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New Resources - June 2009

Campus (Location)
Call Number
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  B945.L274 I56 2009 Susanne Langer in focus : the symbolic mind
  B3279.H49 B453 1993b Heidegger in question : the art of existing
CURR-COLL BF299.S5 W455 1993 Is a blue whale the biggest thing there is?
  BF315.5 .C73 2009 The highly intuitive child : a guide to understanding and parenting unusually sensitive and empathic children
  BF431 .N57 2009 Intelligence and how to get it : why schools and cultures count
  BF431 .S687 2009 What intelligence tests miss : the psychology of rational thought
  BF432.3 .G365 2008 Five minds for the future
  BF441 .M33 2008 Your brain : the missing manual
KILLEEN BF575.A86 H36 2008 Handbook of attachment : theory, research, and clinical applicat


BF575.F66 G735 2009 Buddy system : understanding male friendships
REFERENCE BF636.54 .E53 2008 Encyclopedia of counseling
  BF637.C5 W53 2008 The only 127 things you need : a guide to life's essentials
  BF789.D4 Y35 2008 Staring at the sun : overcoming the terror of death
  BF789.D4 Y35 2008 Staring at the sun : overcoming the terror of death
  BL53 .A47 2008 The "God" part of the brain : a scientific interpretation of human spirituality and God
CURR-COLL BT302 .P38 2008 The light of the world : the life of Jesus for children
  BT736.6 .A67 2009 Kingdom to commune : Protestant pacifist culture between World War I and the Vietnam era
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
  C2600.6 T199EX Tax exemptions & tax incidence : a report to the Governor and ... Texas Legislature
  CR4595.U5 C43 2009 Pistols, politics and the press : dueling in 19th century American journalism
D - History: General and Old World
  D13 .H444 2008 National history and the world of nations : capital, state, and the rhetoric of history in Japan, France, and the United States
  D15.L83 A3 2009 Last rites
  D60 .M45 2006 Handbook to life in prehistoric Europe
  D769.3 99th .H86 2008 Once upon a time in war : the 99th division in World War II
  D769.8.A6 D87 2008 Artifacts of loss : crafting survival in Japanese American concentration camps
  D802.G8 K24 2009 Daddy's war : Greek American stories
  D810.E8 W56 2008 Good girls, good food, good fun : the story of USO hostesses during World War II
  D840 .S346 2009 Constructing the monolith : the United States, Great Britain, and international communism, 1945-1950
  DA506.E44 M9 2005 My lady scandalous : the amazing life and outrageous times of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, royal courtesan
  DA913 .M247 2008 Ariadne's thread : writing women into Irish history
  DC203 .H39 2005 The legend of Napoleon
  DD857.P53 A3 2009 An American in Hitler's Berlin : Abraham Plotkin's diary, 1932-33
  DS79.76 .S698 2008b The three trillion dollar war : the true cost of the Iraq conflict
KILLEEN DS272 .A94 2008 A history of Iran : empire of the mind
KILLEEN DS480.84 .G74 2007 India after Gandhi : the history of the world's largest democracy
KILLEEN DS779.47 .K87 2007 Charm offensive : how China's soft power is transforming the world
E - History: America
  E77 .N543 2008 Red gentlemen & white savages : Indians, federalists, and the search for order on the American frontier
  E83.88 .C67 1999 Apache nightmare : the battle at Cibecue Creek
  E93 .L43 2008 Historical dictionary of Native American movements
  E98.L3 R87 2008 Unearthing Indian land : living with the legacies of allotment
  E99.C68 C6388 1991 Cochise : Chiricahua Apache chief
  E99.K5 G73 2009 One hundred summers : a Kiowa calendar record
  E99.L5 B75 2009 The Lipan Apaches : people of wind and lightning
  E99.P85 P62 2007 The true story of Pocahontas : the other side of history : from the sacred history of the Mattaponi Reservation people
  E169.12 .B323 2009 The 2000s
  E179.5 .H83 2009 American boundaries : the nation, the states, the rectangular survey
  E183.8.C9 S375 2009 That infernal little Cuban republic : the United States and the Cuban Revolution
  E183.8.T3 T829 2009 Strait talk : United States-Taiwan relations and the crisis with China
KILLEEN E184.A1 C65 2005 Complex ethnic households in America
  E184.A1 M585 2008 The rise of multicultural America : economy and print culture, 1865-1915
  E184.37.R36 A3 2009 My Germany : a Jewish writer returns to the world his parents escaped
  E185.61 .C295 2009 Freedom's main line : the journey of reconciliation and the freedom rides
  E185.61 .C779 2009 Becoming African Americans : Black public life in Harlem, 1919-1939
  E185.61 .L593 2009 How free is free? : the long death of Jim Crow
  E185.97.K5 S864 2009 King's dream
  E185.97.W4 N67 2009 Up from history : the life of Booker T. Washington
CURR-COLL E302.6.H2 F73 2008 Duel! : Burr and Hamilton's deadly war of words
  E330 .L37 2008 A magnificent catastrophe : the tumultuous election of 1800, America's first presidential campaign
  E335 .Z33 2005b The pirate coast : Thomas Jefferson, the first marines, and the secret mission of 1805
  E342 .S69 2009 Borderlines in borderlands : James Madison and the Spanish-American frontier, 1776-1821
  E377 .P67 2009 The passionate empiricist : the eloquence of John Quincy Adams in the service of science
  E449 .R57 2008 Abolition and the press : the moral struggle against slavery
  E449 .R635 2009 Fanatical schemes : proslavery rhetoric and the tragedy of consensus
  E457 .M46 2009 Abraham Lincoln
  E457.2 .E48 2009 Lincoln the inventor
  E457.2 .E73 2009 "What shall we do with the Negro?" : Lincoln, white racism, and Civil War America
  E457.2 .G875 2009 Abraham Lincoln as a man of ideas
  E457.2 .S383 2008 Abraham Lincoln in the post-heroic era : history and memory in late twentieth-century America
  E457.4 .L47 2009 Mr. Lincoln's book : publishing the Lincoln-Douglas debates : with a census of signed copies
  E457.905 .F58 2008 The Lincolns : a scrapbook look at Abraham and Mary
  E457.905 .F73 2008ab Lincoln [sound recording] : a photobiography
  E467.1.C58 S74 2009 Invisible hero : Patrick R. Cleburne
  E467.1.D885 C38 2009 Moss Bluff rebel : a Texas pioneer in the Civil War
  E609 .W67 2008 Words at war : the Civil War and American journalism
  E672 .A3 1885a Personal memoirs of U.S. Grant. vol. I and II
  E675 .S56 2006 The doom of Reconstruction : the liberal Republicans in the Civil War era
  E743 .O46 2009 Real enemies : conspiracy theories and American democracy, World War I to 9/11
  E748.G76 A3 2009 The memoirs of Ambassador Henry F. Grady : from the Great War to the Cold War
  E748.W442 O84 2008 Sumner Welles, postwar planning, and the quest for a new world order, 1937-1943
  E786 .P39 2009 Dead last : the public memory of Warren G. Harding's scandalous legacy
  E806 .C63 2004 Dust to eat : drought and depression in the 1930s
  E837.7 .R67 2009 The real making of the president : Kennedy, Nixon, and the 1960 election
  E908 .A27 2009 Obama : the historic journey
  E908 .I53 2009 The inauguration of Barack Obama : a photographic journal
F - History: America
KILLEEN F128.9.P35 C48 1996 Mama's girl
  F212 .D48 1997 The Devil's lane : sex and race in the early South
  F391 .P264 2009 The Sutton-Taylor feud : the deadliest blood feud in Texas
  F391.2 .M22 2009 The power of the Texas governor : Connally to Bush
  F391.4.R53 S78 2008 Ann Richards : "a woman's place is in the dome"
  F392.B82 M36 2009 The uncompromising diary of Sallie McNeill, 1858-1867
  F394.D82 A93 2009 Legends of Dublin : personalities of the Irish capital of Texas : as seen in the Dublin Citizen
  F826.K27 G76 2009 "Liberty to the downtrodden" : Thomas L. Kane, romantic reformer
  F910.7.P35 B467 2008 God, prayer and Sarah Palin : Sarah Palin and the power of prayer : the power of prayer and Sarah Palin
  F910.7.P35 J362 2008 Sarah Palin : the real deal
  F910.7.P35 P37 2008 Sarah Palin : faith, family, country
  F1089.5.P6 R87 2002 Rusty nails & ration books : Great Depression & WWII memories, 1929-1945
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  G625 .C39 2008 Tracing the connected narrative : Arctic exploration in British print culture, 1818-1860
  G1000.2 .S3 2005 Night sky atlas : the moon, planets, stars and deep sky objects
REFERENCE G1201.E2 U5 2007 Census atlas of the United States : Census 2000 special reports
KILLEEN GB5014 .S58 2008 Global catastrophes and trends : the next fifty years
  GE42 .J36 2008 Ethics and the environment : an introduction
REFERENCE GE105 .C65 2008 Battleground : environment
  GN281.4 .D47 2009 Darwin's sacred cause : how a hatred of slavery shaped Darwin's views on human revolution
  GR625 .F37 2004 Tales of the starry sky : legends of the moon, stars, planets and other observable night sky objects
  GT575 .E53 2008 Encountering medieval textiles and dress : objects, texts, images
KILLEEN GT4986.A1 P54 2000 Celebrating the family : ethnicity, consumer culture, and family rituals
  GV181.35 .T43 2009 Technical skills for adventure programming : a curriculum guide
  GV401 .S53 2009 Space planning guidelines for campus recreational sport facilities
  GV742.3 .M37 2009 Sports on television
  GV783 .K39 2009 Kayaking
  GV859.8 .W58 2009 Skateboarding : instruction, programming, and park design
  GV875.6 .F69 2009 Under the March sun : the story of spring training
  GV881.4.C6 C62 2009 Coaching softball technical and tactical skills
  GV943.9.T7 M315 2009 Elite soccer drills
  GV956.2.S8 S7 2009 The billion dollar game : behind the scenes of the greatest day in American sport : Super Bowl Sunday
  GV1061.18.A35 W37 2008 Fit after 50 : getting up and running physically, mentally, and professionally
  GV1218.5 .W35 2008 Wham-O super-book : celebrating 60 years inside the fun factory!
  GV1785.A1 S56 2007 First position : a century of ballet artists
H - Social Science
  HB171.5 .M264 2009 Principles of economics
  HB801 .D86 2008 Identifying consumption : subjects and objects in consumer society
  HB883 .S63 2007 If the world were a village : a book about the world's people
KILLEEN HB1545 .B33 2006 The baby bust : who will do the work? who will pay the taxes?
  HB3716 .K77 2009 The return of depression economics and the crisis of 2008
  HC59.7 .A7422 2008 Development macroeconomics
  HC60 .R487 2007 Does foreign aid really work?
  HC79.C6 A94 2008 Customer obsession : how to acquire, retain, and grow customers in the new age of relationship marketing
  HC79.C6 C6726 2009 Consumption & generational change : the rise of consumer lifestyles
  HC106.7 .P52 2008 Bad money : reckless finance, failed politics, and the global crisis of American capitalism
  HC427.95 .G87 2009 China and globalization: the social, economic and political transformation of Chinese society
KILLEEN HD38.7 .B4555 2008 Analysis without paralysis : 10 tools to make better strategic decisions
  HD53 .H825 2007 The idea generator : tools for business growth
  HD57.7 .F5559 2009 Strategic leadership : theory and research on executives, top management teams, and boards
  HD58.8 .K43 2009 Immunity to change : how to overcome it and unlock potential in yourself and your organization
  HD60 .E67 2008 Making sustainability work : best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental and economic impacts
  HD1428 .I547 2009a Synthesis report : a synthesis of the global and sub-global IAASTD reports
  HD2358.5.U6 W44 2009 Business in black and white : American presidents & Black entrepreneurs in the twentieth century
  HD6072.6.U52 A43 2009 Unexceptional women : female proprietors in mid-nineteenth-century Albany, New York, 1830-1885
  HD6280 .M86 2008 Working longer : the solution to the retirement income challenge
  HD7288.72.U6 I34 2009 Where we live now : immigration and race in the United States
  HD8081.M6 Z36 2009 Claiming rights and righting wrongs in Texas : Mexican workers and job politics during World War II
  HD9005 .B63 2008 Food fears : from industrial to sustainable food systems
  HD9502.U52 D828 2009 Energy
  HF1379 .B355 2008 The development and testing of Heckscher-Ohlin trade models : a review
  HF1776 .N33 2009 NAFTA and the campesinos : the impact of NAFTA on small-scale agricultural producers in Mexico and the prospects for change
  HF5382.5.U5 G46 2009 10 strategies for reentering the workforce : career advice for anyone who needs a good (or better) job now
  HF5382.5.U5 L75 2003 Don't wait until you graduate II : jump-start your career in today's volatile economy while still in school
  HF5386 .J616 2008 32 ways to be a champion in business
  HF5389 .M3753 2009 Passport to success : the essential guide to business culture and customs in America's largest trading partners
  HF5415.335 .H39 2008 Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty : survey design, use, and statistical analysis methods
  HF5549 .R6358 2008 Human resource transformation : demonstrating strategic leadership in the face of future trends
  HF5549.5.M63 B368 2009 Motivate like a CEO : communicate your strategic vision and inspire people to act!
KILLEEN HF5635 .S552899 2000 Accounting and finance for the nonfinancial executive : an integrated resource management guide for the 21st century
KILLEEN HF5657.4 .S55 2008 Management accountant's standard desk reference
KILLEEN HG171 .F47 2008 The ascent of money : a financial history of the world
  HG179 .M87 2007 The Penny Pincher's book revisited : living better for less
  HG179 .S377 2009 The secret currency of love : the unabashed truth about women, money, and relationships : an anthology of personal essays
  HG1725 .P88 2008 Policing the banks : accountability mechanisms for the financial sector
  HG3756.U54 B67 2008 Borrowing to live : consumer and mortgage credit revisited
  HM571 .A35 2008 How it's done : an invitation to social research
  HM901 .W39 2008 The way we will be 50 years from today : 60 of the world's greatest minds share their visions of the next half century
  HM1206 .S38 2008 Liberating voices : a pattern language for communication revolution
  HQ29 .Y47 2008 Yes means yes! : visions of female sexual power & a world without rape
  HQ76.2.U5 S87 2009 From "perverts" to "fab five" : the media's changing depiction of gay men and lesbians
  HQ76.3.U5 J66 2009 Macho man : the disco era and gay America's "coming out"
KILLEEN HQ76.8.U5 R58 2008 The lesbian and gay movements : assimilation or liberation
  HQ518 .B737 2000 From contract to covenant : beyond the law and economics of the family
  HQ536 .A5477 2008 The American family : understanding its changing dynamics and place in society
  HQ755.8 .D39 2009 Smart but scattered : the revolutionary "executive skills" approach to helping kids reach their potential
  HQ755.8 .F3 2004 How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk
  HQ759.9 .P37 2008 Parenting the custodial grandchild : implications for clinical practice
  HQ766.5.P8 L66 2008 Matters of choice : Puerto Rican women's struggle for reproductive freedom
  HQ777 .S435 2009 The sexualization of childhood
  HQ778.5 .L425 2009 Child care today : getting it right for everyone
  HQ778.63 .M87 2007 How to open & operate a financially successful child care service
  HQ792.U5 C45 2009 Inventing modern adolescence : the children of immigrants in turn-of-the-century America
  HQ799.2.T4 J25 2008 Television and youth culture : televised paranoia
  HQ799.2.V56 L365 2009 Why kids kill : inside the minds of school shooters
  HQ1064.U5 B66 2009 Boomer bust? : economic and political issues of the graying society
  HQ1075.5.U6 S565 2008 Gender and the sectional conflict
  HQ1090.3 .G63 2009 The overflowing of friendship : love between men and the creation of the American republic
  HQ1236.5.U6 M33 2009 The American women's movement, 1945-2000 : a brief history with documents
KILLEEN HT690.U6 F73 2007 Falling behind : how rising inequality harms the middle class
KILLEEN HV40.35 .H69 2008 The emotionally intelligent social worker
KILLEEN HV699 .C67 2000 Evidence-based social work practice with families : a lifespan approach
  HV741 .C5359 2009 Childhood, youth, and social work in transformation : implications for policy and practice
  HV875 .S54 2009 Siblings in adoption and foster care : traumatic separations and honored connections
  HV875.5 .J33 2008 Culture keeping : white mothers, international adoption, and the negotiation of family difference
  HV5825 .B435 2009 Drugs : America's holy war
  HV5840.D44 K36 2009 Drugs and contemporary warfare
  HV6046 .D39 2009 The delinquent girl
  HV6250.4.W65 B76 2009 Violence against women : vulnerable populations
  HV6431 .S63 2007 The faces of terrorism : social and psychological dimensions
  HV6433.M5 E57 2008 Middle Eastern terrorism : from Black September to September 11
  HV6626 .V36 2009 Death by domestic violence : preventing the murders and murder-suicides
  HV6626.2 .P68 2008 Battle cries : Black women and intimate partner abuse
  HV8141 .H595 2008 Race and police brutality : roots of an urban dilemma
  HV8141 .M647 2008 Current issues in American law enforcement : controversies and solutions
  HV8836 .F55 2009 The myth of prison rape : sexual culture in American prisons
  HV8883.3.U5 T46 2008 Effective teaching in correctional settings : prisons, jails, juvenile centers, and alternative schools
  HV9469 .D75 2009 Do prisons make us safer? : the benefits and costs of the prison boom
  HX84.S4 F75 2009 A red family : Junius, Gladys, and Barbara Scales
J - Political Science
  J82 .E91 2009 The inaugural address, 2009 : together with Abraham Lincoln's first and second inaugural addresses and the Gettysburg Address and Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-reliance
  JK511 .B44 2008 Before the rhetorical presidency
  JK552 .D33 2009 In the shadow of the Oval Office : profiles of the national security advisers and the presidents they served : from JFK to George W. Bush
  JK1118 .K35 2009 So damn much money : the triumph of lobbying and the corrosion of American government
  JK1967 .G73 2009 Image bite politics : news and the visual framing of elections
  JZ1480 .C36 2008 Difficult transitions : foreign policy troubles at the outset of presidential power
K - Law
KILLEEN KF228.C6545 F74 2007 Little Rock on trial : Cooper v. Aaron and school desegregation
  KF373.H468 H55 2008 John Hill for the state of Texas : my years as attorney general
KILLEEN KF505 .E28 2007 Economics of family law
KILLEEN KF750.Z9 H827 2004 Family wealth : keeping it in the family : how family members and their advisers preserve human, intellectual, and financial assets for generations
KILLEEN KF755 .B73 2004 Inheritance law and the evolving family
  KF3464 .S59 2008 Race, labor & civil rights : Griggs versus Duke Power and the struggle for equal employment opportunity
  KF3467 .H68 2008 Gender and age discrimination among women in the broadcast news industry
  KF3830 .C34 2009 Test tube families : why the fertility market needs legal regulation
  KF4758 .C365 2009 The crimes of womanhood : defining femininity in a court of law
  KF4758 .S77 2009 Equal : women reshape American law
  KF5050 .M38 2009 Presidential constitutionalism in perilous times
  KF8748 .C425 2009 Legacy and legitimacy : black Americans and the Supreme Court
  KFV2987 .G68 2008 The Innocence Commission : preventing wrongful convictions and restoring the criminal justice system
L - Education
  L1801.7 H816f no.81-2 Fiscal 2010-11 state budget : background on the issues
  LA217.2 .S62 2009 Restoring honor to public schools : a teacher's vision for American education
  LA219 .F56 2009 The upper elementary years : ensuring success in grades 3-6
  LA2317.R265 G75 2008 Harry Huntt Ransom : intellect in motion
  LB1025.3 .D86 2009 Differentiating instruction for at-risk students : what to do and how to do it
  LB1025.3 .H645 2009 Explicit direct instruction (EDI) : the power of the well-crafted, well-taught lesson
  LB1025.3 .J6395 2005 Teaching outside the box : how to grab your students by their brains
  LB1025.3 .K554 2009 Teaching how to learn : the teacher's guide to student success
  LB1025.3 .O28 2009 Turning average instruction into great instruction : school leadership's role in student achievement
  LB1027.23 .F35 2009 Teaching the way children learn
  LB1027.23 .R67 2009 Fostering learner independence : an essential guide for K-6 educators
  LB1027.3 .H365 2007 The handbook of experiential learning and management education
  LB1027.3 .P64 2009 Teaching content outrageously : how to captivate all students and accelerate learning, grades 4-12
  LB1027.42 .P69 2001 The power of problem-based learning : a practical "how to" for teaching undergraduate courses in any discipline
  LB1028.24 .C655 2008 Collaborative action research : developing professional learning communities
  LB1028.24 .P56 2009 Teacher action research : building knowledge democracies
  LB1028.5 .W398 2009 Using wikis for online collaboration : the power of the read-write Web
  LB1029.T4 C66 2009 Purposeful co-teaching : real cases and effective strategies
  LB1033.5 .A27 2009 Having hard conversations
  LB1060 .N487 2009 assessing what really matters in schools : creating hope for the future
  LB1062.6 .O33 2009 Doubling student performance : ...and finding the resources to do it
  LB1072 .M477 2009 Strong start. Pre-K : a social & emotional learning curriculum
  LB1132 .D57 2008 Disparities in school readiness : how families contribute to transitions into school
  LB1137 .F76 2009 From children to Red Hatters : diverse images and issues of play
  LB1139.23 .W56 2009 Nurturing young children's disposition to learn
  LB1555 .A545 2009 63 tactics for teaching diverse learners, K-6
  LB1573 .S826 2009 Good choice! : supporting independent reading and response K-6
  LB1573.7 .B83 2009 Notebook connections : strategies for the reader's notebook
  LB1574.5 .G718 2009 Teaching individual words : one size does not fit all
  LB1576 .B533 2009 The CAFE book : engaging all students in daily literacy assessment & instruction
  LB1576 .C853 2009 Culturally responsive literacy instruction
  LB1576 .P738 2009 The principal as instructional leader in literacy
  LB1585 .B32 2008 Teaching the nature of science through process skills : activities for grades 3-8
  LB1585 .K54 2008 Using science notebooks in elementary classrooms
  LB1585.3 .I57 2000 Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards : a guide for teaching and learning
  LB1632 .E54 2008 Engaging adolescents in reading
  LB1715 .E495 2009 So now you're the superintendent!
  LB1733 .D53 2008 Welcome to the aquarium : a year in the lives of children
  LB1738.5 .B56 2009 Powerful partnerships : a handbook for principals mentoring assistant principals
  LB1775 .V49 2009 Learning from the children : reflecting on teaching
  LB1775.2 .C83 2009 Hugging the middle : how teachers teach in an era of testing and accountability
  LB2340.2 .C645 2009 The student loan scam : the most oppressive debt in U.S. history-- and how we can fight back
  LB2351.52.U6 T36 2008 Accepted! : 50 successful college admission essays
  LB2353.48 .B38 2001 Barron's pass key to the ACT, American College Testing Program
  LB2361 .G78 2008 The course syllabus : a learning-centered approach
  LB2386 .D62 2009 Doctoral education and the faculty of the future
  LB2806 .W24 2009 Ethical decision making in school administration : leadership as moral architecture
  LB2806.15 .M66 2009 Strategic design for student achievement
  LB2806.15 .W558 2009 Leading curriculum development
  LB2806.17 .S76 2009 The school administrator's guide to blogging : a new way to connect with the community
  LB2806.22 .R67 2008 Grading education : getting accountability right
  LB2822.8 .P75 2009 The principal as data-driven leader.
  LB2822.83.C2 R45 2009 Sustaining extraordinary student achievement
  LB2831 .F88 2008 The future of school board governance : relevancy and revelation
  LB2831.58 .S67 2009 The principal's guide to managing school personnel
  LB2831.7 .W47 2009 Leadership teaming : the superintendent-principal relationship
  LB2831.72 .P654 2008 The dark side of educational leadership : superintendents and the professional victim syndrome
  LB2831.9 .P748 2009 The principal as professional learning community leader
  LB2831.92 .H65 2009 From the principal's X-files : the unexpected tales of a practical principal
  LB2831.92 .W438 2009 Principal mentoring : a safe, simple, and supportive approach
  LB3013 .L553 2009 Common-sense classroom management : techniques for working with students with significant disabilities
  LB3013 .W526 2009 Elementary classroom management : a student-centered approach to leading and learning
  LB3013.3 .F87 2009 Combating hatred : educators leading the way
  LB3051 .G264 2009 Developing performance-based assessments : grades 6-12
  LB3060.83 .V56 2009 From A nation at risk to No Child Left Behind : national education goals and the creation of federal education policy
  LB3607 .S64 2008 What to expect when your child leaves for college : a complete guide for parents only
KILLEEN LC89 .A78 2007 Congress and the classroom : from the Cold War to "No Child Left Behind"
  LC148.2 .D45 1998 A practical guide to enrollment and retention management in higher education
  LC213.2 .R43 2008 Moving every child ahead : from NCLB hype to meaningful educational opportunity
  LC241 .H46 2004 Grant writing in higher education : a step-by-step guide
  LC311 .L567 2009 The case for character education : a developmental approach
  LC2669 .G36 2009 The Latino education crisis : the consequences of failed social policies
  LC3993.22 .I36 2009 Igniting creativity in gifted learners, K-6 : strategies for every teacher
  LC4031 .J46 2009 Before the special education referral : leading intervention teams
  LC4031 .K63 2009 Transition to postsecondary education for students with disabilities
  LC4704.73 .M33 2009 Strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities
  LC4713.4 .P76 2009 Mindful education for ADHD students : differentiating curriculum and instruction using multiple intelligences
  LC4801 .A67 2009 How to handle the hard-to-handle student, K-5
  LC5051 .R47 2008 Resilience : queer professors from the working class
  LD5271.T33 T37 2007 Tarleton State University : the traditions remain
M - Music and Books on Music
AV M1366.D27 M35 2004 Miles ahead [sound recording]
  ML54.6.S556 L97 2008 Lyrics, 1964-2008
  ML113 .S28 2009 Music research : a handbook
  ML290.8.F6 T74 2008 Music and wonder at the Medici court : the 1589 interludes for La pellegrina
  ML410.B13 L39 2008 Bach's St. Matthew Passion : a closer look
  ML410.Z75 B73 2008 John Zorn : tradition and transgression
  ML3531 .B73 2009 Book of rhymes : the poetics of hip hop
  ML3792.W37 Z36 2008 Revolutions in sound : Warner Bros. Records, the first fifty years
  ML3800 .A46 2008 A theory of musical narrative
  ML3921.8.P67 J36 2009 Apocalypse jukebox : the end of the world in American popular music
  MT70.5 .O87 1986 Contemporary choral arranging
  MT146 .E96 2009 The foundations of rock : from "Blue suede shoes" to "Suite : Judy blue eyes"
  MT955 .B575 2009 The magic of middle school musicals : inspire your students to learn, grow, and succeed
N - Fine Arts
  N330.7 R339 NO.409 2008 txdocs A guide to pollution prevention planning : meeting the requirements of the Waste Reduction Policy Act, save money, reduce risk, and eliminate waste
  N330.7 R339 NO.466 txdocs Landscape irrigation program : implementation
AV N5300 .A78 1989 Art of the Western world produced by WNET/Thirteen in association with TVS. videorecording
  N6537.J6 A4 2008b Jasper Johns : light bulb
  N6538.N5 H43 2009 The hearing eye : jazz & blues influences in African American visual art
  NA5471.S5 R44 2008 Thirteenth-century wall painting of Salisbury Cathedral : art, liturgy, and reform
  NC975.5.G34 R39 2008 Wanda G*ag : the girl who lived to draw
  NC1766.U5 L442 2007 The Colored cartoon : Black representation in American animated short films, 1907-1954
  ND237.K33 A4 2008 Alex Katz : seeing, drawing, making
  ND653.V5 B387 2009 Vermeer's family secrets : genius, discovery, and the unknown apprentice
  ND1460.G37 B8813 2008 The history of gardens in painting
  NK2115.5.C6 P67 2009 Color planning for interiors : an integrated approach to color in designed spaces
  NK4798.L33 A4 2008 Christian Lacroix on fashion
REFERENCE NX512.3.A35 H55 2008 The Harlem Renaissance
P - Language and Literature

P90 .K335 2009

Reflections in communication : an interdisciplinary approach

P94.65.U6 B66 2009

Red, white, and spooked : the supernatural in American culture

P96.C42 U655 2009

Edited clean version : technology and the culture of control

P400.8 UP4GAB txdocs

The upland game bird management handbook for Texas

PE1106 .G74 1996

The Oxford English grammar
  PN41 .C67 2008 The Oxford dictionary of literary terms

PN187 .C65 2006

A companion to rhetoric and rhetorical criticism
  PN1031 .P34 2008 Why poetry matters
  PN1969.C65 M37 2008 Make 'em laugh : the funny business of America
  PN1992.3.U5 B37 2008 It's the pictures that got small : Hollywood film stars on 1950s television
  PN1992.7 .G48 2008 Small screen, big picture : a writer's guide to the TV business


PN1993.3 .I545 International film guide : the definitive annual review of world cinema
KILLEEN PN1993.5.F7 S3713 2008 Masculine singular : French new wave cinema
KILLEEN PN1993.5.U6 J198 2008 The decline of sentiment : American film in the 1920s
  PN1993.5.U6 V36 2008 Vanity fair's tales of Hollywood : rebels, Reds, and graduates and the wild stories behind the making of 13 iconic films
KILLEEN PN1995.9.F54 M39 2007 Encyclopedia of film noir
KILLEEN PN1995.9.S26 P47 2007 Hollywood science : movies, science, and the end of the world
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  PN4121 .G7196 2009 Public speaking basics
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  PN4784.S6 P37 2009 Participatory sportswriting : an anthology, 1870-1937
AV PN4874.K66 A32 2000ab Off camera [sound recording] : [private thoughts made public]
  PN4874.W285 A3 2008 Audition : a memoir
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  PN6728.T67 T73 2009 Transformers and philosophy : more than meets the mind
  PQ7389.M2 A6 2004 Ensayos y cr*onicas
  PQ7440.F45 M31 2006 Maldito amor y otros cuentos
  PQ8179.S5 D4 1997 De sobremesa
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  PR438.D48 S325 2008 The sacred and profane in English Renaissance literature
  PR468.S43 C65 2009 Embodied : Victorian literature and the senses
REFERENCE PR1209 .F27 2008 The Facts on File companion to British poetry : 17th and 18th centuries
  PR2888 .C33 v.61 Shakespeare, sound and screen
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  PR2965 .Z46 2008 Shakespeare, midlife, and generativity
  PR2981 .O67 2008 Beyond a common joy : an introduction to Shakespearean comedy
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  PR5824 .A58 2008 Approaches to teaching the works of Oscar Wilde
  PR6057.A319 N48 2001 Neverwhere
  PR6057.A319 S73 2009 Stardust
  PR6058.E2 Z75 2008 Seamus Heaney and medieval poetry
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  PS153.H56 L39 2004 Latino and Latina writers
REFERENCE PS153.H56 R36 2008 Encyclopedia of Hispanic-American literature
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  PS261 .D88 2008 Race and White identity in Southern fiction : from Faulkner to Morrison
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  PS3566.E691317 P76 2002 Prophet
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KILLEEN PT2613.R338 Z758 2008 G*unter Grass and his critics : from The tin drum to Crabwalk
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  PZ7.A54385 Sp 2006ab Speak [sound recording]
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  PZ7.A6483 Hom 2007 Home of the brave
CURR-COLL PZ7.A933816 In 2008 In a blue room
  PZ7.B27567 Day 2007 The day the stones walked : a tale of Easter Island
CURR-COLL PZ7.B3807 Li 2008 Little boy with a big horn
CURR-COLL PZ7.B3814 Vis 2008 A visitor for Bear
CURR-COLL PZ7.B4513 Gr 1984 Grandfather Twilight
CURR-COLL PZ7.B45134 Li 2008 The little yellow leaf
CURR-COLL PZ7.B65125 Rai 2008 The rain stomper
CURR-COLL PZ7.B75234 Umb 2008 The Umbrella Queen
CURR-COLL PZ7.B8163 Ls 1998 The little scarecrow boy
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CURR-COLL PZ7.D75455 Sh 2008 Shooting the moon
CURR-COLL PZ7.E556 Lo 2004 Looking after Louis
CURR-COLL PZ7.E72554 Por 2008 The porcupine year
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CURR-COLL PZ7.H18435 Sir 2008 Sir Reginald's logbook
CURR-COLL PZ7.H2436 Day 2008 The day Leo said I hate you!
CURR-COLL PZ7.I763 Uh 2008 Uh-oh!
  PZ7.K116 On 1989 On Monday when it rained
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  PZ8.3.W848 Qu 1982 Quick as a cricket
  PZ8.3.W9365 Jah 2008 Jake starts school
Q - Science
  Q158.5 .R87 1990 Science for all Americans
  Q181 .H156 2009 The art of teaching science : inquiry and innovation in middle school and high school
  Q183.3.A1 G35 2007 Teaching science for understanding : a practical guide for middle and high school teachers
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  QA43 .U75 2005 USA and International Mathematical Olympiads, 2004
  QA76.625 .H57 2009 Flex on Rails : building rich Internet applications with Adobe Flex 3 and Rails 2
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KILLEEN QA76.9.M65 H36 2008 The handbook of information and computer ethics
  QA162 .B4 2006 Abstract algebra
KILLEEN QA273 .H3546 2008 Handbook of probability : theory and applications
  QA279.5 .B56 2009 Rational decisions
  QA331.7 .M55 2006 Dynamics in one complex variable
  QA403.5 .B77 2009 Discrete Fourier analysis and wavelets : applications to signal and image processing
  QB44.3 .N53 2008 Guidebook for the scientific traveler : visiting astronomy and space exploration sites across America
  QB45 .N67 1997 Advanced amateur astronomy
  QB63 .S389 2007 The 50 best sights in astronomy and how to see them : observing eclipses, bright comets, meteor showers, and other celestial wonders
  QB64 .N49 1995 The guide to amateur astronomy
  QB64 .Z5 1985 Stars : a guide to the constellations, sun, moon, planets, and other features of the heavens
  QB500.268 .Z56 2008 The universe in a mirror : the saga of the Hubble Telescope and the visionaries who built it
  QB631 .E558 2008 The encyclopedia of Earth : a complete visual guide
  QB631.4 .F74 1991 On the day you were born
  QC773 .R67 2008 Hiroshima : the world's bomb
REFERENCE QD5 .D4985 2008 A dictionary of chemistry
  QE721.2.E85 P76 2007 Evolution : what the fossils say and why it matters
  QH75 .M285 2009 The atlas of endangered species
  QH302.5 .D54 2008 A dictionary of biology
  QH315 .A48 2005 Teaching biology in higher education
  QH315 .F59 2002b Biology teacher's survival guide : tips, techniques & materials for success in the classroom
  QH323.5 .C363 2003 Maths from scratch for biologists
  QH323.5 .V33 2008 Statistics for terrified biologists
KILLEEN QH326 .D37 2007 Life in the universe : a beginner's guide
  QH359 .E935 2008 Evolutionary biology from concept to application
  QH365.O8 R865 2009 The Cambridge companion to the "Origin of species"
  QH366.2 .E863 2009 Evolution : the first four billion years
  QH367 .A13 2009 99% ape : how evolution adds up
  QH367 .P18 2009 The rough guide to evolution
  QH375 .A93 2007 Darwin's gift to science and religion
  QH442 .P68 1992 The power of bacterial genetics : a literature-based course
  QH501 .P76 2009 Protocells : bridging nonliving and living matter
  QH506 .H86 2009 The processes of life : an introduction to molecular biology
  QH541.5.M3 E266 2006 Ecology of freshwater and estuarine wetlands
  QK11 .M29 2008 Mabberley's plant-book : a portable dictionary of plants, their Classification and uses
  QK49 .C335 1987 The tiny seed
  QK98.5.A1 E35 2008 Edible : an illustrated guide to the world's food plants
  QK641 .M33 2009 Structure and function of plants
  QK882 .B26 2009 Living sunlight : how plants bring the earth to life
  QK938.F6 P46 2008 Forest ecosystems
  QL62.5 .F68 2008 Restraint and handling of wild and domestic animals
  QL536 .S535 2008 Mosquito ecology : field sampling methods
  QL617.2 .S72 2008 Fabulous fishes
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  QL696.P264 P67 2008 Sparrows
  QL737.R68 S56 2009 Prairie dogs : communication and community in an animal society
  QL751 .Q84 2009 The question of animal culture
  QL795.L7 B68 2009 A lion called Christian
CLS-FT WORTH QP94 .G85 2007 Blood cells : an atlas of morphology (with clinical relevance)
  QP383 .G78 2009 The intelligent movement machine : an ethological perspective on the primate motor system
  QP623.5.S63 G34 2005 RNA silencing
KILLEEN QR57 .S24 2007 Good germs, bad germs : health and survival in a bacterial world
  QR342 .P83 2004 A genetic switch : phage lambda revisited
R - Medicine
CLS-FT WORTH R860 .D38 2009 Laboratory safety : a self-assessment workbook
  RA645.O23 C31 2009 Stuffed : an insider's look at who's (really) making America fat
  RA651 .D53 2008 A dictionary of epidemiology
  RA776.5 .W527 2008 Boost your energy : feel great, do more, and lose the lethargy
  RA784 .Z563 2008 Eat this, not that! : thousands of simple food swaps that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds--or more!
  RA1231.L4 D46 2008 Toxic truth : a scientist, a doctor, and the battle over lead
  RB36 .C87 2008 Current protocols essential laboratory techniques
CLS-FT WORTH RB45 .G85 2009 Blood cell morphology : grading guide
  RC280.B8 L383 2008 Five lessons I didn't learn from breast cancer (and one big one I did)
  RC281.W65 C67 2009 Contemporary issues in women's cancers
  RC488.5 .M846 2009 Multicultural couple therapy
KILLEEN RC523.2 .F75 199 Living in the labyrinth : a personal journey through the maze of Alzheimer's
KILLEEN RC537 .S88 1992 Darkness visible : a memoir of madness
  RC552.C65 W36 2006 Mindless eating : why we eat more than we think
KILLEEN RC552.E18 E2825 2002 Eating disorders and obesity : a comprehensive handbook
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  RC685.H8 H49 2008 Control your blood pressure : smart ways to get healthy where it counts most
  RC931.O73 C643 2009 The whole-food guide to strong bones : a holistic approach
  RC952.5 .N485 2005 A new look at the old : a continuing education activity focused on healthcare for our aging population
  RC552.P67 E53 2008 The encyclopedia of psychological trauma
  RG186 .T82 2008 Thrive through menopause : smart ways to feel great and enjoy the prime of your life
  RJ131 .A73 2009 Brain-based therapy with children and adolescents : evidence-based treatment for everyday practice
KILLEEN RJ502.5 .H36 2000 Handbook of infant mental health
  RJ503.5 .B43 2007 Assessment of childhood disorders
  RJ506.H9 H34484 2008 Superparenting for ADD : an innovative approach to raising your distracted child
  RJ506.H9 M4234 2009 Medicating children : ADHD and pediatric mental health
  RJ506.H9 R666 2008 The diseasing of America's children : exposing the ADHD fiasco and empowering parents to take back control
  RJ506.S9 L49 2008 Eight stories up : an adolescent chooses hope over suicide
S - Agriculture
  S441 .C725 2008 A revolution down on the farm : the transformation of American agriculture since 1929
  S451.T4 P57 2007 Deep roots : a celebration of Texas agriculture and a people's love of the land
  S593 .M4453 pt. 1 Methods of soil analysis. Part 1, Physical and mineralogical methods
  S593 .M4453 pt. 2 Methods of soil analysis. Part 2, Microbiological and biochemical properties
  S593 .M4453 pt.5 Methods of soil analysis. Part 5, Mineralogical methods
  S936 .C66 2009 Conservation for a new generation : redefining natural resources management
  SB123.57 .T737 2009 Transgenic wheat, barley and oats : production and characterization protocols
  SB185.5 .F345 2009 The use of nutrients in crop plants
  SB612.T4 B65 2008 Brush & weeds of Texas rangelands
  SB731 .P677 2009 Plant pathology : techniques and protocols
  SF75.5 .E45 2008 On the farm
  SF384.3 .R45 2008 Effects of protein and energy supplementation on in situ disappearance of low-quality coastal bermudagrass hay in goats
  SF951 .C932 2009 Current therapy in equine medicine
T - Technology
  T15 .L18 2006 The history of everyday life
  T1300.3 ST29 Status of statewide pavement condition goal
  TD793.9 .W35 2008 10 things I can do to help my world : fun and easy eco-tips
  TE149 .S87 2008 Roadwork
KILLEEN TK5105.888 .W358 2008 Building findable websites : web standards, SEO, and beyond
  TR681.F3 F347 2008 Marilyn in New York : photographs by Ed Feingersh from the Michael Ochs Archives
  TT494 .S84 2008 Historical dictionary of the fashion industry
  TT509 .E87 2008 Essential fashion illustration : men
  TT705 .N48 2002 New complete guide to sewing : step-by-step techniques for making clothes and home accesories
  TX392 .C69 2009 The complete vegetarian : the essential guide to good health
  TX653 .C6155 2009 Cold War kitchen : Americanization, technology, and European users
  TX715 .R6785 1981 Forgotten recipes : from the magazines you loved and the days you remember
  TX741 .Q566 2008 Essential eating : the digestible diet : real food for better digestion and weight loss
  TX754.O98 W35 2009 Sex, death & oysters : a half-shell lover's world tour
U- MilitaryScience
  U21.2 .J626 2006 Failing to win : perceptions of victory and defeat in international
Z - Library Science
KILLEEN Z1006 .E566 2009 Encyclopedia of information science and technology
  Z473.P57 V58 2008 The godfather of tabloid : Generoso Pope Jr. and the National enquirer
  Z658.U5 P39 2008 Censorship
  Z669.7 .B43 2008 Practical research methods for librarians and information professionals
  Z674.75.I58 I54 2008 Information literacy meets library 2.0
  Z675.U5 I598 2006 An introduction to reference services in academic libraries
  Z1003 .C89 2009 Cultural history of reading
  ZA3270 .B43 2006 The information commons handbook