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New Resources - September 2009

Campus (Location)
Call Number
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BT846.3 .P56 2008 Selections from 90 minutes in heaven : an inspiring story of life beyond death

BV2360.A8 R54 2009 Education for liberation : the American Missionary Association and African Americans, 1890 to the Civil Rights Movement
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CT275.G5527 Y68 1997
Texas, her Texas : the life and times of Frances Goff

CT275.K8978 A3 2009
Watching Walter Cronkite : reflections on growing up in the 1950s and 1960s

CT275.S5434 B54 2009
The Yankee Yorkshireman : migration lived and imagined
D - History: General and Old World

D16.14 .C379 2009
Catching stories : a practical guide to oral history

D16.3 .C77 2009
Making history mine : meaningful connections for grades 5-9

D20 .C498 2008
This fleeting world : a short history of humanity

D767.9 .L25 2009
Faithful warriors : a combat Marine remembers the Pacific War

D773 .B39 2009
Sailor from Oklahoma : one man's two-ocean war

D783.5.T34 S34 2009
We were pirates : a torpedoman's Pacific war

D802.P52 N435 2009
Stranded in the Philippines : Professor Bell's private war against the Japanese

D804.3 .C77 2008
The Holocaust : roots, history, and aftermath

D811.H4419 A3 2009
Steel helmet and mortarboard : an academic in Uncle Sam's Army

DA209.E6 M4 1991
Eleanor of Aquitaine : a biography

DD247.H5 K47 2008
Hitler, the Germans, and the final solution

DG254.2 .G78 1995
The last generation of the Roman Republic

DK267 .K85 2007
The voices of the dead : Stalin's great terror in the 1930s

DR729 .H37 2007
Constantinople : capital of Byzantium

DS79.76 .C355 2009
Joker one : a Marine platoon's story of courage, leadership, and brotherhood

DS79.76 .R537 2009
The gamble : General David Petraeus and the American military adventure in

DS556.93.T727 A3 2009
An Loc : the unfinished war

DT92.7 .T95 2008b
Cleopatra : last queen of Egypt
E - History: America

E99.A13 B68 2009
Uncommon threads : Wabanaki textiles, clothing, and costume

E99.O45 N67 2009
Rebellious younger brother : Oneida leadership and diplomacy, 1750-1800

E166 .R63 2009
Distant revolutions : 1848 and the challenge to American exceptionalism

E169 .R84 1978
The Depression years

E176.1 .U688 2009
Baptism by fire : eight presidents who took office in times of crisis

E183.8.I4 S33 2009
The limits of influence : America's role in Kashmir

E184.A1 O25 2009
The amalgamation waltz : race, performance, and the ruses of memory

E184.S98 G835 2009
Between Arab and White : race and ethnicity in the early Syrian American diaspora

E184.T35 H67 2009
Lucky girl

E185.93.N6 F47 2009
Liberalism, Black power, and the making of American politics, 1965-1980

E185.97.H827 B45 2009
Black maverick : T.R.M. Howard's fight for civil rights and economic power

E207.G9 T83 2009
Rise and fight again : the life of Nathanael Greene

E234 .L63 2009
Following the drum : women at the Valley Forge encampment

E312.5 .T54 2008
Farmer George plants a nation

E382 .M43 2008
American lion : Andrew Jackson in the White House

E443 .C73 2009
What the slaves ate : recollections of African American foods and foodways from slave narratives

E457.2 .L744 2009
Lincoln on race and slavery

E457.2 .S297 2009
American public philosophy and the mystery of Lincolnism

E457.2 .W875 2009
Lincoln's political generals

E467.1.K78 P84 2008
For liberty and justice : a biography of Brigadier General Wlodzimierz B. Krzy*zanowski, 1824-1887

E467.1.M36 S48 2009
John Bankhead Magruder : a military reappraisal

E591 .T33 2009
Commanding Lincoln's navy : Union naval leadership during the Civil War

E756 .H46 2009
Theodore Roosevelt's naval diplomacy : the U.S. Navy and the birth of the American century

E786.2.H37 S53 2009
First Lady Florence Harding : behind the tragedy and controversy

E840.8.K35 L38 2009
Last lion : the fall and rise of Ted Kennedy

E840.8.M3325 D93 2009
Republican leader : a political biography of Senator Mitch McConnell

E841 .M223 2008
The liberal hour : Washington and the politics of change in the 1960s

E902 .S365 2009
The inheritance : the world Obama confronts and the challenges to American power
F - History: America

F158.9.N4 L485 2009
A movement without marches : African American women and the politics of poverty in postwar Philadelphia

F387 .B85 2009
Historic Texas from the air

F391.4.P265 C37 1998
A breed so rare : the life of J.R. Parten, liberal Texas oil man,1896-1992

F392.R63 B38 2009
Counterfeit justice : the judicial odyssey of Texas freedwoman Azeline Hearne
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G155.A1 S6675 2009
Travel as a political act

GB402 .R57 2006
Process geomorphology

GE197 .F75 2008b
Hot, flat, and crowded : why we need a green revolution, and how it can renew America

GF41 .D42 2009
The power of place : geography, destiny, and globalization's rough landscape

GN799.F6 W73 2009
Catching fire : how cooking made us human

GT596 .H37 2003
Women's costumes

GT2850 .S73 2009
An edible history of humanity

GT2869 .M56 1986
Sweetness and power : the place of sugar in modern history

GV481 .F537 2009
Fit in 5

GV706.5 .S535 2009
True competition : a guide to pursuing excellence in sport and society

GV711.5 .M85 2009
Tapering and peaking for optimal performance

GV838.E34 S76 2009
Young woman and the sea : how Trudy Ederle conquered the English Channel and inspired the world

GV865.B4 B37 2009
Yogi Berra : eternal Yankee

GV878.3 .M37 2009
The road to Omaha : hits, hopes, & history at the College World Series

GV951 .K46 2009
College football and American culture in the Cold War era

GV1015.3 .V66 2009
Volleyball systems & strategies

GV1048 .S68 2009
Cycling anatomy

GV1056 .T76 2005
Serious mountain biking

GV1111 .N4533 2009
Teaching self-defense in secondary physical education

GV1624.5.N4 G56 2008
Satan in the dance hall : Rev. John Roach Straton, social dancing, and morality in 1920s New York City
H - Social Science

H1 .A4 vol. 620
Exceptional outcomes : achievement in education and employment among children of immigrants

H62 .K6793 2009
Methods of educational and social science research : the logic of methods

HB801 .M493 2009
Spent : sex, evolution, and consumer behavior

HB1531 .M34 2009
The age of aging : how demographics are changing the global economy and our world

HC102.5.M597 R67 1999
A traitor to his class : Robert A.G. Monks and the battle to change corporate America

HC106.83 .D458 2009
The great depression ahead : how to prosper in the crash following the greatest boom in history

HC130.P63 F564 2009
Conditional cash transfers : reducing present and future poverty

HD31 .H317 2009
Collaboration : how leaders avoid the traps, create unity, and reap big results

HD57.7 .S716 2009
Stand back and deliver : accelerating business agility

HD1691 .H64 2009
Planet water : investing in the world's most valuable resource

HD6053 .K37 2009
The female brand : using the female mindset to succeed in business

HD6072.2.U5 L96 2009
The Irish Bridget : Irish immigrant women in domestic service in America, 1840-1930

HD6077.2.U6 L38 2009
More than a farmer's wife : voices of American farm women, 1910-1960

HD9321.9.H4 F67 2006
H.J. Heinz Company

HD9665.6 .B54 2006
Big bucks, big pharma [videorecording] : marketing disease & pushing drugs

HD9696.8.U64 G667 2008
Planet Google : one company's audacious plan to organize everything we know

HD9940.A2 T56 2009
Where am I wearing? : a global tour to the countries, factories, and people that make our clothes

HE2771.A17 S39 2008
The West the railroads made

HE8689.8 .S567 2009
Radio's hidden voice : the origins of public broadcasting in the United States

HE8697.45.E852 C86 2009
Cold War radio : the dangerous history of American broadcasting in Europe, 1950-1989

HE8700.4 .C47 2009
Envisioning media power : on capital and geographies of television

HF1418.5 .O463 2005
The next global stage : challenges and opportunities in our borderless world

HF5386 .L759 2009
Run your business like a Fortune 100 : 7 principles for boosting profits

HF5415 .A6197 2009
Free : the future of a radical price

HF5415.1255 .G86 2008
Harry Potter : the story of a global business phenomenon

HF5415.1265 .R93 2009
Understanding digital marketing : marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation

HF5415.332.Y66 Y37 2009
Gen buY : how tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings are revolutionizing retail

HF5429.3 .W43 2009
Retail superstars : inside the 25 best independent stores in America
HF5430 .I87 2005
It's a mall world [videorecording]

HF5465.U64 W354 2007
The local economic impact of Wal-Mart

HF5718.22 .R49 2008
Presentation zen : simple ideas on presentation design and delivery

HF5805 .S58 2009
Ad women : how they impact what we need, want, and buy

HG179 .B2343 2009
Fight for your money : how to stop getting ripped off and save a fortune

HG179 .O7587 2009
Suze Orman's 2009 action plan

HG925 .I8613 2008
The birth of the Euro

HG2463.G74 S57 2004
Hetty : the genius and madness of America's first female tycoon

HG4930.5 .C64 2009
House of cards : a tale of hubris and wretched excess on Wall Street
HM1 .A763
Annual review of sociology. [serial]

HM554 .B475 2009
In time of war : understanding American public opinion from World War II to Iraq

HM742 .M675 2010
All a twitter : a personal and professional guide to social networking with Twitter

HM1041 .R37 2007
The culture code : an ingenious way to understand why people around the world live and buy as they do

HM1221 .R44 2009
Rhetorical and critical approaches to public relations II

  HQ27 .T448 2009
Sex and the American teenager : seeing through the myths and confronting the issues

HQ536 .F656 2009
Across generations : immigrant families in America

HQ756.6 .S65 2009
The daddy shift : how stay-at-home dads, breadwinning moms, and shared parenting are transforming the American family

HQ766.5.U5 W325 1998
On the pill : a social history of oral contraceptives, 1950-1970

HQ801.83 .W45 2009
Programs to reduce teen dating violence and sexual assault : perspectives on what works

HQ802 .E575 2005
Hearts West : true stories of mail-order brides on the frontier

HQ806 .R66 2009
Cheating on the sisterhood : infidelity and feminism

HQ1064.U5 A6325 2008
Age issues [videorecording] : from young to old

HQ1075 .E95 2010
Examining identity in sports media

HQ1426 .M393 2009
Women's roles in twentieth-century America

HT391 .M397 2009
Megaregions : planning for global competitiveness

HT392 .B47 2009
Planning for coastal resilience : best practices for calamitous times

HV741 .P727 2009
Preventing child maltreatment : community approaches

HV881 .A62 2009
Achieving permanence for older children and youth in foster care

HV1454.2.U6 I56 2009
Inside assisted living : the search for home

HV2390 .B74 2009
Deaf subjects : between identities and places

HV4805.A3 S54 2008
For the love of animals : the rise of the animal protection movement

HV4999.W65 S86 2009
Helping substance-abusing women of vulnerable populations : effective treatment principles and strategies

HV5137 .S24 2009
Women in Alcoholics Anonymous : recovery and empowerment

HV5825 .B677 2009
Righteous dopefiend

HV6080 .A69 2009
Applied criminal psychology : a guide to forensic behavioral sciences

HV6432.44.N7 G34 2009
The day Wall Street exploded : a story of America in its first age of terror

HV6432.7 .E525 2009
Seeing ghosts : 9/11 and the visual imagination

HV6432.7 .W36 2009
The war on terror and American popular culture : September 11 and beyond

HV6545 .B428 2009
Understanding and preventing suicide : the development of self-destructive patterns and ways to alter them

HV6626 .P733 2009
Preventing partner violence : research and evidence-based intervention strategies

HV6626.52 .R43 2009
Childhood denied : ending the nightmare of child abuse and neglect

HV6722.C2 T46 2009
Betting their lives : the close relations of problem gamblers

HV8139 .S83 2009
A stability police force for the United States : justification and options for creating U.S. capabilities

HV8144.S43 K47 2009
In the president's secret service : behind the scenes with agents in the line of fire and the presidents they protect
J - Political Science

JC263.V632 C648 2009
Beginning the quest : law and politics in the early work of Eric Voegelin

JC599.U5 H626 2009 Guns, democracy, and the insurrectionist idea

JF60 .I583 2009
Is democracy exportable?

JK276 2008 .A19 2009
The 2008 presidential campaign : a communication perspective

JK516 .S435 2009
Madison's nightmare : how executive power threatens American democracy

JK526 2008 .G88 2009
Almost Madam President : why Hillary Clinton "won" in 2008

JK731 .L49 2008
The politics of presidential appointments : political control and bureaucratic performance

JK1976 .R43 2008
Red state, blue state, rich state, poor state : why Americans vote the way they do

JK2281 .B33 2009
Political campaigns and political advertising : a media literacy guide

JK2281 .B643 2009
Bloggers on the bus : how the internet changed politics and the press

JZ1305 .F75 2009
The next 100 years : a forecast for the 21st century
K - Law

KF3924.W5 M46 2009
From demon to darling : a legal history of wine in America

KF3989 .I58 2009
Introduction to sport law

KF4119.85 .E849 2010
The 200 most frequently asked legal questions for educators

KF4550 .C576 2009
The Constitution in 2020

KF4600 .S32 2009
Polyphonic federalism : toward the protection of fundamental rights

KF4772 .D47 2008
Finding Jefferson : a lost letter, a remarkable discovery, and the First Amendment in an age of terrorism

KF5130 .M55 2009
The view of the courts from the Hill : interactions between Congress and the federal judiciary

KF6297.Z9 H66
How to pay zero taxes

KF9325 .S493 2009
Sex offender laws : failed policies, new directions

KFT1230.5.V4 I57
Vernon's Texas codes annotated. Insurance code

KFT1230.5.V4 O23
Vernon's Texas codes annotated. Occupations code

KFT1230.5.V4 T334 Vernon's Texas codes annotated. Tables

KFT1729.A315 V47  Vernon's Texas rules annotated.

KFT1761.A29 K56 Kinkeade & McColloch's Texas penal code annotated
L - Education

LA210 .L465 2009
Learning not schooling : reimagining the purpose of education

LA217.2 .P36 2009
A power shift in public education : seven strategies for dealing with broken promises

LB1025.3 .B34 2009
Making a difference in the classroom : strategies that connect with students

LB1027.23 .C67 2010
Learner-centered instruction : building relationships for student success

LB1028.3 .M625 2009
Liberating learning : technology, politics, and the future of American education

LB1028.5 .L4336 2009
Making the move to eLearning : putting your course online

LB1029.R4 H66 2009
RTI assessment essentials for struggling learners

LB1029.T4 M87 2009
Collaborative teaching in secondary schools : making the co-teaching marriage work!

LB1050 .G25 2009
Readicide : how schools are killing reading and what you can do about it

LB1103 .S6 v. 74, no. 2
Flexibility in early verb use : evidence from a multiple-N diary study

LB1139.23 .K675 2009
Getting it right from the start : the principal's guide to early childhood education

LB1140.23 .N375 2009
The promise of pre-K

LB1570 .B3134 2009
Designing elementary instruction and assessment : using the cognitive domain

LB1573 .M4938 2009
The book whisperer : awakening the inner reader in every child

LB1573 .R53 2009
Engaging the eye generation : visual literacy strategies for the K-5 classroom

LB1576 .D635 2009
Nonfiction mentor texts : teaching informational writing through children's literature, K-8

LB1576 .G374 2009
Children, language, and literacy : diverse learners in diverse times

LB1623.52.N49 W55 2009
Best practices from high-performing middle schools : how successful schools remove obstacles and create pathways to learning

LB1735.5 .A45 2009
63 tactics for teaching diverse learners, grades 6-12

LB1737.U6 P67 2009
Relating to adolescents : educators in a teenage world /

LB1738.5 .D43 2009
Making sense of social networks in schools

LB1775 .M54 2009
The power of teacher networks

LB1775.2 .E53 2008
Anatomy of professional practice : promising research perspectives on educational leadership

LB1779 .I54 2009
Tough choices for teachers : ethical challenges in today's schools and classrooms

LB2343.3 .C62 2009
The naked roommate : and 107 other issues you might run into in college

LB2805 .D34 2009
Shaping school culture : pitfalls, paradoxes, and promises

LB2807 .L43 2009 Leaders as communicators and diplomats

LB2825 .H25 2009 Schoolhouses, courthouses, and statehouses : solving the funding-achievement puzzle in America's public schools

LB2831.7 .H37 2009 Learning from the best : lessons from award-winning superintendents

LB2831.92 .A94 2009 The principal's field manual : the school principal as the organizational leader

LB3013 .C65 2009 Managing noncompliance and defiance in the classroom : a road map for teachers, specialists, and behavior support teams

LB3013 .N27 2009 The active teacher : practical strategies for maximizing teacher effectiveness

LB3013.3 .D455 2009 Real life bully prevention for real kids : 50 ways to help elementary and middle school students

LB3013.32 .U63 2009 Understanding girl bullying and what to do about it : strategies to help heal the divide

LB3034 .B67 2009 A trimester schedule that works : solutions for secondary teaching and learning

LB3060.57 .D46 2009 Winning strategies for test taking, grades 3-8 : a practical guide for teaching test preparation

LC189 .B613 1990b Reproduction in education, society, and culture

LC191 .A654 2009 Theory and educational research : toward critical social explanation

LC212.82 .M49 2009 Gender, bullying, and harassment : strategies to end sexism and homophobia in schools

LC238 .G85 2008 The American college town

LC1099.3 .S896 2009 The struggle for identity in today's schools : cultural recognition in a time of increasing diversity

LC4031 .J47 2009 Negotiating individualized education programs : a guide for school administrators

LC4091 .T54 2009 Closing the poverty & culture gap : strategies to reach every student

LC4604 .S65 2009 Literacy beyond picture books : teaching secondary students with moderate to severe disabilities
M - Music and Books on Music

ML385 .G82 2009
Great spirits : portraits of life-changing world music artists

ML410.M23 J65 2009
Mahler's voices : expression and irony in the songs and symphonies

ML420.S565 S26 2008
Sinatra in Hollywood

ML423.G317 A3 2009
City kid : a writer's memoir of ghetto life and post-soul success

ML3477 .W35 2009
How the Beatles destroyed rock 'n' roll : an alternative history of American popular music
N - Fine Arts

N6537.C66 H68 2009
Joseph Cornell and astronomy : a case for the stars

N6537.I53 A4 2009
Robert Indiana and the Star of Hope

N6537.R27 A4 2009
Robert Rauschenberg : Gluts

N6853.D8 N37 2009
Marcel Duchamp : the art of chess

N7433.8 .A745 2009
Art and electronic media

N7433.8 .C57 2007
The fundamentals of digital art

NA737.W7 L46 1996
The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

NA7511.4.N4 C73 2009
Gilded mansions : grand architecture and high society

ND237.M4165 A4 2007
Julie Mehretu : city sitings

ND623.L5 A7 2009
Vanished smile : the mysterious theft of Mona Lisa

ND623.L5 H66 2009
The crimes of Paris : a true story of murder, theft, and detection

ND653.G7 A655 2009
Mystery of The night caf*e : hidden key to the spirituality of Vincent Van Gogh

ND1662.M93 S26 2009
Provenance : how a con man and a forger rewrote the history of modern art

NK2113 .M23 2007
Jessica McClintock's simply romantic decorating : creating elegance and intimacy throughout your home

NK2117.S59 P73 2008
Practical ideas for small spaces

NK5110 .O445 2008
Contemporary glass sculptures and panels : selections from the Corning Museum of Glass

NX650.S68 K56 2009
In the blink of an ear : towards a non-cochlear sonic art
P - Language and Literature

P96.S63 A76 2009
Alarming reports : communicating conflict in the daily news

P96.T472 A48 2009
Terror post 9/11 and the media

P107 .B37 2008
Always on : language in an online and mobile world

P301.3.A35 B43 2009
 The African origins of rhetoric

PA3265 .I58 2009
An introduction to classical rhetoric : essential readings

PC4498 .D36 2009
Translating contemporary Mexican texts : fidelity to alterity

PE1580 .H45 2008
The secret life of words : how English became English

PG3476.N3 Z8638 2009
The sublime artist's studio : Nabokov and painting

PL797.2 .A247 2007
Today and today

PN147.5 .P385 2009
Writing picture books : a hands-on guide from story creation to publication

PN171.W74 H68 2008
Writer's block busters : 101 exercises to clear the deadwood and make room for flights of fancy

PN1997.2 .T335 2009
Taking Woodstock : the shooting script

PN2277.N5 S39 2009
When Broadway was the runway : theater, fashion, and American culture

PN2287.F3 V36 2008
Douglas Fairbanks

PN3365 .M243 2009
The fire in fiction : passion, purpose, and techniques to make your novel great

PN4888.P6 J66 2009
Losing the news : the future of the news that feeds democracy

PN4888.T3 M67 2009
Tabloid Valley : supermarket news and American culture

PN4888.T4 B39 2010
From Cronkite to Colbert : the evolution of broadcast news

PN4888.W65 C66 2009
Controlling representations : depictions of women in a mainstream newspaper, 1900-1950

PQ1643 .K75 2009
The fabulous imagination : on Montaigne's Essays

PQ6533.Z5 S34 2009
Power and dissent : Larra and democracy in nineteenth-century Spain

PQ6629.A7 Z7736 2009
Crafting the female subject : narrative innovation in the short fiction of Emilia Pardo Baz*an

PQ7081.A1 C555 2008
A companion to Latin American literature and culture

PR111 .L67 2008
Women writers and old age in Great Britain, 1750-1850

PR121 .M85 2007b
Anonymity : a secret history of English literature

PR461 .S79 2009
Novel violence : a narratography of Victorian fiction

PR2010 .P4 2008
Piers Plowman

PR2801.A23 M67 2000
All's well that ends well [videorecording]

PR2803.A23 C65 2003
As you like it [videorecording]

PR2822.A23 M67 2000
Love's labour's lost [videorecording]

PR2825.A23 G65 2003
The merchant of Venice [videorecording]

PR2827.A23 M67 2003
A midsummer night's dream [videorecording]

PR2828.A23 B87 2000
Much ado about nothing [videorecording]

PR2832.A23 M55 2003
The taming of the shrew [videorecording]

PR2833.A23 G67 2003
The tempest [videorecording]

PR3592.R4 S68 2009
Milton and monotheism

PR4032 .T63 2008
Later manuscripts

PR5496 .R58 2009
Robert Louis Stevenson and Joseph Conrad : writers of transition

PR6023.A93 Z62614 2008
Death and the author : how D.H. Lawrence died, and was remembered

PR6058.U37 Z48 2008
Letters of Ted Hughes

PS173.J4 P59 2008
American naturalism and the Jews : Garland, Norris, Dreiser, Wharton, and Cather

PS217.T43 J64 2008
The assault on progress : technology and time in American literature

PS595.U5 M95 2000
My America : a poetry atlas of the United States

PS3232 .G46 2009
Walt Whitman and the Civil War : America's poet during the lost years of 1860-1862

PS3552.R68525 F57 2006
Flamingos on the roof  : poems and paintings

PS3555.V2126 G73 2009
The grand finale

PS3561.I483 Z475 2000
On writing : a memoir of the craft

PS3562.E9465 V47 2005

Vherses : a celebration of outstanding women

PS3563.O594 D57 2006
A dirty job

PS3568.I265 I58 2007
Interview with the vampire

PS3619.T7483 N43 2004
A necessary evil

PZ7.M1905 Rud 2007
Rudy rides the rails : a Depression era story

PZ7.M2817 My 2002
My Chinatown : one year in poems

PZ7.N15 Re 2009
Ready to dream

PZ7.T422 Wo 2009
The wonderful O

PZ7.T4895 Hai 2007
Hair for Mama

PZ7.W5197 Ex 2009

PZ7.5.W31 Be 2008
Becoming Billie Holiday

PZ8.1.K1274 Ts 2009

PZ8.3.M8436 Wi 2003
Will Moses Mother Goose
Q - Science

Q175 .S215 1997
The demon-haunted world : science as a candle in the dark

Q180.55.M4 R49 2000
The researcher's toolkit : the complete guide to practitioner research

QA13 .R462 2003
A research companion to principles and standards for school mathematics

QA76.76.D47 G785 2009 Eclipse modeling project : a domain-specific language toolkit

QA76.95 .C46 2009
Getting started with Maple

QA174.7.S96 C66 2008
The symmetries of things

QA271 .P3 2006
The mathematics of games and gambling

QA276 .W4423 2008
Statistics using SPSS : an integrative approach

QA279.4 .P37 2009
Decision theory : principles and approaches

QA279.5 .K65 2009
Probabilistic graphical models : principles and techniques

QA312 .R45 2009
Measure and integration : a concise introduction to real analysis

QC495.5 .C6813 2008
The black book of colors [braille]

QH105.N4 C267 2009
Following the water : a hydromancer's notebook

QH365 .O2 2009
The annotated Origin : a facsimile of the first edition of On the origin of species
QH430 .G4565 2008
Genetic inheritance patterns

QH456 .C667 2009
Conservation genetics in the age of genomics

QH462.T7 C66 2009
Combinatorics of genome rearrangements
QH600 .K56 2009
The kinetochore : from molecular discoveries to cancer therapy

QK901 .C76 2009
Resource strategies of wild plants

QL49 .J455 2008
How many ways-- can you catch a fly?

QL496 .O74 2009
Organization of insect societies : from genome to sociocomplexity

QL666.O6 S66 2001
Snakes : ecology and evolutionary biology

QL737.P9 S442 2009
Sexual coercion in primates and humans : an evolutionary perspective on male aggression against females

QL785 .P79 2009
Reaching the animal mind : clicker training and what it teaches us about all animals

QP141 .E467 2009
The end of overeating : taking control of the insatiable American appetite

QP383.25 .H57 2007
The hippocampus book

QP383.25 .R43 1999
Beyond the cognitive map : from place cells to episodic memory

QP401 .D2 2005
Descartes' error : emotion, reason, and the human brain
R - Medicine
R123 .B83 2009b
2009 HCPCS : level II [electronic resource]
Electronic R123 .J24 2009
Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations [electronic resource]

R737 .P57 2009
Qualitative research in physical activity and the health professions
Electronic RA418.5.T73 P87 2009
Guide to culturally competent health care [electronic resource]
Electronic RA643 .C72 EB Control of communicable diseases manual [electronic resource]
Electronic RB46.5 .M36 2006
Manual of molecular and clinical laboratory immunology [electronic resource]
Electronic RB115 .I4 EB Ingenix cpt with rvus data file [electronic resource]
Electronic RB115 .I49 2009 EB Icd-9-cm [electronic resource] : international classification of diseases, ninth revision, clinical modification, vols. 1, 2, and 3
Electronic RC46 .F36 2003
Family medicine [electronic resource] : principles and practice
Electronic RC46 .H333 2008
Harrison's principles of internal medicine [electronic resource]
Electronic RC46 .I475 1994
Internal medicine [electronic resource]
Electronic RC71 .Q8 2009 EB Quick Answers to Medical Diagnosis and Treatment [electronic resource]
Electronic RC76 .D45 2008
Degowin's diagnostic examination [electronic resource]
Electronic RC346 .A3 2009
Adams and Victor's principles of neurology [electronic resource]
Electronic RC440 .T69 2008
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S - Agriculture

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Wangari's trees of peace : a true story from Africa

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Practical small animal MRI

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Cod : a biography of the fish that changed the world
T - Technology

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Does technology drive history? : the dilemma of technological determinism

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The spirit of invention : the story of the thinkers, creators, and dreamers who formed our nation

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Environmentally responsible design : green and sustainable design for interior designers

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Robotics : science and systems IV

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Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

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Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio

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Traffic : why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us)

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What engineers know and how they know it : analytical studies from aeronautical history

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Associated Press guide to photojournalism

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Everything but the coffee : learning about America from Starbucks

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Julie and Julia : my year of cooking dangerously

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A homemade life : stories and recipes from my kitchen table

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Chop suey : a cultural history of Chinese food in the United States

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Texas BBQ

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America's main street hotels : transiency and community in the early auto age

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Fred Harvey Houses of the Southwest
U- Military Science

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America's defense meltdown : Pentagon reform for President Obama and the new Congress : thirteen non-partisan Pentagon insiders, retired military officers, and defense specialists speak out

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Sea service medals : military awards and decorations of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard

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V- Naval Science

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Nineteenth-century lights : historic images of American lighthouses
Z - Library Science

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Library 2.0 initiatives in academic libraries

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Information technology in librarianship : new critical approaches

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Library public relations, promotions, and communications : a how-to-do-it manual

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Genre talks for teens : booktalks and more for every teen reading interest

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The Wikipedia revolution : how a bunch of nobodies created the world's greatest encyclopedia

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