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March 2013 - New Books and Resources

Call Number
A - General Works
 ELECTRONIC  AG5 .C725 2013eb  The Columbia encyclopedia
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF75 .P66 2005 How to survive and thrive as a therapist : information, ideas, and resources for psychologists in practice
BF76.8 .C66 2011 Reporting research in psychology : how to meet journal article reporting standards
BF311 .H7795 2011 Soul dust : the magic of consciousness
BF335 .D39 2013 Making habits, breaking habits : why we do things, why we don't, and how to make any change stick
BF408 .C77 1997 Creativity : flow and the psychology of discovery and invention
BF449 .H65 2013 The slow fix : solve problems, work smarter, and live better in a world addicted to speed
BF575.F66 W39 2011 Deep secrets : boys' friendships and the crisis of connection
BF575.H27 F685 2010 The psychology of happiness : a good human life
BF611 .M45 2005 The choice is yours : today's decisions for the rest of your life
BF636.6 .F45 2010 Critical thinking in counselling and psychotherapy
BF637.C6 H3125 2007 Handbook of counseling and psychotherapy with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clients
AV        BF637.N66 B63 2007 Body language [videorecording] : cultural differences
BF637.S4 W448 1990 Make the big time where you are!
BF637.S4 W576 2013 The as if principle : the radically new approach to changing your life
BF637.S8 H2185 2012 9 things successful people do differently
BF774 .C53 2009 Influence : science and practice
BJ1533.K5 M35 2012 Simply charming : compliments & kindness for all occasions
BL820.C65 C73 1996 Cupid and Psyche
BL820.J8 K43 2010 Young Zeus
BL820.P4 M39 1998 Pegasus
BL2441.3 .W55 2011 Ancient Egypt : tales of gods and pharaohs
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
 ELECTRONIC  CT120 .W5 2013eb  Who's who in the world 2013
 LIMITED    CT275.M46934 M46 2011  The spirit of Texas : biography of William Menzies : the astonishing story of a pioneer rancher's family and their mighty state
 FTWORTH  CT275.P648 A3 1974  Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance : an inquiry into values
D - History: General and Old World
D20 .S832 1988 A global history : from prehistory to the present
D135 .H436 2009 Empires and barbarians : the fall of Rome and the birth of Europe
D504 .C36 1994 Cantigny at seventy-five : a professional discussion : proceedings of a professional discussion held at the First Division Museum at Cantigny, Wheaton, Illinois, May 28-29, 1993
D568.3 .G74 2008 The donkey of Gallipoli : a true story of courage in World War I
D769.2 .U18 1998 The U.S. Army and World War II : selected papers from the Army's commemorative conferences
D810.W7 A543 1996 American women in a world at war : contemporary accounts from World War II
 D1065.U5 R93 2003  The United States and Europe in the twentieth century
DS79.724.U6 G44 1998 From the Fulda Gap to Kuwait : U.S. Army, Europe, and the Gulf War
DS134.85 .F72 2012 Old lives and new : Soviet immigrants in Israel and America
DS553.1 .D38 1991 Vietnam at war : the history, 1946-1975
DS557.6 .S53 1989 The origins of the Vietnam War
DS557.7 .E53 2000 Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : a political, social, and military history
DS558 .H83 2000 The human tradition in the Vietnam era
DS805.2 .R45 2006 Frommer's Japan
DS912.2 .S74 1991 Staff operations : the X Corps in Korea, December 1950
DS920.4 .F37 1989 Bridging the Imjin : construction of Libby and Teal bridges during the Korean War (October 1952-July 1953)
DT1949.M35 A3 2009 Long walk to freedom
DU624.65 .A73 2011 Links to the past : the work of early Hawaiian artisans
DU629.L38 L38 1997 April Fool's : the Laupahoehoe tragedy of 1946 : an oral history
E - History: America
E83.86 .R46 2012 A thrilling narrative of Indian captivity : dispatches from the Dakota War
E98.A7 K56 2011 Kindred spirits : Native American influences on 20th century art
E99.H2 L48 1999 Storm boy
CURR-COLL E99.T6 K56 2006 The frog princess : a Tlingit legend from Alaska
CURR-COLL E99.T6 W55 2001 How Raven stole the sun
E169.12 .P747 2012 The American Bible : how our words unite, divide, and define a nation
ELECTRONIC E176 .W64 2013eb Who was who in America 1985-present [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E176 .W64232 2013eb Who's who in America 2013 [electronic resource].
E181 .H345 2001 American military heritage
E183.8.I55 R83 1981 Paved with good intentions : the American experience and Iran
E183.8.L3 R87 2012 Before the quagmire : American intervention in Laos, 1954-1961
E183.8.S65 G345 1992 The United States and the end of the Cold War : implications, reconsiderations, provocations
E 85 .D54 2012 A history of African-American leadership
E185 .P5 1975 Black Americans
E185.625 .B5548 2012 Black cool : one thousand streams of Blackness
E185.625 .R78 2013 The color complex : the politics of skin color in a new millennium
E185.86 .D94 1996 Between God and gangsta rap : bearing witness to black culture
E185.97.K47 S53 2009 Coretta Scott
E185.97.K5 W47 2012 The awful grace of God : religious terrorism, white supremacy, and the unsolved murder of Martin Luther King Jr.
E302.6.F8 B97 2012 Electric Ben : the amazing life and times of Benjamin Franklin
E312.66 .R63 2009 Big George : how a shy boy became President Washington
E354 .E97 2012 1812 : war and the passions of patriotism
E457.905 .R34 2008 Abe's honest words : the life of Abraham Lincoln
ELECTRONIC E468.9 .J49 2010eb Jews and the Civil War [electronic resource] : a reader
E473.2 .Q36 2012 The CSS Virginia : sink before surrender
E608.E235 M67 2011 Nurse, soldier, spy : the story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War hero
E744 .B18 1999 America's international relations since World War I
E744 .B776 2003 Globalization and America since 1945
E747 .E37 2012 Soldiers and statesmen : reflections on leadership
E757 .B876 2009 Teedie : the story of young Teddy Roosevelt
E784 .H38 1992 The Great War and the search for a modern order : a history of the American people and their institutions, 1917-1933
E840.5.H45 A3 1991 A soldier supporting soldiers
E840.8.C43 A3 2011 In my time : a personal and political memoir
E876 .D73 1991 A very thin line : the Iran-Contra affairs
F -- History: America
F127.N8 V36 2010 Queen of the Falls
F374.L2 R83 2012 Jean Lafitte : the pirate who saved America
F379.N59 N33 1995 The story of Ruby Bridges
F786.B54 T87 1997 Billy the Kid : his life and legend
G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G292 .B66 2012 Russian exploration, from Siberia to space : a history
G530.T6 D46 2011 Titanic sinks!
G530.T6 H66 2012 Titanic : voices from the disaster
G535 .C635 1997 Under the black flag : the romance and the reality of life among the pirates
CURR-COLL GC21.5 .S635 2008 W is for waves : an ocean alphabet
GT511 .L39 2012 Costume and fashion : a concise history
GV341 .C67 2012 Core concepts in athletic training and therapy
GV546 .J63 2013 Intervention : course corrections for the athlete and trainer
GV546 .R5593 2011 Starting strength : basic barbell training
GV546 .V47 2009 Supertraining
GV706.35 .Z56 2013 Game over : how politics has turned the sports world upside down
GV706.5 .G396 2013 Sports in the aftermath of tragedy : from Kennedy to Katrina
GV711.5 .D43 2013 Speed : practical & proven training methods for team sport athletes
AV GV711.5 .S64 2012 Speed [videorecording] : practical & proven methods for team sport athletes
GV865.A25 T38 2010 Henry Aaron's dream
GV865.W33 Y65 2010 All star! : Honus Wagner and the most famous baseball card ever
GV1002.9.T7 R58 2012 Tennis skills & drills
GV1111 .G29 2002 Common sense self-defense : 7 rules that can save your life
GV1545.H8 W423 2011 Harry Houdini : the legend of the world's greatest escape artist
H -- Social Science
HD31 .B3694852 2011 Management
HD38.7 .L83 2012 Secret manoeuvres in the dark : corporate and police spying on activists
HD57.7 .B34894 2012 Lead with purpose : giving your organization a reason to believe in itself
HD57.7 .S756 2013 Building leaders : paving the path for emerging leaders
HD60 .W323 2012 Building the responsible enterprise : where vision and values add value
HD66 .T477 2013 Creative conspiracy : the new rules of breakthrough collaboration
CURR-COLL HD6509.H84 W37 2012 Dolores Huerta : a hero to migrant workers
HD9696.8.A2 R67 2011 The art of immersion : how the digital generation is remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the way we tell stories
HD9940.A2 M56 2011 Naked fashion : the new sustainable fashion revolution
HF5381 .D422 1993 What to ask when you don't know what to say : 555 powerful questions to use for getting your way at work
HF5381 .S279 2011 Career counseling
HF5386 .D768 2011 Human relations for career and personal success : concepts, applications, and skills
HF5386 .H243 2011 Beauty pays : why attractive people are more successful
AV HF5389 .D57 2009 Discovering cultural differences [electronic resource]
HF5415 .K625 2003 Marketing : an introduction
HF5549 .N56 2008 Human resource management applications
HF5549.5.M6 G665 2008 The no complaining rule : positive ways to deal with negativity at work 
HF5635 .F5389 2012 Advanced accounting : consolidations, partnerships, and government accounting
HF5635 .K553 2001 Financial accounting : a decision-making approach
HG353 .C87 2013 Currencies after the crash : the uncertain future of the global paper-based currency system
HG4521 .R684 2003 Adventure capitalist : the ultimate investor's road trip
HM851 .D527 2012 Digital ethics : research & practice
HM1106 .W434 2013 Having sex, wanting intimacy : why women settle for one-sided relationships
HM1206 .S6567 2011 Enterprise mobility : tiny technology with global impact on work
HN981.I56 G56 2011 Globalization and the digital divide
HQ21 .B795 2013 How to think more about sex
HQ535 .Y35 2012 American marriage : a political institution
HQ759 .F7427 2013 Mommyblogs and the changing face of motherhood
HQ777 .H56 2013 Girls without limits : helping girls achieve healthy  relationships, academic success, and interpersonal strength
HQ799.A24 O27 2008 Afghan dreams : young voices of Afghanistan
HQ799.15 .G83 2013 Smart but scattered teens : the "executive skills" program for helping teens reach their potential
HQ799.5 .B87 2013 Fast future : how the millennial generation is shaping our world
ELECTRONIC HQ1061 .E53 2006eb Encyclopedia of aging [electronic resource].
HQ1063.6 .P57 1999 Another country : navigating the emotional terrain of our elders
HQ1090 .E447 2013 Embodying masculinities : towards a history of the male body in U.S. culture and literature
HQ1421 .G53 2010 Freedom for women : forging the Women's Liberation Movement, 1953-1970
HQ1426 .F885 2012 Women's figures : an illustrated guide to the economic progress of women in America
HV6432.7 .H33 2002 Firehouse
HV6432.7 .J33 2006 The 9/11 report : a graphic adaptation
HV6534.B6 S54 2003 A rose for Mary : the hunt for the real Boston strangler
HV6626 .S75 2011 Couples therapy for domestic violence : finding safe solutions
HV6773 .K69 2012 Cyberbullying : bullying in the digital age
HV6773 .W423 2012 Web of deceit : misinformation and manipulation in the age of social media
HV8073.5 .S75 2005 A voice for the dead : a forensic investigator's pursuit of the truth in the grave
HV8148.H73 R68 2012 Houston blue : the story of the Houston Police  Department
HV8148.L55 C67 2003 Homicide special : a year with the LAPD's elite detective unit
HV8665 .S24 2013 The SAGE handbook of punishment and society
HV8861 .M33 2011 Theatre & prison
HV9069 .F67 2012 A political ecology of youth and crime
J - Political Science
JF1525.A8 N497 2013 Citizenville : how to take the town square digital and reinvent government
JF1651 .G75 2012 Jobs for the boys : patronage and the state in comparative perspective
JK2265 .S75 2013 Understanding American political parties : democratic ideals, political uncertainty and strategic positioning
ELECTRONIC JV6483 .D422 2012eb Debates on U.S. immigration [electronic resource]
K -- Law
KF3941 .L68 2010 More guns, less crime : understanding crime and gun-control laws
ELECTRONIC KF4119 .S359 2012eb School law [electronic resource]
KF5753.A29 F74 2000 Freedom of Information Act guide & Privacy Act overview
L -- Education
LA229 .L417 2012 Generation on a tightrope : a portrait of today's college student
LB1027.5 .W75 2012 Introduction to school counseling
LB1028.2 .B48 2011 Beyond binaries in education research
ELECTRONIC LB1028.3 .T3972 2012eb Technology in schools [electronic resource]
LB1028.5 .G416 2013 The anti-education era : creating smarter students through digital learning
LB1060.2 .B443 2009 Behavioral interventions in schools : evidence-based positive strategies
LB1573 .T97 2012 Small-group reading instruction : differentiated teaching models for intermediate readers, grades 3-8
LB1576 .P2595 2010 Grammar for English language teachers
LB1585.3 .N38 2012 A framework for K-12 science education : practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas
ELECTRONIC LB2805 .S414 2012eb School governance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LB2825 .S33595 2012eb School finance [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LB3012 .S346 2012eb School discipline and safety [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LB3060.83 .S66 2012eb Standards and accountability in schools [electronic resource]
LC1038 .C66 2012 Controversial issues in adventure programming
LC5133.B35 L36 2012 Teaching in the Terrordome : two years in West Baltimore with Teach for America
M -- Music and Books on Music
M1744.B942 A5 2011 The ancient music of Ireland : arranged for piano
ML160 .M693 2012 On celestial music : and other adventures in listening
ML410.C395 F38 2012 George Whitefield Chadwick : the life and music of the pride of New England
ML3508 .W53 2010 Jazz icons : heroes, myths and the jazz tradition
N -- Fine Arts
N6250 .B96165 2012 Byzantium and Islam : age of transition, 7th-9th century
N6494.R4 E39 2012 Lifelike
N6498.E26 M36 2012 Raw + material = art : found, scavenged, and upcycled
N6502.5 .R37 2012 Modern and contemporary masterworks from MALBA – Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires - Fundaci*on Costantini
N6537.P57 A4 2012 Men of fire : Jos*e Clemente Orozco and Jackson Pollock
N6603.6 .C83 2012 Cuba : arte contempor*aneo = contemporary art
NC973.8.H36 H36 2011 Overkill : the art of Tomer Hanuka
ND3344 .S36 2011 Fashion in the Middle Ages
NK805 .D35 2011 American material culture and the Texas experience : the David B. Warren Symposium. Volume 2
NK1404 .Y35 2011 A modern world : American design from the Yale University Art Gallery, 1920-1950
NK4771.M32 M87 2011 Young brides, old treasures : Macedonian embroidered dress
NK7303.S55 L66 2012 The look of love : eye miniatures from the Skier collection
NK9500 .R87 2011 The fundamentals of printed textile design
P -- Language and Literature
P85.H344 B34 2011 Zellig Harris : from American linguistics to socialist Zionism
P92.C5 Y68 2013 The party line : how the media dictates public opinion in modern China
P94.6 .B48 2012 Beyond globalization : making new worlds in media, art, and social practices
P94.7 .F56 2011 Communication matters
P95.45 .A65 2011 Applied conversation analysis : intervention and change in institutional talk
P96.T42 G64 2012 New technologies and the media
P120.Y68 B83 2011 White kids : language, race and styles of youth identity
P128.C68 L43 2009 Change in contemporary English : a grammatical study
PE1157 .B87 2007 Kate's surprise
CURR-COLL PE1216 .S53 2010 If you were a plural word
CURR-COLL PE1241 .D34 2006 If you were an adjective
CURR-COLL PE1261 .L56 2007 If you were a pronoun
CURR-COLL PE1345 .L64 2007 If you were a conjunction
PE1404 .D637 2011 Postcomposition   
CURR-COLL PE1450 .L96 2009 If you were a question mark
CURR-COLL PE1450 .S423 2010 If you were a capital letter
PE2808 .A63 2009 American English : history, structure, and usage
PE2808 .B35 2012 Speaking American : a history of English in the United States
PN44.5 .S88 2011 How literature works : 50 key concepts
PN56.M24 W37 2009 Magical realism and the postcolonial novel : between faith and irreverence
PN81 .B5449 2011 The anatomy of influence : literature as a way of life
PN145 .L26 2011 Writing for others, writing for ourselves : telling stories in an age of blogging
CURR-COLL PN1525 .B85 2011 Nina and Nolan build a nonsense poem
PN1986.M3 S75 2011 Marcel Marceau : Master of Mime
PN1993.5.E8 V53 2012 Heritage film : nation, genre and representation
PN1995 .Y63 2012 Psychology at the movies
PN1995.9.C55 T83 2012 Reeling with laughter : American film comedies : from anarchy to mockumentary
PN1995.9.C56 F385 2011 Fashion in film
PN1995.9.E96 H3553 2012 Flesh into light : the films of Amy Greenfield 
PN1995.9.F54 L84 2012 Film noir
PN1995.9.M86 G68 2012 The Hollywood film musical
PN1995.9.S6 H65 2010 Hollywood's exploited : public pedagogy, corporate movies, and cultural crisis
PN1995.9.V3 G45 2012 New vampire cinema
PN1995.9.V3 W45 2012 The vampire film : undead cinema
PN1997.8 .P325 2012 100 ideas that changed film
PN1998.3.L96 T63 2012 Authorship and the films of David Lynch : aesthetic receptions in contemporary Hollywood
PN1998.3.M466 A3 2012 Merchant-Ivory : interviews
PN1998.3.P345 B69 2012 Marcel Pagnol
PN1998.3.R633 R68 2012 Robert Rodriguez : interviews
PN1998.3.S3 S58 2012 John Sayles
PN1998.3.W44 F67 2012 Peter Weir : a creative journey from Australia to Hollywood
PN1999.W27 L44 2012 Disney stories : getting to digital
PN2304 .M35 2012 The opening act : Canadian theatre history, 1945-1953
PN2308.H57 M37 2011 A fiery soul : the life and theatrical times of John Hirsch
PN2596.L52 L58 2011 Liverpool Playhouse : a theatre and its city
PN4900.P5 F73 2009 Playboy and the making of the good life in modern America
PN6110.R35 O54 2010 One big rain : poems for rainy days
PQ2191.Z5 M398 2011 Seeing double : Baudelaire's modernity
PQ2286 .A38 2003 Les mis*erables : abridged
PQ2603.E362 Z855 2008 Simone de Beauvoir : the making of an intellectual woman
PR2981.5 .B43 2011 Shakespeare and the grammar of forgiveness
PR4148.A9 W56 2011 My business is to create : Blake's infinite writing
PR4384 .E45 2011 Byron in Geneva : that Summer of 1816
PR4582 .C48 1990 Dickens and the 1830s
PR4588 .W56 2011 The pleasures of memory : learning to read with Charles Dickens
PR6051.L3 Z46 2012 An exile on planet Earth : articles and reflections
PR6052.E196 A73 1995 Agatha Raisin and the walkers of Dembley
PR6052.E196 A743 1999 Agatha Raisin and the witch of Wyckhadden
PR6057.R386 B65 2006 The Boleyn inheritance
PR6058.I448 D5 2001 Dialogues of the dead, or, Paronomania! : a word game for two players
PR9080 .B49 2011 The event of postcolonial shame
PS153.N5 L475 2010 Something akin to freedom : the choice of bondage in narratives by African American women
PS153.N5 N65 2010 Neo-segregation narratives : Jim Crow in post-civil rights American literature
PS508.I5 W36 2012 Walking on earth & touching the sky : poetry and prose by Lakota youth at Red Cloud Indian School
PS586.3 .R36 1983 The Random House book of poetry for children
PS595.S42 S48 2010 Sharing the seasons : a book of poems
PS1868 .M34 2012 Reading like a serpent : what the scarlet A is about
PS2384.M62 C67 2012 Dive deeper : journeys with Moby-Dick
PS2954.U6 R39 2011 Mightier than the sword : Uncle Tom's cabin and the battle for America
PS3515.U274 D7 1994 The dream keeper and other poems
PS3556.L894 Z467 2013 The reenactments
PS3557.I4945 T6 2010 Valley Forge : George Washington and the crucible of victory
PS3560.A465 R47 2011 Requiem : poems of the Terez*in ghetto
PS3560.O275 B56 2004 Blind alley
PS3562.E9465 S54 2010 Skywriting : poems to fly
PS3562.E9465 T35 2012 Take two! : a celebration of twins
PS3563.A7267 D43 2003 Dead girls don't wear diamonds : a Blackbird sisters mystery
PS3566.R36 S37 2002 Scranimals
PS3568.O243 S87 2005 Survivor in death
PS3569.K498 Z46 2012 The 6.5 practices of moderately successful poets : a self-help memoir
PS3569.W17 Z47 2005 My depression : a picture book
PS3570.U76 G74 1998 The Great War : American front
PS3573.A425635 Z66 2012 Conversations with David Foster Wallace
PS3573.A7435 R33 2011 A race to splendor
PS3573.H47477 B58 2004 Blinded
PS3575.A26 Z46 2011 All the way to America : the story of a big Italian family and a little shovel
PS3601.T4885 B67 2010 Borrowed names : poems about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J.  Walker, Marie Curie, and their daughters
CURR-COLL PS3602.U386 A85 2011 At the sea floor caf*e : odd ocean critter poems
PS3618.A346 L46 2010 Lemonade, and other poems squeezed from a single word
PZ7.A5228 Pr 2011 The Prince's new pet
PZ7.B9832 Se 2002 The sea chest
PZ7.D2842 Out 2012 Outside your window : a first book of nature
PZ7.F8475 Bi 2007 Bird songs
PZ7.F88917 Yu 2010 Yucky worms
PZ7.H231323 He 2011 Henry's heart
PZ7.L1815 Sat 2004 Saturdays and teacakes
PZ7.M23256 Sr 1998 Suddenly!
PZ7.M8894 We 2010 We planted a tree
PZ7.M992 Loo 2009 Looking like me
CURR-COLL PZ7.O6332 Iw 2004 I wanna iguana
PZ7.P1755 Pe 2003 The perfect pet
PZ7.P21977 My 1998 My freedom trip
PZ7.P27569 Be 2010 Best friends forever : a World War II scrapbook
PZ7.R210154 Mu 1996 Mud
CURR-COLL PZ7.S6955 Th 1994 Through the cracks
CURR-COLL PZ7.S7242 My 2006 My little car = Mi carrito
PZ7.W33225 Sck 2007 Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend
PZ7.Y7585 Es 2009 Escape under the forever sky : a novel
PZ7.5.S74 Li 2011 Like pickle juice on a cookie
PZ8.1.H69 Ki 1990 The kitchen knight : a tale of King Arthur
PZ8.1.M159 Mon 2011 Monkey : a trickster tale from India
PZ8.3.S166 Le 2012 A leaf can be--
Q -- Science
Q125 .A36 2012 Science in the twentieth century and beyond
Q164 .V37 1993 Janice Vancleave's 200 gooey, slippery, slimy, weird and fun experiments
Q335 .W365 2012 Artificial intelligence : the basics
QA9.54 .L36 2012 Frege's notations : what they are and how they mean
QA76.575 .L44 2013 Facebook nation : total information awareness
QA76.5915 .M63 2012 Mobile context awareness
QA76.758 .O74 2011 Introduction to software process improvement
QA76.76.I58 R35 2012 Agent-based and individual-based modeling : a practical
QA76.887 .F75 2009 Computing with cells : advances in membrane computing
QA164 .E745 2010 Pearls of discrete mathematics
QA184.2 .M33 2010 Linear and geometric algebra
QA241 .D793 2009 A guide to elementary number theory
QA300 .D342 2010 Real analysis and applications : theory in practice
QA401 .M63 1998 A course in mathematical modeling
QA482 .L65 2004 Building Washington, D.C. : measuring the area of rectangular shapes
QA515 .F73 2011 Viewpoints : mathematical perspective and fractal geometry in art
QD181.S6 M38 2012 Sand and silicon : science that changed the world
QE33.2.S82 M36 2010 Geostatistics explained : an introductory guide for earth scientists
QE511.4 .F748 2011 Plate tectonics : continental drift and mountain building
QE521.3 .H47 1996 The magic school bus blows its top : a book about volcanoes
QE606 .Y43 2012 Active faults of the world
CURR-COLL QE861.5 .H67 2006 Did dinosaurs eat pizza? : mysteries science hasn't solved
QH31.D2 M38 2009 Darwin
QH380 .N67 2012 Ecological speciation
QH583 .B73 2012 Secret chambers : the inside story of cells and complex life
QK661 .A88 2007 A seed is sleepy
QL638.S2 O94 2012 Trout
QL676.2 .S7535 2011 Bring on the birds
QL696.A52 D38 2012 Just ducks!
QL696.C48 H66 2012 Moonbird : a year on the wind with the great survivor B95
QL696.S85 D38 2007 White owl, barn owl
QL737.C424 D38 2001 Big blue whale
QL759 .E38 2010 Lots of spots
CURR-COLL QP37 .R653 2004 The busy body book : a kid's guide to fitness
QP144.C46 W55 2012 Chocolate as medicine : a quest over the
QP301 .M375 2010 Exercise physiology : nutrition, energy, and human performance
QP360 .R37 2002 A user's guide to the brain : perception, attention, and the four theaters of the brain
FTWORTH QP363.5 .Z63 2008 Neurobiology of peripheral nerve regeneration
R -- Medicine
ELECTRONIC R121 .D73 2012eb Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary [electronic resource].
R121 .T18 2013 Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary
R727.45 .E47 2008 Critical conditions : the essential hospital guide to get your loved one out alive
ELECTRONIC R853.C55 H384 2012eb Medical Laboratory Science Review [electronic resource].
FTWORTH RA395.A3 H3449 2007 Health care reform now! : a prescription for change
FTWORTH RA410.5 .A66 2007 Applied health economics
RA781.5 .J64 2012 Postural assessment : hands-on guides for therapists
RA972 .F35 2012 Getting the most out of clinical training and supervision : a guide for practicum students and interns
FTWORTH RB155 .G38615 2008 Genetic predisposition to disease
ELECTRONIC RB155.6 .G46 2012eb Genome-based diagnostics [electronic resource] : clarifying pathways to clinical use : workshop summary
ELECTRONIC RC341 .E53 2012eb The encyclopedia of neuropsychological disorders  [electronic resource]
RC440 .S3317 2013 Lippincott's manual of psychiatric nursing care plans
ELECTRONIC RC451.4.H35 R44 2013eb Rehabilitation interventions [electronic resource]
RC455.4.S87 H36 2010 Handbook of stressful transitions across the lifespan
RC480.5 .W2764 2010 The basics of psychotherapy : an introduction to theory and practice
RC480.55 .L477 2010 Brief dynamic therapy
RC489.B4 A58 2011 Behavior therapy
RC489.C63 C73 2010 Cognitive-behavioral therapy
RC489.C63 D64 2012 Cognitive therapy
RC489.C63 F37 2008 Behavioral interventions in cognitive behavior therapy : practical guidance for putting theory into action
RC489.F62 G737 2011 Emotion-focused therapy
RC489.I55 F73 2011 Interpersonal psychotherapy
RC489.R3 E4647 2011 Rational emotive behavior therapy
RC489.R37 W826 2011 Reality therapy
RC489.R46 I58 1999 Integrating spirituality into treatment : resources for practitioners
RC489.S74 M33 2011 Narrative therapy
RC564 .M29 2011 Treating patients with alcohol and other drug problems : an integrated approach
RC1210 .P45 2012 Concepts of athletic training
RD97 .K44 2012 Strap taping for sports and rehabilitation
RD97 .P47 2012 Athletic taping and bracing
RJ133 .H3385 2012 Advanced analysis of motor development
RJ249 .G75 2012 Palliative and end of life care for children and young people : home, hospice and hospital
RJ370 .P343 2012 Paediatric intensive care nursing
RJ499 .C492 2001 Treatments that work with children : empirically supported strategies for managing childhood problems
RJ505.P6 N46 1990 A child's first book about play therapy
RJ505.P6 R426 2012 Group play interventions for children : strategies for teaching prosocial skills
RJ506.H9 D85 2011 Young children with ADHD : early identification and intervention
ELECTRONIC RT81.5 .P69 2011eb Dictionary of nursing theory and research [electronic resource]
RT86.7 .C65 2011 The future of nursing : leading change, advancing health
S -- Agriculture
S417.C3 A65 1988 A weed is a flower : the life of George Washington Carver
SB605.G7 C37 2012 Control of crop diseases
SD397.R3 C52 2009 Redwoods
SF285.5 .E68 2011 Applied equine nutrition and training : Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference (ENUTRACO) 2011
SF396.5 .S87 2013 Sustainable swine nutrition
SF429.C36 M64 2006 Cavalier King Charles spaniel
SF431 .M4634 2002 Housetraining for dummies
SF768.3 .C55 2013 Clinical endocrinology of companion animals
T -- Technology
T11 .R39 2012 Readings in technical writing : a collection of student projects
T385 .B42185 2012 Graphic design to beat the clock : time-saving software secrets, online resources, and desktop tips
TD192.8 .D44 2012 Delivery and mixing in the subsurface : processes and design principles for in situ remediation
TH4965 .M3313 2011 Walls : elements of garden and landscape architecture
TL3250 .A98 2009 Autonomous and autonomic systems : with applications to NASA intelligent spacecraft operations and exploration systems
TR679 .S567 2011 A front row seat
TS171.4 .G36 2011 The industrialization of design : a history from the steam age to today
TT505.S3 B65 2012 Schiaparelli & Prada : impossible conversations
TT507 .F582 2012 Fashion & sustainability : design for change
TX361.A8 B45 2012 Advanced sports nutrition
TX392 .B73 2008 Thrive : the vegan nutrition guide to optimal performance in sports and life
TX649.B58 A3 2000 Kitchen confidential : adventures in the culinary underbelly
TX651 .P34 2008 The flavor bible : the essential guide to culinary creativity, based on the wisdom of America's most imaginative chefs
TX714 .N52 2003 Manly meals and mom's home cooking : cookbooks and gender in modern America
TX715 .A50847 2007 American regional cuisine
TX725.A1 N46 2009 International cuisine
U -- Military Science
UA24 .A7 1987 Armies, corps, divisions, and separate brigades
UA25 .W554 1998 Maneuver and firepower : the evolution of divisions and separate brigades
UB256.U6 F56 1998 Military intelligence
UC263 .U55 1997 United States Army logistics, 1775-1992 : an anthology
UG573 .R35 1996 Getting the message through : a branch history of the U.S. Army Signal Corps
UG1282.A8 S235 2012 Bomb : the race to build and steal the world's most dangerous weapon
UH223 .G546 1997 The history of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps
V -- Naval Science
Z -- Library Science
Z103 .M324 2012 Everyday cryptography : fundamental principles and applications
ZA4237 .P368 2012 The filter bubble : how the new personalized Web is changing what we read and how we think
U.S. Documents
D 114.2:W 89 The U.S. Army and World War II : selected papers from the Army's commemorative conferences
D 101.2:K 96 From the Fulda Gap to Kuwait : U.S. Army, Europe, and the Gulf War
D 114.2:H 42 American military heritage
D 114.2:So 4/2 A soldier supporting soldiers
D 114.11:Ar 5/2 Armies, corps, divisions, and separate brigades
D 114.11:M 31 Maneuver and firepower : the evolution of divisions and separate brigades
D 114.11:IN 8 Military intelligence 
D 114.2:L 82/4/V.l-3 United States Army logistics, 1775-1992 : an anthology
D 114.19:M 56 Getting the message through : a branch history of the U.S. Army Signal Corps
D 114.2:M 46/2 The history of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps
Texas Documents
Critical philosophy of race.
Journal of Eastern Mediterranean archaeology & heritage studies
Food engineering
Folia oecologica
Food & drug law weekly
Food & farm week
Food & beverage close-up
Food and nutrition sciences
Food business week
Food in Canada
Food logistics
Food magazine
Food manufacture
Food protection trends