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New Books and Resources July 2012

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B105.W3 E975 2005 dv Exploring the cosmos [electronic resource (video)]
B819 .R653 2007 dv Rojas [electronic resource (video)] : la celestina

BD236 .E42 2010eb Encyclopedia of identity [electronic resource]

BD638 .A268 2005 dv About time [electronic resource (video)]
BD638 .E525 2009eb Encyclopedia of time [electronic resource] : science, philosophy, theology, & culture

BF21 .P793 2009 dv Psychology research in context [electronic resource (video)]

BF31 .G337 2005 dv Gabriel Garc*ia M*arquez [electronic resource (video)] : la magia de lo real
BF39 .E497 2003eb Encyclopedia of psychological assessment [electronic resource]

BF121 .E285 2009 dv Eating disorders [electronic resource (video)] : mind, body, and society

BF121 .P793 2010 dv Psychology media suite [electronic resource (video)]
BF131 .A15 2008eb 21st century psychology [electronic resource] : a reference handbook

BF188 .N664 2009 dv Non-experimental research methods in psychology [electronic resource (video)]

BF198.7 C537 2009 dv Classic studies in psychology [electronic resource (video)]

BF292 .P473 2005 dv Perception [electronic resource (video)] : theories

BF311 .E497 2010eb Encyclopedia of perception [electronic resource]

BF319 .C537 2005 dv Classical and operant conditioning [electronic  resource (video)]

BF321 .D38 2011 Now you see it : how the brain science of attention will transform the way we live, work, and learn

BF321 .T447 2005 dv The Study of attention [electronic resource (video)]

BF323.S63 R334 2007 dv Race and sex [electronic resource (video)] : what we think (but can't say)

BF412 .W438 2010 dv  What Makes a Genius? [electronic resource (video)]

BF423.C48 I636 2006 dv IQ and the pressure to perform [electronic resource (video)]

BF431 .I584 2005 dv Intelligence, creativity, and thinking styles [electronic resource (video)]

BF441 .T456 2006 dv Thinking big [electronic resource (video)]

BF444 .G487 2006 dv Get smart [electronic resource (video)] : learning to learn

BF469 .W376 2006 dv War of the sexes [electronic resource (video)] : spatial abilities

BF503 .N634 2006 dv No child without motivation [electronic resource (video)] 

BF575.A5 A544 2009 dv Anger [electronic resource (video)] : myths and truths about the emotion

BF575.A6 E285 2006 dv Eating disorders [electronic resource (video)]

BF575.P9 P745 2008 dv Prejudice [electronic resource (video)] : more than black and whtie

BF636.A2 M355 2005 dv Making friends [electronic resource (video)] : science of social interaction

BF636.A2 P477 2005 dv Personality [electronic resource (video)] : all about me
BF636.54 .E53 2008eb Encyclopedia of counseling [electronic resource]

BF637.B85 B855 2005 dv Bullies [electronic resource (video)]

BF637.B85 B855 2007 dv Bully girls [electronic resource (video)]

BF637.B85 C934 2006 dv Cyberbullies [electronic resource (video)]

BF637.C4 G35 2012 New : understanding our need for novelty and change

BF637.N66 C437 2009 dv Charisma in politics [electronic resource (video)] : analyzing body language

BF637.S8 P764 2005 dv Professional image [electronic resource (video)]

BF637.S8 T449 2006 dv The Will to win [electronic resource (video)]

BF692.2 W376 2006 dv War of the sexes [electronic resource (video)] : power and leadership

BF692.2 W376 2006 dv War of the sexes [electronic resource (video)] : emotion

BF692.2 W376 2006 dv War of the sexes [electronic resource (video)] : sexuality and seduction

BF719 .B335 2006 dv Babies' minds [electronic resource (video)] : Piagetian and Kleinian perspectives

BF723.C5 C646 2005 dv Cognitive development [electronic resource (video)]

BF723.S4 D585 2009 dv Divide of the sexes [electronic resource (video)] : gender roles in childhood

BF723.S77 R435 2008 dv Recipe for success [electronic resource (video)] : how children learn

BF724.3.R47 B855 2009 dv Building psychological resilience [electronic resource (video)]

BF724.55.A35 A234 2006 dv Accepting life's transitions [electronic resource (video)]

BF1045.N4 N4155 2012 To heaven and back : a doctor's extraordinary account of her death, heaven, angels, and life again : a true story

BF1779.F4 C537 2006 dv Classical Feng Shui [electronic resource (video)] : harnessing nature's subtle forces

BJ45.5 S354 2010 dv science of Evil [electronic resource (video)]

BJ1012 .A535 2005 dv Analytic philosophy [electronic resource (video)]

BL48 .J436 2006 dv Jeanette Winterson [electronic resource (video)]

BL48 .S256 2006 dv Salman Rushdie [electronic resource (video)] 

BL65.N53 M978 2006 dv Mysteries of the landscape [electronic resource (video)]

BL65.N53 W384 2006 dv Water and its powers [electronic resource (video)]

BL80.3 .E52 2012eb Encyclopedia of global religion [electronic resource]

BL80.3 T447 2007 dv The Shadow of god [electronic resource (video)] : turning the dark side of monotheism to the light

BL238 .N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : Karen Armstrong on religious fundamentalism

BL432 .P343 2006 dv Paganism [electronic resource (video)]

BL782 .C537 2005 dv Classical mythology [electronic resource (video)] : its origins and impact

BL820.A8 J376 2006 dv Jason and the Argonauts [electronic resource (video)]

BL820.B2 D566 2010 dv Dionysus [electronic resource (video)] : The Joy of Life

BL820.C5 D464 2010 dv Demeter [electronic resource (video)] : The Miracle of Fertility

BL820.D5 A784 2010 dv Artemis [electronic resource (video)] : The Forces of Nature

BL820.J8 Z487 2010 dv Zeus [electronic resource (video)] : King of the Gods

BL820.M2 A747 2010 dv Ares and Eris [electronic resource (video)] : Quarrels of the GOds

BL820.M6 A844 2010 dv Athene and Aphrodite [electronic resource (video)] : wisdom and Love

BL820.N5 P674 2010 dv Poseidon [electronic resource (video)] : Master of the Seas

BL820.O3 T446 2005 dv The Odyssey [electronic resource (video)]

BL1202 .H563 2006 dv Hinduism [electronic resource (video)]

BL1214.72 D438 2006 dv Death and dying in Varanasi [electronic resource (video)]

BL1476 .W355 2008 dv Walking with Buddha [electronic resource (video)]

BL2400 .E53 2009eb Encyclopedia of African religion [electronic resource]

BL2400 .P374 2008 dv Paper gods [electronic resource (video)] : aspects of religion in Benin, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Mali

BM155.2 J833 2006 dv Judaism [electronic resource (video)]

BP63.A1 N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : John Esposito on the struggles of Islam

BP67.U6 N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : Zaid Shakir on being Muslim in America

BP88.N25 B768 2006 dv Brother, can you spare a dime? [electronic resource (video)]

BP161.3 T443 2006 dv The Battle for Islam [electronic resource (video)] 

BP163 .I853 2005 dv Islam vs. Islam [electronic resource (video)] : special edition of NOW with Bill Moyers

BP173.5 N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : Azizah al-Hibri on interfaith dialogue

BP180 .M664 2006 dv Money [electronic resource (video)] : man-made or a divine gift from Allah?

BP182 .N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : justice and Jihad

BP187.3 H355 2006 dv Hajj [electronic resource (video)] : pilgrimage

BQ266 .B833 2006 dv Buddhism [electronic resource (video)]

BQ647 .T444 2009 dv The Gods come home [electronic resource (video)] :China's traditional faiths persevere

BQ4022 .B833 2008 dv Buddhism [electronic resource (video)]

BR115.C8 M673 2011 Think christianly : looking at the intersection of faith and culture

BR129 .T444 2007 dv The Grand invention [electronic resource (video)] : Christianity

BR145.3 C475 2006 dv Christianity [electronic resource (video)]

BR1288 .P768 2009 dv Protestants in China [electronic resource (video)] : growing spiritual movement

BR1288 .T443 2009 dv The Bamboo cross [electronic resource (video)] : Chinese Christianity on the rise

BT1315.3 K555 2007 dv Kill Them all [electronic resource (video)] : Christian Crusaders against Christian heresy

BV4571.3 .E53 2006eb Encyclopedia of religious and spiritual development [electronic resource]

BV5095.A1 H553 2006 dv Hildegard of Bingen [electronic resource (video)]

BX8.3 A266 2008 dv A Congress of the world's religions [electronic resource (video)] : speaking out for peace and unity 

BX4690.H8 T444 2006 dv The Hungarian princesses [electronic resource (video)] : Elizabeth and Margaret

BX7850 .E936 2008 dv Evangelical Protestantism [electronic resource (video)]
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CB203 .T446 2005 dv The Nationalists [electronic resource (video)]

CB359 .T447 2005 dv The Renaissance, reformation, and beyond [electronic resource (video)] : towards a modern Europe

CC100 .A884 2007 dv At the service of the state [electronic resource (video)] : archaeology as political tool

CC100 .S766 2005 dv  Stones and bones [electronic resource (video)] : birth of archaeology

CC100 .T444 2007 dv The Future of the past [electronic resource (video)]

CC175 .T743 2010 dv Treasure Seekers [electronic resource (video)] : Archaeology Turns from Passion to Plunder

CS42 .T438 2006 dv TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice
D - History: General and Old World

D70 .I584 2006 dv In the footsteps of the Celts [electronic resource (video)]

D117 .T446 2005 dv The Middle ages [electronic resource (video)]

D121 .T443 2008 dv The City of god [electronic resource (video)]

D135 .T444 2005 dv The End of Rome, the birth of Europe [electronic  resource (video)]

D299 .A534 2005 dv An Age of revolutions [electronic resource (video)]

D511 .W675 2006 dv World War I [electronic resource (video)] : on the home front

D521 .C5835 2012 A companion to World War I

D521 .W675 2006 dv World War I [electronic resource (video)] : war in Europe

D545.V3 T443 2006 dv The Battle of Verdun [electronic resource (video)]

D720 .B489 2005 dv Between the wars [electronic resource (video)] : economic seeds of World War II

D743 .M365 2011 December 1941 : twelve days that began a world war

D744.7.U6 F64 2012 Fog of war : the Second World War and the civil rights movement

D757 .K38 2011 The end : the defiance and destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1944-1945

D757 .M397 2012 Why Germany nearly won : a new history of the Second World War in Europe

D764 .F737 2011 Ostkrieg : Hitler's war of extermination in the East

D764.3.K8 C53 2011 The battle of the tanks : Kursk, 1943

D767 .T65 2012 Pacific crucible : war at sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942

D769 .H68 2011 Freedom betrayed : Herbert Hoover's secret history of the Second World War and its aftermath 

D802.F8 M637 2011 A train in winter : an extraordinary story of women, friendship, and resistance in occupied France

D804.3 .M396 2012 Nazis after Hitler : how perpetrators of the Holocaust cheated justice and truth

D809.E85 O98 2012 Outcast Europe : refugees and relief workers in an era of total war, 1936-48

D810.P7 E847 2007 dv Eternal beauty? [electronic resource (video)] : Story of the Third Reich through its own propaganda

DA415 .T355 2006 dv Taking sides [electronic resource (video)] : 1641-1644

DA415 .T443 2006 dv The Breakdown [electronic resource (video)] : 1637-1641

DA415 .T444 2006 dv The Endgame [electronic resource (video)] : 1646-1649

DA415 .T683 2006 dv Total war [electronic resource (video)] : 1644-1646

DC34.5.M87 Y686 2006 dv Young, Muslim, and French [electronic resource (video)] : stories of assimilation and defiance

DC73 .C437 2005 dv Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire [electronic resource (video)]

DC103 .J636 2006 dv Joan of Arc [electronic resource (video)] : maid of Orleans

DD75 .F766 2005 dv From the mists of the north, the Germanic tribes [electronic resource (video)]

DD75 .S767 2005 dv Storm over Europe [electronic resource (video)] : Huns are coming

DD247.H5 I575 2007 dv Inside the mind of Adolf Hitler [electronic resource (video)]

DD262 .H456 2009 dv Helmut Kohl [electronic resource (video)] : German giant

DF504.5 B993 2006 dv Byzantium [electronic resource (video)] : from splendor to ruin

DG223.3 E554 2006 dv Enigma of the Etruscans [electronic resource (video)]

DK269.5 A447 2006 dv American imperialists [electronic resource (video)] : Soviet animation vs. the United States

DK269.5 C375 2006 dv Capitalist sharks [electronic resource (video)] : Soviet animation vs. greed and ambition

DK269.5 F373 2006 dv Fascist barbarians [electronic resource (video)] : Soviet animation vs. Nazi tyranny

DK269.5 O593 2006 dv Onward to the shining future [electronic resource (video)] : animation and the big Soviet lie 

DK510.766.P88 P885 2005 dv Putin [electronic resource (video)] : stairway to power

DK510.766.P88 P885 2005 dv Putin [electronic resource (video)] : bitter decision

DP17 .A447 2006 dv America, un mundo nuevo [electronic resource (video)]

DP99 .C475 2005 dv Christians, Jews, and Moslems in Medieval Spain [electronic resource (video)]

DP103 .A947 2008 dv Averroes and Al-Mutamid [electronic resource (video)]

DP103 .T443 2006 dv The Andalusian epic [electronic resource (video)] : Islamic Spain

DP124.8 M435 2006 dv Medieval Spain [electronic resource (video)]

DP163 .T443 2007 dv The Alhambra and the reign of Queen Isabella of Spain [electronic resource (video)]

DP186 .L334 2005 dv La Decadencia de un imperio de los Austrias a los Borbones [electronic resource (video)]

DP269.8.R3 E833 2005 dv Escaping Franco [electronic resource (video)] : from danger into danger

DP269.8.R3 H653 2005 dv Holding on, fighting back [electronic resource (video)] : long road home to Spain

DS36.85 T448 2006 dv The Thousand and one nights [electronic resource (video)] : historical perspective

DS38.1 T443 2006 dv The Arabs make their entrance [electronic resource (video)] : Islam and empire

DS38.16 F766 2006 dv From Arabic to Latin [electronic resource (video)] : assimilation of Arab knowledge

DS38.6 O534 2006 dv Once upon a time [electronic resource (video)] : Baghdad during the Abbasid dynasty

DS99.M3 M375 2007 dv Mari. Part 1 [electronic resource (video)] : Sumerian city on the Euphrates

DS99.M3 M375 2007 dv Mari. Part 2 [electronic resource (video)] : palace of Zimri-Lim

DS113.7 T449 1917 dv The WPA Film Library [electronic resource (video)] : French Military Armor, 1917

DS119.76 H363 2009 dv Hamas [electronic resource (video)] : untold story

DS126.4 T443 2009 dv The Birth of Israel [electronic resource (video)]

DS195.5 A764 2006 dv Armenia [electronic resource (video)] : genocide denied

DS272 .B578 2010 dv Birth of a Nation [electronic resource (video)] : The Acquisitions and Achievements of the Achaemenid Empire

DS272 .R463 2010 dv Renaissance of Glory [electronic resource (video)] : The Rise and Fall of the Sassanid Empire

DS318.9 W453 2006 dv Which way next for Iran? [electronic resource (video)]

DS325.I7 I843 2006 dv Isfahan Is half the world [electronic resource(video)]

DS422.C3 T444 2005 dv The Human influence [electronic resource (video)]

DS485.G25 T444 2009 dv The Ganges river [electronic resource (video)] :sacred and sullied

DS554.98.A5 O646 2009 dv Opening the eyes [electronic resource (video)] : deciphering the history of the Khmer empire

DS557.8.M9 T444 2009 dv
The Ghosts of My Lai [electronic resource (video)]

DS558 .I74 2011 In country : remembering the Vietnam War

DS559.63 .K68 2011 Donut Dolly : an American Red Cross girl's war in Vietnam

DS559.7 .H48 2012 Marigold : the lost chance for peace in Vietnam

DS559.8.W6 H45 2011 Sisterhood of war : Minnesota women in Vietnam

DS570.B87 T447 2009 dv The Refugee show [electronic resource (video)] : plight of Padaung Long-Necked people

DS731.N39 K564 2009 dv Kingdom of women [electronic resource (video)] : matriarchal mosuo of China

DS902 .K674 2006 dv Korea [electronic resource (video)] : ancient treasure, modern wonder

DS934.6.K44 T447 2005 dv The Real Dr. Evil [electronic resource (video)]

DT14 .A375 2008 dv Africa calling [electronic resource (video)] : appeal for understanding

DT56.2 L354 2008 dv  La leyenda del Alcalde de Zalamea [electronic resource (video)]

DT159.6.N83 N835 2008 dv Nubia and the mysteries of Kush [electronic resource (video)]

DT258 .W446 2006 dv When the Romans ruled over Africa [electronic resource (video)] : learning from the dead

DT407.4 S663 2009 dv Somali warlords [electronic resource (video)] : strongmen in a fragile nation

DT1058.S36 L378 2009 dv Last of the bushmen [electronic resource (video)]

DT1182 .R633 2006 dv Road to riches [electronic resource (video)] : black empowerment in today's South Africa

DT1945 .F335 2005 dv Facing the truth with Bill Moyers [electronic resource(video)]

DT1949.M35 F544 2005 dv Fighting on both sides of the law [electronic resource (video)] : Mandela and his early crusade

DU105 .T444 2007 dv The End of radio [electronic resource (video)]
E - History: America

E83.877 .C365 2011 The long journey of the Nez Perce : a battle history  from Cottonwood to the Bear Paw

E98.F4 U678 2009 dv Upstream battle [electronic resource (video)] : case study in Native American fishing rights

 E98.R3 N385 2008 dv Native American religions [electronic resource (vidoe)]

E159 .J25 2011 Remembering roadside America : preserving the recent  past as landscape and place

E169.1 .B48 2012  Why America failed : the roots of imperial decline

E169.1 .M958 2012 The new era : American thought and culture in the 1920s

E169.1 .P443 2011 The great American hall of wonders : art, science, and invention in the nineteenth century

E179.5 T444 2007 dv The Golden land [electronic resource (video)]
E181 .E634 2006eb Encyclopedia of war & American society [electronic resource]
E183.8.C9 L39 2010eb Encyclopedia of Cuban-United States relations [electronic resource]

E183.8.E35 G37 2011 The road to Tahrir Square : Egypt and the United States from the rise of Nasser to the fall of Mubarak

E184.A1 B69 2012 The future is ours

E184.A65 H325 2011 Becoming American? : the forging of Arab and Muslim identity in pluralist America

E184.A75 M343 2012 Rethinking the Asian American movement

E184.K45 Y56 2011 Facing the Khmer Rouge : a Cambodian journey

E184.S7 G769 2006 dv Growing up Hispanic [electronic resource (video)] : children in crisis

 E184.S75 H577 2006 dv Hispanic education at the crossroads [electronic resource (video)]

E184.S75 I878 2005 dv Issues of Latino identity [electronic resource (video)] : yearning to be ..

E184.S75 L385 2007 dv Latin beat [electronic resource (video)] : Latino culture in the United States

E184.S75 S567 2009 dv Shopping to belong [electronic resource (video)] : consumerism and the Latino community

E184.S75 T443 2005 dv The Blending of culture [electronic resource (video)]  : Latino influence on America

E185 .E546 2005eb  Encyclopedia of African American society [electronic resource]

E185 .E554 2005eb Encyclopedia of Black studies [electronic resource]

E185 .G27 2011 Life upon these shores : looking at African American history, 1513- 2008

E185.61 .A437 2012 An army of lions : the civil rights struggle before the NAACP
E185.61 .S636 2009eb Freedom facts and firsts [electronic resource] : 400  years of the African American civil rights experience

 E185.615 .F735 2011 Freedom rights : new perspectives on the civil rights movement
  E199 .C67 2011 Conquered into liberty : two centuries of battles along the great warpath that made the American way of war
  E302 .J422 2010 The selected papers of John Jay
  E302 .M19 1984 The papers of James Madison. Presidential series

E405.2 .G76 2011 Kearny's march : the epic creation of the American West, 1846-1847

E441 .R486 2005 dv Revolution [electronic resource (video)]
  E457 .A273 2005 dv Abraham Lincoln [electronic resource (video)] : new birth of freedom
  E468 .C58 2009 v.2 DM The Civil War. Episode 2, A Very Bloody Affair (1862) [electronic resource (video)]
  E468 .C58 2009 v.1 DM The Civil War. Episode 1, The Cause (1861) [electronic resource (video)]
  E468 .C58 2009 v.3 DM The Civil War. Episode 3, Forever Free (1862)[electronic resource (video)]
   E468 .C58 2006 v.4 dm The Civil War. Episode 4, Simply Murder (1863) [electronic resource (video)]
   E468 .C58 2009 v.5 dm The Civil War. Episode 5, The Universe of Battle (1863) [electronic resource (video)]
  E468 .C58 2009 v.6 dm The Civil War. Episode 6, Valley of the Shadow of Death (1864) [electronic resource (video)]
  E468 .C58 2009 v.7 dm The Civil War. Episode 7, Most Hallowed Ground (1864)[electronic resource (video)]
  E468.9 .W44 2011 Weirding the war : stories from the Civil War's ragged edges
  E470 .M38 2011 Tarnished victory : finishing Lincoln's war

E491 .T53 2011 The iron way : railroads, the Civil War, and the making of modern America
  E784 .T447 2006 dv The Roaring twenties [electronic resource (video)]
  E806 .W675 2006 dv World War II [electronic resource (video)]
  E840 .N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : Mark Hertsgaard on the world's love/hate relationship with America
  E840.8.L43 M563 2009 dv Minds that matter [electronic resource (video)] : John Lewis
F - History: America
  F216.2 .C57 2012 The South and America since World War II
F390 .H33 2007eb Encyclopedia of the Alamo and the Texas revolution [electronic resource]
  F574.F76 I574 2009 dv In search of Fort St. Joseph [electronic resource (video)] : lessons in history, culture, and scientific methodology
  F574.F76 T444 2009 dv The Fort St. Joseph project [electronic resource (video)] : service and learning in the community
  F591 .E538 2007 dv Enduring dreams [electronic resource (video)]
  F591.W4 P539 2007 dv Play the legend [electronic resource (video)]
  F1053.2 L548 2005 dv Lifting the yoke [electronic resource (video)] : Ukraine
  F1410 .N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : Richard Rodriguez on being American
  F1465.2.Q5 R546 2006 dv Rigoberta Menchu [electronic resource (video)] : Cassandra and the Crusader
  F1466.5 A677 2008 dv Approach of dawn [electronic resource (video)] : forging peace in Guatemala
  F1921 .H358 2006 dv Haiti [electronic resource (video)] : land of tragedy, land of hope
  F2171.3 E433 2006 dv El Cantar de mio cid [electronic resource (video)]

F3100 .A887 2005 dv A Sus ordenes mi senador [electronic resource (video)]
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
 ELECTRONIC G63 .E554 2010eb Encyclopedia of geography [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC G70.212 .E53 2008eb Encyclopedia of geographic information science [electronic resource]
  G80 .E975 2007 dv Exploration [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC G123 .A18 2012eb 21st century geography [electronic resource] : a reference book
  G155.C8 C678 2005 dv Costa Rica [electronic resource (video)] : ecotourism and economic development

G3701.P62 1936 F677 2005 dv Fossils [electronic resource (video)] : reptiles and mammals
  G3701.P62 1940Z B446 2007 dv Before it's too late [electronic resource (video)] : children and severe anger
  G6081.P2 1802 G656 1987 dv Going on Vacation [electronic resource (video)] : Espana Viva
  GB648.79 P476 2009 dv Permafrost [electronic resource (video)] : secrets in Siberian Ice

GB662.3 .A83 2000 Water

GC37.5 E874 2006 dv Essentials of faith [electronic resource (video)] : paganism

GC90.T95 T883 2009 dv Tuvalu [electronic resource (video)] : keeping heads above water

GC481 .W56 2011 Atlantic : great sea battles, heroic discoveries, titanic storms, and a vast ocean of a million stories
 ELECTRONIC GE42 .G735 2011eb Green ethics and philosophy [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
  GE60 .C663 2010 dv Combating Climate Change and Improving Air Quality [electronic resource (video)]
  GE105 .T446 2007 dv The NewsHour [electronic resource (video)] : environmental science
  GE140 .L433 2006 dv Leaded gasoline [electronic resource (video)] : trading IQ for octane
GE170 .G733 2010eb Green politics [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide

GE195 .G656 2007 dv Going green [electronic resource (video)] : real-world solutions for the environment
 ELECTRONIC GE195 .G736 2011eb Green issues and debates [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
  GE195.7 T446 2007 dv The New green revolution [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC GE196 .G74 2011eb Green culture [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
  GE196 .T456 2010 dv Thinking Green, Building Smart [electronic resource (video)]
  GF4 .E54 2006eb Encyclopedia of human geography [electronic resource]
  GF75 .P536 2007 dv Planet earth [electronic resource (video)] : seven ways to help save the world
  GF75 .T444 2006 dv The Estrogen effect [electronic resource (video)] : assault on the male
 ELECTRONIC GN11 .E63 2006eb Encyclopedia of anthropology [electronic resource]
  GN21.M36 M374 2009 dv Margaret Mead [electronic resource (video)] : coming of age
 ELECTRONIC GN25 .A144 2010eb 21st century anthropology [electronic resource] : a  reference handbook
GN502 .E63 2006eb Encyclopedia of multicultural psychology [electronic resource]
  GT596 .T444 2007 dv The Extremes of fashion [electronic resource (video)] : women's couture and the media
  GT1560 .K566 2008 dv Kimono [electronic resource (video)] : symbol of a nation
  GT2600 .L684 2007 dv Love [electronic resource (video)]
  GT3930 .R584 2005 dv River channel forms [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC GV11 .E555 2009eb Encyclopedia of play in today's society [electronic resource]

GV573 .P67 2012 The victor's crown : a history of ancient sport from Homer to Byzantium
  GV615 .M29 2011  Sport Italia : the Italian love affair with sport
  GV665 .M674 2008 dv More than just a game [electronic resource (video)] : competitions and celebrations in Ethiopia, Ghana, Niger, Senegal, and Sudan
  GV706 .C6187 2011 A philosophy of sport

GV706.32 .S735 2011 Sport, race, and ethnicity : narratives of difference and diversity

GV711.5 E935 2010 dv  Evaluating a Training Program [electronic resource (video)]
  GV713 .E53 2011eb Encyclopedia of sports management and marketing [electronic resource]
  GV749.7 E987 2006 dv Extreme sports and teens [electronic resource (video)] : psychology of risk addiction
  GV885.5 M356 2005 dv Major league entrepreneurs [electronic resource (video)]
  GV953.W3 S65 2011 Showdown : JFK and the integration of the Washington Redskins
  GV1627 .J836 2007 dv Juan Peron [electronic resource (video)]
  GV1746 .P766 2006 dv Prom night in Taylor County, Georgia [electronic resource (video)] : separate and equal?
H - Social Science
H41 .S24 2009eb The SAGE glossary of the social and behavioral sciences [electronic resource]
H61 .S234 2008eb The Sage encyclopedia of qualitative research methods [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC H62 .E582 2010eb Encyclopedia of case study research [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC H62 .E583 2005eb Encyclopedia of evaluation [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC H62 .L456 2004eb The Sage encyclopedia of social science research methods [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HA29 .E525 2010eb Encyclopedia of research design [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC HA29 .S2363 2007eb Encyclopedia of measurement and statistics [electronic resource]
  HB95 .F744 2005 dv Free market economies [electronic resource (video)] : commanding heights
  HB103.S6 A336 2005 dv Adam Smith [electronic resource (video)] : wealth of nations
 ELECTRONIC HB171 .A19 2010eb 21st century economics [electronic resource] : a reference handbook
  HB172 .M537 2008 dv Microeconomics in the global marketplace [electronic resource (video)]
  HB539 .X778 2006 dv XS stress [electronic resource (video)] : teens take control
HB801 .G785 2010eb Green consumerism [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
 ELECTRONIC HB1965 .E53 2006eb Encyclopedia of immigration and migration in the American West [electronic resource]
  HB3717 2008 .M35 2010 All the devils are here : the hidden history of the financial crisis
  HB3725 .M678 2009 dv Mortgage mess [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC HC59.15 .O33 2011eb OECD factbook 2011 [electronic resource] : beconomic, environmental and social statistics
 ELECTRONIC HC79.C6 E53 2011eb Encyclopedia of consumer culture [electronic resource]
HC79.E5 G6898 2011eb Green education [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
  HC79.E5 L693 2010 dv Low Carbon [electronic resource (video)] : The Economics of Climate Change
  HC79.I55 T448 2008 dv The Transformation age [electronic resource (video)] :  surviving a technology revolution with Robert X. Cringely
  HC79.P55 C373 2010 dv Carbon Hunters [electronic resource (video)] : Pollution, Profits, and Profiteering

HC110.P6 B676 2007 dv Born with a wooden spoon [electronic resource (video)] : welcome to poverty U.S.A.

HC110.P6 T447 2008 dv The 51st state [electronic resource (video)] : America's working poor

HC135 .H377 2008 dv Harsh reality [electronic resource (video)] : Mexico's NAFTA problem

HC182.5 B655 2009 dv Bolivia [electronic resource (video)] : partners, not masters

HC340.12 T447 2009 dv The Russian Gamble [electronic resource (video)] : Risky Business in the Land of Putin

HC427.95 C456 2008 dv China or bust! [electronic resource (video)] : chasing success in the world's fastest-growing economy

HC430.E5 S443 2009 dv Seeds of change [electronic resource (video)] : case study of sustainable development in China

HC462.95 J373 2006 dv Japan's economy [electronic resource (video)] : bursting the bubble

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                        domestic violence
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J - Political Science
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K - Law
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L - Education

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LB1028.4 I584 2005 dv Integrating media into the classroom [electronic resource (video)] : practice and case studies

LB1028.5 .V26 2012 Getting smart : how digital learning is changing the world
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LB1047 .A45 2010 An alliance of spirit : museum and school partnerships

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LB1068 .M85 2011 Multiliteracies : beyond text and the written word

LB1576 .S2227 2011 Books that teach kids to write

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LC5211 .E52 2004eb Encyclopedia of distributed learning [electronic resource]
M - Music and Books on Music
  M1245.W C375 2006 dv Carlos Fuentes [electronic resource (video)] : At home in the Americas

M1507.M88 K32 Arias from operas, for tenor
  M1582.W45 Il duce [electronic resource (video)]
  ML50.P965 T447 2006 dv The State [electronic resource (video)]
  ML74.7 T446 2007 dv The Online music revolution [electronic resource (video)]
  ML410.C756 A276 2007 dv Aaron Copland [electronic resource (video)] : self-portrait
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  ML410.S54 M3513 2011 Jean Sibelius
  ML410.S5988 B7 1996 Scriabin : a biography
  ML420.C265 T46 2011 The resurrection of Johnny Cash : hurt, redemption and American recordings
  ML421.L7 L68 2012 Satan is real : the ballad of the Louvin brothers
ELECTRONIC ML1700 .K46 2008eb Opera [electronic resource] : the great composers and their masterworks
  ML2900 .S237 2005 dv Sacred sounds [electronic resource (video)] : music of the world, songs of the soul
  ML3000 .A439 2007 dv Amazing grace [electronic resource (video)] : story of a song that makes a difference
ML3570 .E436 2009 dv El corrido mexicano [electronic resource (video)] : musica y cuernos de chivo
ML3790 .R436 2010 dv Recording History [electronic resource (video)]
MT64 .H698 2009 dv How to write and produce your own high school musical [electronic resource (video)]
  MT585.D56 L473 2006 dv Les Demoiselles d'avignon [electronic resource (video)]
N - Fine Arts
N332.G33 B384 2005 dv Bauhaus [electronic resource (video)] : face of 20th century
N5300 .T447 2007 dv The Power of art [electronic resource (video)] : Caravaggio
  N5300 .T447 2007 dv The Power of art [electronic resource (video)] : Bernini
N5300 .T447 2007 dv The Power of art [electronic resource (video)] : David
N5300 .T447 2007 dv The Power of art [electronic resource (video)] : Rothko
N5310.5.F7 L373 2005 dv Lascaux [electronic resource (video)] : prehistory of art
N6490 .I587 2006 dv Introduction to modern art [electronic resource (video)]
N6490 .O254 2007 dv Objects [electronic resource (video)]
N6490 .P533 2007 dv Places [electronic resource (video)]
N6490 .U534 2009 dv Uncertainty [electronic resource (video)] : modernity and art
  N6537.H533 G379 2005 dv Gary Hill [electronic resource (video)] : transcending the senses
N6537.J6 J377 2009 dv Jasper Johns [electronic resource (video)] : Catenary
N6537.W28 A539 2005 dv Andy Warhol [electronic resource (video)] : images of an image
N6797.F577 T447 2010 dv The Question Mark Inside [electronic resource (video)] : Martin Firrell's Art at St. Paul's Cathedral
N6797.H57 H635 2010 dv Hockney on Photography [electronic resource (video)]
N6853.P5 P533 2005 dv Picasso and his time [electronic resource (video)]
N7101 .T446 2008 dv The Mystical north [electronic resource (video)] : Spanish art from the 19th century to the present
N7113.G68 G693 2005 dv Goya [electronic resource (video)] : audacity of freedom
N7289.N47 E977 2005 dv Expressing the inexpressible [electronic resource (video)] : Shirin Neshat
N7380 .A375 2005 dv African art [electronic resource (video)]
N7396.K45 W555 2005 dv William Kentridge [electronic resource (video)] : art from the ashes
N7475 .G744 2009 dv Greenberg on art criticism [electronic resource (video)] : interview by T. J. Clark
N7560 .L363 2006 dv Landscape as backdrop [electronic resource (video)]
N7560 .T443 2006 dv The Cityscape [electronic resource (video)]
N7560 .T449 2006 dv The Window [electronic resource (video)]
N7572 .T448 2006 dv The Victorian nude [electronic resource (video)]
N7573 .W664 2006 dv Women bathing [electronic resource (video)]
N7914.A1 E443 2006 dv El favor de los santos [electronic resource (video)] : sacred iconography of retablos and exvotos
N8217.D5 T443 2006 dv The Dead and the dying [electronic resource (video)]
N8217.D68 D683 2006 dv Double vision [electronic resource (video)]
N8219.L5 I458 2006 dv Illuminating the night [electronic resource (video)]
NA737.G44 F736 2006 dv Frank Gehry and Alvar Aalto [electronic resource (video)] : ideas and influences
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NA737.L48 W675 2005 dv World of ideas [electronic resource (video)]
NA1223.U88 T444 2010 dv The Edge of the Possible [electronic resource (video)]
NA1313.C35 S268 2007 dv Santiago Calatrava [electronic resource (video)]
NA2542.36 G744 2008 dv Green architecture [electronic resource (video)] : environmentally friendly housing
NA6233.N5 P378 2005 dv Past and future [electronic resource (video)]
NA6234.M42 T677 2008 dv Torre Mayor, Mexico city [electronic resource (video)]
NC748 .P477 2006 dv Perspective [electronic resource (video)]
NC975.5.K38 A4 2011 The snowy day and the art of Ezra Jack Keats
NC997 .D475 2010 dv Designing On-Screen [electronic resource (video)]
NC1764.5.J3 M364 2008 dv Manga world [electronic resource (video)]
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ND553.R45 P547 2006 dv Pierre-Auguste Renoir [electronic resource (video)] : bright summer sundays
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ND699.K3 W377 2006 dv Wassily Kandinsky [electronic resource (video)] : invisible shapes
ND813.D3 D355 2005 dv Dali [electronic resource (video)] : master of dreams
ND813.T4 E447 2005 dv El Greco [electronic resource (video)] : rediscovering a master
ND1143 .L363 2007 dv Landscape [electronic resource (video)] : invention of nature
ND1143 .L544 2007 dv Light, shadow, and reflection [electronic resource (video)] : painting with light
ND1143 .P678 2007 dv Portrait/self-portrait [electronic resource (video)] : conquest of human figure
ND1143 .T443 2007 dv The Artist and the model [electronic resource (video)] : age-old couple
ND1143 .T447 2007 dv The Scenario [electronic resource (video)] : telling a story through painting
ND1143 .U534 2007 dv Under the image [electronic resource (video)] : secrets of a picture's layers
ND1490 .C656 2006 dv Color [electronic resource (video)]
ND1500 .C667 2006 dv Composition [electronic resource (video)]
NE1325.K36 T444 2006 dv The Great wave [electronic resource (video)]
NK2115.5.L5 L544 2006 dv Lighting [electronic resource (video)] : designing new ways to see
NK2715 .S588 2005 dv Sitting down [electronic resource (video)] : art of chair
NK3049.U5 P365 2006 dv Paolo Uccello [electronic resource (video)] : capturing war
NK3049.U5 T445 2005 dv The Lady and the unicorn [electronic resource (video)] : making sense of the senses
NK4890.B62 P37 2011 Native American bolo ties : vintage and contemporary artistry
NX454.5.R6 R663 2006 dv Romanticism [electronic resource (video)] : imagining freedom
NX456.5.A25 A278 2005 dv Abstract expressionism and pop [electronic resource (video)] : art of the '50s and '60s
NX588.7.A1 B977 2009 dv By Profession . . . an artist [electronic resource (video)] : contemporary art in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, and South Africa
NX653.W47 T449 2007 dv The Wild riders [electronic resource (video)]
P - Language and Literature
P87.5 .E496 2009eb Encyclopedia of communication theory [electronic resource]
P90 .A14 2009eb 21st century communication [electronic resource] : a reference handbook

P90 .I434 2005 dv Images in media [electronic resource (video)]
P91 .U534 2007 dv Understanding media literacy [electronic resource (video)]
P92 .M435 2005 dv Media history [electronic resource (video)]

P92.U5 N699 2005 dv Now with Bill Moyers [electronic resource (video)] : John Nichols and Robert McChesney on the media and democracy
P94 .P747 2005 dv Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass [electronic resource (video)] : lesson of hour
P94.5.M552 R335 2007 dv Racial stereotypes in the media [electronic resource (video)]
P95 .W493 2010 dv Why Do We Talk? The Science of Speech [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC P96.A44 E53 2011eb Encyclopedia of social movement media [electronic resource]
P96.C76 T443 2007 dv The Critics [electronic resource (video)] : stories from the inside pages
P96.M4 T433 2006 dv Teaching media literacy [electronic resource (video)] : asking questions
ELECTRONIC P96.S5 E53 2012eb Encyclopedia of gender in media [electronic resource]
P96.S5 S498 2005 dv Sexual stereotypes [electronic resource (video)]
P96.S5 S498 2007 dv Sexual stereotypes in the media [electronic resource (video)]
P119.32.U6 E545 2007 dv English only in America? [electronic resource (video)]
P121 .V653 2007 dv Voices of the world [electronic resource (video)] : extinction of language and linguistic diversity
P141 .W376 2006 dv War of the sexes [electronic resource (video)] : language
P145 .M684 2007 dv Mother tongues [electronic resource (video)] : languages around the world
PA3136 .W664 2005 dv Women in classical Greek drama [electronic resource (video)]
PA3201 .A535 2006 dv Ancient theatres of Greece and Rome [electronic resource (video)]
PA4414.O5 O335 2005 dv Oedipus at Colonus [electronic resource (video)]
PC2143 .T445 2005 dv The Incorrigible orthography of French [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .B578 2006 dv Birth of a language [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .E275 2005 dv Early English aloud and alive [electronic resource (video)] : language of Beowulf, Chaucer, and Shakespeare
PE1075 .E545 2006 dv English goes underground [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .E545 2006 dv English in America [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .M369 2006 dv Many Tongues called english, one world language [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .S643 2006 dv Speaking proper [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .T443 2006 dv The Battle for the language of the bible [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .T445 2006 dv The Language of empire [electronic resource (video)]
PE1075 .T457 2006 dv This earth, this realm, this england [electronic resource (video)]
PE1128.A2 I584 2007 dv Integrating ESL students into the classroom [electronic resource (video)]
 PF3112.7 E874 2005 dv Essen und Fahren [electronic resource (video)] : German food and fun
PL755.6 K536 2008 dv Kidney disease [electronic resource (video)]

PL2865.F37 T449 1920 dv The WPA Film Library [electronic resource (video)] : Stunts, ca. 1920
PN145 .C435 2006 dv Challenges of the writing life [electronic resource (video)]
PN149 .T443 2006 dv The Drama of creation [electronic resource (video)] : writers on writing
PN171.F56 P534 2011 dv Plagiarism 2.0 [electronic resource (video)] : Information Ethics in the Digital Age
PN171.W74 T447 2006 dv The Sharp end [electronic resource (video)] : dealing with writer's block and rejection
PN1922 .C664 2007 dv Comedy [electronic resource (video)]
PN1992.77 S547 2005 dv She Stoops to conquer [electronic resource (video)]
PN1992.94 D545 2006 dv Digital movie maker [electronic resource (video)] : guidance from an expert
PN1993.5.A1 S5936 2012 Shoot it! : Hollywood Inc. and the rise of independent film
PN1993.5.U6 F556 2006 dv Film History [electronic resource (video)]
PN1993.5.U6 T447 2009 dv The Silver screen revolution [electronic resource (video)] : American cinema 1960-1980
PN1995 .F556 2006 dv Film montage [electronic resource (video)] : projection of modernity
PN1995.S85 S877 2005 dv Surrealist film [electronic resource (video)] : stuff of dreams
PN1995.9.A78 T447 2010 dv The Slanted screen [electronic resource (video)] : Asian men in film and television
PN1995.9.D6 U84 2011 Useful cinema
PN1995.9.F66 I575 2010 dv Inside NFL Films [electronic resource (video)] : The Idol-Makers
PN1995.9.F67 C537 2009 dv Clarin Leopoldo Alas [electronic resource (video)] : la regenta
PN1995.9.M86 D94 2012 In the space of a song : the uses of song in film
PN1995.9.P7 T448 2006 dv The Vocabulary of film and TV [electronic resource (video)]
PN1995.9.P8 C455 2006 dv Child abuse [electronic resource (video)] : we all can work against it
PN1995.9.S26 M373 2005 dv Marcus Garvey [electronic resource (video)] : toward black nationhood
PN1995.9.Y6 C667 2005 dv Conservation and energy alternatives [electronic resource (video)] : powering the future
PN1995.9 T555 2005 dv Tillie Olsen [electronic resource (video)] : I stand here ironing
PN1997.E46 E463 2005 dv Emma Zunz [electronic resource (video)]
PN1997 .E975 2005 dv Euripides [electronic resource (video)] : Medea
PN1997.2 S566 2007 dv Simon Bolivar [electronic resource (video)] : great
PN1998.3.C68 A3 2011 Roger Corman : interviews
PN1998.3.E34 E374 2006 dv Eisenstein and Stalin [electronic resource (video)] : when art and politics clash
PN1998.3.W46 T447 2005 dv The Senses [electronic resource (video)] : skin deep
PN2053 .G533 2009 dv Glacial deposits [electronic resource (video)]
PN2067 .C888 2010 dv Cutting It in Costume [electronic resource (video)] : Design and Wardrobe Management
PN2091.S7 F766 2010 dv From Page to Stage [electronic resource (video)] : A Guide to Student Productions
PN2101 .T444 2010 dv The History of Theater [electronic resource (video)]
PN2152 .T447 2006 dv The Renaissance theatre [electronic resource (video)]
PN2285 .A783 2005 dv Art and life [electronic resource (video)] : Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth
PN2285 .J694 2006 dv Joyful complicity [electronic resource (video)] : Billy Wilder and Marilyn Monroe
PN2285 .M984 2006 dv Myth makers [electronic resource (video)] : John Ford and John Wayne
PN2285 .P793 2006 dv Psychology and method [electronic resource (video)] : Elia Kazan and Marlon Brando
PN2721 .A538 2010 dv Anatomy of Prejudice [electronic resource (video)] : Jane Elliott's Seminar on Race
PN3355 .I584 2006 dv In the beginning [electronic resource (video)] : so you want to write a story
PN3355 .T445 2006 dv The Long haul [electronic resource (video)] : how do writers go the distance?
PN3355 .T449 2006 dv The Write stuff [electronic resource (video)] : essentials of becoming a write
PN3355.W75 C734 2005 dv Crafting the story [electronic resource (video)] : beginnings, middles, and ends
PN3428 .T447 2006 dv The Picaresque novel [electronic resource (video)]
PN4121.B77 T447 2005 dv The Power of speech [electronic resource (video)]
PN4121 .M355 2005 dv Making your presentation [electronic resource (video)]
PN4130 .P835 2005 dv Public speaking [electronic resource (video)] : time to stand
ELECTRONIC PN4728 .E48 2009eb Encyclopedia of journalism [electronic resource]
PN4748.D43 B566 2009 dv Bloody cartoons [electronic resource (video)] : freedom of expression and the clash of cultures
PN4775 T43 2008 .T438 2009 dv That's news to me [electronic resource (video)] : transformation of journalism in a wired society
PN4784.B75 L633 2005 dv Local news [electronic resource (video)] : to work a miracle
PN4784.B75 L633 2005 dv Local news [electronic resource (video)] : changes and consequences
PN4784.B75 L633 2005 dv Local news [electronic resource (video)] : working team
PN4784.B75 L633 2005 dv  Local news [electronic resource (video)] : grace under pressure
PN4784.B75 L633 2005 dv Local news [electronic resource (video)] : there's no place like home
PN4784.I6 T443 2008 dv The Art of the interview [electronic resource (video)]
PN4784.O62 T449 2006 dv The Writing process [electronic resource (video)] : research
PN4784.T4 T864 2005 dv TV news [electronic resource (video)] : writing and editing the story
PN4867 .F443 2006 dv Feeding the beast [electronic resource (video)] : inside look at the news media
PQ1832.E3 D665 2005 dv Dom Juan [electronic resource (video)]
PQ1832.E3 L436 2005 dv L'Ecole des femmes [electronic resource (video)]
PQ1832.E3 L465 2005 dv Le Misanthrope [electronic resource (video)]
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PQ1839.A37 L477 2005 dv Les Precieuses ridicules [electronic resource (video)]
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PQ1842.A37 T378 2005 dv Tartuffe [electronic resource (video)]
PQ6300 .P437 2006 dv Pedro Calderon de la Barca [electronic resource (video)]
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PQ6503.B3 G878 2006 dv Gustavo Adolfo Becquer [electronic resource (video)]
PQ6601.L2 R343 2006 dv Rafael Alberti [electronic resource (video)]
PQ6613.O79 J836 2008 dv Juan Goytisolo [electronic resource (video)]
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PQ7081.A1 N377 2007 dv Narrating modernity [electronic resource (video)] : writers of the mid-20th century
PQ7081.A1 P655 2007 dv Politicians and revolutionaries [electronic resource (video)]
PQ7081.A1 P743 2007 dv Pre-Columbian Literature [electronic resource (video)]
PQ7081.A1 R445 2008 dv Regionalism and indigenism [electronic resource (video)]
PQ7081.A1 T443 2007 dv The avant-garde of the 1920s [electronic resource (video)]
PQ7083 .C667 2007 dv Conquest and colony [electronic resource (video)]
PQ7083 .C667 2007 dv Conquest and colony [electronic resource (video)]
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PQ7389.M2 J674 2005 dv Jose Marti [electronic resource (video)] : Cuba's herald
PQ7519.D3 R834 2006 dv Ruben Dario [electronic resource (video)]
PQ7797.C7145 J855 2006 dv Julio Cortazar [electronic resource (video)] : Argentina's iconoclast
PQ8097.G6 G337 2005 dv Gabriela Mistral [electronic resource (video)] : focused on love
PQ8098.14.O7 A754 2006 dv Ariel Dorfman [electronic resource (video)]
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PQ9511 .S734 2008 dv 21st century trends in Latin American literature [electronic resource (video)]
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PQ9553 .B739 2008 dv Brazilian literature [electronic resource (video)] : 20th century
PR1583 .S436 2005 dv Seamus Heaney on the New Beowulf [electronic resource (video)
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PR2007.K4 Z855 2011 "Evil spirits, desires of the flesh, and vain fears" : Margery Kempe, Walter Hilton's The scale of perfection, and the construction of the medieval enemy
PR2065.G31 U534 2005 dv Understanding Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [electronic resource (video)]
PR2065 .G393 2005 dv Gawain and the green knight [electronic resource
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PZ7.T7813 St 2000 Stuck in neutral
Q - Science

Q115 .T564 1998 dv  Time to Shape Up [electronic resource (video)]
Q141 .L434 2012eb Leadership in science and technology [electronic resource] : a reference handbook

Q172.5.C45 H544 2009 dv High anxieties [electronic resource (video)] : mathematics of chaos

Q175 .S354 2006 dv Scientific spin doctors [electronic resource (video)]

Q179.92 P536 2009 dv Planet/body [electronic resource (video)] : healing on both levels
Q225.2.U6 E53 2010eb Encyclopedia of science and technology communication [electronic resource]

QA23 .T444 2009 dv The Genius of the east [electronic resource (video)] : mathematics during the middle ages
QA26 .M37 2011 Mathematics in Victorian Britain
QA43 .M836 2011 Moscow Mathematical Olympiads, 2000-2005
QA76.6 I587 2009 dv Introduction to programming [electronic resource (video)] : unlocking the secrets
QA76.76.C68 C667 2006 dv Computer worms and viruses [electronic resource (video)]
QA76.76.I59 H698 2009 dv How to make digital stories [electronic resource (video)]

 QA76.76.O63 M537 2008 dv Microsoft's Vista [electronic resource (video)] : product launch
QA76.9.C66 M435 2006 dv Media convergence [electronic resource (video)]
QA76.9.D3 I5533 2011
Database systems for advanced applications : 16th international conference, DASFAA 2011, International Workshops : GDB, SIM3, FlashDB, SNSMW, DaMEN, DQIS, Hong Kong, China, April 22-25, 2011 : proceedings
QA135.5 F365 2005 dv Family violence [electronic resource (video)] : breaking the chain
QA278 .E87 2011 An introduction to applied multivariate analysis with R
QA300 .S3953 2011 Applied analysis : mathematical methods in natural science
QA465 .M437 2006 dv Measurement [electronic resource (video)] : long and short of it
QA614.86 F733 2005 dv Fractals [electronic resource (video)] : animated discussion
QB54 .T444 2007 dv The Earth and the moon [electronic resource (video)]
QB64 .F693 2011 Deep-sky wonders : a tour of the universe with Sky & telescope's Sue French.
QB791.3 M678 2006 dv Most of our universe is missing [electronic resource (video)] : dark matter and dark energy
QC39 .R433 2005 dv Reading a ruler [electronic resource (video)] : English and metric measurements
QC122 .A453 2009 dv All About motion [electronic resource (video)] : displacement, velocity, and acceleration
QC133 .P756 2009 dv Principles and laws of motion [electronic resource (video)]
QC173.59.S65 C676 2007 dv Cosmic time [electronic resource (video)] : from atoms to black holes
QC174.12 T447 2010 dv The Quantum tamers [electronic resource (video)] : revealing our weird and wired future
QC518 .P694 2008 dv Power and efficiency [electronic resource (video)]
QC527.2 E443 2008 dv Electricity and magnetism [electronic resource (video)]
QC601 .C573 2008 dv Circuits [electronic resource (video)]
QC601 .E443 2008 dv Electric current [electronic resource (video)]
QC607 .O367 2008 dv Ohm's law [electronic resource (video)]
QC861.2 A866 2006 dv  Atmosphere, climate, and weather [electronic resource (video)]
QC861.3 M484 2006 dv Meteorology [electronic resource (video)] : science of weather
QC971 .B67 2011 Auroras : fire in the sky
QC981.8.G56 T443 2006 dv The Big chill [electronic resource (video)] : looming ice age?
QC981.8 .G56 T78 2008 Can We save planet earth? [electronic resource (video)]
QC994.8 O549 2010 dv One word of truth [electronic resource (video)]
QD40 .L437 2007 dv Learning strategies for general chemistry [electronic resource (video)]
QE26 .G463 2006 dv Geocycles [electronic resource (video)]
QE26 .O243 2007 dv Oceans and seas [electronic resource (video)]
QE26.2 O977 2006 dv Our planet earth [electronic resource (video)]
QE28.3 I575 2010 dv Inside the Medieval Mind [electronic resource (video)]
QE34 .C374 2007 dv Careers in the earth sciences [electronic resource (video)]
QE432.2 R635 2006 dv Rocks and minerals [electronic resource (video)]
QE511.4 P538 2006 dv Plate tectonics [electronic resource (video)]
QH31.D26 A436 2005 dv A Man for the whole world [electronic resource (video)] : Pierre Dansereau
QH83 .O743 2005 dv Organization and diversity [electronic resource (video)]
QH104.5.A62 V35 2011 Southern Appalachian celebration : in praise of ancient mountains, old-growth forests, & wilderness
QH198.N4 T447 2010 dv The Pacific [electronic resource (video)] : Biodiversity and the Protection of Coral Reefs
QH314 .C374 2007 dv Careers in the life sciences [electronic resource (video)]
QH324.2 B565 2009 dv Bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics [electronic resource (video)] : getting the big picture
QH332 .B83 2011 Better than human : the promise and perils of enhancing ourselves
QH371 .T446 2008 dv The Origins of Darwin's theory [electronic resource (video)]
QH375 .D379 2010 dv Darwin's Theory Today [electronic resource (video)]
QH375 .N388 2009 dv Natural selection [electronic resource (video)] : its place in today's world
QH431 .H435 2008 dv Health news and interviews [electronic resource (video)] : genetics video clips
QH442.D47 D475 2009 dv Designer genes [electronic resource (video)] : science and ethics of genetic engineering
QH442 .G464 2007 dv Genetic engineering [electronic resource (video)]
QH442 .T444 2009 dv The Ethics of biotechnology [electronic resource (video)]
QH442 .W467 2006 dv Who's afraid of designer babies? [electronic resource (video)] : the ethics of genetic screening
QH447 .A453 2008 dv All About us [electronic resource (video)] : human genome
QH491 .W655 2011 Developmental biology : a very short introduction
QH506 .M643 2012 Molecular and cellular therapeutics
QH513 .H699 2008 dv How we move [electronic resource (video)] : brain and biomechanics
QH541 .A683 2005 dv Aquatic biomes [electronic resource (video)]
QH541 .D474 2005 dv Desert biomes [electronic resource (video)]
QH581.2 T444 2010 dv The Hidden Kingdom [electronic resource (video)] : Early Discoveries in Cell Science
QH582.4 .A45 2011 The cell : a very short introduction
ELECTRONIC QH588.S83 E53 2008eb Encyclopedia of stem cell research [electronic resource]
QH588.S83 F483 2006 dv Fetal fix [electronic resource (video)] : stem cell research and moral conflict
QH588.S83 S67 2011 Dreams and due diligence : Till and McCulloch's stem cell discovery and legacy
QK484.T4 V517 1984 Trees of central Texas
ELECTRONIC QK600.35 .A35 2008eb Ainsworth & Bisby's dictionary of the fungi [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QK603.2 .C365 2007eb Fungal families of the world [electronic resource]
QK711.2 L544 2005 dv Life Processes of plants [electronic resource (video)]
QL45.2 L544 2005 dv Life Processes of animals [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC QL462.3 .G67 2001eb A dictionary of entomology [electronic resource]
QL565 .B448 2007 dv Beetalker [electronic resource (video)] : secret world of bees
QL617 .H35 2011 Fishes : the animal answer guide
QL696.P63 D68 2011 The albatross and the fish : linked lives in the open seas
QL737.C27 D47 2012 Polar bears : a complete guide to their biology and behavior
QL737.C27 S7266 2011 Polar bears : the natural history of a threatened species
QL737.C4 B8686 2012 The sounding of the whale : science & cetaceans in the twentieth century
QL737.C5 A4 2011 Bats : from evolution to conservation
QL737.P9 R315 2012 How culture makes us human : primate social evolution and the formation of human societies
QL737.R654 K69 2011 Assessing the population genetic structure of Geomys arenarius using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP)
ELECTRONIC QL750.3 .E526 2010eb The encyclopedia of applied animal behaviour and welfare [electronic resource]
QL757 .M537 2006 dv Micro-parasites [electronic resource (video)] : invisible death
QL757 .P373 2006 dv Parasites that harm, parasites that help [electronic resource (video)]
QL759 .B639 2009 dv Body Armor [electronic resource (video)] : anatomy of self-defense
QM33.5.A538 T443 2006 dv The Anatomy of movement [electronic resource (video)]
QM33.5.A538 T443 2006 dv The Anatomy of circulation [electronic resource (video)]
QM33.5 T443 2006 dv The Anatomy of digestion [electronic resource (video)]
QM101 .T447 2009 dv The Skeletal and muscular systems [electronic resource (video)]
QM178 .C573 2007 dv Circulation [electronic resource (video)] : what an autopsy reveals
QM401 .T443 2006 dv The Anatomy of reproduction [electronic resource (video)]
QM548 .A538 2005 dv Anatomy of the shoulder [electronic resource (video)]
QM601 .H863 2009 dv Human development and the reproductive system [electronic resource (video)]
QP38 .T445 2009 dv The Incredible human machine [electronic resource (video)]
QP81.5 T444 2006 dv The Gender puzzle [electronic resource (video)]
QP86 .A356 2007 dv Aging [electronic resource (video)] : what an autopsy reveals
QP86 .D668 2010 dv Don't Grow Old [electronic resource (video)] : Holding Back the Years
QP90.4 H664 2007 dv Homeostasis [electronic resource (video)]
QP90.4 H664 2009 dv Homeostasis [electronic resource (video)]
QP91 .B566 2005 dv Blood and war [electronic resource (video)]
QP91 .M345 2005 dv Magic to medicine [electronic resource (video)]
QP91 .N493 2005 dv New blood [electronic resource (video)]
QP91 .T356 2005 dv Tainted blood [electronic resource (video)]
QP123 .C573 2007 dv Circulation, respiration, and breathing [electronic resource (video)]
QP139 .D533 2010 dv Did Cooking Make Us Human? [electronic resource (video)]
QP145 .A453 2010 dv All About Nutrients [electronic resource (video)]
QP303 .P497 2006 dv Physiology [electronic resource (video)] : muscles and bones
QP376 .G769 2005 dv Growing the mind [electronic resource (video)] : how the brain develops
QP376 .T443 2005 dv The Addicted brain [electronic resource (video)]
QP426 .D743 2006 dv Dreams [electronic resource (video)] : theater of the night
QP572.T4 S354 2010 dv Science of Men [electronic resource (video)]
QP624 .C875 2005 dv Curing cancer [electronic resource (video)]
QP624 .P363 2005 dv Pandora's box [electronic resource (video)]
QP624 .P539 2005 dv Playing god [electronic resource (video)]
QR75 .B338 2008 dv Bacterialand [electronic resource (video)]
QR181 .T445 2006 dv The Immune system at work [electronic resource (video)]
QR181 .T445 2007 dv The Immune system [electronic resource (video)]
QR181.7 I584 2005 dv Internal defenses [electronic resource (video)]
QR364 .C733 2011 Viruses : a very short introduction
R - Medicine

 R697.A4 H435 2007 dv  Health information management technician [electronic resource (video)]
R697.P45 P497 2007 dv Physician assistant [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC R723.5 .E53 2009eb Encyclopedia of medical decision making [electronic resource]

R726 .L544 2007 dv Life and death [electronic resource (video)] : medical ethics of the Schiavo case
ELECTRONIC R726.5 .E53 2004eb Encyclopedia of health & behavior [electronic resource]

R729.8 E443 2007 dv Electronic health records [electronic resource (video)]
R729.8 P385 2008 dv Patient safety [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC RA418.5.F3 E43 2011eb Encyclopedia of family health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RA427 .E53 2012eb Encyclopedia of lifestyle medicine and health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RA440.85 .E63 2009eb Encyclopedia of health services research [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RA441 .E53 2008eb Encyclopedia of global health [electronic resource]
RA601.5 F663 2006 dv Food Safety [electronic resource (video)]
RA601.5 F663 2006 dv Food [electronic resource (video)]
RA643 .E447 2009 dv Emerging diseases [electronic resource (video)] : prions and viruses
RA643 .I544 2005 dv Infection [electronic resource (video)] : history
RA643.86.G7 H586 2009 dv HIV & Me [electronic resource (video)] : fear, ignorance, and education
RA644.I6 H5 2010 dv H1N1 [electronic resource (video)] : A Resilient Enemy
RA644.M2 M353 2009 dv Malaria, the serial killer [electronic resource (video)]
RA644.5 L585 2006 dv Living with today's maladies [electronic resource (video)]
RA645.3 .O93 2011 Telecare technologies and the transformation of healthcare
ELECTRONIC RA652 .E533 2008eb Encyclopedia of epidemiology [electronic resource]
RA776.75 L585 2006 dv Living better longer [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC RA776.9 .G738 2011eb Green health [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
ELECTRONIC RA777.6 .E534 2007eb Encyclopedia of health & aging [electronic resource]
RA781 .A535 2009 dv Analyzing fitness [electronic resource (video)]

RA784 .H435 2008 dv Health news and interviews [electronic resource (video)] : nutrition and obesity video clips
RA790 .H435 2008 dv Health news and interviews [electronic resource (video)] : mental health and the human mind video clips
RA971 .E52 2004eb Encyclopedia of health care management, Sage [electronic resource]
RA1199 .P657 2007 dv Poisoning [electronic resource (video)] : what an autopsy reveals
RA1219.3 C446 2008 dv Chemical conundrum [electronic resource (video)]
RB38.2 .M345 2012 Saunders nursing guide to laboratory and diagnostic tests
RB115 .G373 2012 Fundamentals of coding, payment, and documentation : understanding their role and impact in health care
RB127 .F445 2009 dv Feel good again [electronic resource (video)] : 25 ways to stop the pain
RC78.7.D53 T444 2007 dv The History of medical imaging [electronic resource (video)]
RC86.7 .L36 2012 Fast facts for the critical care nurse : critical care nursing in a nutshell
RC86.7 E447 2009 dv Emergency 9-1-1 [electronic resource (video)]
RC86.7 F577 2011 dv First Aid Basics [electronic resource (video)] : Knowing What to Do in an Emergency
RC108 .P733 2006 dv Practicing proactive consumerism [electronic resource (video)] : healthcare
RC111 .R683 2006 dv Rotavirus [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC RC254.5 .E48 2007eb Encyclopedia of cancer and society [electronic resource]
RC261 .B743 2008 dv Breast cancer [electronic resource (video)]
RC261 .D435 2006 dv Dealing with cancer [electronic resource (video)]
RC261 .H435 2008 dv Health news and interviews [electronic resource (video)] : cancer video clips
RC262 .C363 2009 dv Cancer pain [electronic resource (video)] : easing the agony
RC262 .T866 2006 dv Tumor [electronic resource (video)] : what an autopsy reveals
RC263 .N493 2006 dv New directions [electronic resource (video)] : fight against cancer
RC263 .P748 2006 dv Prevention and screening [electronic resource (video)] : new cancer defenses
RC263 .V653 2006 dv Voices [electronic resource (video)] : cancer patients speak out
RC263 .W438 2006 dv What is cancer? [electronic resource (video)]
RC270 .S483 2006 dv Setbacks [electronic resource (video)] : realities of the war on cancer
RC270.8 C363 2008 dv Cancer treatment side effects [electronic resource (video)]
RC270.8 O584 2006 dv On the attack [electronic resource (video)] : expectations for a cancer cure
RC280.L8 M476 2009 dv Mesothelioma [electronic resource (video)] : hidden threat
RC280.S5 S556 2009 dv Skin cancer [electronic resource (video)]
RC377 .A87 2007 A874 2006 dv Aspects of MS [electronic resource (video)]
RC377 .C66 2012 Nursing practice in multiple sclerosis : a core curriculum
RC386.6.B7 T443 2007 dv The Allen brain atlas [electronic resource (video)] : quantum leap in neurological research
RC387.5 B735 2008 dv Braindamadj'd Take II [electronic resource (video)] : case study in recovery
RC422 .C377 2009 dv Carpal tunnel syndrome [electronic resource (video)]
RC440 .P7338 2012 Psychiatric mental health nursing
RC440 .T693 2012 Psychiatric mental health nursing : concepts of care in evidence-based practice
RC451.4.A5 D477 2005 dv Depression [electronic resource (video)] : not a normal part of aging
RC451.4.A5 M356 2005 dv Maintaining mental health [electronic resource (video)]
RC451.4.A5 M356 2009 dv Maintaining mental health [electronic resource (video)]
RC455.5.F3 W584 2009 dv With and without you [electronic resource (video)] : father's suicide, family's journey
RC464.N48 I434 2005 dv Imagining Robert [electronic resource (video)] : my brother, madness, and survival
RC489.B4 E485 2005eb Encyclopedia of behavior modification and cognitive behavior therapy [electronic resource]
RC514 .S359 2007 dv Schizophrenia [electronic resource (video)] : new definitions, new therapies
RC523 .A494 2005 dv Alzheimers and dementia [electronic resource (video)] : caring for the caregiver
RC531 .A288 2006 dv Acutely anxious [electronic resource (video)]
RC533 .O274 2005 dv Obsessive-compulsive disorder [electronic resource
 (video)] : tyranny of rituals
RC533 .P384 2006 dv Pathological gambling [electronic resource (video)] : costly addiction
RC533 .P678 2005 dv Post-traumatic stress disorder [electronic resource (video)] : when the memories won't go away
RC533 .T683 2010 dv Touch Wood [electronic resource (video)] : Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 RC537 .B438 2006 dv Beating depression [electronic resource (video)]
RC537 .D534 2007 dv Diagnosis and chemistry Ep. 2 [electronic resource (video)]
RC537 .E974 2006 dv Experiences and causes Ep. 1 [electronic resource (video)]
RC547 .S544 2007 dv Sleep disorders [electronic resource (video)]
RC552.E18 B388 2006 dv Battling eating disorders [electronic resource (video)]
RC552.E18 F437 2006 dv Fear of fat [electronic resource (video)] : eight stories of eating and weight
RC552.S4 C888 2006 dv Cutting [electronic resource (video)] : addicted to self-injury
RC552.S69 J878 2009 dv Just say it! exploring the fear of public speaking [electronic resource (video)]
RC553.A88 A653 2006 dv A Place in the world [electronic resource (video)] : adults with autism finding their way
RC553.A88 N87 2012 Nursing of autism spectrum disorder : evidence-based integrated care across the lifespan
RC554 .T446 2008 dv The madness of Dancing Daniel [electronic resource (video)] : personality disorder case study
RC556 .P678 2006 dv Portraits in human sexuality [electronic resource (video)] : sexual dysfunction and therapy
ELECTRONIC RC563.4 .E53 2009eb Encyclopedia of substance abuse prevention, treatment, & recovery [electronic resource]
RC564 .P356 2006 dv Painkillers [electronic resource (video)] : numbing the mind
RC564 .U534 2006 dv Understanding addiction [electronic resource (video)]
RC568.S74 S756 2007 dv Stimulants [electronic resource (video)] : mechanics of pleasure
RC569.5.I54 T446 2007 dv Teens hooked on porn [electronic resource (video)]
RC584 .A454 2009 dv Allergy planet [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC RC628 .E53 2008eb Encyclopedia of obesity [electronic resource]
RC642 .U534 2009 dv Understanding hemophilia [electronic resource (video)]
RC669.9 R438 2006 dv Reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease [electronic resource (video)]
RC674 .N89 2011 Nursing the cardiac patient
RC682 .H437 2008 dv Heart failure [electronic resource (video)]
RC771 .D784 2009 dv Drug-resistant pneumonia [electronic resource (video)]
RC776.O3 C673 2007 dv COPD [electronic resource (video)] : struggle to breathe
RC848.H425 U534 2007 dv Understanding hepatitis c [electronic resource (video)]
RC848.H44 U534 2007 dv Understanding hepatitis b [electronic resource (video)]
RC848.I6 U534 2007 dv Understanding hepatitis a [electronic resource (video)]
RC919 .O947 2006 dv Overcoming problems with bladder, bowels, and swallowing [electronic resource (video)]
RC933 .L585 2007 dv Living with arthritis [electronic resource (video)]
RC952.5 T447 2006 dv The State of world population report [electronic resource (video)]
RC954 .G465 2012 Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice
RC954 .L356 2012 The nurse's role in promoting optimal health of older adults : thriving in the wisdom years
RC954 .R475 2012 Restorative care nursing for older adults : a guide for all care settings
RC954 .S53 2012 Gerioperative nursing care : principles and practices of surgical care for the older adult
RC954 .W58 2012 Basic geriatric nursing
ELECTRONIC RC1206 .E53 2011eb Encyclopedia of sports medicine [electronic resource]
RD32 .S874 2009 dv Surgery 101 [electronic resource (video)] : what patients need to know
RD93 .M377 2009 dv Massive blood loss [electronic resource (video)] : circulatory system emergencies
RD93 .V565 2009 dv Violent impact [electronic resource (video)] : bone fractures and brain trauma
RD94 .B374 2012 Wound care essentials : practice principles
RD94 .K54 2012 Fast facts for wound care nursing : practical wound management in a nutshell
RD97 .P539 2005 dv Playing hurt [electronic resource (video)] : ethics and sports medicine
RD99 .K45 2012 Schaum's outlines : medical-surgical nursing
RD796.H4 M574 2006 dv Misha [electronic resource (video)] : recovery from a serious accident
RG51 .P744 2005 dv Pregnancy [electronic resource (video)] : history
RG186 .M466 2009 dv Menopause [electronic resource (video)] : HRT and other treatments
RG525 .P746 2005 dv Prenatal Development [electronic resource (video)]
RG556.5 T446 2008 dv Teenage pregnancy and adoption [electronic resource (video)]
RG629 .F45 F419 2006 F483 2006 dv Fetal alcohol exposure [electronic resource (video)] : changing the future
RG651 .B578 2006 dv Birth [electronic resource (video)]
RG951 .B87 2012 Maternity nursing : an introductory text
RJ131 .P435 2009 dv Pediatric brain development [electronic resource (video)] : importance of a head start
RJ216 .N887 2006 dv Nutrition for infants and children [electronic resource (video)]
RJ216 .N887 2006 dv Nutrition for infants and children [electronic resource (video)]
RJ245 .B693 2012 Pediatric nursing procedures
RJ245 .T475 2012 Pediatric nursing : an introductory text
RJ247 .L67 2012 Fast facts for the school nurse : school nursing in a nutshell
RJ399.A6 I433 2007 dv I'm a child anorexic [electronic resource (video)]
RJ431 .N87 2012 Nursing care in pediatric respiratory disease
RJ482.D78 L585 2007 dv Living and dying with muscular dystrophy [electronic resource (video)]
RJ496.T68 T355 2009 dv Taking on Tourette [electronic resource (video)] : families reveal their personal struggles
RJ506.A9 A985 2005 dv Autism [electronic resource (video)] : diagnosis, causes, and treatments
RJ506.F73 D555 2006 dv Dillon is different [electronic resource (video)] : fragile x syndrome
RJ506.H9 L585 2006 dv Living with ADHD [electronic resource (video)]
RK60.5 D468 2007 dv Dental hygienist [electronic resource (video)]
RL321 .P767 2009 dv Psoriasis [electronic resource (video)]
RL675 .P747 2007 dv Pressure ulcers [electronic resource (video)]
RM125 .N83 2012 Drug therapy in nursing
RM147 .E936 2011 Lippincott's photo atlas of medication administration
RM216 .D548 2005 dv Diet and disease in modern society [electronic resource (video)]
RM216 .F663 2007 dv  Food matters [electronic resource (video)] : diet and disease
RM222.2 T456 2009 dv 10 things you need to know about losing weight [electronic resource (video)]
RM300 .P747 2006 dv Prescription medications [electronic resource (video)] : patient's primer
RM705 .P497 2007 dv Physical therapy assistant and aide [electronic resource (video)]
RS57 .B76 2012 Drug calculations : ratio and proportion problems for clinical practice
RS57 .H46 2012 Henke's med-math : dosage calculation, preparation & administration
RS122.95 P437 2006 dv Pharmacy technician [electronic resource (video)]
RS380 .B568 2009 dv Biotechnology and your health [electronic resource (video)] : pharmaceutical applications
RT24 .S28 2011 Anatomy of writing for publication for nurses
RT42 .T43 2011 Telenursing
RT42 .T73 2012 Translation of evidence into nursing and health care practice
RT57 .V57 2012 Visual nursing : a guide to diseases, skills, and treatments.
RT71 .T336 2012 Teaching in nursing : a guide for faculty
RT79 .I567 2011 Occupational health nurses and respiratory protection : improving education and training : letter report
ELECTRONIC RT79 .I567 2011eb Occupational health nurses and respiratory protection [electronic resource] : improving education and training : letter report
RT81.5 .S56 2011 Design, evaluation, and translation of nursing interventions
RT81.6 .A553 2012 Medical-surgical nursing
RT82 .C33 2012 Nursing now! : today's issues, tomorrow's trends
RT82 .E45 2012 Nursing in today's world : trends, issues and management
RT82 .T447 2006 dv The Patient care nursing team [electronic resource (video)]
RT84.5 .I47 2011 Implementing evidence-based practice for nurses : real-life success stories
RT84.5 .P53 2013 Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice
RT85.2 .R45 2012 Religion, religion ethics, and nursing
RT86 .P74 2012 An introduction to psychological care in nursing and the health professions
RT86.3 .M44 2012 Measuring caring : international research on caritas as healing
RT86.54 .A53 2012 Transcultural concepts in nursing care
RT86.54 .S24 2012 Transcultural nursing theory and models : application in nursing education, practice, and administration
RT89 .C43 2012 Change leadership in nursing : how change occurs in a complex hospital system : Brigham and Women's Hospital  nurses tell their story
RT120.I5 C766 2012 Critical care nursing made incredibly easy!
RT120.I5 W66 2012 Intensive care nursing : a framework for practice
RZ236.5 P675 2007 dv Positive credit [electronic resource (video)]
S - Agriculture
   S473.M28 M333 2010 dv  Madagascar [electronic resource (video)] : Agro-Ecology

S494.5.A43 N687 2005 dv Nourishing earth [electronic resource (video)] : natural systems agriculture and ecological technologies

S494.5.B563 B568 2009 dv Biotechnology on the farm and in the factory [electronic resource (video)] : agricultural and industrial applications

S494.5.U72 U53 2012 Urban farms

SB117 .E46 2006eb The encyclopedia of seeds [electronic resource] : science, technology and uses

SB201.B35 D66 2011 Effects of different cultivation techniques and chemical treatments on coastal bermudagrass re-establishment following winter haying
SB359 .E56 2008eb The encyclopedia of fruit & nuts [electronic resource]
SD387.O43 T448 2010 dv The Tasmanian Chain Saw Massacre [electronic resource (video)] : Ancient Forests in Peril

SF75.5 T447 2008 dv The Record of the rocks [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC SF94.65 .E53 2004eb The encyclopedia of farm animal nutrition [electronic resource]
SF487 .P843 2012 Chicken
SF774.5 .C66 2011 The complete textbook of veterinary nursing
SH329.O94 P586 2007 dv Plundering the oceans [electronic resource (video)]
T - Technology

 T14.5 .C427 2012 Identity shift : where identity meets technology in the networked-community age

T14.5 T446 2007 dv The NewsHour [electronic resource (video)] : technology

T50.H811 H695 2010 dv How Long Is a Piece of String? [electronic resource (video)]

T55.3.P75 I573 2011 Certifying personal protective technologies : improving worker safety
ELECTRONIC T55.3.P75 I573 2011eb Certifying personal protective technologies [electronic resource] : improving worker safety
T58.5 T447 2007 dv The Real big brother [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC T174.7 .E5294 2010eb Encyclopedia of nanoscience and society [electronic resource]
T174.7 M537 2006 dv Microengineering and nanotechnology [electronic resource (video)]
T174.7 N366 2010 dv Nanoparticles and Mega-fears [electronic resource (video)] : Debating the Risks of Nanotechnology
ELECTRONIC TA170 .G75 2011eb Green technology [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
TD174 .T447 2010 dv The Science of Pollution [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC TD195.F57 G74 2010eb Green food [electronic resource] : an A-to-Z guide
TD223 .B37 2011 Blue revolution : unmaking America's water crisis
TD478.5 C355 2009 dv California dry [electronic resource (video)] : water crisis in the golden state
TD788 .H86 2012 Garbology : our dirty love affair with trash
TD883 .D578 2006 dv Dirty little secrets [electronic resource (video)] : impact of fine particle pollution
TD884.3 S664 2006 dv Smog [electronic resource (video)] : sweet smell of success
TD892 .S75 2011 Why noise matters : a worldwide perspective on the problems, policies and solutions
TH880 .E547 2010 dv Energy Efficiency in the Home [electronic resource (video)]
TH1611 .C677 2005 dv Copper and diamond [electronic resource (video)]
TH1611 .R635 2005 dv Rock and paper [electronic resource (video)]
TH1611 .S744 2005 dv Steel and stone [electronic resource (video)]
TH1611 .T564 2005 dv Time and money [electronic resource (video)]
TJ163.2 E547 2006 dv Energy and resources [electronic resource (video)]
TJ163.2 O243 2009 dv Oceanic electric power [electronic resource (video)]
TJ163.5 S878 2010 dv Sustainable Landscaping [electronic resource (video)] : Growing a Greener Home
TJ808 .E278 2007 dv Earth energy [electronic resource (video)]
TJ808 .E547 2008 dv Energy wise [electronic resource (video)] : developing renewable solutions
TJ808.6 T443 2010 dv The American pipe dream [electronic resource (video)] : eliminating oil dependence
TK2511 .E443 2008 dv Electric motors [electronic resource (video)]
TK5105.59 S438 2009 dv Securing the web [electronic resource (video)]
TK5105.885.G66 G664 2010 dv Google World [electronic resource (video)]
TK5105.887 P633 2008 dv Podcasting and blogging essentials [electronic resource (video)]
TK5105.88813 T449 1920 dv The WPA Film Library [electronic resource (video)] : President Coolidge, ca. 1920
TK7881.4 I575 2009 dv Inside a recording studio [electronic resource (video)]
TK7882.E2 S354 2010 dv Science of surveillance [electronic resource (video)]
TK7885 .I575 2009 dv Inside a computer [electronic resource (video)]
TK7895.E42 K43 2011 The simple art of SoC design : closing the gap between
                        RTL and ESL
TL799 .M3 D478 2010 dv Destination Space [electronic resource (video)]
TL799.M6 W66 2011 How Apollo flew to the Moon
TN414.R66 G653 2007 dv Gold futures [electronic resource (video)] : open-pit mining in Romania
TN967 .L564 2007 dv Limestone [electronic resource (video)]
TP248.65.F66 T444 2010 dv The Future of Food [electronic resource (video)] : A Looming Crisis
TP355 .I384 2007 dv If... the oil runs out [electronic resource (video)]
TP359.H8 T444 2005 dv The Hydrogen age [electronic resource (video)] : energy solutions for the 21st century
TP360 .T443 2010 dv The Biofuel Myth [electronic resource (video)] : Harsh Realities in the Developing World
TP421 .W37 2011 Sweet stuff : an American history of sweeteners from sugar to sucralose
TR140.H436 H437 2010 dv Heartfield [electronic resource (video)] : Father of the Photomontage
TR140.P35 H354 2005 dv Half past autumn [electronic resource (video)] : life and art of Gordon Parks
TR685 .O987 2008 dv Outside in [electronic resource (video)] : transformative vision of Jerry Uelsmann
TR820.5 D638 2009 dv Documenting the face of America [electronic resource (video)] : Roy Stryker and the FSA/OWI photographers
TR820.5 S779 2007 dv Stryker's America [electronic resource (video)] : photographing the great depression
TT505.D5 I5713 2011 Inspiration Dior
TT507 .D5287 2008 Core concepts in fashion
TT507 .F63 2011 Fashion design directory
TT705 .B375 2006 dv  Basic Hand Sewing [electronic resource (video)]

TX335 .S567 2010 dv Shopping Smart [electronic resource (video)]
TX361.Y5 E285 2006 dv Eating for optimal health [electronic resource (video)]
TX370 .P67 2006 DV Portion Size Me [electronic resource (video)] : A Study of Healthy Fast-Food Choices
TX643 .P733 2010 dv Practical, Healthy Cooking [electronic resource (video)]
TX715 .D58664 2011 Dining with the Washingtons : historic recipes, entertainment, and hospitality from Mount Vernon
TX769 .R83 2011 Bread : a global history
TX911.3.M27 D355 2006 dv Daily cafe operations [electronic resource (video)]
TX911.3.S24 K583 2006 dv Kitchen safety [electronic resource (video)]
TX911.3.S3 C543 2010 dv Cleaning and Sanitation in the Food Industry [electronic resource (video)]
TX945.5.W47 W43 2000 Whataburger : the tale of a Texas icon, 1950-2000
U- Military Science
  U21 .W37 2007 dv  War [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC UA23 .E571274 2006eb Encyclopedia of United States national security [electronic resource]
V - Naval Science
  VK1023.3 .W76 2011  Great Lakes lighthouses encyclopedia
VT1455 1986 .I434 2007 dv Images of glory [electronic resource (video)]
Z - Library Science
U. S. Documents
Texas Documents