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New Resources - December 2009

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A-General Works

AM7 .F33 2009
Identity and the museum visitor experience

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B105.D48 E53 2008

The end of dialogue in antiquity

B358 .G78 1981

Five dialogues : Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo

ELECTRONIC B808.9 .C36 2007eb

The Cambridge handbook of consciousness

B2430.L484 W47 2008

Levinas and Kierkegaard in dialogue

BD450 .S5645 2008

Phenomenology of the human person

ELECTRONIC BF95 .H37 2006eb

Key thinkers in psychology

ELECTRONIC BF431 .C26835 2006eb

The Cambridge handbook of expertise and expert performance

BF637.B85 B858 2009

Bullying, rejection, and peer victimization

BF637.D42 I58 2010

The interplay of truth and deception

BJ1134 .S5613 2009

Ethics of writing

BL240.2 .L379 2007

Clouds over the launchpad

BP605.P46 M66 2009

Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple

BR65.A52 E6 1994
Political writings

C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CD950 .O57 2006

Understanding archives & manuscripts

ELECTRONIC CE6 .K45 2004eb
Religious holidays and calendars
D - History: General and Old World

D767.25.H6 P66 2008

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

D769.8.A6 R64 2009

A tragedy of democracy : Japanese confinement in North America

D769.8.F7 M48 2008

World War II and Mexican American civil rights

DF228.P4 T73 2009

Pericles : a sourcebook and reader

DK276 .Z83 2009

Zhivago's children : the last Russian intelligentsia

DS79.76 .J373 2009

Ugly war, pretty package : how CNN and Fox News made the invasion of Iraq

DS146.E85 I87 2009

Muslim anti-Semitism in Christian Europe

DS559.73.U6 H34 2009

The Vietnam War in American memory

E - History: America

E83.875 .C78 2008

Battles of the Red River War

E99.A6 A5956 2009

Court-martial of Apache Kid : the renegade of renegades

E99.C5 B746 2007

The Trail of Tears : removal in the south

E169.12 .K555 2009

Eating the dinosaur

E169.12 .O18 2009

Slanted and enchanted : the evolution of Indie culture

E169.12 .Z525 2008

Creating America's future : stopping decay with citizens, students, and strategies

E184.J5 W467 1999

Streets of gold

E185.62 .C54 2009

Fade to black and white : interracial images in popular culture

E185.625 .P74 2009

Dreaming blackness : black nationalism and African American public opinion

E185.97.W4 A3 2003

Up from slavery : with related documents

E206 .N676 2009

Captains contentious : the dysfunctional sons of the brine

E302.1 .B73 2009

The citizenship revolution

E332.2 .C534 2009

Scientific Jefferson revealed

E443 .G55 2008

Out of the house of bondage

E601 .B15 2009

Double duty in the Civil War

E840.8.K35 K54 2009

Ted Kennedy : the dream that never died

E840.8.K35 T425 2009

Ted Kennedy : scenes from an epic life

E840.8.S44 N45 2009

A passion for the land

E873.2 .M386 2009

"What the heck are you up to, Mr. President?"

E895 .G68 2009

Don't tread on me : anti-Americanism abroad

F - History: America
F128.47 .W49 1996

The snow walker

F390.F42 S73 1998

Land is the cry!

F390 .W25 1983

The adventures of Big-Foot Wallace, the Texas Ranger and hunter

F391.C77 H45 1998

Fifty miles and a fight

F391 .D72 2007

Famous Texas feuds

F391.M142 W456 2009

Yours to command : the life and legend of Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald

F394.A15 F73 2008

Abilene landmarks : an illustrated tour

F394.A99 N465 2009

And grace will lead me home : African American freedmen communities of Austin, Texas, 1865-1928

F394.C78 O74 2009

Storm over the bay : the people of Corpus Christi and their port

F394.G2 T49 2000

Through a night of horrors : voices from the 1900 Galveston storm

F395.M5 T447 2005

Tejano epic : essays in honor of F*elix D. Almar*az, Jr.

F595 .R365 2008

The Dust Bowl

F910.7.P35 A3 2009

Going rogue : an American life

F2161 .L38 2009

Buccaneers of the Caribbean : how piracy forged an empire

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G70 .H33 2009

Cosmopolitanism and the geographies of freedom

ELECTRONIC G123 .U56a 2009eb

CIA world factbook

G155.U6 G37 2008

The birth of American tourism : New York, the Hudson Valley, and American culture, 1790-1830

GC97 .P73 2009

Estuaries : dynamics, mixing, sedimentation and morphology

GE70 .W35 2010

The environment : science, issues, and solutions

ELECTRONIC GN495.6 .D53 2003eb

Dictionary of race, ethnicity and culture

GR830.D7 G52 1999

Behold-- the dragons!

GT2110 .M265 2009

The sunbonnet : an American icon in Texas

GT2860 .F667 2007


GV481 .D46 2009

Developing effective physical activity programs

GV708.5 .B47 2009

Second wind : the rise of the ageless athlete

GV865.A1 B536 2005

The shot heard 'round the world

GV875.B62 B43 2009

Fighting words : the media, the Red Sox and the all-encompassing passion for baseball in Boston

GV885.43.U54 C43 2009

Light blue reign : how a city slicker, a quiet Kansan, and a mountain man built college basketball's longest-lasting dynasty

GV1002.9.C63 C63 2009

Coaching tennis technical and tactical skills

H - Social Science
H41 .O44 2007eb

The social science jargon buster

H62 .A5124 2003eb

The A-Z of social research

HB74.P8 C36 2008eb

The Cambridge handbook of psychology and economic behaviour

HB801 .W272 2009

Scroogenomics : why you shouldn't buy presents for the holidays

HB849.415 .P58 2010

A pivotal moment : population, justice, and the environmental challenge

HC79.C6 D42 2008

The industrious revolution : consumer behavior and the household economy

HC103 .F9 2006eb

Guide to economic indicators

HD30.28 .K85 2009

Profit power economics : a new competitive strategy for creating sustainable wealth

HD53 .H88 1999

Shadows of the Neanderthal

HD58.8 .K673 2008

A sense of urgency

HD4901 .B63 2007eb

Key concepts in work

HD6054.3 .G43 2009

Outstanding in their field : how women corporate directors succeed

HD7125 .S564 2008
Securing America's future : a bold plan to preserve and expand social security

HD8039.P42 U62 2007

From Kittyhawk to the moon : the life, times and heritage of a Texas oilman

HD9086.I72 B85 2009

Cotton, climate, and camels in early Islamic Iran

HD9490.5.O462 W54 2009

Desert olive oil cultivation

HD9502.A2 T472 2009
The end of energy obesity

HD9570.S55 M55 1996

"King of the wildcatters" : the life and times of Tom Slick, 1883-1930

HD9710.3.U52 K55 2008

Who really made your car? : restructuring and geographic change in the auto industry

HD9970.5.C453 G7 2007

The chewing gum war [videorecording] : a case study in market share

HF5387 .B63 2008

Ethics in finance

HF5429.215.U6 L53 2009

The retail revolution : how Wal-Mart created a brave new world of business

HF5429.215.U6 S54 2009

Cheap : the high cost of discount culture

HG177 .W35 2009

Write an effective funding application : a guide for researchers and scholars

HG179 .C52 1988b

The richest man in Babylon

HG540 .S26 2008

 The great inflation and its aftermath : the past and future of American affluence

HG2040.25 .S69 2009

The housing boom and bust

HG3853.F6 G7 1966

Forward exchange, speculation, and the international flow of capital

HM623 .B374 2004eb

The Sage dictionary of cultural studies

HM741 .S585 2009

Unanticipated gains : origins of network inequality in everyday life

HM1033 .C34 2007eb

The Cambridge handbook of sociocultural psychology

HM1106 .C36 2006eb

The Cambridge handbook of personal relationship

HM1106 .L39 2009

Social commitments in a depersonalized world

HN49.C6 C723 2009

Out of the dark : a history of radio and rural America

HQ314 .B35 2009

The slave next door : human trafficking and slavery in America today

HQ734 .C86513 2009

The marriage checkup : a scientific program for sustaining and strengthening marital health

HQ767.9 .N68 2004

Child and adolescent development : a behavioral systems approach

HQ782 .T795 2009

Transactions at play

HQ796 .B257 2009

Teenagers : a natural history

HQ799.73.P55 A53 2009

Rave culture : the alteration and decline of a Philadelphia music scene

HQ801 .H3193 2008

Are you there vodka? It's me, Chelsea

HQ1061 .C315 2005eb

The Cambridge handbook of age and ageing

HQ1190 .M386 2008eb

Feminist philosophies A-Z

HQ1236.5.U6 S39 2009

On civic friendship : including women in the state

HQ1904 .J43 1996

Women of the far right : the mothers' movement and World War II

HT109 .G68 2005eb

Key concepts in urban studies

HV40 .G583 2009

Globalization, philanthropy, and civil society : projecting institutional logics abroad

HV640 .D48 2009

Development & dispossession : the crisis of forced displacement and resettlement

HV675.72 .W55 2009

Keeping kids safe, healthy, and smart

HV1421 .A67 2007

Approaches to positive youth development

HV4708 .L5644 2009

Why animal suffering matters : philosophy, theology, and practical ethics

HV5801 .B3219 2009

Drugs, intoxication and society

HV6001 .C672

Crime and justice.

HV6080 .S85 2009

The anatomy of evil

HV6433.F7 A636 2009

The dynamite club : how a bombing in fin-de-si*ecle Paris ignited the age of modern terror

HV6439.U7 G374 2009

Gangs in Garden City : how immigration, segregation, and youth violence are changing America's suburbs

HV6626.52 .M545 2007

Child maltreatment : an introduction

HV6768 .F57 2008

Economic gangsters : corruption, violence, and the poverty of nations

HV8148.N5 R69 2009

41 shots-- and counting : what Amadou Diallo's story teaches us about policing, race, and justice

HV9067.S48 D53 2009

The perversion of youth : controversies in the assessment and treatment of juvenile sex offenders

HV9481.T442 C353 2009

Hard time at Tehachapi : California's first women's prison

J - Political Science

JF799 .D25 2009

Media and political engagement : citizens, communication, and democracy

JK276 .P37 2009b

The American democracy

JK1041 .J66 2009

Americans, Congress, and democratic responsiveness : public evaluations of Congress and electoral consequences

JK1764 .S534 2009

Just how stupid are we? : facing the truth about the American voter

JK1976 .G47 2009

The democracy index : why our election system is failing and how to fix it

JZ1480 .S77 2009

One nation under contract : the outsourcing of American power and the future of foreign policy

K - Law

K3224 .S53 2009

The birthright lottery : citizenship and global inequality

KF1296 .S428 2009

Experimenting with the consumer : the mass testing of risky products on the American public

KF9322 .G89 2009

Arresting abuse : mandatory legal interventions, power, and intimate abusers

L - Education

LB875 .D4 2001

The school and society ; &, the child and the curriculum

LB1027.55 .C68 2009

The power of groups : solution-focused group counseling in schools

LB1047.3 .M33 2009

The literature review : six steps to success

LB1525.7 .N86 2009

An analysis of the relationship of reading fluency, comprehension, and word recognition to student achievement

LB1590.3 .B75 1999

In search of understanding : the case for constructivist classrooms

LB1731 .C455 2009

From literature circles to blogs : activities for engaging professional learning communities

LB1731 .S28 2009

Leading professional learning teams

LB1775 .P25 2007

The courage to teach : exploring the inner landscape of a teacher's lifeThe courage to teach : exploring the inner landscape of a teacher's life

LB1778.2 .N475 2009

Professing to learn : creating tenured lives and careers in the American research university

LB2806 .M365 2005

Leadership in education : organizational theory for the practitioner

LB2806.36 .P756 2009

Privatizing the public university : perspectives from across the academy

LB2831.724.T4 B83 2009

Career paths of select female superintendents serving in high profile/complex districts in Texas

LB2831.92 .S66 2001

Living on a tightrope : a survival handbook for principals

LB2842.22 .G73 2009

The peril and promise of performance pay : making education compensation work

LB3012.5 .D45 2009

The teacher's attention : why our kids must and can get smaller schools and classes

LB3051 .H319 2009

Activating assessment for all students : innovative activities, lesson plans, and informative assessment

LC151 .W44 2008

What they don't learn in school : literacy in the lives of urban youth

LC197 .F475 2009

Feminist pedagogy : looking back to move forward

LC4713.2 .D47 2009

Strategies for teaching adolescents with ADHD : effective classroom techniques across the content areas

M - Music and Books on Music

ML410.R499 C37 2009

Terry Riley's In C

ML3508 .G54 2009


ML3930.M48 B79 2005

Music for the end of time

N - Fine Arts
N6537.A48 B37 2009

The secret world of Walter Anderson

N6537.C387 A4 2009
Nick Cave : meet me at the center of the Earth

N6537.N38 A4 2009

Bruce Nauman : topological gardens

N6537.O39 A4 2009b

Dove/O'Keeffe : circles of influence

N6888.A5 W45 2009

An eye for color : the story of Josef Albers

N8218 .P46 2008
Wonders of work and labor : the Steidle collection of American industrial art

NA735.N4 V64 2002
Historic buildings of the French Quarter

NA1313.G3 R63 2009
Building on nature : the life of Antoni Gaud*i

NA2520 .P7513 2008
Architecture : elements, materials, form

NA4170 .P48 1976
A history of building types

NB623.L6 A4 2009
Leonardo da Vinci and the art of sculpture

ND237.C52 A4 2009
Glories of the Hudson : Frederic Edwin Church's views from Olana

NK2004.3.T39 S25 2008
Michael Taylor : interior design

NK2110 .E36 2008
More dream homes : 100 inspirational interiors
P - Language and Literature
P40 .D477 2004eb
A dictionary of sociolinguistics

P53.27 .T73 2010

Traditions of writing research

P301.5.P67 Y66 2009

Politics & rhetoric : coming to terms with terms

PA3038 .T37 2009

Rhetoric and centers of power in the Greco-Roman world

PA6929 .M67 2008

Virgil : a poet in Augustan Rome

PE1385 .B75 2008

The comment clause in English : syntactic origins and pragmatic development

PN56.M54 D48 2009

The persistence of modernism : loss and mourning in the twentieth century

PN56.3.A74 K36 2008

Argentina : stories for a nation

PN161 .M376 2009

Publish your nonfiction book : strategies for learning the industry, selling your book, and building a successful career

PN171.F56 B87 1996

The art of the footnote_p1 : the intelligent student's guide to the art and science of annotating texts

PN1992.77.E35 I47 2009

Sundays with Sullivan : how the Ed Sullivan show brought Elvis, the Beatles, and culture to America

PN1995.7 .C4513 2009

Film, a sound art

PN1995.9.J38 M34 2009

Some liked it hot : jazz women in film and television, 1928-1959

PN1995.9.N4 M327 2009

Divas on screen : Black women in American film

PN1995.9.W6 T42 2009

There she goes : feminist filmmaking and beyond

PN4784.C615 C58 2009

Citizen journalism : global perspectives

PN4874.O73 A3 2008

A bold fresh piece of humanity

PN4888.C83 H39 2008

Press critics are the fifth estate : media watchdogs in America

PN5317.I44 C43 2008
Hold that pose : visual culture in the late-nineteenth-century Spanish periodical

PQ4390 .A83 2008

Dante and the making of a modern author

PQ4829.E57 A2 2009

 Love lessons : selected poems of Alda Merini

PQ6049.J83 J84 2008

Juana of Castile : history and myth of the mad queen

PQ8097.N4 Z945 2008

A companion to Pablo Neruda : evaluating Neruda's poetry

PQ8220.23.A48 L55  2007

Lily : a fictitious drama about love, passion and frustration

PR113 .M55 2008

Engendering the fall : John Milton and seventeenth-century women writers

PR428.H43 S55 2008

The heart in the age of Shakespeare

PR478.M6 R666 2009

Modernism, the market and the institution of the new

PR590 .J33 2008

Science and sensation in Romantic poetry

PR2883 .S44 2008

The illustrated Shakespeare, 1709-1875

PR3024 .S66 2008

Shakespeare and tolerance

PR3093 .B775 2009

Shakespeare on silent film : an excellent dumb discourse

PR4168 .B435 2008

The Bront*es in the world of the arts

PR4587.3 .M39 2008

The Dickens industry : critical perspectives 1836-2005

PR4611 .J3 2004


PR6003.E282 Z48 2009

The letters of Samuel Beckett

PR6019.O9 Z6342 2009

James Joyce in context

PR6052.U638 Z67 2009

"You can't eat the orange and throw the peel away--a man is not a piece of fruit!"

PR6057.A319 A85 2005

Anansi boys

PR6058.E2 Z5745 2009

The Cambridge companion to Seamus Heaney

PR9199.3.H345 A69 2009

African acrostics : a word in edgeways

PR9619.3.L4417 D57 2008


PS153.H56 D36 2009

Homecoming queers : desire and difference in Chicana Latina cultural production

PS153.H56 L37 2008

Latina writers

PS153.N5 C373 2008

Laughing fit to kill : black humor in the fictions of slavery

PS217.E68 L37 2008

Imagining equality in nineteenth-century American literature

PS228.C58 R43 2008

Turncoats, traitors, and fellow travelers : culture and politics of the early Cold War

PS310.A76 L65 2008

Twentieth-century poetry and the visual arts

PS374.D57 P38 2008

Stirring the pot : the kitchen and domesticity in the fiction of Southern women

PS1077.B4 A8 2003

America the beautiful

PS2281 .I77 2009

Public poet, private man : Henry Wadsworth Longfellow at 200

PS3515.U789 Z8 1998

The assertive woman in Zora Neale Hurston's fiction, folklore, and drama

PS3537.T3234 P4 1992

The pearl

PS3545.I544 Z5823 2008

A river of words : the story of William Carlos Williams

 PS3552.A443 Z464 2009

Black dog of fate : a memoir

 PS3555.R42 P55 2008

The plague of doves

PS3555 .V2126 L68 2005

Love overboard

PS3555.V2126 M48 2004

Metro girl

PS3555.V2126 P56 2007b

Plum lovin

PS3555.V2126 P58 2007

Plum lucky

PS3555.V2126 P59 2008

Plum spooky

PS3557.R39416 I5 2004

In the land of words : new and selected poems

PS3557.R48847 A74 2007

Ain't nobody a stranger to me

PS3563.I8235 W57 2003

The wishing bone and other poems

PS3563.O8749 Z7 2008

Toni Morrison and the idea of Africa

PS3564.Y44 M39 2005

 A maze me : poems for girls

PS3566.A6229 M38 1991

Math talk : mathematical ideas in poems for two voices

PS3566.E23435 G75 2005


PS3566.R36 S926 2009

The swamps of Sleethe : poems from beyond the solar system

PS3566.Y55 Z97 2008

Everybody's America : Thomas Pynchon, race, and the cultures of postmodernism

PS3607.R363 T43 2004
Technically, it's not my fault : concrete poems
CURR-COLL PS3613.O717 P86 2009
Pumpkin butterfly : poems from the other side of nature

PS3618.O3159 P75 2008
The price of everything : a parable of possibility and prosperity
CURR-COLL PS3619.H356 I2 2007
I must go down to the beach again and other poems
CURR-COLL PZ7.A58635 Cam 1994
Camille and the sunflowers : a story about Vincent Van Gogh
CURR-COLL PZ7.A58635 Le 2000
Leonardo and the flying boy : a story about Leonardo da Vinci
PZ7.A8155 Th 2007
Thirteen reasons why : a novel
CURR-COLL PZ7.B1976 Pe 1996
Peacebound trains
CURR-COLL PZ7.B381798 Em 1992
CURR-COLL PZ7.B4923 Gre 2006
The greatest game ever played : a football story
CURR-COLL PZ7.B6248 Ron 2009
Ron's big mission
CURR-COLL PZ7.B64827 Ac 2006
Across the blue Pacific : a World War II story
CURR-COLL PZ7.B64827 Sl 2000
Sleds on Boston Common : a story from the American Revolution
CURR-COLL PZ7.B82447 Pr 2008
Priscilla and the hollyhocks
CURR-COLL PZ7.C268585 Pi 2005
Pizza for the queen
CURR-COLL PZ7.C314 Pi 2003
Pictures at an exhibition
CURR-COLL PZ7.C73615 St 2003
The story of paper
CURR-COLL PZ7.C78485 Wil 2008
Willie and the All-Stars
CURR-COLL PZ7.C9655 Cn 2008
The cow that laid an egg
CURR-COLL  PZ7.C985 Gut 2009
CURR-COLL PZ7.D28394 Tri 2009
Tricking the tallyman
CURR-COLL PZ7.D2966 Gar 2009
A garden of opposites
CURR-COLL PZ7.D35754 Let 2005
The letter home
CURR-COLL PZ7.E165 Pi 2009
The picture man
CURR-COLL PZ7.E552 Adi 2009
Adios, Oscar! : a butterfly fable
CURR-COLL PZ7.E8853 Hus 2008
Hush harbor : praying in secret
CURR-COLL PZ7 .F23823 1998
A farmer boy birthday
CURR-COLL PZ7.F3589 Pip 2009
Pippo the Fool
CURR-COLL PZ7.F487 Sc 2004
The schoolchildren's blizzard
CURR-COLL PZ7.F89646 Std 2009
Star of the Week : a story of love, adoption, and brownies with sprinkle
CURR-COLL PZ7.G325 Bo 2009
A book
CURR-COLL PZ7.G325 Sp 2003

Sparrow Jack

PZ7.G3325 Gif 2008

Gift from the forest

CURR-COLL PZ7.G7387 Bri 2009

Bring me some apples and I'll make you a pie

CURR-COLL PZ7.G834 Sec 2009 The secret shofar of Barcelona
CURR-COLL PZ7.H23135 Fi 2005 Finding Daddy : a story of the Great Depression
CURR-COLL PZ7.H36 Sam 1992 Sami and the time of the troubles
CURR-COLL PZ7.H37418 Ho 2000 Hog Music
CURR-COLL PZ7.H39863 Ang 2005 Angel coming
CURR-COLL PZ7.H4117 Ten 2009 Ten days and nine nights : an adoption story
CURR-COLL PZ7.H543968 Te 2008 Tenth Avenue cowboy
CURR-COLL PZ7.H778125 Sav 2005 Saving Strawberry Farm
PZ7.H778125 St 2009

Stagecoach Sal : inspired by a true tale

PZ7.H778125 Un 2002

Under the quilt of night

PZ7.H95678 Ter 2007

Terrible storm

PZ7.I586 Ro 2008

Rose Blanche

PZ7.J629 Wi 2007

Wind flyers

CURR-COLL PZ7.J895 Pe 2009 Pennies for elephants
CURR-COLL PZ7.K6293 Nor 2005 Nora's ark
CURR-COLL PZ7.K6354 Rg 1999 Redcoats and petticoats
CURR-COLL PZ7.K738 Cer 2008 Charlotte in London
CURR-COLL PZ7.K883 Sis 2008 Sisters of Scituate Light
CURR-COLL PZ7.L5513 In 2008 In the pocket : Johnny Unitas and me
CURR-COLL PZ7.L73587 Fi 1996 Fire at the Triangle factory
CURR-COLL PZ7.L8766 Jac 2006 Jackie's bat
CURR-COLL PZ7.M139914 Chr 2006 Christmas in the trenches
CURR-COLL PZ7.M28955 Fi 2009 Finding Lincoln
CURR-COLL PZ7.M478415 Bo 1996 The bobbin girl
CURR-COLL PZ7.M478415 Mh 2000 Mirette & Bellini cross Niagara Falls
CURR-COLL PZ7.M47868 Ch 2008 Chalice
CURR-COLL PZ7.M478758 Wi 2008 The wild Texas stampede!
CURR-COLL PZ7.M47883 My 2008 My friend Jamal
CURR-COLL PZ7.M512745 Dai 2000b Daisy and the doll
CURR-COLL PZ7.M581915 Acr 2006 Across the alley
CURR-COLL PZ7.M76344 Ch 2009 Chasing Degas
CURR-COLL PZ7.M84696 Kis 2009 Kisses on the wind
CURR-COLL PZ7.N4453 Si 2009 Sir Cumference and all the king's tens
CURR-COLL PZ7.N4882 Cro 2009 Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle
CURR-COLL PZ7.N6715 La 2006 The last brother : a Civil War tale
CURR-COLL PZ7.N6715 Sc 2004 The scarlet stockings spy
CURR-COLL PZ7.N96157 Han 2004 Hana in the time of the tulips
CURR-COLL PZ7.O634 Li 2005 Lizzie nonsense
CURR-COLL PZ7.P6333 Boy 2008 Boycott blues
CURR-COLL PZ7.P92434 Pe 2008 The Peace Bell
CURR-COLL PZ7.P93585 Tw 2005 Twenty-one elephants and still standing
CURR-COLL PZ7.R2646 Su 2005 The subway mouse
CURR-COLL PZ7.R54467 Marg 1999 Marguerite makes a book
CURR-COLL PZ7.R6166 Tre 2009 A tree for Emmy
CURR-COLL PZ7.R91536 Ma 2006 Maggie's Amerikay
CURR-COLL PZ7.S63915 Do 2003 Don't say ain't
CURR-COLL PZ7.S685254 Re 2009 Remember me, mikwid hamin
CURR-COLL PZ7.S8055 Bes 2006 Bessie Smith and the night riders
CURR-COLL PZ7.S809 Gar 2009 Garibaldi's biscuits
CURR-COLL PZ7.S92473 Pat 2005 The patchwork path
CURR-COLL PZ7 .S9557 1996 Summertime in the Big Woods
CURR-COLL PZ7.T64573 Alm 2009  Almost
CURR-COLL PZ7.T6665 Ok 2009 The Oklahoma Land Run
CURR-COLL PZ7.U25 Br 1993 The bracelet
CURR-COLL PZ7.V2565 Be 2009 Before you were here, mi amor
CURR-COLL PZ7.V3273 Pap 2007 Papa and the pioneer quilt
CURR-COLL PZ7.V452 Up 2003 Up the learning tree
CURR-COLL PZ7.W146 Say 2006 Say-Hey and the Babe
CURR-COLL PZ7.W3876 Yan 2009 The Yankee at the seder
CURR-COLL PZ7.W5718 Lhw 2009 The listeners
CURR-COLL PZ7.W5718 Yuk 2008 Yuki and the one thousand carriers
CURR-COLL PZ7.W66655 My 2009 My name is Sangoel
CURR-COLL PZ7.W72984 Lu 2008 Lucy's cave
CURR-COLL PZ7.W72984 Mi 1996 Mr. Lincoln's whiskers
CURR-COLL PZ7.W75477 Aacj 2006 The 39 apartments of Ludwig van Beethoven
CURR-COLL PZ7.W75477 Fab 2009 The fabulous feud of Gilbert & Sullivan
CURR-COLL PZ7.W8606 Me 1999 The memory coat
CURR-COLL PZ7.Y537 Bro 2006 Brothers
CURR-COLL PZ7.Y78 Nam 2008 Naming Liberty
CURR-COLL PZ8.W655 Ci 2003 Cinderella's dress
CURR-COLL PZ8.1.L986 Ro 2005 Roy makes a car
CURR-COLL PZ8.1.M159 Zo 1992 Zomo the rabbit
CURR-COLL PZ8.1.M6122 On 2009 One fine trade
CURR-COLL PZ8.1.W8724 Wi 1995 Wicked Jack
CURR-COLL PZ8.2.P25 Lo 2009 Lousy rotten stinkin' grapes
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 Life in the boreal forest

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Creature abc

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Biological dimensions of communication

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The immune system

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Key concepts in medical sociology

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Eat this, not that! 2010 : the no-diet weight loss solution

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T - Technology

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Engineering economic analysis

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One giant leap

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Beaumont's kitchen

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Sawdust mountain

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Clean sweep

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Sport nutrition for coaches

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That's why we don't eat animals

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U- Military Science

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The power problem : how American military dominance makes us less safe, less prosperous, and less free

Z - Library Science

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Using interactive technologies in libraries

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User surveys in college libraries

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Our new public, a changing clientele

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Using benchmarking, needs assessment, quality improvement, outcome measurement, and library standards

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Librarian's guide to online searching


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