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New Resources - October 2009

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A-General Works

A 13.78:SRS-44
A discrete global grid for photointerpretation

Trends in southern pulpwood production, 1953-2006

A 13.80:SRS-136
Oklahoma's timber industry--an assessment of timber product output and use, 2005

 A 13.80:SRS-138
Historical trends of timber product output in the South

A 13.80:SRS-140
South Carolina harvest and utilization study, 2006

A 13.80:SRS-141
Alabama harvest and utilization study, 2008

A 13.88:SRS-108
Pioneer Forest  : a half century of sustainable uneven-aged forest management in the Missouri Ozarks

A 13.88:SRS-109
Conservation buffers : design guidelines for buffers, corridors, and greenways

A 93.73/2:49
Exploring alternative farm definitions : implications for agricultural statistics and program eligibility

A 93.73/2:53
Beginning farmers and ranchers

A 93.73/2:54
Federal tax policies and farm households
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B163 .E53 1997eb

Encyclopedia of classical philosophy [electronic resource]
Electronic B804 .B52 1996eb

Biographical dictionary of twentieth-century philosophers [electronic resource]
Electronic B808.9 .F74 2003eb
Consciousness : a guide to the debates [electronic resource]
Electronic B816 .E53 1997eb
Encyclopedia of empiricism [electronic resource]
Electronic B819 .D455 1999eb
Dictionary of existentialism [electronic resource]
Electronic B831.2 .E63 2001eb
Encyclopedia of postmodernism [electronic resource]
Electronic B851 .D53 2005eb
The dictionary of modern American philosophers [electronic resource]
Electronic BF31 .E44 2006eb
Elsevier's dictionary of psychological theories [electronic resource]
Electronic BF31 .E52 2004b
The concise Corsini encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral science [electronic resource]
Electronic BF31 .R43 2001eb
The Penguin dictionary of psychology [electronic resource]
Electronic BF109.A1 B56 2002eb
Biographical dictionary of psychology [electronic resource]

BF432.3 .C43 2009
Multiple intelligences around the world

BF575.G7 B477 2009
When a brother or sister dies : looking back, moving forward
Electronic BF636 .E52 2004eb
Encyclopedia of applied psychology [electronic resource]

BF636.6 .C665 2010
Counseling fathers

BF637.D42 D46 2009
Deception : from ancient empires to Internet dating

BF637.L4 W75 2005
Don't step on the rope! : reflections on leadership, relationships and

BF637.N66 N66 1997
Nonverbal communication : where nature meets culture

BF1584.E9 B48 2008
The realities of witchcraft and popular magic in early modern Europe : culture, cognition, and everyday life
Electronic BJ63 .E45 2001eb
Encyclopedia of ethics [electronic resource]
Electronic BL31 .C75 1998eb
Critical terms for religious studies [electronic resource]
Electronic BL303 .M25 1996b
Myth [electronic resource] : myths & legends of the world explored
Electronic BL715 .G68 2002b
Who's who in classical mythology [electronic resource]
Electronic BL1105 .D35 2002
Dictionary of Hindu lore and legend [electronic resource]
Electronic BM50 .E63 2002eb
The new encyclopedia of Judaism [electronic resource]
Electronic BM50 .U58 1997b
Dictionary of Jewish lore and legend [electronic resource]
Electronic BP109 2001
The Qur*an [electronic resource] : translation
Electronic BP161.3 .M38 2008eb
Islam [electronic resource]
Electronic BQ4040 .C75 2005eb
Critical terms for the study of Buddhism [electronic resource]

BR1642.U5 L44 2009
Holy mavericks : evangelical innovators and the spiritual marketplace

BR1642.U5 L56 2007
Faith in the halls of power : how evangelicals joined the American elite
Electronic BR1700.2 .C64 1998b
Who's who in Christianity [electronic resource]
Electronic BS185 200- .S78 200-
The Holy Bible [electronic resource] : containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of the original tongues
Electronic BS391.3 M36 2005eb
Book of Bible quotations [electronic resource]
Electronic BS440 .S455 2002b
Macmillan dictionary of the Bible [electronic resource]
Electronic BS570 .C64 2002b
Who's who in the Old Testament [electronic resource]
Electronic BS2430 .B67 2002b
Who's who in the New Testament [electronic resource]

BT738 .D655 2009
Social ethics in the making : interpreting an American tradition

BT1212 .E24 2009
Reason, faith, & revolution : reflections on the God debate

BV935.G53 H46 1995
Sowers of the Word : a 95-year history of the Gideons International, 1899-1994
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

C2600.5 P945SD txdocs

Truth-in-taxation : a guide for setting school district tax rates.

 C2600.7 T199FSAU txdocs

Texas sales and use tax rates

C2600.8 T312FOUE txdocs

Texas in focus : Upper East Texas

C2600.8 T312FOUR txdocs
Texas in focus : Upper Rio Grande
Electronic CB361 .B43 1988b
Encyclopaedia of the Renaissance [electronic resource]
Electronic CC100 .E54 2001eb
Encyclopedia of archaeology [electronic resource] : history and discoveries
Electronic CS420 .D32
Debrett's peerage and baronetage 2008 [electronic resource].
Electronic CT21 .E53 2001eb
Encyclopedia of life writing [electronic resource] : autobiographical and biographical forms

CT25 .S53 2009
Fearless confessions : a writer's guide to memoir
Electronic CT103 .C4 2002eb
Chambers biographical dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic CT120 .G685 2007eb
Great lives [electronic resource] : a century in obituaries
Electronic CT120 .W5 2009eb
Marquis Who's who in the world [electronic resource].

CT214 .B57
Biography and genealogy master index.

CT275.V23 S85 2009
The first tycoon : the epic life of Cornelius Vanderbilt
Electronic CT770 .D43b
People of today [electronic resource]
Electronic CT782 .G74 2007eb
Great Victorian lives [electronic resource] : an era in obituaries
Electronic CT861 .G74 2008eb
Great Irish lives [electronic resource]
Electronic CT3202 .P26 2005eb
The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of women's biography [electronic resource]
Electronic CT3202 .P46 1998
The Penguin biographical dictionary of women [electronic resource]
Electronic CT3260 .N57 1971eb
Notable American women, 1607-1950 [electronic resource] : a biographical dictionary
Electronic CT3260 .N5725 2004eb
Notable American women [electronic resource] : a biographical dictionary completing the twentieth century
Electronic CT3260 .N573 1980eb
Notable American women [electronic resource] : the modern period : a biographical dictionary
D - History: General and Old World
Electronic D9 .A53 2001b

Andromeda encyclopedic dictionary of world history [electronic resource]
Electronic D9 .L33 2005eb

Chambers dictionary of world history [electronic resource]
Electronic D21 .E578 2001eb

The Encyclopedia of world history [electronic resource] : ancient, medieval, and modern, chronologically arranged
Electronic D112 .H88 2009eb

The Hutchinson chronology of world history [electronic resource]

D359.2 .W35 2009

Term paper resource guide to nineteenth-century world history

D522.23 .W55 2009

Media, memory, and the First World War

D790.2 .K47 2009

Above the thunder : reminiscences of a field artillery pilot in World War II

D804.3 .D58 2009

We remember with reverence and love : American Jews and the myth of silence after the Holocaust, 1945-1962
Electronic D842 .T69 1999b

A dictionary of contemporary history, 1945 to the present [electronic resource]
Electronic D843 .C25 2009eb

World politics since 1945 [electronic resource]
Electronic DA34 .A76 2001b

The companion to British history [electronic resource]
Electronic DA34 .M37 1997

Collins dictionary of British history [electronic resource]
Electronic DA34 .R43 2003eb

Reader's guide to British history [electronic resource]

DA47.9.I4 H47 2008

Gandhi & Churchill : the epic rivalry that destroyed an empire and forged our age
Electronic DA640 .A98 2005eb

Brewer's Britain & Ireland [electronic resource]
Electronic DA906 .M36 2004eb

Brewer's dictionary of Irish phrase & fable [electronic resource]
Electronic DC242 .S85 2007eb

Who was who at Waterloo [electronic resource] : a biography of the battle
Electronic DD239 .F737 2006eb

Pop culture Germany! [electronic resource] : media, arts, and lifestyle
Electronic DE5 .L29 1999eb
Late antiquity [electronic resource] : a guide to the postclassical world
Electronic DE25 .G72 1986
A guide to the ancient world [electronic resource] : a dictionary of classical place names
Electronic DG203 .H39 2001b
Who's who in the Roman world [electronic resource]
Electronic DG445 .T43 1985b
The Thames and Hudson encyclopedia of the Italian Renaissance [electronic resource]
Electronic DK33 .M54 2004eb
The former Soviet Union's diverse peoples [electronic resource] : a
reference sourcebook
Electronic DK510.762 .B48 2005eb
Pop culture Russia! [electronic resource] : media, arts, and lifestyle
Electronic DR1246 .K59 2004eb
The former Yugoslavia's diverse peoples [electronic resource] : a
reference sourcebook
Electronic DS36.88 .H357 2005eb
Pop culture Arab world! [electronic resource] : media, arts, and lifestyle

DS79.76 .O634 2006
Operation homecoming : Iraq, Afghanistan, and the home front, in the words of U.S. troops and their families
Electronic DS254.5 .P75 2005eb
Iran's diverse peoples [electronic resource] : a reference sourcebook
Electronic DS428.2 .K38 2006eb
Pop culture India! [electronic resource] : media, arts, and lifestyle

DS558 .G87 1985
Vietnam : the war in the air : a pictorial history of the U.S. air forces in the Vietnam War : Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines
Electronic DS727 .L358 2007eb
Pop culture China! [electronic resource] : media, arts, and lifestyle

DS822.5 .C365 2009
The Cambridge companion to modern Japanese culture
Electronic DT20 .E53 2005eb
Encyclopedia of African history [electronic resource]
Electronic DT31 .A43 2008eb
Africa and the Americas [electronic resource] : culture, politics, and history : a multidisciplinary encyclopedia
Electronic DT83 .R47 1999b
Who's who in ancient Egypt [electronic resource]
Electronic DT97 .G65 2004
Biographical dictionary of modern Egypt [electronic resource]
Electronic DT1754 .F73 2005eb
South Africa's diverse peoples [electronic resource] : a reference sourcebook
Electronic DU110 .F73 1997eb
The Macquarie encyclopedia of Australian events [electronic resource]
E - History: America
Electronic E18.75 .B75 2005eb

Britain and the Americas [electronic resource] : culture, politics, and history : a multidisciplinary encyclopedia
Electronic E18.75 .F73 2005eb

France and the Americas [electronic resource] : culture, politics, and history : a multidisciplinary encyclopedia
Electronic E18.75 .G48 2005eb

Germany and the Americas [electronic resource] : culture, politics, and history : a multidisciplinary encyclopedia
Electronic E18.75 .I24 2006eb

Iberia and the Americas [electronic resource] : culture, politics, and history : a multidisciplinary encyclopedia 
Electronic E18.75 .I74 2008eb

Ireland and the Americas [electronic resource] : culture, politics, and history : a multidisciplinary encyclopedia
Electronic E76.2 .E53 1996

Encyclopedia of North American Indians [electronic resource]

E90.C48 P45 2009

The Yale Indian : the education of Henry Roe Cloud

E99.O9 M355 2009

Our people, our journey : the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
Electronic E169.1 .E626 2001eb

Encyclopedia of the United States in the nineteenth century [electronic resource]
Electronic E169.1 .H614 2002b

The new dictionary of cultural literacy [electronic resource]

E169.1 .S2415 2009

Future : a recent history

E169.12 .W395 2009

Life between two deaths, 1989-2001 : U.S. culture in the long nineties
Electronic E174 .C67 2004eb

The great American history fact-finder [electronic resource] : the who, what, where, when, and why of American history
Electronic E174 .R43 1991eb

The Reader's companion to American history [electronic resource]
Electronic E176 .W64

Marquis Who Was Who in America, 1985-present [computer file].
Electronic E176 .W64 2008eb

Marquis Who was who in America, 1607-1984 [electronic resource].
Electronic E176 .W642 2009eb

Marquis Who's who in America [electronic resource]
Electronic E176.1 .R295 2000eb

The reader's companion to the American presidency [electronic resource]
Electronic E176.2 W369 2001eb

First ladies of the United States [electronic resource] : a biographical dictionary
Electronic E179 .C66 2003eb

Conspiracy theories in American history [electronic resource] : an
Electronic E184.A1 R53 2003eb

Ripples of hope [electronic resource] : great American civil rights speeches

E184.S69 M35 2009

Missing : youth, citizenship, and empire after 9/11
Electronic E185 .B574 2003eb

Black firsts [electronic resource] : 4,000 ground-breaking and pioneering historical events

E185.97.R663 A3 2009

Moisture of the earth : Mary Robinson, civil rights and textile union activist : an oral history

E209 .A76 2008

We hold these truths-- : and other words that made America
Electronic E450 .S65 2008eb

The Underground Railroad [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of people, places, and operations

E628 .O33 2009

Occupied women : gender, military occupation, and the American Civil War

E628 .W368 2009

Wanted--correspondence : women's letters to a Union soldier

E745.S617 S55 2009
For country and Corps : the life of General Oliver P. Smith

E748.K376 B43 2009
Joseph P. Kennedy presents : his Hollywood years
F - History: America

F128.47 .H69 2004

Mrs. Astor's New York : money and social power in a Gilded Age

F294.A853 R53 2009

Sam Richards's Civil War diary : a chronicle of the Atlanta home front

F352 .L44 2003

The La Salle Expedition on the Mississippi River : a lost manuscript of Nicolas de La Salle, 1682

F386 .K5

Wagons East: the great drouth of 1886 an episode in natural disaster, human relations, and press leadership

F386 .M35
Imperial Texas; an interpretive essay in cultural geography

F694 .J64 2009
Historic photos of Oklahoma
Electronic F1035.A1 B86 2003eb
Canada's diverse peoples [electronic resource] : a reference sourcebook
Electronic F1210 .E63 1997eb
Encyclopedia of Mexico [electronic resource] : history, society & culture

F1221.Y3 S47 2009
We will dance our truth : Yaqui history in Yoeme performances
Electronic F1234 .C67 2004eb
Mexico [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of contemporary culture and history

F1234 .H283 2009
The secret war in El Paso : Mexican revolutionary intrigue, 1906-1920
Electronic F1414.2 .S495 2005eb
Pop culture Latin America! [electronic resource] : media, arts, and lifestyle
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Electronic G63 .H68 1997b

The Houghton Mifflin dictionary of geography [electronic resource] : places and peoples of the world.
Electronic G103 .M66 1999b

The Penguin encyclopedia of places [electronic resource]
Electronic G103.5 .W42 2007eb

Merriam-Webster's geographical dictionary [electronic resource].
Electronic G123 .L94 2008eb

Philip's world factbook [electronic resource]
Electronic G123 .U56a 2006eb

CIA world factbook [electronic resource].
Electronic G133 .D58 2009eb

Geography of the world [electronic resource]
Electronic G155.A1 D53 2006eb

Dictionary of leisure, travel and tourism [electronic resource].
Electronic G1021 .A86

AtoZ maps online [electronic resource]
Electronic G1021 .C65 2004

The Collins world atlas gazetteer [electronic resource]
Electronic G1030 .H39 2002b

Atlas of world history [electronic resource]
Electronic G2230 .A85 1985

Atlas of the Bible, Andromeda [electronic resource].
Electronic GB10 .D53 2000b

The dictionary of physical geography [electronic resource]

GB460.A2 S27 2007

Just seconds from the ocean : coastal living in the wake of Katrina
Electronic GB5014 .K695 2003b

Philip's guide to global hazards [electronic resource]
Electronic GC401 .P47 2004eb

Philip's guide to the oceans [electronic resource]

GE55 .B43 2008

American environmental leaders : from colonial times to the present
Electronic GE170 .H366 2005eb

Handbook of global environmental politics [electronic resource]
Electronic GE170 .I55 2002eb

International encyclopedia of environmental politics [electronic resource]
Electronic GE195 .H35 2002eb

Handbook of environmental sociology [electronic resource]
Electronic GE300 .E53 1998b

The encyclopedia of ecology and environmental management [electronic resource]
Electronic GF4 .D52 2000b
The dictionary of human geography [electronic resource]
Electronic GN20 .B5 2004eb
Biographical dictionary of social and cultural anthropology [electronic resource]

GN281 .B368 2009
How women got their curves and other just-so stories : evolutionary enigmas
Electronic GN281 .R412313 2004eb
Human evolution [electronic resource] : a guide to the debates
Electronic GN307 .E525 1998eb
Encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology [electronic resource]
Electronic GN316 .P384 2005eb
Cassell's peoples, nations and cultures [electronic resource]
Electronic GN388 .C35 1999eb
The Cambridge encyclopedia of hunters and gatherers [electronic resource]
Electronic GN653 .G67 2003eb
Nigeria's diverse peoples [electronic resource] : a reference sourcebook
Electronic GR105.34 .B78 2001eb
Encyclopedia of urban legends [electronic resource]
Electronic GT507 .O53 1998eb
The Thames and Hudson dictionary of fashion and fashion designers [electronic resource]

GT1753.U6 M44 2009
Victorian wedding dress in the United States : a history through paper dolls
Electronic GT3925 .H64 2005eb
Holidays, festivals, and celebrations of the world dictionary [electronic resource] : detailing nearly 2,500 observances from all 50 states and more than 100 nations : a compendious reference guide to popular, ethnic, religious, national, and ancient holidays ...

GV502 .S94 2009
Nordic walking

GV706.4 .B36 2008
Psychology of champions : how to win at sports and life with the focus edge of super-athletes

GV706.4 .K667 2009
Fundamentals of sport and exercise psychology

GV838.74 .G76 2009
Lifeguard training activities and games

GV939.T447 D53 2009
Coach Tommy Thompson and the boys of Sequoyah

GV943.8 .B56 2009
Survival guide for coaching youth soccer

GV943.9.T7 G38 2009
Complete conditioning for soccer
Electronic GV1101 .M29 2001eb
Martial arts of the world [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
H - Social Science
Electronic H41 .R417 2001eb

Reader's guide to the social sciences [electronic resource]

H62 .A513 2009

Action research and new media : concepts, methods and cases

H62 .F84 2008

Fundamental issues in evaluation

H62 .M4228 2002

Qualitative research in practice : examples for discussion and analysis

H550.5 C437 2009 txdocs

Provider manual
Electronic HA214

State & county quickfacts [electronic resource]
Electronic HB61 .B33 2003eb

The Penguin dictionary of economics [electronic resource]
Electronic HB61 .P37 2005eb
Collins dictionary of economics [electronic resource]
Electronic HB61 .S466 1995b

Dictionary of economics [electronic resource]
Electronic HB76 .B5 2000eb

A biographical dictionary of dissenting economists [electronic resource]
Electronic HB76 .B533 2004eb

The biographical dictionary of British economists [electronic resource]
Electronic HB76 .B535 2000eb

A biographical dictionary of women economists [electronic resource]
Electronic HB76 .V36 2005eb

The Nobel Memorial laureates in economics [electronic resource] : an introduction to their careers and main published works
Electronic HB76 .W47 2003eb

Who's who in economics [electronic resource]
Electronic HB99.7 .E528 1997eb

An encyclopedia of Keynesian economics [electronic resource]
Electronic HB172.5 .E55 2002eb

An encyclopedia of macroeconomics [electronic resource]

HB820 .E45 2008

The household : informal order around the hearth

HC59.72.P6 A434 2010

Alleviating poverty through profitable partnerships : globalization, markets and economic well-being
Electronic HC79.E5 H3184 2005eb

A handbook of globalisation and environmental policy [electronic resource]: national government interventions in a global arena

HC95.Z9 E5 2009

A bibliographic guide to North American industry : history, health, and hazardous waste
Electronic HC102 .A66 2003eb

The American economy [electronic resource] : a historical encyclopedia

HC102.5.A2 E53 2005
The encyclopedia of the history of American management
Electronic HC102.5.A2 E53 2005eb

The encyclopedia of the history of American management [electronic resource]
Electronic HC106.8 .O47 2000eb

Handbook of United States economic and financial indicators [electronic resource]

HC110.P6 E24 2008

The poverty of "the poverty rate" : measure and mismeasure of want in modern America
Electronic HC241.2 .E97 2004b

Eurojargon [electronic resource] : a dictionary of European Union acronyms, abbreviations and terminology

HD30.2 .S636 2009

Social software and Web 2.0 technology trends

HD45 .T3984 2009

Innovation tournaments : creating and selecting exceptional opportunities

HD49 .G55 2008

Crisis management in a complex world

HD58.8 .F84 2008

The six secrets of change : what the best leaders do to help their organizations survive and thrive

HD59.2 .K34 2009

Effective apology : mending fences, building bridges, and restoring trust

HD2785 .M38 2008

Narrating the rise of big business in the USA : how economists explain Standard Oil and Wal-Mart

HD3861.U6 G678 2009
Government by contract : outsourcing and American democracy

HD4904.25 .H355 2009

Handbook of families and work : interdisciplinary perspectives

HD6053 .S417 2009

Breaking into the boys' club : 8 ways for women to get ahead in business

HD7091 .B253 2008

Reforming pensions : principles and policy choices

HD9000.5 .C67 2009

Corporate power in global agrifood governance

HD9385.P83 M334 2009

Oceans of wine : Madeira and the emergence of American trade and taste

HD9502.U52 G75 2009

A smart energy policy : an economist's Rx for balancing cheap, clean, and secure energy

HE2754.L32 G73 2008

Visionary railroader : Jervis Langdon Jr. and the transportation revolution
Electronic HF1001 .B36 2002eb

The new Penguin business dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic HF1001 .C325 2003eb

The Capstone encyclopaedia of business [electronic resource] : the most up-to-date and accessible guide to business ever!
Electronic HF1001 .C65 2005b

Collins dictionary of business [electronic resource]
Electronic HF1001 .D53 2006eb

Dictionary of business and management [electronic resource].
Electronic HF1001 .D53 2006eb

Dictionary of business [electronic resource]
Electronic HF1002 .B87 1995b

Business French dictionary [electronic resource] : French-English, English-French
Electronic HF1002 .B873 1998b

Business Spanish dictionary [electronic resource] : Spanish-English, English-Spanish ; espa*nol-ingl*es, ingl*es-espanol
Electronic HF1002 .B874 1994b

Business German dictionary [electronic resource] : English-German, German-English
Electronic HF1373 .P75 2009

The Princeton encyclopedia of the world economy
Electronic HF1373 .W67 2005eb

Encyclopedia of world trade [electronic resource] : from ancient times to the present

HF1416 .S24 2009

The SAGE handbook of international marketing

HF5381 .E585 2008

Plugged in : the Generation Y guide to thriving at work

HF5386 .S4159 2007

How : why how we do anything means everything-- in business (and in life)

HF5415.1265 .Q83 2009

Socialnomics : how social media transforms the way we live and do business

HF5415.32 .E37 2006

Waiting for your cat to bark? : persuading customers when they ignore marketing
Electronic HF5415.32 .E48 1999eb

The Elgar companion to consumer research and economic psychology [electronic resource]

HF5429 .O88 2008

The Fairchild dictionary of retailing
Electronic HF5548.32 .B67 2003ebb

Dictionary of e-business [electronic resource] : a definitive guide to technology and business terms
Electronic HF5549.A23 D53 2006eb

Dictionary of human resources and personnel management [electronic resource]

HF5549.5.A34 C486 2009

The fifth freedom : jobs, politics, and civil rights in the United States, 1941-1972
Electronic HF5621 .D53 2007eb

Dictionary of accounting [electronic resources].
Electronic HG151 .D69 2006ebb

Dictionary of finance and investment terms [electronic resource]
Electronic HG151 .E89 2003eb

Webster's new world finance and investment dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic HG173 .B35 2003eb

The Penguin international dictionary of finance [electronic resource]
Electronic HG176.7 .M368 2000eb

Dictionary of financial engineering [electronic resource]
Electronic HG181 .M297 2002eb

A financial history of the United States [electronic resource]

HG1601 .D34 2009

Microeconometrics of banking : methods, applications, and results

HG4521 .R685 2009

A gift to my children : a father's lessons for life and investing
Electronic HM425 .A23 2006eb

The Penguin dictionary of sociology [electronic resource]
Electronic HM425 .C36 2006eb

Cambridge dictionary of sociology [electronic resource]
Electronic HM425 .C65 2005eb

Collins dictionary of sociology [electronic resource]
Electronic HM425 .J64 2000b

The Blackwell dictionary of sociology [electronic resource] : a user's
guide to sociological language
Electronic HM425 .L43 2003eb
Key contemporary concepts [electronic resource] : from abjection to Zeno's paradox

HM571 .D36 2008

Historical research
Electronic HM585 .W67 2001b

World of sociology [electronic resource]

HM751 .S772 2009

Managing facilitated processes : a guide for consultants, facilitators, managers, trainers, event planners, and educators

HM831 .M43 2009

Mediatization : concept, changes, consequences
Electronic HM1121 .E59 2008eb

Encyclopedia of violence, peace, & conflict [electronic resource]
Electronic HM1236 .P83 2004eb

Public opinion and polling around the world [electronic resource] : a historical encyclopedia

HN90.V64 M393 2009

Global compassion : private voluntary organizations and U.S. foreign policy since 1939

HN690.6.Z9 C66453 2009

Freedom from want : the remarkable success story of BRAC, the global grassroots organization that's winning the fight against poverty

HQ75.2 .W47 2001b

Who's who in gay and lesbian history [electronic resource] : from antiquity to World war II
Electronic HQ767.9 .C352 2005eb

Cambridge encyclopedia of child development [electronic resource]

HQ782 .B57 2009

When play was play : why pick-up games matter
Electronic HQ796 .C8154 2006eb

Contemporary youth culture [electronic resource] : an international encyclopedia

HQ798 .H55 2009

The triple bind : saving our teenage girls from today's pressures
Electronic HQ1061 .H336 2006eb
Handbook of aging and the social sciences [electronic resource]

HQ1064.I4 L35 2009
Aging and the Indian diaspora : cosmopolitan families in India and abroad

HQ1075 .W675 2008
Women, science, and myth : gender beliefs from antiquity to the present

HQ1115 .E43 2002
Encyclopedia of women and gender [electronic resource] : sex similarities and differences and the impact of society on gender
Electronic HQ1180 .P55 2004eb
Fifty key concepts in gender studies [electronic resource]
Electronic HQ1190 .H84 2002eb
Key concepts in feminist theory and research [electronic resource]
Electronic HQ1236 .R29 2001eb
Encyclopedia of women social reformers [electronic resource]
Electronic HQ1381 .E44 1999eb
The Elgar companion to feminist economics [electronic resource]
Electronic HQ1410 .R43 1998eb
The reader's companion to U.S. women's history [electronic resource]
Electronic HT123 .E5 1998eb
Encyclopedia of urban America [electronic resource] : the cities and

HT861 .C45 2009
Children in slavery through the ages
Electronic HT985 .E53 2007eb
Encyclopedia of emancipation and abolition in the Transatlantic world [electronic resource]

HV41 .H323 2005
The handbook of community practice

HV91 .S735 2009
Strategies for work with involuntary clients

HV551.2 .H66 2009
Survival : how a culture of preparedness can save you and your family from disasters

HV551.2 .Z33 2009
Ethics for disaster

HV741 .D53 2009
Reversing the odds : improving outcomes for babies in the child welfare system

HV2395 .L35 2009
A lens on deaf identities

HV4708 .I78 2009
Filling the ark : animal welfare in disasters

HV4708 .N485 2009
The PETA practical guide to animal rights : simple acts of kindness to help animals in trouble
Electronic HV4915 .S495 2002eb
Animals and science [electronic resource] : a guide to the debates
Electronic HV5017 .A43 2003eb
Alcohol and temperance in modern history [electronic resource] : an international encyclopedia

HV5801 .H459 2009
Addiction : a disorder of choice

HV6431 .I4773 2009
Influence warfare : how terrorists and governments fight to shape perceptions in a war of ideas

HV6432.7 .A85 2008
The 9/11 encyclopedia
Electronic HV7411 .D53 2008eb
Dictionary of prisons and punishment [electronic resource]

HV7411 .W67 2002b
World of criminal justice [electronic resource]
Electronic HV7436 .G8783 2002eb
Guns in American society [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of history, politics, culture, and the law

HV8138.T48 1991   
Thinking about police : contemporary readings
Electronic HV8195.A2 D53 2008eb
Dictionary of policing [electronic resource]
Electronic HV9145.A5 D54 2008eb
Dictionary of youth justice [electronic resource]
Electronic HV9345.A5 D53 2007eb
Dictionary of probation and offender management [electronic resource]

HV9471 .I776 2009
Lifers : seeking redemption in prison

HV9475.C2 T74 2009
The prisoners' world : portraits of convicts caught in the incarceration binge
J - Political Science
Electronic JA61 .B43 1999b

The Blackwell dictionary of political science [electronic resource] : a user's guide to its terms
Electronic JA61 .C65 2004eb

Dictionary of politics and government [electronic resource]
Electronic JA61 .H65 2007eb

A glossary of political theory [electronic resource]
Electronic JA61 .P55 2007eb

Political philosophy A-Z [electronic resource]
Electronic JA61 .S37 2007eb

The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of political thought [electronic resource]
Electronic JA85 .L45 2006eb

Key concepts in political communication [electronic resource]
Electronic JC311 .E4996 2001eb

Encyclopedia of nationalism [electronic resource]. Vol. 2, Leaders, movements, and concepts
Electronic JC311 .E4996 2001eb

Encyclopedia of nationalism [electronic resource]. Vol. 1, Fundamental themes
Electronic JF1525.I6 E64 2005eb

Encyclopedia of intelligence and counterintelligence [electronic resource]

JK271 .S47 1984

Why they call it politics : a guide to America's government

JK521 .K36 2009

Primary politics : how presidential candidates have shaped the modern nominating system

JK2356 .G53 2009
The center cannot hold : the 1960 presidential election and the rise of modern conservativism
Electronic JN30 .E52 2000b
Encyclopedia of the European Union [electronic resource]
Electronic JN231 .W3825 2007eb
A glossary of UK government and politics [electronic resource]

JQ4005 .P46x 1988
The Penguin Macquarie dictionary of Australian politics [electronic resource]
Electronic JV6012 .I56 2005eb
Immigration and asylum [electronic resource] : from 1900 to the present
Electronic JV6455 .N49 2007eb
The new Americans [electronic resource] : a guide to immigration since 1965
Electronic JZ1405 .B47 2003eb
A dictionary of diplomacy [electronic resource]
K - Law
Electronic K52.S63 D53 1999b

Spanish law dictionary [electronic resource] : Spanish/English, English/Spanish = Diccionario de t*erminos jur*idicos :  espan*ol-ingl*es, ingl*es-espan*ol

K699 .B33 2009

When gay people get married : what happens when societies legalize same-sex marriage

K3498 .R85 2009

Rule : reforming water governance
Electronic KD313 .S74 2006eb

Collins dictionary of law [electronic resource]
Electronic KF156 .D53 2007eb

Dictionary of law [electronic resource]
Electronic KF156 .M47 1996eb

Merriam-Webster's dictionary of law [electronic resource]

KF299.W6 T69 2008

Staying at home, staying in the law : a guide to remaining active in the legal profession while pursuing your dreams
Electronic KF385.A4 G68 1999b

Great American court cases [electronic resource]

KF4209.E38 B57 2009

Cyber law : maximizing safety and minimizing risk in classrooms
Electronic KF9085.A68 D53 2002b

Dictionary of conflict resolution [electronic resource]

KFT1230.5.V4 O23

Vernon's Texas codes annotated. Occupations code.

KFT1230.5.V4 T334

Vernon's Texas codes annotated. Tables.

KFT1729.A315 V47

Vernon's Texas rules annotated.
Electronic KJV115 .H37 2004eb

Harrap's dictionnaire juridique [electronic resource] = law dictionary : Franc*ais - Anglais, English - French
L - Education

L1400.8 R227 txdocs

Reading statutes and bills

L1801.7 H816SEF NO.80-10 txdocs

State approaches to health coverage for the uninsured

L1801.7 H816SEF NO.81-1

Topics for the 81st Legislature

L1801.7 L1816SEF no.81-3

How a bill becomes law : 81st Legislature

LA227.4 .B83 2009

Higher education's purpose : intellectual and social progress

LB7 .P55 2009

Philosophy of education : the essential texts
Electronic LB17 .P485 1996eb

Philosophy of education [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia

LB875.D5 J64 2009

Deweyan inquiry : from education theory to practice

LB1028.38 .P568 2009

Rapid training development : developing training courses fast and right
Electronic LB1119 .H25 2006eb

Handbook of research on the education of young children [electronic resource]
Electronic LB1139.23 .N88 2006eb

Key concepts in early childhood education & care [electronic resource]

LB1139.35.A37 K35 2009

Hands-on learning! : more than 1000 activities for young children using everyday objects
Electronic LB1576 .H234 2003eb

Handbook of research on teaching the English language arts [electronic resource]

LB1779 .B43 2004

Ethics for educational leaders

LB2326.3 .C685 2009

Researching learning in higher education : an introduction to contemporary methods and approaches

LB2805 .S635 2009

Leading with passion and purpose

LB2805 .V65 2009

Motivate! inspire! lead! : 10 strategies for building collegial learning communities

LB2822.2 .W35 2009

The servant leader and high school change : more lessons from principal to principal

LB2822.8 .C67 2002

The handbook for SMART school teams

LB2822.82 .S49 2009

Using equity audits to create equitable and excellent schools

LB2831.924.I3 L67 2009

School principal : managing in public

LB3013 .K325 2009

8 steps to classroom management success : a guide for teachers of challenging students

LB3032.2 .S49 2009

Tools for teaching in the block
Electronic LC3993 .I596 2000eb

International handbook of giftedness and talent [electronic resource]

LC4802 .S46 2009

A comprehensive RTI model : integrating behavioral and academic interventions
M - Music and Books on Music

ML60 .S15213 2008

Camille Saint-Sa*ens on music and musicians
Electronic ML100 .A64 2003b
The Harvard dictionary of music [electronic resource]
Electronic ML100 .G75 2006eb
The new Penguin dictionary of music [electronic resource]
Electronic ML102.P66 C66 2003eb
Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world [electronic resource]

ML102.P66 H37 2001
The Faber companion to 20th-century popular music [electronic resource]
Electronic ML105 .H38 1996b
The Harvard biographical dictionary of music [electronic resource]

ML410.B8 H73 2009
Brahms' symphonies : a closer look

ML410.H13 F37 2009

Handel's Messiah and his English oratorios : a closer look

ML420.D98 D48 2009

The Cambridge companion to Bob Dylan

ML423.C494 A3 2009

A language of song : journeys in the musical world of the African diaspora

ML2054 .V36 2009

The Ziegfeld Follies : a history in song

ML3477 .P54 2009
Sound targets : American soldiers and music in the Iraq war

ML3506 .T56 2009
The birth of the cool of Miles Davis and his associates

ML3524 .N43 2009
The songs of Jimmie Rodgers : a legacy in country music

ML3560.C25 B73 2009
Cajun breakdown : the emergence of an American-made music

ML3570.9 .R35 2009
M*usica norte*na : Mexican migrants creating a nation between nations

ML3790 .S88 2009
Selling sounds : the commercial revolution in American music

ML3917.U6 S28 2009
Highbrow/lowdown : theater, jazz, and the making of the new middle class

MT135 .T43 v. 5 grade 2-3
Teaching music through performance in band [sound recording] : resource recordings. Volume 5, grades 2-3

MT135 .T43 v.2 grade 4-5
Teaching music through performance in band [sound recording] : resource recordings. Volume 2, grade 4 and selections from grade 5.

MT135 .T43 vol.3, gr.4
Teaching music through performance in band [sound recording] : resource recordings. Volume 3, grade 4.

MT135 .T43 V.4 Gr.2-3
Teaching music through performance in band [sound recording] : resource recordings. Volume 4, grades 2-3.

MT135 .T43 v.6 grade 4-5
Teaching music through performance in band [sound recording] : resource recordings. Volume 6, grades 4-5.

MT135 .T433 2001
Teaching music through performance in beginning band

MT135 .T4332 2001
Teaching music through performance in beginning band [sound recording] : resource recordings. Grade 1.

MT135 .T47 2003
Teaching music through performing marches

MT135 .T473 2003
Teaching music through performing marches [sound recording].
N - Fine Arts
Electronic N33 .G85 1996b

Guide to art [electronic resource]
Electronic N33 .L75 2003b

The Thames & Hudson dictionary of art terms [electronic resource]

N33 .T53 1994b

The Thames and Hudson dictionary of art and artists [electronic resource]

N34 .C75 2003eb

Critical terms for art history [electronic resource]

N40 .B53 1995b

A biographical dictionary of artists [electronic resource]

N330.5 C755 2009 txdocs

Conducting a watershed survey

N330.5 SU77W 2009 txdocs

Rights to surface water in Texas

N330.7 R339 NO.234 2009 txdocs

Industrial and hazardous waste : rules and regulations for small-quantity generators

N330.7 R339 NO.464A 2008 txdocs

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan : I just received a grant--now what?

N330.7 R339 NO.464B 2009 txdocs

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan : grant forms and instructions

N330.7 R339 NO.472 txdocs

On-site sewage facility (OSSF) : rule compilation..

N330.8 G941 2009 txdocs

A guide to freshwater ecology

N330.8 G942DE txdocs

Guidelines for developing emergency action plans for dams in Texas
Electronic N6465.I4 D4 1990b

The Thames and Hudson encyclopaedia of Impressionism [electronic resource]

N6537.T96 A4 2009

Cy Twombly : the natural world, selected works, 2000-2007
Electronic N6761 .T5 1985b

The Thames and Hudson encyclopaedia of British art [electronic resource]

N6797.B65 N66 2008

Richard Parkes Bonington : the complete paintings

N6853.D8 A4 2009
Inventing Marcel Duchamp : the dynamics of portraiture
Electronic NA31 .H32 2000eb
Harris, Dictionary of architecture & construction [electronic resource]
Electronic NA680 .T453 2000b
The Thames and  Hudson dictionary of 20th century architecture [electronic resource]

NA737.W7 A4 2003a
Wright-sized houses : Frank Lloyd Wright's solutions for making small houses feel big

NB456 .N34 2009
Sculpture and enlightenment
Electronic NC997 .L54 2003eb
The Thames & Hudson dictionary of graphic design and designers [electronic resource]

ND212.5.A25 S18 2009
Abstract expressionism and the American experience : a reevaluation

ND237.B5949 M66 2009
The Highwaymen murals : Al Black's concrete dreams

ND237.F87 A4 2009
Barnaby Furnas

ND237.H75 E38 2009
Edward Hopper & company

ND497.P28 A4 2008

ND1143 .A38 2009
Learning to look at paintings

ND1329.L32 A97 2009
Ad*ela*ide Labille-Guiard : artist in the age of revolution
Electronic NK28 .M55 2003eb
Miller's antiques encyclopedia [electronic resource]
Electronic NK805 .E6 2004eb
The Encyclopedia of American folk art [electronic resource]

NK946.H63 A4 2008
Josef Hoffmann : interiors 1902-1913 : the making of an exhibition
Electronic NK1390 .J85 2005eb
The Thames & Hudson dictionary of design since 1900 [electronic resource]

NK4027.S26 F76 2009
Colors on clay : the San Jos*e tile workshops of San Antonio
Electronic NX260 .B75 2008
The Bridgeman Art Library archive [electronic resource]
Electronic NX452.5.R64 E53 2004eb
Encyclopedia of the romantic era, 1760-1850 [electronic resource]
P - Language and Literature
Electronic P40 .C564 2001eb

Concise encyclopedia of sociolinguistics [electronic resource]
Electronic P87.5 .D53 2006eb

Dictionary of media studies [electronic resource].

P90 .S23 2009

The complexity of human communication

P92.E95 I47 2009

Identity games : globalization and the transformation of media cultures in the new Europe

P93.6 .R35 2009

Tactical media

P94.5.Y72 C43 2008

The changing portrayal of adolescents in the media since 1950

P95.8 .S35 2009

Stagecraft and statecraft : advance and media events in political communication
Electronic P107 .K48 2009eb

Key ideas in linguistics and the philosophy of language [electronic resource]
Electronic P107 .K49 2005aeb

Key thinkers in linguistics and the philosophy of language [electronic resource]
Electronic P371 .D35 2004eb

Dictionary of languages [electronic resource] : the definitive reference to more than 400 languages
Electronic PA2365.E5 C65 1997b

Collins Latin dictionary plus grammar [electronic resource].
Electronic PB1291 .C65 2006eb

Collins Irish dictionary [electronic resource].
Electronic PB2191 .C65 2006eb

Collins Welsh dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic PC1640 .C38 2005ceb

Collins Italian dictionary [electronic resource].
Electronic PC2640 .H23 2007eb

Collins French Dictionary Plus [electronic resource].
Electronic PC4640 .C595 2005eb

Collins Spanish dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic PC5333 .C65 2006eb

Collins dictionary [electronic resource] : English-Portuguese, English Portugu*es-Ingl*es

 PE1404 .R523 2009

Before Shaughnessy : basic writing at Yale and Harvard, 1920-1960
Electronic PE1449 .R34 1995b

Rawson's dictionary of euphemisms and other doubletalk [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1460 .G66 2007eb

Good word guide [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1464 .A46 2005eb

The American Heritage guide to contemporary usage and style [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1519 1991b

The Penguin rhyming dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1580 .A97 2005eb

Word origins [electronic resource] : the hidden histories of English words from A to Z
Electronic PE1580 .W665 2004eb

Word histories and mysteries [electronic resource] : from abracadabra to Zeus
Electronic PE1582.A3 V37 2001b

The browser's dictionary of foreign words and phrases [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1591 .B48 1997b

The Bloomsbury thesaurus [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1591 .R715 2003eb

Roget's II [electronic resource] : the new thesaurus
Electronic PE1596 .M36 2004eb

Chambers dictionary of eponyms [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1625 .A45 2006eb

The Penguin complete English dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1625 .C65 2000b

Collins English dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1628 .A54 2006eb

The American heritage dictionary of the English language [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1628 .M36 2003eb

Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary [electronic resource].
Electronic PE1670 .G8 1983

Dictionary of foreign phrases and abbreviations [electronic resource]
Electronic PE1704 .D38 2005eb

Divided by a common language [electronic resource] : a guide to British and American English
Electronic PE2808.8 .M48 2000eb
How we talk [electronic resource] : American regional English today
Electronic PE2839 .A457 2005eb

The American heritage abbreviations dictionary [electronic resource].
Electronic PE2839 .A47 1997b

The American Heritage dictionary of idioms [electronic resource]
Electronic PE3601.Z5 M327 2005eb

Macquarie dictionary [electronic resource]

PE3711 .A33 2009

Slang : the people's poetry
Electronic PE3721 .R38 1989b

Rawson's wicked words [electronic resource]
Electronic PE3721 .T53 2007eb

Dictionary of contemporary slang [electronic resource]
Electronic PF3640 .C64 2008eb

Collins German dictionary [electronic resource].
Electronic PG6640 .H37 2007eb

Harrap's Polish paperback dictionary [electronic resource].
Electronic PN43 .B65 2000b

Brewer's dictionary of modern phrase & fable [electronic resource]
Electronic PN43 .B65 2005eb

Brewer's dictionary of phrase and fable [electronic resource]
Electronic PN56.H55 H66 2003eb

Holocaust literature [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of writers and their work
Electronic PN56.S9 F47 2007eb

A dictionary of literary symbols [electronic resource]
Electronic PN81 .C84 1995eb

Critical terms for literary study [electronic resource]
Electronic PN94 .E35 2002eb

The Edinburgh encyclopaedia of modern criticism and theory [electronic resource]

PN145 .P96 2009

Voice & vision : a guide to writing history and other serious nonfiction

PN145 .W752 2009

The writer's notebook : craft essays from Tin House

PN175 .R36 2009

Renewing rhetoric's relation to composition : essays in honor of Theresa Jarnagin Enos

PN183 .A53 2009

Ancient non-Greek rhetorics
Electronic PN669 .E53 2000eb

Encyclopedia of medieval literature [electronic resource]
Electronic PN1008.5 .C66 2003eb

The Continuum encyclopedia of children's literature [electronic resource]

PN1661 .P629 2009

The playwright's workout : exercises for the dramatic imagination

PN1991.8.E94 G55 2009

Pieces of sound : German experimental radio

PN1995.9.P7 R378 2009

The big picture : filmmaking lessons from a life on the set 
Electronic PN1998 .C44 2006eb

Chambers film factfinder [electronic resource]
Electronic PN1998.2 .L686 2005eb

An encyclopedic dictionary of women in early American films, 1895-1930 [electronic resource]
Electronic PN2035 .C27 2000
The Cambridge guide to theatre [electronic resource]
Electronic PN2035 .C65 2002eb
The Continuum companion to twentieth century theatre [electronic resource]

PN2287.B683 K36 2008
Somebody : the reckless life and remarkable career of Marlon Brando

PN4181 .D55 2009
Discourse, debate, and democracy : readings from Controversia : an international journal of debate and democratic renewal

PN4193.P6 K63 2009
Five chapters on rhetoric : character, action, things, nothing, and art

PN4728 .E37 2009
Historical dictionary of journalism
Electronic PN4731 .K49 2005eb
Key concepts in journalism studies [electronic resource]

PN4874.C519 A25 2009
Clowns and rats scare me : columns

PN4874.M75 A3 2008
The place to be : Washington, CBS, and the glory days of television news

PN4874.T44 A3 1996
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and other American stories

PN5124.S45 N54 2009
The peep diaries : how we're learning to love watching ourselves and our neighbors
Electronic PN6081 .A623 1997b
Rawson's dictionary of American quotations [electronic resource]
Electronic PN6081 .B556 1997b
Biographical dictionary of quotations [electronic resource]
Electronic PN6081 .B5561 1997b
Thematic dictionary of quotations [electronic resource]
Electronic PN6081 .C574 1998b
Collins concise dictionary [electronic resource]. : quotations
Electronic PN6081 .R435 1989b
Respectfully quoted [electronic resource] : a dictionary of quotations requested from the Congressional Research Service
Electronic PN6083 .S53 1988b
Simpson's contemporary quotations [electronic resource]
Electronic PN6084.E36 E44 2003eb
The Elgar dictionary of economic quotations [electronic resource]
Electronic PN6122 .C43 2006eb
Chambers classic speeches [electronic resource]

PN6790.A83 C55 2008
In odd we trust

PQ711 .G66 2009
Becoming a woman in the age of letters
Electronic PQ4006 .D45 1996eb
Dictionary of Italian literature [electronic resource]
Electronic PQ7081.A1 E558 2004eb
Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean literature, 1900-2003 [electronic resource]
Electronic PQ7081.A1 E56 2000eb
Concise encyclopedia of Latin American literature [electronic resource]

PQ7082.N7 T36 2008
The inner life of mestizo nationalism
Electronic PR19 .C66 2003eb
The Continuum encyclopedia of British literature [electronic resource]
Electronic PR19 .D53 2004eb
Dictionary of literary characters [electronic resource].

PR21 .A85 2008
Reading the allegorical intertext : Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton
Electronic PR83 .G56 1997b
Dictionary of English literature [electronic resource]
Electronic PR85 .C29 2000b
The Cambridge guide to literature in English [electronic resource]
Electronic PR111 .S24 1999eb
The Cambridge guide to women's writing in English [electronic resource]

PR146 .C335 2009
The Cambridge history of English romantic literature
Electronic PR990 .C36 2001eb
The Cambridge guide to children's books in English [electronic resource]

PR1851 .B46 1987
The Riverside Chaucer
Electronic PR2892 .M398 2000b
Dictionary of Shakespeare [electronic resource]
Electronic PR3095 .R53 2002eb
Shakespeare's theatre [electronic resource] : a dictionary of his stage context

PR3581 .C295 2008
John Milton : life, work, and thought

PR5908.S8 S35 2008
The last minstrels : Yeats and the revival of the bardic arts

PR6023.E926 S55 2009
C.S. Lewis on the final frontier : science and the supernatural in the space trilogy

PR6035.O67 Z935 2008
Isaac Rosenberg : the making of a Great War poet : a new life
Electronic PR9080.A52 E53 2005eb
Encyclopedia of post-colonial literatures in English [electronic resource]
Electronic PR9080 .W57 2007eb
Key concepts in postcolonial literature [electronic resource]

PR9110.9.H43 S76 1995
Stones from the river
Electronic PS21 .E53 2003eb
The Continuum encyclopedia of American literature [electronic resource]
Electronic PS94 .C48 2004eb
The chronology of American literature [electronic resource] : America's literary achievements from the colonial era to modern times
Electronic PS153.N5 A344 2000eb
African-American writers [electronic resource] : a dictionary

PS153.N5 M89 2009
The shadow and the act : black intellectual practice, jazz improvisation, and philosophical pragmatism

PS221 .C656 2009
The American 1930s : a literary history
Electronic PS323.5 .E53 2001eb
Encyclopedia of American poetry. The twentieth century [electronic resource]
Electronic PS374.S5 C57 2000b
The Columbia companion to the twentieth-century American short story [electronic resource]

PS648.S5 Y68 2009
You must be this tall to ride : contemporary writers take you inside the story
Electronic PS1097 .D4 1978b
The devil's dictionary [electronic resource]

PS1642.S58 D65 2009
Emerson's liberalism

PS2388.P6 S73 2008
Herman Melville and the American calling : fiction after Moby-Dick, 1851-1857

PS3515.A725 Z78 2008
Corra Harris and the divided mind of the new South

PS3515.E37 Z914 2009
Hemingway's Cuban son : reflections on the writer by his longtime Majordomo

PS3515.U789 Z7 1977
Zora Neale Hurston : a literary biography

PS3558.A443357 S93 2005
Swallowing darkness : a novel

PS3563.O594 F65 2009
Electronic PT91 .E53 2000eb
Encyclopedia of German literature [electronic resource]
Q - Science
Electronic Q121 .B87 2003eb

Science in the Enlightenment [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic Q121 .M29 2005eb

McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of science & technology [electronic resource]
Electronic Q121 .S94 2005eb

Science in the contemporary world [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic Q123 .A33 1992b

Academic Press dictionary of science and technology [electronic resource]
Electronic Q123 .A5 1995b

Illustrated dictionary of science [electronic resource]
Electronic Q123 .A5178 2005eb

The American heritage science dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic Q123 .M15 2003eb

McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms [electronic resource]
Electronic Q123 .N46 2004eb

The new Penguin dictionary of science [electronic resource]
Electronic Q124.95 .L39 2004eb

Science in the ancient world [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic Q125 .H345 2005eb

Science in the early twentieth century [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
Electronic Q125 .R335 2000eb

Reader's guide to the history of science [electronic resource]
Electronic Q125.6 .B75 2006eb

Bridgeman history of science [electronic resource]
Electronic Q130 .W46 2003eb

Women's history as scientists [electronic resource] : a guide to the debates
Electronic Q141 .C128 2002eb

The Cambridge dictionary of scientists [electronic resource]
Electronic Q141 .H88 2009

The Hutchinson dictionary of scientific biography [electronic resource]
Electronic Q174.7 .P75 2007eb

Philosophy of science A-Z [electronic resource]
Electronic QA5 .P46 2003eb

The Penguin dictionary of mathematics [electronic resource]

QA11.2 .H367 2007

Hands on history : a resource for teaching mathematics

QA21 .B47 2004

Math through the ages : a gentle history for teachers and others
Electronic QA76.15 .C65 2008eb

Dictionary of computing [electronic resource]
Electronic QA76.15 .E48 2003eb

Encyclopedia of computer science [electronic resource]
Electronic QA76.15 .P395 2003e

Webster's new world computer dictionary [electronic resource]
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Collins dictionary of computing [electronic resource]

QA76.64 .C368 2006

Ruby cookbook

QA76.9.D26 O65 2009

Databases : a beginner's guide

QA99 .A23 2009

A mathematical nature walk

QA99 .B188 2009

100 essential things you didn't know you didn't know : math explains your world

QA164.8 .B46 2003

Proofs that really count : the art of combinatorial proof

QA241 .M387 2007
Number theory through inquiry

QA278 .S74 2009
Applied multivariate statistics for the social sciences

QA300 .B685 2007
A radical approach to real analysis
Electronic QB14 .C65 2006eb
Collins dictionary of astronomy [electronic resource]
Electronic QB14 .I53 2001b
Dictionary of astronomy [electronic resource]
Electronic QB14 .P48 2002eb
Astronomy encyclopedia [electronic resource]

QB15 .N67 2008
Cosmos : an illustrated history of astronomy and cosmology
Electronic QB44.3 .M66 2004eb
Philip's guide to stars and planets [electronic resource]

QB64 .W54 2006
300 astronomical objects : a visual reference to the universe
Electronic QB65 .M595 2005eb
Philip's atlas of the universe [electronic resource]
Electronic QB501 .E53 2007eb
Encyclopedia of the solar system [electronic resource]
Electronic QC5 .P46 2000b
The Penguin dictionary of physics [electronic resource]

QE31 .S64 2009
Geology for nongeologists
Electronic QE363.8 .B57 1999b
Philip's minerals, rocks & fossils [electronic resource]

QE366.2 .F37 2007
The complete guide to rocks & minerals : how to find, identify and collect the world's most fascinating specimens, featuring over 800 stunning photographs and artworks
Electronic QE392 .O43 2003eb
Philip's guide to gems [electronic resource]
Electronic QE522 .E53 2000eb
Encyclopedia of volcanoes [electronic resource]

QE527.2.R8 V65 2007
Volcanism and subduction : the Kamchatka region
Electronic QE703 .E523 1999eb
Encyclopedia of paleontology [electronic resource]
Electronic QE861.4 .P38 2004eb

The great dinosaur controversy [electronic resource] : a guide to the debates
Electronic QE862.D5 E53 1997eb

Encyclopedia of dinosaurs [electronic resource]
Electronic QH13 .N62 2004eb

The Penguin dictionary of biology [electronic resource]

QH31.T47 T46 2008

A passion for nature : Thomas Jefferson and natural history
Electronic QH102 .R58 2005eb
Rivers of North America [electronic resource]
Electronic QH302.5 .H34 2006b

Collins dictionary of biology [electronic resource]

QH318.5 .A38 2008
Adventures in the wild : tales from biologists of the natural state
Electronic QH361 .R874 2001eb
The evolution wars [electronic resource] : a guide to the debates
Electronic QH491 .D94 2002b
Dictionary of developmental biology and embryology [electronic resource]
Electronic QH491 .K49 2003eb
Keywords and concepts in evolutionary developmental biology [electronic resource]

QH540.8 .K75 2009
The balance of nature : ecology's enduring myth

QH541 .P742 2009
The Princeton guide to ecology

QH541.15.F73 C65 2009
Ecology of fragmented landscapes

QH541.5.M3 W4645 2009
Wetland ecosystems

QH541.5.W3 L56 2009
Lipids in aquatic ecosystems

QH603.C43 N835 2009
The nuclear receptor superfamily : methods and protocols

QK533 .B715 2009
Bryophyte biology

QK635.A1 B665 2009
The social amoebae : the biology of cellular slime molds
Electronic QL405 .O45 2004b
Guide to seashells of the world [electronic resource]
Electronic QL462.3 .E483 2003eb
Encyclopedia of insects [electronic resource]

QL463 .I65 2009
Insect biodiversity : science and society

QL568.F7 K36 2009
The lives of ants

QL681 .B6245 2009
Birds of North America

QL738.5 .M38 2009
Maternal effects in mammals

QL765 .M27 2009
Of birds, whales, and other musicians : an introduction to zoomusicology

QL775 .B439 2009
Wild justice : the moral lives of animals
Electronic QP34.5 .M24 2005eb
Cambridge dictionary of human biology and evolution [electronic resource]

QP34.5 .M487 2008
Our marvelous bodies : an introduction to the physiology of human health
Electronic QP38 .P37 2007eb
The human body book [electronic resource]
Electronic QP81.6 .R656 2002eb
Homosexuality and science [electronic resource] : a guide to the debates

QP141 .H183 2006
Staying healthy with nutrition : the complete guide to diet and nutritional medicine

QP141 .W46 2002
Understanding nutrition
R - Medicine
Electronic R121 .A4446 2007eb

The American Heritage medical dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .B598 2006eb

Black's medical dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .C65 2005eb

Dictionary of medical terms [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .D73 2007eb

Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .M564 2006eb

Merriam-Webster's medical desk dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .M67 2002b

Medicines [electronic resource] : the comprehensive guide
Electronic R121 .M89 2009eb

Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .T18 2009eb
Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .W3585 2003b

Webster's New World medical dictionary [electronic resource]
Electronic R121 .Y68 2007eb

Collins dictionary of medicine [electronic resource].
Electronic R123 .J24 2009eb

Jablonski's dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations [electronic resource]

R724 .M845 2009

An odyssey with animals : a veterinarian's reflections on the animal rights & welfare debate

R726.8 .P35 2009

In the face of death : professionals who care for the dying and the bereaved
Electronic R733 .M678 2005eb

Mosby's dictionary of complementary & alternative medicine [electronic resource]

R853.C55 S36 2009

Sample size tables for clinical studies

RA564.85 .B348 2009

Beyond reproduction : women's health, activism, and public policy
Electronic RA778 .C2164 2004eb

The new Harvard guide to women's health [electronic resource]

RA781 .U53 2008

Understanding fitness : how exercise fuels health and fights disease

RA790.6 .C625

The complete mental health directory
Electronic RA1148 .H362 2004eb

Handbook of forensic psychology [electronic resource] : resource for mental health and legal professionals
Electronic RA1193 .D535 2000b

Macmillan dictionary of toxicology [electronic resource]

RB155.5 .L54 2008

Life span development in genetic disorders : behavioral and neurobiological aspects
Electronic RC41 .C365 2003b

The Cambridge historical dictionary of disease [electronic resource]
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The Royal Society of Medicine health encyclopedia [electronic resource] : the complete medical reference library in one A-Z volume
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Mosby's emergency dictionary [electronic resource] : EMS, rescue, and special operations

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The encyclopedia of drug abuse

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Turning blood red : the fight for life in Cooley's anemia

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Dr. Bernstein's diabetes solution : the complete guide to achieving normal blood sugars

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Community-acquired pneumonia : strategies for management
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Diversity and women's health

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Make room for daddy : the journey from waiting room to birthing room
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TV, food marketing and childhood obesity
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1,000 gluten-free recipes
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Pharmaceutical medicine dictionary [electronic resource]
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Laboratory and diagnostic tests with nursing implications
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International dictionary of homeopathy [electronic resource]
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Natural medicine instructions for patients [electronic resource]
S - Agriculture

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Country life : a handbook of agriculture, horticulture, and landscape gardening

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The flower gardener's bible : time-tested techniques, creative designs, and perfect plants for colorful gardens

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Woody cut stems for growers and florists : how to produce and use branches for flowers, fruit, and foliage
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The Macquarie dictionary of trees & shrubs [electronic resource ]

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Your house, your garden : a foolproof approach to garden design
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The science of animal agriculture
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Black's veterinary dictionary [electronic resource]
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Saunders comprehensive veterinary dictionary [electronic resource]

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Illustrated guide to equine diseases

SI 1.21:P 75
Smithsonian at the poles : contributions to International Polar Year science

SI 1.27:629
A generic revision and phylogenetic analysis of the Primnoidae (Cnidaria:Octocorallia)
T - Technology
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Encyclopedia of 20th-century technology [electronic resource]
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Computer graphics companion [electronic resource]
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The pocket illustrated dictionary of engineering terms [electronic resource]

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Engineering geology : principles and practice

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Classical optics and its applications

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Unquenchable : America's water crisis and what to do about it

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Wastewater solids incineration systems
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Time-saver standards for architectural design [electronic resource] :technical data for professional practice
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Hargrave's communications dictionary [electronic resource]
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Dictionary of communications technology [electronic resource] : terms, definitions, and abbreviations
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Dictionary of multimedia and internet applications [electronic resource] : a guide for developers and users

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Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX : architecting Web applications

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Television goes digital
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Newnes Dictionary of electronics [electronic resource]
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High definition [electronic resource] : A to Z guide to personal technology

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Applied speech and audio processing : with Matlab examples

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Home on the road : the motor home in America
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An illustrated dictionary of aviation [electronic resource]

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Media, NASA, and America's quest for the moon

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Truth, lies, and O-rings : inside the space shuttle Challenger disaster

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Occupational safety and health simplified for the chemical industry
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Oddbins dictionary of wine [electronic resource]
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Condensed encyclopedia of polymer engineering terms [electronic resource]

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Edward Steichen : in high fashion : the Cond*e Nast years, 1923-1937

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Paul Outerbridge : command performance

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Photojournalism and today's news : creating visual reality
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Manufacturing engineering handbook [electronic resource]

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Print in fashion : design and development in fashion textiles
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Bender's dictionary of nutrition and food technology [electronic resource]
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The new food lover's companion [electronic resource] : more than 6,700 A-to-Z entries describe foods, cooking techniques, herbs, spices, desserts, wines, and the ingredients for pleasurable dining
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Dictionary of food [electronic resource] : international food and cooking terms from A to Z
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Cambridge world history of food [electronic resource]

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College cooking : feed yourself and your friends

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Eating history : 30 turning points in the making of American cuisine

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The barbecue! bible
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International encyclopedia of hospitality management [electronic resource]

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In-N-Out Burger : a behind-the-counter look at the fast-food chain that breaks all the rules
U- Military Science
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The Reader's companion to military history [electronic resource]
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Great military lives [electronic resource] : a century in obituaries

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Budgeting for hard power : defense and security spending under Barack Obama
V- Naval Science
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Ships of the world [electronic resource] : an historical encyclopedia

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Millionaires, mansions, and motor yachts : an era of opulence
Z - Library Science

Z S900.7 P197TRP NO.4 txdocs

The Millington site : archaeological and human osteological investigations Presidio county, Texas
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Dictionary of publishing and printing [electronic resource]

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Managing student assistants : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians

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Radical cataloging : essays at the front

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Cataloging and organizing digital resources : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians

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Library contests : a how-to-do-it manual
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Brewer's curious titles [electronic resource]
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Dictionary of information and library management [electronic resource]
Electronic Z6482 .R43 db
AccessUN [electronic resource]

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The ultimate business library [electronic resource] : the greatest books that made management

ZA3075 .H86 2008
More hands-on information literacy activities

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Building digital libraries : a how-to-do-it manual

The Crystal Reference encyclopedia

Philip's encyclopedia 2008

Britannica concise encyclopedia

The Columbia encyclopedia

The Hutchinson unabridged encyclopedia including atlas

The Macmillan encyclopedia

Chambers dictionary of the unexplained

Academic search complete

JSTOR [electronic resource] : the scholarly journal archive

Bloomsbury guide to human thought

Great thinkers A-Z

The Cambridge dictionary of philosophy

A Dictionary of philosophy

Dictionary of world philosophy

Chronicle of higher education [serial].

Journal of political economy.

 Journal of cell science

Journal of marriage and the family


Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books.

Research in the teaching of English.

Journal of public policy & marketing : JPP&M : an annual publication ...

Teaching children mathematics.

The Journal of military history.

Amber waves : the economics of food, farming, natural resources, and rural America

Mathematics teaching in the middle school

Asian politics & policy


The journal of the Ethnological Society of London

The journal of the Ethnological Society of London

Journal of the Ethnological Society of London

The journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Cell biology education

Horticulture & home pest news

Bulletin of the Comediantes

Tropical science

Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology


Wind energy


Zoo biology

Accounting in Europe

African and Black diaspora

African security

AIHA journal : a journal for the science of occupational and environmental health and safety

AIHAJ : a journal for the science of occupational and environmental health and safety



American Industrial Hygiene Association journal

American Industrial Hygiene Association quarterly

Anxiety, stress, and coping

Applied developmental science

Applied measurement in education

Applied neuropsychology

Applied occupational and environmental hygiene

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The Australasian journal of special education.

Australasian psychiatry : bulletin of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry

Australian historical studies

The Australian journal of forensic sciences

Australian journal of learning difficulties

Australian psychologist

Basic and applied social psychology

Behavioral sleep medicine

BSHM bulletin

Canadian journal of science, mathematics and technology information

Canadian journal of science, mathematics and technology education

Children's health care

China journal of social work = Zhong-guo she hui gong zuo qi kan

Chinese journal of communication


Cogeneration & distributed generation journal

Commonwealth law bulletin

Communication booknotes quarterly : CBQ

Communication law and policy : the journal of the Law Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Computer assisted language learning

Contemporary Arab affairs

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Critical review

Critical studies in education

Critical studies on terrorism

Developmental neuropsychology

Developmental neurorehabilitation

Discourse processes

Discourse : studies in the cultural politics of education

Drugs : education, prevention, and policy

The Dallas morning news [serial]