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September 2013 New Resources

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF449 .R84 2013 Blind spot : why we fail to see the solution right in front of us : how finding a solution to one of the world's greatest mysteries with the verifier method changes the way we approach success / Gordon Rugg with Joseph D'Agnese.
BF468 .H35 2012 Time warped : unlocking the mysteries of time perception / Claudia Hammond.
BF575.L3 K56 1989 The healing power of humor : techniques for getting through loss, setbacks, upsets, disappointments, difficulties, trials, tribulations, and all that not-so-funny stuff / Allen Klein.
BF637.C4 R59 2013 Get your shift together : how to think, laugh, and enjoy your way to success in business and in life / Steve Rizzo.
BF637.P36 W535 2013 The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of the psychology of coaching and mentoring / edited by Jonathan Passmore, David B. Peterson, and Teresa Freire.
BF698.95 .R67 2013 Mortal rituals : what the story of the Andes survivors tells us about human evolution / Matt J. Rossano.
BF713 .D48 2012 Developmental psychology : revisiting the classic studies / [edited by] Alan M. Slater & Paul C. Quinn.
BF723.A75 G654 2013 Observing children with attachment difficulties in school : a tool for identifying and supporting emotional and social difficulties in children aged 5-11 / Kim S. Golding [and 7 others] ; foreword by Louise Bomber.
Fort Worth BF774 .I54 2013 Influencer : the new science of leading change / Joseph Grenny ... [et al.].
BF1708.1 .L4643 2007 Your astrology guide 2008 / Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer.
BJ1025 .M665 2004 The moral life : an introductory reader in ethics and literature / [compiled by] Louis P. Pojman.
BL65.I55 R454 2003 Religion in international relations : the return from exile / edited by Pavlos Hatzopoulos and Fabio Petito.
BL65.W2 W68 2009 World religions and norms of war / edited by Vesselin Popovski, Gregory M. Reichberg and Nicholas Turner.
Curriculum Collection BL820.D25 Y64 1991 Wings / written by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Dennis Nolan.
Electronic BR526 .U88 2007eb The religious right [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Glenn H. Utter and John W. Storey.
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World
D21.1 .G66 2001 The cartoon history of the universe. Volumes 1-7 / Larry Gonick.
D743 .K425 2013 Engineers of victory : the problem solvers who turned the tide in the Second World War / Paul Kennedy.
DA396.A2 H5 2007 Charles I / Christopher Hibbert.
Curriculum Collection DS135.N6 F73313 2003 The diary of Anne Frank : the revised critical edition / prepared by the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation
E - History: America
Electronic E18.75 .M374 2008eb Wars of the Americas [Electronic resource] : a chronology of armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere, 1492 to the present / David F. Marley.
Electronic E98.T77 T56 1996eb Native American issues [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / William N. Thompson.
E99.O3 F73 2000 On the rez / Ian Frazier.
E159.5 .B76 2013 Touching America's history : from the Pequot War through World War II / Meredith Mason Brown.
Electronic E176.1 .U16 2007eb U.S. presidents and foreign policy [Electronic resource] : from 1789 to the present / Carl C. Hodge and Cathal J. Nolan, editors.
E179 .S56 2013 Stress testing the USA : public policy and reaction to disaster events / John Rennie Short.
Electronic E184.35 .E53 2008eb Encyclopedia of American Jewish history [Electronic resource] / Stephen H. Norwood and Eunice G. Pollack, editors.
Electronic E188.5 .B78 2008eb British colonial America [Electronic resource] : people and perspectives / John A. Grigg, editor.
E302.6.F8 B494 2012 Benjamin Franklin's intellectual world / [edited by] Paul E. Kerry and Matthew S. Holland.
E331 .N47 2013 The Jeffersonian vision, 1801-1815 : the art of American power during the early republic / William Nester.
Electronic E338 .J33 2008eb Jacksonian and antebellum age [Electronic resource] : people and perspectives / Mark R. Cheathem, editor.
E449 .J695 2013 River of dark dreams : slavery and empire in the cotton kingdom / Walter Johnson.
Electronic E468.9 .H8 2007eb A house divided during the Civil War era [Electronic resource] / Rodney P. Carlisle and J. Geoffrey Golson, editors.
E612.C26 D47 2012 The world's largest prison : the story of Camp Lawton / John K. Derden.
F -- History: America
F390 .T385 2012 The Texas Legation papers, 1836-1845 / Kenneth R. Stevens, editor.
F1569.C2 D45 1998 Peril in Panama : China as the gatekeeper of the Panama Canal threatens new missile crisis / by Richard A. Delgaudio ; introduction by G. Russell Evans.
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G73 .D283 2013 Debates in geography education / edited by David Lambert and Mark Jones.
G155.A1 V577 2013 Tourism and crisis / edited by Gustav Visser and Sanette Ferreira.
G155.T73 C64 2013 Tropical whites : the rise of the tourist south in the Americas / Catherine Cocks.
G516 .V37 2013 Adventure tourism : meaning, experience and learning / edited by Steve Taylor, Peter Varley and Tony Johntson.
GV706.4 .E9555 2012 Expert approaches to sport psychology : applied theories of performance excellence / Mark W. Aoyagi & Artur Poczwardowski, editors.
GV711 .E82 2013 The ethics of coaching sports : moral, social, and legal issues / edited by Robert L. Simon.
GV871 .J647 2013 The complete guide to pitching / Derek Johnson.
H -- Social Science
Electronic HC110.I5 G55 2008eb Rich and poor in America [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Geoffrey Gilbert.
HC427.95 .F57 2005 China, Inc. : how the rise of the next superpower challenges America and the world / Ted C. Fishman.
HD30.28 .K455 2013 Management frameworks : aligning strategic thinking and execution / Jacques Kemp, Andreas Schotter, and Morgen Witzel.
HD53 .N87 2013 Creative intelligence : harnessing the power to create, connect, and inspire / Bruce Nussbaum.
Fort Worth HD57.7 .P4 2013 Leading out loud : a guide for engaging others in creating the future / Terry Pearce ; foreword by Randy Komisar.
Fort Worth HD58.7 .G454 2008 Understanding and managing organizational behavior / Jennifer M. George, Gareth R. Jones.
Fort Worth HD58.8 .K564 2013 The Q-loop : the art and science of lasting corporate change / Brian Klapper.
Fort Worth HD58.8 .P7 2010 Practicing organization development : a guide for leading change / edited by William J. Rothwell ... [et al.].
Fort Worth HD58.9 .L465 2012 The advantage : why organizational health trumps everything else in business / Patrick Lencioni.
HD60 .M28 2013 Conscious capitalism : liberating the heroic spirit of business / John Mackey, Raj Sisodia.
HD62.4 .S735 2013 Management across cultures : developing global competencies / Richard M. Steers, Luciara Nardon, Carlos J. Sanchez-Runde.
HD7110.5.U6 F47 2002 You can retire young! : how to retire in your 40s or 50s without being rich / Larry A. Ferstenou.
Electronic HD7125 .L58 2008eb U.S. social security [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Steven G. Livingston.
HD9696.2.U64 I2548 2011 The IBM century : creating the IT revolution / edited by Jeffrey R. Yost.
HD9940.I84 A767 2013 Giorgio Armani : empire of the senses / John Potvin.
Electronic HF3021 .D59 2007eb Bulls, bears, boom, and bust [Electronic resource] : a historical encyclopedia of American business concepts / John Dobson.
HF5387 .D39 2005 Contemporary issues in business ethics / Joseph R. DesJardins, John J. McCall.
HF5387 .P45 2005 Ethics on the job : cases and strategies / Raymond S. Pfeiffer, Ralph P. Forsberg.
HF5387 .S47 2005 Business ethics / William H. Shaw.
HF5813.U6 S55 2012 Soap, sex, and cigarettes : a cultural history of American advertising / Juliann Sivulka.
AV HM743.F33 F33 2011 Facebook follies [videorecording] / written and directed by Geoff D'Eon ; produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ; Tell Tale Productions.
HM1025 .T83 2013 Why genes are not selfish and people are nice : a challenge to the dangerous ideas that dominate our lives / Colin Tudge.
HM1166 .G36 2014 Interpersonal communication : building connections together / Teri Kwal Gamble & Michael W. Gamble.
HM1211 .H87 2013 Cross-cultural communication : theory and practice / Brian J. Hurn and Barry Tomalin.
Electronic HQ76.3.U5 N48 1994eb Gay and lesbian rights [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.
HQ759.9 .G72435 2012 Grandmother power : a global phenomenon / Paola Gianturco.
Electronic HQ767.5.U5 M3727 2007eb Abortion in the United States [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Dorothy E. McBride.
HQ797 .S6 2013 The war against boys : how misguided policies are harming our young men / Christina Hoff Sommers.
Electronic HQ809.3.U5 M385 1995eb Domestic violence [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Margi Laird McCue.
HQ1064.G7 D38 2012 Going grey : the mediation of politics in an ageing society / Scott Davidson.
HQ1426 .A6825 2006 Thinking about women : sociological perspectives on sex and gender / Margaret L. Andersen.
Electronic HT147.5 .C574 2007eb Cities of the Middle East and North Africa [Electronic resource] : a historical encyclopedia / Michael R.T. Dumper and Bruce E. Stanley, editors ; foreword by Janet L. Abu-Lughod.
HV687 .B795 2013 How nonprofits work : case studies in nonprofit organizations / Grace Budrys.
Curriculum Collection HV2392 .S33 2008 Some kids are deaf / by Lola M. Schaefer ; consultant, Judith M. Gilliam.
Electronic HV6437 .K56 1996eb Gangs [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Karen L. Kinnear.
Electronic HV6439.U7 K55 2009eb Gangs [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Karen L. Kinnear.
Electronic HV6570 .K55 1995eb Childhood sexual abuse [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Karen L. Kinnear.
Electronic HV6768 .H37 2008eb Corporate crime [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Richard D. Hartley.
Electronic HV6773.52 .A47 1999eb Hate crimes [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Donald Altschiller.
Electronic HV8133 .S84 2008eb Policing in America [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Leonard A. Steverson.
HV8138 .D37 2005 An introduction to policing / John S. Dempsey, Linda S. Forst.
HV8212 .D86 2012 Mussolini's policemen : behaviour, ideology and institutional culture in representation and practice / Jonathan Dunnage.
HV8883.3.U5 W67 2013 Working for justice : a handbook of prison education and activism / by members of the Prison Communication, Activism, Research, and Education Collective (PCARE) ; edited by Stephen John Hartnett, Eleanor Novek, Jennifer K. Wood.
HV9275 .W427 2013 What works in offender rehabilitation : an evidence-based approach to assessment and treatment / edited by Leam A. Craig, Louise Dixon, Theresa A. Gannon.
HV9471 .A454 2014 The American prison : imagining a different future / [edited by] Francis T. Cullen, Cheryl Lero Jonson, Mary K. Stohr.
HV9960.G7 P46 2013 The penal landscape : the Howard League guide to criminal justice in England and Wales / edited by Anita Dockley and Ian Loader.
J - Political Science
Electronic JC578 .N485 1996eb Environmental justice [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.
JC599.U5 B555 2013 Spying on democracy : government surveillance, corporate power, and public resistance / Heidi Boghosian ; foreword by Lewis Lapham.
Electronic JK516 .D57 2007eb The executive branch of federal government [Electronic resource] : people, process, and politics / Brian R. Dirck.
Electronic JK1021 .G47 2008eb The legislative branch of federal government [Electronic resource] : people, process, and politics / Gary P. Gershman.
Electronic JK1118 .H849 2009eb Lobbying in America [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Ronald J. Hrebenar and Bryson B. Morgan.
JK1968 2006 .G47 2007 Get in the booth! : a citizen's guide to the 2006 midterm elections / edited by Larry J. Sabato.
Electronic JK1976 .U88 1997eb Campaign and election reform [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Glenn H. Utter and Ruth Ann Strickland.
JK2281 .C353 2014 Campaigns and elections American style / edited by James A. Thurber and Candice J. Nelson.
Electronic JV6483 .L45 2007eb Illegal immigration [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Michael C. LeMay.
Electronic JZ1318 .E77 2008eb Globalization [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Justin Ervin and Zachary A. Smith.
K -- Law
KD8464 .N38 2013 The innocent and the criminal justice system : a sociological analysis of miscarriages of justice / Michael Naughton.
KF2995 .C74 2012 Copyright law for librarians and educators : creative strategies and practical solutions / Kenneth D. Crews.
Electronic KF8203.6 .T74 2008eb Treaties with American Indians [Electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of rights, conflicts, and sovereignty / Donald L. Fixico, editor.
Electronic KF8700 .J84 2007eb The judicial branch of federal government [Electronic resource] : people, process, and politics / Charles L. Zelden, editor.
Electronic KF9685 .C48 2008eb Sentencing [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Dean John Champion.
L -- Education
Curriculum Collection LC4704 .G44 2009 The don't-give-up kid and learning disabilities / by Jeanne Gehret ; illustrated by Michael LaDuca.
M -- Music and Books on Music
ML410.F645 H65 2013 Falling up : the days and nights of Carlisle Floyd : the authorized biography / Thomas Holliday ; with a foreword by PlΓacido Domingo.
ML410.S932 M26 2013 Experiencing Stravinsky : a listener's companion / Robin Maconie.
ML421.S73 J66 2013 Lonesome melodies : the lives and music of the Stanley Brothers / David W. Johnson.
ML3187.5 .G47 2013 Jesus rocks the world : the definitive history of contemporary Christian music / Bob Gersztyn.
ML3556 .A23 2013 To do this, you must know how : music pedagogy in the black gospel quartet tradition / Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff.
MT95 .R67 2013 The birth of an opera : fifteen masterpieces from Poppea to Wozzeck / Michael Rose.
N -- Fine Arts
N71 .A949 2002 Spirit taking form : making a spiritual practice of making art / Nancy Azara.
NC1764.5.J3 M36 2011 Mangatopia : essays on manga and anime in the modern world / Timothy Perper and Martha Cornog, editors.
NK1390 .G87 2012 Design after modernism : furniture and interiors, 1970-2010 / Judith Gura ; original renderings by Sophia Yi-Ying Lu.
P -- Language and Literature
P85.S18 J67 2012 Saussure / John E. Joseph.
P96.O242 G67 2013 Rebooting the Herman & Chomsky propaganda model in the twenty-first century / Brian Michael Goss.
PN167 .S76 2010 Stop plagiarism : a guide to understanding and prevention / edited by Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, Katie Elson Anderson.
PN1995.9.H5 C65 2013 A companion to the historical film / edited by Robert A. Rosenstone and Constantin Parvulescu.
PN1995.9.M3 B37 2012 I do and I don't : a history of marriage in the movies / Jeanine Basinger.
AV PN1997 .D3755 1998 Dead Poets Society [videorecording] / Touchstone Pictures presents ; in association with Silver Screen Partners IV ; a Steven Haft production in association with Witt-Thomas Productions ; a Peter Weir film ; written by Tom Schulman ; directed by Peter Weir.
PN1998.2 .L454 2013 Directors : from stage to screen and back again / by Susan Beth Lehman.
PR2976 .B795 2013 What's the worst thing you can do to Shakespeare? / Richard Burt, Julian Yates.
PR2976 .M36 2013 30 great myths about Shakespeare / Laurie Maguire, Emma Smith.
PR3091 .R647 2013 Shakespeare for young people : productions, versions and adaptations / Abigail Rokison.
PR3093 .B775 2009 Shakespeare on silent film : an excellent dumb discourse / Judith Buchanan.
PR4037 .M854 2013 What matters in Jane Austen? : twenty crucial puzzles solved / John Mullan.
PR5398 .M57 2013 The lady and her monsters : a tale of dissections, real-life Dr. Frankensteins, and the creation of Mary Shelley's masterpiece / Roseanne Montillo.
PR6005.H66 P67 1973 Postern of fate / Agatha Christie.
PR6007.E84 R47 1997 The restless flame : a novel about Saint Augustine / by Louis de Wohl.
PR6011.O58 Z795 2012 Connecting with E.M Forster : a memoir / Tim Leggatt.
PR6045.O53 Z48 2013 A life in letters / P.G. Wodehouse ; edited by Sophie Ratcliffe.
PR6058.A6989 E27 2008 Easy meat / John Harvey.
PR6064.A18 D37 2005 Death in springtime / Magdalen Nabb.
PR6068.E63 R67 2003 The rottweiler : a novel / Ruth Rendell.
PR9199.3.A8 H3 1998 The handmaid's tale / Margaret Atwood.
PR9639.3.M27 F56 1980 Final curtain / Ngaio Marsh.
PS3511.O344 Z87 2012 The voice of an American playwright : interviews with Horton Foote / edited by Gerald C. Wood and Marion Castleberry.
PS3515.E37 Z6886 2013 The Hemingway short story : a study in craft for writers and readers / Robert Paul Lamb.
PS3537.T3234 O3 1964 Of mice and men : play in three acts / by John Steinbeck.
PS3555.V2126 F6 1998 Four to score / Janet Evanovich.
PS3560.A44 L95 2012 Lying in wait : a J.P. Beaumont novel / J.A. Jance.
PS3561.E3975 T48 2005 Texas vendetta / Elmer Kelton.
PS3563.O8749 Z9134 2012 Toni Morrison : forty years in the clearing / edited and with an introduction by Carmen R. Gillespie.
PS3565.C57 Z785 2013 Passing by the dragon : the Biblical tales of Flannery O'Connor / J. Ramsey Michaels ; with a foreword by Thomas Howard.
PS3569.H4834 Z469 2013 How literature saved my life / David Shields.
PS3573.A426 S4 1981 The Second Lady / Irving Wallace.
PS3573.O642 B45 2011 Bel-Air dead : a Stone Barrington novel / Stuart Woods.
PT2653.W42 R313 2008 The post-office girl / Stefan Zweig ; translated from the German by Joel Rotenberg.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.B916259 Lau 2012 Laugh with the moon / Shana Burg.
PZ7.C21665 Ap 1992 Arnie and the new kid / Nancy Carlson.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.C622412 Fr 2012 Freaky Fast Frankie Joe / Lutricia Clifton.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.H2346 Not 2003 Not as crazy as I seem / George Harrar.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.H24349 Tu 2012 Tua and the elephant / by R.P. Harris ; illustrated by Taeeun Yoo.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.L885 Fl 2012 Flying the dragon / Natalie Dias Lorenzi.
PZ7.M2225 Wai 2011 Waiting for the magic / Patricia MacLachlan ; illustrated by Amy June Bates.
PZ7.M71225 Fai 2012 Fairest of all / Sarah Mlynowski.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.N24 Lo 2006 Lovingly Alice / Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.N4377478 Ghe 2011 Ghetto cowboy : a novel / by G. Neri ; illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.P17526 Wo 2012 Wonder / R.J. Palacio.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.P8518 Hum 2012 The humming room / Ellen Potter.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.S32745 Gl 2012 Glory be / Augusta Scattergood.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.S5494 Wal 2010 Walls within walls / Maureen Sherry ; illustrated by Adam Stower.
Curriculum Collection PZ7.5.W64 Wat 2011b The watch that ends the night : voices from the Titanic / Allan Wolf.
PZ7.7.A32 Gi 2012 Giants beware! / written by Jorge Aguirre ; art by Rafael Rosado ; story by Rafel Rosado & Jorge Aguirre ; color by John Novak ; additional color by Matthew Schenk.
PZ7.7.V37 Bak 2011 Bake sale / Sara Varon.
Q -- Science
Electronic Q141 .C2138 2008eb African Americans in science [Electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of people and progress / Charles W. Carey, Jr.
QA76.17 .C36 2014 Computer : a history of the information machine / Martin Campbell-Kelly, William Aspray, Nathan Ensmenger, Jeffrey R. Yost.
QA76.17 .D97 2012b Turing's cathedral : the origins of the digital universe / George Dyson.
QA76.575 .B46 2005 Design fundamentals for new media / James Gordon Bennett.
QA76.9.C62 H36 2010 Handbook of floating-point arithmetic / Jean-Michel Muller ... [et al.].
QA279.5 .G76 2013 Strategic economic decision-making : using Bayesian belief networks to solve complex problems / Jeff Grover.
Curriculum Collection QB209.5 .J456 2011 Just a second : a different way to look at time / Steve Jenkins.
Curriculum Collection QB631.4 .P387 2010 The Earth book / Todd Parr.
QC791 .M33 2013 Fusion : the energy of the universe / Garry McCracken and Peter Stott.
QH324.9.X2 S33 2013 Scanning electron microscopy for the life sciences / Heide Schatten.
QH426.5 .G47 2013 Genetic explanations : sense and nonsense / edited by Sheldon Krimsky, Jeremy Gruber.
QH541.15.E25 E35 2013 Ecological economics from the ground up / edited by Hali Healy ... [et al.].
QH641 .W55 2013 Bioluminescence : living lights, lights for living / ThΓerßese Wilson, J. Woodland Hastings.
QL384.A8 S73 2013 Starfish : biology and ecology of the Asteroidea / edited by John M. Lawrence.
QL463 .M23 2013 The management of insects in recreation and tourism / edited by Raynald Harvey Lemelin.
QL638.X5 E45 2013 Swordfish : a biography of the ocean gladiator / Richard Ellis.
Curriculum Collection QL666.C925 H46 2012 What to expect when you're expecting hatchlings : a guide for crocodilian parents (and curious kids) / Bridget Heos ; illustrated by StΓephane Jorisch.
QL666.L245 B375 2013 Geckos : the animal answer guide / Aaron M. Bauer.
QL697 .V26 2013 The unfeathered bird / Katrina van Grouw.
QL737.C433 M43 2013 Narwhals : Arctic whales in a melting world / Todd McLeish.
QL737.P98 N36 2913 Entertaining elephants : animal agency and the business of the American circus / Susan Nance.
Curriculum Collection QL763 .J46 2013 My first day / Steve Jenkins & Robin Page.
Curriculum Collection QL795.B57 M8 1954 Gay-Neck : the story of pigeon / Dhan Gopal Mukerji ; illustrated by Boris Artzybasheff.
R -- Medicine
RA784 .S585 2000 The quick & easy ayurvedic cookbook / by Eileen Keavy Smith.
Electronic RA790.6 .K4644 2007eb Mental health in America [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Donna R. Kemp.
RA969 .N87 2010 The nurse's role in infection prevention and control / Joint Commission Resources.
Fort Worth RB43.7 .W45 2005 Referenced review questions in molecular medicine / Robert M. White, Sr., David W. Brown, Steven A. Williams.
Fort Worth RB45.15 .B58 2008 Blood specimen collection FAQs : answers to hundreds of the most frequently asked questions on specimen collection / [compiled by Dennis J. Ernst ; edited by Dennis J. Ernst and Lisa O. Ballance].
Fort Worth RB46 .H36 2000 Handbook of lipoprotein testing / edited by Nader Rifai, G. Russell Warnick, Marek H. Dominiczak.
RC266 .C35644 2014 Cancer symptom management / edited by Connie Henke Yarbro, Debra Wujcik, Barbara Holmes Gobel.
RC1225 .P486 2013 Physiological tests for elite athletes / Rebecca K. Tanner and Christopher J. Gore, editors ; Australian Institute of Sport.
RJ506.A9 T54 2004 The everything parents guide to children with autism : know what to expect, find the help you need, and get through the day / Adelle Jameson Tilton.
Curriculum Collection RJ506.D68 G67 1999 Let's talk about Down syndrome / Melanie Apel Gordon.
RM931.A77 M35 2002 The soul's palette : drawing on art's transformative powers for health and well-being / Cathy A. Malchiodi.
S -- Agriculture
Electronic S944 .V38 2007eb Conflicts over natural resources [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Jacqueline Vaughn.
SB473 .H545 2004 Home landscaping. Texas / Roger Holmes & Greg Grant.
SF250.5 .A39 2013 Advances in dairy ingredients / edited by Geoffrey W. Smithers, Mary Ann Augustin.
T -- Technology
  T73 .D66 2005 The engineering student survival guide / Krista Donaldson.
T173.4 .F74 2013 The age of Edison : electric light and the invention of modern America / Ernest Freeberg.
T385 .A17 2013 3D surface reconstruction : multi-scale hierarchical approaches / Francesco Bellocchio ... [et al.].
T385 .B6792 2013 The design collection revealed : Adobe Indesign CS6, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6 / Chris Botello, Elizabeth Eisner Reding.
TD479 .V68 2013 Desalination engineering : planning and design / Nikolay Voutchkov.
TD482 .S53 2005 GIS applications for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems / U.M. Shamsi.
AV TD793.9 .C54 2011 The clean bin project [videorecording] / Peg Leg Films presents ; a film by Grant Baldwin ; written and produced by Jenny Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin ; directed and edited by Grant Baldwin.
TD886 .O364 2013 Odour impact assessment handbook / editors, Vincenzo Belgiorno, Vincenzo Naddeo, and Tiziano Zarra.
Electronic TJ808.3 .S65 2008eb (Online) Renewable and alternative energy resources [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Zachary A. Smith and Katrina D. Taylor.
TL789.8.U5 O39 2013 To touch the face of God : the sacred, the profane and the American space program, 1957-1975 / Kendrick Oliver.
TT518 .D52 2013 The world of fashion / Jay Diamond, Ellen Diamond.
TX601 .V3813 2011 Preserving basics : 77 recipes illustrated step by step / Jody Vassallo ; photography by Clive Bozzard-Hill.
TX649.C47 S65 2012 Dearie : the remarkable life of Julia Child / Bob Spitz.
TX661 .D53 2012 Mrs. Goodfellow : the story of America's first cooking school / Becky Libourel Diamond.
TX691 .G85 2010 Steaming basics : 97 recipes illustrated step by step / Orathay Guillaumont ; photographs by Pierre Javelle.
TX723.5.G8 B28 2013 Honey, olives, octopus : adventures at the Greek table / Christopher Bakken.
TX725.M628 M33 2010 Middle Eastern basics : 70 recipes illustrated step by step / Marianne Magnier-Moreno ; photographs by FrΓedΓeric Lucano.
TX767.C5 G8513 2010 Chocolate basics : 80 recipes illustrated step by step / Orathay Guillaumont and Vania Nikolcic ; photographs by Pierre Javelle.
TX771 .F3913 2011 Cake basics : 70 recipes illustrated step by step / Abi Fawcett ; photographs by Deidre Rooney.
TX801 .V37 2010 Vegetable basics : 84 recipes illustrated step by step / Jody Vassallo ; photographs by Clive Bozzard-Hill.
TX809.M17 Z3813 2010 Pasta basics : 82 recipes illustrated step by step / Laura Zavan ; photographs by Pierre Javelle.
TX833.5 .G678 2009 The ultimate student cookbook : from chicken to chili / Tiffany Goodall ; photography by Claire Peters.
TX833.5 .G68 2000 Gourmet every day / from the editors of Gourmet ; photographs by Romulo A. Yanes.
TX921 .S455 2014 Professional catering : the modern caterer's complete guide to success / Stephen B. Shiring, Sr.
U -- Military Science
Electronic UA23 .W36397 2008eb U.S. national security [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Cynthia A. Watson.
Electronic UB323 .W358 2007eb U.S. military service [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Cynthia A. Watson.
UC263 .F88 1994 Transportation and logistics : one man's story / by Jack C. Fuson.
Electronic UG447.8 .M33 2007eb Chemical and biological warfare [Electronic resource] : a reference handbook / Al Mauroni.
V -- Naval Science
Z -- Library Science
Z668.5 .S7 2013 Staff development : a practical guide / edited by Andrea Wigbels Stewart, Carlette Washington-Hoagland, and Carol T. Zsulya.
Z678 .R65 2013 Communicating professionally : a how-to-do-it manual / Catherine Sheldrick Ross & Kirsti Nilsen.
Z680.5 .H36 2013 The handheld library : mobile technology and the librarian / Thomas A. Peters and Lori Bell, editors.
Z682.4.S89 R43 2013 Mentoring & managing students in the academic library / Michelle Reale.
Z687.2.U6 A43 2010 Developing an outstanding core collection : a guide for libraries / Carol Alabaster.
Z687.2.U6 D57 2007 Crash course in collection development / Wayne Disher.
Z694.15.R47 E42 2013 RDA : Resource description & access : strategies for implementation / Magda El-Sherbini.
Z694.15.R47 J66 2013 RDA and serials cataloging / Ed Jones.
Z711 .R4455 2010 Reference renaissance : current and future trends / edited by Marie L. Radford and R. David Lankes.
Z711.6.B87 R67 2013 Making sense of business reference : a guide for librarians and research professionals / Celia Ross.
Z711.92.H3 M323 2011 Assistive technologies in the library / Barbara T. Mates ; with contributions by William R. Reed, IV.
ZA3075 .F365 2011 Instructional design for librarians and information professionals / Lesley S.J. Farmer.
ZA3075 .I537 2013 Information literacy instruction that works : a guide to teaching by discipline and student population / edited by Patrick Ragains.
ZA3075 .S63 2012 Information basics for college students / Karen Sobel.
Electronic AS121 .R4 Renaissance and modern studies. [online]
Electronic BF575.D35 J68 Journal of personal & interpersonal loss. [online]
Electronic BF712 .J685 Journal of human development and capabilities. [online]
Electronic BL65.P7 Politics, religion & ideology. [online]
Electronic DJK1 .E27 East European politics. [online]
Electronic DK266.A2 S74 Europe-Asia studies. [online]
Electronic DR38.2 J6 Journal of Balkan & Near Eastern studies. [online]
Electronic DT365 .E16 African geographical review [online].
Electronic DT365 .E16 The East African geographical review. [online]
Electronic DT766 .K54 African historical review [online].
Electronic DT766 .K54 Kleio. [online]
Electronic F1029 .C324 Canadian foreign policy = La politique Γetrangßere du Canada. [online]
Electronic GE42 .E846 Ethics, policy & environment. [online]
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