Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BJ1496 .O45 2007 Sorted!

BL2775.3 .H58 2009 God is not great
BM695.P3 H69 2000 Celebrating Passover

BT846.3 .B87 2010 Heaven is for real
CURR-COLL BV50.E7 H69 2004 Three Kings Day
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World

D790.5 .M67 2009 Sky high

DS35.2 .P55 2011 Empires at war

DS272 .P65 2009 Understanding Iran

DS559.8.C5 E45 2011 Chemical warfare during the Vietnam War
E - History: America

E99.C85 P3835 2010 Empire of the summer moon
CURR-COLL E99.O3 B5364 2010 Black Elk's vision
CURR-COLL E185.61 .P596 2010 Sit-in
CURR-COLL E241.L8 C37 2007 By the sword

E312.25 .B44 2011 Being George Washington

E842.9 .L24 1996 Oswald talked
F - History: America

F127.H8 T23 2009 River of dreams
CURR-COLL F334.B69 B75 2010 Birmingham Sunday
F390.H84 W335 2008 Sam Houston
CURR-COLL F391 .S77 2008 Texas Rangers
F392.K47 W33 2011 Henrietta King
CURR-COLL F436.C95 W213 2009 David Crockett
F1434 .P355 2010 The A to Z of ancient Mesoamerica
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G420.C65 M35 2011 Captain Cook

G530.T6 T87 2011 The band that played on
  G635.H4 H67 2009 Keep on!
  GA105.6 .R58 2009 Follow that map!
  GF504.N7 S77 2010 The nature of New York
  GV865.K67 W56 2009 You never heard of Sandy Koufax?!
GV939.T423 A3 2011 Through my eyes
H - Social Science

HB615 .S37175 2011 The entrepreneur

HC102.5.J63 J63 2011 I, Steve
  HD57.7 .B323 2011 The elements of power
  HD58.82 .S63 2011 Social knowledge
  HD62.4 .H548 2011 Global business today
  HD1525 .C62 2011 Braceros
 CURR-COLL HD8039.T42 T939 2009 Waiting for the owl's call
  HD9688.U53 W345 2009 Electrifying the rural American West
  HF5412 .D69 2011 A dictionary of marketing
  HF5415 .I528 2011 Inside marketing
  HF5415 .M297465 2011 The marketing century
  HF5429 .L4854 2010 The new rules of retail

HF5549.5.M3 D45 2011 The executive guide to high-impact talent management
  HF5549.5.M3 R66155 2011 Invaluable knowledge
  HG3756.U54 H96 2011 Debtor nation
ELECTRONIC HG4001 .C68 Journal of applied corporate finance
  HM480 .R68 2008 The Routledge critical and cultural theory reader
  HN57 .S26 2009 The taming of the American crowd
  HQ21 .O33 2011 A billion wicked thoughts

HQ27 .R44 2011 Premarital sex in America
  HQ759 .C7245 2010 The time use of mothers in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century 
CURR-COLL HQ814 .L48 2006 Was it the chocolate pudding?
  HQ1031 .B97 2011 Intercultural couples
HQ1197 .C66 2010 Convergences
HV6943 .T39 2010 Hooligans, harlots, and hangmen
HV9950 .T667 2011 Punishing race
HX83 .K557 1995 The secret world of American communism
J - Political Science
  JK1764 .S85 2010 Blessed are the organized

JZ1318 .N475 2010  Globalization, wealth, and power in the twenty-first century
K - Law

KF4124.5 .D45 2010 Knowledge in the making
KF4749 .S93 2010 Merely judgment
CURR-COLL KF8745.M34 A35 1997 A picture book of Thurgood Marshall
L - Education

LB1033 .T765 2011 Trust in education

LB1050.5 .E97 2011 Explaining individual differences in reading

LB1062.6 .T46 2011 Understanding poverty in the classroom

LB2331.62 .H39 2011 Rankings and the reshaping of higher education

LB2386 .H54 2011 Higher education and human capital

LC2410.A3 W56 2009 Nasreen's secret school
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML410.M23 F45 2011 Gustav Mahler

ML410.S4 M87 2011 The life of Schumann
  ML419.A75 R47 2011 What a wonderful world
  ML419.C645 R37 2007 Coltrane
  ML3918.R37 J44 2011 Thug life
  MT1 .D855 2007 Make a joyful sound
N - Fine Arts
CURR-COLL NC975.5.S74 A4 1995 From pictures to words
CURR-COLL ND237.L29 A4 1993 The great migration
ND259.R5 W48 1991 Diego
P - Language and Literature

P301 .A445 2006 Written anything good lately?
PC4075 .R4 2011 Introducci*on a la historia de la lengua espa*nola
PE1460 .E1935 2010 The cat's pajamas
PN171.P83 L36 2010 Forgetful muses
PN1995.7 .B48 2010 Cinesonica
PN1995.9.R46 F55 2011 Filming and performing Renaissance history
AV PN1997 .G685 1998 Grave of the fireflies [videorecording]
AV PN1997 .G44385 1998 Ghost in the shell [videorecording]
AV PN1997.2 .G53 2004 Ghost in the shell 2 [videorecording]
AV PN1997.2 .M535 2003 Millennium actress [videorecording]
PN1998.2 .I36 2010 Idols of modernity
PN1998.2 .S493 2012 Shining in shadows
PN1998.3.C3545 F69 2011 Jane Campion
CURR-COLL PN2287.W56 Y66 2009 Shining star
ELECTRONIC PQ1 .E78 L'Esprit cr*eateur
ELECTRONIC PQ1 .F85 French studies
PQ7081 .Y68 2011 Historical dictionary of Latin American literature and theater
PR2819 .K376 2011 The King and I
PR4181 .D663 2010 The works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
ELECTRONIC PS374.S45 E25 Ecotone
PS595.U5 H36 1994 Hand in hand
PS2234 .G55 2010 Emma's poem
CURR-COLL PS3511.R94 S76 2001 Stopping by woods on a snowy evening
PS3553.L245 D43 1994 Debt of honor
PS3555.V2126 E97 2011 Explosive eighteen
PS3555.V2126 M68 2006 Motor mouth
PS3555.V2126 S59 2010 Sizzling sixteen
PS3555.V2126 S66 2011 Smokin' seventeen
PS3556.L589 P64 2010 Poetrees
CURR-COLL PS3557.R39416 G74 2011 The Great Migration
PS3562.U26 A75 2005 The Ambler warning
PS3569.H3324 W4 2009 We troubled the waters
CURR-COLL PS3569.I295 U35 2010 Ubiquitous
PS3573.O578 Y68 2002 You have to write
PS3618.A346 G89 2010 Guyku
CURR-COLL PZ7.A7379 Sup 2006 Super Fly Guy
CURR-COLL PZ7.B227 Ls58 The story of Little Black Sambo
PZ7.B227 Ss 1996 The story of Little Babaji
PZ7.B81618 Ans 1996 Arthur writes a story
PZ7.B828755 Bo 2001 Book! book! book!
CURR-COLL PZ7.B91527 An 2003 Anna's table
CURR-COLL PZ7.B936 Co 2000 Come away from the water, Shirley
PZ7.C44624 Bar 2009 El barrio
PZ7.D439 Ol 1979 Oliver Button is a sissy
PZ7.D54153 Iae 2006 I lost my tooth in Africa
PZ7.G1273 Day 2004 The day I swapped my dad for two goldfish
PZ7.G18413 Mi 2003 Miss Smith's incredible storybook
PZ7.G2315 Aar 2005 Aaron and the Green Mountain Boys
CURR-COLL PZ7.J92947 Du 2009 Duck for Turkey Day
CURR-COLL PZ7.K52654 Big 2010 Big red lollipop
CURR-COLL PZ7.K56493 Mi 2009 Mind your manners, Alice Roosevelt!
PZ7.M356773 Sw 1997 Swish!
PZ7.M478818 No 2009 No!
PZ7.M478818 Te 2002 The teddy bear
PZ7.M8272435 Bo 2007 The boy who was raised by librarians
CURR-COLL PZ7.M9273 En 2000 Enemy pie
PZ7.M9955 Ki 2007 Kissing Kate
CURR-COLL PZ7.P27816 Jo 2003 The journey of Oliver K. Woodman
PZ7.P75186 Tf 1998 Thank you, Mr. Falker
PZ7.P9432 Pau 2009 Paulie Pastrami achieves world peace
CURR-COLL PZ7.R61885 Am 1998 Am*erica is her name
PZ7.S2744 Er 2009 Erika-san
CURR-COLL PZ7.S4726 Al 2002 All kinds of friends, even green!
CURR-COLL PZ7.S58625 Bi 1992 Big pumpkin
PZ7.W842115 Hom 2009 Homegrown house
CURR-COLL PZ7.W868 Pec 2010 Pecan pie baby
CURR-COLL PZ8.1.D367 Gi 2010 The gigantic sweet potato
PZ8.1.K54 Ar 2004 Armadilly chili
PZ8.1.K567 An 1988 Anansi and the moss-covered rock
PZ8.1.S85745 Gi 2003 The giant cabbage
PZ8.3.C879 Cl 2006 Click, clack, splish, splash
CURR-COLL PZ8.3.H66 Se 1997 The seven silly eaters
PZ8.3.H774 Hg 1998 Hey little ant
CURR-COLL PZ8.3.H965 Wi 1993 The wind blew
PZ8.3.K5974 Co 2009 A Coyote solstice tale
CURR-COLL PZ8.3.M55155 Iad 1993 I love you as much--
CURR-COLL PZ8.3 .P558697 2010 Pocketful of posies
CURR-COLL PZ8.3.W843 Iac 2009 I call my grandma Nana
CURR-COLL PZ8.3.W843 Iad 2009 I call my grandpa Papa
PZ10.3.S277 Tu 2010 Turtle, turtle, watch out!
Q - Science

Q147 .V475 2010 S is for scientists
QB633 .M778 2010 Come see the Earth turn
QC32 .K17 2010 1000 solved problems in modern physics
QC924.7 .B694 1997 Down comes the rain
QC981.3 .C65 2010 The magic school bus and the climate challenge
QC981.8.G56 G85 2010 Earth
QC981.8.G56 S5498 2010 Global warming
CURR-COLL QE861.5 .K84 2005 Boy, were we wrong about dinosaurs!
QE861.6.T72 Z64 2007 Dinosaur tracks
QE861.8.C6 R39 2010 Dinosaur mountain
QH371 .W45 2007 Deep ancestry
QK118 .D45 2010 Wild urban plants of the Northeast
QK188 .R528 2011 Plants of deep south Texas
QL49 .S27518 2010 What in the wild?
QL544.2 .H44 1996 From caterpillar to butterfly
QL666.C584 D86 2010 At home with the gopher tortoise
CURR-COLL QL696.P288 W65 2010 The robin makes a laughing sound
QL696.S473 M365 2010 Pierre the penguin
CURR-COLL QL737.C5 G52 1999 Bats
QL737.S63 S55 2010 Face to face with manatees
QL737.U53 G457 2010 The buffalo are back
QL737.U53 M2274 2010 The chiru of high Tibet
CURR-COLL QL756.5 .S33 2010 Just one bite
QL759 .J46 1997 What do you do when something wants to eat you?
QL775 .H65 2011 Unlikely friendships
QL775 .J36 2010 How to clean a hippopotamus
QR41.2 .B88 2000 Microbiology for the health sciences
R - Medicine

R724 .P82 2005 Ethical dimensions in the health professions
R853.M3 H53 2010 Saunders math skills for health professionals
R853.M3 T54 2000 Mathematical concepts in clinical science
AV RA601.5 .J87 2010 Just the facts. Food safety
RB36 .D37 2005 Hazardous materials in the histopathology laboratory
RB37.A1 C58 v.20 no.3 Osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease
RB37.A1 C58 v.21 no.1 Diabetes mellitus
RB37.A1 C58 v.21 no.4 New applications of flow cytometry
RB45 .D49 2007 Hematology
RB45.15 .E758 2005 Applied phlebotomy
RB45.15 .M33 2003 Phlebotomy essentials
RB45.15 .M332 2008 Phlebotomy exam review
RB45.15 .P46 1998 Handbook of phlebotomy and patient service techniques
RC280.B8 E45 2003 Breast cancer for dummies
RC280.B8 S349 2006 After breast cancer
RC661.A1 H55 2008 Prescribing in diabetes
RC954 .E95 2011 Evidence informed nursing with older people
RC1218.C45 M44 2011 Kids, sports, and concussion
RJ506.A9 S523 2009 Autism and me
RM735 .O218 2011 Occupation analysis in practice
RT50.5 .N87 2011 Nursing informatics
S - Agriculture
  S417.C3 H47 2011 My work is that of conservation
SB205.S7 S5543 2011 Soybeans
SB612.A2 F25 2010 Weeds
CURR-COLL SF408.6.P64 K68 2007 Knut
SF538.5.C65 R68 2010 The buzz on bees
T - Technology

T40.L46 B37 2009 Neo Leo
TD348 .H65 2009 Our world of water
TJ795 .S5746 2010 Two prime movers of globalization
TJ808 .K515 2010 Energy harvesting
TK7871.85 .L4167 2010 Makers of the microchip
TL215.C55 L47 2010 Chrysler's turbine car
TL685.4 .P76 2010 From props to jets
AV TP370 .P625 2009 Preparing and processing foods
TX361.A8 N38 2011 NSCA's guide to sport and exercise nutrition
AV TX553.A3 I52 2010 Industrial ingredients
AV TX681 .C66 2010 The cooking process
U- Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Library Science
  Z674.75.S63 S65 2011 Doing social media so it matters
Z687 .J64 2009 Fundamentals of collection development and management
U. S. Documents
Texas Documents
ELECTRONIC   Chaucer review
Civil War history
MICROFORMS English literature in transition, 1880-1920
ELECTRONIC English literature in transition, 1880-1920
OFFSITE English literature in transition, 1880-1920
ELECTRONIC Essays in criticism
MICROFORMS James Joyce quarterly
ELECTRONIC James Joyce quarterly
OFFSITE James Joyce quarterly
Journal of experimental botany
OFFSITE Journal of experimental botany
ELECTRONIC Library trends
OFFSITE Library trends
MICROFORMS Mathematics teacher
ELECTRONIC Mathematics teacher
ELECTRONIC Tulsa studies in women's literature
ELECTRONIC The Plant cell
OFFSITE Philosophy and literature
MICROFORMS Journal of services marketing
ELECTRONIC Journal of services marketing
OFFSITE Journal of services marketing
MICROFORMS Journal of consumer marketing
ELECTRONIC Journal of consumer marketing
OFFSITE Journal of consumer marketing
OFFSITE Journal of petrology
ELECTRONIC American journal of police
ELECTRONIC Teaching children mathematics
ELECTRONIC Molecular biology and evolution
ELECTRONIC Merrill-Palmer quarterly
ELECTRONIC The Journal of educational administration
ELECTRONIC Mathematics teaching in the middle school