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New Books and Resources May 2012

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B104 .V47 2008eb Encyclopedia of philosophers on religion [electronic resource]

B3316 .Y68 2010 Friedrich Nietzsche : a philosophical biography
BF38 .H33 2011 Developing your theoretical orientation in counseling and psychotherapy
BF76.7 .B447 2012 APA style simplified : writing in psychology, education, nursing, and sociology

BF173 .F65 2011 Beyond the pleasure principle

BF448 .G744 2011 The myth of choice : personal responsibility in a world of limits

BF636.6 .E34 2011 What do I say? : the therapist's guide to answering client questions
BF636.6 .H63 2012 101 careers in counseling

BF637.H4 M69 2012 Moving beyond self-interest : perspectives from evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and the social sciences
ELECTRONIC BF713 .S32 2006eb Key concepts in developmental psychology [electronic resource]

BF714 .S66 2011 Situations matter : understanding how context transforms your world
ELECTRONIC BH39 .S257 2011eb Dictionary of visual discourse [electronic resource] : a dialectical lexicon of terms
ELECTRONIC BH56 .G87 2010eb Aesthetics A-Z [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC BP163 .R44 2009eb Reformist voices of Islam [electronic resource] : mediating Islam and modernity
ELECTRONIC BV2.5 .C36 2011eb The Cambridge dictionary of Christian theology [electronic resource]
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CR113 .R93 2006 The flag we love
ELECTRONIC CT120 .W5 2011eb Who's who in the world 2012 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC CT770 .D43 2011eb Debrett's people of today 2012 [electronic resource]
D - History: General and Old World
E - History: America
E176 .W64 2011eb Marquis Who was who in America 1985-present
E176 .W64232 2011eb Marquis Who's who in America 2012 [electronic resource]

E176.1 .L86 2012 From classroom to White House : the presidents and first ladies as students and teachers
E183.8.C5 E53 2009eb Encyclopedia of Chinese-American relations [electronic resource]

E185.18 .A84 2010 The Black experience in the Civil War South

E185.625 .T68 2011 Who's afraid of post-blackness? : what it means to be Black now

E355 .B48 2011 Pierre Berton's War of 1812 : being a compendium of The invasion of Canada and Flames across the border

E450 .E94 2011 Underground

E843.K4 H47 2012 Mrs. Kennedy and me

E909.O24 C65 2009 Michelle Obama : an American story
F - History: America
F394.F7 C66 2011 A brief history of Fort Worth : cowtown through the years
FT-WORTH F394.F7 S46 1995 The fort that became a city : an illustrated reconstruction of Fort Worth, Texas, 1849-1853

F594 .H627 1974 They called him Wild Bill : the life and adventures of James Butler Hickok

F596 .S34 2011 Working the land : the stories of ranch and farm women in the modern American West
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G63 .W665 2011eb Financial Times world desk reference [electronic resource]
G70.212 .A43 2007eb Key concepts & techniques in GIS [electronic resource]
  G155.A1 S68 2011 Strategic management in tourism
  G530.T6 D35 2012 Voyagers of the Titanic : passengers, sailors, shipbuilders, aristocrats, and the worlds they came from
  G530.T6 W48 2012 Titanic : the last night of a small town

GE155.A4 W55 2010 Alaska's place in the West : from the last frontier to the last great wilderness
GF125 .L38 2008eb Key concepts in urban geography [electronic resource]
GN345 .O724 2009eb Key concepts in ethnography [electronic resource]
  GN495.6 .F69 1997 Whoever you are
 ELECTRONIC GV14.45 .H36 2005eb Key concepts in leisure studies [electronic resource]
  GV428.7 .N37 2012 NASM essentials of personal fitness training
  GV567.5 .T39 2012 Raising the stakes : e-sports and the professionalization of computer gaming 
  GV706.4 .A36 2012 Advances in motivation in sport and exercise
  GV706.4 .S544 2011 Single-case research methods in sport and exercise psychology
 ELECTRONIC GV706.5 .K45 2009eb  Key concepts in sports studies [electronic resource]
  GV721.5 .M45 2012 The Olympics : the basics
  GV742 .S26 2011 It's a whole new ballgame : how social media is changing sports

GV944.5 .G73 2012 Beyond Bend it like Beckham : the global phenomenon of women's soccer
H - Social Science

HA29 .D634 2003 Dr. Laurie's introduction to statistical methods

HA32 .H65 2011 SPSS basics : techniques for a first course in statistics
  HB75 .N347 2011 Grand pursuit : the story of economic genius
 ELECTRONIC HB75 .S545 2009eb The making of modern economics [electronic resource] : the lives and ideas of the great thinkers
 ELECTRONIC HC102 .A66 2011eb The American economy [electronic resource] : a historical encyclopedia
  HC135 .R777 2010 Mexico : why a few are rich and the people poor
 FT-WORTH HD30.4 .H43 2011 How to find business information : a guide for business people, investors, and researchers
HD59 .K49 2009eb Key concepts in public relations [electronic resource]
  HD62.4 .C389 2012 International business : the new realities
  HD69.P75 Z85 2011 Project management for the creation of organisational value
  HD9000.5 .C258 2011 The real cost of cheap food 
  HD9000.5 .C624 2012 The taste of war : World War II and the battle for food

HD9000.5 .P2857 2012 Food security
  HD9005 .J58 2011 Cornucopia : leveraging agriculture to improve health and nutrition
  HD9005 .M375 2012 The American way of eating : undercover at Walmart, Applebee's, farm fields, and the dinner table
  HD9940.A2 T56 2012 Where am I wearing? : a global tour to the countries, factories, and people that make our clothes
 ELECTRONIC HE 1.1002:EM 7 eg Employment options [electronic resource] : tips for older job seekers
  HE7551 .S85 2003 E-speak : everything you need to know before you hit the send button and best practices for other 21st century E-tools

HF1456.5.I4 V53 2011 The eagle and the elephant : strategic aspects of US-India economic engagement
 FT-WORTH HF5382.7 .B64 2012  What color is your parachute?, 2012
 FT-WORTH HF5387 .G656 2011 Good company : business success in the worthiness era
 ELECTRONIC HF5415 .B4852 2009eb Key concepts in marketing [electronic resource]

HF5415.1255 .K68 2010 Ingredient branding : making the invisible visible

HF5549.15 .S24 2009 The SAGE handbook of human resource management

HF5549.5.C35 F54 2007 The career counselor's handbook

HF5549.5.T7 D5263 2011 TWI case studies : standard work, continuous improvement. and teamwork

HG1811 .S378 2011 Central banking in the twentieth century

HG3851 .G334 2011 Flexible exchange rates for a stable world economy
HG4028.V3 I237 2012 Ibbotson SBBI 2012 valuation yearbook : market results for stocks, bonds, bills, and inflation, 1926-2011
FT-WORTH HJ8015 .R45 2011 A decade of debt

HM569 .E39 2012 Writing in sociology

HM1027.R8 V94 2011 Vygotsky in 21st century society : advances in cultural historical theory and praxis with non-dominant communities
 ELECTRONIC HN59.2 .L495 2010eb The measure of America 2010-2011 [electronic resource] : mapping risks and resilience

HQ71 .R67 2011 Part-time perverts : sex, pop culture, and kink management

HQ281 .H8686 2011 Human trafficking in Europe and Eurasia : prevention, protection, and victim assistance

HQ535 .P48 2011 The American family : from obligation to freedom
  HQ755.86 .N4888 2012 The accordion family : boomerang kids, anxious parents, and the private toll of global competition
HQ1061 .H336 2011eb Handbook of aging and the social sciences [electronic resource]

HQ1391.U5 S47 2012 Gender and the American presidency : nine presidential women and the barriers they faced

HV8073 .G564 2011 Criminalistics : forensic science, crime, and terrorism

HV8144.F43 C427 2012 The FBI's Obscene File : J. Edgar Hoover and the  Bureau's crusade against smut
HV8694 .P35 2008eb Encyclopedia of capital punishment in the United States [electronic resource]

HV9950 .B63 2008 Introduction to criminal justice
J - Political Science
  JK511 .G53 2012 The presidents club : inside the world's most exclusive fraternity

JK2261 .G55 2012 Challengers to duopoly : why third parties matter in American two-party politics

JK2271 .A37 2013 The polarized public? : why American government is so dysfunctional

JK2271 .D36 2013 The apartisan American : dealignment and changing electoral politics

JZ5538 .L43 2005 The moral imagination : the art and soul of building peace
K - Law

KF505.Z9 B755 2010 Family, law, and community : supporting the covenant 

KF4749 .S525 2012 Rights at risk : the limits of liberty in modern America
KWX60 .S26 2011eb Science diplomacy [electronic resource] : Antarctica, science, and the governance of international spaces
L - Education
LB1025.3 .C635 2011 Teaching and its predicaments

LB1044.87 .B423 2008 Going the distance : a handbook for part-time & adjunct faculty who teach online

LB1060 .W54 1986 Teaching for the two-sided mind : a guide to right brain

LB1060.2 .Y68 2011 The impact of the Positive Behavior Support program on students with behavioral disorders in the classroom

LB1139.4 .E54 2008 A practical guide to early childhood curriculum

LB1576 .N8 1995 No quick fix : rethinking literacy programs in America's elementary schools

LB1576 .S3163 2011 On narrative inquiry : approaches to language and literacy research

LB2331 .G72 1995 A handbook for adjunct/part-time faculty and teachers of adults

LB2805 .D86 2011 Leaders of learning : how district, school, and classroom leaders improve student achievement
  LB2822.75 .I563 2003eb International handbook of educational evaluation
LB2822.8 .I59 2007eb International handbook of school effectiveness and improvement [electronic resource]

LC4031 .V46 2007 Assessing students with special needs
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML420.C65 A3 2011 Sweet Judy blue eyes : my life in music

ML420.P28 C39 2011 The words and music of Dolly Parton : getting to know country's "Iron Butterfly"
  ML420.T3255 B47 2011 The castrato and his wife
N - Fine Arts
 ELECTRONIC N1070 .W48 2008eb If the paintings could talk [electronic resource]
  NA3750 .L64 1967 Modern mosaic techniques

NA7205 .C76 2010 The food axis : cooking, eating, and the architecture of American houses

ND259.R5 T57 2011 Diego Rivera : his world and ours

ND1342 .B55 1976 Landscape painting in oil

ND2420 .G64 1980 Watercolor bold & free
P - Language and Literature

P53 .K73 1987 Principles and practice in second language acquisition

PE1128.A2 F25 2008 Teaching English learners and immigrant students in secondary schools
PN1991.5 .C46 2009eb Key concepts in radio studies [electronic resource]

PN1993.5.U6 A85795 2012 American cinema of the 2000s : themes and variations

PN1995.9.D6 K75 2012 Animated realism : a behind the scenes look at the animated documentary genre

PN1995.9.L58 P53 2011 Picturing Tolkien : essays on Peter Jackson's The lord of the rings film trilogy

PN1997.2.P39 K55 2011 The passion of the Christ

PN1998.3.C352 A3 2012 James Cameron : interviews

PN2287.T18 M36 2009 How to be a movie star : Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood

PR4148.R4 R63 2010 Blake. Wordsworth. Religion.

PR9499.4.S93 Q13 2005 Q & A : a novel

PS153.N5 A3444 2009eb  Encyclopedia of African-American writing [electronic resource] : five centuries of contribution : trials & triumphs of writers, poets, publications and organizaitons

PS648.D4 S56 1989 Sisters in crime

PS648.D4 S563 1990 Sisters in crime 2

PS648.D4 S5633 1990 Sisters in crime 3

PS3513.A6322 C88 2006 The casebook of Sidney Zoom 

PS3552.A73184 A614 2009 13 1/2

PS3552.A73184 B87 2010 Burn

PS3553.O347 S47 2002 Shadow dancer

PS3562.A557 B68 2000  The bottoms

PS3568.A4964 S95 1983 The sword of winter

PS3568.O99 T35 2009 A tale about a tiger : and other mysterious events

PS3572.I53 A79 1988 Alien blood : Psion, Catspaw

PS3608.I287 W53 2005 The widow of the South

PS3611.W65 G57 2010 Girl in translation

PZ7.A323 Wat 1998 Watch out! Big Bro's coming!

PZ7.C59118 Do 1997b Double trouble in Walla Walla

PZ7.E26365 So 1996  Some smug slug

PZ7.E3225 Sn 1995 Snowballs

PZ7.M5158752 Se 2011 See me run

PZ7.M6735 To 1997 To market, to market

PZ7.P2843 Dob 1993 Dogteam

PZ7.R18148 Bal 2011 A ball for Daisy

PZ7.S36335 Tal 2011 Tales for bery picky eaters

PZ7.S4654 Won 2011 Wonderstruck : a novel in words and pictures

PZ7.W5458 Whe 2011 Where things come back : a novel

PZ7.5.L35 In 2011 Inside out & back again

PZ8.F5775 Cl 2010 Clever Jack takes the cake

PZ8.3.C9344 To 2007 Today I feel silly & other moods that make my day

PZ8.3.H398 Pe 1995 Peef : the Christmas bear
Q - Science
Q115 .H167 2011eb  Scientific exploration and expeditions [electronic resource] : from the age of discovery to the twenty-first century

Q130 .F765 2009 The bold and the brave : a history of women in science and engineering

Q180.55.M4 R458 2009 Research essentials : an introduction to designs and practices

Q181 .C537 2011 Teaching in the sciences : a handbook for part-time & adjunct faculty

QA135.6 .H38 2007eb Key concepts in teaching primary mathematics

QE522 .V92 2010 Volcanoes of the world

QH104.5.S58 D86 2007 Here is the southwestern desert

QK110 .B73 2010 National Wildlife Federation field guide to wildflowers of North America

QP34.5 .W38 2011 Anatomy and physiology for nurses
R - Medicine
 R726.7 .A427 2008eb  Key concepts in health psychology [electronic resource]

RB45.15 .G373 2013 Phlebotomy simplified

RB155.65 .C65 2010 The language of life : DNA and the revolution in personalized medicine

RC281.W65 W67 2011 Women's cancers
RC454 .C636 2001eb Comprehensive handbook of psychopathology [electronic resource]
   RC454.4 .P38 2011  Infectious behavior : brain-immune connections in autism, schizophrenia, and depression

RC483 .P737 2010 Handbook of clinical psychopharmacology for therapists

RC489.C63 B4 1989 Cognitive therapy and the emotional disorders

RC628 .R66 2012 Obesity 101

RC954 .E23 2012 Ebersole & Hess' Toward healthy aging : human needs & nursing response

RC1230 .B454 2011 Steroids : a new look at performance-enhancing drugs

RJ253.5 .C36 2010 Too expensive to treat? : finitude, tragedy, and the neonatal ICU

RJ507.A77 S77 2010 The road to Evergreen : adoption, attachment therapy, and the promise of family
RT62 .H583 2012 Comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN
RT71 .H76 2012 Human simulation for nursing and health professions

RT90 .W58 2012 Fast facts for developing a nursing academic portfolio: what you really need to know in a nutshell

RT98 .L86 2009 Community health nursing : caring for the public's health
S - Agriculture
   S494.5.U72 C63 2012  Food and the city : urban agriculture and the new food revolution

S531 .P335 2011 Agricultural teachers' use of teacher-centered, environmental, and experiential teaching and learning methods

SB193 .W585 2011 Over-seeding cool season annual legumes and grasses into dormant Tifton 85 bermudagrass for forage and biomass

SF270.4 .K56 2012 Cheese and culture : a history of cheese and its place in western civilization
SI 1.28:16 eg Living historical farms handbook [electronic resource]
T - Technology

 TD427.P4 L44 2010  In deep water : the anatomy of a disaster, the fate of the Gulf, and ending our oil addiction

TS1767 .O43 2011 Advanced textiles for health and well-being

TS1974.S3 S954 2010 Hot diggity dog : the history of the hot dog

TX541 .K55 2012 he kitchen as laboratory : reflections on the science of food and cooking

 TX715 .A2423 2011 An everlasting meal : cooking with economy and grace
TX911.3.M3 B69 2011 Hospitality marketing : principles and practice
U- Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Library Science
U. S. Documents
  A 1.107:776 eg  Rural competitiveness [electronic resource] : results of the 1996 rural manufacturing survey
ELECTRONIC A 1.107:800 eg Effects of federal tax policy on agriculture [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.2:AP 5 eg National Appeals Division [electronic resource] : face to face fairness
ELECTRONIC A 1.2:L 75/5 eg Livestock mandatory price reporting system [electronic resource] : report to the Secretary of Agriculture
ELECTRONIC A 1.36:1932 eg  A quarterly econometric model for short-term forecasting of the U.S. dairy industry [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.38:1583 eg Investing in people [electronic resource] : assessing the economic benefits of 1890 institutions
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1747 eg Community facility direct loans and grants [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:1943 eg Tropical spiderwort (Commelina benghalensis L.) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.68:2092 eg
Rural broadband loan program [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.75:751-01 eg How would fundamental tax reform affect farmers?[electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76: 213 eg A guide to uniform cost and financial accounting for poultry processors [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:128 eg Graphic analysis in agricultural economics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:129 eg Controlling insect pests of stored rice [electronic resouce]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:130 eg Compilation of statutes relating to marketing activities, including research, service and regulatory work of the Agricultural Marketing Service, United States Department of Agriculture as of June 30, 1957 [electronic resouce]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:133 eg Insect control in flour mills [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:134 eg Maple sirup producers manual [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:136 eg Estimating the amount of crop residue on a field [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:137 eg Snow-survey safety guide [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:138 eg Dairy economics handbook [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:140 eg Irrigation of corn in the Eastern United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:141 eg Distributed lags and demand analysis for agricultural and other commodities [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:142 eg Control of insect pests of greenhouse vegetables [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:143 eg  U.S. import duties on agricultural products, 1959 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:144 eg Diseases of cabbage and related plants [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:145 eg United States standards for shell egg packs [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:146 eg Analytical tools for studying demand and price structures [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:147 eg Head loss in quick-coupled aluminum pipe used for sprinkler irrigation systems [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:148 eg Key to important woody plants of eastern Oregon and Washington [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:149 eg Growing lettuce in greenhouses [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:150 eg  Production of poplar timber in Europe and its significance and application in the United States [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:151 eg Broiler feeding [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:152 eg Mosquitoes of medical importance [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:153 eg Land use and its patterns in the United States [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:155/987 eg Market diseases of beets, chicory, endive, escarole, globe artichokes, lettuce, rhubarb, spinach, and sweetpotatoes [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:156 eg The SAF stilling basin [electronic resource] : a structure to dissipate the destructive energy in high-velocity flow from spillways
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:159 eg The cold storage of vinifera table grapes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:160 eg Nailing better wood boxes and crates [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:161 eg Notes on western range forbs [electronic resource] : Equisetaceae through Fumariaceae
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:162 eg Managing grass-shrub cattle ranges in the Southwest [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:163 eg Guide to uniform accounting for locker and freezer provisioners [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:164 eg A bibliography of organic acids in higher plants [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:165 eg Index of plant diseases in the United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:166 eg Forestation of strip-mined land in the Central States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:168 eg Vetches in the United States [electronic resource] : native, naturalized, and cultivated
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:169 eg Snow-survey sampling guide [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:170 eg Grass varieties in the United States [electronic resouce]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:171 eg Increasing potato-harvester efficiency [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:173 eg A Handbook of the mosquitoes of the southeastern United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:174 eg Potato blight epidemics throughout the world [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:175 eg Minks [electronic resource] : diseases and parasites
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:176 eg Dairy waste treatment by aeration [electronic resource] : theory, design, construction, operation
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:177 eg Alfalfa varieties in the United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:179 eg Seed Cleaning and Handling [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:180 eg Oat varieties in the western states [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:181 eg Management and inventory of southern hardwoods [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:182 eg The mosquitoes of Alaska [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:183 eg Logging road handbook [electronic resource]  : the effect of road design on hauling costs
 ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:184 eg  Market diseases of cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, cucumbers, melons, and related crops [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:185 eg  Releasing conifers in the Lake States with chemicals [electronic resouce]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:187 eg  Meat consumption trends and patterns [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:188 eg  Dry kiln [electronic resource] : operator's manual
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:189 eg  Market diseases of grapes and other small fruits [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:193 eg Bamboo in the United States [electronic resource] : description, culture, and utilization
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:194 eg
 Snow avalanches [electronic resource] : a handbook of forecasting and control measures
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:195 eg  Protection of rail shipments of fruits and vegetables [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:196 eg  Fig growing in the South [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:197 eg  Foreign diseases of forest trees of the world [electronic resource] : an annotated list
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:198 eg  Liquid nitrogen fertilizers for direct application [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:199 eg  Corn diseases in the United States and their control [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:200 eg  Selenium in agriculture [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:201 eg  Compilation of statutes relating to research, statistics, and reports service and regulatory work, and food distribution as of January 1, 1961 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:202 eg  Activities handbook [electronic resource] : Animal Disease Eradication Division
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:204 eg  Wood floors for dwellings [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:205 eg  Puerto Rican woods [electronic resource] : their machining, seasoning, and related characteristics
 ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:206 eg
 Measures and procedures for analysis of U.S. food consumption [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:207 eg  Present and potential commercial timbers of the Caribbean [electronic resource] : with special reference to the West Indies, the Guianas, and British Honduras
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:208 eg  Onion diseases and their control [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:209 eg  Culture of sugarcane for sirup production [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:210 eg  Land-capability classification [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:211 eg  Diseases of shade and ornamental maples [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:212 eg  Sixty trees from foreign lands [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:214 eg  Trends and patterns in U.S. food consumption [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:215 eg  Consumption trends and patterns for vegetables [electronic resource] : potatoes, sweet potatoes, dry beans, and peas
ELECTRONIC   A 1.76:216 eg  Muskmelon culture [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:218 eg  A glossary of some foreign-language terms in entomology [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:221 eg  Lettuce and its production [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:223 eg  The trefoils [electronic resource] : adaptation and culture
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:227 eg First aid guide for USDA employees [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:228 eg Pea diseases [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:229 eg Pegs for rural progress [electronic resource] : rural areas development handbook
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:230 eg Farmers' handbook of financial calculations and physical measurements [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:231 eg Aquatic herbicide data [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:232 eg Elementary forest sampling [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:233 eg Stored-tobacco insects [electronic resource] : biology and control
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:234 eg Protection of food and agriculture against nuclear attack [electronic resource] : a guide for agricultural leaders.
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:235 eg Classifying rangeland for conservation planning [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:236 eg The Japanese beetle in the United States [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC A 1.76:237 eg Sampling, coding, and storing flood plain data 
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:238 eg Summer annual forage grasses in the United States
ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:239 eg Materials tested as insect attractants [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:240 eg  Controlling insects and diseases of the pecan
 ELECTRONIC  A 1.76:241 eg Farmhouse design and equipment for summer comfort
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:244 eg Grade defects in hardwood timber and logs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:245 eg Rural areas development handbook [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:246 eg USDA radiological monitoring handbook [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:247 eg Forest planting practice in the Central States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:248 eg National cooperative dairy herd improvement program [electronic resource] : a handbook for extension workers
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:250 eg Tree windbreaks for the central Great Plains
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:252 eg Wood crate design manual [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:254 eg Guide to civil defense management in the food industry
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:255 eg Veterinary services in national emergencies
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:256 eg Simple methods of estimating certain nonlinear functions with emphasis on agricultural data
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:257 eg Roller ginning American-Egyptian cotton in the Southwest [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:259 eg Simplified techniques for fitting frequency distributions to hydrologic data [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:260 eg Handbook for cotton ginners [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:261 eg Identification of tree species on large-scale panchromatic and color aerial photographs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:262 eg Culture of sugarcane for sugar production in Louisiana
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:263 eg Materials evaluated as insecticides and acaricides at Brownsville, Tex., September 1955 to June 1961
ELECTRONIC A 13.151/5:RMRS-P-1 eg Wildland fire research [electronic resource] : Future Search Conference notes : Park City, Utah, October 6-8, 1997
ELECTRONIC A 13.151/5:RMRS-P-7 eg Rio Grande ecosystems [electronic resource] : linking land, water, and people : toward a sustainable future for the Middle Rio Grande Basin : June 2-5, 1998, Albuquerque, New Mexico
 ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/ALLEGH. eg Butterflies of the Allegheny National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/CHEQUA. eg Butterflies of the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/FINGER eg Butterflies of the Finger Lakes National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:B 98/HIAWAT. eg Butterflies of the Hiawatha National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 77.716/3:N 39/ eg Neurocognition/neuroscience ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.716/3:N 95/ eg Nutrition and cardiovascular health ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.716/3:N 95/2/ eg Nutrition, aging, immunity and inflammation ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.716/3:N 95/3/ eg Nutrition, obesity, cardiovascular health and genomics
ELECTRONIC A 77.716/3:N 95/4/ eg Nutrition, physical activity, and sarcopenia in the elderly
ELECTRONIC A 77.717/3:SA 1/3/ eg Improving food safety and quality of fresh and
ELECTRONIC A 93.17/12: eg WTO export subsidy notifications
ELECTRONIC A 93.46/4: eg Confined animal and manure nutrient data system
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ELECTRONIC A 113.2:C 28/ eg Assessment of the cattle, hog, and poultry industries[electronic resource] : ... report
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