Dick Smith Library Auxiliary Services and Equipment

The library offers services and equipment to help library users complete assignments, conduct research, and create presentations. These offerings are located on various levels of the building. Therefore, the descriptions below are grouped by location.

Main Level (Circulation Desk)

Audiovisual info
TVs, VCRs, DVD players, etc.

Color Copies & Transparencies info
Materials and assistance.

Fax info
Send and receive documents.

Laptops policy
Wireless connections, in-house use.

Meeting Rooms policy
Large and small reservable rooms.

Reserve tables for use outside the library (activity permit required).

student using laptop computer

Lower Level

Audiovisual Stations info
Listening, recording, and viewing equipment.

Laminating and Die-cuts info
Lesson plan and project preparation equipment.

laminating machine and die cuts


Assistive Technology info
ADA-compliant workstations and accommodations.

Copiers info
Cash and Texan cards accepted.

Printers and Scanners
Near computer workstations. NTNET login or guest pass.

copy room