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New books July 2011

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF175.5.E45 H3513 2011 Electra vs Oedipus : the drama of the mother-daughter relationship

BF175.5.P75 R83 2011 When the past is always present : emotional traumatization, causes, and cures

BF378.A87 A27 2010 The act of remembering : toward an understanding of how we recall the past
REFERENCE BF441 .B93 1976 The book of think : (or, How to solve a problem twice your size)
REFERENCE BF441 .H249 1996 Thinking critically about critical thinking

BF636.67 .P67 2011 Ethics in psychotherapy and counseling : a practical guide

BF637.C6 T489 2011 Culture & identity : life stories for counselors and therapists

BF637.L4 J57 2011 Female leadership : management, Jungian psychology,spirituality and the global journey through purgatory
REFERENCE BF713 .F74 1992 Human development : a life-span approach
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CT275.P56 K45 2010 Call her a citizen : progressive-era activist and educator Anna Pennybacker
D - History: General and Old World

D743.42 .F565 2011 Remembering the road to World War Two : international history, national identity, collective memory

D804.7.M67 J33 2010 The lampshade : a Holocaust detective story from Buchenwald to New Orleans

DS557.7 .C64 2011 The Columbia history of the Vietnam War

DS558.4 .H85 2010 The 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam : unparalleled and unequaled

DS559.912 .G35 2010 Vietnam : rethinking the state
E - History: America

E78.S7 C625 2010 Living histories : Native Americans and Southwestern archaeology

E93 .H229 2003 v. 2 Earth into property : colonization, decolonization,and capitalism

E97 .H795 2010 Theoretical perspectives on American Indian education : taking a new look at academic success and the achievement gap

E99.C68 S94 2010 From Cochise to Geronimo : the Chiricahua Apaches 1874-1886

E99.H7 S26 2010 Education beyond the mesas : Hopi students at Sherman Institute, 1902-1929

E165 .T535213 2010 Letters from America

E169.1 .T39 2010 Building culture : studies in the intellectual history of industrializing America, 1867-1910

E184.C97 E36 2010 Learning to die in Miami : confessions of a refugee boy

E184.M5 V343 2011 Crucible of struggle : a history of Mexican Americans from colonial times to the present era

E184.S75 B366 2010 Ethnic cues : the role of shared ethnicity in Latino political participation

E185 .H57 2010 Children of fire : a history of African Americans

E185.93.T4 M635 2010 Dreaming with the ancestors : Black Seminole women in Texas and Mexico

E185.96 .H24 2010 Hands on the freedom plow : personal accounts by women in SNCC

E332.2 .S33 2010 The women Jefferson loved

E449 .H2985 2010 Border war : fighting over slavery before the Civil War

E457.2 .A1447 201 Abraham Lincoln, Esq. : the legal career of America's greatest preside

E635 .R33 2010 God's almost chosen peoples : a religious history of the American Civil War
F - History: America

F392.P168 S66 2010 As a farm woman thinks : life and land on the Texas High Plains, 1890-1960
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G151 .H57 2010 In motion : the experience of travel

G155.B73 C65 2010 Take me to my paradise : tourism and nationalism in the British Virgin Islands
  G200 .G74 2010 The great explorers
  GV342.27 .S27 2010 Fitness culture : gyms and the commercialisation of discipline and fun
  GV706.32 .C37 2010 Race, sport and politics : the sporting black diaspora
  GV713 .M364 2011 Managing voluntary sport organisations
H - Social Science
REFERENCE H62 .H2455 1994 Handbook of qualitative research
REFERENCE HA29 .W525 1968 Reasoning with statistics : simplified examples in communications research
  HB172.5 .K457 2010 Macroeconomic essentials : understanding economics in the news
  HB172.5 .L65 2010
Lonergan's early economic research : texts and commentary
  HD38.5 .H37 2011 X-SCM : the new science of X-treme supply chain management
  HD57.7 .A95 2011
Full range leadership development
  HD57.7 .B749 2010
Global cosmopolitans : the creative edge of difference
  HD62 .C25 2010
Calculating the social : standards and the reconfiguration of governing
  HD1537.M27 O54 2010
Spirits of resistance and capitalist discipline : factory women in Malaysia
  HD1787 .A37 2010
Agricultural policy, agribusiness, and rent-seeking behaviour
  HD9000.5 .W485 2010 Food rebels, guerrilla gardeners, and smart-cookin' mamas : fighting back in an age of industrial agriculture
  HF5381 .D8123 2011
Impression management in the workplace : research, theory, and practice
REFERENCE HM716 .J64 2000 Joining together : group theory and group skills
  HN59.2 .D67 2010
Economy, difference, empire : social ethics for social justice
  HN59.2 .S55 2011
Feudal America : elements of the Middle Ages in contemporary society
  HQ536 .E35 2010
The supportive state : families, government, and America's political ideals
  HQ799.15 .P343 2010
Parental monitoring of adolescents : current perspectives for researchers and practitioners
  HQ1426 .B728 2011
Breaking the wave : women, their organizations, and feminism, 1945-1985
HV4045 .P39 2003
A framework for understanding poverty
  HV7936.P75 B73 2010
Policing problem places : crime hot spots and effective prevention
  HV8593 .F75 2010
Because it is wrong : torture, privacy and presidential power in the age of terror
  HV9065 .B47 2010 The cycle of juvenile justice
J - Political Science
  JA81 .H648 2010
The primacy of the political : a history of political thought from the Greeks to the French & American revolutions

JC571 .G7831 2010 The costs of justice : how new leaders respond to previous rights abuses

JC573.2.U6 R93 2010 Neoconservatism and the new American century
K - Law
L - Education
LA222 .T27 2002
Taking sides. Clashing views on controversial issues in secondary education
LA2301 .G88 1991
Cultural foundations of education : a biographical introduction
LB1025.3 .B67 2000
Effective teaching methods
LB1025.3 .G66 1997
Looking in classrooms
LB1025.3 .M66 2001
Classroom teaching skills
LB1025.3 .M662 2005
Effective instructional strategies : from theory to practice
REFERENCE LB1025.3 .R93 2010 Those who can, teach
LB1027.3 .J69 2000
Models of teaching
REFERENCE LB1028 .B4 1993 Research in education
  LB1028.4 .D55 2011
Digital media and technology in afterschool programs, libraries, and museums
LB1029.P67 F37 1998
Portfolio and performance assessment : helping students evaluate their progress as readers and writers
LB1044.88 .T59 2000
Creative teaching on a budget
LB1050.455 .V33 2002
Content area reading : literacy and learning across the curriculum
  LB1060 .C334 2011
Natural learning for a connected world : education, technology, and the human brain
REFERENCE LB1065 .R56 1997
Motivation & learning : a teacher's guide to building excitement for learning & igniting the drive for quality
LB1169 .C86 2011
Big day for preK : make learning bigger
CURR-COLL LB1169 .D53 2012 OWL : opening the world of learning
CURR-COLL LB1536 .L58 2011 Benson handwriting : with integrated language arts
LB1536 .O47 2008
Handwriting without tears
LB1536 .Z285 2012
Zaner-Bloser handwriting.
REFERENCE LB1576 .M45 2002
Written & illustrated by-- : a revolutionary two-brain approach for teaching students how to write and illustrate amazing books
REFERENCE LB1607.5 .O76 2005
Secondary and middle school methods
LB1623.5 .N37 2003
This we believe : successful schools for young adolescents : a position paper of National Middle School Association.
LB1715 .H274 1996
Handbook of research on teacher education : a project of the Association of Teacher Educators
LB1731.4 .M46 1990
Mentoring : developing successful new teachers
LB1775.2 .H32 1995
Star teachers of children in poverty
LB1776.2 .B55 2002
K-12 teachers in the midst of reform : common thread cases
LB2154.A3 T44 2000
Assessing the impacts of professional development schools
LB2154.M45 P76 2000
Professional development schools : combining school improvement and teacher preparation
REFERENCE LB2157.A3 G57 2000
Student teaching : a process approach to reflective practice : a guide for student, intern, and beginning teachers
LB2157.A3 R59 1998
Student teaching and field experiences handbook
LB2822.75 .R83 1998
Rubrics : a handbook for construction and use
  LB2831.5 .M44 2010
Human resource management in education : contexts, themes, and impact
LB2838.8 .W66 1999
Time to teach, time to learn : changing the pace of school
LB3051 .M4657 2003
Classroom assessment : a practical guide for educators
REFERENCE LB3051 .M775 2001
Authentic assessment : a guide for elementary teachers
LB3060.82 .D45 2007 Models of teaching : connecting student learning with standards
LB3061.3 .S38 1995
Prescriptions for success in heterogeneous classrooms
LC4091 .T436 1995
Teaching for meaning in high-poverty classrooms
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML87 .Z83 2010 Music

ML410.G288 S73 2011 George Gershwin
  ML410.S4 R47 2011
Rethinking Schumann
  ML410.S95 W45 2011
Gilbert and Sullivan : gender, genre, parody
  ML410.W13 B14 2010
Five lessons on Wagner
  ML419.S463 A3 2011
Street player : my Chicago story
  ML420.C956 A3 2011
Chinaberry sidewalks
  ML420.S563 E45 2010
Paul Simon : a life
  ML421.N515 A75 2010
Gone to the country : the New Lost City Ramblers and the folk music revival
  ML421.S614 W49 2010
Why pamper life's complexities? : essays on the Smiths
  ML423.L6347 A4 2011
Alan Lomax, Assistant in Charge : the Library of Congress letters, 1935-1945
  ML423.L6347 S98 2010
Alan Lomax : the man who recorded the world
  ML3470 .T64 2011
Hits and misses : crafting top 40 singles, 1963-1971
  MT1 .C228 2010
Songs in their heads : music and its meaning in children's lives
  MT40 .I55213 2010
Course in musical composition
N - Fine Arts
  N6487.M37 C487 2010 Chinati : the vision of Donald Judd
  ND1329.L37 A4 2010
Thomas Lawrence : Regency power & brilliance
P - Language and Literature

P94 .H353 2011 The handbook of communication ethics

P95.8 .C64 2010 Communications policy : theories and issues

P96.A83 N35 2011 Audience evolution : new technologies and the transformation of media audiences
CURR-COLL PE1111 .A94 2012 Treasure chest
CURR-COLL PE1111 .P74 2012 Prentice Hall writing coach : writing and grammar for the 21st century
CURR-COLL PE1111 .P74 2012 Everyday spelling
CURR-COLL PE1111 .P74 2012 The Prentice Hall research companion
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Writing with power : language composition 21st century skills
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Introduction to image grammar : activity book
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Introduction to image grammar : activity book
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Introduction to image grammar : activity book
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Image grammar : activity book
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Image grammar : activity book
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Image grammar : activity book
CURR-COLL PE1111 .W76 2011 Image grammar : activity book
CURR-COLL PE1145.2 .G46 2012 Spelling connections
REFERENCE PE1628 .M36 1993 Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary

PN1993.5.U6 S365 2010 From Pinewood to Hollywood : British filmmakers in American cinema, 1910-1969

PN1994 .R5735 2011 The Routledge companion to film history

PN1995 .G435 2010 Genre and performance : film and television

PN1995.5 .E84 2011 Ethics at the cinema

PN1995.7 .K47 2011 Beyond Dolby (stereo)

PN1995.9.F67 B35 2010 The foreign film renaissance on American screens, 1946-1973

PN1995.9.M86 K48 2010 Destabilizing the Hollywood musical : music, masculinity, and mayhem

PN1998.2 .G59 2011 Glamour in a golden age : movie stars of the 1930s

PN1998.3.A7557 A75 2011 Arnheim for film and media studies

PN1998.3.K39 K39 2011 Kazan revisited

PN2049 .K69 2010 Theatre & interculturalism

PN2053 .C585 2011 Working together in theatre : collaboration and leadership

PN2081.S58 P43 2010 Site-specific performance

PN2193.E86 B35 2011 Performance theatre and the poetics of failure : Forced Entertainment, Goat Island, Elevator Repair Service

PN2293.C38 P36 2010 No safe spaces : re-casting race, ethnicity, and nationality in American theater

PN2598.V37 A313 2011 Notes from an Odin actress : stones of water
REFERENCE PS271 .F5 1982 Fifty Western writers : a bio-bibliographical sourcebook
Q - Science

QA9 .D63 2010 The logic pamphlets of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and related pieces
REFERENCE QA11 .S83 1998 Twenty years before the blackboard : the lessons and humor of a mathematics teacher
REFERENCE QA11.2 .B73 2005 Teaching secondary and middle school mathematics
REFERENCE QA13 .M348 1991 Mathematics assessment : myths, models, good questions, and practical suggestions
REFERENCE QA20.C34 G65 2007 Using technology for problem solving in middle and high school mathematics : investigations using scientific and graphing calculators, spreadsheets, andthe Geometer's Sketchpad
REFERENCE QA39.3 .B4573 2007 Mathematics for elementary teachers : an activity approach

QA76.76.D47 S593 2011 Social modeling for requirements engineering

QA76.9.A73 S4313 2010 Safety of computer architectures
REFERENCE QA135.6 .T83 2006 Teaching mathematics to all children : designing and adapting instruction to meet the needs of diverselearners

QA278.8 .B338 2011 Non-parametric tests for censored data
REFERENCE QA303 .T45 1946 Calculus made easy : being a very-simplest introduction to those beautiful methods of reckoning which are generally called by the terrifying names of the differential calculus and the integral calculus
REFERENCE QB36.G2 G65513 1965 Galileo Galilei : a biography and inquiry into his philosophy of science

QD96.R34 R36 2010 Raman, infrared, and near-infrared chemical imaging

QE527.7 .F68 2010 Plates vs. plumes : a geological controversy

QH376 .B67 2010 Evolutionary restraints : the contentious history of group selection

QH438.4.B55 B555 2010 Biomarkers : in medicine, drug discovery, and environmental health

QH450 .H357 2011 Handbook of epigenetics : the new molecular and medical genetics

QH506 .M6628 2010 Molecular biology : principles of genome function

QH541 .B2715 2010 Aboveground-belowground linkages : biotic interactions, ecosystem processes, and global change

QK861 .H4513 2011 Plant biochemistry

QL637.9.A5 P76 2010 Eels : an exploration, from New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the world's most amazing and mysterious fish
REFERENCE QP624 .G74 1987 In search of the double helix : quantum physics and life

QR177 .A5856 2010 Antibiotic resistance : implications for global health and novel intervention strategies : workshop summary
R - Medicine

RA776.75 .G74 2011 20 years younger : look younger, feel younger, be younger!

RC451.4.A5 M433 2011 Mental health and later life : delivering an holistic model for practice

RC451.4.R43 M458 2010 Mental health of refugees and asylum seekers
S - Agriculture
REFERENCE SB482.A4 A367 1985 The birth of the National Park Service : the founding years, 1913-33

SB950 .E365 1996 Ecologically based pest management : new solutions for a new century

SB951.145.B68 P48 1997 Phytochemicals for pest control : developed from a symposium sponsored by the ACS Division of Agrochemicals at the 1995 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies
T - Technology

T11 .L24 2011 Technical communication

T14.5 .N673 2011 Living with complexity

TD170 .T667 2010 Participation in environmental organizations

TD346 .N68 2010 Water centric sustainable communities : planning, retrofitting, and building the next urban environment

TT505.B55 R5 2010 Isabella Blow
U- Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Library Science
  ZA4237 .P37 2011b
The filter bubble : what the Internet is hiding from you
U. S. Documents
Texas Documents
   A900.8 SI63 1999 txdocs Agricultural issues of the 76th Legislature, regular session : sine die report
   C2600.8 T312FOCT txdocs Texas in focus : Central Texas

W600.8 C765 1988 txdocs Conserving water in irrigated agriculture
Z TA245.7 B873 no.1490 Nutritional science at Texas A & M University, 1888-1984
Z TA245.7 B873 no.1512 txdocs Choosing breeds for commercial beef production
S117 .E7 no.1468 Differences between sugarcane mosaic virus infected and healthy cane in Texas