MS - Quality and Engineering Management 

Program Summary

The completion of this degree provides a pathway for employees who hold degrees in technical and non-technical areas to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be more successful in all areas of manufacturing. The emphasis on leadership provides critical skills for advancing into manufacturing leadership positions.

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Designed For

This degree program is designed to provide individuals with baccalaureate degrees with an in-depth study of the organizational, technical, and strategic tools commonly used in manufacturing to improve productivity.  The program is targeted to working professionals and other individuals seeking to expand their knowledge across these disciplines.  The program emphasized the applications of these tolls to address quality, technology, implementation, and productivity issues in manufacturing related industries to help manufacturers standardize procedures, measure performance, improve customer satisfaction and manage resources more wisely.

30 Hour

The MS in Quality and Engineering Management Online requires 30 semester credit hours for completion.  Up to six (6) hours may be transferred in from another school.

Estimated Time of Completion

This program may be completed in as little as Two Years.


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