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Project Timeline

Timeline graphic

Renovation and creation of the Learning Commons will proceed in phases so that library services can be maintained throughout the project. Completion is expected in May - June 2014. The following schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, so please check this site for the latest updates.

August 2014

Add-on work begins for automatic doors

Soundproofing for stairwells is being designed

Study Grounds Cafe opens

Work continues on punch list items

July 2014

Punch list items continue to be addressed.

June 2014

The Library Common is open.Work continues to ready the Study Grounds Cafe.

May 2014

Furnishing and equipment begin to arrive.
Substantial Completion Review

March 2014

Lobby construction begins and the construction wall is removed.

January 2014

Equipment and furnishing orders begin.

December 2013

Phase 2 demolition and construction begins.

All interior selections made.

October 2013

Going forward on new construction.

Abatement is complete.

Demolition is complete.

September 2013

Learning Commons construction begins

July 2013

Start construction bid process

December 2012 to June 2013

Phase 3 architectural design process with COTERA+REED Architects

October 2012

Project approved and funded for Phase II (Library Learning Commons)

Architects meet with Tarleton students and future partners to gather ideas for learning commons

October 2012 to March 2013

Phase 2 construction of CII and faculty support offices at the library

June 2012 to September 2012

Phase 1 construction of expanded library storage in Tarleton Center basement

April 2012

Held student focus groups on their future library needs

January 2012 to July 2012

Phase 1 and 2 architectural design process with COTERA+REED Architects

November 2011

Project approved and funded for Phase I (Tarleton Center basement) and Phase II (create CII offices at DSL)

Fall 2011

Surveyed students on “General Satisfaction” with the library

April 2011

Executive Cabinet endorses concept paper from Dick Smith Library (DSL) and Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) for a three phase project that 1) expands library storage in the Tarleton Center basement; 2) moves CII and Faculty Support offices to the DSL; and 3) creates a Student Learning Commons on the main floor of the DSL.