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New Books - November 2013

Call Number
A - General Works
AM145 .W55 2005 Saving stuff : how to care for and preserve your collectibles, heirlooms, and other prize possessions / Don Williams and Louisa Jaggar.
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF76.5 .B4395 2014 Successful research projects : a step-by-step guide / Bernard C. Beins.
BF109.J8 Q84 2013 The question of psychological types : the correspondence of C.G. Jung and Hans Schmid-Guisan, 1915-1916 / edited by John Beebe and Ernst Falzeder ; translated by Ernst Falzeder with the collaboration of Tony Woolfson.
BF173 .K28 2012 Psychology's ghosts : the crisis in the profession and the way back / Jerome Kagan.
BF311 .C54795 2013 Cognition and motivation : forging an interdisciplinary perspective / edited by Shulamith Kreitler.
BF311 .P3466 2013 People watching : social, perceptual, and neurophysiological studies of body perception / edited by Kerri L. Johnson, Maggie Shiffrar.
BF353.5.C55 L58 2012 Living in an environmentally traumatized world : healing ourselves and our planet / Darlyne G. Nemeth, Robert B. Hamilton, and Judy Kuriansky, editors.
BF441 .C86 2012 Good thinking : seven powerful ideas that influence the way we think / Denise D. Cummins.
BF463.M4 B47 2012 Louder than words : the new science of how the mind makes meaning / Benjamin K. Bergen.
BF511 .R45 2012 Radical distortion : how emotions warp what we hear / John W. Reich.
BF575.B67 T66 2011 Boredom : a lively history / Peter Toohey.
BF575.F66 A68 1999 Best friends : the pleasures and perils of girls' and women's friendships / Terri Apter and Ruthellen Josselson.
BF697 .P769 2013 The psychology of personhood : philosophical, historical, social-developmental and narrative perspectives / edited by Jack Martin and Mark H. Bickhard.
BF697.5.S46 M78 2013 Self-esteem and positive psychology : research, theory, and practice / Christopher J. Mruk.
BF723.D3 S58 2000 Never too young to know : death in children's lives / Phyllis Rolfe Silverman.
BF778 .P757 2013 The psychology of meaning / edited by Keith D. Markman, Travis Proulx, and Matthew J. Lindberg.
BL41 .C34 2012 The Cambridge companion to religious studies / edited by Robert A. Orsi.
BL639 .D84 2012 The transformative power of faith : a narrative approach to conversion / Erin Elizabeth Dufault-Hunter.
BR305.3 .W36 2011 The Reformation : towards a new history / Lee Palmer Wandel.
BT130 .B877 2012 In the whirlwind : God and humanity in conflict / Robert A. Burt.
BX1529 .B456 2004 Crown, church, and episcopate under Louis XIV / Joseph Bergin.
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World
DA590 .K397 2012 Dressing the Queen : the Jubilee wardrobe / Angela Kelly.
E - History: America
E184.A1 M545 1999 The minority report : an introduction to racial, ethnic, and gender relations / [edited by] Anthony Gary Dworkin, Rosalind J. Dworkin.
E184.P33 R38 2013 The Arab and the Brit : the last of the welcome immigrants / Bill Rezak.
E468 .M228 1996 Drawn with the sword : reflections on the American Civil War / James M. McPherson.
E840.8.W54 C37 2012 Backwards in high heels : Faith Whittlesey, Reagan's Madam Ambassador in Switzerland and the West Wing / Thomas J. Carty.
F -- History: America
F128.7 .D58 2011 The landmarks of New York : an illustrated record of the city's historic buildings / Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel.
F392.F2 S58 1997 From can see to can't : Texas cotton farmers on the southern prairies / by Thad Sitton and Dan K. Utley.
F394.F7 P375 1994 North of the river : a brief history of North Fort Worth / J'Nell Pate ; with a foreword by Bob Schieffer.
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G70.4 .R44 2013 Physical principles of remote sensing / W.G. Rees.
GE70 .C543 2012 Citizen science : public participation in environmental research / edited by Janis L. Dickinson and Rick Bonney ; foreword by Richard Louv ; afterword by John W. Fitzpatrick.
GE180 .W56 2013 US environmental history : inviting doomsday / John Wills.
GN360 .W53 2012 The social conquest of earth / Edward O. Wilson.
GT2295.U5 D69 2003 An illustrated history of hairstyles 1830-1930 / Marian I. Doyle.
GV445 .A3 2011 Adapted physical education and sport / Joseph P. Winnick, editor.
GV711.5 .G345 2013 Strength and conditioning for team sports : sport-specific physical preparation for high performance / Paul Gamble.
GV863.A1 B37647 2012 Baseball and social class : essays on the democratic game that isn't / edited by Ronald E. Kates and Warren Tormey.
GV885.3 .W67 2013 Coaching basketball successfully / Morgan Wootten, Joe Wootten.
GV965 .L32 2013 Out of the bunker and into the trees, or The secret of high-tension golf / by Rex Lardner ; photographs by Burt Owen.
H -- Social Science
HB171 .S376 2012 The assumptions economists make / Jonathan Schlefer.
HC427.95 .B477 2011 Beyond the Middle Kingdom : comparative perspectives on China's capitalist transformation / edited by Scott Kennedy.
HC427.95 .N3713 2011 Maonomics : why Chinese communists make better capitalists than we do / Loretta Napoleoni ; translated from the Italian by Stephen Twilley.
HC470.3 .L555 2012 Economic freedom : lessons of Hong Kong / Kui-Wai Li.
HD30.25 .Q349 2013 Quantitative modelling in marketing and management / edited by Luiz Moutinho, Kun-Huang Huarng.
HD30.26 .P46 2013 Play at work : how games inspire breakthrough thinking / Adam L. Penenberg.
HD58.8 .E964 2013 Evolution of innovation management : trends in an international context / edited by Alexander Brem and âEric Viardot.
HD58.87 .M64 2013 Business process reengineering : automation decision points in process reengineering / Sanjay Mohapatra.
HD75 .S455 2000 Development as freedom / Amartya Sen.
HD1691 .M87 2013 Water resource management in a vulnerable world : the hydro-hazardscapes of climate change / Daanish Mustafa.
HD9005 .L63 2011 Local food systems : background and issues / Christopher L. Waltz, editor.
HF5386 .F773 2007 The hitchhiker's guide to self-management & leadership : strategies for success / by Christopher S. Frings.
HF5415.153 .P35 2013 The PDMA handbook of new product development / Kenneth B. Kahn, editor ; associate editors, Sally Evans Kay, Rebecca J. Slotegraaf, Steve Uban.
HF5415.32 .O737 2013 Consumer behavior : perspectives, findings and explanations / by John O'Shaughnessy.
HG171 .R339 2012 The rise of the quants : Marschak, Sharpe, Black, Scholes and Merton / Colin Read.
HM1025 .H36 2012 Handbook of the history of social psychology / edited by Arie W. Kruglanski and Wolfgang Stroebe.
HN58 .E36 1986 Private lives : men and women of the fifties / Benita Eisler.
HQ21 .G67118 2014 Exploring the dimensions of human sexuality / Jerrold S. Greenberg, Clint E. Bruess, Sara B. Oswalt.
HQ755.8 .P37912 2013 Parenting : challenges, practices and cultural influences / Peter Barberis and Stelios Petrakis, editors.
HQ755.85 .O425 2002 Parent abuse : America's secret crime / Daryl Olson.
HQ756 .K69 2012 Choosing fatherhood : America's second chance / photographs and stories by Lewis Kostiner ; with an introduction by Juan Williams and essays by David Travis ... [et al.].
HQ773 .B56 2013 Skills training for struggling kids : promoting your child's behavioral, emotional, academic, and social development / Michael L. Bloomquist.
HQ799.15 .P53 2013 Surviving your child's adolescence : how to understand, and even enjoy, the rocky road to independence / Carl Pickhardt.
HQ1206 .O25 1992 Friendships between women : a critical review / Pat O'Connor.
HQ1236 .U49 2012 The unfinished revolution : voices from the global fight for women's rights / edited by Minky Worden.
HQ1421 .S677 2013 Wonder women : sex, power, and the quest for perfection / Debora L. Spar.
HQ1438.T4 S53 1999 Fertile ground, narrow choices : women on Texas cotton farms, 1900-1940 / Rebecca Sharpless.
HV888.5 .S65 2012 Far from the tree : parents, children, and the search for identity / Andrew Solomon.
HV6248.N7 M39 2011 Violette Noziáere : a story of murder in 1930s Paris / Sarah Maza.
HV6285 .B45 2012 Dead wrong : straight facts on the country's most controversial cover-ups / Richard Belzer and David Wayne ; afterword by Jesse Ventura.
J - Political Science
JK1968 1968 .G68 2010 1968 : the election that changed America / Lewis L. Gould.
JK2408 .S57 2014 Governing states and localities / Kevin B. Smith, Alan Greenblatt.
K -- Law
KF4581 .B73 2013 International law in the U.S. legal system / Curtis A. Bradley.
KF4600 .B59 2013 Federalism : a Reference guide to the United States Constitution / Susan Low Bloch and Vicki C. Jackson.
L -- Education
LB1044.75 .B47 2012 Flip your classroom : reach every student in every class every day / Jonathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams.
LB1576 .F726 2012 So, what's the story? : teaching narrative to understand ourselves, others, and the world / James E. Fredricksen, Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, Michael W. Smith.
LB2331 .T325 2002 Teaching & learning in college : a resource for educators / edited by Gary S. Wheeler.
LB2805 .L96 2012 A guide to effective school leadership theories / Matthew Lynch.
M -- Music and Books on Music
ML172 .U68 2013 Music and performance in the later Middle Ages / Elizabeth Randell Upton.
MT73.5 .I87 2011 Exploring jazz arranging : an interactive guide to the techniques and aesthetics / by Chuck Israels.
N -- Fine Arts
N6520 .A78 2013 Art & architecture / Judith H. Bonner & Estill Curtis Pennington, volume editors.
NC1429.K268 A4 2004 This is a bad time : a collection of cartoons / Bruce Eric Kaplan.
P -- Language and Literature
P107 .Z36 2012 The discourse of Twitter and social media / Michele Zappavigna.
PN1271 .O5 2012 On modern poetry : from theory to total criticism / Robert Rowland Smith.
PN1995.9.T43 H33 2012 From light to byte : toward an ethics of digital cinema / Markos Hadjioannou.
AV PN1997 .F564 2003 The flight of the Phoenix [videorecording] / 20th Century Fox ; an Associates and Aldrich Company production ; screenplay by Lukas Heller ; from the novel by Elleston Trevor ; produced and directed by Robert Aldrich.
PQ2631.R63 A8195 2012 Dying for time : Proust, Woolf, Nabokov / Martin Hèagglund.
PR545.L3 M38 2013 The unimagined in the English renaissance : poetry and the limits of mimesis / Andrew Mattison.
PR595.R4 B57 2012 Form and faith in Victorian poetry and religion / Kirstie Blair.
PR878.E37 K74 2012 Economic woman : demand, gender, and narrative closure in Eliot and Hardy / Deanna K. Kreisel.
PR5777 .J345 2012 Maps of utopia : H.G. Wells, modernity, and the end of culture / Simon J. James.
PR6119.C375 L38 2012 The late Walter Benjamin / John Schad.
PR9387.9.A3935 S29 2009 Say you're one of them / Uwem Akpan.
PS217.C57 F34 2012 Boarding out : inhabiting the American urban literary imagination, 1840-1860 / David Faflik.
PS3505.A87 Z93524 2012 Willa Cather and aestheticism : from Romanticism to Modernism / edited by Sarah Cheney Watson and Ann Moseley.
PS3515.A4347 M3 1992 The Maltese falcon / Dashiell Hammett.
PS3515.U789 T4 2006 Their eyes were watching God / Zora Neale Hurston ; with a foreword by Edwidge Danticat and an afterword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
PS3569.T33735 R43 2007 Red Steagall : new and selected poems.
PT2379.Z5 H75 2012 Heinrich von Kleist and Jean-Jacques Rousseau : violence, identity, nation / Steven Howe.
PZ8.1.K568 Li 2010 The Little Red Hen and the Passover matzah / by Leslie Kimmelman ; illustrated by Paul Meisel.
PZ8.2 .A254 2006 Aesop's fables / selected and illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger.
PZ8.2.A254 Cl 1999 The classic treasury of Aesop's fables / illustrated by Don Daily.
PZ8.2.B595 Bo 2012 The boy who cried wolf : a retelling of Aesop's fable / by Eric Blair ; illustrated by Dianne Silverman.
PZ8.2.B595 Co 2012 The country mouse and the city mouse : a retelling of Aesop's fable / by Eric Blair ; illustrated by Dianne Silverman.
PZ8.2.C35 Er 2008 The rabbit and the turtle : Aesop's fables / retold and illustrated by Eric Carle.
PZ8.2.C43 Ae 2009 Aesop's fables / retold by John Cech ; illustrated by Martin Jarrie.
PZ8.2.C62 Bea 2006 The bear, the bat, and the dove : 3 stories from Aesop / as told by Rob Cleveland ; illustrated by Baird Hoffmire.
PZ8.2.D275 Tw 2007 The two cars / Ingri & Edgar Parin d'Aulaire.
PZ8.2.G3 To 2012 The town mouse and the country mouse / [adapted and illustrated by] Paul Galdone.
PZ8.2.G85 Kit 2013 The kitten who cried dog / written by Charlotte Guillain ; illustrated by Dawn Beacon.
PZ8.2.K38 Gr 2011 The greedy sparrow : an Armenian tale / retold by Lucine Kasbarian ; illustrated by Maria Zaikina.
PZ8.2.M673 Tor 2010 The tortoise or the hare / Toni Morrison & Slade Morrison ; illustrated by Joe Cepeda.
PZ8.2.O56 Gre 2011 The great race / Kevin O'Malley.
PZ8.2.P4325 Ae 2011 Aesop's the lion and the mouse / retold by Susan Pearson ; illustrated by Susanne Gèohlich.
PZ8.2.P456 Tor 2013 The tortoise & the hare / Jerry Pinkney.
PZ8.2.R575 Wo 2007 Wolf! wolf! / John Rocco.
PZ8.2.Z44 Ch 2010 Chinese fables & folktales. I / [Chinese text by Zheng Ma and Zheng Li ; illustrations by Liu She ... [et al.] ; translation by Wu Ying].
PZ8.3.C8858 Re 2011 The really groovy story of the Tortoise and the Hare / Kristyn Crow ; illustrated by Christina Forshay.
Q -- Science
Q130 .P74 2013 Gendered occupational differences in science, engineering, and technology careers / Julie Prescott, Jan Bogg.
QA9 .O24 2012 Bridge to abstract mathematics / Ralph W. Oberste-Vorth, Aristides Mouzakitis, Bonita A. Lawrence.
QA9.6 .W43 2012 Computability theory / Rebecca Weber.
QA21 .G66 2011 Journey through mathematics : creative episodes in its history / Enrique A. Gonzâalez-Velasco.
QA24 .B76 2012 The tangled origins of the Leibnizian calculus : a case study of a mathematical revolution / Richard C Brown.
QA76.575 .I585 2012 Interactive 3D multimedia content : models for creation, management, search and presentation / Wojciech Cellary, Krzysztof Walczak, editors.
QA76.9.A3 I567 2012 Intelligent adaptation and personalization techniques in computer-supported collaborative learning / Thanasis Daradoumis, Stavros N. Demetriadis, Fatos Xhafa (eds.).
ELECTRONIC QA76.9.A3 I567 2012eb Intelligent adaptation and personalization techniques in computer-supported collaborative learning [electronic resource] / Thanasis Daradoumis, Stavros N. Demetriadis, Fatos Xhafa (eds.).
QA76.95 .G87 2011 Fundamentals of scientific computing / Bertil Gustafsson.
QA174.2 .R65 2012 Fundamentals of group theory : an advanced approach / Steven Roman.
QA276.45.R3 E37 2012 The R primer / Claus Thorn Ekstr²m.
QA403 .P44 2012 Harmonic analysis : from Fourier to wavelets / Marâia Cristina Pereyra, Lesley A. Ward.
QA845 .P46 2012 Spaces of dynamical systems / Sergei Yu. Pilyugin.
QE39.5.P3 M66 2012 The rocks don't lie : a geologist investigates Noah's flood / David R. Montgomery.
QE539.2.S34 E29 2013 Earthquakes : triggers, environmental impact, and potential hazards / Kostas Konstantinou, editor.
QH45.5 .S63 2012 The handbook of nature / Frank R. Spellman and Joni Price-Bayer.
QH76.5.A85 S43 2012 The world of the salt marsh : appreciating and protecting the tidal marshes of the southeastern Atlantic coast / Charles Seabrook.
QH102 .W48 2012 Wetland habitats of North America : ecology and conservation concerns / edited by Darold P. Batzer and Andrew H. Baldwin.
CLS- Ft. Worth QH205.2 .W55 1976 The science and art of basic microscopy / by Michael B. Wilson.
CLS- Ft. Worth QH212.C6 A27 1985 Microscope : basics and beyond / by Mortimer Abramowitz.
CLS- Ft. Worth QH251 .D45 1988 Photography through the microscope / [written and revised by John Gustav Delly].
CLS- Ft. Worth QH324.2 .B544 2007 Bioinformatics / edited by Paul H. Dear.
QH367.5 .B38 2013 Tree thinking : an introduction to phylogenetic biology / David A. Baum and Stacey D. Smith.
QH541 .M526 2012 Community ecology / Gary G. Mittelbach.
QK480.U52 W533 2012 Pioneers of ecological restoration : the people and legacy of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum / Franklin E. Court.
QK653 .F59 2011 Flowers on the tree of life / edited by Livia Wanntorp, Louis P. Ronse De Craene.
QL157.S68 P76 2011 A field guide to the Southeast coast & Gulf of Mexico : coastal habitats, seabirds, marine mammals, fish, & other wildlife / Noble S. Proctor, Patrick J. Lynch ; illustrated by Patrick J. Lynch.
QL737.C4 H675 2011 Marine protected areas for whales, dolphins, and porpoises : a world handbook for cetacean habitat conservation and planning / Erich Hoyt.
QL782 .G68 2012 Nature's compass : the mystery of animal navigation / James L. Gould, Carol Grant Gould.
QP141 .B873 2014 Nutrition now / Judith E. Brown.
QP144.G45 K64 2013 Nutrigenetics : applying the science of personal nutrition / Martin Kohlmeier ; Gabrielle Z. Kohlmeier (chapter 8).
QP303 .V53 2012 Statistics in kinesiology / William J. Vincent, Joseph P. Weir.
QP408 .Z85 2011 From brain to mind : using neuroscience to guide change in education / James E. Zull.
QP519.9.I42 D38 2013 Quick guide to immunoassay interference / Pradip Datta, Adetoun A. Ejilemele, John R. Petersen.
QR13 .M522 2012 Microbes and evolution : the world that Darwin never saw / edited by Roberto Kolter and Stanley Maloy.
QR46 .G49 2011 Lecture notes. Medical microbiology and infection / edited by Tom Elliott ... [et al.].
QR115 .B46 2012 Beneficial microorganisms in agriculture, food and the environment : safety assessment and regulation / edited by Ingvar Sundh, Andrea Wilcks, and Mark S. Goettel.
R -- Medicine
R726 .W7 1975 The Matthew tree / by H.T. Wright.
RA418.5.T73 B73 2012 Cultural fault lines in healthcare : reflections on cultural competency / Michael C. Brannigan.
RA566 .E42 2012 Emerging organic contaminants and human health / volume editor, Damiáa Barcelâo ; with contributions by A. Alastuey ... [et al.].
RA645.35 .M334 2007 Home-centered health care : the Populist transformation of the American health care system / Mike Magee.
CLS- Ft. Worth RA1216 .W45 2012 Referenced review questions in toxicology / Robert M. White, Sr.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB25 .D26 2012 Pathology for the health professions / Ivan Damjanov.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB38.2 .P78 2009 Applying evidence-based laboratory medicine : a step-by-step guide / Christopher P. Price, Joanne Lozar Glenn, Robert H. Christenson.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB40 .F73 2001 Biological variation : from principles to practice / Callum G. Fraser.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB43.7 .B47 2013 Quick guide to molecular diagnostics / D. Hunter Best, Elaine Lyon, Kristina A. Roberts, Alexandra Valsamakis.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB45.15 .P75 2011 Complete phlebotomy : exam review / Pamela B. Primrose ; contributing editor, Tina Lewis.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB113 .E845 2010 Essential concepts in molecular pathology / edited by William B. Coleman, Gregory J. Tsongalis.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB125 .K76 2002 Assay development and evaluation : a manufacturer's perspective / Jan S. Krouwer.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB155 .C66 2011 Essential medical genetics / Edward S. Tobias, Michael Connor, Malcolm Ferguson-Smith.
CLS- Ft. Worth RB155 .K666 2013 Human genetics and genomics / Bruce R. Korf, Mira B. Irons.
CLS- Ft. Worth RC113.3 .M66 2010 Molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases / edited by Harald H. Kessler.
RC382 .S23 1990 Awakenings / Oliver Sacks.
Reference RC470 .D47 2013 Desk Reference to the diagnostic criteria from DSM-5 / American Psychiatric Association.
Reference RC470 .N87 2013 The pocket guide to the DSM-5 diagnostic exam / Abraham M. Nussbaum.
RC480 .P827 2012 The psychotherapy of hope : the legacy of Persuasion and healing / edited by Renato D. Alarcâon and Julia B. Frank.
RC489.M55 G45 2012 Therapeutic presence : a mindful approach to effective therapy / Shari M. Geller, Leslie S. Greenberg.
CLS- Ft. Worth RC600 .L67 2012 Quick guide to autoimmune disease serology / Robin G. Lorenz, Moon H. Nahm.
CLS- Ft. Worth RC647.C55 H45 2013 Hemostasis and thrombosis : basic principles and clinical practice / editors: Victor J. Marder ... [et al.].
CLS- Ft. Worth RC647.C55 L37 2011 Coagulation disorders : quality in laboratory diagnosis / Michael Laposata.
CLS- Ft. Worth RC648 .Q53 2013 Quick guide to endocrinology / William E. Winter, Lindsay A.L. Bazydlo, Neil S. Harris.
CLS- Ft. Worth RC655 .P84 2010 A practical manual of thyroid and parathyroid disease / edited by Asit Arora, Neil S. Tolley, R. Michael Tuttle.
CLS- Ft. Worth RJ49 .B56 2010 Biochemical and molecular basis of pediatric disease / edited by Dennis J. Dietzen, Michael J. Bennett, Edward C.C. Wong ; emeritus editors, Jocelyn M. Hicks, Nader Rifai, Steven J. Soldin.
CLS- Ft. Worth RM171 .E33 2013 Transfusion medicine : quality in laboratory diagnosis / Quentin G. Eichbaum, Garrett S. Booth, Pampee P. Young.
CLS- Ft. Worth RM301.28 .B46 2012 Clinical pharmacology / Peter N. Bennett, Morris J. Brown, Pankaj Sharma.
CLS- Ft. Worth RM301.9 .H35 2008 Therapeutic drug monitoring and laboratory medicine / Mike Mallworth, Ian D. Watson ; editors: Karen Poyser, Roy Sherwood.
CLS- Ft. Worth RM301.9 .T483 2012 Therapeutic drug monitoring : newer drugs and biomarkers / edited by Amitava Dasgupta.
RM736.7 .A53 2012 Therapeutic recreation practice : a strengths approach / by Lynn Anderson and Linda Heyne.
RT82 .R587 2014 Role development in professional nursing practice / edited by Kathleen Masters.
S -- Agriculture
S494.5.W3 C77 2012 Crop yield response to water / by Pasquale Steduto ... [et al.].
SB106.O74 D46 2012 Darwinian agriculture : how understanding evolution can improve agriculture / R. Ford Denison.
SD413.N65 N49 2012 Blue Ridge commons : environmental activism and forest history in western North Carolina / Kathryn Newfont.
SF433 .B466 2013 How dogs love us : a neuroscientist and his adopted dog decode the canine brain  / Gregory Berns.
SF446.5 .C67 1977 Do cats think? : notes of a cat-watcher / Paul Corey.
T -- Technology
T58.5 .F695 2013 Information technology : an introduction for today's digital world / Richard Fox.
T59.7 .P85 1997 Fundamentals of industrial ergonomics / B. Mustafa Pulat.
TA330 .H655 2009 Introduction to the foundations of applied mathematics / Mark H. Holmes.
TL5103.592.Q83 I57 2013 Advanced quantum communications : an engineering approach / Sandor Imre, Laszlo Gyongyosi.
TR9 .B35 2009 Looking at photographs : a guide to technical terms / Gordon Baldwin and Martin Jèurgens.
TR465 .I87 2010 Issues in the conservation of photographs / edited by Debra Hess Norris, Jennifer Jae Gutierrez.
TR465 .L39313 2009 Photographs of the past : process and preservation / Bertrand Lavâedrine ; with Jean-Paul Gandolfo, John McElhone, and Sibylle Monod ; translated by John McElhone.
TS155 .H679 2008 Factory physics / Wallace J. Hopp, Mark L. Spearman.
TT497 .R79 2012 The label book-- of clothing culture : tradition, quality, style / Thomas Rusche.
TT507 .D5289 2013 Fashion thinking / Fiona Dieffenbacher.
TT515 .K45 2013 Fashion design, Referenced : a visual guide to the history, language & practice of fashion / Alicia Kennedy & Emily Banis Stoehrer ; with Jay Calderin.
TT520 .A7396 2013 Draping for apparel design / Helen Joseph-Armstrong.
TX158 .P773 1999 Yankee magazine's vinegar, duct tape, milk jugs & more : 1,001 ingenious ways to use common household items to repair, restore, revive, or replace just about everything in your life / by Earl Proulx and the editors of Yankee magazine.
TX407.P4 S53 2013 Pepper : a history of the world's most influential spice / Marjorie Shaffer.
TX603 .T65 2007 The complete book of small-batch preserving : over 300 delicious recipes to use year-round / Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard.
TX714 .B5744 2013 Try this at home : recipes from my head to your plate / author: Richard Blais ; foreword: Tom Colicchio.
U -- Military Science
U168 .J65 2011 RFID and auto-ID in planning and logistics : a practical guide for military UID applications / Erick C. Jones, Christopher A. Chung.
U767 .F37 1981 Mr. Kipling's army / Byron Farwell.
UA26.F663 M33 2013 Making war at Fort Hood : life and uncertainty in a military community / Kenneth T. MacLeish.
V -- Naval Science
Z -- Library Science
Z653.7 .P43 2012 The e-copyright handbook / Paul Pedley.
Z699.35.C38 C38 2013 Catalogue 2.0 : the future of the library catalogue / edited by Sally Chambers.
Z716.3 .P68 2012 The library marketing toolkit / Ned Potter.
ZA3075 .B58 2012 A guide to teaching information literacy : 101 practical tips / Helen Blanchett, Chris Powis and Jo Webb.
U.S. Documents
Texas Documents
OFFSITE Fortune. [serial].