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New Books

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF57 .T97 2011 Psychology in social context : issues and debates
BF109.V95 M55 2011 Vygotsky in perspective
BF175.5.D74 W49 2011 Understanding dreams in clinical practice
BF311 .C54773 2010 Cognition and emotion : reviews of current research and theories
BF311 .H3337 2012 Handbook of intellectual styles : preferences in cognition, learning, and thinking
BF321 .P67 2012 Attention in a social world
BF448 .G49 2013 Sidetracked : why our decisions get derailed, and how we can stick to the plan
BF575.E55 E463 2012 Empathy : from bench to bedside
BF636.6 .H88 2012 The essential counselor : process, skills, and techniques
BF636.65 .A27 2012 Practical clinical supervision for counselors : an experiential guide
BF636.7.H86 W37 2011 Strength-centered counseling : integrating postmodern approaches and skills with practice
BF637.P74 K448 2012 Privacy
BF637.S8 D88 2012 The wisdom of psychopaths : what saints, spies, and serial killers can teach us about success
BF697.5.S426 T76 2011 The folly of fools : the logic of deceit and self-deception in human life
BF697.5.S43 P485 2013 Missing out : in praise of the unlived life
BF698.35.R47 I78 2013 A slap in the face : why insults hurt, and why they shouldn't
BF701 .C665 2011 The recursive mind : the origins of human language,thought, and civilization
BF723.M55 H3513 2013 Men and mothers : the lifelong struggle of sons and their mothers
BF724.3.L66 W35 2012 Grief and loss : theories and skills for the helping professions
BF789.C7 P36513 2012 The colours of our memories
BF798 .K34 2010 The temperamental thread : how genes, culture, time,and luck make us who we are
BF1156.S8 Y36 2011 Mindfulness and hypnosis : the power of suggestion to transform experience
BF1283.D82 A3 2005 Don't kiss them good-bye
BL65.H78 R43 2012 Religion and human rights : an introduction
BL65.W42 K45 2011 Faith and money : how religion contributes to wealth and poverty
BL820.P7 C53 2009 Persephone
BP130 .E76 2011 How to read the Qur*an : a new guide, with select translations
BP173.75 .A935 2010 Economics of an Islamic economy
BR563.N4 B5645 2012 The Black church and hip hop culture : toward bridging the generational divide
BX1793 .L47 1989 People of God : the struggle for world Catholicism
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
  CB367 .G73 2004  Bring out your dead : the past as revelation
  CD3065 .P87 2012 Academic archives : managing the next generation of college and university archives, records, and special collections 
D - History: General and Old World
D743 .G6338 2012 A people's history of the Second World War : resistance versus empire
D749 .D63 2012 Six months in 1945 : FDR, Stalin, Churchill and Truman : from world war to cold war
DA978.2 .H39 1998 Round Ireland with a fridge
DJK45.U5 H59 1998 Parting the curtain : propaganda, culture, and the Cold War, 1945-1961
DS557.8.M9 A44 2012 My Lai : an American atrocity in the Vietnam War
DS559.8.C5 M37 2012 Agent Orange : history, science, and the politics of uncertainty
ELECTRONIC DU105.2 .T443 2008 DV The Big Picture [electronic resource (video)] : Christmas in Korea, 1953
E - History: America
E83.854 .C43 2012 Terrible justice : Sioux chiefs and U.S. soldiers on the upper Missouri, 1854-1868
E98.L3 G46 2012 Crooked paths to allotment : the fight over federal Indian policy after the Civil War
E99.C6 W29 2001 The legend of the lady's slipper
E99.C8 V59 2012 The White Earth nation : ratification of a native democratic constitution
E169.12 .S235 2012 The American dream : a cultural history
E169.12 .W486 2012 How we forgot the Cold War : a historical journey across America
E176.1 .A279 2013 Bad presidents : failure in the White House
E176.1 .V86 2012 Portraits of the Presidents : the National Portrait Gallery
E184.A1 A636644 2013 American multicultural studies : diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality
E185 .B537 2011 Black America : a state-by-state historical encyclopedia
E185.86 .H744 2012 Conflict : African American women and the new dilemma of race and gender politics
E195.97.K5 A5 2012 I have a dream / Martin Luther King, Jr. ; paintings
E457.2 .S375 2012 Lincoln and medicine
Curriculum E457.905 .K26 2012 Looking at Lincoln
E525.5 29th .F74 2012 The untried life : the Twenty-Ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War
E591 .M46 2012 The best station of them all : the Savannah Squadron, 1861-1865
E609 .R57 2012 Civil War journalism
E839.5 .S566 2012 The essential Paul Simon : timeless lessons for today's politics
E903 .N53 2012 George W. Bush : life of privilege, leadership in crisis
E907 .G78 2012 The new New Deal : the hidden story of change in the Obama era
F -- History: America
F129.G57 R36 2003 Winfield : living in the shadow of the Woolworths
F386 .M346 1986 The Texas experience
F391 .P266 2011 The Texas Rangers
F391.S627 M87 2012 C.C. Slaughter : rancher, banker, Baptist
F391.4.B757 A3 2012 On politics and parks
F392.B54 F8 1973 The way I heard it : tales of the Big Bend
F392.T47 R67 2012 The reckoning : the triumph of order on the Texas outlaw frontier
F394.E4 M48 1985 Turning points in El Paso, Texas
F394.F7 S26 1986 How Fort Worth became the Texasmost city, 1849-1920
F394.S2 R3 1985 San Antonio : a historical and pictorial guide
F591 .D67 2012 Hell of a vision : regionalism and the modern American West
F592.7 .G37 2012 Weapons of the Lewis & Clark expedition
F593 .B138 2012 With golden visions bright before them : trails to the mining West, 1849-1852
F902.3 .A592 2002 Alaska
Curriculum F2270.2.E43 C73 2009 Hands of the rain forest : the Ember*a people of Panama
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G156.5.E58 T678 2013 Tourism, climate change and sustainability
G190.L29 N48 2012 New political spaces in Latin American natural resource governance
G439 .C44 2012 Round about the Earth : circumnavigation from Magellan to orbit
G530.T6 B76 2012 Voyage of the iceberg : the story of the iceberg that sank the Titanic
G587 .N38 2012 Lessons and Legacies of International Polar Year : 2007-2008
G860 .G56 2012 Antarctica as cultural critique : the gendered politics of scientific exploration and climate change
GA401 .M43 2012 On the edge : mapping North America's coasts
GB400.42.R4 C46 2012 Remote sensing and actuation using unmanned vehicles
GE180 .E546 2013 Environmental policy : new directions for the twenty-first century
GE180 .O94 2013 The Oxford handbook of U.S. environmental policy
GN35 .A48 2012 Intangible heritage and the museum : new perspectives on cultural preservation
GN269 .F52 2012 Racecraft : the soul of inequality in American life
AV GN281 .B573 2008 Birth of civilization [videorecording]
GN778.32.C5 B37 1999 The mummies of *Ur*umchi
GT507 .L49 2011 The complete costume dictionary
GT738 .C75 2012 Ballgowns : British glamour since 1950
GV351 .M377 2012 The handbook of college athletics and recreation administration
GV706.4 .C688 2013 Team psychology in sports : theory and practice
GV706.5 .W664 2012 Planet sport
GV706.5 .W6644 2013 Sporting times
GV953.5 .I84 2012 Complete conditioning for football
GV1785.L475 A3 2008 Dancing to freedom : the true story of Mao's last dancer
H -- Social Science
HA214 .S833 2012 State rankings 2012 : a statistical view of America
HB74.P8 A53 2012 Behavioral economics for dummies
HB251 .S64 2012 How much is enough? : money and the good life
HB615 .A683 2012 Makers : the new industrial revolution
HB1955 .S38 2010 Arrival city : how the largest migration in history is reshaping our world
HC59.72.E5 P58 2011 Plundered nations? : successes and failures in natural resource extraction
HC106.4 .L34 2011 Keep from all thoughtful men : how U.S. economists won World War II
HC106.83 .K68 2012 The clash of generations : saving ourselves, our kids,and our economy
HD30.27 .T566 2012 Oracles : how prediction markets turn employees into visionaries
REFERENCE HD30.28 .G353 2009 Essentials of strategic management : the quest for competitive advantage
HD30.28 .Z66 2012 Repeatability : build enduring businesses for a world of constant change
HD30.5 .W577 2012 A history of management thought
HD30.5 .W73 2009 The evolution of management thought
HD57.7 .I53 2012 In business and battle : strategic leadership in the civilian and military spheres
HD70.U5 D38 2012 American drive : how manufacturing will save our country
HD75 .K46 2011 Getting better : why global development is succeeding and how we can improve the world even more
HD1411 .B247 2011 Scarcity and frontiers : how economies have developed through natural resource exploitation
HD1769 .F37 2013 Farming and farmland in the United States : changes and trend
HD4605 .M63 2013 Risk : negotiating safety in American society
HD7125 .S327 2012 The predictable surprise : the unraveling of the U.S. retirement system
HD8039.M62 U61744 2000 Mexican coal mining labor in Texas and Coahuila, 1880-1930
HD9011.4 .F66 2013 Food prices, discount stores and private labels : analyses and trends
HD9502.A2 H455 2012 The carbon crunch : how we're getting climate change wrong--and how to fix it
HD9577.A2 Y38 2012 The scramble for African oil : oppression, corruption and war for control of Africa's natural resources
HD9578.D44 R67 2012 The oil curse : how petroleum wealth shapes the development of nations
HE6185.U7 T493 2012 The great Texas stamp collection : how some stubborn Texas confederate postmasters, a handful of determined Texas stamp collectors, and a few of the world's greatest philatelists created, discovered, and preserved some of the world's most valuable postage stamps
HF1604 .N65 2012 Is China buying the world?
HF5465.U6 N45 1982 His & hers : the fantasy world of the Neiman-Marcus catalogue
HF5548.4.M525 S475 2012 Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 : illustrated fundamentals
HF5718 .D59 2012 Business and professional communication : plans, processes, and performance
HF5718.3 .S54 2013 Simple : conquering the crisis of complexity
HF6182.U5 C73 2011 The real Mad Men : the renegades of Madison Avenue and the golden age of advertising
HG2491 .B23 2012 Bull by the horns : fighting to save Main Street from Wall Street and Wall Street from itself
HG9383 .M1398 2012 The health and wealth of a nation : employer-based health insurance and the Affordable Care Act
HJ2051 .P476 2012 A people's guide to the federal budget / National Priorities Project
HJ2051 .W427 2012 Red ink : inside the high-stakes politics of the federal budget
HJ2381 .B79 2013 Taxes in America : what everyone needs to know
HJ4653.E75 M67 2012 Tax cheating : illegal, but is it immoral?
HM1025 .S63 2012 Social psychology : revisiting the classic studies
HM1106 .A334 2013 Dollars and sex : how economics influences sex and love
HM1206 .B47 2012 Media and society : a critical perspective
HQ18.U5 K45 2012 America's sexual transformation : how the sexual revolution's legacy is shaping our society, our youth, and our future
HQ767 .W38 2013 A question of choice / Sarah Weddington.
HQ1061 .B235 2012 Aging and the art of living
HQ1410 .C675 2012 A history of women in America
HV91 .O97 2011 Outcomes measurement in the human services : cross-cutting issues and methods in the era of health reform
HV4173 .C55 2012 Climate change, disaster risk, and the urban poor : cities building resilience for a changing world
HV6025 .B74 2012 Breaking rules : the social and situational dynamics of young people's urban crime
HV6691 .F73 2012 The Ponzi scheme puzzle : a history and analysis of con artists and victims
HV6789 .E435 2013 Encyclopedia of street crime in America
HV7419 .H376 2013 Handbook of policing, ethics, and professional standards
HV7911 .C37 2006 The brotherhoods : the true story of two cops who murdered for the Mafia
HV7921 .P555 2013 Police culture : themes and concepts
HV8073 .O36 2013 The scientific Sherlock Holmes : cracking the case with science and forensics
HV8073 .R483 2013 Reform of eyewitness identification procedures
HV8079.C46 M368 2012 Effective investigation of child homicide and suspicious deaths
HV8079.C65 B78 2013 Social media investigation for law enforcement
HV8665 .G53 2013 The globalization of supermax prisons
HV9304 .H45 2013 Among murderers : life after prison
J - Political Science
JF1351 .D449 2013 Managing human behavior in public and nonprofit organizations
JF1351 .S85 2013 Logics of legitimacy : three traditions of public administration praxis
JF1411 .S84 2012 Program planning and evaluation for the public manager
JF1525.A8 E5857 2012 Empowering open and collaborative governance : technologies and methods for online citizen engagement in public policy making
JF1525.A8 E67 2012 Enterprise architecture for connected e-government : practices and innovations
JF1525.A8 G55 2012 Enacting electronic government success : an integrative study of government-wide websites, organizational capabilities, and institutions
JF1525.A8 M48 2013 Social media in the public sector field guide : designing and implementing strategies and policies
JF1525.A8 T445 2012 Technology enabled transformation of the public sector : advances in e-government
JF1525.L4 L43 2012 Technology enabled transformation of the public sector : advances in e-government
JF1525.P6 P35 2012 Leadership in the public sector : promises and pitfalls
JQ5829.E8 E84 2011 Frontiers of governance : the OECD and global public management reform
JV6483 .H383 2001 Ethics and public policy : contemporary issues
K -- Law
KF1535.S73 W48 2012 When states go broke : the origins, context, and
                        solutions for the American states in fiscal crisis
KF2750 .E27 2012 Mobilizing the press : defending the First Amendment in the Supreme Court
KF3827.M38 T47 2012 Clinical research and the law
L -- Education
LB1029.T4 C648 2012 Collaborative knowledge creation : practices, tools, concepts
LB1029.T4 C648 2012 The one world schoolhouse : education reimagined
LB1044.87 .W383 2014 E-learning companion : a student's guide to online  success
LB1050 .F345 2004 Teaching reading : a balanced approach for today's classrooms
LB1573 .P67 1998 Practicing what we know : informed reading instruction
LB1573 .V32 2003 Reading and learning to read
LB1573.3 .S28 2007 Sound it out! : phonics in a comprehensive reading program
LB1573.7 .H37 2000 Strategies that work : teaching comprehension to enhance understanding
LB1574 .B62 1993 Ideas for spelling
LB1632 .I78 2003 Reading and the high school student : strategies to enhance literacy
LB1632 .M62 2006 Teaching adolescents who struggle with reading : practical strategies
LB1737.A3 P64 2012 Teaching again : a professor's tale of returning to a ninth grade classroom
LB2341.8.G7 M39 2010 The higher education manager's handbook : effective leadership and management in universities and colleges
 LB2395.7 .B67 2013 Higher education in the digital age
LB2805 .P287 2012       A commonsense approach to educational leadership : lessons from the founders
LB2806 .B583 2011 Reframing academic leadership
LB2844.1.R4 L46 2004 Becoming a teacher of reading : a developmental approach
LB3218.T4 G76 2012 The impact of age and condition of facilities on achievement of senior high school students in Texas
LC149 .L4955 1994 Literacy across languages and cultures
LC4818 .R67 2013 Square peg : my story and what it means for raising innovators, visionaries, and out-of-the-box thinkers
LC5141 .F35 2012 Teaching matters : stories from inside city schools
LC4001 .A25 Intervention in school and clinic
M -- Music and Books on Music
M1366 .S587 2007 bass Sittin' in with the big band : jazz ensemble play-along : bass.
M1366 .S587 2007 piano Sittin' in with the big band : jazz ensemble play-along : piano.
M1366 .S587 2007 tenor sax Sittin' in with the big band : jazz ensemble  play-along : Bb tenor saxophone.
ELECTRONIC M1500.B626 D573 DV Discovering the Art of Korea
ML156.7.G66 J47 2010 Benny Goodman : a supplemental discography
ML410.B13 E46 2012 Reinventing Bach
ML419.O77 M33 2012 Creole trombone : Kid Ory and the early years of jazz
ML420.B818 S32 2012 James Brown
ML420.P275 K43 2012 Calling me home : Gram Parsons and the roots of country rock
ML420.S77 C37 2012 Bruce
ML420.W5525 C87 2012 Brian Wilson
ML420.Y64 K87 2012 Madcap May : mistress of myth, men & hope
ML1311.5 .S85 2011 Bands of sisters : U.S. women's military bands during World War II
ML2075 .H82 2012 Torn music : rejected film scores, a selected history
ML2811 .F75 2012 American art song and American poetry
AV ML3505.8 .J4272  v. 29 Jazziz on disc. Fall 2012, Fall into jazz
ML3507 .J37 1984 Jazz guitars : an anthology
ML3508 .M94 2013 Why jazz happened
ML3920 .I59 2004 Introduction to approaches in music therapy
N -- Fine Arts
N856 .N29 1992 National Gallery of Art, Washington
N6415.B3 B35 2012 Baroque and Rococo
N6465.S9 V36 2012 Van Gogh to Kandinsky : symbolist landscape in Europe 1880-1910
N6487.N4 M37 2012 Blind cut : January 19-February 18, 2012
N6494.A2 G46 2012 The geometric unconscious : a century of abstraction
N6494.C63 M38 2012 Materializing Six Years : Lucy R. Lippard and the emergence of conceptual art
N6494.M8 O54 2012 One for me and one to share : artists' multiples and editions
N6494.P6 C59 2012  Pop art : the independent group to Neo pop, 1952-90
N6659.M35 A4 2011 Antonio Manuel : I want to act, not represent!
N6758 .H39 2012 Fast forward : modern moments 1913-2013
N6853.M33 B65 1998 Matisse and Picasso
NA4690 .S57 2012 Beth Sholom Synagogue : Frank Lloyd Wright and modern religious architecture
NA7610 .A58 1982 American country houses of the Gilded Age (Sheldon's "Artistic country-seats")
NC139.K47 W4 1985 Richard H. Kern : expeditionary artist in the far  Southwest, 1848-1853
ND547.5.I4 G69 1993 Great French paintings from the Barnes Foundation : Impressionist, Post-impressionist, and Early Modern.
ND553.M7 A4 1997 Monet and the Mediterranean
ND1329.S29 A4 2012 Jenny Saville : continuum
NK2011.H68 W37 1988 Bayou Bend : the interiors and the gardens
NK2110 .B43 2011 Decorate : 1,000 professional design ideas for every room in your home
NK4890.H34 H36 2012 Handbags : the making of a museum
NX650.F45 R53 2011 Facing beauty : painted women & cosmetic art
P -- Language and Literature
PE1128.A2 M49 1993 Teaching to diversity : teaching and learning in the multi-ethnic classroom
PE1128.A2 P52 1993 And then there were two : children and second language  learning
PE1128.A2 S63 1994 Kids come in all languages : reading instruction for ESL students
CURR-COLL PE1450 .H273 2009 Code blue : calling all capitals!
CURR-COLL PE1591 .A43 2009 Hello, good-bye
PE1591 .W38 2010 Merriam-Webster's collegiate thesaurus.
PL758 .I56 2012  A shawl of mist : tanka : expressing the modern soul in an ancient poetic style = Kiri no sh*oru
PN149 .U68 2012 Swallowing the sea : on writing & ambition boredom purity & secrecy
PN1009.A1 R395 1995 Research & professional resources in children's  literature : piecing a patchwork quilt
PN1892 .H24 2009 The strangeness of tragedy
PN1992.8.C68 P653 2011 Julia Child's The French chef
PN1993.5.I88 S97 2012 The great black spider on its knock-kneed tripod : reflections of cinema in early twentieth-century Italy
PN1993.5.U6 T463 2012 The big screen  : the story of the movies
PN1998.3.F85 A3 2012 Samuel Fuller : interviews
PN6162 .W465 1994 Mama makes up her mind : and other dangers of Southern
PR3000 .B38 2012 Shakespeare : staging the world
PR3546 .H55 2012 Andrew Marvell, orphan of the hurricane
LIMITED  PR4030 2007 Seven novels
PR4144.S61 G5 1966  Blake's contrary states : the "Songs of innocence and of experience" as dramatic poems
PR4483 .H35 1974 Coleridge and the idea of love : aspects of relationship in Coleridge's thought and writing
PR4582 .S45 2012 The great Charles Dickens scandal
PR4611.A73 A37 2009 Alice beyond wonderland : essays for the twenty-first century
PR6053.H786 Z636 2009 The Cambridge companion to Caryl Churchill
PR6054.O547 R66 2010 Room : a novel
PR6057.R259 R37 2006 The companion
PR6058.I448 M53 2009 Midnight fugue : a Dalziel and Pascoe mystery
PR6062.E33 M57 2006 The mission song
PR6063.C326 I5 2004 In the company of cheerful ladies
PR6063.C326 L67 2009 The lost art of gratitude
PR6068.E63 E53 2005 End in tears : a Wexford novel
PR6068.O1964 P58 2004 Playing with fire
PR6068.O1964 S77 2005 Strange affair
PR6070.H6647 C7 1985 Republic! : a novel of Texas
PS648.W4 L38 1988 The laughing West : humorous Western fiction past and
                        present : an anthology
LIMITED  PS2600 .G07 2007 The complete tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.
PS2853 .A4 2012 The letters of William Gilmore Simms
PS3515.A273 Z79 2012 Nancy Hale : on the life & work of a lost American master
ELECTRONIC PS3515.U274 L364 2005 dv Salvation
PS3515.U585 F525 2005 Fiddlers : a novel of the 87th Precinct
PS3525.I5156 Z5444 2011 Arthur Miller : 1962-2005
PS3552.A682 B48 2002 The big dig
PS3553.L2865 M36 2000 The many aspects of mobile home living : a novel
PS3553.O225 H65 2008 Hold tight
PS3553.O843 P65 2005  Point blank : an FBI thriller
PS3553.R5378 N43 2009 Necessary as blood
PS3556.R5982 S74 2012 Step gently out
PS3557.A954 Z63 2012 Conversations with Tim Gautreaux
PS3557.E7285 D43 2011 Dear hot dog : poems about everyday stuff
PS3557.R2867 Z466 1980 From a limestone ledge : some essays and other ruminations about country life in Texas
PS3557.R48998 O45 2006 The old wine shades : a Richard Jury mystery
PS3558.A329 B66 2006 Bones to pick
PS3558.A4763 H66 2012 Home front
PS3558.A6427 J85 1995 The Julius House : an Aurora Teagarden mystery
PS3558.A6558 H37 2006 Hannibal rising : a novel
PS3558.I45 S45 2006 The shape shifter
PS3558.I45 S46 2003 The sinister pig
PS3561.E3975 G65 1985 The good old boys
PS3562.A557 L67 2007 Lost echoes : a novel
PS3563.A679 L37 2003 Last lessons of summer
PS3563.C337 R6337 2012 Styles of extinction : Cormac McCarthy's The road
PS3563.E7325 B57 2000 Blind spot
PS3566.A686 S36 2005 School days
PS3566.O663 A6 2012 Escape velocity : a Charles Portis miscellany
PS3569.H3927 A83 2004 Are you afraid of the dark?
PS3569.T6972 B823 2003  Bubbles ablaze
PS3572.A4292 C67 1995 The corpse on the dike
PS3606.R49 G37 2004 The garden angel
PS3611.A53 I13 2004 I dreamed I married Perry Mason
PS3611.O75 D37 2004 Dating dead men
PS3611.O75 D38 2005 Dating is murder
PS3613.C438 S53 2006 Shadow man
PS3619.T636 H45 2009 The help
PS3620.R33 L58 2004 Live bait
 PT8951.16.O735 D4613 2005 He who fears the wolf
CURR-COLL PZ7.A46358 Lu 1984 Luke and the Van Zandt County war : a novel
CURR-COLL PZ7.C8853845 Jus 2012 Just as good : how Larry Doby changed America's game
CURR-COLL PZ7.D7824 Ho 1993 Home place
REFERENCE PZ7.L41835 Col 2005 Colour
CURR-COLL PZ7.L995545 Ell 2012 Ellen's broom
CURR-COLL PZ7.M4138 Th 2011 These hands
REFERENCE PZ7.R7974 Adv 1982 Adventures of the superkids : a super way to learn
CURR-COLL PZ7.S52865 Jang 2012 Jangles : a big fish story
CURR-COLL PZ8.C488 Cin 2000 Cinderella
CURR-COLL PZ8.M6955 Iro 2007 Iron Hans : a Grimm's fairy tale
CURR-COLL PZ8.1.H401 Iak 2011 I am Tama, lucky cat : a Japanese legend
LIMITED PZ8.1.P994 Sr 2001 The story of Sir Launcelot and his companions
LIMITED PZ8.1.P994 Su 2001 The story of the grail and the passing of Arthur
CURR-COLL PZ8.1.W638 Lo 2005 The loathsome dragon
CURR-COLL PZ8.2.N35 Ae 2011 Aesop's fables
CURR-COLL PZ8.3.S629 Iw 2009 I want to be free
Q -- Science
Q172.5.I5 I572 2012 International science in the national interest at the U.S. Geological Survey
Q223 .I87 2010 Presenting science : a practical guide to giving a good talk
QA9.58 .D47 2012 Depth map and 3D imaging applications : algorithms and
QA13 .A388 2011 Advancing the STEM agenda : quality improvement supports STEM : selected papers from the 2011 Advancing the STEM Agenda in Education, the Workplace and Society Conference at the University of  Wisconsin-Stout, July, 2011
QA76.3 .R4695 2012 Oracle certified associate, Java SE 7 programmer study guide : comprehensive review of Oracle certified associate, Java SE 7 programmer certification objectives
QA76.73.J38 R4463 2011 EJB 3.1 cookbook : build real world EJB solutions with a collection of simple but incredibly effective recipes
QA76.73.J38 R4464 2012 Java 7 new features cookbook : over 100 comprehensive recipes to get you up-to-speed with all the exciting new features of Java 7
QA76.9.S88 C7253 2012 Doing design ethnography
QA164 .M398 2010 Combinatorics : a guided tour
QA273 .H315 2012 Probability : a very short introduction
QA276.4 .M245 2010 Data analysis and graphics using R : an example-based approach
QA276.8 .C38 2012 Causality : statistical perspectives and applications
QA300 .F668 2009 A guide to advanced real analysis
QA371 .S528 2011 A first course in differential equations, modeling, and simulation
QA372 .B657 2009 Differential equations with linear algebra
QA401 .H456 2011 Mathematical modeling
QA443.5 .O44 2010 Revolutions of geometry
QB15 .N486 2012 The astronomy revolution : 400 years of exploring the cosmos
CURR-COLL QB36.G2 C47 2012 I, Galileo
QD31.3 .C428 2014 Chemistry : concepts and applications
QD281.R5 T67 2013 Topological polymer chemistry : progress of cyclic polymers in syntheses, properties, and functions
QE599.2 .L358 2013 Landslides : global risk preparedness
QH84.2 .M43 2012 Secrets of the ice : Antarctica's clues to climate, the universe, and the limits of life
QH88 .R55 1976 Wonders of the desert world
QH181 .S35 2012 Tibet wild : a naturalist's journeys on the roof of the world
QH195.A23 R45 2012 Savannas of our birth : people, wildlife, and change in East Africa
QH198.G3 C44 2012 Island : a story of the Gal*apagos
QH324.2 .B5474 2011 Bioinformatics for biologists
QH324.2 .S9757 2013 Systems biology of tuberculosis
QH366.2 .I516 2011 In the light of evolution : essays from the laboratory and field
QH408 .P44 2012 Evolution's wedge : competition and the origins of diversity
QH438.7 .C486 2012 Regenesis : how synthetic biology will reinvent nature and ourselves
QH540.5 .S53 2012 Green syndicalism : an alternative red/green vision
QH541 .W42 2013 Myth of progress : toward a sustainable future
QH541.15.E267 N386 2012 Approaches for ecosystem services valuation for the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill : interim report
QH541.15.F66 M66 2012 Energetic food webs : an analysis of real and model ecosystems
QH541.5.S7 A78 2012 Environmental flows : saving rivers in the third millennium
QH588.S83 P47 2013 Perinatal stem cells
QH588.S83 S58 2012 Stem cells : a very short introduction
QK753.C3 K57 2011 Elevated carbon dioxide : impacts on soil and plant water relations
QL430.3.V35 F5813 2012 Vampyroteuthis infernalis : a treatise : with a report by the Institut Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste
QL638.E7 P54 2012 Northern pike : ecology, conservation, and management history
QL685.5.N63 A73 2012 Arctic shorebirds in North America : a decade of monitoring
QL696.P665 G44 2012 Rare birds : the extraordinary tale of the Bermuda petrel and the man who brought it back from extinction
QL737.P9 E965 2012 The evolution of primate societies
QL737.R6 R76 2012 Porcupines : the animal answer guide
QL737.R666 R53 2012 Distribution and hybridization of eastern and western lineages of the cotton rat, Sigmodon hispidus, in Arkansas
QL739 .G74 2012 The mammalian jaw : a mechanical analysis
QP144.C46 C46 2012 Chocolate and health
QR46 .S293 2013 Schaechter's mechanisms of microbial disease
QR186.7 .A5795 2012 Antibody methods and protocols
QR251 .B47 2013 Human parasitology
QR395 .R48 2013 Reverse genetics of RNA viruses : applications and perspectives
QR482 .S65 2013 How pathogenic viruses think : making sense of virology
R -- Medicine
R724 .T637 2012 Methods in medical ethics : critical perspectives
R725 .A55 2012-13 Code of medical ethics of the American Medical Association : current opinions with annotations
R726.8 .C483 2012 Dignity therapy : final words for final days
R858 .B856 2013 Information technology for the health professions
R864 .L69 2012 Privacy, confidentiality, and health research
RA394 .E26 2012 The economics of public health care reform in advanced and emerging economies
RA394 .R47 2012 Research for the public good : applying the methods of translational research to improve human health and well-being
RA425 .S28 2011 Introduction to public health
RA427 .R69 2014 Public health leadership : putting principles into practice
RA427.8 .C64 2012 Community organizing and community building for health and welfare
RA430 .P83 2010 Public health technician : test preparation study guide, questions & answers.
RA781.7 .B757 2012 The science of yoga : the risks and the rewards
RB38.2 .P337 2013 Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference
RB115 .B47 2012 Best practices for ICD-10-CM documentation and compliance
RB127 .R455 2011 Relieving pain in America : a blueprint for transforming prevention, care, education, and research
RB145 .C26 2013 Clinical hematology atlas
RB155.65 .D573 2012 Direct-to-consumer genetic tests : considerations and questionable practices
RC280.B8 E77 2013 Estrogen prevention for breast cancer
RC455.4.E46 G73 2012 Face to face with emotions in health and social care
RC489.C63 H36 2010 Handbook of cognitive-behavioral therapies
RC552.P67 R686 2011 Trauma essentials : the go-to guide
RC569.5.C55 L449 2012 Healing from childhood abuse : understanding the effects, taking control to recover
RC628 .P65 2009 The evolution of obesity
RC628 .W635 2011 Measuring progress in obesity prevention : workshop report
RC660 .D598 2013 Understanding diabetes : a biochemical perspective
RC662.18 .B37 2005 Type 2 diabetes for beginners
RC671.5.G44 G44 2012 Gene therapy for cardiovascular diseases and arrhythmia
RC735.5 .C45 2013 Children's respiratory nursing
RC1210 .A3166 2013 ACSM's sports medicine : a comprehensive review
RJ102 .A87 2011 At risk : Latino children's health
RJ240 .L37 2012 Vaccine : the debate in modern America
RJ505.G7 C37 2010 Group exercises for adolescents : a manual for therapists, school counselors, & spiritual leaders
RJ550 .B45 2011 Hot topics in adolescent health : a practical manual for working with young people
RM172 .M62 2012 Modern blood banking & transfusion practices
RM237.5 .R65 2006 You, on a diet : the owner's manual to waist management
RM301.15 .L5 2006 Laughing gas, Viagra, and Lipitor : the human stories behind the drugs we use
RM301.17 .C37 2012 The encyclopedia of pharmaceutical drugs
RM666.H33 E55 2012 Herbal supplements and the brain : understanding their health benefits and hazards
RT55 .W58 2013 Fundamentals of nursing test success : an unfolding case study review
RT73 .N76 2012 Nurses! : test yourself in clinical skills
RT73 .S515 2013 Simulation scenarios for nurse educators : making it real
RT85.2 .R44 2012 Religion : a clinical guide for nurses
RT86 .M46 2012 Juta's nursing psychology : applying psychological concepts to nursing practice
RT87.N87 N85 2012 The nurse practitioner's guide to nutrition
RT87.T45 C63 2013 Communication in palliative nursing
RZ999 .F76 2002 Applied kinesiology : a training manual and reference book of basic principles and practice
S -- Agriculture
S521.5.O3 W555 2012 Prosperity far distant : the journal of an Ohio farmer, 1933-1934
S932.F6 C73 2012   The legacy of a Red Hills hunting plantation : Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy
SB611 .P44 2012 Weeds and what they tell us
LIMITED   SB615.M4 K64 2012 Landowner survey of herbicide use and application practices for mesquite control in Texas
SF196.U5 L56 1989 Rich grass and sweet water : ranch life with the Koch Matador Cattle Company
SF203 .G37 2012 Balanced feeding for improving livestock productivity  : increase in milk production and nutrient use efficiency and decrease in methane emission
SF247 .S86 2013 Sustainable dairy production
LIMITED   SF810.N4 J64 2012 The role of dietary crude protein concentration in the selection of forages containing condensed tannins by goats parasitized with Haemonchus contortus
SF985 .N87 2012 Nursing the feline patient
SF996.45 .M47 2011 Wildlife medicine & rehabilitation
T -- Technology
T58.6 .L447 2012 Managing complexity of information systems : the value of simplicity
T171.F37 C38 2012 Farmingdale State College : a history
T385 .V56253 2012    Matrix transforms for computer games and animation
TA166 .H275 2006 Handbook of human factors and ergonomics
TA167.5 .R67 2012 Genes, cells and brains : the Promethean promises of the new biology
TC425.C6 D35 2013 River notes : a natural and human history of the Colorado
TD429 .N387 2012 Water reuse : potential for expanding the nation's water supply through reuse of municipal wastewater
TD491 .B88 2012 Butterfly valves : torque, head loss, and cavitation analysis
TK5103.2 .G35 2012 Game theory in wireless and communication networks : theory, models, and applications
TK5105.8884 .W48 2012 Bloggers boot camp : learning how to build, write, and
                        run a successful blog
TL540.M345 A3 1983 West with the night
CURR-COLL TL540.Q496 W49 2009 The daring Miss Quimby
TN23.6 .M49 2003 Drills and mills : precious metal mining and milling methods of the frontier West
TR71 .S63 2011 Snapshot : painters and photography, Bonnard to Vuillard
TT504 .R93 2012 Fashioning the object : Bless, Boudicca, and Sandra
TT504.6.F7 L44 2011 Color moves : art & fashion by Sonia Delaunay
TT505.D5 S7313 2012 Stars in Dior
TX633 .P33 2013 Smart casual : the transformation of gourmet restaurant style in America
TX652.5 .R32 2011 Clueless in the kitchen
TX714 .K75 2008 The food you crave : luscious recipes for a healthy life
TX714 .W654 2001 The good carb cookbook : secrets of eating low on the glycemic index
TX724.5.I4 V3613 2011 Indian basics : 85 recipes illustrated step by step
U -- Military Science
UA26.F64 M47 1981 Fort Bliss : an illustrated history
UB270 .G535 2012 Intelligence in an insecure world
V -- Naval Science
Z -- Library Science
Z682.4.C63 C73 2012 New directions for academic liaison librarians
Z694.15.R47 O45 2010 Introducing RDA : a guide to the basics
Z699.35.E94 C69 2010 RDA vocabularies for a twenty-first-century data environment
Z711 .G3155 2010 Customer care : a training manual for library staff
ZA4240 .C69 2010 Understanding the Semantic Web : bibliographic data and metadata
U.S. Documents
Texas Documents
Y200.3 R325A txdocs Review of agency treatment effectiveness
International political science abstracts.
Gifted child quarterly.
Journal of Commonwealth literature.
Academic therapy.
ELECTRONIC Journal of business communication
The Bulletin of the Association for Business Communication.
Career development for exceptional individuals : official journal of Division on Career Development, the Council for Exceptional Children.
Journal of childhood communication disorders : JCCD : a publication of the Division for Children with Communication Disorders.
Journal of contemporary ethnography
Journal of cross-cultural psychology.
Journal of macromarketing.
Group & organization management.
ELECTRONIC Indian journal of gender studies Centre for Women's Development Studies