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April 2013 New Books and Resources

Call Number
A - General Works
ELECTRONIC  A439 .S53 2008eb  Waste materials and by-products in concrete [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  AE5 .S67 Interneteb  Greening the financial sector [electronic resource] : how to mainstream environmental finance in developing countries
ELECTRONIC AE5 .S67 Interneteb Discontinuous Galerkin methods for viscous incompressible flow [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC AE5 .S67 Interneteb Investing in private equity partnerships [electronic resource] : the role of monitoring and reporting
ELECTRONIC AM7 .R66 2008eb ECulture [electronic resource] : cultural content in the digital age
ELECTRONIC AM133 .U57 2011eb Unpacking the collection [electronic resource] : networks of material and social agency in the museum
ELECTRONIC AM151 .P43 2007eb PEACH [electronic resource] : intelligent interfaces for museum visits
ELECTRONIC AS36 2007 .T449 1967 dv The WPA Film Library [electronic resource (video)] : Damage from the Torrey Canyon Disaster, 1967
ELECTRONIC AS36 2007 .T633 dv Today and Tomorrow [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC AS911.N9 P47 2009eb : Perch*e Nobel? [electronic resource]
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
ELECTRONIC B29 .M3673 2009eb Culture and cultural entities [electronic resource] : toward a new unity of science
ELECTRONIC B29 .P45 2012eb Philosophical faith and the future of humanity [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC B105.M4 S25 2007eb How to think about meaning [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC B823 .T73 2011eb Transcendentalism overturned [electronic resource] : from absolute power of consciousness until the forces of cosmic architectonics
ELECTRONIC B2691 .M613 2011eb Morning hours [electronic resource] : lectures on God's existence
ELECTRONIC B3279.H94 A129eb v 96eb Virtues and passions in literature [electronic resource] : excellence, courage, engagements, wisdom, fulfilment
ELECTRONIC BC108 .G36 2011eb Games, norms and reasons [electronic resource] : logic at the crossroads
BC177 .R324 2012 Critical thinking : the art of argument
BF441 .B7915 2012 Teaching for critical thinking : tools and techniques to help students question their assumptions
FT-WORTH BF441 .B9247 2012 The 5 elements of effective thinking
ELECTRONIC BF575.T7 Y36 2011eb Trust [electronic resource] : the evolutionary game of mind and society
BF637.B85 B39 2013 Sticks and stones : defeating the culture of bullying and rediscovering the power of character and empathy
BF637.C4 H43 2011 Switch : how to change things when change is hard
BF637.C4 W447 2011 Change happens : when to try harder and when to stop trying so hard
BF637.P76 P37 2012 Wait : the art and science of delay


BF637.S8 S236 2012 Superpower! : how to think, act, and perform with less effort and better results
ELECTRONIC BF723.C5 P55 2012eb Children's discovery of the active mind [electronic resource] : phenomenological awareness, social experience, and knowledge about cognition
ELECTRONIC BF723.I646 E53 2008eb Enduring bonds [electronic resource] : the significance of interpersonal relationships in young children's lives
ELECTRONIC BF723.L64 M37 2010eb Lonely children and adolescents [electronic resource] : self-perceptions, social exclusion, and hope
ELECTRONIC BF724 .T73 2011eb Transition to adulthood [electronic resource] : action, projects, and counseling
BF789.S8 F45 2012 On loss and losing : beyond the medical model of personal distress
ELECTRONIC BF789.S8 P47 2012eb Perspectives on human suffering [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC BF2050 .M534 2007eb Contact with alien civilizations [electronic resource] : our hopes and fears about encountering extraterrestrials
ELECTRONIC BJ1419 .M53 2006eb Being apart from reasons [electronic resource] : the role of reasons in public and private moral decision-making
ELECTRONIC BJ1458.3 .N67 2009eb The normativity of the natural [electronic resource] : human goods, human virtues, and human flourishing
ELECTRONIC BJ1459.5 .M34 2011eb Understanding violence [electronic resource] : the intertwining of morality, religion and violence : a philosophical stance
ELECTRONIC BJ1461 .H35 2009eb Freedom and value [electronic resource] : freedom's influence on welfare and worldly value
BL535 .R63 2005 Spook : science tackles the afterlife
REFERENCE BL590 .R46 2011 Religious celebrations : an encyclopedia of holidays, festivals, solemn observances, and spiritual commemorations
CURR-COLL BL820.M55 D46 2002 King Midas : the golden touch
ELECTRONIC BP173.4 .W66 2012eb Women in Islam [electronic resource] : reflections on historical and contemporary research
ELECTRONIC BT130 .B69 2007eb Superior beings [electronic resource] : if they exist, how would we know? : game-theoretic implications of omniscience, omnipotence, immortality, and incomprehensibility
BT709.5 .F69 2002 Creativity : where the divine and the human meet
ELECTRONIC BV741 .S53 2011eb Problematizing religious freedom [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC BV1473 .I58 2010eb International handbook of inter-religious education  [electronic resource]
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
 ELECTRONIC  CB151 .S53 2011eb Sharing poetic expressions [electronic resource] : beauty, sublime, mysticism in Islamic and Occidental culture
   CB158 .S54 2012  The signal and the noise : why so many predictions fail--but some don't
 ELECTRONIC  CB478 .B833 2009eb  Beyond technocracy [electronic resource] : science, politics and citizens
 ELECTRONIC  CC72 .G57 2005eb  Global archaeological theory [electronic resource] : contextual voices and contemporary thoughts
 ELECTRONIC  CC72 .I43 2006eb  Images, representations and heritage [electronic resource] : moving beyond modern approaches to archaeology
 ELECTRONIC  CC72.4 .M38 2008eb  Material agency [electronic resource] : towards a non-anthropocentric approach
 ELECTRONIC  CC75 .A656 2010eb  Archaeology and preservation of gendered landscapes  [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC75.7 .N49 2008eb  New technologies for archaeology [electronic resource] : multidisciplinary investigations in Palpa and Nasca, Peru
 ELECTRONIC  CC76.4 .R455 2007eb  Remote sensing in archaeology [electronic resource
 ELECTRONIC  CC76.4 .S28 2012eb  Satellite remote sensing [electronic resource] : a new tool for archaeology
 ELECTRONIC  CC77.H5 I58 2011eb  Interpreting the early modern world [electronic resource] : transatlantic perspectives
 ELECTRONIC  CC77.U5 A73 2011eb  The archaeology of maritime landscapes [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC77.U5 M3665 2006eb  Maritime archaeology [electronic resource] : Australian approaches
 ELECTRONIC  CC77.U5 O98 2007eb  Out of the blue [electronic resource] : public interpretation of maritime cultural resources
 ELECTRONIC  CC79.C5 M35 2011eb  A consumer's guide to archaeological science  [electronic resource] : analytical techniques
 ELECTRONIC  CC79.C5 P75 2011eb  An introduction to archaeological chemistry  [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC79.D46 R43 2008eb Recent advances in palaeodemography [electronic resource] : data, techniques, patterns
 ELECTRONIC  CC79.G46 O89 2009eb  A field guide to geophysics in archaeology [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC79.I44 X73 2011eb  X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) in geoarchaeology [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC79.M55 R37 2009eb  Archaeomineralogy [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC135 .A735 2004eb  Archaeology under dictatorship [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC135 .Z46 2012eb  Digital preservation technology for cultural heritage  [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  CC165 .A63 2001eb  Archaeology at the millennium [electronic resource] : a sourcebook
 ELECTRONIC  CC165 .I58 2011eb  Investigating archaeological cultures [electronic resource] : material culture, variability, and transmission
 ELECTRONIC  CD973.D53 L8 2010eb  Digital preservation for heritages [electronic resource] : technologies and applications
D - History: General and Old World
 ELECTRONIC  D552.T3 T443 dv  The Battle of Tannenberg [electronic resource (video)] : 1410
 ELECTRONIC  D644 .P375 2008 dv  Paris 1919 [electronic resource (video)] : Inside the Peace Talks That Changed the World
   D743 .B385 2012 The Second World War
   D767 .K85 2012  Indomitable will : turning defeat into victory from Pearl Harbor to Midway
   D769.8.A6 M327 2012  Colors of confinement: rare Kodachrome photographs of Japanese American incarceration in World War II
   D773 .S835 2012  The US Navy and the war in Europe
   D781 .K79 2012  Type VII : Germany's most successful U-boats
   D805.G3 G677 2012  The accidental captives : the story of seven women alone in Nazi Germany
   D810.F83 E3413 2012  War for oil : the Nazi quest for an oil empire
   D810.S8 F734 2007  My father's secret war : a memoir
   D810.S8 P883 2012  Agent Garbo : the brilliant, eccentric secret agent who tricked Hitler and saved D-Day
 ELECTRONIC  D973 .T445 1992 dv  The Jason Voyage [electronic resource (video)] : The Quest for the Golden Fleece
 LIMITED  DA207 .N6 1996  Richard the Lion Heart
 ELECTRONIC  DC242 .T443 1990 dv  The Battle of Waterloo [electronic resource (video)] : 1815
 ELECTRONIC  DE86 .B445 dv  Beginnings [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  DK266 .T446 dv  The October 1917 Revolution and After [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  DK510.764 .R47 2012eb  Responding to a resurgent Russia [electronic resource] : Russian policy and responses from the European Union and the United States
 ELECTRONIC  DS341 .G87 2010eb  Indian Ocean region [electronic resource] : maritime regimes for regional cooperation
 ELECTRONIC  DS432.S5 C45 2005eb  International bibliography of Sikh studies [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  DS480.84 I535 1990 dv  India After Independence [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  DS509.5.C5 T66 2010eb  Identity and ethnic relations in Southeast Asia  [electronic resource] : racializing Chineseness
   DS558.5 .N467 2012  Hanoi's war : an international history of the war for peace in Vietnam
   DS559.2 .T87 2013  Kill anything that moves : the real American war in Vietnam
   DS559.912 .E45 2012  Changing worlds : Vietnam's transition from the Cold War to globalization
 ELECTRONIC  DS712 .H863 2006 dv  Hunan [electronic resource (video)] : Monks, Artists, and Mummies
 ELECTRONIC  DS793.Y8 Y866 2007 dv  Yunnan [electronic resource (video)] : Enchanted Forests and Shamans
 ELECTRONIC  DS917.444 .H83 2010eb  The search for a unified Korea [electronic resource] : political and economic implications
 ELECTRONIC  DT63 .B85 2012eb  Imaging the Cheops pyramid [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  DT443.3.M37 T753 2010 dv  Tribal Wives [electronic resource (video)]: Challenging Western Views of Polygamy and Female Circumcision
 ELECTRONIC  DT450.24 .S37 2012eb  The dilemma of recognition [electronic resource] : experienced reality of ethnicised politics in Rwanda and Burundi
E - History: America
ELECTRONIC E59.R38 .P74 2008eb Pre-Columbian landscapes of creation and origin  [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  E98.W2 T35 2007eb  The taking and displaying of human body parts as trophies by Amerindians [electronic resource]
 CURR-COLL  E99.C8 T55 2010  Saltypie : a Choctaw journey from darkness into light
 ELECTRONIC  E99.H69 C37 2008eb  The Scioto Hopewell and their neighbors [electronic resource] : bioarchaeological documentation and cultural understanding
 ELECTRONIC  E99.H69 G38 2006eb  Gathering Hopewell [electronic resource] : society, ritual, and ritual interaction
 LIMITED  E165 .D614 1985  American notes, and Pictures from Italy
E168 .B43 2009 The big spenders : the epic story of the rich rich, the grandees of America and the magnificoes, and how they spent their fortunes
 ELECTRONIC  E169 .R277 2005eb (Online)eb  Real photo postcards [electronic resource] : unbelievable images from the collection of Harvey Tulcensky
   E169.1 .L53949 2012  America right or wrong : an anatomy of American nationalism
   E183.7 .C6562 2012  The history of American foreign policy from 1895
   E183.8.I55 C75 2012  The twilight war : the secret history of America's thirty-year conflict with Iran
   E184.A1 N35 2012  Democracy in 21st-century America : race, class, religion, and region
 ELECTRONIC  E184.A1 S46 2009eb  Voices of diversity [electronic resource] : multi-culturalism in America
 ELECTRONIC  E184.S75 A54 2009eb  Hispanic families at risk [electronic resource] : the new economy, work, and the welfare state
 ELECTRONIC  E184.S75 L347 2008eb  Latinas/os in the United States [electronic resource] : changing the face of Am*erica
 ELECTRONIC  E184.S75 L38 2009eb  Latino farmworkers in the Eastern United States  [electronic resource] : health, safety and justice
   E185.86 .B368 2012  Razor : revolutionary art for cultural revolution
 ELECTRONIC  E185.86 .B45 2009eb  African American girls [electronic resource] : reframing perceptions and changing experiences
   E185.97.L79 A2 2012  The works of Alain Locke
 ELECTRONIC  E185.97.R63 S643 1998 dv  Speak of Me As I Am [electronic resource (video)] : The Story of Paul Robeson
   E357 .B53 2012  The weight of vengeance : the United States, the British empire, and the War of 1812
 ELECTRONIC  E444.I25 P756 2007 dv  Prince Among Slaves [electronic resource (video)]
   E456 .F74 2012  Lincoln's political ambitions, slavery, and the Bible
E470.2 .O53 2012 Chasing Jeb Stuart and John Mosby : the Union cavalry in Northern Virginia from Second Manassas to Gettysburg
   E484 .B49 2012  Civil War talks : further reminiscences of George S. Bernard and his fellow veterans
   E580.4.T4 W55 2012  Hood's Texas Brigade in the Civil War
 ELECTRONIC  E711.9 M953 dv  My Jack London [electronic resource (video)] : A Daughter Remembers
   E748.K376 N37 2012  The patriarch : the remarkable life and turbulent times of Joseph P. Kennedy
 ELECTRONIC  E841 .F766 dv  From the Bay of Pigs to the Brink [electronic resource  (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  EC78.7.N83 H54 2011eb  High-field MR imaging [electronic resource]
F -- History: America
ELECTRONIC F128.18 V546 1982 dv Vienna [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  F129.U8 C72 2006eb  Bosnian refugees in America [electronic resource] : new communities, new cultures
   F201 .W55 2005  The woman at the Washington Zoo : writings on politics, family, and fate
   F229 .R48 2012  Tales from a revolution : Bacon's Rebellion and the transformation of early America
 FT-WORTH  F384.3 .S9 2000  Backroads of Texas
   F386 .T325 2012  Texans and war : new interpretations of the state's military history
   F391 .T73 2012  Tracking the Texas Rangers : the nineteenth century
ELECTRONIC   F395.M5 A253 2009 dv  A Class Apart [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  F592 .T444 1992 dv  The Final Steps [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  F593 .A276 1992 dv  Across the Plains [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC F593 .T476 1992 dv Through the Rockies [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  F722 .H56 2010eb  Historical archeology of tourism in Yellowstone National Park [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  F1124.5.P67 C85 2011eb  The cultural landscapes of Port au Choix [electronic resource] : precontact hunter-gatherers of northwestern Newfoundland
 ELECTRONIC  F1216.5 .E86 2012 DV  !Esplendores! Splendors of Mexico [electronic resource  (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  F1219.3.F64 P74 2009eb  Pre-Columbian foodways [electronic resource] : interdisciplinary approaches to food, culture, and markets in ancient Mesoamerica
 ELECTRONIC  F1219.73 M586 1983 dv  Mitos, Rituales y Costumbres Aztecas [electronic resource (video)]
 ELECTRONIC  F1376 .S94 2012eb  On the periphery of the periphery [electronic resource] : household archaeology at Hacienda San Juan Bautista Tabi, Yucat*an, Mexico
 ELECTRONIC  F1414.3 .R57 2012eb  The rise of post-hegemonic regionalism [electronic resource] : the case of Latin America
 ELECTRONIC  F1435.3.M6 N48 2007eb  New perspectives on human sacrifice and ritual body treatment in ancient Maya society [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  F1526 .K36 2011eb  Latin America's new left and the politics of gender  [electronic resource] : lessons from Nicaragua
 ELECTRONIC  F2229 .A556 2006eb  Andean archaeology III [electronic resource] : north and south
 ELECTRONIC  F2229 .H36 2008eb  Handbook of South American archaeology [electronic resource]
 ELECTRONIC  F2659.C32 S6313 2002eb  Amazon peasant societies in a changing environment  [electronic resource] : political ecology, invisibility and modernity in the rainforest
 ELECTRONIC  F3320.2.C387 R56 2010eb  Fishing, foraging and farming in the Bolivian Amazon  [electronic resource] : on a local society in transition
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G550 .U56 2006 The unofficial guide to cruises
ELECTRONIC GA102.4.E4 M346 2005eb Map-based mobile services [electronic resource] : theories, methods and implementations
ELECTRONIC GB1005 .R35 2005eb Rare earth elements in groundwater flow systems  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GB1199.5 .M56 2007eb Mining the Earth's heat [electronic resource] : hot dry rock geothermal energy
ELECTRONIC GB1399.2 .S46 2008eb Flood warning, forecasting and emergency response  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GB5014 .E98 2006eb Extreme events in nature and society [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GB5014 .K69 2010eb The illustrated history of natural disasters  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GC221.2EB L485 2008eb Physics of tsunamis [electronic resource] : and other ocean phenomena
ELECTRONIC GC227 .K43 2009eb Rogue waves in the ocean [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GC227EB .E987 2008eb Extreme ocean waves [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GE45.D37 A78 2009eb Artificial intelligence methods in the environmental sciences [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GE70 .U55 2010eb Universities and climate change [electronic resource] : introducing climate change to university programmes
ELECTRONIC GE140 .O77 2011eb Hope is an imperative [electronic resource] : the essential David Orr
ELECTRONIC GE195 .C665 2012eb Cooler smarter [electronic resource] : practical steps for low-carbon living : expert advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists
ELECTRONIC GE195.7 .P67 2006eb Why care for nature? [electronic resource] : in search of an ethical framework for environmental responsibility and education
ELECTRONIC GN33.5 .C38 2008eb The lucky few [electronic resource] : between the greatest generation and the baby boom
ELECTRONIC GN69.8 .L68 2011eb Skeletal atlas of child abuse [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GN69.8 .R43 2008eb Recovery, analysis, and identification of commingled human remains [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GN360 .M563 2010eb Mind the gap [electronic resource] : tracing the origins of human universals
ELECTRONIC GV415 .B46 2012eb They play, you pay [electronic resource] : why taxpayers build ballparks, stadiums, and arenas for billionaire owners and millionaire players
GV445 .A37 2012 Meeting the physical education needs of children with autism spectrum disorder
GV546 .R558 2010 Practical programming for strength training
GV546.3 .B34 2012 Weight training : steps to success
ELECTRONIC GV955.5.N35 E26 2012eb The economics of the National Football League  [electronic resource] : the state of the art
ELECTRONIC GV1295.B55 W47 2009eb Risk and reward [electronic resource] : the science of casino blackjack
ELECTRONIC GV1469.17.S63 C66 2012eb Computer games and new media cultures [electronic resource] : a handbook of digital games studies
ELECTRONIC GV1469.2 .P45 2012eb The philosophy of computer games [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GV1469.3 .Z43 2011eb Beginning Android 4 games development [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC GV1753.5 .A84 2012eb Dancing with difference [electronic resource] : culturally diverse dances in education
GV1853.3.F62 W34849 The unofficial guide to Walt Disney World.
H -- Social Science
ELECTRONIC HB235.U6 M396 2008eb Why popcorn costs so much at the movies [electronic resource] : and other pricing puzzles
ELECTRONIC HB835 .G74 2010 DV Greed [electronic resource (video)] : Is It Necessarily Bad?
ELECTRONIC HD31 .S56 2012eb Mantras for managers [electronic resource] : the dialogue with yeti
ELECTRONIC HD38.7 .W45 2011eb Building corporate IQ [electronic resource] : moving the energy business from smart to genius : executive guide to preventing costly crises
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .M37 2011eb How to rise to the top ... and stay there! [electronic resource] : a leadership manual
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .P56 2011eb Leadership-- What really matters [electronic resource] : a handbook on systemic leadership
ELECTRONIC HD57.7 .W37 2012eb (Online)eb Behind the executive door [electronic resource] : unexpected lessons for managing your boss and career
HD9940.A2 R38 2012 Marketing fashion : a global perspective
HF5548.4.M523 W34579 2010 Excel 2010 bible
ELECTRONIC HM742 .T38 2012eb How to create the next Facebook [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HM831 .C378 2010eb Mood matters [electronic resource] : from rising skirt lengths to the collapse of world powers
ELECTRONIC HQ21 .L596 2006eb Sexual partnering, sexual practices, and health  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HQ796 .A6835 2005eb In sync with adolescence [electronic resource] : the role of morningness-eveningness in adolescence
HQ801 .G6838 2010 The flirting bible : your ultimate photo guide to reading body language, getting noticed, and meeting more people than you ever thought possible
HQ801 .S948 2013 Make it last forever : the dos and don'ts
HQ1075 .M46 2013 Men speak out : views on gender, sex and power
HQ1206 .A735 2013 Sexy feminism : a girl's guide to love, success, and style
HQ1233 .T95 2013 Girls with guns : firearms, feminism, and militarism
ELECTRONIC HV636 2005.N4 C38 2009eb Catastrophe in the making [electronic resource] : the engineering of Katrina and the disasters of tomorrow
ELECTRONIC HV1451 .H35 2010eb The age of supported independence [electronic resource] : voices of in-home care
ELECTRONIC HV5285 .O546 2009 dv One-Man Rehab [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC HV5822.H4 H476 1997 dv Heroin [electronic resource (video)] : What Am I Going To Do?
FT-WORTH HV6250.25 .W35 2011 Rights for victims of crime : rebalancing justice
ELECTRONIC HV6431 .T6 2009eb To protect and to serve [electronic resource] : policing in an age of terrorism
ELECTRONIC HV6441 .D6613 2007eb Women and the mafia [electronic resource] : [female roles in organized crime structures]
HV6535.C33 H3575 2013 Death's shadow : true tales of homicide
HV6545 .J648 2011 Myths about suicide
HV7431 .V627 2007 See Sally kick ass : a woman's guide to personal safety
HV8059 .B38 2013 Gun guys : a road trip
ELECTRONIC HV8073 .T447 1998 dv Scene of the Crime [electronic resource (video)]
J - Political Science
ELECTRONIC JA71 .S36 2011eb Leadership or chaos [electronic resource] : the heart and soul of politics
ELECTRONIC JA72 .A66 2008eb Applying fuzzy mathematics to formal models in comparative politics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JA74.5 .P65 2011eb Politics and emotions [electronic resource] : the Obama phenomenon
ELECTRONIC JA77 .T39 2008eb Mathematics and politics [electronic resource] : strategy, voting, power and proof
ELECTRONIC JA85 .D684 2009eb Do they walk like they talk? [electronic resource] : speech and action in policy processes
ELECTRONIC JC323 .S83 2012eb Subverting borders [electronic resource] : doing research on smuggling and small-scale trade
ELECTRONIC JC330 .C62 2008eb Coercion and the state [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JC359 .B74 2009eb Breaching the colonial contract [electronic resource : anti-colonialism in the US and Canada
ELECTRONIC JC423 .D6675 2009eb Does truth matter? [electronic resource] : democracy and public space
ELECTRONIC JC423 .G47 2005eb Designing democracy [electronic resource] : ideas for better rules
ELECTRONIC JC497EB .P655 2008eb Political legitimization without morality? [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JC571 .H86 2011eb Humiliation, degradation, dehumanization [electronic resource] : human dignity violated
ELECTRONIC JC571 .S24 2012eb Safe spaces [electronic resource] : human rights education in diverse contexts
ELECTRONIC JC571 .T35 2009eb International human right to conscientious objection to military service and individual duties to disobey manifestly illegal orders [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JC596 .P76 2009eb Protecting privacy in video surveillance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JK1726 .K46 2012eb Run for elected office-- and win [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JK2261 .B455 2009eb Not invited to the party [electronic resource] : how the Demopublicans have rigged the system and left Independents out in the cold
ELECTRONIC JK2271 .B36 2012 Representing red and blue : how the culture wars change the way citizens speak and politicians listen
ELECTRONIC JS7365.W46 T446 1984 dv The Master Race [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC JV6347 .P53 2011eb Women, borders, and violence: current issues in asylum, forced migration and trafficking
ELECTRONIC JZ1253 .H64 2008eb Learning in modern international society : on the cognitive problem solving abilities of political actors
ELECTRONIC JZ1318 .B83 2012eb Building successful partnerships: a production theory of global multi-stakeholder collaboration
ELECTRONIC JZ5538 .H25 2009eb Transforming societies after political violence   : truth, reconciliation, and mental health
ELECTRONIC JZ5538 .H364 2008eb Handbook on building cultures of peace [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JZ5538 .P79 2011eb Psychological and political strategies for peace negotiation [electronic resource] : a cognitive approach
ELECTRONIC JZ5538 .P79 2012eb The psychological components of sustainable peace  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC JZ5588 .R46 2009eb Remote sensing from space [electronic resource] : supporting international peace and security
ELECTRONIC JZ5597 .N44 2009eb Negotiated risks [electronic resource] : international talks on hazardous issues
K -- Law
ELECTRONIC  K120 .C67 2012eb Lawyers at work [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  K120 .S26 2010eb Groups, rules and legal practice [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  K126 .K574 2010eb Beyond right and wrong [electronic resource] : the power of effective decision making for attorneys and clients
ELECTRONIC  K212 .A67 2010eb Approaches to legal rationality [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  K212 .S684 2006eb Methods of legal reasoning [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  K230.K57 H69 2011eb How leading lawyers think [electronic resource] : expert insights into judgment and advocacy
ELECTRONIC K235 .M37 2007eb Good and evil in art and law [electronic resource] : an extended essay
ELECTRONIC K235 .R43 2009eb Reasonableness and law [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC K564.C6 W43 2010eb Shaping Internet governance [electronic resource] : regulatory challenges
K3702 .D38 2013 A guide to the world anti-doping code : a fight for the spirit of sport
ELECTRONIC K5077 .M46 2009eb Mental disorder and criminal law [electronic resource] : responsibility, punishment, and competence
ELECTRONIC K5194 .S56 2012eb Regulation of sexual conduct in UN Peacekeeping operations [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC KD7974 .L48 2008eb Child maltreatment and the law [electronic resource] : returning to first principles
ELECTRONIC KF3890 .D774 2007eb Drug courts [electronic resource] : a new approach to treatment and rehabilitation
KF4941 .H35 2012 Declaring war : Congress, the president, and what the constitution does not say
KF5051 .G47 2013 The forgotten presidents : their untold constitutional legacy
KF5505 .D47 2012 Acting as if tomorrow matters : accelerating the transition to sustainability
ELECTRONIC KF9820 .Y686 1996 dv Young Criminals, Adult Punishment [electronic resource  (video
ELECTRONIC KZ4043 .T53 2011eb Anticipatory action in self-defence [electronic resource] : essence and limits under international law
ELECTRONIC KZ5680.4 1996 .D35 2009eb Nuclear test ban [electronic resource] : converting political visions to reality
ELECTRONIC KZD1145 .A24 2011eb Space security law [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC KZD1145 .J35 2010eb National regulation of space activities [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC KZD1145 .M56 2012eb Space technology export controls and international cooperation in outer space [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC KZD1145 .O95 2011eb Outer space in society, politics and law [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC KZD3491 .P67 2009eb Who Owns the Moon? [electronic resource] : Extraterrestrial Aspects of Land and Mineral Resources Ownership
ELECTRONIC KZD3491.5 .L44 2012eb Law and regulation of commercial mining of minerals in outer space [electronic resource]
L -- Education
ELECTRONIC  LA209.2 .L66 2011eb Evolution and religion in American education  [electronic resource] : an ethnography
ELECTRONIC  LA621.8 .E384 2007eb The Education systems of Europe [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  LA2108 .L36 2012eb The new inheritors [electronic resource] : transforming young people's expectations of university
ELECTRONIC  LB1025.3 .L67 2011eb Love as pedagogy [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  LB1027.23 .B44 2012eb Dancing in the light [electronic resource] : essential elements for an inquiry classroom
ELECTRONIC LB1027.23 .P75 2011eb Brains inventing themselves [electronic resource] : choice and engaged learning
ELECTRONIC LB1027.42 .O54 2012eb One-day, one-problem [electronic resource] : an approach to problem-based learning
ELECTRONIC LB1027.55 .H37 2008eb RJ505.G7eb Group interventions in schools [electronic resource] : promoting mental health for at-risk children and youth
ELECTRONIC LB1027.55 .H37 2011eb Group-centered prevention programs for at-risk students [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LB1027.55 .S74 2012eb Evaluating and promoting positive school attitude in adolescents [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LB1028 .E3228 2006eb Educational research [electronic resource] : why "what works" doesn't work
ELECTRONIC  LB1028.5 .U66 2004eb Upon what does the turtle stand? [electronic resource] : rethinking education for the digital age
ELECTRONIC LB1029.G3 G36 2008eb Games [electronic resource] : purpose and potential in education
ELECTRONIC LB1029.G3 P53 2011eb Playful teaching, learning games [electronic resource : new tool for digital classrooms
ELECTRONIC LB1029.G3 S47 2008eb Serious games on the move [electronic resource]
FT-WORTH LB1044.87 .B435 201 Cool tech tools for lower tech teachers : 20 tactics for every classroom
ELECTRONIC LB1048.5 .H67 2011eb Parental involvement in childhood education  [electronic resource] : building effective school-family partnerships
ELECTRONIC LB1050.2 .R38 2012eb It takes a village [electronic resource] : a collaborative assault on the struggling reader dilemma
ELECTRONIC LB1062 .B34 2012eb Being creative inside and outside the classroom  [electronic resource] : how to boost your students' creativity -- and your own
ELECTRONIC LB1062 .P55 2011eb Creativity for 21st century skills [electronic resource] : how to embed creativity into the curriculum
ELECTRONIC LB1073 .M335 2008eb Practitioner's guide to emotion regulation in school-aged children [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LB1775 .L44 2012eb Sailing in a concrete boat [electronic resource] : a teacher's journey
ELECTRONIC LB1776 .R53 2012eb EleMENtary school [electronic resource] :  (hyper)masculinity in a feminized context
ELECTRONIC LB1778 .W45 2012eb Whisperings from the corridors [electronic resource] : stories of teachers in Higher Education
ELECTRONIC LB3013.3 .D36 2011eb Preventing lethal school violence [electronic resource]
FT-WORTH LB3013.3 .D57 2012 No place for bullying : leadership for schools that care for every student
ELECTRONIC LB3013.32 .S36 2008eb School violence and primary prevention [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LC45.3 .H34 2006eb Recovering informal learning [electronic resource] : wisdom, judgement and community
ELECTRONIC LC45.3 .R64 2005eb Non-formal education [electronic resource] : flexible schooling or participatory education?
ELECTRONIC LC191.4 .H87 2012eb College and the working class [electronic resource] : what it takes to make it
ELECTRONIC LC268 .W85 2006eb Moral education [electronic resource] : beyond the teaching of right and wrong
ELECTRONIC LC3993.9 .H36 2008eb Handbook of giftedness in children [electronic resource] : psychoeducational theory, research, and best practices
ELECTRONIC LC3997.G7 S65 2012eb Families, education and giftedness [electronic resource] : case studies in the construction of high achievement
M -- Music and Books on Music
ELECTRONIC M1630.18.A54 S535 dv Shakespeare's Sonnets [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC ML74.4.I48 S23 2008eb Taking your iPod touch to the max [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ML457 .M39 2011eb Musical performance [electronic resource] : a comprehensive approach: theory, analytical tools, and case studies
ELECTRONIC ML750 .S35 2010eb The science of string instruments [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ML1015.G9 F74 2009eb Engineering the guitar [electronic resource] : theory and practice
ELECTRONIC ML1015.G9 F746 2012eb Technology of the guitar [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ML1400 .P47 2012eb Perspectives on males and singing
ELECTRONIC ML3506 .M39 2009eb Flow, gesture, and spaces in free jazz [electronic resource] : towards a theory of collaboration
ML3509.E9 E97 2012 Eurojazzland : jazz and European sources, dynamics, and contexts
ML3655 .S84 2012 Up yon wide and lonely glen : travellers' songs, stories and tunes of the Fetterangus Stewarts
ELECTRONIC ML3790 .T73 2012eb Creativity and innovation in the music industry  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ML3790 .T7713 2006eb Creativity and innovation in the music industry  [electronic resource]
ML3805 .M52713 2009eb (Online)eb Acoustics and the performance of music [electronic resource] : manual for acousticians, audio engineers, musicians, architects and musical instruments makers
ELECTRONIC ML3813 .S48 2007eb Rhythm and transforms [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ML3838 .M87 2010eb Music perception [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ML3916 .C66 2006eb Consuming music together [electronic resource] : social and collaborative aspects of music consumption technologies
ELECTRONIC ML3916 .M367 2009eb Living in worlds of music [electronic resource] : a view of education and values
ELECTRONIC MT1 .E344 2011eb Educating music teachers for the 21st century  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC MT1 .M9816 2009eb Music education for changing times [electronic resource] : guiding visions for practice
ELECTRONIC MT1 .N37 2009eb Narrative inquiry in music education [electronic resource] : troubling certainty
ELECTRONIC MT1 .N37 2012eb Narrative soundings [electronic resource] : an anthology of narrative inquiry in music education
 MT6 .R763 2012 A dance of polar opposites : the continuing transformation of our musical language
ELECTRONIC  MT39 .S54 2006eb Signal processing methods for music transcription  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  MT56 .E86 2007eb Evolutionary computer music [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  MT56 .M39 2011eb Musical creativity [electronic resource] : strategies and tools in composition and improvisation
 MT85 .S56 2012 Conducting business : unveiling the mystery behind the maestro
N -- Fine Arts
ELECTRONIC  N66 .A35 2007eb Aesthetics and philosophy of art [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  N66 .B734 2007eb Thinking art [electronic resource]
 N6488.5.S23 S23 2012 My name is Charles Saatchi and I am an artoholic : answers to questions from journalists and readers
ELECTRONIC  N6537.H87 A4 2006eb Thrown rope [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC  N6808.6 .O34 2011eb Offshore census [electronic resource] : citizens of the state of Sabotage
ELECTRONIC  N6941 .T445 1992 dv The Invisible Made Visible [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC  N7433.8 .C66 2012eb Computers and creativity [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  N8012.G66 B48 2005eb 100% evil [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  NA2542.36 .S87 2012eb Sustainable environmental design in architecture  [electronic resource] : impacts on health
ELECTRONIC  NA2543.S6 W46 2005eb What people want [electronic resource] : populism in architecture and design
ELECTRONIC  NA2728 .S63614 2009eb Photoshop in architectural graphics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  NA2760 .L485 2006eb Shape as memory [electronic resource] : a geometric theory of architecture
ELECTRONIC  NA2794 .S363 2006eb Light zone city [electronic resource] : light planning in the urban context
ELECTRONIC  NA4119 .L68 2007eb Failed stone [electronic resource] : problems and solutions with concrete and masonry
ELECTRONIC NA4125 .B36 2005eb The art of precast concrete [electronic resource] : colour texture expression
ELECTRONIC NA6232 .N37 2005eb Manhattan skyscrapers [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NC53 .N49 2005eb Drawing from life [electronic resource] : the journal as art
ELECTRONIC NC615 .P46 2011eb A clumsy encounter [electronic resource] : dyspraxia and drawing
ELECTRONIC NC973.5.U6 D74 2005eb By its cover [electronic resource] : modern American book cover design
ELECTRONIC NC975 .W45 2005eb Once upon a time  : illustrations from fairytales, fables, primers, pop-ups, and other children's books
ELECTRONIC NC998.5.A1 S34 2005eb Make it bigger [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NC998.5.N72 N485 2005eb Fresh dialogue five [electronic resource] : new voices in graphic design.
ELECTRONIC ND1145 .H845 2005eb Mysteries of the rectangle [electronic resource] : essays on painting
ND2885 .P56 2008 Theatrical scene painting : a lesson guide
ELECTRONIC NK1548 .C466 2010eb Chroma [electronic resource] : design, architecture & art in color
ELECTRONIC NK2115.5.C6 M4213 2007eb Color [electronic resource] : communication in architectural space
ELECTRONIC NK2115.5.L5 L544 2006 dv Lighting [electronic resource (video)] : designing new ways to see
ELECTRONIC NK2715 .S588 2005 dv Sitting down [electronic resource (video)] : art of chair
  NX165 .S59 2012 An absorbing errand : how artists and craftsmen make their way to mastery
ELECTRONIC NX294 .R44 2006eb Reflective practices in arts education [electronic resource]
P -- Language and Literature
P93.5 .V5685 2011 Visual storytelling : inspiring a new visual language
ELECTRONIC P96.T42 P89 2012eb Putting knowledge to work and letting information play  [electronic resource]
P96.W35 S45 2013 Selling war : the role of the mass media in hostile conflicts from World War I to the "War on Terror"
ELECTRONIC P245 .H33 2005eb Handbook of word-formation [electronic resource]
PA3009 .G747 2010 The Greeks and their past : poetry, oratory and history in the fifth century BCE
LIMITED PA4025.A2 B85 2008 The Iliad & The Odyssey
PA4038 .P35 2010eb The unknown technology in Homer [electronic resource]
FT-WORTH PE2846 .E55 2009 Barron's American slang dictionary and thesaurus
FT-WORTH PN162 .S58 2004 The fact checker's bible : a guide to getting it right
PN1059.A9 D63 2011 Next word, better word : the craft of writing poetry
ELECTRONIC PN1999.W27 L44 2012eb Disney stories [electronic resource] : getting to digital
PN6231.W64 P65 2011 The pun also rises : how the humble pun revolutionized language, changed history, and made wordplay more than some antics
PN6728.T64 S77 Thor
LIMITED PR2754 .B268 1994 William Shakespeare : the complete works
LIMITED PR4567 .A1 1983 The adventures of Oliver Twist
LIMITED PR4571 .A1 1983 A tale of two cities
LIMITED PR4620.A1 M86 1992 The complete Sherlock Holmes
ELECTRONIC PR6029.R8 G467 1984 dv George Orwell [electronic resource (video)]
PR6068.O1964 B44 2012 Before the poison
PS374.D4 P32 2011 Before Sherlock Holmes : how magazines and newspapers invented the detective story
PS3511.R94 N637 2011 A divided poet : Robert Frost, North of Boston, and the drama of disappearance
CURR-COLL PS3515.U274 I3 2012 I, too, am America
PS3606.R44545 M87 2007 Murder-- suicide-- whatever--
PS3618.E45 H66 2008 Holy moly
CURR-COLL PZ7.L57842 Lio 2012 The lions of Little Rock
CURR-COLL PZ7.L7376 Pff 2012 Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons
CURR-COLL PZ7.L8288 Sl 2012 Sleep like a tiger
CURR-COLL PZ7.R33213 Cre 2012 Creepy carrots!
CURR-COLL PZ8.C84453 Sl 2002 Sleeping Beauty
LIMITED PZ8 .G882 Gq 1993 Grimm's complete fairy tales
Q -- Science
ELECTRONIC QA29.V65 M395 2009eb Mathematicians at war [electronic resource] : Volterra and his French colleagues in World War One
ELECTRONIC QA42 .B37 2008eb The language of mathematics [electronic resource] : telling mathematical tales
ELECTRONIC QA76.59 .J84 2010eb Social media on the road [electronic resource] : the future of car based computing
ELECTRONIC QA491 .P665 2009eb Serious fun with Flexagons [electronic resource] : a compendium and guide
ELECTRONIC QA564 .H65 2012eb A royal road to algebraic geometry [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QA612.2 .M38 2011eb The mathematics of knots [electronic resource] : theory and application
ELECTRONIC QB36.G653 G65 2012eb Taking the back off the watch [electronic resource] : a personal memoir
ELECTRONIC QB52 .S43 2011eb Weird astronomy [electronic resource] : tales of unusual, bizarre, and other hard to explain observations
ELECTRONIC QB54 .H35 2012eb How likely is extraterrestrial life? [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QB54 .R57 2009eb The search for extraterrestrials [electronic resource] : intercepting alien signals
ELECTRONIC QB54 .R67 2010eb ET talk [electronic resource] : how will we communicate with intelligent life on other worlds?
ELECTRONIC QB63 .B35 2010eb 1001 celestial wonders to see before you die  [electronic resource] : the best sky objects for star gazers
ELECTRONIC QB63 .L34 2012eb The casual sky observer's guide [electronic resource] : stargazing with binoculars and small telescopes
ELECTRONIC QB466.C64 C38 2007eb Catastrophic events caused by cosmic objects  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QB466.C64 S77 2010eb Galaxy collisions [electronic resource] : forging new worlds from cosmic crashes
ELECTRONIC QB505 .K67 2011eb Physics of space storms [electronic resource] : from the solar surface the Earth
ELECTRONIC QB521 .J46 2009eb The sun and how to observe it [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QB521 .M33 2012eb How to observe the sun safely [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QB981 .B67 2011eb The wondrous universe [electronic resource] : creation without creator?
ELECTRONIC QC1 .S797 no. 233eb Flavor physics and the TeV scale [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QC26 .C76 2011eb Physics of baseball & softball [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QC75 .S77 2007eb Lost causes in and beyond physics [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QC220 .G86 2012eb The physics of music and color [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QC762.6.M34 W4513 2006eb How does MRI work? [electronic resource] : an introduction to the physics and function of magnetic resonance imaging
ELECTRONIC QC966 .N37 2004eb "Sprites, elves and intense lightning discharges"  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QC981.2 .S43 2012eb Weird weather [electronic resource] : tales of astronomical and atmospheric anomalies
CURR-COLL QC981.3 .G53 1990 Weather words and what they mean
ELECTRONIC QH541.5.C7 C557 2008eb Coral bleaching [electronic resource] : patterns, processes, causes and consequences
ELECTRONIC QH541.5.C7 C67 2011eb Coral reefs [electronic resource] : an ecosystem in transition
ELECTRONIC QP406 .M43 2007eb Memories [electronic resource] : molecules and circuits
ELECTRONIC QP425 .R45 2011eb Functional anatomy of the sleep-wakefulness cycle  [electronic resource] : wakefulness
ELECTRONIC QP425 .S667 2008eb Sleep and quality of life in clinical medicine  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC QP425 .S73 2005beb Brain control of wakefulness and sleep [electronic resource]
R -- Medicine
ELECTRONIC RC394.C7 F68 2006eb Foundations of sport-related brain injuries  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RC483 .E885 2005eb Estrogen effects in psychiatric disorders [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC RC531 .A59 2008eb Anxiety and substance use disorders [electronic resource] : the vicious cycle of comorbidity
ELECTRONIC RC531 .A615 2008eb Anxiety in health behaviors and physical illness  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RC531 .F87 2007eb Treating health anxiety and fear of death [electronic resource] : a practitioner's guide
ELECTRONIC RC533 .A278 2008eb Fragmented intimacy [electronic resource] : addiction in a social world
ELECTRONIC RC533 .H345 2005eb Concepts and controversies in obsessive-compulsive disorder [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RC535 .C675 dv Coping with Phobias [electronic resource (video
ELECTRONIC RC535 .I58 2012eb Intensive one-session treatment of specific phobias  [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC RC537 .M3935 2006eb Treating chronic depression with disciplined personal involvement [electronic resource] : cognitive behavioral analysis system of psychotherapy (CBASP)
ELECTRONIC RC547 .S528 2006eb Sleep disorders in women [electronic resource] : a guide to practical management
ELECTRONIC RC548 .C365 2010eb Insomnia and anxiety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RC660 .O24 2006eb Obesity and diabetes [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RC661.E94 D53 2009eb Diabetes and exercise [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RC815.5 .S254 2007eb Salivary gland disorders [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RD553 .K57 2007eb A history of limb amputation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RJ501.A2 H36 2005eb Handbook of mental health services for children, adolescents, and families [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RJ506.S3 H399 2010 dv Haywire [electronic resource (video)] : Children Living with Schizophrenia
ELECTRONIC RL151 .H35 2008eb Hair growth and disorders [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RL321 .T74 2008eb Treatment of psoriasis [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RM666.A414 N49 2006eb New perspectives on aloe [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RM666.I17 R35 2012eb Ibuprofen [electronic resource] : pharmacology, therapeutics and side effects
ELECTRONIC RM666.O9 B63 2011eb Ozone [electronic resource] : a new medical drug
ELECTRONIC RM666.V575 V58 2011eb Vitamin D and cancer [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RM700 .H65 2008eb Flexibility [electronic resource] : a concise guide to conditioning, performance enhancement, injury prevention, and rehabilitation
ELECTRONIC RM841.5 .L37 2011eb Lasers in dermatology and medicine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RM931.D63 M37 2012eb Therapy dogs in cancer care [electronic resource] : a valuable complementary treatment
ELECTRONIC RS164 .I536 2007eb Indian medicinal plants [electronic resource] : an illustrated dictionary
ELECTRONIC RS165.H95 S73 2005eb St. John's Wort and its active principles in depression and anxiety [electronic resource]
RT37.W367 A3 2013 The door of last resort : memoirs of a nurse practitioner
S -- Agriculture
ELECTRONIC S600.2 .I576 2006eb Managing weather and climate risks in agriculture  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SB305 .S45 2005eb World spice plants [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SB359.35 .F78 2012eb Fruit breeding [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SB359.35 .F785 2007eb Fruits and nuts [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SB369 .A38 2012eb Advances in citrus nutrition [electronic resource
SB389 .R76 2002 The grape grower : a guide to organic viticulture
ELECTRONIC SB413.P43 P49 2009eb Petunia [electronic resource] : evolutionary, developmental and physiological genetics
SB453.5 .A15 1997 1001 old-time garden tips : timeless bits of wisdom on how to grow everything organically, from the good old days when everyone did
ELECTRONIC SB608.C6 P53 2008eb Plant-Parasitic Nematodes of Coffee [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC SB608.M3 C43 2011eb Mango malformation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SB975 .L863 2009eb Relationships of natural enemies and non-prey foods  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF285 .W45 2007eb The welfare of horses [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF285.5 .F67 2012eb Forages and grazing in horse nutrition [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF375 .W386 2008eb The welfare of sheep [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF396.5 .F44 2012eb Feed efficiency in swine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF401.R4 R45 2006eb Reindeer management in northernmost Europe [electronic resource] : linking practical and scientific knowledge in social-ecological systems
SF426 .K524 1999 Paws to consider : choosing the right dog for you and your family
SF429.E73 P35 1997 English toy spaniel : a complete and reliable handbook
SF433 .M554 2006 Cesar's way : the natural, everyday guide to understanding and correcting common dog problems 
ELECTRONIC SF453 .R333 2009eb Rabbit biotechnology [electronic resource] : rabbit genomics, transgenesis, cloning and models
ELECTRONIC SF461 .W45 2010eb The welfare of domestic fowl and other captive birds  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF745 .S78 2011eb Studies on veterinary medicine [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF756.65 .G46 2009eb Genome Mapping and Genomics in Domestic Animals  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF757.8 .S63 2011eb Small animal imaging [electronic resource] : basics and practical guide
SF768 .L39 2012 Growth of farm animals
ELECTRONIC SF769.3 E275 2010eb Early, rapid and sensitive veterinary molecular diagnostics - real time PCR applications
ELECTRONIC SF793 .F658 2005eb Foot-and-mouth disease virus [electronic resource] : with 16 figures, mostly in color
ELECTRONIC SF917 .C66 2010eb Comparative and veterinary pharmacology [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF967.S63 C86 2010eb Rethinking the BSE crisis [electronic resource] : a study of scientific reasoning under uncertainty
ELECTRONIC SF967.U3 U33 2011eb Udder health and communication [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF995 .C66 2009eb Control of poultry mites (Dermanyssus) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF995.6.I6 A945 2009eb Avian influenza and Newcastle disease [electronic resource] : a field and laboratory manual
ELECTRONIC SF996.4 .M36 2009eb Management of disease in wild mammals [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SF996.4 .W63 2007eb Disease in wild animals [electronic resource] : investigation and management
ELECTRONIC SH37 .A72 2008eb Aquaculture, innovation and social transformation  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC SH177.B3 A97 2007eb Bacterial fish pathogens [electronic resource] : disease of farmed and wild fish
ELECTRONIC SH177.B3 A978 2012eb Bacterial fish pathogens [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC SH211 .S55 2011eb Shifting baselines [electronic resource] : the past and the future of ocean fisheries
ELECTRONIC SH213.3EB M355 2008eb Making fisheries management work [electronic resource] : implementation of politics for sustainable fishing
SK325.T8 K455 1998 Tenth legion
T -- Technology
ELECTRONIC T173.8 W463 2010eb What Socrates couldn't know [electronic resource] : a journey to the foundations of our technology-based civilization
ELECTRONIC TD353 .M68x 2008eb Mountains [electronic resource] : sources of water, sources of knowledge
ELECTRONIC TD353 .N386 2009eb The Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin [electronic resource] : cooperation amid conflict
ELECTRONIC TK5103.485 .S274 2010eb Taking your iPhone 4 to the max [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TK5105.59 .M88 2011eb Preventing good people from doing bad things  [electronic resource] : implementing least privilege
ELECTRONIC TK5105.875.I57 T447 2010eb The smart internet [electronic resource] : current research and future applications
ELECTRONIC TK5105.884 .G53 2008eb Introduction to video search engines [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TK5105.884 .W75 2011eb Creative blogging [electronic resource] : your first steps to a successful blog
ELECTRONIC TK6570.M6 D36 2009eb IPhone design award-winning projects [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TK6570.M6 I64 2009eb Iphone games projects [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TK6570.M6 S263 2008eb Taking your iPhone to the max [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TK6570.M6 S78 2011eb Principles of mobile communication [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TK6678 .T45 2008eb Television goes digital [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TK6681 .H33 2012eb Hacking the Kinect [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TL789.8.U6 A5 2011eb Apollo 12-- On the ocean of storms [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TL789.8.U6 A5352425 2007eb The first men on the moon [electronic resource] : the story of Apollo 11
ELECTRONIC TL789.8.U6 C653 2006eb Columbia, final voyage [electronic resource] : the last flight of NASA's first space shuttle
ELECTRONIC TL789.8.U6 H37 2009eb Paving the way for Apollo 11 [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC TL793 .S95 2008eb How spacecraft fly [electronic resource] : spaceflight without formulae
ELECTRONIC TL793 .V293 2005eb Space tourism [electronic resource] : adventures in Earth's orbit and beyond
ELECTRONIC TP248.65.F66 T444 2009 dv The Future of Food [electronic resource (video)] : Sustainability and Security
ELECTRONIC TP248.65.F66 T47 2007eb Food biotechnology in ethical perspective [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC TP248.65.H9 D46 2009eb Biohydrogen [electronic resource] : for future engine fuel demands
ELECTRONIC TP422 .F73 2012eb From sugar to Splenda [electronic resource] : a personal and scientific journey of a carbohydrate chemist and expert witness
ELECTRONIC TP548 .G46 2012eb The geography of wine [electronic resource] : regions, terroir and techniques
ELECTRONIC TX361.A8 N88 2008eb Nutritional supplements in sports and exercise  [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC TX545 .M68 2005eb Life - as a matter of fat [electronic resource] : the emerging science of lipidomics
TX714 .J6497 1998 Canyon Ranch cooking : bringing the spa home
TX714 .W3295 2012 Cooking for real life
TX723 .B87 2011 Cook like a rock star : 125 recipes, lessons, and culinary secrets
ELECTRONIC TX747 .M687 2009eb Sushi [electronic resource] : food for the eye, the body & the soul
TX769 .T38 2007eb Technology of breadmaking [electronic resource
TX819.A1 B54 2010 Sauce basics : 87 recipes illustrated step by step
U -- Military Science
ELECTRONIC U21.2 .I584 2007eb Intervention, terrorism, and torture [electronic resource] : contemporary challenges to just war theory
ELECTRONIC U21.5 .H368 2006eb Handbook of the sociology of the military [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC U21.7 .P76 2006eb Programming for peace [electronic resource] : computer-aided methods for international conflict resolution and prevention
ELECTRONIC U21.7 .W37 2009eb Combat modeling [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC U42 .I56 2010eb Innovations in defence support systems. 1 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC U42 .I56 2011eb Innovations in defence support systems. 2, Socio-Technical Systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC U42 .I56 2011eb Innovations in defence support systems. 3, Intelligent paradigms in security [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC U104 .A67 2012eb Applications of mathematics and informatics in military science [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC U878 .L36 2008eb Leonardo da Vinci's giant crossbow [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UA12.5 .N38 2006eb Prevention, detection and response to nuclear and radiological threats [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UA23 .S213 2009eb Safeguarding homeland security [electronic resource] : governors and mayors speak out
ELECTRONIC UA853.I5 P65 2013eb The politics of military reform [electronic resource] : experiences from Indonesia and Nigeria
ELECTRONIC UA853.K6 T69 2011eb Towards a Northeast Asian security community  [electronic resource] : implications for Korea's growth and economic development
ELECTRONIC UA870 .A874 2006eb Australia's arc of instability [electronic resource] : the political and cultural dynamics of regional security
ELECTRONIC UA926 .G46 2008eb Geospatial technologies and homeland security   : research frontiers and future challenges
ELECTRONIC UB250 .N67 2008eb Spies in the sky [electronic resource] : surveillance satellites in war and peace
UB323 .B764 2012 Enlisting masculinity : the construction of gender in U.S. military recruiting advertising during the all-volunteer force
FT-WORTH UB357 .H36 2013 Called to serve : a handbook on student veterans and higher education
ELECTRONIC UB403 .R57 2011eb Risk and resilience in U.S. military families  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UB416 .W63 2008eb Women in the military and in armed conflict  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UG1242.D7 B47 2012eb Lighter than air robots [electronic resource] : guidance and control of autonomous airships
ELECTRONIC UG1242.D7 D35 2009eb On integrating unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system [electronic resource] : issues, challenges, operational restrictions, certification, and recommendations
ELECTRONIC UG1242.D7EB U563 2008eb Unmanned aircraft systems: International Symposium on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAV'08
ELECTRONIC UG1242.D7 M63 2010eb Modeling and control of unmanned small scale rotorcraft UAVs & MAVs [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UG1242.D7 M85 2007eb Multiple heterogeneous unmanned aerial vehicles  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UG1242.D7 R36 2011eb Linear and nonlinear control of small-scale unmanned helicopters [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC UG1282.A8 D48 2011eb Detect and deter [electronic resource] : can countries verify the nuclear test ban?
ELECTRONIC UH725.E85 L56 2011eb Armed forces in law enforcement operations?  [electronic resource] : the German and European perspective
V -- Naval Science
ELECTRONIC VK358 .H36 2011eb Handbook of terminal planning [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC VM156 .C66 2011eb Contemporary ideas on ship stability and capsizing in waves [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC VM156 .D47 2009eb Design of ship hull structures [electronic resource] : a practical guide for engineers
ELECTRONIC VM156 .K67 2009eb Added masses of ship structures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC VM156 .R57 2009eb Risk-based ship design [electronic resource] : methods, tools and applications
ELECTRONIC VM161 .P47 2005eb Ship motion control [electronic resource] : course keeping and roll stabilisation using rudder and fins
ELECTRONIC VM363 .Y86 2010eb WIG craft and ekranoplan [electronic resource] : ground effect craft technology
ELECTRONIC VM480 .A36 2010eb Principles of sonar performance modelling [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC VM480 .L5 2012eb Digital sonar design in underwater acoustics  [electronic resource] : principles and applications
ELECTRONIC VM600 .D6 2009eb Control of ships and underwater vehicles: design for underactuated and nonlinear marine systems
ELECTRONIC VM751 .Y86 2012eb High performance marine vessels [electronic resource]
Z -- Library Science
ELECTRONIC Z258 .H6613 2009eb Digital color management [electronic resource] : principles and strategies for the standardized print production
ELECTRONIC Z653 .P58 2010eb Economic analysis of music copyright [electronic resource] : income, media and performances
ELECTRONIC Z666.5 .F75 2012eb Logic and the organization of information [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z667 .A38 2011eb Advanced topics in information retrieval [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z669.8 .M64 2005eb Citation analysis in research evaluation [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z671 .T444 1982 dv The First Secular Music [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Z678.9 .D54 2007eb Digital convergence [electronic resource] : libraries of the future
ELECTRONIC Z681.3.D53 G57 2007eb Preserving digital information [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z699 .I54 2005eb The turn [electronic resource] : integration of information seeking and retrieval in
ELECTRONIC Z699 .I58 2010eb Intelligent information access [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC Z1037 .D767 1986 dv Drop Everything and Read [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC ZA3075 .I54 2008eb Information access through search engines and digital libraries [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC ZA3075 .N49 2006eb New directions in human information behavior  [electronic resource]
ZA3075 .S53 2012eb Collaborative information seeking : the art and science of making the whole greater than the sum of all
ELECTRONIC ZA3075 .S65 2010eb Information behavior [electronic resource] : an evolutionary instinct
ELECTRONIC ZA3075 .T43 2011eb Teaching and learning in information retrieval  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ZA4080 .I578 2004eb Digital libraries [electronic resource] : international collaboration and cross-fertilization
ELECTRONIC ZA4080 .R87 2010eb Symbol spotting in digital libraries [electronic resource] : focused retrieval over graphic-rich document collections
ELECTRONIC ZA4080 .S46 2009eb Semantic digital libraries [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ZA4201 .L5 2011eb Quality-based content delivery over the Internet  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC ZA4228 .E74 2010eb E-Research collaboration [electronic resource]
ZA4228 .O33 2012 Internet research skills
ELECTRONIC ZA4228 .W45 2012eb Undoing ethics [electronic resource] : rethinking practice in online research
ELECTRONIC ZA4230 .S43 2011eb Search computing [electronic resource] : trends and developments
ELECTRONIC ZA4230 .W43 2008eb Web search [electronic resource] : multidisciplinary perspectives
ELECTRONIC ZA4230 .X8 2011eb Web mining and social networking [electronic resource] : techniques and application
ELECTRONIC ZA4235 .M44 2008eb Search engines, link analysis, and user's Web behavior  [electronic resource] : [a unifying Web mining approach]
ELECTRONIC ZA4482 .C66 2011eb Community-built databases [electronic resource] : research and development
U.S. Documents
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5000-50499 eg Built-environment wind turbine roadmap [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC  E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-54009 eg Greenbuilt retrofit test house [electronic resource] : final report
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5500-55291 eg NILM applications for the energy-efficient home  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 10.2:C 73/2/2010 eg Competition requirements set the bar high [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:B 41 eg Belgium nuclear security summit: fact sheet  [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:B 63 eg B53 nuclear bomb [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:D 46 eg Security by design in the United States [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:P 74/2 eg Plutonium removal from Sweden: fact sheet [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:P 74/3 eg Russian plutonium disposition [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:R 22 eg Domestic U.S. reactor conversions [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:SE 2/3 eg United States-Japan nuclear security working group fact sheet [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:SE 2/4 eg Nuclear security 101 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:SE 2/5 eg Nuclear security centers of excellence [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:T 41/2 eg GTRI [electronic resource] : reducing nuclear threats
ELECTRONIC E 11.15:T 41/3 eg Insider threat to nuclear and radiological materials  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC EP 1.145: eg EPA-registered bed bug products [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC FT 1.2:AP 5/2 eg Mobile apps for kids [electronic resource] : disclosures still not making the grade
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-699 eg Retirement security [electronic resource] : women still face challenges : report to the Chairman, Special Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-1024 T eg Aviation security [electronic resource] : 9/11 anniversary observations on TSA's progress and challenges in strengthening aviation security : testimony before the Subcommittee on Transportation Security, Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-825 T eg Retirement security [electronic resource] : older women remain at risk : testimony before the Special Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-863 T eg Higher education [electronic resource] : improved tax information could help pay for college : testimony before the Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-912 T eg Modernizing the nuclear security enterprise  [electronic resource] : observations on the National Nuclear Security Administration's oversight of safety, security, and project management : testimony before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-934 T eg Coast Guard [electronic resource] : mission performance challenged by the declining conditions and rising costs of Its legacy vessel fleet : testimony before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, House of Representatives
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-941 T eg Combating nuclear smuggling [electronic resource] : DHS has developed plans for its global nuclear detection architecture, but challenges remain in deploying equipment : testimony before the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies, Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-13-132 T eg Identity theft [electronic resource] : total extent of refund fraud using stolen identities is unknown : testimony before the Subcommittee on Government Organization, Efficiency and Financial Management, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House of Representatives
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3202:D 37 eg Deliciously healthy dinners [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3202:M 46/2 eg Deliciously healthy family meals [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.41/2:G 44/2 eg 4 girls health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.415:32 eg Clinical drug testing in primary care [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.418:54 eg Managing chronic pain in adults with or in recovery from substance use disorders [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:87 eg Consumption of added sugar among U.S. children and adolescents, 2005-2008 [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC HE 20.6234:89 eg Birth rates for U.S. teenagers reach historic lows for all age and ethnic groups [electronic resource]
HE 20.7002:H 93/5 eg Stray dogs in hurricane disaster areas [electronic  resource].
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217660 eg Design and analysis tool for external-compression supersonic inlets [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217674 eg Acoustic measurements of rectangular nozzles with bevel [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217675 eg The impact of subsonic twin jets on airport noise  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217676 eg Simulations of spray reacting flows in a single element LDI injector with and without invoking an Eulerian scalar PDF method [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217677 eg Ensemble averaged probability density function (APDF) for compressible turbulent reacting flows [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217678 eg Optical and scanning electron microscopy of the Materials International Space Station Experiment  (MISSE) spacecraft silicone experiment [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2012-217682 eg Degradation of spacesuit fabrics in low earth orbit  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217588 eg Application of benchmark examples to assess the single and mixed-mode static delamination propagation capabilities in ANSYS* [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217590 eg Surveillance and datalink communication performance analysis for distributed separation assurance system architectures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217628 eg Measurements and simulations of surface dielectric barrier discharges used as plasma actuators, final report [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217654 eg Plasma actuators for turbomachinery flow control, final report [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217655 eg Dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator for flow control, final report [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217665 eg Radioisotope Stirling engine powered airship for low altitude operation on Venus [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217764 eg Model-driven test generation of distributed systems  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217765 eg Modeling and analysis of mixed synchronous/asynchronous systems [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217766 eg Modeling techniques for high dependability protocols and architecture [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2012-217767 eg Pilot test of a novel method for assessing community response to low-amplitude sonic booms [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.55:2011-216469 eg Meteoroids [electronic resource] : the smallest solar system bodies
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2011-216159 eg Impact of medical training level on medical autonomy for long-duration space flight [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-215653 eg Assessment of NASA's aircraft noise prediction capability [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-216018 eg Comparison of predictive modeling methods of aircraft landing speed [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-217120 eg Bayesian analysis for risk assessment of selected medical events in support of the integrated medical model effort [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-217342 eg The exact solution for linear thermoelastic axisymmetric deformations of generally laminated circular cylindrical shells [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-217358 eg Chronic exposure to moderately elevated COb2 during long-duration space flight [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-217453 eg Development and analysis of cold trap for use in fission surface power-primary test circuit [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-217464 eg A review of the Ginzburg-Syrovatskii's galactic cosmic-ray propagation model and its leaky-box limit  [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2012-217595 eg Analysis and sizing for transient thermal heating of insulated aerospace vehicle structures [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.19:EC 7/B 96 eg Moving America's small businesses & entrepreneurs forward [electronic resource] : creating an economy built to last
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.2:M 72 eg Contracting guidance to support modular development  [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 2.2:SE 6/4 eg OMB report pursuant to the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-155) [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:AG 8/2 eg Report to the President on agricultural preparedness and the agriculture research enterprise [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:D 56/2/2013 eg Designing a digital future [electronic resource] : federally funded research and development in networking and information technology
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:D 84 eg Report to the President on propelling innovation in drug discovery, development, and evaluation  [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:N 38 eg National Network for Manufacturing Innovation  [electronic resource] : a preliminary design
ELECTRONIC PREX 23.14:R 31/2 eg Transformation and opportunity [electronic resource] : the future of the U.S. research enterprise
ELECTRONIC PREX 26.1/2: eg FY... budget and performance summary [electronic resource].
ELECTRONIC PREX 26.16:T 71 eg Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC PREX 3.17:B 76/2012 eg Getting to know the president [electronic resource] : intelligence briefings of presidential candidates, 1952-2004
ELECTRONIC PREX 6.2:T 19 eg The middle-class tax cuts' impact on consumer spending & retailers [electronic resource
Texas Documents
ELECTRONIC Fat and Happy? (video)
ELECTRONIC The Teenage Brain(video) : A World of Their Own
ELECTRONIC The Adult Brain (video) : To Think by Feeling
ELECTRONIC The Devil Plays Hardball  (video) : Mentoring the Homeless
ELECTRONIC Here's Looking at You (video) : Identity, Personality, and the Human Face
ELECTRONIC Beauty  (video) : Survival of the Prettiest
ELECTRONIC Starting a Salon (video)
ELECTRONIC Starting a Garden Center (video)
ELECTRONIC Selling Cosmetics as an Independent Sales Representative (video)
ELECTRONIC Starting a Bookstore (video)
ELECTRONIC Starting a Produce Farm (video)
ELECTRONIC Starting a Wine Shop (video)
ELECTRONIC Starting a Pet Daycare and Training Facility   (video)
ELECTRONIC Selling Products Online  (video)
ELECTRONIC Starting a Restaurant (video)
ELECTRONIC Buying and Managing Rental Properties (video)
ELECTRONIC Starting a Catering Business  (video)
ELECTRONIC Living with Migraines  (video) : Managing Migraine and Cluster Headaches
ELECTRONIC Hope for the Alcoholic (video) : Scientific Breakthroughs
ELECTRONIC Relieving Low Back Pain (video)
ELECTRONIC American Sign Language. Level 1 [electronic resource  (video)] : Greetings, The Alphabet, and More-American Sign Language
ELECTRONIC Help! I'm Stressed! [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC From Sports to Career [electronic resource (video)] : Transferable Job Skills
ELECTRONIC Healing the Brain [electronic resource (video)] : Secrets of Your Mind
ELECTRONIC Techniques of Conducting [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Religion, Rap, and the Crisis of Black Leadership  [electronic resource (video)] : Cornel West
ELECTRONIC Guilt and Suffering in Christianity [electronic resource (video)] : Elaine Pagels
ELECTRONIC Life with Murder [electronic resource (video)] : A Family Love Story Like No Other
ELECTRONIC Heaven [electronic resource (video)] : How Five Religions See It
ELECTRONIC What Do They Want? [electronic resource (video)] : Terrorists Taking Aim at America
ELECTRONIC Nelson Mandela [electronic resource (video)] : The History of a Struggle
ELECTRONIC Street Gangs of Los Angeles [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Is There Sex after 50? [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Why We Know Less Than Ever About the World [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC I Believe [electronic resource (video)] : The Faith We Confess
ELECTRONIC The Breath of God [electronic resource (video)] : The Faith We Confess
ELECTRONIC All That Debt [electronic resource (video)] : The Faith We Confes
ELECTRONIC Man Who Cared For Children [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Secret Gardens Of Ireland [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Almighty, Maker [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Savior of the World [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Born to Be Fat [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Fixing Fat [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC What's the Problem with Nudity? [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC The Private Eye [electronic resource (video)] : How the Senses Perceive Reality
ELECTRONIC The Science of Sexual Attraction [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Night-Night [electronic resource (video)] : The Trouble with Sleep
ELECTRONIC Sleep Tight [electronic resource (video)] : The Trouble with Sleep
ELECTRONIC Way of the Cross [electronic resource (video)] : Pope John Paul II and the Passion of Christ
ELECTRONIC Myths of Addiction [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Moving On from High School [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC Methamphetamine [electronic resource (video)] : Deciding to Live
ELECTRONIC Marijuana [electronic resource (video)] : The Escape to Nowhere
ELECTRONIC Heroin [electronic resource (video)] : What Am I Going to Do?
ELECTRONIC Sobering Facts [electronic resource (video)] : The Risks of Alcohol Use
ELECTRONIC Bullying and How to Handle It [electronic resource  (video)] : Grades 3-4
ELECTRONIC Marijuana [electronic resource (video)] : The Escape to Nowhere
ELECTRONIC Alcohol [electronic resource (video)] : The Substance, the Addiction, the Solution
ELECTRONIC Methamphetamine [electronic resource (video)] : Deciding to Live
ELECTRONIC The Language You Cry In [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy [electronic resource  (video)] : Fort Hood's PTSD Problem
ELECTRONIC Cocaine and Crack [electronic resource (video)] : Back from the Abyss
ELECTRONIC Love, Hate, and Everything in Between [electronic resource (video)] : A Film on Empathy
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Jane McGonigal - Gaming Can Make a Better World
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : William Li - Can We Eat to Starve Cancer
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Dee Boersma - Pay Attention to Penguins
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Laurie Santos - A Monkey Economy as Irrational as Ours
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Patrick Chappatte - The Power of Cartoons
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Tom Chatfield - 7 Ways Games Reward the Brain
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Eric Whitacre - A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong
ELECTRONIC Living with Dying [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Nuclear Nightmares [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Energy and Enthusiasm [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Giving Up Bad Habits [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC 10 Powerful Networking Skills [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC 7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Dealing with the Unmotivated Employee [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC How to Make a 5-Star Impression [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Managing Change Successfully [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Managing Aggression in the Workplace [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC The Psychology of Saying Sorry [electronic resource  (video)]
ELECTRONIC Robot Surgeons [electronic resource (video)] : SuperDoctors
ELECTRONIC Where's My Robot? [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC The Devil We Know [electronic resource (video)] : An Objective Look at the Prince of Darkness
ELECTRONIC TEDTalks [electronic resource (video)] : Bill Gates - How State Budgets Are Breaking U.S. Schools
ELECTRONIC Anxiety Disorders [electronic resource (video)]
ELECTRONIC Gifted child today magazine.
ELECTRONIC Journal of research on leadership education
ELECTRONIC Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc.
ELECTRONIC Tourism and hospitality research .
Music educators journal. [serial]
Journal for the education of the gifted. [serial].
ELECTRONIC Frozen food age
ELECTRONIC Garden design.
ELECTRONIC Garden snob [garden snob - blog]
ELECTRONIC WMLC 93/5003 Modern baking.
ELECTRONIC Natural foods merchandiser.
ELECTRONIC Natural grocery buyer.
ELECTRONIC Snack food & wholesale bakery.
ELECTRONIC Vector & zoonosis week.
ELECTRONIC Veterinary economics.
ELECTRONIC Veterinary research communications
ELECTRONIC Veterinary research week.
ELECTRONIC Veterinary week.
ELECTRONIC Veterinary world.
ELECTRONIC Gifted child today magazine.
ELECTRONIC Gifted education international.
ELECTRONIC Nutrition and health
ELECTRONIC Tourism and hospitality research