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New Books and Resources - July 2013

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BD177 .D413 2007 Why think? : evolution and the rational mind
BF204.6 .P655 201 Positive psychology as social change
BF311 .W2668 2013 Seven views of mind
BF318 .O45 2011 Deep learning : how the mind overrides experience
BF327 .M39 2006 The difference maker : making your attitude your greatest asset
BF367 .G34 2002 Creative visualization : use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life
BF408 .S263 2012 The imagination
BF1611 .O47 1983 Stolen lightning : the social theory of magic
BL1900.L35 D94 2007 Change your thoughts, change your life : living the wisdom of the Tao
BP605.C68 R47 2004 The disappearance of the universe : straight talk about illusions, past lives, religion, sex, politics, and the miracles of forgiveness
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World
D570 .J36 1998 America and the Great War, 1914-1920
D641 .W36 1987 A stillness heard round the world : the end of the Great War, November 1918
D763.M3 O38 2013 In passage perilous : Malta and the convoy battles of June 1942
D766.9 .S77 2012 The phantom army of Alamein : how Operation Bertram and the Camouflage Unit hoodwinked Rommel
D772.A7 C28 2012 Athenia torpedoed : the U-boat attack that ignited the Battle of the Atlantic
D804.348 .J63 2012 Collect and record! : Jewish Holocaust documentation in early postwar Europe
 DS134.72.L394 A3 201  Transcending darkness : a girl's journey out of the Holocaust
DS556.8 .V43 1994 Vietnam : a history and anthology
DS918 .U524 1997 Korea : 1950
DS918 .W43 1987 Combat support in Korea
DS921.7 .B64 1991 Scenes from an unfinished war : low-intensity conflict in Korea, 1966-196
E - History: America
E59.D9 A63 2012 Ancient households of the Americas : conceptualizing what households do
E76.45.P74 A3 2012 Field seasons : reflections on career paths and research in American archaeology
E99.N5 T66 2012 The allotment plot : Alice C. Fletcher, E. Jane Gay, and Nez Perce survivance
E162 .K59 2013 Ambition, a history : from vice to virtue
E169.Z82 G53 1994 Warrior dreams : violence and manhood in post-Vietnam America
E176.1 .H835 2012 Houses of the presidents : childhood homes, family dwellings, private escapes, and grand estates
E182 .D89 2012 American naval history, 1607-1865 : overcoming the colonial legacy
E183.8.C5 G76 2013 The China fallacy : how the U.S. can benefit from China's rise and avoid another Cold War
E183.8.P2 C65 2012 Panama and the United States : the end of the alliance
E185.61 .S618 2010 Climbing Lincoln's steps : the African American journey
E191 .B35 2012 The barbarous years : the peopling of British North Bottom of Form &America : the conflict of civilizations, 1600-1675
E302.1 .A46 2012 The American founding : its intellectual and moral framework
E360 .U88 2012 Ships of oak, guns of iron : the War of 1812 and the forging of the American navy
E434.8 .P85 2012 The caning : the assault that drove America to Civil War
E450 .S34 2012 Bound for the future : child heroes of the Underground Railroad
E453 .M24 2011 Colonization after emancipation : Lincoln and the movement for black resettlement
E453 .O13 2013 Freedom national : the destruction of slavery in the United States, 1861-1865
F -- History: America
F127.L8 D87 2005 Glitter that was once gold : Long Island Gold Coast trivia
F128.64.L6 B47 2012 The Statue of Liberty : a transatlantic story
F394.G2 A93 2012 Born on the island : the Galveston we remember
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G70.4 .R454 2012 Remote sensing
G73 .H75 2012 Geography in secondary schools : researching pupils'classroom experiences
G93 .A67 2012 Routes and realms : the power of place in the early Islamic world
G860 .W35 2013 Antarctica : an intimate portrait of a mysterious continent
G1549.M6 P2 2012 Painting a map of sixteenth-century Mexico City : land, writing, and native rule
GA1121 .S65 2013 Mapping China and managing the world : culture, cartography and cosmology in late imperial times
GN799.B8 M66 2012 The prehistory of home
GT507 .E535 2013 Encyclopedia of national dress : traditional clothing around the world
GT596 .B37 2012 Dressed to kill : Jazz Age fashion from Virginia's
GT2850 .R45 2012 Reimagining marginalized foods : global processes, local places
GV351 .K35 2012 Men's college athletics and the politics of racial equality : five pioneer stories of Black manliness, White citizenship, and American democracy
GV363 .E78 2013 Equity and inclusion in physical education and sport
GV365.5.A8 C35 2012 Health and physical education : preparing educators for the future
GV401 .S29 2012 The management of fitness, physical activity, recreation, and sport
GV706.5 .D37 2012 Sport for development and peace : a critical sociology
GV706.5 .M65 2013 Sport, exercise and social theory : an introduction
GV706.8 .Q35 2012 Qualitative research on sport and physical culture
GV711 .N54 2013 Psychology in sports coaching : theory and practice
GV713 .S625 2013 Football and management : comparisons between sport and enterprise
GV717 .F54 2012 Cheating the spread : gamblers, point shavers, and game fixers in college football and basketball
GV749.5 .M32 2012 Power, speed, endurance : a skill-based approach to endurance training
GV865.C439 P47 2010 Clemente!
GV885.3 .R68 2013 Winning basketball fundamentals
ELECTRONIC GV1029.9.S74 F7319 2013eb Encyclopedia of stock car racing [electronic resource]
H -- Social Science
HB3717 1929 .B37 1987 The Great Depression : delayed recovery and economic change in America, 1929-1939
HC60.5 .C626 1998 All you need is love : the Peace Corps and the spirit of the 1960s
HC110.P6 E34 2012 So rich, so poor : why it's so hard to end poverty in America
HD57.7 .T428 2012 Teaching leadership and organizational behavior through humor : laughter as the best teacher
HD62.15 .D459 2013 The essential Deming : leadership principles from the father of quality
HD62.4 .B4 2003 International management : text and cases
HD1525 .H685 2013 Fresh fruit, broken bodies : migrant farmworkers in the United States
ELECTRONIC HD6509.C48 B79 2013eb Encyclopedia of Cesar Chavez
HD7293.Z9 Q47 2011 Regaining the dream : how to renew the promise of homeownership for America's working families
HD9000.5 .F6657 2012 Food supply, demand and trade : aspects of the economic relationship between town and countryside (Middle Ages - 19th century)
HD9000.9.A1 G557 2012 The feeding of nations : redefining food security for the 21st century
HD9199.U54 G74 2012 Brewing change : behind the bean at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
HD9940.A2 T86 2012 Fashion brands : branding style from Armani to Zara
HE1021 .S74 2010 Trains
HF5415.32 .G457 2012 Gender, culture, and consumer behavior
HF5430.3 .S28 2012 America at the mall : the cultural role of a retail utopia
HF5438.25 .E18 2004 The new solution selling : the revolutionary sales process that is changing the way people sell
HG2708.T67 G74 2013 Banking on America : how TD Bank rose to the top and took on the U.S.A.
FT-WORTH HM24 .M838 1994 Sociological theory
FT-WORTH HM51 .G445 1987 Sociology : a brief but critical introduction
HM851 .N46 2012 Cyberscience 2.0 : research in the age of digital social networks
HN57 .A548 1994 Cosmos crumbling : American reform and the religious imagination
HN57 .B34 1974 The new country : a social history of the American frontier, 1776-1890
HQ21 .C698 2014 Our sexuality
HQ745 .A67 2012 The new-fashioned wedding : designing your artful, modern, crafty, textured, sophisticated celebration
HQ756 .M3447 2012 Nurturing dads : social initiatives for contemporary fatherhood
CURR-COLLECTION HQ759.9 .A427 2010 Our grandparents : a global album
HQ801 .K57 1996 Too good to leave, too bad to stay : a step-by-step guide to help you decide whether to stay in or get out of your relationship
HQ1237.5.U6 I22 2013 I still believe Anita Hill : three generations discuss the legacies of speaking truth to power
HV995.C32 C459 2013 The Charleston Orphan House : children's lives in the first public orphanage in America
HV3021.W66 M36 2012 Taking care : lessons from mothers with disabilities
HV6250.4.W65 G516 2007 Fight like a girl-- and win : defense decisions for women
HV9649.G7 P55 2012 The multicultural prison : ethnicity, masculinity, and social relations among prisoners
J - Political Science
JA84.U5 R484 2008 Greeks and Romans bearing gifts : how the ancients inspired the Founding Fathers
JA84.U5 S25 2013 Give me liberty : studies in constitutionalism and philosophy
ELECTRONIC JC323 .S55 2013eb Nation shapes [electronic resource] : the story behind the world's borders
CURR-COLLECTION JK1911.C8 V36 2010 The taxing case of the cows : a true story about suffrag
K -- Law
KF4715 .W45 2013 The sovereign citizen : denaturalization and the origins of the American Republi
L -- Education
LB1025.3 .G57 2013 The myth of accountability : what don't we know?
ELECTRONIC LB2342 .T45 2013eb The rising costs of higher education [electronic resource] : a reference handboo
LC4091 .M46 2012 We don't need another hero : struggle, hope, and possibility in the age of high-stakes schooling
AV LC4704.5 .W47 2005 When the chips are down-- [videorecording]
M -- Music and Books on Music
AV M1366.M2648 C66 1996 Coming about [sound recording]
AV M1366.P365 B57 1995 The birthday concert [sound recording
AV M1366.P365 J33 2000 Jaco Pastorius [sound recording].
AV M1366.S2648 A45 2000 All*egresse [sound recording]
AV M1366.S52 W66 2012 Woody Shaw [sound recording] : field recordings of a jazz master
ELECTRONIC ML101.L38 E53 2013eb Encyclopedia of Latin American popular music [electronic resource].
ML160 .H298 2013 Melody, harmony, tonality : a book for connoisseurs and amateurs
ML195 .R53 2013 Music in the eighteenth century
ML410.B4973 B47 2012 Lennox Berkeley and friends : writings, letters and interviews
ML410.B566 C68 2013 Dinner with Lenny : the last long interview with Leonard Bernstein
ML410.D147 C66 2012 Dameronia : the life and music of Tadd Dameron
ML410.W1 M57 2012 The sorcerer of Bayreuth : Richard Wagner, his work, and his world
ML416.C62 H36 2012 Pierre Cochereau : organist of Notre-Dame
ML420.F64 F56 2013 Finding Fogerty : interdisciplinary readings of John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival
ML420.L38 A5 2012 The John Lennon letters
ML420.Y75 A3 2012 Waging heavy peace : a hippie dream
ML421.K554 B87 2013 Greenback dollar : the incredible rise of the Kingston Trio
ML421.S614 F54 2012 A light that never goes out : the enduring saga of the Smiths
ML422.T67 C48 2012 The real Toscanini : musicians reveal the maestro
ML423.H313 A46 2012 Yip Harburg : legendary lyricist and human rights activist
ML429.Y68 A5 2013 The conscience of the folk revival : the writings of Israel "Izzy" Young
ML3930.O34 O34 2010 Odetta, the queen of folk
N -- Fine Arts
N5300 .B645 2012 100 ideas that changed art
N6487.L64 M87 2012 Destroy the picture : painting the void, 1949-1962
N6497 .S59 2012 Six lines of flight : shifting geographies in contemporary art
N6639.R55 A4 2012 Miguel Angel R*ios : walkabout
N6659.G46 A4 2012 Os Gemeos
N6669.D68 A4 2011 Juan Downey : the invisible architect
NC965.85 .S25 2012 Children's picturebooks : the art of visual storytelling
AV ND237.B47 T34 2004 Thomas Hart Benton [videorecording]
ND553.M3 A4 2012 Manet : portraying life
NK1412.W75 A4 2012 Russel Wright : the nature of design
NK1505 .H34 2012 Structure and form in design : critical ideas for creative practice
NK8801.5.G7 G53 2011 The inventors of tradition
P -- Language and Literature
P90 .H655 2012 Inter/vention : free play in the age of electracy
P93.5 .K37 2012 Designing information : human factors and common sense in information design
P94.5.M552 U69 2013 Racism, sexism, and the media : multicultural issues into the new communications age
PN1995.9.P6 C285 2012 The invisible hand in popular culture : liberty vs. authority in American film and TV
PN1997.M436 E45 2012 Metropolis
PN1997.S63337 S64 2012 Disney's most notorious film : race, convergence, and the hidden histories of Song of the South
PN1999.E3 E25 2012 Ealing revisited
PN2101 .H3 2012 The theatre : a concise history
PN2287.H43 K36 2012 Audrey Hepburn : a charmed life
PN2589 .B69 2012 Shakespeare's London theatreland : archaeology, history and drama
PQ4861.M54 I5513 2003 I'm not scared
PR881 .G73 1988 Indirections of the novel : James, Conrad, and Forster
PR2411 .D67 2012 Shakespeare's lost play : in search of Cardenio
AV PR2802.A23 M55 2000 Antony & Cleopatra [videorecording]
AV PR2804.A23 J66 2000 The comedy of errors [videorecording]
AV PR2805.A23 M67 2000 The tragedy of Coriolanus [videorecording]
AV PR2806.A23 M67 2000 Cymbeline [videorecording]
AV PR2814.A23 H69 2000 The first part of Henry the Sixt [sic][videorecording]
AV PR2815.A23 H69 2000 The second part of Henry the Sixt [sic][videorecording]
AV PR2816.A23 H69 2000 The third part of Henry the Sixt [sic][videorecording]
AV PR2817.A23 B55 2000 The famous history of the life of King Henry the Eight [videorecording]
AV PR2818.A23 G55 2000 The life & death of King John [videorecording]
AV PR2824.A23 D38 2000 Measure for measure [videorecording]
AV PR2826.A23 J66 2000 The merry wives of Windsor [videorecording]
AV PR2830.A23 J66 2000 Pericles, Prince of Tyre [videorecording]
AV PR2834.A23 M55 2000 Timon of Athens [videorecording]
AV PR2835.A23 H69 2000 Titus Andronicus [videorecording]
AV PR2836.A23 M55 2000 Troilus & Cressida [videorecording]
AV PR2838.A23 T39 2000 The two gentlemen of Verona [videorecording]
AV PR2839.A23 H69 2000 The winter's tale [videorecording]
CURR-COLLECTION PR4076 .Y65 2010 Lost boy : the story of the man who created Peter Pan
PR4582 .G88 2012 Great expectations : the sons and daughters of Charles Dickens
PR5581 .B67 2013 'Forever young' : Harold Tennyson RN, the poet's grandson
PR6023.E926 C532355 2012 C.S. Lewis : The chronicles of Narnia
PR6053.L45 C76 2001 The crow trap
PR6054.A35 Z855 2012 Roald Dahl
PR6058.A6989 I5 2003 In a true light : a novel of crime
PR6058.I448 P5 1994 Pictures of perfection : a Dalziel/Pascoe mystery
PR6063.C326 C66 2009 The comforts of a muddy Saturday
PR6068.O93 Z683 2012 J.K. Rowling : Harry Potter
PR6069.P75 P78 2004 The Ptolemies
PS2123 .A4 2012 The master, the modern Major General, and his clever wife : Henry James's letters to Field Marshal Lord Wolseley and Lady Wolseley, 1878-1913
PS2124 .B48 1981 : Culture and conduct in the novels of Henry James
CURR-COLLECTION PS3053 .M385 2010 Walden then & now : an alphabetical tour of Henry Thoreau's pond
PS3523.E55 Z73 2012 Listening for Madeleine : a portrait of Madeleine L'Engle in many voices
PS3553.O653 Z86 2012 Robert Cormier
PS3554.E43 H43 2010 The heaven trilogy
PS3560.E88 D4 1998 A deadly indifference : a Henry Spearman mystery
PS3560.E88 F3 1986 The fatal equilibrium
PS3560.E88 M87 1993 Murder at the margin : a Henry Spearman mystery
PS3562.A865 H66 2006 Hood
PS3566.A822 A616 2006b The 5th horseman : a novel
PS3569.H394 Z668 2012 Understanding Sam Shepard
PS3569.T23 A3 2012 100 tricks every boy can do : how my brother disappeared
PS3569.T9 Z48 2012 Selected letters of William Styron
PS3572.O5 Z48 2012 Kurt Vonnegut : letters
PS3573.A425354 U53 1995 Under the beetle's cellar
PS3573.A425635 S86 1998 A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again : essays and arguments
PS3573.O642 D58 2003 Dirty work
CURR-COLLECTION PS3619.K58 O88 2012 Out of this world : poems and facts about space
CURR-COLLECTION PZ7.G5674 Cak 2010 Cakes and miracles : a Purim tale
CURR-COLLECTION PZ7.K684 St 2010 Stand straight, Ella Kate : the true story of a real giant
CURR-COLLECTION PZ7.L46365 Nat 2005 Nathan's wish : a story about cerebral palsy
CURR-COLLECTION PZ7.R567583 Jac 2010 Jackie's gift
CURR-COLLECTION PZ8.1.K567 Sp 2010 The spider's gift: a Ukrainian Christmas story
CURR-COLLECTION PZ8.3.C9344 Wh 2000 Where do balloons go? : an uplifting mystery
Q -- Science
QA11.2 .B635 2008 What's math got to do with it? : helping children learn to love their most hated subject-- and why it's important for America
QA76.76.C672 W322 2011 Creating games with Unity and Maya : how to develop fun and marketable 3D games
QA271 .E67 2013 The theory of gambling and statistical logic
QA279 .C355 1966 Experimental and quasi-experimental designs for research
QA322.2 .A45 2011 Introduction to Banach spaces and algebras
QE523.V5 C63 2013 Watching Vesuvius : a history of science and culture in early modern Italy
CURR-COLLECTION QH31.C33 L39 2012 Rachel Carson and her book that changed the world
QH87.3 .E34 2012 Ecology, conservation, and restoration of tidal marshes : the San Francisco estuary
CURR-COLLECTION QH91.3.E2 N58 2012 Life in the ocean : the story of oceanographer Sylvia Earle
MLS-Ft Worth QH323.5 .B883 2012 Biostatistics : an applied introduction for the public health practitioner
QH326 .F76 2012 Frontiers of astrobiology
QH332 .D89 2013 Bioethics : methods, theories, domains
MLS-Ft Worth QH434 .S59 2007 Molecular genetics of bacteria
QH506 .H636 2012 Life's ratchet : how molecular machines extract order from chaos
QH509 .M48 2012 Metal transporters
QH509 .P43 2013 Pharmacogenomics of human drug transporters
CURR-COLLECTION QH541.14 .M53 2012 Nature's patchwork quilt : understanding habitats
QH541.15.E265 C66 2012 Computing research for sustainability
QH541.15.R45 C54 2013 Ecological restoration : principles, values, and structure of an emerging profession
QH541.5.T3 V55 2012 Restoration and reclamation of boreal ecosystems : attaining sustainable development
QH588.S83 B46 2013 People's science : bodies and rights on the stem cell frontie
QH588.S83 R525 2013 Resident stem cells and regenerative therapy
QK725 .P44 2013 Phloem : molecular cell biology, systemic communication, biotic interactions
QL82 .D56 2013 The kingdom of rarities
QL116 .P37 2012 Desert baths
QL368.T55 B56 2013 The biology and ecology of tintinnid ciliates for marine plankton
CURR-COLLECTION QL544.2 .E54 2010 Summer birds : the butterflies of Maria Merian
QL576.2 .J46 2012 The beetle book
CURR-COLLECTION QL596.C65 G53 2012 Ladybugs
CURR-COLLECTION QL638.S9 C87 2012 Seahorses
CURR-COLLECTION QL668.E2 P75 2012 Frogs! : strange and wonderful
QL696.C67 P37 2013 The dodo and the solitaire : a natural history
QL698.95 .U73 2012 Urban bird ecology and conservation
CURR-COLLECTION QL737.C27 K83 2012 Saving Yasha : the incredible true story of an adopted moon bear
CURR-COLLECTION QL737.C27 M3455 2012 Waiting for ice
CURR-COLLECTION QL737.P63 P38 2012 Leopard & Silkie : one boy's quest to save the seal pups
ELECTRONIC QL757 .H67 2012eb Host manipulation by parasites [electronic resource]
CURR-COLLECTION QL768 .M667 2012 Track that scat!
CURR-COLLECTION QL857 .H36 2012 Open wide! : a look inside animal mouths
QM23.2 .E415 2004 Paramedic : anatomy and physiology
QP551.5 .M85 2013 Genome-wide prediction and analysis of protein-protein functional linkages in bacteria
QP701 .N49 2003 The new glucose revolution : the authoritative guide to the glycemic index : the dietary solution for lifelong health
MLS-Ft Worth QR46 .L64 2012 Review of medical microbiology and immunology
QR100.9 .E987 2013 Extremophiles : sustainable resources and biotechnological implications
QR189 .R36 2012 Ranking vaccines : a prioritization framework
R -- Medicine
MLS-Ft Worth R123 .H856 2013 Medical language : terminology in context
MLS-Ft Worth RA393 .S66 2013 People-centred public health
MLS-Ft Worth RA440.3.U52 L67 2013 Public health practice : what works
ELECTRONIC RA651 .F375 2013eb Lecture notes. Epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, and public health [electronic resource]
RA778 .C423 2003 The stress cure : a simple 7-step plan to balance mood, improve memory, and restore energy
RA784 .T58 1995 Ayurveda : a life of balance
RC455.2.C4 G74 2013 The book of woe : the DSM and the unmaking of psychiatry
RC628 .T56 2013 Fat lives : a feminist psychological exploration
RC628 .V5413 2013 The metamorphoses of fat : a history of obesity
RC860 .G68 2002 Breaking the vicious cycle : intestinal health through diet
RC862.D6 W45 1997 Diverticulitis
RC862.I77 G53 2001 The self-help way to treat colitis and other IBS conditions
RC862.I77 T75 1999 Irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis
RC966 .G987 2013 Essentials for occupational health nursing
RC1210 .S624 2012 The social organization of sports medicine
RC1210 .S77 2012 Sports therapy services : organization and operations
RM222.2 .G7225 2006 The best life diet
RM237.7 .M549 2000 The 20/30 fat & fiber diet plan
AV RT82 .N8569 2013 Nurses [videorecording] : if Florence could see us now
S -- Agriculture
S494.5.S86 A376 2013 Agricultural sustainability : progress and prospects in crop research
S540.A2 C666 2012 Contested agronomy : agricultural research in a changing world
CURR-COLLECTION SB191.R5 S635 2010 The life of rice : from seedling to supper
SB450.943.U6 S58 1997 The home gardener's source
SB603.5 .N36 1996 Dead snails leave no trails : natural pest control for home and garden
SF278 .D73 2004 The book of horses and horse care : an encyclopedia of horses and a comprehensive guide to horse and pony care
SF278 .H47 1998 The complete encyclopedia of horses : includes caring for your horse and all equestrian sports and skills
SF278 .S76 2001 Storey's horse-lover's encyclopedia
SF285.3 .E67 2013 Equine applied and clinical nutrition : health, welfare and performance
SF285.3 .S95 2003 Horse owner's handbook
CURR-COLLECTION SF285.35 .L49 2010 Stable
SF302 .H53 2002 Cherry Hill's horse care for kids.
SF426.5 .J46 2007 Dogs and cats
SF429.H37 K579 2005 The Havanese
SF453 .R574 1979 The encyclopedia of pet rabbits
CURR-COLLECTION SF473.P3 S69 2012 Alex the parrot : no ordinary bird
SF745 .A87 2013 Clinical procedures in small animal veterinary practice
SF745 .C625 2014 McCurnin's clinical textbook for veterinary technicians
SF756.4 .B765 2012 BSAVA manual of small animal practice management and development
SF756.7 .G46 2014 Genetics and the behavior of domestic animals
SK17.B38 A3 2012 A thousand deer : four generations of hunting and the Hill Country
T -- Technology
T27.C5 B69 2013 Technology, gender and history in imperial China : great transformations reconsidered
T57.5 .E47 2012 Applied operational research with SAS
T58.5 .K59 2013 Ethical and social issues in the information age
TA1637 .T37 2012 An interdisciplinary introduction to image processing : pixels, numbers, and programs
TD442.5 .W33 2013 Membrane processes for water reuse
TD479 .A36 2013 Advances in water desalination
TE175 .S52 2013 Creating green roadways : integrating cultural, natural, and visual resources into transportation
TJ820 .L43 2012 Learning from wind power : governance, societal and policy perspectives on sustainable energy
TK5105.88813 .I55 2012 Innovations, standards, and practices of Web services : emerging research topics
TL220 .S465 2012 Electric vehicles : technology, policy, and commercial development
TL789.8.U6 M55536 2012 Eight days gone
TP360 .S55 2013 Harvesting the biosphere : what we have taken from nature
TP605 .E77 2006 The instant expert's guide to single malt Scotch : the novice's guide to enjoying single malt Scotch whisky
TS1449 .P76 2013 Process control in textile manufacturing
TT520 .S48 Seventeenth-century women's dress patterns
TT820 .B64185 2012 Knitting : fashion, industry, craft
TX357 .A453 2012 The omnivorous mind : our evolving relationship with food
TX361.A8 D44 2012 Nutrition for sport and exercise : a practical guide
TX654 .G65 2012 Creating consumers : home economists in twentieth-century America
TX773 .Z58 1993 The 50 best cheesecakes in the world : the recipes that won the nationwide "love that cheesecake" contest
U -- Military Science
UA25 .R686 1997 The Army of Excellence : the development of the 1980s Army
UG1242.B6 K37 2000 Bombers
V -- Naval Science
Z -- Library Science
Z675.U5 A39 2011 Libraries for users : services in academic libraries
U.S. Documents
Texas Documents