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New Resources - July 2009

Campus (Location)
Call number
A- General Works
  AM121 .M874 1999 The museum forms book
  AM133 .M67 2008 Lost in the museum : buried treasures and the stories they tell
  AP2 .N48 The New York times magazine. [serial]
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
KILLEEN B105.W3 M39 2007 War crimes and just war
KILLEEN BF38 .C925 2009 Desire, self, mind, and the psychotherapies : unifying psychological science and psychoanalysis
  BF76.7 .C66 2010 Concise rules of APA style
  BF76.7 .P83 2010 Publication manual of the American Psychological Association
  BF76.8 .G452 2010 Mastering APA style : instructor's resource guide
KILLEEN BF293 .P59 2008 3D shape : its unique place in visual perception
  BF408 .P49 2005 A whole new mind : moving from the information age to the conceptual age
KILLEEN BF444 .K5513 2009 The overflowing brain : information overload and the limits of working memory
  BF448 .L45 2009 How we decide
  BF531 .O74 2009 Emotional freedom : liberate yourself from negative emotions and transform your life
KILLEEN BF575.A5 P35 2001 When anger hurts your relationship : 10 simple solutions for couples who fight
  BF637.H4 S34 2009 Helping : how to offer, give, and receive help
  BF637.S8 G533 2008 Outliers : the story of success
  BF721 .H225 2008 Raising kids in the 21st century : the science of psychological health for children
  BF723.G75 S55 2009 A parent's guide to raising grieving children : rebuilding your family after the death of a loved one
  BF723.M55 H73 2009 Mothers and others : the evolutionary origins of mutual understanding
  BF724 .G463 2008 An intimate understanding of America's teenagers : shaking hands with aliens
KILLEEN BF798 .S664 2008 Temperament as a regulator of behavior : after fifty years of research
  BF1099.N53 M46 2008 Nightmares : the science and solution of those frightening visions during sleep
  BF1548 .H39 1991 Ghost girl : [the true story of a child in desperate peril and a teacher who saved her]
  BF1775 .M87 2008 Super-stitions : 1,013 of the world's wackiest myths, fables & old wives' tales
KILLEEN BJ1475 .S39 2008 The science of compassionate love : theory, research, and applications
KILLEEN BL60 .S172 2007 The SAGE handbook of the sociology of religion
  BL624 .S47553 2009 The power of soul : the way to heal, rejuvenate, transform, and enlighten all life
  BM70 .J75 2002 Judaism in today's world. Teacher's resource book
  BP65.F8 R6913 2007 Secularism confronts Islam
  BS1450 118th .W55 2006 I will rejoice
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
  CT275.H5 L46 2007 It was never about the ketchup! : the life and leadership secrets of H.J. Heinz
  CT3203 .B37 2009 Thinking through the mothers : reimagining women's biographies
D - History: General and Old World
  D5 .M55 2007 Evidence explained : citing history sources from artifacts to cyberspace
  D16.9 .M299 2007 Historical knowledge, historical error : a contemporary guide to practice
KILLEEN D25 .D96 2001 The dynamics of military revolution, 1300-2050
KILLEEN D25.5 .E34 2008 Occupational hazards : success and failure in military occupation
KILLEEN D756.5.N6 W5313 2008 Normandy : the landings to the liberation of Paris
KILLEEN D757 .M575 2008 The rise of the Wehrmacht : the German armed forces and World War II
KILLEEN D767.6 .S55 2000 Defeat into victory : battling Japan in Burma and India, 1942-1945 ; with a new introduction by David W. Hogan Jr.
  D767.92 .W45 2001 Long day's journey into war : December 7, 1941
  D767.99.I9 R67 1985 Iwo Jima : legacy of valor
  D767.99.O45 F45 1992 Tennozan : the battle of Okinawa and the atomic bomb
  D769.347 .B74 1992 Geronimo! : American paratroopers in World War II
  D783 .H65 2009 "Execute against Japan" : the U.S. decision to conduct unrestricted submarine warfare
  D790 .C272 1999 A WASP among Eagles : a woman military test pilot in World War II
  D811 .W427 1994 We're in this war, too : World War II letters from American women in uniform
  DC33.7 .N52813 2003 The French country house
  DC158.8 .S64 2008 Sans-culottes : an eighteenth-century emblem in the French Revolution
KILLEEN DD237 .W47 2007 Weimar Germany : promise and tragedy
KILLEEN DF93 .V36 2008 Imagining men : ideals of masculinity in ancient Greek culture
KILLEEN DF229.T55 C7 1996 The landmark Thucydides : a comprehensive guide to the Peloponnesian War
KILLEEN DK37.8.R6 H84 2008 The Romanovs : ruling Russia, 1613-1917
KILLEEN DK268.S8 M574 2008 Young Stalin
KILLEEN DK510.763 .S494 2007 Russia lost in transition : the Yeltsin and Putin legacies
  DS63.1 .R67 2009 Inside the revolution
  DS70.9 .F38 2009 A brief history of Iraq
  DS79.76 .A584 2008 Antiquities under siege : cultural heritage protection after the Iraq war
  DS79.76 .F53 2008 The forever war
  DS79.76 .L485 2007 Road hunter in the land between the rivers : disillusioned hearts and minds
KILLEEN DS747.9.Q254 W66 2008 China's first emperor and his terracotta warriors
  DT533.K45 W57 1992 Sundiata : lion king of Mali
E - History: America
  E98.C8 K36 1992 Language of the robe : American Indian trade blankets
KILLEEN E98.W8 S43 2008 Sharing our stories of survival : native women surviving violence
  E99.C85 N69 1993 Los Comanches : the horse people, 1751-1845
  E99.S21 S35 2008 Salish myths and legends : one people's stories
  E99.Y25 Z58 2007 Dance in a buffalo skull
  E169.1 .C843 2008 Culture and customs of the United States
  E179.5 .N37 2007 Atlas of American history
KILLEEN E181 .M6986 1994 For the common defense : a military history of the United States of America
KILLEEN E183.8.I55 F395 2008 The United States and Iran : sanctions, wars, and the policy of dual containment
  E183.8.S65 L44 2007 For the soul of mankind : the United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War
  E184.M5 R329 2009 The woman in the zoot suit : gender, nationalism, and the cultural politics of memory
  E185 .E545 2006 Encyclopedia of African American history, 1619-1895 : from the colonial period to the age of Frederick Douglass
  E185 .E5453 2009 Encyclopedia of African American history, 1896 to the present : from the age of segregation to the twenty-first century
  E185.86 .A89 2009 African American women's rhetoric : the search for dignity, personhood, and honor
  E185.925 .M35 2009 On the move : a Black family's Western saga
  E185.97.T8 P35 1997 Sojourner Truth : a life, a symbol
  E312.62 .W54 1984 Cincinnatus : George Washington and the Enlightenment
  E332.74 .G67 2008 The Hemingses of Monticello : an American family
KILLEEN E387 .W535 2005 Martin Van Buren
  E464 .W29 2008 The slaves' war : the Civil War in the words of former slaves
  E473.6 .S43 1992 To the gates of Richmond : the peninsula campaign
  E493.5.I72 B43 1998 As if it were glory : Robert Beecham's Civil War from the Iron Brigade to the Black regiments
  E672 .M15 1981 Grant : a biography
  E692 .K37 2004 Chester Alan Arthur
  E715 .O76 1986 The Spanish War : an American epic--1898
  E747 .K45 2004b The family : the real story of the Bush dynasty
  E748.C937 A98 2009 Selling the Great War : the making of American propaganda
  E748.G64 A3 2008 Pure Goldwater
  E840.5.P68 O885 2009 Colin Powell : American power and intervention from Vietnam to Iraq
  E840.8.B58 A3 2009 Vera and the ambassador : escape and return
  E882 .V35 1997 George Herbert Walker Bush : a photographic profile
  E901.1.O23 H46 2009 Black enough/White enough : the Obama dilemma
F - History: America
  F392.E7 S43 1996 Footprints
  F548.9.N4 B74 2003 Bronzeville : Black Chicago in pictures, 1941-1943
  F591 .S54 2006 Blood and thunder : an epic of the American West
  F592.C33 D86 2000 Kit Carson & the Indians
  F592.7 .E38 2003 The great expedition of Lewis and Clark : by Private Reubin Field, member of the Corps of Discovery
  F596 .J585 1998 Daily life on the nineteenth century American frontier
  F910.7.P35 B47 2008 101 things you and John McCain didn't know about Sarah Palin
KILLEEN F1414.3 .R35 2007 Forgotten continent : the battle for Latin America's soul
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  G585.B8 R68 2008 Explorer : the life of Richard E. Byrd
  G1021 .G46 2008 Comprehensive atlas of the world
  GC228.5 .M34 2008 Magma to microbe : modeling hydrothermal processes at ocean spreading centers
  GF86 .S538 2009 The survivors club : the secrets and science that could save your life
  GN20 .B36 2004 Intertwined lives : Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, and their circle
  GN283.25 .J64 2009 Lucy's legacy : the quest for human origins
  GN293 .D43 2008 Bodies from the ice : melting glaciers and the recovery of the past
  GN307.7 .P68 2009 Accidental ethnography : an inquiry into family secrecy
  GN333 .W67 2009 Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
  GR615 .T46 2008 Wish : wishing traditions around the world
  GT507 .G74 2008 The Greenwood encyclopedia of clothing through world history
  GT511 .B763 2004 A pictorial history of costume : from ancient times to the nineteenth century : with over 1900 illustrated costumes, including 1000 in full color
  GV867.5 .N48 2008 Baseball hour
  GV1796.H57 S34 2009 Foundation : b-boys, b-girls, and hip-hop culture in New Yor
  GV1796.T3 D46 2007 The meaning of tango : the story of the Argentinian dance
H - Social Science
  HB74.5 .H36 2009 Economics 2.0 : what the best minds in economics can teach you about business and life
  HB3722 .W66 2009 Meltdown : a free-market look at why the stock market collapsed, the economy tanked, and government bailouts will make things worse
  HC79.C63 H55 2009 Prosperity for all : consumer activism in an era of globalization
  HC79.E5 A315 2008 Transition to sustainability : towards a humane and diverse world
ELECTRONIC HC102.5.A2 E53 2005eb The encyclopedia of the history of American management [electronic resource]
  HC102.5.H56 H38 2001 Duncan Hines : the man behind the cake mix
  HC110.C63 B79 2006 Unscrewed : the consumer's guide to getting what you paid for
  HC110.I5 G55 2008 Rich and poor in America : a reference handbook
  HC340.12 .A844 2007 Russia's capitalist revolution : why market reform succeeded and democracy failed
  HD30.2 .A936 2009 The adventures of an IT leader
  HD61 .B685 2009 The fat tail : the power of political knowledge for strategic investing
  HD69.T54 E36 2005 The economics of time use
  HD4918 .N432 2008 Minimum wages
  HD5724 .T34 2009 American-made : the enduring legacy of the WPA : when FDR put the nation to work
  HD9567.T3 B873 2009 The big rich : the rise and fall of the greatest Texas oil fortunes
  HD9662.C664 T863 1999 Tupperware : the promise of plastic in 1950s America
  HD9727.M4 R67 2007 Goods for sale : products and advertising in the Massachusetts industrial age
  HD9850.5 .K857 2007 Going global : the textile and apparel industry
  HD9940.A2 E54 2008 How to open & operate a financially successful fashion design business : with companion CD-ROM
  HD9940.A2 G35 2004 Fashion and textiles : an overview
  HD9940.A2 G44 2008 The fashion designer survival guide : start and run your own fashion business
  HD9940.A2 O39 2007 Luxury fashion branding : trends, tactics, techniques
  HD9970.5.C672 W3547 2000 Vision of beauty : the story of Sarah Breedlove Walker
  HF1008 .C85 2009 The 100 best business books of all time : what they say, why they matter, and how they can help you
KILLEEN HF1379 .F559 2007 Power and plenty : trade, war, and the world economy in the second millenium
  HF5381.A1 I5 no. 182 A career as a geophysicist : geoscience, revealing the earth's mysteries, exploring and understanding the world of nature
  HF5382 .G733 2008 The career chronicles : an insider's guide to what jobs are really like : the good, the bad, and the ugly from over 750 professionals
  HF5386 .J644 2009 Peaks and valleys : making good and bad times work for you--at work and in life
AV HF5389 .S2 Gaining the competitive edge with business etiquette [videorecording]
KILLEEN HF5415 .M2998 2008 Marketing metaphors and metamorphosis
  HF5415.165 .W45 2005 The aesthetics of merchandise presentation
  HF5415.33.U6 C23 2009 Longing and belonging : parents, children, and consumer culture /
  HF5415.335 .F67 2007 The satisfied customer : winners and losers in the battle for buyer preference
  HF5845 .C667 1996 Visual merchandising : the business of merchandise presentation
  HF5845 .P65 Point of purchase design annual
  HF6161.B5 L37 2008 Last orders for Guinness? [videorecording]
  HG336.U5 M54 2007 A nation of counterfeiters : capitalists, con men, and the making of the United States
  HG4621 .L52 2009 The heretics of finance : conversations with leading practitioners of technical analysis
  HJ257.3 .L34 2008 The end of prosperity : how higher taxes will doom the economy--if we let it happen
KILLEEN HJ2381 .B35 2008 War and taxes
KILLEEN HJ9816 .H36 2009 Handbook of governmental accounting
  HM621 .C852 2009 Cultural icons
  HM1051 .M25 2009 The ego boom : why the world really does revolve around you
  HM1106 .H53 2009 Try to see it my way : being fair in love and marriage
  HM1131 .O43 2009 The lonely American : drifting apart in the twenty-first century
  HM1206 .S74143 2008 At war with metaphor : media, propaganda, and racism in the war on terror
  HM1261 .R38 2008 Strengths based leadership : great leaders, teams, and why people follow
  HN59.2 .H375 1987 Why nothing works : the anthropology of daily life
  HQ76.25 .B33 2001 Money, myths, and change : the economic lives of lesbians and gay men
  HQ734 .O64 2009 One big happy family : 18 writers talk about polyamory, open adoption, mixed marriage, househusbandry, single motherhood, and other realities of truly modern love
  HQ734 .R715 2008 Little family, big values : lessons in love, respect, and understanding for families of any size
KILLEEN HQ755.8 .B3723 2000 Why parents matter : parental investment and child outcomes
  HQ756 .G768 2009 How to talk to dads
  HQ759 .G766 2009 How to talk to moms
  HQ759.915 .C65 2009 The best kept secret : single black fathers
  HQ769 .G257 2009 Parentonomics : an economist dad looks at parenting
  HQ771 .M47 2010 Child development : myths and misunderstandings
  HQ775 .G74 2008 How to talk to girls
  HQ792.U5 B725 2006 Touchpoints : birth to 3 : your child's emotional and behavioral development
  HQ796 .T34 2009 Taking sides. Clashing views in adolescence
  HQ798 .C87 2009 'Girl power' : girls reinventing girlhood
  HQ799.95 .W53 2008 The suicide index : putting my father's death in order
  HQ800.2 .K3813 2008 The single woman and the fairytale prince
  HQ1190 .B345 2008 The feminist philosophy reader
  HQ1410 .W354 2008 Her story : a timeline of the women who changed America
  HQ1420 .H66 1985 Creating Rosie the Riveter : class, gender, and propaganda during World War II
  HQ1421 .M35 2009 Success and solitude : feminist organizations fifty years after The feminine mystique
  HT690.U6 Z37 2007 No direction home : the American family and the fear of national decline, 1968-1980
  HV48 .S56 2009 The life you can save : acting now to end world poverty
  HV697 .M55 2007 Working with families of the poor
  HV875.56.T36 R39 2007 The baby thief : the untold story of Georgia Tann, the baby seller who corrupted adoption
  HV1461 .G56 2009 Caring for our parents : inspiring stories of families seeking new solutions to America's most urgent health crisis
KILLEEN HV5292 .C615 2007 Paying the tab : the economics of alcohol policy
KILLEEN HV5804 .E53 2009 Encyclopedia of drugs, alcohol & addictive behavior
KILLEEN HV6177 .S8 2007 Pockets of crime : broken windows, collective efficacy, and the criminal point of view
KILLEEN HV6322.7 .S53 2007 What is genocide?
KILLEEN HV6437 .H34 2008 A world of gangs : armed young men and gangsta culture
  HV6568.B87 T56 2009 Picking Cotton : our memoir of injustice and redemption
  HV6604.C7 G66 2009 Out of captivity : surviving 1,967 days in the Colombian jungle
  HV6773.5 .L484 2004 Why we hate
  HV7911.B25 A3 2009 Bad cop : New York's least likely police officer tells all
  HV8080.U5 D63 2009 No angel : my harrowing undercover journey to the inner circle of the Hells Angels
  HV8144.M37 C44 2004 Down darkness wide : U.S. marshals and the last frontier
  HV8144.M37 G65 1991 Marshal : a history of the U.S. Marshals Service
  HV8144.M37 S65 1993 The history of the U.S. marshals : the proud story of America's legendary lawmen
KILLEEN-AV HV8738 .I57 2008 Inside North Carolina women's prison [videorecording]
KILLEEN-AV HV9469 .P75 2004 Prisoners of age [videorecording]
J - Political Science
KILLEEN JK9 .S2 2008 Safire's political dictionary
  JK516 .F36 2009 Spinner in chief : how presidents sell their policies and themselves
KILLEEN JK1021 .S65 2007 Party influence in Congress
KILLEEN JK1991 .L3 2008 Small change : money, political parties, and campaign finance reform
  JV6923 .B37 2008 Immigration at the Golden Gate : passenger ships, exclusion, and Angel Island
KILLEEN JZ5588 .F54 2007 Critical approaches to international security
K - Law
  KF156 .B53 2009 Black's law dictionary
  KF3030.1 .A955 2008 Distance learning and copyright : a guide to legal issues
  KF8742.Z9 H64 2007 The Supreme Court : an essential history
  KFT1439.A75 A47 2008 Agricultural law course 2008
  KFT1439 .A75 A3 2009 3rd Annual agricultural law course
ELECTRONIC KFT1590 .K45 2005eb The educator's guide to Texas school law [electronic resource]
L - Education
  LB1025.3 .D36 2009 Talk about teaching! : leading professional conversations
  LB1025.3 .S737 2009 Teaching for wisdom, intelligence, creativity, and success
  LB1027.43 .Z55 1995 Dinah Zike's big book of projects
  LB1028.8 .H39 1981 Somebody else's kids
  LB1043.5 .Z55 2007 Dinah Zike's Foldables and VKVs for phonics, spelling and vocabulary : a photographic reference guide for kinesthetic learning : preK-2nd grade
  LB1050.5 .S195 2008 The Sage handbook of dyslexia
  LB1060 .P448 2009 Making learning whole : how seven principles of teaching can transform education
KILLEEN AV LB1065 .M68 2008 The motivation breakthrough [videorecording]
  LB1526 .N86 2009 Children's reading and spelling : beyond the first steps
  LB1590.3 .T42 2008 Teaching for intelligence
  LB2324 .M39 2009 Higher learning, greater good : the private and social benefits of higher education
  LB2338 .T36 2008 The ultimate scholarship book 2009 : billions of dollars in scholarships, grants and prizes
  LB2343.32 .F433 2008 Getting the best out of college : a professor, a dean, and a student tell you how to maximize your experience
  LB3013 .H6616 2009 The classroom manager : procedures and practices to improve instruction
  LB3013 .Z554 2005 An illustrated guide to classroom organization : it can be done, K-6
  LB3034 .B258 2009 Balancing the school calendar : perspectives from the public and stakeholders
KILLEEN LB3051 .T26 2007 Tests that teach : using standardized tests to improve instruction
  LC1038 .T43 2009 Teaching adventure education theory : best practices
  LC3707 .E523 2008 Encyclopedia of bilingual education
  LC3731 .A824 2010 Not for ESOL teachers : what every classroom teacher needs to know about the linguistically, culturally, and ethically diverse student
  LC4019.3 .A67 2009 How to handle hard-to-handle preschoolers : a guide for early childhood educators
  LC4069.2 .E37 2008 Early childhood assessment : why, what, and how
  LC4631 .H39 1988 Just another kid
  LC5131 .F46 2009 Improving urban middle schools : lessons from the Nativity schools
  LC5251 .N48 New directions for adult and continuing education. [online]
  LJ31 .S97 2009 The company he keeps : a history of white college fraternities
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML102.M88 H593 2008 The Oxford companion to the American musical : theatre, film, and television
  ML420.O834 A3 2009 Might as well laugh about it now
  ML3477 .M38 2009 Take me out to the ball game : the story of the sensational baseball song
  ML3524 .C87 2008 Discovering country music
  ML3534 .W26 2009 This ain't the summer of love : conflict and crossover in heavy metal and punk
  ML3930.C98 A3 2009 Miles to go
N - Fine Arts
  N857 .F56 2007 A history of the Smithsonian American Art Museum : the intersection of art, science, and bureaucracy
  N7440 .R33 2003 Art is-
  N7680 .I4713 2004 Nature and its symbols
  N7740 .B2913 2005 Symbols and allegories in art
  NA705 .K35 2008 The National Park architecture sourcebook
  NA735.A83 C58 2008 City by design : an architectural perspective of Atlanta
  NA735.B7 K39 2006 Lost Boston
  NA737.D45 P46 2003 The architecture of Delano & Aldrich
  NA737.E83 T74 2008 Appropriate : the houses of Joseph Esherick
  NA737.W7 F72 1993 Frank Lloyd Wright : the masterworks
  NA737.W7 H4695 2008 Frank Lloyd Wright : the buildings
  NA737.W7 H47 2005 Frank Lloyd Wright : the houses
  NA4411 .R44 2005 The United States Capitol : its architecture and decoration
  NA6313.N4 B45 2000 Grand Central : gateway to a million lives
  NA7117.A74 D74 2007 Dream homes deserts : a showcase of the finest architects, designers & builders in Las Vegas, Palm Springs & New Mexico
  NA7125 .K73 2008 Living in luxury : inside the world's most glamorous homes
  NA7205 .B44755 2007 The best of American dream homes
  NA7205 .G745 2008 The Greenwood encyclopedia of homes through American history
  NA7208 .F67 2008 American masterworks : houses of the 20th and 21st centuries
  NA7224 .D74 2007 Dream homes Pacific Northwest : an exclusive showcase of the finest architects, designers & builders in Oregon & Washington
  NA7224.6 .D74 2007 Dream homes Southwest : showcasing the Southwest's finest architects, designers & builders
  NA7235.C2 D74 2008 Dream homes coastal California : an exclusive showcase of the finest architects, designers and builders of California's Central Coast : including Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties
  NA7235.F6 D735 2007 Dream homes Florida : showcasing Florida's finest architects, designers & bulders
  NA7235.N5 D74 2006 Dream homes New Jersey : an exclusive showcase of New Jersey's finest architects, designers and builders
  NA7238.C4 D74 2007 Dream homes Chicago : an exclusive showcase of Chicago's finest architects
  NA7238.L6 D74 2008 Dream homes Los Angeles : an exclusive showcase of the finest architects in Los Angeles
  NA7238.N67 C4 1996 Newport mansions : the Gilded Age
  NA7238.N67 K38 2009 Newport villas : the revival styles, 1885-1935
  NA7238.W3 D74 2007 Dream homes greater Washington, D.C. : a showcase of the finest architects in Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.
  NA9053.S6 M77 2008 Mp2 : 360p0 interior design
  NA9127.W2 K64 2006 Designing the nation's capital : the 1901 plan for Washington, D.C.
  NC974 .P37 2003 It's a man's world : men's adventure magazines, the postwar pulps
  ND210 .L55 2008 Like breath on glass : Whistler, Inness, and the art of painting softly
  ND237.R68 G45 2000 Norman Rockwell : storyteller with a brush
  ND259.K33 B47 2007 Frida : viva la vida = long live life!
  ND653.G7 R74 2001 The yellow house : Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin side by side
  NK1980 .S73 2008 The modern interior
  NK1990 .S64 2008 Georgian style and design for contemporary living
  NK2004.3.W66 A4 2008 High style
  NK2049.A1 D36 2008 French chic : the art of decorating houses
  NK2115.5.C6 J33 2008 Monochrome
  NK4894.2.H324 G47 2009 Barbie and Ruth : the story of the world's most famous doll and the woman who created her
  NK5198.C43 A4 200 Chihuly's Pendletons : and their influence on his work
  NK7304 .M38 1995 Techniques of jewelry illustration and color rendering
P - Language and Literature
  P96.T42 M35 2001 The language of new media
  PA181 .H33 2005 Ancient rhetoric and oratory
  PA2311 .C66 2007 A companion to Roman rhetoric
  PA3265 .C66 2007 A companion to Greek rhetoric
  PA4414.A3 G54 2008 Selected poems : odes and fragments
  PE1128.A2 V64 2008 99 ideas and activities for teaching English learners with the SIOP model
  PE1689 .M47 1996 Metaphors dictionary
KILLEEN PG2951 .E47 2008 The Cambridge introduction to Russian literature
KILLEEN PG3098.H5 U54 2007 Plotting history : the Russian historical novel in the Imperial Age
KILLEEN PG3328.Z7 R485 2008 Dostoevsky : language, faith, and fiction
KILLEEN PG3333 .M4 2004 Dead souls
KILLEEN PG3347 .A15 1999 The collected stories
KILLEEN PG3453.B9 A24 2002 Sunstroke : selected stories of Ivan Bunin
KILLEEN PG3453.B9 Z4713 1998 Cursed days : a diary of Revolution
KILLEEN PG3456.A13 P48 2004 The complete short novels
KILLEEN PG3456.A13 S45 2008 A night in the cemetery : and other stories of crime & suspense
KILLEEN PK3798.S91 M713 2009 The little clay cart
KILLEEN PK6456.A13 D3813 2006 Shahnameh : the Persian book of kings
KILLEEN PL782.E1 T73 2007 Traditional Japanese literature : an anthology, beginnings to 1600
KILLEEN PL2658.E1 C64 2007 The Columbia anthology of modern Chinese literature
  PL2658.E3 L59 2002 A thousand peaks : poems from China
  PN162 .N67 2009 Developmental editing : a handbook for freelancers, authors, and publishers
  PN167 .B48 2009 My word! : plagiarism and college culture
  PN167 .P527 2004 The plagiarism plague : a resource guide and CD-ROM tutorial for educators and librarians
  PN167 .W46 2009 Who owns this text? : plagiarism, authorship, and disciplinary cultures
  PN175 .M87 2009 Non-discursive rhetoric : image and affect in multimodal composition
  PN183 .O46 2006 Rhetoric : an historical introduction
  PN1356 .D53 2008 Dialogism and lyric self-fashioning : Bakhtin and the voices of a genre
  PN1356 .V66 2008 Lyric powers
  PN1992.77.T87 B76 2009 Rod Serling and The twilight zone : the 50th anniversary tribute
KILLEEN PN1993.5.J3 W33 2008 Nippon modern : Japanese cinema of the 1920s and 1930s
  PN1993.5.U6 H37 2008 Pictures at a revolution : five movies and the birth of the new Hollywood
KILLEEN PN1995.9.A8 P53 2009 Moving viewers : American film and the spectator's experience
  PN1997 .G56833 2008 The Godfather [videorecording] : the Coppola restoration
  PN3355 .K54 2008 The 4 a.m. breakthrough : unconventional writing exercises that transform your fiction
  PN3503 .J44 2008 Five fictions in search of truth
  PN6165 .L43 2008 Why we suck : a feel good guide to staying fat, loud, lazy and stupid
  PN6727.H246 R36 2008 Rapunzel's revenge
  PQ673 .S6 2008 Jail sentences : representing prison in twentieth-century French fiction
  PQ6352 .C614 2008 A companion to Don Quixote
  PQ7207.H5 G84 2008 Confronting history and modernity in Mexican narrative
  PR448.W65 D65 2008 Seeing suffering in women's literature of the Romantic era
  PR468.S34 E64 2008 Anxious anatomy : the conception of the human form in literary and naturalist discourse
KILLEEN PR2848 .M33 2008 The world of Shakespeare's sonnets : an introduction
KILLEEN PR2877.L33 R53 2008 Shakespeare as children's literature : Edwardian retellings in words and pictures
  PR3728.P6 O25 2008 A political biography of Jonathan Swift
  PR4167.J5 T56 2008 Imperialism, reform, and the making of Englishness in Jane Eyre
  PR4528 .S37 2008 Ouida the phenomenon : evolving social, political, and gender concerns in her friction
  PR4588 .H283 2008 Dickens and creativity
  PR4611 .J3 2007 Jabberwocky : the classic poem from Lewis Carroll's Through the looking glass, and what Alice found there
  PR6027.O8 H5 2005 The highwayman
  PR6045.O72 Z614 2009 Imagining Virginia Woolf : an experiment in critical biography
  PR6057.A319 A84 2003 American gods : a novel
  PR6057.A319 G6 2007 Good omens : the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch
  PR6066.R34 G82 2001 Guards! guards! : a novel of Discworld
  PR6066.R34 P97 2008 Pyramids : a novel of Discworld
  PR9265.9.D39 I15 2005 I saw your face
  PR2900 .B38 2007 Why Shakespeare?
  PS153.M4 S36 2008 Toward a Latina feminism of the Americas : repression and resistance in Chicana and Mexicana literature
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Q - Science
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S - Agriculture
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U- Military Science
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Z - Library Science
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 Online   American Music Teacher
 Online   Chem Tech
 Online   Critical Inquiry
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