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June 2013 - New Books and Resources

Call Number
A - General Works
  AS911.A2 F65 2012 SUPPL The Foundation directory
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF39 .M393 2011 Quantitative models in psychology
BF76.4 .F69 2005 Virtue and psychology : pursuing excellence in ordinary practices
BF204.5 .S745 2011 The fear of insignificance : searching for meaning in the twenty-first century
BF441 .F59 2012 How to improve your mind : twenty keys to unlock the modern world
AV BF505 .F36 D57 2005 Discovering what motivates you [videorecording] : how your family upbringing influenced you
BF575 .F66 D44 2011 Friends forever : how girls and women forge lasting relationships
BF575 .H27 C848 1997 Finding flow : the psychology of engagement with everyday life
BF632 .B47 2011 Self-regulation : brain, cognition, and development
BF637 .S8 S467 2004 Wishcraft : how to get what you really want
BF697.5 .S46 S447 2010 Self-esteem across the lifespan : issues and interventions
AV BF713 .D456 2003 The developing person [videorecording]
BF713 .E86 2013 Evolution, early experience and human development
BF723 .F68 B34 2011 Friendships in childhood & adolescence
BF724.3 .A57 S63 2011 Social anxiety in adolescents and young adults : translating developmental science into practice
BF1045 .N4 P37 2006 What happens when we die : a groundbreaking study into the nature of life and death
BF1283 .D82 A3 2006 We are their heaven : why the dead never leave us
BJ45 .S635 2012 The social psychology of morality : exploring the causes of good and evil
BP223 .Z8 L57943 1999 The autobiography of Malcolm X
BS651 .R757 2012 Among the creationists : dispatches from the anti-evolutionist front line
REFERENCE BS1505.55 .D53 2012 Dictionary of the Old Testament : prophets
BT708 .G37 1985 Innocent ecstasy : how Christianity gave America an ethic of sexual pleasure
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
REFERENCE  CB351 .J675 2011 V.1 All things medieval : an encyclopedia of the medieval world
   CT262 .M29 2000 Texas men : big guns, rising stars & cowboys
   CT274 .V35 V36 2001 Fortune's children : the fall of the house of Vanderbilt
D - History: General and Old World
D210 .M26 2008 Major problems in Atlantic history : documents and essays
D231 .W75 2005 Writing early modern history
D763 .I8 F76 1990 From the Volturno to the Winter Line, 6 October – 15 November 1943
D766.82 .T56 1990 To Bizerte wit'h the II Corps, 23 April - 13 May 1943
D767.6 .M47 1990 Merrill's Marauders, February - May 1944
D767.917 .C67 1990 The capture of Makin, 20 - 24 November 1943
D767.95 .P33 1990 Papuan campaign : the Buna-Sanananda operation, 16 November 1942 - 23 January 1943
D767.98 .L47 2012 Operation KE : the Cactus Air Force and the Japanese withdrawal from Guadalcanal
D767.99 .A4 A36 1990 The Admiralties, operations of the 1st Cavalry Division, 29 February - 18 May 1944.
D799 .U6 C76 2013 Cronkite's war : his World War II letters home
D805.5 .A96 B73 2012 Wilhelm Brasse : photographer 3444, Auschwitz, 1940-1945
D810 .S45 A44 2013 The secret rescue : an untold story of American nurses and medics behind Nazi lines
D811.5 .O885 1993 Frauen : German women recall the Third Reich
DA687 .B9 H43 2012 The Queen's house
DR2087 .C478 2012 A new generation draws the line : humanitarian intervention and the "responsibility to protect" today
DS558 .N475 2005 America's lost war : Vietnam, 1945-1975
DS919 .K68 2000 The Korean War : years of stalemate, July 1951-July 1953
E - History: America
E77.9 .S54 1986 The Smithsonian book of North American Indians : before the coming of the Europeans
E98 .T77 H69 2012 This Indian country : American Indian political activists and the place they made
E99 .N3 S654 2011 Spider Woman's gift : nineteenth-century Din*e textiles at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
E169.1 .M264 2013 What changed when everything changed : 9/11 and the making of national identity
E175.85 .L56 2004 History lessons : how textbooks from around the world portray U.S. history
E176.1 .W286 2013 Prisoners of the White House : the isolation of America's presidents and the crisis of leadership
E178 .B782 2012 American history : a very short introduction
E178.6 .A395 1994 V.1 American experiences : readings in American history
E181 .A44 1989 American military history
E183.7 .B693 1994 V.1 The United States in the world : a history of American foreign policy
E183.7 .S44 2012 American insurgents : a brief history of American anti-imperialism
E183.7 .T346 2010 Taking sides : clashing views in American foreign policy
E183.8 .I55 L47 2013 Going to Tehran : why the United States must come to terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran
E183.8 .I55 S53 1986 All fall down : America's tragic encounter with Iran
E183.8 .I7 B74 2013 American diplomacy and the Israeli war of independence
E183.8 .J3 N367 1975 The troubled encounter : the United States and Japan
E184 .A75 C486 2013 Citizens of Asian America : democracy and race during the Cold War
E185 .F825 1994 From slavery to freedom : a history of African Americans
E185 .M35 2000 V.1 Major problems in African-American history : documents and essays
E185 .O44 2012 Face value : the entwined histories of money and race in Americ
E185.61 .D54 2008 The civil rights movement
E332.2 .R35 2013 Religious freedom : Jefferson's legacy, America's creed
E356 .B2 V64 2013 Through the perilous fight : six weeks that saved the nation
E404 .G79 2012 A wicked war : Polk, Clay, Lincoln, and the 1846 U.S. invasion of Mexico
E449 .W512 2012 Family or freedom : people of color in the antebellum South
E467.1 .M2 H45 2012 Lincoln and McClellan at war
E474.77 .D36 2012 Battle of Stones River : the forgotten conflict between the Confederate Army of Tennessee and the Union Army of the Cumberland
E741 .B695 1990 Prosperity, Depression and war, 1920-1945
E742 .H57 2008 A history of our time : readings on postwar America
E748 .P38 C37 2012 William D. Pawley : the extraordinary life of the adventurer, entrepreneur, and diplomat who cofounded the Flying Tigers
E882.2 .G73 1992 Mr. Bush's war : adventures in the politics of illusion
F -- History: America
F124 .K56 2009 A season of splendor : the court of Mrs. Astor in Gilded Age New York
F334 .M753 P37 2011 I am Rosa Parks
F392 .T47 P39 2012 The ranch that was us
F591 .S54 2006 Blood and thunder : an epic of the American West
F868 .S5 T485 1992 Snowshoe Thompson
F2178 .U6 L34 2002 The Banana Wars : United States intervention in the Caribbean, 1898-1934
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G84 .D84 2012 Geography in classical antiquity
G155 .U6 H565 2012 Hit the road, Jack : essays on the culture of the American road
G860 .D63 2012 The Antarctic : a very short introduction
G2166 .S1 B78 2012 The Routledge atlas of Central Eurasian affairs
GA205 .A64 2012 Ancient perspectives : maps and their place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, & Rome
GA236 .A76 2012 The world at their fingertips : eighteenth-century British two-sheet double-hemisphere world maps
GB451.2 .G555 2012 The human shore : seacoasts in history
GB461 .C45 2011 Coral ree
GB652 .N37 2012 Challenges and opportunities in the hydrologic sciences
GB1203.2 .M534 2012 Rivers : a very short introduction
GT2085 .M55 2012 Blue jeans : the art of the ordinary
GV341 .C5559 2012 Urban physical education : instructional practices and cultural activities
GV361 .D38 2013 Debates in physical education
GV362 .J35 2013 Survive and thrive as a physical educator : strategies for the first year and beyond
GV364 .C54 2012 Contemporary uses of technology in K-12 physical education : policy, practice, and advocacy
GV365 .Q39 2012 Creative physical education : integrating curriculum through innovative PE projects
GV428.7 .C76 2012 Personal training : theory and practice
GV443 .S228 2012 50 games for going green : physical activities that teach healthy environmental concepts
GV445 .B78 2012 Build it so they can play : affordable equipment for adapted physical education
GV481.2 .D39 2012 THESES Discovering an equation for exercise adherence : a narrative inquiry into positive motivation behaviors
GV546 .F25 2013 Basic weight training for men and women
GV558 .S49 2012 Sport and exercise science
GV585.5 .N4 S84 2012 You gotta have balls : how a kid from Brooklyn started from scratch, bought Yankee Stadium, and created a sports empire
GV706.4 .C3644 2013 Evidence-based applied sport psychology : a practitioner's manual
GV713 .B94 2012 Key concepts in sport management
GV721.5 .C44 2012 Discourses of Olympism : from the Sorbonne 1894 to London 2012
GV865 .F63 L47 2012 Rube Foster in his time : on the field and in the papers with black baseball's greatest visionary
GV939 .H38 H45 2012 Heisman : the man behind the trophy
GV951.25 .N67 2013 Complete wide receiver
GV958 .O35 H86 2012 Saint Woody : the history and fanaticism of Ohio State football
GV971 .B54 2013 The science of the fastball
GV975 .W58 2013 Practical golf course maintenance : the magic of greenkeeping
GV979 .P8 P44 2012 Dave Pelz's putting games : the more you play, the better you putt
GV979 .S9 F35 2012 A swing for life : revised & updated
GV1469.17 .S63 C76 2011 Gameplay mode : war, simulation, and technoculture
H -- Social Science
H31 .C7 NO.405 Women in eighteenth-century America : a study of opinion and social usage
HA214 .C43 2012 Changes in U.S. family finances from 2007 to 2010 : evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances
FT-WORTH HB172 .B367 2009 Microeconomics workbook : principles and practice
FT-WORTH HB172 .B49 2008 GUIDE Microeconomics : study guide
FT-WORTH HB172.5 .B573 2008 Macroeconomics
HC103 .S385 2000 The entrepreneurial adventure : a history of business in the United States
HC110 .C6 H552 1998 His and hers : gender, consumption, and technology
HC110 .S3 T46 2011 Thrift and thriving in America : capitalism and moral order from the Puritans to the present
FT-WORTH HD30.22 .P36 1998 GUIDE Study guide to accompany Fundamentals of managerial economics
HD30.255 .E453 2012 The zeronauts : breaking the sustainability barrier
FT-WORTH HD57.7 .C52 2003 Organization 21C : someday all organizations will lead this way
FT-WORTH HD57.7 .W57 2010 Multipliers : how the best leaders make everyone smarter
FT-WORTH HD57.7 .Z46 2002 The extraordinary leader : turning good managers into great leaders
FT-WORTH HD69 .P75 B357 2009 Harnessing the power of project management : getting the most from your people, giving the most to your customers
FT-WORTH HD69 .P75 C363 2007 The one-page project manager : communicate and manage any project with a single sheet of paper
HD1691 .F45 2012 Water
HD1691 .F55 2011 The big thirst : the secret life and turbulent future of water
HD6095 .G65 1990 Understanding the gender gap : an economic history of American women
HD6331.18 .A8 M49 1981 The five dollar day : labor management and social control in the Ford Motor Company, 1908-1921
HD7125 .L38 2012 The people's pension : the struggle to defend Social Security since Reagan
HD8055 .I5 K6 1964 Rebel voices : an I.W.W. anthology
HD9397 .U54 A847 2012 Bitter brew : the rise and fall of Anheuser-Busch and America's kings of beer
FT-WORTH HF1017 .K83 1995 GUIDE Study guide to accompany Introduction to business statistics : a computer integrated, data analysis approach
FT-WORTH HF5382.7 .B62 2009 The 2009 what color is your parachute? : a practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers
FT-WORTH HF5387 .A63 2010 The MBA oath : setting a higher standard for business leaders
FT-WORTH HF5415.1265 .B75 2009 Trust agents : using the web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust
FT-WORTH HF5415.13 .M369 2009 Basic marketing : a marketing strategy planning approach
FT-WORTH HF5415.33 .U6 H38 2007 Consumer behavior : building marketing strategy
FT-WORTH HF5549.5 .I6 B39 2002 The five-minute interview : a job hunter's guide to a successful interview
FT-WORTH HF5549.5 .I6 Y37 2010 Knock 'em dead : the ultimate job search guide, 2011
FT-WORTH HF5549.5 .T7 S554 2000 Criterion-referenced test development : technical and legal guidelines for corporate training and certification
FT-WORTH HF5657.4 .W49 2008 Managerial accounting : tools for business decision making
FT-WORTH HG4011 .G5 2009 Principles of managerial finance
FT-WORTH HM585 .S324 2009 Sociology : a brief introduction
HM683 .K55 2011 Children and social exclusion : morality, prejudice, and group identity
FT-WORTH HM742 .L56 2011 New rules for today's workplace
HM1121 .M37 2013 Clash! : 8 cultural conflicts that make us who we are
HM1236 .M44 2013 In defense of politicians : the expectations trap and its threat to democracy
HN980 .T487 2012 Rural design : a new design discipline
AV HQ519 .P69 2008 The power of family [videorecording]
HQ799.2 .P6 F65 2013 Teenage citizens : the political theories of the young
HQ801 .F428 2013 Not your mother's rules : the new secrets for dating
HQ1121 .C623 2009 V.1 Envisioning women in world history
HQ1121 .M55 2001 Who cooked the Last Supper? : the women's history of the world
HQ1122 .D43 2012 THESES Language, gender, and power : Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Christine de Pizan, and Queen Elizabeth I of England
HQ1180 .W6876 2002 Women's studies on its own : a next wave reader in institutional change
HQ1190 .H347 2012 The parallel lives of women and cows : meat markets
HQ1236 .A757 2013 Ascent of women
HQ1410 .A2525 1997 V.6 The selected papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
HQ1410 .R55 2007 V.1 Inventing the American woman : an inclusive history
HQ1419 .S58 1986 Disorderly conduct : visions of gender in Victorian America
HQ1438 .A13 F69 1988 Within the plantation household : Black and White women of the Old South
HQ1438 .T4 T65 2003 Texas women : trailblazers, shining stars & cowgirls
HQ2037 .W57 2004 Shut up, stop whining, and get a life : a kick-butt approach to a better life
HT166 .S397 2011 Urban design since 1945 : a global perspective
HT371 .W545 2012 Global urban growth : a reference handbook
HT1521 .M275 2009 Race and ethnic relations : American and global perspectives
HV40.P715 1992 Profiles in international social work
FT-WORTH HV6431 .W484 2009 Terrorism and homeland security
HV6439 .U7 D463 2013 Gang life in two cities : an insider's journey
HV6795 .C4 L58 2013 Organized crime in Chicago : beyond the Mafia
HV7419 .F885 2013 The future of punishment
HV7431 .L33 2014 Crime prevention : approaches, practices, and evaluations
HV7436 .S68 2012 The politics of gun control
HV8593 .S74 2013 On the ethics of torture
HV8701 .G73 C35 2013 Proof of guilt : Barbara Graham and the politics of executing women in America
HV8728 .J44 2013 Spirituality in dark places : the ethics of solitary confinement
HV9106 .P5 F33 2013 Falling back : incarceration and transitions to adulthood among urban youth
HV9950 .C495 2011 CJ : realities and challenges
J - Political Science
JF1351 .E52 2012 Emerging and potential trends in public management : an age of austerity
JF1351 .S245 2012 The SAGE handbook of public administration
JF1525 .A8 E36 2012 Electronic government : 11th IFIP WG 8.5 International Conference, EGOV 2012, Kristiansand, Norway, September 3-6, 2012, proceedings
JF1525 .C59 S64 2013 Writing public policy : a practical guide to communicating in the policy making process
JF1525 .E8 M68 2013 Recognizing public value
JF1525 .W45 W547 2013 WikiLeaks
JK274 .L573 2008 Government in America : people, politics, and policy
JK276 .P37 2008 The American democracy
JV6475 .A54 2005 American immigration and ethnicity : a reader
K -- Law
K3402 .L63 2012 Managing regulation : regulatory analysis, politics and policy
KF1290 .S66 R57 2012 Risk management in sport : issues and strategies
KF4550 .F35 2013 The dynamic Constitution : an introduction to American constitutional law and practice
KF4755 .B76 2013 Race, law, and American society : 1607-present
KF4765 .S85 2013 The arc of due process in American constitutional law
KF4770 .A915 2013 Friend of the court : on the front lines with the First Amendment
KF4785 .K34 2013 Mrs. Shipley's ghost : the right to travel and terrorist watchlists
KF4891 .M67 2012 The most fundamental right : contrasting perspectives on the Voting Rights Act
L -- Education
LB1044.87 .W38 2005 75 e-learning activities : making online learning interactive
LB1062.6 .E39 2012 DISSERT An analysis of high school mathematics achievement and English language arts achievement as predictors of science achievement
LB1631 .R296 2012 Reconceptualizing the literacies in adolescents' lives : bridging the everyday/academic divide
LB1731.4 .P63 2000 Coaching & mentoring first-year and student teachers
LB2331 .H3143 2006 Handbook II : advanced teaching strategies for adjunct faculty
LB2343.32 .Y68 2012 Your college experience : strategies for success
LB2840 .W43 2012 DISSERT An analysis of person-job fit, job satisfaction, and student academic performance
LB2844.52 .W45 2012 The future of our schools : teachers unions and social justice
M -- Music and Books on Music
AV M1366 .D26 O94 2005 Overtime [sound recording]
AV M1366 .P365 W67 1988 Word of mouth [sound recording]
AV M1630.18 .T83 W43 1991 What comes around goes around [sound recording]
ML54.6 .F67 2004 Rhinoceros tap
ML100 .V37 2012 Historical dictionary of music of the classical period
ML128 .J3 H63 2010 Jazz books in the 1990s : an annotated bibliography
ML172 .F74 2013 Music in the Renaissance
ML410 .B42 G94 2012 The first four notes : Beethoven's fifth and the human imagination
ML410 .B853 A4 1991 V.6 Letters from a life : the selected letters and diaries of Benjamin Britten, 1913-1976
ML410 .G288 N66 2012 The strange career of Porgy and Bess : race, culture, and America's most famous opera
ML410 .M6823 M66 2012 Joni : the creative odyssey of Joni Mitchell
ML410 .P1755 A7513 2012 Arvo P*art in conversation
ML410 .R49235 M37 2012 Marga Richter
ML410 .S4 G29613 2013 Robert Schumann : the life and work of a romantic composer
ML419 .P486 W45 2013 One woman in a hundred : Edna Phillips and the Philadelphia Orchestra
ML422 .T67 D964 2012 Toscanini in Britain
ML422 .W4 R38 2003 V.2 Paul Whiteman : pioneer in American music
ML1700 .A22 2012 A history of opera
AV ML3505.8 .J4272 2012 SPRING Jazziz on disc. Spring 2012, Ladies first
AV ML3505.8 .J4272 2012 SUMMER Jazziz on disc. Summer 2012, Summer variations
MT955 .K36 2012 The magic flute
N -- Fine Arts
N851 .C6 C69 2001 Antiquities to Impressionism : the William A. Clark collection, Corcoran Gallery of Art
N5303 .P29 2012 Glittering images : a journey through art from Egypt to Star Wars
N5335 .N4 F674 2012 Ancient Mediterranean art : the William D. and Jane Walsh collection at Fordham University
N5370.P343 1961 Sumer : the dawn of art
N6280 .C43 2012 Romanesque art
N6310 .C43 2012 Gothic art
N6447 .M887 2012 The William S. Paley collection : a taste for modernism
N6447.5 .G66 2012 What are you looking at? : the surprising, shocking, and sometimes strange story of 150 years of modern art
N6512 .Y688 2011 Youth and beauty : art of the American twenties
NA200 .W45 2011 100 ideas that changed architecture
NC703 .M236 2012 Design by nature : using universal forms and principles in design
NC985 .A587 2011 Adventures in the Soviet imaginary : children's books and graphic art
NK8804 .W67 2012 World textiles : a sourcebook
NX180 .T4 T49 2013 Throughout : art and culture emerging with ubiquitous computing
REFERENCE NX512.3 .A35 B595 2012 The Black Chicago Renaissance
P -- Language and Literature
P53.41155 .J33 2008 Language, identity, and study abroad : sociocultural perspectives
PN56 .H55 M55 2011 The conflagration of community : fiction before and after Auschwitz
PN1992.77 .L65 S77 2012 A book on the making of Lonesome dove
PN1995 .C6215 2011 Deleuze and cinema : the film concepts
AV PN1997 .A3435 1999 Amistad [videorecording]
PN1997 .G568362 P48 2012 Donald Shebib's Goin' down the road
AV PN1997 .G6823 1998 El abuelo [videorecording] = The grandfather
PN1997 .S3647 S27 2011 The servant
PN1998.3 .H36 W44 2011 Cach*e
PN2287 .M54 K84 2012 The anatomy of Harpo Marx
PQ7079.2 .M46 P47 1989 Peregrinos de Aztl*an
PR830 .T3 H365 2012 THESES Radcliffe's daughters : a study of Gothic motifs, female authorship, and the Gothic heroine in the Romantic and postmodern periods
PR2759 .B64 2009 The necessary Shakespeare
PR2965 .S365 2012 Shakespeare and I
PR4037 .B7 1967 Jane Austen and her predecessors
PR5014 .B36 2012 George Meredith
PR6011 .O53 Z64 1981 Ford Madox Ford : prose and politics
PR6039 .O32 L6374 2000 The return of the shadow
PR6054 .I26 D95 1993 The dying of the light
PR6057 .R3443 A56 2012 Another piece of my heart
PR6058 .A6989 A94 2005 Ash & bone
PR6058 .A9776 T74 2001 The treatment
PR6058 .E2 Z98 2010 Seamus Heaney's early work : poetic responsibility and the troubles
PR6060 .A32 F56 2010 The Finkler question 
PR6068 .E63 B33 2002 The babes in the wood : a Chief Inspector Wexford mystery
PR6068 .E63 K48 1996 The keys to the street : a novel of suspense
PS217 .S95 M55 2010 Dark eden : the swamp in nineteenth-century American culture
PS3523 .O46 Z636 2010 Wolf : the lives of Jack London
PS3525 .E43 Z4675 2010 Mencken on Mencken : a new collection of autobiographical writings
PS3531 .O752 Z48 2012 Selected letters of Katherine Anne Porter
PS3531 .O82 Z48 2010 Ezra Pound to his parents : letters 1895-1929
PS3551 .B58 M87 2004 Murder suicide
PS3553 .O225 B65 2000 Bolitar's game : Back spin
PS3554 .E1755 E46 2000 The empty chair
PS3562 .A4775 H57 1996 The historical society murder mystery
PS3563 .E889 F74 1999 Free love
PS3563 .O565 M57 2007 The missing : a thriller
PS3566 .I274 B86 1993 But I wouldn't want to die there
PS3568 .U812 S77 1998 Straight man
PS3573 .O64544 S56 2000 A simple Shaker murder : a Sister Rose Callahan
PS3573 .R5373 P65 2000 Poison apples
PS3602 .E764 A83 2003 The Amber Room
PS3606 .R4477 O49 2012 Olympic affair : a novel of Hitler's siren and America's hero
PS3608 .I77 S65 2002 The snowman's children
PS3609 .N458 B73 2010 Brazos view
PS3611 .E74 H86 2004 The hundredth man
PS3619 .E374 I55 2012 The innocents
PZ7 .B38891527 RAK 2012 Rabbit & robot : the sleepover
FT-WORTH PZ7 .C6595 SE 1985 The secret grove
PZ7 .C783 HAT 1993 Hattie and the wild waves : a story from Brooklyn
PZ7 .G76584 TEN 2011 Ten rules you absolutely must not break if you want to survive the school bus
PZ7 .H3645 SNO 2005 The Snowman in the Moon
PZ7 .K6781446 TH 2012 This is not my hat
PZ7 .K9227 MAS 1992 Masai and I
PZ7 .L9673 CRO 2009 Crow call
PZ7 .M1475 SI 2001 Sir Gibbie
PZ7 .M995 HO 1990 How big is a foot?
PZ7.N24 KI 1991 King of the playground
PZ7 .P22115 THI 2011 The third gift
PZ7 .T37168 AN 1996 Andy and his yellow frisbee
PZ8 .L744 MAG 1985 The magic fish
PZ8 .M4514 TW 1989 The twelve dancing princesses
PZ8.3 .W7185 NIF 2001 The night before kindergarten
PZ10.3 .D2865 BAT 2001 Bat loves the night
Q -- Science
QA11.2 .N53 2012 The new science education leadership : an IT-based learning ecology model
QA76.5915 .R63 2012 Context management for distributed and dynamic context-aware computing
QA115 .M8714 1999 Jump, kangaroo, jump!
QA164 .G65 2012 Data correcting approaches in combinatorial optimization
QA171 .P43 1973 Introduction to semigroups
QA274.2 .B375 2011 Stochastic processes
QA292 .M87 1999 Rabbit's pajama party
QA303.2 .S75 2008 Single variable calculus
QA471 .R53 2011 Perspectives on projective geometry
QA613 .B66 2009 Low-dimensional geometry
QB500 .D53 2012 Hubble's universe : greatest discoveries and latest images
QC15 .L54 2012 Fahrenheit, Celsius, and their temperature scales
QC30 .C86 1994 Hands-on physics activities with real-life applications : easy-to-use labs and demonstrations for grades 8-12
QC33 .F835 1981 A demonstration handbook for physics
QC981.8 .G56 A76 2012 A warmer world : from polar bears to butterflies, how climate change affects wildlife
QE707 .B77 F47 2012 Barnum's bones : how Barnum Brown discovered the most famous dinosaur in the world
QH91.8 .B6 M368 2012 Marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning : frameworks, methodologies, and integration
QH104.5 .S59 N67 2013 Forgotten grasslands of the South : natural history and conservation
QH315 .C55 2011 Challenges and opportunities for education about dual use issues in the life sciences
QH331 .P677 2012 What is life? : how chemistry becomes biology
QH362 .S53 2013 Trying biology : the Scopes trial, textbooks, and the antievolution movement in American schools
QH362 .T58 2012 Thinking evolutionarily : evolution education across the life sciences : summary of a convocat
QH442.2 .M253 2013 Human cloning : four fallacies and their legal consequences
QH499 .G56 2013 The global dynamics of regenerative medicine : a social science critique
QH541.15 .E267 N384 2011 Ecosystem services : charting a path to sustainability
QH541.5 .D4 G69 2012 D is for desert : a world deserts alphabet
QL762 .E96 2012 The evolution of parental care
QM27 .R6759 2012 Body actions
QP141 .M64 2014 Modern nutrition in health and disease
QP144 .M43 M43 2013 Meat consumption and health
MLS QP364 .B49 2008 Beyond the synapse : cell-cell signaling in synaptic plasticity
AV QP376 .B6985 2010 The brain [videorecording] : developing memory in developing brains : birth to five years
QR185.8 .E58 E57 2013 Eosinophils in health and disease
QR201 .T6 N49 2013 The new paradigm of immunity to tuberculosis
R -- Medicine
RA641.F6 S34 2012 THESES Effects of condensed tannins on house fly (Diptera: Muscidae) development in ruminant fecal material
RA645 .O23 G88 2011 Weighing in : obesity, food justice, and the limits of capitalism
RA776.95 .H98 2003 Ultraprevention : the 6-week plan that will make you healthy for life
RB40 .C576 2013 Clinical chemistry : principles, techniques, and correlations
RC265.6 .F65 B46 2012 The cost of hope : a memoir
RC455.4 .A84 D57 2011 Disorganized attachment and caregiving
RC480.5 .B275 2003 Caring for ourselves : a therapist's guide to personal and professional well-being
RC564 .K84 2012 The addicted brain : why we abuse drugs, alcohol, and nicotine
MLS RC633 .A536 2014 Anderson's atlas of hematology
RC1225 .P68 2010 PPE : preparticipation physical evaluation
AV RD97 .S797 2012 Sport taping basics DVD [videorecording]
RT4 .N815 2009 Nursing and globalization in the Americas : a critical perspective
S -- Agriculture
SB91 .M87 2011 Plants, biotechnology and agriculture
SB324.3 .C63 2011 Reclaiming our food : how the grassroots food movement is changing the way we eat
SB466 .U65 W37 2012 Capital splendor : gardens and parks of Washington, DC
SB998 .M45 M34 2012 THESES Evaluation of Bacillus firmus as a biocontrol agent of Meloidogyne marylandi on turfgrass
SF208 .R63 2012 THESES Establishing the summer:winter ratio as an assessment tool for evaluating the effects of heat stress on commercial dairies
SF239.5 .A45 1992 Milk from cow to carton
SF274 .U6 P39 2013 The life of cheese : crafting food and value in America
SF291 .E64 2013 Equine genomics
SF302 .G53 2003 Horses!
SF395 .L36 2012 THESES Lunar influence on post-castration performance of baby piglets
SF396.5 .B79 2012 THESES The effect of supplemental probiotics and spray-dried egg proteins on piglet growth performance characteristics
SF767.5 .K75 2013 Oocyte physiology and development in domestic animals
SF810 .N4 A76 2012 THESES Evaluating the reduction in larval viability of Haemonchus contortus caused by Tifton 85 or dried juniper in an in vitro system
SH551 .S73 2012 Fishing Texas : an angler's guide to the area's prime fishing spots
T -- Technology
T55.3 .P75 G82 2013 Personal protective equipment for chemical, biological, and radiological hazards : design, evaluation, and selection
T57.85 .C35 2012 Networks : a very short introduction
T173.4 .F84 2012 Fueling innovation and discovery : the mathematical sciences in the 21st century
T174.7 .D745 2013 Radical abundance : how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization
TA439 .C588 2011 Concrete planet : the strange and fascinating story of the world's most common man-made material
TA820 .N44 J33 2011 Highway under the Hudson : a history of the Holland Tunnel
TD192.5 .S64 2012 Bioremediation of petroleum and petroleum products
TD345 .M644 2012 Thirst : water and power in the ancient world
TD794.5 .E26 2012 Economies of recycling : the global transformation of materials, values and social relations
TD1030 .A326 2011 Hazardous wastes, industrial disasters, and environmental health risks : local and global environmental struggles
TJ15 .C48 2012 Fifty machines that changed the course of history
TJ140 .K36 A3 2012 The boy who harnessed the wind
TJ807.9 .U6 Z44 2012 Green illusions : the dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of environmentalism
TJ808 .G69 2011 Green energy : basic concepts and fundamentals
TJ808 .L69 2013 Low-carbon energy controversies
TK5105.59 .F88 2012 Future security : 7th Security Research Conference, Future Security 2012, Bonn, Germany, September 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
TL531 .J33 2012 Atlantic fever : Lindbergh, his competitors, and the race to cross the Atlantic
TL553.5 .C577 1996 Disaster on Green Ramp : the Army's response
TP640 .W54 2012 Raising the bar : the future of fine chocolate
TR23 .S34 1979 The story of American photography : an illustrated history for young people
TS806 .T4 T393 2012 Texas furniture : the cabinetmakers and their work, 1840-1880. Volume 2
TT520 .M148 1977 How to make sewing patterns
TX145 .C69 2012 Creating home economics futures : the next 100 years
TX360 .U6 A755 2011 American food by the decades
TX551 .A38 2013 Edible structures : the basic science of what we eat
TX551 .N3964 2013 The most complete food counter
TX556 .B4 A37 2012 THESES Mechanical tenderization can alter surface color characteristics of steaks from the beef round
TX558 .L5 S66 2012 Lemon : a global history
TX715.2 .L68 P83 2013 Eat drink Delta : a hungry traveler's journey through the soul of the South
TX715.2 .S69 S72 2007 The Texas cowboy kitchen
U -- Military Science
U21.5 .V36 2010 Separated by duty, united in love : a guide to long-distance relationships for military couples
U162.6 .S32 1985 SDI : the "Star Wars" project
U253 .G33 1991 The U.S. Army GHQ maneuvers of 1941
U766 .C48 2003 Today's military wife : meeting the challenges of service life
U766 .G785 1985 The officer's family social guide
UH223 .G544 1995 The Army Medical Department, 1865-1917
V -- Naval Science
Z -- Library Science
Z675 .U5 L4143 2009 Emerging technologies for academic libraries in the digital age
Z716.85 .N68 2012 Screencasting for libraries
Z1003.15 .K58 2008 Shelf-esteem
ZA3075 .L48 2011 Let the games begin! : engaging students with field-tested interactive information literacy instruction
U.S. Documents
ELECTRONIC A 13.137: EG TD news [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.137:1177-1801-SDTDC EG Stabilization and rehabilitation measures for low-volume forest roads [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:AG 8/6 EG What are agroforestry's income opportunities? [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 28 EG The Bartlett Experimental Forest [electronic resource]: its first 75 years
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:IN 2/5 EG USDA policy and procedures review and recommendations,Indian sacred sites [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.36/2:L 88 EG The Lorax curriculum guide [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:FPL-RP-669 EG Use of laser scanning technology to obtain as-built records of historic covered bridges [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:RMRS-RP-101 EG Response of transplanted aspen to irrigation and weeding on a Colorado reclaimed surface coal mine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.80:RMRS-RB-14 EG Idaho's forest resources 2004-2009 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.80:SRS-119/SPAN. EG El estado de los bosques de Puerto Rico, 2003 electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PSW-GTR-237 EG Managing Sierra Nevada forests [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PSW-GTR-240 EG Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on the Genetics of Host-Parasite Interactions in Forestry electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-279 EG A range-wide restoration strategy for whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 92.2:T 75 EG Overview of the U.S. trout industry [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.69: EG State fact sheets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:103 EG Potential farm-level effects of eliminating direct payments [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 98.24:T 68/SPAN.-ENG./DVD EG Training guide for retailers [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 101.2:G 53/ EG Goat 2009 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 101.47:F 32/2/CORR. EG Biosecurity on U.S. feedlots [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 101.47:F 32/3/CORR. EG Emergency preparedness and management on U.S. feedlots [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 101.47:F 32/4 EG Importance of pre-arrival management practices to operators of U.S. feedlots [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 101.47:F 32/5 EG Quality assurance in U.S. feedlots, 2011
ELECTRONIC A 110.2:H 33/4/2012 EG FSIS compliance guidance for meat and poultry jerky produced by small and very small establishments [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC C 3.223/5:2010 CPH-2-45 EG Texas [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3656 EG Measure guideline [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3683 EG Residential feedback devices and programs [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3754 EG Practices and processes of leading high performance home builders in the Upper Midwest [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3804 EG Field evaluation of programmable thermostats [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3805 EG Home energy displays [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102012-3855 EG Addendum to the Building America house simulation protocols [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC E 5.2:P 87/3 EG Power of the river [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-56499 EG Power performance test report for the SWIFT wind turbine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-56587 EG Wind turbine generator system safety and function test report for the Entegrity EW50 wind turbine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-57141 EG Duration test report for the Entegrity EW50 wind turbine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5200-43208/REV/2012-3 EG Opportunities and challenges for development of a mature concentrating photovoltaic power industry [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-56790 EG Updating small generator interconnection procedures for new market conditions [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 30-52256 EG Nuclear and Renewable Energy Synergies Workshop [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5400-56673 EG Measured laboratory and in-use fuel economy observed over targeted drive cycles for comparable hybrid and conventional package delivery vehicles [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-55210 EG Job/task analysis: enhancing the commercial building workforce through the development of foundational materials [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-56217 EG The Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Phase 2 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-56311 EG Hawaii Solar Integration Study [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-56540 EG Evaluation of photodiode and thermopile pyranometers for photovoltaic applications [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-56817 EG Fixed-speed and variable-slip wind turbines providing spinning reserves to the grid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5200-56665 EG NREL'S E-Ca test [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-52745 EG Improving the accuracy of software-based energy analysis for residential buildings [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-6 A 20-57018 EG Renewable electricity futures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-6 A 20-57138 EG Supply chain dynamics of tellurium (Te), indium (In), and gallium (GA) within the context of PV module manufacturing costs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 9.28:NREL/PR-7 A 40-55213 EG Indian Solar Cities Programme [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.40/7: EG Pr*estamos federales para estudiantes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ED 1.40/7: EG Your federal student loans [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 1.2:EN 2/30/REV. EG Technical support document for endangerment and cause or contribute findings for greenhouse gases under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 4.2:OZ 7/16/DRAFT EG Welfare risk and exposure assessment for ozone [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 4.52:T 68/8 EG Documentation of the evaluation of CALPUFF and other long range transport models using tracer field experiment data [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:AS 7 EG Public release of draft quality assurance plan requirements [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:B 96/2 EG Clean school bus USA [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:C 36 EG EMTS system changes
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:C 36/2 EG EMTS system changes
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:C 36/3 EG EMTS system changes
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:D 56/11 EG Diesel particulate filter operation and maintenance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:EM 4/4 EG Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) 2010 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:EM 8/2 EG EMTS system changes
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:EN 3/4 EG U.S. EPA-NVFEL small SI engine setup [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:F 95/25 EG EPA's fuel economy programs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:G 28 EG MOVES operating mode distribution generator [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:G 83/8 EG Model year 2013 low greenhouse gas emitting vehicles [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:G 83/8/2012-2 EG Model year 2013 low greenhouse gas emitting vehicles [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:N 73 EG Interim transportation conformity guidance for 2006 PMb2.b5 NAAQS nonattainment areas [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:P 76 EG Control of air pollution from aircraft and aircraft engines; final emission standards and test procedures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:P 94 EG Using MOVES in project-level carbon monoxide analyses [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:T 76/3 EG Mini trucks [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.58:C 73/2 EG Compliance document collection process [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.58:EM 4 EG Draft Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) 2009 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.58:EP 4/2 EG Draft Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) 2009 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.58:L 82 EG Logistics company FLEET tool [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.58:M 71 EG Mobile source observation database (MSOD) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.58:M 99/2012 EG MyCDX [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.65:F 95/10 EG EPA announces decision for regulation of fuel and fuel additives [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.65:SY 8 EG EPA finalizes regulations requiring onboard diagnostic systems on 2010 and later heavy-duty engines used in highway applications over 14,000 pounds; revisions to onboard diagnostic requirements for diesel highway heavy-duty applications under 14,000 pounds [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 6.65:T 76/2 EG Mini trucks [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 8.2:AQ 3 EG National Aquatic Resource Surveys [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 8.2:R 49/2 EG National rivers and streams assessment 2008-2009 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 11.2:AP 4/2 EG A field-based aquatic life benchmark for conductivity in central Appalachian streams [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 11.2:OR 3 EG Equilibrium partitioning sediment benchmarks (ESBs) for the protection of benthic organisms [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 11.21: EG Biofuels and the environment [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 11.8:B 35 EG Virtual beach user's manual [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 11.8:EX 7/2 EG Exposure factors handbook [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC FT 1.2:AP 5 EG Mobile apps for kids [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC FT 1.2:M 71/2 EG Mobile privacy disclosures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-12-555 SP EG Housing assistance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-13-167 SP EG Tax expenditures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-13-18 SP EG ADA paratransit services [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-13-223 SP EG Facility security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-13-234 SP EG Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-239 EG TSA explosives detection canine program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-554 EG Housing assistance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-590 EG Air pollution [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-706 EG H-2A visa program [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-75 EG Statutory copyright licensing [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-757 EG Information security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-779 EG Federal real property [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-797 EG Spent nuclear fuel [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-809 EG Information sharing [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-833 EG Homeland security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-878 EG Federal training investments [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-903 EG Mobile device location data [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-908 EG Veterans' health care budget [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-915 EG Information technology [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-937 EG Recovery Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-981 EG Unmanned aircraft systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-100 EG Medicare and Medicaid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-101 EG Dodd-Frank Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-102 EG Medicare Program Integrity
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-103 EG Weapons acquisition reform [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-104 EG Medicare fraud prevention [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-106 EG Human services [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-109 EG Supplemental security income [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-110 EG Elder justice [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-112 EG U.S. Postal Service [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-115 EG Environmental protection [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-117 EG Acquisition workforce [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-118 EG Federal contracting [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-12 EG CMS Innovation Center [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-121 EG Regional Alaska Native corporations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-129 EG Department of Energy [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-130 EG VA health care [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-131 EG Defense contracting [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-134 EG DOD joint bases [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-14 EG Federal real property [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-147 EG Private health insurance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-15 EG Children's mental health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-150 EG Consumer Product Safety Commission [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-151 EG Tax gap [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-155 EG Information security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-156 EG 2012 tax filing [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-157 EG Protecting defense technologies [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-158 EG Pension costs on DOD contracts [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-160 EG Medicare physician payment [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-168 EG Pipeline safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-17 EG ADA paratransit services [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-170 EG Child welfare [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-172 EG Broadcasting Board of Governors [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-175 EG Southwest border security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-176 EG Prescription drugs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-179 EG Army networks [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-180 EG Financial regulatory reform [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-187 EG Cybersecurity [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-188 EG Human capital [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-192 EG Troubled Asset Relief Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-194 EG Depot maintenance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-195 EG Financial regulatory reform [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-199 EG Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-20 EG Passenger rail security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-200 EG Registered sex offenders [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-201 EG Defense logistics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-204 EG Drug control [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-205 EG DOD health care [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-208 EG Screening Partnership Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-209 EG Defense health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-21 EG Federal rulemaking [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-211 EG Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act[electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-212 EG Warfighter support [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-216 EG U.S. Postal Service [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-218 SP EG Afghanistan [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-220 EG Veterans' health care [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-221 EG Pipeline permitting [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-222 EG Facility security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-226 EG Flood insurance [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-228 EG Managing for results [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-232 EG Combating Autism Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-235 EG Department of Justice [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-24 EG Highway safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-248 EG Government reorganization [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-25 EG Border Patrol [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-258 EG KC-46 tanker aircraft [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-26 EG DOD and VA health care [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-265 EG Spectrum management [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-267 EG Defense business transformation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-28 EG DOD financial management [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-280 SP EG Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-281 EG Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-285 EG Cuba democracy assistance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-29 EG Veterans' Employment and Training [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-326 EG Iran [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-33 EG Temporary Assistance for Needy Families [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-34 EG Afghanistan development [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-35 EG Federal real property [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-350 EG Information security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-38 EG Hanford waste treatment plant [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-39 EG Water quality [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-40 EG Public transit [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-41 EG Contract postal units [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-42 EG Motorcycle safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-43 EG Air passenger screening [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-48 EG Medicaid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-49 EG Preventive health activities [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-5 EG Recovering servicemembers and veterans [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-50 EG Medicaid Integrity Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-51 EG Fighter aircraft [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-53 EG 2020 census [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-55 EG Medicaid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-58 EG Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-59 EG Border security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-60 EG Military spouse employment programs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-61 EG Workplace safety and health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-63 EG Information security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-64 EG Higher education [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-66 EG Low-income housing tax credits [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-67 EG Charter schools [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-7 EG Spectrum management [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-71 EG Financial institutions [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-74 EG Older Americans Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-75 EG Retirement security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-76 EG Small business lending [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-77 EG Highway Trust Fund [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-79 EG Countering violent extremism [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-80 EG Maritime infrastructure [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-84 EG Security assistance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-87 EG Information technology [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-88 EG Product safety laboratories [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-89 EG Veterans' disability benefits [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-92 EG DOJ workforce planning [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-93 EG Inmate reentry programs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-95 EG Veteran-owned small businesses
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-13-99 EG Information management [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-1028 R EG Waivers related to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families block grant [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-872 R EG Medicaid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-984 R EG Treasury continues to implement Its oversight system for addressing TARP conflicts of interest [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-990 R EG Human capital [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-116 R EG Performance measures and comprehensive funding data could enhance management of National Capital Region preparedness resources [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-119 R EG Export controls [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-133 R EG Interagency contracting [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-141 R EG International food assistance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-143 R EG Federal Employees' Compensation Act [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-146 R EG Electronic health records [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-165 R EG Department of Defense policies on accommodating children with special needs in child care programs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-169 R EG DISH Network complied with the court-appointed special master's examination of Its compliance with the Section 119 statutory license [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-173 R EG Firms reported to have sold Iran refined petroleum products or engaged in commercial activities in Iran's energy sector [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-177 R EG Medicaid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-178 R EG Medicaid and CHIP [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-183 R EG Force structure [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-185 R EG Afghanistan drawdown preparations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-19 R EG Flexible funding continues to play a role in supporting state and local transportation priorities [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-190 R EG End-stage renal disease [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-193 R EG Highway Trust Fund Obligations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-219 R EG Follow-up on the Haiti Earned Import Allowance Program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-230 R EG Homeland defense [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-241 R EG Security force assistance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-251 R EG Defense contracting [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-262 R EG Alternative methods for collecting airport passenger facility charges [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-295 R EG Status of funding for the Central America Regional Security Initiative [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-308 R EG DOD's implementation of justifications for 8(a)sole-source contracts [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-317 R EG Launch services new entrant certification guide [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-32 R EG Information on materials and practices for improving highway pavement performance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-344 R EG Firms reported to have engaged in activities related to Iran's energy and communications sectors while having had U.S. government contracts [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-382 R EG Standard Missile-3 Block IIB analysis of alternatives [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-46 R EG Medicare [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-57 R EG Warfighter support [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-69 R EG Civil rights [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-13-70 R EG Small business research programs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/15:GAO-08-1017 CG EG Preparing the accountability profession for 21st century challenges [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/15:GAO-12-882 CG EG Partnership and collaboration [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-1023 T EG Human capital management [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-13-359 T EG GAO's 2013 high-risk update [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC HE 20.3002:D 54/12/2010 EG Tips for kids with type 2 diabetes [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:C 33/2012/SPAN. EG Lo que usted necesita saber sobre [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:C 61/8 EG If you have cancer and have medicare [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3202:L 34/2/SPAN./ENGL. EG Platillos Latinos, sabrosos y saludables [electronic resource] = Delicious heart-healthy Latino recipes.
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:B 62 EG Know your blood sugar numbers [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:C 49/3/SPAN./2011 EG Lo que usted debe saber sobre la cirrosis [electronic resource] = (what you need to know about cirrhosis)
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:D 54/33/2011/SPAN. EG Lo que usted debe saber sobre la diarrea [electronic resource] = (what you need to know about diarrhea)
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:D 54/34 EG What African Americans with diabetes or high blood pressure need to know [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:D 54/39 EG Help a loved one with diabetes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:H 34/3 EG Tips to help you stay healthy [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:H 41/4/2009/SPAN.. EG Lo que usted debe saber sobre la hepatitis B [electronic resource] = (what you need to know about hepatitis B)
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:H 41/7/SPAN. EG Lo que usted debe saber sobre la hepatitis C [electronic resource] = (what you need to know about hepatitis C).
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:HE 41/SPAN. EG Lo que usted debe saber sobre la hepatitis A [electronic resource] = (what you need to know about hepatitis A)
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:K 54/19/2011 EG Is my child at risk for kidney disease [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:P 94/3/SPAN./2011 EG Lo que usted debe saber sobre los problemas de la prostata [electronic resource] = (what you need to know about prostate problems)
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3402:AN 8/2012 EG Tres buenas razones para ver a un dentista antes de comenzar el tratamiento contra el c*ancer [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3502:AP 3/2/SPAN. EG Apnea del sue*no [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3502:P 75/2012 EG Post-polio syndrome fact sheet [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:AR 7/2009/SPAN. EG Malformaciones arteriovenosas [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:B 32/2010/SPAN. EG Enfermedad de Batten [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3917:B 39/2012 EG Questions and answers about Beh*cet's disease [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3965/2:M 34/2012 EG Marijuana abuse [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3967:D 84/3/ EG NIDA notes articles. Treatment research
ELECTRONIC HE 20.4002:SA 1/9 EG Pathway to global product safety and quality [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC HE 20.402:D 83/2 EG Report to Congress on the prevention and reduction of underage drinking [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.402:D 83/2/2012 EG Report to Congress on the prevention and reduction of underage drinking [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:34/2012 EG Brief interventions and brief therapies for substance abuse [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:35/2012 EG Enhancing motivation for change in substance abuse treatment
ELECTRONIC HE 20.518:AL 8/UPDATE EG Toxicological profile for aluminum [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.518:B 97/DRAFT EG Toxicological profile for 1,3-butadiene
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6202:P 39 EG Healthy People 2010 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6209:13/166 EG Characteristics of office-based physicians and their practices
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:101 EG The health of male veterans and nonveterans aged 25-64, United States, 2007-2010 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6502:D 54/5 EG Women with diabetes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:B 39/2 EG What's working for bed bug control in multifamily housing [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:D 83/4 EG Parents [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:D 83/4/SPAN. EG Padres de familia [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:D 83/6 EG Parent-teen driving agreement [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:G 99/2/2012 EG Inside knowledge [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:H 35/7 EG Take care of your heart [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC HE 20.7125/2:2008-0241-3113 EG Evaluation of chemical and particle exposures during vehicle fire suppression training [electronic resource]
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ELECTRONIC HE 20.8102:SU 3/3 EG Suicide [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.8102:T 22/2 EG The teen brain [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.8302:D 18/13/2010 EG Rethinking drinking [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 22.2:H 75/4/2011 EG Medicare's home health benefit [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 22.2:H 75/5/2012 EG Medicare and your mental health benefits
ELECTRONIC HE 22.2:H 79/3/2013 EG Medicare hospice benefits
ELECTRONIC HE 22.2:M 46/52/2010 EG Medicare's coverage of dialysis and kidney transplant benefits [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 22.2:OV 2/2011 EG Medicaid getting started [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 22.8:F 21/2011 EG Medicare basics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 22.8:H 34/4/2011 EG Medicare and other health benefits [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 22.8:M 46/34/2011 EG Your guide to Medicare's preventive services [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 23.1202:C 65 EG Alternatives for families [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 23.1202:K 62 EG Kinship caregivers and the child welfare system [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-215222 EG Alternate-fueled flight [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-215978 EG Flight test results on the stability and control of the F-15 Quiet Spike aircraft
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217289 EG Extended operation of Stirling convertors at NASA Glenn Research Center [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217618 EG Performance evaluation of a high bandwidth liquid fuel modulation valve for active combustion control [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217645 EG Embrittlement of MISSE 5 polymers after 13 months of space exposure [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217646 EG Effect of solar exposure on the atomic oxygen erosion of Hubble Space Telescope aluminized-teflon thermal shields [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217649 EG Progressive failure of a unidirectional fiber-reinforced composite using the method of cells [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217671 EG A comparison of combustor-noise models [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217672 EG Nearfield unsteady pressures at cruise Mach numbers for a model scale counter-rotation open rotor [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217673 EG Predicting the inflow distortion tone noise of the NASA Glenn Advanced Noise Control Fan with a combined quadrupole-dipole model [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217681 EG Tone noise predictions for a spacecraft cabin ventilation fan ingesting distorted inflow and the challenges of validation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217683 EG Analysis of roll steering for solar electric propulsion missions [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217700 EG Ice particle transport analysis with phase change for the Ep3 turbofan engine using LEWICE3D version 3.2 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217701 EG Scaling of lift degradation due to anti-icing fluids based upon the aerodynamic acceptance test [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217702 EG Development of 3-D ice accretion measurement method [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:211996/REV 1 EG Permanent magnetic bearing for spacecraft applications [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.21:2013-600 EG Crash course [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217758 EG Manned GEO satellite servicing mission environmental effects measurements study [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.83:2012-3-327-GSFC EG Understanding earth, the icy arctic [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.83:2012-8-324-GSFC EG Earth science serving society [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.86:NP-2012-07-889-HQ EG Earth as art [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NE 2.2:AR 7/16 EG Arts education in America [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:M 59 EG Military skills for America's future [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.24:BR 73 EG Fact sheet [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.24:IM 6 EG Fact sheet [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.24:M 31 EG Fact sheet, the President's plan to make America a magnet for jobs by investing in manufacturing [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:M 31/2 EG Report to the President on capturing domestic competitive advantage in advanced manufacturing [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:OC 2/2/2013 EG Science for an ocean nation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:P 75/2013 EG A policy framework for the 21st century grid [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 3.10/4-17: EG Map of the world oceans [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 6.2:R 31 EG Supporting retirement for American families [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SI 1.28:56 EG The Winton M. Blount Postal History Symposia select papers, 2010-2011 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SSA 1.2:EX 7/2/2010 EG Expenditures of the aged chartbook, 2010 [electronic resource]
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