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August 2013 New Resources

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF311 .H646 2013 On looking : eleven walks with expert eyes 
BF319.5.R4 S358 2012 The science of consequences : how they affect genes, change the brain, and impact our world
BF697.5.S43 W66 2013 Transformation through journal writing : the art of self-reflection for the helping professions 
BF698.35.R47 K42 2013 Magical journey : an apprenticeship in contentment 
BF723.E93 M33 2013 Essentials of executive function assessment 
Curriculum Collection BF723.F68 B76 1998 How to be a friend : a guide to making friends and keeping them
BF723.G5 S55 2013 Giftedness 101 
Ft Worth BS658 .S68 2004 Noah's ark 
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World
D839.3 .C57 1999 The Cold War : a history through documents
E - History: America
E97.6.S54 I54 2012 The Indian school on Magnolia Avenue : voices and images from Sherman Institute
E168 .U565 1979 The American image : photographs from the National Archives, 1860-1960
E183 .A85 1976 The atomic bomb : the critical issues
E185.61 .B7913 2013 The King years : historic moments in the civil rights movement
E185.97.K5 A5 2012 "In a single garment of destiny" : a global vision of justice
E453 .A52 1992 Nativism and slavery : the northern Know Nothings and the politics of the 1850s
E474.65 .K33 2012 Shadows of Antietam
E672 .L38 2013 A general who will fight : the leadership of Ulysses S. Grant
F -- History: America
F72.M5 M53 1996 Summer tunes : a Martha's Vineyard vacation
F128.68.F56 A53 2010 Five points : the 19th-century New York City neighborhood that invented tap dance, stole elections, and became the world's most notorious slum
F204.W5 S43 2008 The president's house : a history
F549.P97 L4 1981 Pullman : portrait of a landmark community : a photographic essay
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Curriculum Collection G63 .K63 1988 Geography from A to Z : a picture glossary 
G155.A1 N43 2013 Natural area tourism : ecology, impacts and management
G155.U6 C67 2012 Destination Dixie : tourism and southern history
G156.5.S87 A43 2013 Information and communication technologies and sustainable tourism
G2236.S3 H37 2012 Medieval maps of the Holy Land
GC21.5 .S55 2012 Oceans
GF50 .R48 2012 Resilience and the cultural landscape : understanding and managing change in human-shaped environments 
GT738 .I79 2012 Ivy style : radical conformists
GT2077 .S35 2012 The swimsuit : fashion from poolside to catwalk
GT3203 .M45 1994 The funeral book
GV706.32 .R33 2013 Racism in college athletics
GV706.8 .J66 2013 Qualitative research in sport and physical activity
GV713 .M3615 2013 Managing high performance sport
GV713 .M362 2013 Managing sport : social and cultural perspectives
GV863.A1 K38 1995 Baseball in 1939 : the watershed season of the national pastime
GV879.5 .C87 2005 Ballpark : the story of America's baseball fields
GV943 .S36 2013 Science and soccer : developing elite performers
GV1469.3 .S76 2011 Video games and learning : teaching and participatory culture in the digital age
GV1493 .E58 2007 Entertain your brain
H -- Social Science
HB615 .L694 2012 Entrepreneurship in theory and practice : paradoxes in play
HC79.T4 T4586 2012 Technology transfer in a global economy
HD70.U5 P3 1986 The art of Japanese management
HD7287.96.U6 M35 2009 A decent home : planning, building, and preserving affordable housing
HD9114.B32 S78 2013 Sugar in the blood : a family's story of slavery and empire
HD9855 .M53 2013 Empty mills : the fight against imports and the decline of the U.S. textile industry
HE2763 .B76 1994 Off like the wind! : the first ride of the pony express
HF5415.127 .M398 2012 Market segmentation : how to do it and how to profit from it
HF5429.215.U6 C68 2013 The world of Wal-Mart : discounting the American dream
HF5429.23 .W43 2013 An introduction to franchising
HF5549.5.G6 L626 2013 New developments in goal setting and task performance
HF5549.5.M5 O927 2013 The Oxford handbook of diversity and work
HG230.3 .W73 2012 Modern money theory : a primer on macroeconomics for sovereign monetary systems
HM51 .L3587 1996 Sociological snapshots 2 : seeing social structure and change in everyday life
HM586 .M1657 2004 Society : the basics
HM586 .S33 2008 Sociology
HM646 .A456 2012 Ageing and youth culture : music, style and identity
HM1116 .H35 2013 Give peace a chance : preventing mass violence
HN90.M6 L48 2013 Blurring the boundaries : the declining significance of age
HQ536 .S39 2007 Marriages and families : diversity and change
HQ734 .T915 2013 Perspectives on family communication
HQ755.8 .S362 2012 The educated parent 2 : child rearing in the 21st century
HQ756 .K373 2013 Divorced fathers and their families : legal, economic, and emotional dilemmas
HQ767.5.U5 C73 1993 Abortion and American politics
HQ767.9 .C436 2014 Understanding child development
HQ778.63 .S85 2014 Infants and toddlers : curriculum and teaching
HQ781 .C543 2013 Children, childhood and cultural heritage
HQ801 .G388 2013 Mating intelligence unleashed : the role of the mind in sex, dating, and love
HQ801.82 .S58 2013 Love in the time of algorithms : what technology does to meeting and mating
HQ801.82 .W43 2013 Data, a love story : how I gamed online dating to meet my match
HQ1061 .B77 1996 The social processes of aging and old age
HQ1061 .N883 2006 Issues in aging
HQ1061 .Q33 1999 Aging and the life course : an introduction to social gerontology
HQ1062 .M5495 2013 The psychology of retirement : coping with the transition from work
HQ1062 .O96 2013 The Oxford handbook of retirement
HQ1064.U5 W598 1989 Women as they age : challenge, opportunity, and triumph
HQ1090.27 .P75 2013 Swoon : great seducers and why women love them
Curriculum Collection HV903 .S33 2008 Some kids wear leg braces
Curriculum Collection HV1596.3 .S33 2008 Some kids are blind
Curriculum Collection HV2392 .H44 2002 Can you hear a rainbow? : the story of a deaf boy named Chris
Curriculum Collection HV3022 .S33 2008 Some kids use wheelchairs
HV5020 .C46 2013 Alcohol : social drinking in cultural context
HV6626.3 .E43 1986 Elder abuse : conflict in the family
HV7936.P47 B47 2007 Management and supervision in law enforcement
HV9715.15 .P35 2012 Gender, geography, and punishment : the experience of women in carceral Russia
J - Political Science
JK691 .M65 1982 The American bureaucracy : the core of modern government
JK691 .M65 1982 Democracy and the public service
Ft. Worth JV6484 .L49 1993 --if your name was changed at Ellis Island
K -- Law
KFT1247 .W42 West's Texas cases reported in South western reporter. Third series.
L -- Education
Curriculum Collection LB1050.5 .G67 1999 Let's talk about dyslexia
LB1117 .L439 2012 What teachers need to know about social and emotional development
LB1140.4 .B43 2014 Preschool appropriate practices : environment, curriculum, and development
Ft. Worth LB1573 .G934 2004 Creating literacy instruction for all students in grades 4 to 8 
LB1575 .F68 2012 Genre study : teaching with fiction and nonfiction books : grades K-8+
LB1576 .L3756 2012 Energize research reading & writing : fresh strategies to spark interest, develop independence, and meet key common core standards, grades 4-8
LB2832.2 .C48 2012 The best teachers in the world : why we don't have them and how we could
LB3012.2 .S38 1999 Teaching self-control through management and discipline
LC4093.C56 H53 2013 The road out : a teacher's odyssey in poor America
M -- Music and Books on Music
M1366.J664 C66 2002 Mr. P.C. : the life and music of Paul Chambers
ML1731.8.L7 W75 2012 West End Broadway : the golden age of the American musical in London
ML3484 .W55 2012 Soldiers of song : the Dumbells and other Canadian concert parties of the First World War
MT90 .H55 2012 Towards a global music theory : practical concepts and methods for the analysis of music across human cultures
N -- Fine Arts
N5335.C49 A786 2012 Recasting the past : collecting and presenting antiquities at the Art Institute of Chicago
N5940 .N34 2012 Medieval modern : art out of time
N6487.N34 Y344 2012 Eye on a century : modern and contemporary art from the Charles B. Benenson collection at the Yale University Art Gallery
N6494.M5 L36 2011 The language of less : (then and now)
N6591 .C375 2012 Caribbean : art at the crossroads of the world
N6739.S65 A35 2011 Jes*us Soto in conversation with Ariel Jim*enez = Jes*us Soto en conversaci*on con Ariel Jim*enez.
NA710 .G68 2009 American vernacular buildings and interiors, 1870-1960
Curriculum Collection NC655 .E46 2006 Ed Emberley's drawing book : make a world
ND1329.S29 A4 2011 Jenny Saville
ND2370 .B46 2012 Hidden treasures : the history and technique of fore-edge painting
NK1166 .A13 2012 50 designers you should know
NK1173 .A37 2013 Work for money, design for love : answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting and running a successful design business
NK2117.S59 C66 2012 How to live in small spaces : design, furnishing, decoration, detail for the smaller home
P -- Language and Literature
Ft. Worth P51 .R485 1994 Reflective teaching in second language classrooms
PN145 .K466 2013 Good prose : the art of nonfiction
PN1995.3 .T66 2012 Filmspeak : how to understand literary theory by watching movies
PN1995.65.G7 B44 2012 Behind the scenes at the BBFC : film classification from the silver screen to the digital age
PN1995.9.D6 Q56 2013 This much is true : 14 directors on documentary filmmaking
PN1995.9.S67 G46 2013 Gender and genre in sports documentaries : critical essays
PN1997.D4827 C76 2012 Raising hell : Ken Russell and the unmaking of The devils
PN1998.A3 B469 2013 Ingmar Bergman
PN1998.3.L44 S74 2013 Spike Lee's America
PN2287.P5 M38 2012 Mary Pickford : queen of the movies
PN6162 .B735 1999 The Sweet Potato Queens' book of love
PN6728.A9 B87 2009 Avengers forever
Ft. Worth PN6790.K63 A127 100% perfect girl
PR6005.H66 B67 1978 The boomerang clue (formerly titled Why didn't they ask Evans?)
PR6005.H66 D6 1984 Double sin, and other stories
PR6005.H66 L33 1982 The labors of Hercules
PR6005.H66 R4 1984 The regatta mystery and other stories
PR6005.H66 T46 1984 Thirteen at dinner
PR6013.R44 Z63217 2012 The forgotten writings of Bram Stoker
PR6039.O32 Z558 2012 There and back again : JRR Tolkien and the origins of the Hobbit
PR6052.R8 Z87 2012 John Brunner
PR6061.N45 G48 2005 Ghost walk : a Rose McQuinn mystery
PR6061.N45 I57 2005 The inspector's daughter
PS3552.R698 S63 2006 Sour puss
AV PS3552.R718 S88 2004 Sweet anger
PS3553.L245 R4 1987 Red storm rising
AV PS3553.L287 I5 2011 I'll walk alone [sound recording] : a novel
AV PS3553.U75 W47 2003b White death [sound recording]
AV PS3556.E7259 P73 2006 Prayers for the assassin
Curriculum Collection PS3556.R3325 B44 2008 Bees, snails, & peacock tails : patterns & shapes-- naturally
AV PS3557.R5355 R8 1996b The runaway jury [sound recording]
PS3558.E28 Z48 2013 The selected letters of Anthony Hecht
PS3566.A736 Z75 2012 Understanding Suzan-Lori Parks
AV PS3566.E234 R53 2011 Ridley Pearson compact disc collection [sound recording] : three books in one : The pied piper; The first victim; Parallel lies.
PS3568.E476345 D39 1999 Death du jour
AV PS3568.O243 G65 2012 Golden shores [sound recording] : Treasures lost, treasures found; The welcoming
PS3573.A4795 F37 2012 Faster than light : new and selected poems, 1996-2011
AV PS3605.V57 R48 2012 The revised fundamentals of caregiving [sound recording]
Curriculum Collection PZ7.A146 On 1994 One TV blasting and a pig outdoors
Curriculum Collection PZ7.C8358 Mam 1993 Mama zooms
Ft. Worth PZ7.M9535 Las 1988 The last dinosaur
Curriculum Collection PZ7.N62 Mr 2004 Mr. Worry : a story about OCD
Curriculum Collection PZ7.P932 Ho 1994 How to make an apple pie and see the world
Curriculum Collection PZ7.P968 Am 2000 The amber spyglass
Curriculum Collection PZ7.P968 Su 1997 The subtle knife
Curriculum Collection PZ7.R53215 Al 2004 The Alphabet War : a story about dyslexia
Ft. Worth PZ7.W15875 Pu 2006 Pumpkin Day!
Curriculum Collection PZ8.1.B663 Dr 1999 The dragon new year : a Chinese legend
Ft. Worth PZ8.3 .T4135 2004 The three little kittens and other stories
Ft. Worth PZ10.3.H646 Br 1993 Bread and jam for Frances
Q -- Science
Q360 .M68 2012 A student's guide to coding and information theory
QA11.2 .S868 2013 Teaching with tasks for effective mathematics learning
QA76.17 .C467 2012 Computing : a concise history
QA76.17 .D38 2011 The universal computer : the road from Leibniz to Turing
QA76.5915 .C48 2011 Sensing and systems in pervasive computing : engineering context aware systems
QA76.9.A43 M385 2012 A guide to experimental algorithmics
Ft. Worth QA113 .M66 2005 My eight book
QA196 .V56 2011 Quaternions for computer graphics
QA267.5.S4 G64 2012 Algebraic shift register sequences
QA274.7 .M39 2003 Graph directed Markov systems : geometry and dynamics of limit sets
QA276.16 .S45 2013 Selected works of Peter J. Bickel
QA276.45.M53 T75 2007 Elementary statistics using Excel
QA614.86 .L364 2013 Fractal geometry, complex dimensions and zeta functions : geometry and spectra of fractal strings
QB65 .D37 2013 Illustrating the Phaenomena : celestial cartography in antiquity and the Middle Ages
Curriculum Collection QB501.3 .S63 2007 Our solar system
Curriculum Collection QB637.4 .G53 1995 The reasons for seasons
QC16.E5 K46 2012 A student's guide to Einstein's major papers
Ft. Worth QE862.D5 D5158 1993 Dinosaurs
QH31.D3 F37 2012 Erasmus Darwin : sex, science, and serendipity
QH87.3 .A24 2012 Wetland environments : a global perspective
QH105.N5 Y49 2011 Meadowlands : a wetlands survival story
QH107 .M35 2012 In the shadow of the Carmens : afield with a naturalist in the northern Mexican mountains
QH125.6 .R37 2011 A rapid biological assessment of the Kwamalasamutu region, Southwestern Suriname
QH323.5 .B543 2012 Biometrics and Kansei engineering
QH324.2 .H358 2013 Handbook of systems biology : concepts and insights
QH324.2 .S534 2013 Handbook of neuroevolution through Erlang
QH332 .C355 2012 The roots of bioethics : health, progress, technology, death
QH438.7 .C478 2012 Chimera's children : ethical, philosophical, and religious perspectives on human-nonhuman experimentation
QH450 .B555 2013 Biophysical approaches to translational control of gene expression
QH460 .T363 2012 Tandem repeat polymorphisms : genetic plasticity, neural diversity, and disease
QH541.15.L35 H57 2012 Historical environmental variation in conservation and natural resource management
QH541.5.C3 C38 2013 Cave microbiomes : a novel resource for drug discovery
Curriculum Collection QH541.5.R27 G52 1994 Nature's green umbrella : tropical rain forests
QH671 .S97 2013 Systems biology of apoptosis
QK99.A1 R47eb Review of natural products [electronic resource]
Curriculum Collection QK475.8 .G49 2002 Tell me, tree : all about trees for kids
QK901 .V35 2013 Vegetation ecology
QK980 .C35 2012 The vegetation of Antarctica through geological time
Curriculum Collection QL430.3.O2 L38 1990 An octopus is amazing
QL435 .N38 Functional morphology and diversity
Ft. Worth QL467.2 .W444 2002 Which bug uses a torch? : creepy-crawlies
Curriculum Collection QL666.O6 B57 2012 Snakes
Curriculum Collection QL675 .M86 2011 Hatch!
Curriculum Collection QL698.3 .J83 2012 Bird talk : what birds are saying and why
Curriculum Collection QL698.9 .G36 1996 How do birds find their way?
QL698.95 .B579 2012 Birds and habitat : relationships in changing landscapes
Curriculum Collection QL737.C27 G834 2010 Moon bear
QL737.C432 S37 2013 Into great silence : a memoir of discovery and loss among vanishing orcas
QL737.P9 L39 2013 Leaping ahead : advances in prosimian biology
Curriculum Collection QL737.P96 H39 2008 Looking for Miza : the true story of the mountain gorilla family who rescued one of their own
Curriculum Collection QL737.P98 C69 2011 Desert elephants
QL752 .R66 2013 Population and community ecology of ontogenetic development
Curriculum Collection QL754 .D69 2011 North : the amazing story of Arctic migration
Curriculum Collection QL768 .A77 2008 Wild tracks! : a guide to nature's footprints
QL776 .P47 2013 Perspectives on human-animal communication : internatural communication
QL955 .B74 2013 Gametogenesis, early embryo development and stem cell derivation
Curriculum Collection QP37 .R653 2004b The busy body book : a kid's guide to fitness
QP141 .S5375 2013 Nutrition : science and applications
QR53 .E54 2013 Engineering complex phenotypes in industrial strains
QR181 .R57 2011eb Roitt's essential immunology [electronic resource]
QR395 .A88 2013 Astrovirus research : essential ideas, everyday impacts, future directions
R -- Medicine
R11 .A13eb ACP journal club [electronic resource]
R121 .T334 2013eb Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary [electronic resource]
R123 .J24 2009eb Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations [electronic resource]
R129 .A276 2013eb ACP medicine [electronic resource]
R723.7 A277 2007eb Acp pier & ahfs di essentials [electronic resource]
R726.8 .O9 2010eb Oxford textbook of palliative medicine [electronic resource]
R733 .A27 2009eb The ACP evidence-based guide to complementary & alternative medicine [electronic resource]
RA418.5.T73 P87 2009 eb Guide to culturally competent health care [electronic resource]
RA425 .O9 2009eb Oxford textbook of public health [electronic resource]
RA564.85 .W6668 2013eb Women's health : a primary care clinical guide [electronic resource]
RB38.2 .D36 2010eb Delmar's guide to laboratory and diagnostic tests [electronic resource]
RB115 .B835 2013eb 2013 HCPCS : level II [electronic resource]
RB115 .I233 2006eb Icd-9-cm [electronic resource] : international classification of diseases, ninth revision, clinical modification, vols. 1, 2, and 3
RB115 .I4 2013eb Ingenix cpt with rvus data file [electronic resource]
RB155 .F55 2005eb Oxford desk reference [electronic resource] : clinical genetics
RC46 .F36 2003eb Family medicine [electronic resource] : principles and practice
RC46 .O995 2010eb Oxford textbook of medicine [electronic resource]
RC49 .S655 2001 The balance within : the science connecting health and emotions
RC55 .A12 2014eb The 5-minute clinical consult, 2014 [electronic resource]
RC55 .M4eb The merck manual of diagnosis and therapy [electronic resource]
RC55 .O94 2007eb Oxford American handbook of clinical medicine [electronic resource]
RC81 .A447 2013eb AAFP conditions a to z [electronic resource]
RC86.7 .B594 2007eb Essentials of paramedic care - canadian ed., volumes i and ii [electronic resource]
RC86.7 .P56 2008eb Evidence-based emergency care : diagnostic testing and clinical decision rules [electronic resource]
RC86.7 E953 2009eb Evidence-based emergency medicine [electronic resource]
RC111 .C562 2008eb Clinical infectious disease [electronic resource]
RC111 .I544 2013eb Infectious Diseases: The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention [electronic resource]
RC258 .A33 2009 eb AJCC cancer staging manual [electronic resource]
RC261 .C2735 2009 eb Holland-Frei Cancer medicine [electronic resource]
RC347 .P743 2003eb Principles and practice of neuropathology [electronic resource]
Curriculum Collection RC388 .G74 2003 Living with cerebral palsy
Curriculum Collection RC424 .K43 2000 Let's talk about stuttering
RC437.5 .C3197 2010 Unhinged : the trouble with psychiatry : a doctor's revelations about a profession in crisis
RC440 .T69 2011eb Nursing diagnoses in psychiatric nursing : care plans and psychotropic medications [electronic resource]
RC455.2.C4 D54 2013

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders [electronic resource] : DSM-5.

RC455.2.C4 N67 2010eb Goodwin and Guze’s psychiatric diagnosis [electronic resource]
Curriculum Collection RC571 .R68 2004 Down syndrome 
RC628 .B62 2012 The brain and obesity
RC630 .H36 2004eb Handbook of fluid, electrolyte & acid-base imbalances [electronic resource]
RC667 .E953 2010eb Evidence-based cardiology [electronic resource]
RC801 .T48 2009eb Textbook of gastroenterology [electronic resource]
RC860 .Z56 2003 The good gut guide : help for IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, food allergies, and other gut problems
RC952 .G393 2003eb Geriatric medicine [electronic resource] : an evidence-based approach
RC954 .C645 2005eb Delmar's geriatric nursing care plans [electronic resource]
RC961.6 .E33 2008eb Oxford handbook of tropical medicine [electronic resource]
RC1210 .O944 2013 Oxford handbook of sport and exercise medicine 
RD31 .G744 2011eb Greenfield's surgery : scientific principles and practice [electronic resource] 
RD31 .O94 2000eb Oxford textbook of surgery [electronic resource]
RD32.3 .A87aeb Perioperative standards and recommended practices [electronic resource]
RD49 .A277 2002eb ACS surgery [electronic resource]
RD82.2 .O96 2011eb Oxford handbook of anaesthesia [electronic resource]
RD93 .M95 2012eb Wound management : principles and practice [electronic resource]
RD93 .S58 2010eb Skin and soft tissue injuries, and infections : a practical evidence based guide [electronic resource]
RD93.95 .T68 2009 eb Trauma care : initial assessment and management in the emergency department [electronic resource]
RD731 .A267 2009eb AAOS comprehensive orthopaedic review [electronic resource]
RD732.3.C48 E874 2005eb Essentials of musculoskeletal care
RF46 .B25 2009eb Ballenger's otorhinolaryngology : head and neck surgery [electronic resource]
RG110 .D36 2008eb Danforth's obstetrics and gynecology [electronic resource]
RG951 .O43 2012eb Olds' maternal-newborn nursing & women's health across the lifespan [electronic resource]
RJ45 .A447 2009eb American Academy of Pediatrics textbook of pediatric care : tools for practice [electronic resource]
RJ45 .A57 2009eb American Academy of Pediatrics textbook of pediatric care [electronic resource]
Curriculum Collection RJ47 .A635 2002 Let's talk about being in a wheelchair
RJ50 .D447 2010eb American Academy of Pediatrics quick guide to pediatric care [electronic resource]
RJ245 .L89 2005eb Delmar's pediatric nursing care plans [electronic resource]
RJ245 .P435 2012eb Pediatric nursing : caring for children and their families [electronic resource]
RJ370 .S748 2009eb Tarascon Adult Emergency Pocketbook [electronic resource]
RJ401 .A447 2012eb Red book [electronic resource] : report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases.
RJ418 .P75 2005eb Principles and practice of pediatric endocrinology [electronic resource]
Curriculum Collection RJ506.A9 R665 2000 Everything you need to know when a brother or sister is autistic
Curriculum Collection RJ506.H9 N45 1998 Help is on the way : a child's book about ADD
RL71 .E95 2008eb Evidence-based dermatology [electronic resource]
RL71 .R744 2010eb Rook's textbook of dermatology [electronic resource]
RM1 .A64 2013eb APhA DrugInfoLine
RM122 .W35 2013eb Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics [electronic resource]
RM217 .L88 2011eb Nutrition & diet therapy [electronic resource]
RM300 .D784 2007eb Drugpoints system [electronic resource]
RM300 .U83eb Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer [electronic resource]
RM301.12 V355 2013eb Davis's drug guide for nurses [electronic resource]
RM701.6 .O94 2010eb Oxford American handbook of physical medicine and rehabilitation [electronic resource]
RM725 .K576 2012eb Therapeutic exercise : foundations and techniques [electronic resource]
RM930 .R364 2010eb Physical medicine and rehabilitation : principles and practice [electronic resource]
RS131.2 .A47eb AHFS drug information 2013 [electronic resource]
RS200 .T75 2005eb Trissel's stability of compounded formulations [electronic resource]
RT48.6 D646 2013eb Nurse's pocket guide : diagnoses, prioritized interventions, and rationales [electronic resource]
RT51 .A628 2010eb Fundamental & advanced nursing skills [electronic resource]
RT51 .S66 2011eb Diseases and disorders : a nursing therapeutics manual [electronic resource]
RT81.5 .N54 2012eb Foundations of nursing research [electronic resource]
RT120.F34 F75 2003eb Family nursing [electronic resource] : research, theory, & practice
S -- Agriculture
S494.5.P47 S54 2013 The vegetable gardener's guide to permaculture : creating an edible ecosystem
Curriculum Collection SB324 .G53 2007 The vegetables we eat
SB451.34.T4 W37 2006 Bayou Bend Gardens : a Southern oasis
SB750 .M665 2013 Molecular plant immunity 
SD428.A2 E27 2013 Forests for the people : the story of America's eastern national forests
SF919.5.C65 L66 2013 Long acting animal health drug products : fundamentals and applications
SK331 .S34 2012 A hundred years of Texas waterfowl hunting : the decoys, guides, clubs, and places, 1870s to 1970s
T -- Technology
T55 .A83 2010 Industrial safety and health management
T57.6 .D32 2012 Management science : decision making through systems thinking
T57.84 .R68 2011 Design of modern heuristics : principles and application
T58.5 .A89 2012 Asset condition, information systems and decision models
T58.5 .P494 2013 Latin American identity in online cultural production
T58.6 .O673 2013 Optimizing, innovating, and capitalizing on information systems for operations
T385 .W6456 2013 The graphic designer's digital toolkit
TA5 .I4845 2012 Emerging trends in science, engineering and technology : proceedings of international conference, INCOSET 2012
TA345 .B73 2011 Programming for engineers : a foundational approach to learning C and Matlab
TD170 .N37 2012 Science for environmental protection : the road ahead
TD177 .W35 2008 Fate and transport of contaminants in the environment
TD195.E49 Z38 2012 Sustainable resource development
TD390 .B68 2013 Alternative water sources and wastewater management
TD427.A77 A75 2003 Arsenic in ground water
TD449.5 .C46 2013 Activated carbon : solutions for improving water quality
TD793.3 .R38 1993 Rubbish! : the archaeology of garbage
Curriculum Collection TD794.5 .G5 1992 Recycle! : a handbook for kids
TJ163.2 .G657 2013 Sustainable energy management
TJ808.2 .D792 2011 Energy island : how one community harnessed the wind and changed their world
TK5105.5 .R6175 2012 Basics of computer networking
TK5105.875.I57 B58 2012 The death of the Internet
TK7885 .S2564 2012 Computer, network, software, and hardware engineering with applications
TK7895.E42 E627 2013 Embedded systems : hardware, design, and implementation
TK7895.M4 A26 2013 Nanometer variation-tolerant SRAM : circuits and statistical design for yield
TK7895.M4 G74 2013 Green computing with emerging memory : low-power computation for social innovation
TN490.T2 N47 2011 Coltan
Curriculum Collection TP692.2 .R63 2009 What's so bad about gasoline? : fossil fuels and what they do
TR465 .L39 2003 A guide to the preventive conservation of photograph collections
TT505.A1 V64 2012 Vogue : the editor's eye
TT957 .M5518 2004 Milady's standard cosmetology
TX1 .C832 Cook's illustrated
TX311 .G55 2013 Interior design materials and specifications
TX360.U6 I575 2011 Child and adult care food program : aligning dietary guidance for all
TX360.U6 P584 2013 A place at the table : the crisis of 49 million hungry Americans and how to solve it
TX531 .S5848 2013 Food safety : the science of keeping food safe
TX553.A3 C455 2013 The chemistry of food additives and preservatives
TX603 .T654 2012 Preserving made easy
TX725.T8 I86 2013 Sherbet & spice : the complete story of Turkish sweets and desserts
TX827 .B438 2012 Best of Bridge slow cooker cookbook : 200 delicious recipes
U -- Military Science
U133 .A553 1977 The armed forces officer
UA917.U5 S7 1994 History of personnel demobilization in the United States Army
V -- Naval Science
Ft. Worth VM150 .O95245 2001 Ships & submarines
Z -- Library Science
Z675.U5 S8334 2012 Student engagement and the academic library
Z711 .O98 2012 Successful enquiry answering every time
ZA3075 .M47 2012 Designing effective library tutorials : a guide for accommodating multiple learning styles
U.S. Documents
Texas Documents
 Kappa Delta Pi record
 Journal of health education
 American journal of health education. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
The Living bird
Bird study
Biological agriculture & horticulture : an international journal
Biodiversity : journal of life on Earth. [online]
Biodemography and social biology [online]
Bioacoustics [online]
Bilingual research journal : BRJ. [online]
Bereavement care [online].
Behavioral medicine [online].
Azania [online].
Aviation [online].
Australian planner [online].
Australian forestry [online].
Australasian journal of environmental management [online].
Atmosphere-ocean. [online]
Atmosphere. [online]
Assistive technology : the official journal of RESNA ... [online]
Asian journal of technology innovation. [online]
Asian geographer [online]
Asian anthropology [online]
Asia Pacific journal of social work and development [online]
Arts education policy review [online]
Archives and records. [online]
Archives and manuscripts [online].
Archives of environmental & occupational health [online]
Archives of environmental health. [online]
Archiv f*ur Phytopathologie und Pflanzenschutz [online]
Architectural science review [online]
Architectural engineering and design management [online]
The Arboricultural journal [online].
Asia-Pacific journal of accounting & economics [online]
Annals of leisure research [online].
Annals of GIS [online].
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