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New Resources - November 2010

Call Number
A - General Works

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B805 .H45 2010 The material of knowledge : feminist disclosures / Susan Hekman.

B945.R524 F46 2010 Feminist interpretations of Richard Rorty

B1606 .R44 2008 John Stuart Mill : Victorian firebrand

BD331 .F19 2009 The metaphysics of media : toward an end to postmodern cynicism and the construction of virtuous reality

BF637.N66 B69 2010 Winning body language : control the conversation

BF723.E598 E46 2009 Emotional disorders : a neuropsychological, psychopharmacological, and educational perspective

BF723.P8 P28 2009 Desperately seeking solutions : helping students build problem-solving skills to meet life's many challenges

BF1042 .H88 1996 Leaps of faith : science, miracles, and the search for supernatural consolation

BJ1421 .J39 2010 The virtues of mendacity : on lying in politics
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

D - History: General and Old World

D570.85.T4 W66 2009 Texas and Texans in the Great War / Ralph A. Wooster.

D769.325 112th .P69 2010 Learning under fire : the 112th Cavalry Regiment in World War II

D809.U5 S88 2010 American relief workers who defied the Nazis

D839.3 .P76 2010 Political awakenings : conversations with history : interviews with twenty of the world's most influential

DF225.4 .R49 2006 The first marathon : the legend of Pheidippides

DS135.N6 F7313 1993 A picture book of Anne Frank
E - History: America

E83.877 .G738 2010 Beyond Bear's Paw : the Nez Perce indians in Canada

E99.C68 L637 2010 Apache peacemaker / Bud Shapard.

E99.D2 O24 2009 Delaware tribe in a Cherokee nation / Brice Obermeyer.

E99.S28 W67 2010 The Seminole nation of Oklahoma : a legal history

E183.7 .I46 2010 Empire for liberty: a history of American imperialism from Benjamin Franklin to Paul Wolfowitz

E184.A75 K54 2010 Ends of empire : Asian American critique and the Cold War

E184.S75 C485 2010 Scenes from la Cuenca de Los Angeles y otros natural disasters

E184.S75 L36233 2010 Latino lives in America : making it home

E184.65 .D34 2010 African American history reconsidered

E185.61 .A164 2010 Signs of the times : the visual politics of Jim Crow

E185.615 .F567 2010 Quest for equality : the failed promise of black-brown solidarity

E185.86 .G36 2010 Through our eyes : African American men's experiences of race, gender, and violence

E185.93.T4 M56 2010 In search of the blues : a journey to the soul of Black Texas

E185.96 .S684 2010 Real role models : successful African Americans beyond pop culture

E185.97.G3 G73 2008 Negro with a hat : the rise and fall of Marcus Garvey
E185.97.T8 P56 2009 Sojourner Truth's step-stomp stride

E440.5 .C94 2010 A secession crisis enigma : William Henry Hurlbert and "The diary of a public man"

E748.F56 K37 2010 Dapper Dan Flood : the controversial life of a congressional power broker

E791 .S55 2010 1927 and the rise of modern America

E843 .M35 2008 The Kennedys : America's emerald kings

E908.3 .S84 2010 Not even past : Barack Obama and the burden of race
F - History: America

F230 .R17 2010 Wellspring of liberty : how Virginia's religious dissenters helped win the America Revolution and secured religious liberty

F386.6 .W43 2010 Hotter 'n pecos and other west Texas lies

F394.A95 L66 2010 Weird city : sense of place and creative resistance in Austin, Texas

F395.G3 K436 2010 Nassau Plantation : the evolution of a Texas-German slave plantation

F592.7.Y67 P75 2006 American slave, American hero : York of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

F855.2.M5 G374 2010 The permit that never expires : migrant tales from the Ozark hills and the Mexican highlannds

F1219.76.R45 P64 2010 The Aztec pantheon and the art of empire

F1410 .H536 1999 Historia general de Am*erica Latina
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G175 .M39 2008 All aboard! : a traveling alphabet

G1046.E59 B38 2010 The atlas of world hunger
  GA108.7 .M664 2010 No dig, no fly, no go : how maps restrict and control
  GB1003.2 .C425 1997 The hidden sea : ground water, springs, and wells
  GB2403.2 .W44 2010 On sea ice
  GE20 .E586 Environmental resource handbook
  GN357 .K49 2010 Key concepts in critical cultural studies
  GN450.8 .C85 2010 Cultural critique and the global corporation
  GR1 .T4 no.66 Celebrating 100 years of the Texas Folklore Society, 1909-2009
  GT2073 .L35 1998 I wonder what's under there? : a brief history of underwear
  GT2490 .Q85 2010 Quincea*nera
  GV546 .B87 2010 Fundamental weight training
  GV711.5 .C662 2010  Core assessment and training
  GV865.R6 D56 1998  First in the field : baseball hero Jackie Robinson
H - Social Science
  HC137.M46 C65 2010 The colonias reader : economy, housing, and public health in U.S,-Mexico border colonias
  HD38.5 .S575 2010 The new supply chain agenda : the five steps that drive real value
  HD60 .B67 2010 Social entrepreneurship : what everyone needs to know
  HD60.5.U5 R87 2010 Companies on a mission : entrepreneurial strategies for growing sustainably, responsibly, and porfitably
  HD75 .P69 2010 The Monfort plan : the new architecture of capitalism
  HD1415 .P12 2010 Food politics : what everyone needs to know
  HD1511.U6 M876 2010 Spirit of rebellion : labor and religion in the new cotton South
  HD1691 .S617 2010 Sustainable solutions for water resources : policies, planning, design, and implementation
  HD5325.R12 1886 S683 2010 The Great Southwest Railroad Strike and free labor
  HD9000.6 .S33 2010 The politics of food : the global conflict between food security and food sovereignty
  HD9685.U5 F6144 2010 Smart power : climate change, the smart grid, and the future of electric utilities
  HF5415.13 .H47 1998 The portable MBA in marketing
  HF5415.153 .K535 2010 Robustness development and reliability growth: value-adding strategies for new products and processes
  HF5415.5 .C8385 1995 Customer service central [videorecording]
  HF5548.8 .A684 2011 APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology
  HF5549 .C285 2010 Workforce of one : revolutionizing talent management through costumization
  HF5549.2.U5 H49 2010 Profit at the bottom of the ladder : creating value by investing in your workforce
  HG1811 .D38 2010 Banking on the future : the fall and rise of central banking
  HG4028.W65 P74 2010 Working capital management
  HG4928.5 .G76 2010 Chasing stars : the myth of talent and the portability of performance
  HG4930 .M852 2010 The mutual fund industry : competition and investor welfare

HQ734 .P212 2010 For better : the science of a good marriage

HQ759 .K552 2010 Motherhood and feminism

HQ792.U5 D795 2010 Suffering childhood in early America : violence, race, and the making of the child victim

HQ1063.6 .K46 2010 The daughter trap : taking care of mom and dad-- and you

HQ1150 .S723 2010 feminist promise : 1792 to the present

HQ1236.5.U6 P37 2010 Articulating rights : nineteenth-century American women on race, reform, and the state

HQ1240.5.U6 D65 2010 A jumble of needs : women's activism and neoliberalism in the colonias of the Southwest

HQ1410 .N57 2010 permanent waves : recasting histories of U.S. feminism

HQ1438.N35 Z36 2010 Voices without votes : women and politics in antebellum New England

HT243.U62 A979 2010 Environmental city : people, place, politics, and the meaning of modern Austin

HT361 .U7173 2010 Urban modernity : cultural innovation in the Second Industrial Revolution

HV640 .G73 2010 Weapons of mass migration : forced displacement, coercion, and foreign policy

HV4505 .H367 2010

Hard lives, mean streets : violence in the lives of homeless women

HV6046 .M627 2010 Women on probation and parole : a feminist critique of community programs & services

HV6432 .M647 2010 Surveillance in the time of insecurity

HV6432.7 .M66 2010 The shock of the news : media coverage and the making of 9/11

HV8738 .V38 2010 Working with female offenders : a gender-sensitive approach
J - Political Science
  JA85.2.U6 D74 2010 Sound-bite saboteurs : public discourse, education, and the state of democratic deliberation

JK1041 .K64 2010 Filibustering a political history of obstruction in the House and Senate

JN96.A91 S88 2010 Branding democracy : U.S. regime change in post-Soviet Eastern Europe

JN1129.L32 B48 2010 Your Britain : media and the making of the Labour Party

JV6121 .S35 2010 Not fit for our society : nativism and immigration

JV6201 .M68 2010 Seeking asylum : human smuggling and bureaucracy at the border

JZ1745.A57 K68 2010 Deconstructing Japan's image of South Korea : identity in foreign policy
K - Law

KF385 .M368 2010 Law's detour : justice displaced in the Bush administration

KF478 .R48 2010 The beauty bias : the injustice of appearance in life and law

KF880.3 .P5 Uniform commercial code case digest / edited by Pike and Fischer, Inc.

KF4550 .S78 2010 The living Constitution

KFT1601.6.S55 L39 2010 The laws of slavery in Texas : historical documents and essays
L - Education
  LA217.2 .R38 2010 The death and life of the great American school system: how testing and choice are undermining education
  LB1025.3 .H68 2010 How learning works : seven research-based principles for smart teaching
  LB1025.3 .J333 2009 Never work harder than your students & other principles of great teaching
  LB1025.3 .L48 2010 Teach like a champion : 49 techniques that put students on the path to college
  LB1028 .U41 2011 Understanding and evaluating qualitative educational research
  LB1028.3 .D59 2010 DIY media : creating, sharing and learning with new technologies
  LB1028.3 .S6195 2007 Web 2.0 : new tools, new schools
  LB1028.43 .B35 2010 Driven by data : a practical guide to improve instruction
  LB1051 .B2494 2010 Schools for all kinds of minds : boosting student success by embracing learning variation
  LB1525.76 .J64 2010 Catching readers before they fall : supporting readers who struggle, K-4
  LB1576 .B5249 2009 Whatever happened to language arts? : -- it's alive and well and part of successful literacy classrooms everywhere
  LB1631 .J34 2010 No more "I'm done!" : fostering independent writing in the primary grades
  LB1775.2 .T425 2011 The teacher in American society : a critical anthology
  LB2805 .D1518 2010 Improve learning by building community : a principal's guide to action
  LB2822.82 .B54 2010 Handbook of school improvement : how high-performing principals create high-performing schools
  LB2822.82 .S667 2010 Learning communities 2.0 : educating in the age of empowerment
  LB2831.92 .H72 2010 Six steps to preparing exemplary principals and superintendents: leadership education at its best
  LB2831.92 .T37 2010 The other side of the desk : a 20/20 look at the principalship
  LB3012.5 .S77 2010 Small schools and strong communities : a third way of school reform
  LB3013.32 .B85 2011 Bullying in North American schools
  LB3081 .T785 2010 Truancy prevention and intervention : a practical guide
  LC149 .B285 2009 Getting dads on board : fostering literacy partnerships for successful student learning
  LC2717 .B83 2010 Acting White : the ironic legacy of desegregation
  LC3715 .G37 2010 Educating emergent bilinguals : policies, programs, and practices for English language learners
  LC4031 .D695 2010 Academic instruction for students with moderate and severe intellectual disablities in inclusive classrooms
M - Music and Books on Music
  M1366 .B485 2004 The Bb real book
  M1366 .E4155 2004 The Eb real book
  M1366 .R3934 2006 The real book. Volume III
  M1366 .R3935 2004 The real book [bass clef].
  M1366 .R3953 2004 The real book
   M1366 .R39533 2005 The real book. Volume II.
  ML82 .R65 2010 Pink noises : women on electronic music and sound
  ML87 .R47 2010 Hard luck blues : roots music photographs from the Great Depression
  ML410.C24 D45 2009 The Amores of John Cage
  ML420.S133 R45 2010 Texas Tornado : the times & music of Doug Sahm
  ML421.J77 A54 2010 "Tell them we are singing for Jesus" : the original Fisk Jubilee Singers and Christian reconstruction, 1871-1878
  ML423.B87 P37 2010 Natalie Curtis Burlin : a life in Native and African American music
  ML2075 .F87 2010 The songs of Hollywood
  ML3521 .A34 2010 Blues music in the sixties : a story in Black and White
  ML3526 .E34 2010 Hot stuff : disco and the remaking of American culture
  ML3551 .D83 2010 Singing out : an oral history of America's folk music revivals
  ML3551 .M56 2010 Segregating sound : inventing folk and pop music in the age of Jim Crow
  ML3792.S84 B73 2010 House of hits : the story of Houston's Gold Star
  ML3918.R63 S4 2010 Screaming for change : articulating a unifying philosophy of punk rock
  ML3930.L62 H66 2009 Home on the range : John A. Lomax and his cowboy songs
  MT220 .F47 2010 Teaching piano in groups
N - Fine Arts
  N5300 .G25 1975 Gardner's Art through the ages
  N6530.T4 H67 2010 Art of West Texas women : a celebration
  N7780 .G53 2010 Figures of speech : picturing proverbs in Renaissance Netherlands
  N8214.5.U6 F58 2010 Visions of the Big sky : painting and photographing the Norhtern Rocky Mountain West
  NA2760 .C74 1993 Architecture shapes
  NB230.T4 M38 2009 Material culture
  NB237.L487 B85 2010 Child of the fire : Mary Edmonia Lewis and the problem of art history's Black and Indian subject
  NB1865 .J84 2010 The mourners : tomb sculptures from the court of Burgundy
  NK2004.3.O27 A4 2010 American modern
P - Language and Literature

P90 .S52 2010 Refiguring mass communication : a history

P94.5.Y722 U675 2010 Drop that knowledge : youth radio stories

PA3978 .W35 2010 Euripides our contemporary

PC4680 .B347 1996 Opposites

PE1117 .D5786 2003 Storybook treasury of Dick and Jane and friends

PE1128.A2 E24 2008 Making content comprehensible for English learners: the SIOP model

PE1155 .B3874 2008 ABC3D

PE1408 .R54 2010 Rhetorics and technologies : new directions in writing and communication

PE1591 .C73 2005 Opposites

PN741 .J64 2010 Hyperboles : the rhetoric of excess in Baroque literature and thought

PN1992.8.L35 R33 2010 Television dramatic dialogue : a sociolinguistic study

PN1993.5.U78 M33 2010 Chainsaws, slackers, and spy kids : thirty years of filmmaking in Austin, Texas

PN1997.85 .R43 2010 Redefining adaptation studies

PN1999.U57 C66 2010 Universal women : filmmaking and institutional change in early Hollywood

PN2287.B85 A3 2010 This time together : laughter and reflection

PN4867.2 .F85 2010 What is happening to news : the information explosion and the crises in journalism

PN4885.N6 L68 2010 Norwegian newspapers in America : connecting Norway and the new land

PN4888.P6 D34 2010 Politics on demand : the effects of 24-hour news on American politics

PN6109.97 .C45 1987 A children's book of verse

PQ178 .W75 2009 Weaving narrative : clothing in twelfth-century French romance

PQ6613 .A763 2008 Obra completa

PQ9698.422.I73 S5613 2010 Symphony in white

PR1143 .R4 1975 The Rectory magazine

PR1175.3 .P56 1993 Poems for children

PR4611 .A4 1982 The complete illustrated works of Lewis Carroll

PR4611 .A4 1993 The Oxford pamphlets, leaflets, and circulars of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

PR4611.A4 C6 1961 Diversions and digressions of Lewis Carroll a selesction from unpublished writings and drawings of Lewis Carroll [psued.] togehter with reprints from scarce and unaknowledged work

PR4611 .A7 1985 Alice's adventures in Wonderland

PR4611.A73 R3 Alice's adventures in Wonderland: a critical handbook

PR4611 .J3 2007 Jabberwocky : the classic poem from Lewis Carroll's Through the looking glass, and what Alice found there

 PR4612 .A3 1979 The letters of Lewis Carroll

PR4612 .L454 Lewis Carroll observed : a collection of unpublished photographs, drawings, poetry, and new essays

PR6027.I6 I5 1980 Magic windows : an antique revolving picture book

PS374.M55 C42 2010 Authors out here : Fitzgerald, West, Parker, and Schulberg in Hollywood

PS1017.L53 C65 1996 The Little women treasury

PS3238 .W57 2010 On Whitman

PS3503.I785 Z856 2010 Deep skin : Elizabeth Bishop and visual art

PS3555.S24 W4 1992b Who shrank my grandmother's house? : poems of discovery

PS3561.I37 Z66 2010 John Oliver Killens : a life of Black literary activism

PS3561.R44 S54 2008 Sizzle and burn

PS3563.O8749 B55 2000 The bluest eye

PS3573.I45677 Z565 2010 August Wilson : completing the twentieth-century cycle

PS3608.E768 B74 2010 Breathing, in dust

PS3616.I577 M57 2008 The missing heart : chronicles of an educator

PS3618.O37 C57 2004 Come to my party and other shape poems

PZ5 .T7484 2005 Treasury of Christmas tales

PZ7.A58635 Cez 2009 C*ezanne and the apple boy

PZ7.A6285 Dan 1997 The dandelion seed

PZ7.A778 Hap 1982 Happy birthday, moon

PZ7.B353 Nam 2003 Names for snow

PZ7.B381797 Pl 2005 Playing war

PZ7.B73759 For 2007 Forever in blue : the fourth summer of the Sisterhood

PZ7.C11165 Al 2002 All-American girl

PZ7.C21476 Ro 1987b Rooster's off to see the world

PZ7.C26878 Mat 2002 Matthew A.B.C.

PZ7.C62247 Co 2001 Cobweb Christmas

PZ7.C8912 Jobm 2010 Journey to La Salle's settlement

PZ7.D15134 Boo 2007 The book that dripped blood

PZ7.F96624 Th 2002 The Thief Lord

PZ7 .G36365 1991 The gift of the Magi

PZ7.G43923 Gra 2008 The grasshopper's song : an Aesop's fable revisited

PZ7.H28824 Li 2006 The little boy star

PZ7.K614 Iac 1980 I can do it myself : featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets

PZ7.K6293 Ch 2004 A Christmas like Helen's

PZ7.L3274 Ge 2009 Georgia rises : a day in the life of Georgia O'Keeffe

PZ7.L5513 Her 2006 A hero named Howe

PZ7.M27725 Je 1995 Jeremy Kooloo

PZ7.M42355 He 2007 Heaven looks a lot like the mall : a novel

PZ7.M4784124 Clo 2007 A closer look

PZ7.M4784149 Lg 1994 Lisa McCue's Animals' advent.

PZ7.M5717515 Ec 2007 Eclipse

PZ7.M5717515 New 2008 New moon

PZ7.O634 Ki 1989 Kitten day

PZ7.O81167 Dr 2007 Dragon of the red dawn

PZ7.P338 Te 2004 The teacher's funeral : a comedy in three parts

PZ7.R2955 Ch 1997 The Christmas bears : a lift-the-flap Christmas adventure

PZ7.S5884 Gr 2001 Gregory is grouchy! : and other really good reasons to be compassionate

PZ7.S6795 Ser 2001 The ersatz elevator

PZ7.T21238 Sw 2004 Sweet music in Harlem

PZ7.T219 Li 1991 The littlest angel

PZ7.V816 Ab 1997 Absolutely positively Alexander : the complete stories

PZ7.V816 Al 2003 Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

PZ7.W146 Ne 2003 The never-ending greenness : we made Israel bloom

PZ7.W46843 Wai 1993 Waiting for the evening star

PZ7.W75477 Ste 2008 Steel Town

PZ8.D666 Ap The annotated Alice: Alice's adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking glass

PZ8.M283 Se 1990 The seven Chinese brothers

PZ8.1.B534 Sk 1993 Soap! Soap! Don't forget the soap! : an Appalachian folktale

PZ8.1.L434 Un 1999 Uncle Remus : the complete tales / with a new introduction, as told by Julius Lester

PZ8.3.F6378 Fi 2005 The first day of winter

PZ8.3.H66 An 1999 And to think that we thought that we'd never be friends

PZ8.3.H965 Wh 1989 Which witch is which?

PZ8.3.K2985 One 2006 One more sheep

PZ8.3.K8538 Sp 1994 Special street : a pop-up, fold-out play street

PZ8.3 .M99235 1992 My principal lives next door!

PZ8.3.S714 Zi 1989 The zillionaire's daughter

PZ8.3.T8517 1995 Woodland Christmas : twelve days of Christmas in the North Woods
Q - Science

Q180.55.E4 W45 2004 Data analysis and presentation skills : an introduction for life and medical sciences

QA21 .W324 2010 How to read historical mathematics

QA95 .G3325 1996 The universe in a handkerchief : Lewis Carroll's mathematical recreations, gmaes, puzzles and word plays

QA273 .D265 2010 Fundamentals of probability : a first course

QA401 .M53945 2010 Modeling and simulation fundamentals : theoretical underpinnings and practicals domains

QD22.H15 C48 2005 Master mind : the rise and fall of Fritz Haber, the Nobal laureate who launched the age of chemical welfare

QH548 .D678 2010 The symbiotic habit

QK45.2 .B46 2000 Green plants : their origin and diversity

QL49 .L65 1992 The animal atlas

QL568.F7 G635 2010 Ant encounters : interaction networks and colony behavior

QL677.78 .R387 2010 Raptors of New Mexico

QL758 .T76 2010 Trophic cascades : predators, prey, and the changing dynamics of nature
R - Medicine

RC537 .G722 2010 Manufacturing depression : the secret history of a modern disease

RC628 .W57 2009 Obesity

RC1211 .O938 2010 Oxford American handbook of sports medicine

RC1220.D35 H33 2010 Dance anatomy

RT89 .M29 2011 Nurse manager engagement : strategies for excellence and commitment
S - Agriculture

S900 .M46 2009 Conservation for a new era

SB466.U65 H688 2010 Houston's silent garden : Glenwood Cemetery, 1871-2009
T - Technology

T55 .W56 2010 Keeping people safe : the human dynamics of injury prevention

T212 .S7 2002 So you want to be an inventor?

TA169.7 .A45 2010 Safety analyses of complex systems : considerations of software, firmware, hardware, human, and the environment

TA174 .B752 2010 The design of design : essays from a computer scientist

TD426 .B44 1999 Ground water contamination : transport and remediation

TD480.4 .K83 2010 Reverse osmosis : design, processes, and applications for engineers

TH4811.5 .G53 1990 How a house is built

TL789.8.U6 A5218 2009 One giant leap : Apollo 11 remembered

TP557 .K55 2010 The wild vine : a forgotten grape and the untold story of American wine

TS161 .S87 2010 Sustainable development in the process industries: cases and impact
U- Military Science

U52 .W475 2010 When Janey comes marching home : portraits of women combat veterans

UA26.L4 S35 2010 America's school for war : Fort Leavenworth, officer education, and victory in World War II

UG626.2.A76 W65 2010 Cataclysm : General Hap Arnold and the defeat of Japan
v - Naval Science
  V415.L1 L44 2010 The long road to Annapolis : the founding of the Naval Academy and the emerging American republic
Z - Library Science

Z278 .P68 2010 Pressing the fight : print, propaganda, and the Cold War

Z675.U5 O25 2010eb The value of academic libraries

Z716.6 .N62 2011 No shelf required : e-books in libraries
U. S. Documents

A 13.80: SRS-150 South Carolina's timber industry : an assessment of timber product output and use, 2007
  A 13.80: SRS-164 The South's timber industry : an assessment of timber product output and use, 2007
Texas Documents

Early medieval Europe


Ecological entomology

Ecological management & restoration

Ecology lettersEcology of freshwater fish

Economic notes

Economic outlook

Economic papers / The Economic Society of Australia

The economics of transition

Economics & politics

Educational philosophy and theory

Entomologia experimentalis et applicata

Entomological research

Entomological science

Environmental microbiology

Environmental microbiology reports

Environmental policy and governance

Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC


Epilepsy currents / American Epilepsy Society

EPPO bulletin

Ethics & international affairs


European diabetes nursing : the official journal of the Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes

European financial management : the journal of the European Financial Management Association

European journal of cancer care

European journal of clinical investigation

European journal of dental education

European journal of haematology

European journal of neurology : the official journal of the European Federation of Neurological Societies

The European journal of neuroscience

European journal of oral sciences

European journal of philosophy

European journal of political research

European journal of soil science

European law journal : review of European law in context

Evolution & development

Experimental dermatology : the official journal of the European Immunodermatology Society

Experimental physiology

Experimental techniques

Expert systems

Family process