 2007
Thompson & Thompson genetics in medicine

RC451.4.A5 D485 2010
Psychiatric consultation in long-term care: a guide for health care professionals

RC628 .O333 2010 Obesogenic environments: complexities, perceptions, and objective measures

RC660.A1 A54
Annual review of diabetes

RC660 .W49 2010
Handbook of diabetes

RC1210 .A75 2011
Arnheim's principles of athletic training: a competency-based approach

RJ499 .C647 2011
Mental health treatment for children and adolescents

RJ504.5 .H39 1983b
Murphy's boy
S - Agriculture

S494.5.W3 E54 2008
Encyclopedia of water science

S936 .C37 2010
Conservation by proxy: indicator, umbrella, keystone, flagship, and other surrogate species

SB952.G58 G59 2010
Glyphosate resistance in crops and weeds: history, development, and management

SF285 .P39 2009
Growth rate in the stock horse

SF287 .M4426 2010
Equitation science
T - Technology

T14.5 .I44 2010
The illusory boundary: environment and technology in history

T26.G7 S95 2009
Victorian technology: invention, innovation, and the rise of the machine

T65.3 .S75 2007
Standards for technological literacy: content for the study of technology

TD195.W54 N38 2007
Environmental impacts of wind-energy projects

TD893 .N385 2010
Technology for a quieter America

TK5105.59 .E27 2010
Economics of information security and privacy

TL799.M3 D84 2010
Trailblazing Mars: NASA's next giant leap

TT504.6.J3 S74 2010
Japan fashion now

TX840.B3 M687 2010
Barbecue: the history of an American institution
U- Military Science

Z - Naval Science
Z - Library Science

U. S. Documents

Texas Documents

Il trittico, Turandot, and Puccini's late style