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New Books and Resources February 2012

Call Number
A - General Works

AM7 .C596 2010 Connecting kids to history with museum exhibitions
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF315 .E25 2011 Incognito : the secret lives of the brain

BF325 .P38 2012 Literate thought

BF408 .T46 1992 What a great idea!

BF636.6 .N45 2011 Theory and practice of counselling and therapy

BL256 .H865 2010 Human identity at the intersection of science, technology and religion

BL2747.8 .V37 2010 Varieties of secularism in a secular age

BX8248.M8 G66 2000 Circuit riders to crusades

BX8248.T4 H37 2008 Historical atlas of Texas Methodism

BX8656 .H57 2000 Standing for something
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CT3260 .H87 2006 American heroines : the spirited women who shaped our country
D - History: General and Old World

D743 .H364 2011 Inferno : the world at war, 1939-1945

D767.92 .G65 1995 The way it was

D804.348 .L39 2010 Debates on the Holocaust

D810.S8 T74 2012 The wartime journals
E - History: America

E 10.2:T 68/4 eg Mr. President, Mr. President!
CURR-COLL E184.A1 L464 2005 Let's talk about race
CURR-COLL E185 .S17 2007 D is for drinking gourd
CURR-COLL E185.97.K5 F37 2003 My brother Martin

E457.5 .O74 2011 Killing Lincoln

E573.5 37th .B37 2008 The making of a Confederate
AV E748.D6 L37 2011b In the garden of beasts

E838.5 .F472 1993 Changing history : women, power, and politics

E839.5 .W535 2008 The age of Reagan

E876 .N66 1990 What I saw at the revolution
F - History: America

F384.3 .W55 2012 West Texas

F391.M637 M67 2001 A private in the Texas Rangers

F392.B842 C57 2002 31
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G530.T6 T54 1997 The Titanic : the extraordinary story of the "unsinkable" ship

GC222.H3 D84 1998 Tsunami!
  GC222.H55 D83 2000 The tsunami of 1946 and 1960 and the devastation of Hilo Town
  GT4811.S25 B47 2003 San Antonio on parade
  GV333.L38 R44 2011 Game changer
  GV964.J6 F76 2004 The Grand Slam
H - Social Science

H62 .C358 2007 A practical guide to middle and secondary social studies

HC435.2 .N356 2009 The myth of the shrinking state
  HD30.28 .S745 2011 Strategy
  HD31 .K523 2003 The courage to act
  HD31 .W3347 2012 What would Drucker do now?
  HD31 .W657 2011 Masters of management
  HD38.2 .Z94 2011 The new CEOs
  HD57.7 .B85 2011 The art of action
  HD57.7 .N684 2012 Taking people with you
  HD66 .H335 2011 Collaborative intelligence
  HD9000.9.U5 G56 2011 Global agricultural imports
  HD9349.S634 C645 2011 Inside Coca-Cola

HD9697.A3 U575 1993 Control your destiny or someone else will

HF1025 .A69 2011 Key concepts in economic geography
  HF5415.1265 .S53 2011 The business of influence
  HF5415.1265 .V367 2011 Mobile marketing
  HF5549.5.C67 D38 2011 Statistics for compensation
  HG4015.5 .V57 1988 Cases in financial management
  HG4027.65 .D76 2007 The budget-building book for nonprofits

HG4028.C4 L48 1986 Capital investment and financial decisions
  HG4521 .M37 2000 Investments
  HQ756 .B548 2011 Black fathers
  HQ1190 .B74 2011 Nomadic subjects

HT861 .R68 2011 The Routledge history of slavery

HV875.58.G7 T74 2004 The adoption reunion handbook

HV6542 .R85 1998b Bitter harvest

HV7911.R53 A3 1995 In the line of duty
J - Political Science
  JK274 .K62 2003 Agendas, alternatives, and public policies

JK2261 .W36 2011 Political conflict in America
K - Law

KF3020 .A984 2011 Reclaiming fair use

KF4210.Z9 S63 1998 Section 504 and public schools
L - Education

LB1028 .C515 2011 Introduction to educational research

LB1028 .C76 2006 A cross section of educational research

LB1028.24 .M47 2009 Action research

LB1028.24 .M55 2007 Action research
LIMITED   LB1033 .S868 2011 A study of the relationship of student-teacher racial congruence and student achievement
ELECTRONIC LB1033 .S868 2011 A study of the relationship of student-teacher racial congruence and student achievement
LIMITED LB1062.6 .A43 2011 The impact of community traits, school attributes, and student demographics on student achievement
ELECTRONIC LB1062.6 .A43 2011 The impact of community traits, school attributes, and student demographics on student achievement

LB3047 .J64 2012 Tyranny of the textbook
LB3067.5.T4 H36 2011 Single-gender versus coeducation
ELECTRONIC LB3067.5.T4 H36 2011 Single-gender versus coeducation

LC1201 .M55 2006 Section 504 in the classroom

LC1201 .S24 2008 Creating inclusive classrooms
  LC3728 .T425 2011 Teacher preparation for bilingual student populations
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML420.E535 E49 2010 Ain't no grave
AV ML420.R515 A3 2010b Life
N - Fine Arts
  N6447 .W38 2011 The Orient expressed
P - Language and Literature

P96.S45 G463 2011 Gendered transformations

PA3133 .S66 2010 The tangled ways of Zeus

PC4826 .L56 2008 Varieties of Spanish in the United States

PE1135 .S53 2008 If you were alliteration

PE1157 .C54 2009 The bug in the jug wants a hug

PE1157 .C543 2009 The clown in the gown drives the car with the star

PE1157 .C545 2009 The frail snail on the trail
CURR-COLL PE1157 .C55 2009 The nice mice in the rice

PE1157 .C56 2009 Stop, drop, and flop in the slop
CURR-COLL PE1159 .M37 2007 Quite enough hot dogs

PE1161 .C54 2010 I'm and won't, they're and don't

PE1175 .C53 2009 The peaches on the beaches
CURR-COLL PE1175 .R88 2009 Soccer goal suffixes
CURR-COLL PE1201 .C577 2006 A lime, a mime, a pool of slime

PE1201 .D34 2006 If you were a noun
CURR-COLL PE1241 .C64 2009 Big, bigger, biggest!

PE1325 .C58 2008 Lazily, crazily, just a bit nasally
CURR-COLL PE1325 .D34 2006 If you were an adverb
CURR-COLL PE1345 .C54 2010 But and for, yet and nor

PE1355 .C54 2011 Cool! whoa! ah and oh!
CURR-COLL PE1355 .L64 2007 If you were an interjection

PE1408 .L39 1985 Prentice-Hall handbook for writers
CURR-COLL PE1450 .B63 2009 If you were a comma
CURR-COLL PE1450 .B637 2009 If you were quotation marks
CURR-COLL PE1450 .B726 2009 Punctuation celebration

PE1450 .C545 2010 The punctuation station
CURR-COLL PE1450 .H355 2009 If you were a period
CURR-COLL PE1450 .L93 2009 If you were an apostrophe
CURR-COLL PE1450 .L94 2009 If you were an exclamation point
CURR-COLL PE1450 .T757 2008 Twenty-odd ducks
CURR-COLL PE1460 .B724 2009 My daddy likes to say

PE1460 .B725 2007 My grandma likes to say
CURR-COLL PE1460 .M68 2008 Raining cats & dogs
CURR-COLL PE1495 .L64 2009 Sincerely yours

PE1591 .C54 2009 Straight and curvy, meek and nervy
CURR-COLL PE1591 .C56 2005 Pitch and throw, grasp and know
CURR-COLL PE1591 .D21 2007 If you were a synonym
CURR-COLL PE1591 .F248 2007 Let's talk about opposites, morning to night
CURR-COLL PE1591 .H58 1990 Exactly the opposite
CURR-COLL PE1591 .L65 2007 If you were an antonym
CURR-COLL PE1591 .M644 2009 Opposites : front and back
CURR-COLL PE1595 .L64 2007 If you were a homonym or a homophone

PE1597 .S53 2008 If you were onomatopoeia

PN81 .T97 2006 Critical theory today : a user-friendly guide

PN1993.5.L3 R53 2011 Themes in Latin American cinema : a critical survey

PN1993.5.U65 Z65 2011 Hollywood remembered : an oral history of its golden age

PN1995.9.C514 M38 2012 Duck and cover : civil defense images in film and television from the Cold War to 9/11

PN1995.9.M86 S68 2010 The sound of musicals

PN2287.L24 B37 2010 Hedy Lamarr : the most beautiful woman in film

PR5824 .P69 2011 Acting Wilde : Victorian sexuality, theatre, and Oscar Wilde

PR6005.H66 Z5925 2011 Agatha Christie
AV PR9105.9.R66 S27 2009 Sarah's key [sound recording]
AV PS1331 .A2 2010d Chapters from my autobiography [sound recording]

PS1342.P5 R63 2011 The jester and the sages

PS3523.A446 R545 1993 The riders of High Rock

PS3523.A446 R8 1991 The rustlers of West Fork

PS3523.A446 T73 1992 The trail to Seven Pines

PS3523.A446 T78 1994 Trouble shooter
AV PS3552.L3493 P67 2010b The postmistress [sound recording]
AV PS3552.R685434 D54 2004 Digital fortress [sound recording]
AV PS3552.U723 J65 2002b Jolie Blon's bounce [sound recording]

PS3553.A59 W54 1989 The Warren Wagontrain Raid
AV PS3553.O51165 R48 2010b The reversal [sound recording]
AV PS3553.O692 A93 2006b At risk [sound recording]
AV PS3553.R48 P57 2009b Pirate latitudes [sound recording]
AV PS3553.U75 C47 2007b The chase [sound recording]
AV PS3555.G292 V57 2010b A visit from the Goon Squad [sound recording]
AV PS3555.V2126 P58 2008b Plum lucky [sound recording]
AV PS3556.I458 P69 2007b Power play [sound recording]
AV PS3556.L94 A25 2006 Acts of treason [sound recording]
AV PS3556.L94 C65 2005b Consent to kill [sound recording]
AV PS3556.R3338 B86 2008b Bulls island [sound recording]
AV PS3557.E478 T48 2010b This body of death [sound recording]

PS3558.A6657 B84 2007 Bugs : poems about creeping things
AV PS3558.E4753 S63 2010b Snakewoman of Little Egypt [sound recording]

PS3558.O34752 R53 1997 Riding the wind & other tales

PS3560.A549 V47 2001 The very comely countess
AV PS3566.A6863 I76 2009c Iron river [sound recording]
AV PS3566.A822 A615 2005c 4th of July [sound recording]
AV PS3566.A822 L665 2004b London bridges [sound recording]
AV PS3568.O243 C49 2002b Chesapeake Blue [sound recording]
AV PS3569.E3334 D75 2011b Dreams of joy [sound recording]
AV PS3569.L275 B76 2010 Broken [sound recording]
AV PS3569.L275 F73 2008 Fractured [sound recording]
AV PS3569.T889 Z46 2011b Reading my father [sound recording]
AV PS3606.R4454 B87 2010d The burying place [sound recording]
AV PS3608.A78575 D68 2007b Down river [sound recording]
AV PS3610.O63 S56 2011b Silver sparrow [sound recording]
CURR-COLL PS3613.A284324 C76 2008 A crossing of zebras : animal packs in poetry
AV PS3613.A36 B67 2011b The borrower [sound recording]
AV PS3614.A565 G57 2011b The girl in the garden [sound recording]

PS3617.U57 R66 2002 Romancing Mister Bridgerton
AV PS3619.E26 A79 2007b The almost moon [sound recording]
CURR-COLL PS3619.M56 H655 2004 Hoop kings : poems
AV PT8951.24.E83 S5613 2011b The snowman [sound recording]
CURR-COLL PZ7.C1283 Ene 2009 The enemy : a book about peace
CURR-COLL PZ7.F59936 Im 2009 Imogene's last stand
CURR-COLL PZ7.J57525 Mar 1998 La mariposa
CURR-COLL PZ7.N992 Bun 2010 Bunny days
CURR-COLL PZ7.P441245 Fo 2012 Kylie Jean, football queen
AV PZ7.V28393 Mo 2011 Moon over Manifest [sound recording]
Q - Science

QA278 .M47 2005 Advanced and multivariate statistical methods

QA278 .S488 2011 Multivariable analysis

QA809 .D43 2010 Solved problems in classical mechanics

QC16.E5 R46 2010 Remembering Einstein

QC21.3 .C35 2010 Superstrings and other things

QC173.98 .K86 2010 Quantum

QC174.13 .B47 2009 Quantum leaps

QC794.6.S85 G83 2010 The little book of string theory

QE721.2.E97 L48 2011 Once & future giants

QH323.5 .A44 2004 Mathematical models in biology

QH366.2 .B673 2011 Principles of social evolution

QH367.5 .A88 2006 Evolutionary pathways in nature

QH510 .C46 2011 Introducing biological energetics
CURR-COLL QL122.2 .K353 2008 The ABCs of oceans

QL666.O6 M3387 2006 Snakes

QL737.M73 A939 2006 Echidna

QL737.P9 R326 2008 The primate family tree

QP33.6.M36 A67 2004 Applied mathematical models in human physiology
LIMITED QR82.Z9 M94 2011 Developing a high throughput assay for genotyping Xylella fastidiosa subspecies using multiplex PCR
R - Medicine

RA440.85 .W55 2012 Action research in nursing and healthcare
INTRANSIT RB43.7 .B83 2012 Molecular diagnostics

RC341 .O94 2010 Oxford handbook of developmental behavioral neuroscience

RC569.5.F67 R38 1997 Shadow syndromes

RC1220.R8 Y47 2000 Explosive running

RM237.73 .T39 2011 Why we get fat and what to do about it

RT62 .H5827 2012 Comprehensive review for NCLEX-PN

RT62 .R55 2012 NCLEX-PN exam cram

RT71 .A23 2012 Accelerated education in nursing

RT73.5 .J44 2012 Developing successful health care education simulation centers

RT97 .C87 2012 Population-based nursing
S - Agriculture

S561 .C513 2011 Changing land management
ELECTRONIC S592.6.P5 D48 2010 Efficacy of soil extracting solutions for assessing potential phosphorus loss from a dairy waste application field soil in North Central Texas

SB193.3.N67 S88 2011 North American wildland plants

SB612.G73 S78 2003 Weeds of the Great Plains

SB615.P3 D86 2000 Seashore paspalum

SF311 .M57 1992 Draft horses today

SF360.3.U6 D38 2011 Wild horses of the West
T - Technology

TC624.F6 N65 2009 Ditch of dreams

TD883 .C573 2010 Air pollution

TJ619.2 .S374 2010 Out of steam

TJ808 .S74 2012 Alternative energy

TL789.8.U6 A5352424 1994 Apollo 12 : on the ocean of storms

TN870 .G83 2010 Petroleum resources, with emphasis on offshore fields

TT505.M65 M6613 2011 Montana

TT705 .S458 1989 Sew much better
U- Military Science
V - Naval Science
  VG53 .O873 2012 The United States Coast Guard and national defense
Z - Library Science
  Z710 .B225 2011 Research strategies

Z716.6 .C73 2012 The librarian's guide to micropublishing
U. S. Documents
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:10 eg Liven up your meals with vegetables and fruits
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:11 eg Kid-friendly veggies and fruits
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:12 eg Be a heathy role model for children
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:2 eg Add more vegetables to your day
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:3 eg
Focus on fruits
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:4 eg
Make half your grains whole
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:5 eg
Got your dairy today?
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:6 eg
With protein foods, variety is key
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:7 eg Build a healthy meal
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:8 eg
Healthy eating for vegetarians
ELECTRONIC A 1.149:9 eg Smart shopping for veggies and fruits
ELECTRONIC A 1.36:1928 eg An analysis of U.S. household dairy demand
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:1 eg Forest fire-danger measurement in the eastern United 
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:2 eg Procedures for home freezing of vegetables, fruits, and prepared foods
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:3 eg Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and experiment stations, 1949-50
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:4 eg Log defects in southern hardwoods
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:5 eg Pocket guide to Alaska trees
A 1.76:6 eg Northeastern loggers' handbook
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:8-1 eg Composition of foods
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:9 eg Southwestern trees
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:10 eg Virus diseases and other disorders with viruslike symptoms of stone fruits in North America
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:11 eg Canning in glass jars in school and institutional kitchens
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:14 eg
Motion pictures of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1951
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:15 eg
Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and experiment stations, 1950-51
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:16 eg
Planning food for institutions
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:17 eg Slidefilms of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
ELECTRONIC A 1.76:18 eg
Soil survey manual
ELECTRONIC A 13.2:L 41 eg Selected laws affecting Forest Service activities
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:NRS-81 eg Silvicultural decisionmaking in an uncertain climate future
ELECTRONIC A 13.92:B 38/2009/CORR. eg Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest
ELECTRONIC A 13.110/13:R 10-TP-140 eg Insects and diseases of Alaskan forests
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:B 39/2/ eg Bee diversity and the development of healthy, sustainable bee pollination systems ... annual report
A 77.735/3:B 39/4/ eg Sustaining wild bee populations for pollination services ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:C 42/2/ eg Mechanical sweet cherry harvesting ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:F 94/2/ eg Improving fruit and fruit products quality in the Pacific Northwest ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:G 82/ eg Enhancing greenhouse soilless culture production with improved disease and pest management ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:H 78/ eg Production management research for horticultural crops in the Gulf South ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:P 33/ eg Pecan cultivation and disease management ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.735/3:P 69/ eg Improved post-harvest life for potted plants and cut flowers ... annual report
ELECTRONIC A 77.738: eg Colony collapse disorder progress report
A 93.73/2:79 eg The ethanol decade
ELECTRONIC A 93.73/2:81 eg Trends and developments in hog manure management
ELECTRONIC A 93.73:118 eg The effect of food and beverage prices on children's weights
ELECTRONIC A 93.74:40 eg Impact of 2002-03 Farm Bill restorations on food stamp use by legal immigrants
ELECTRONIC A 93.74:45 eg Food stamp program certification costs and errors, 1989-2005
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:B 39/SPANISH eg Let's talk about handling and preparing a beef brisket en Espagn*ol
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:H 17/SPANISH eg Let's talk about ham en Espagn*ol
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:L 97 eg Packing lunches
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-54 eg An Act to Authorize the Secretary of Homeland Security, in Coordination with the Secretary of State, to Establish a Program to Issue Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cards, and for Other Purposes
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-57 eg Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-59 eg An Act to Grant the Congressional Gold Medal to the Montford Point Marines
AE 2.110:112-62 eg An Act to Clarify Appeal Time Limits in Civil Actions to Which United States Officers or Employees are Parties
ELECTRONIC AE 2.110:112-63 eg Federal Courts Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act
ELECTRONIC C 1.102:EN 8 eg Entrepreneurship programs that reach minority youth
ELECTRONIC C 1.2:C 76 eg Review of contracts and grants workforce staffing and qualifications in agencies overseeing Recovery Act funds
ELECTRONIC C 1.99:C 32/ eg 2010 census, quarterly report to Congress
ELECTRONIC C 1.99:OIG-11-006-I eg U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent quality assurance process
ELECTRONIC C 1.99:OIG-11-030-I eg Census 2010
ELECTRONIC C 1.99:OIG-11-031-A eg Commerce has procedures in place for Recovery Act recipient reporting, but improvements should be made
ELECTRONIC C 3.272:CJ-14/2007 eg Census of juveniles in residential placement
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/2:C 76 eg Construction, extraction, maintenance, and repair occupations
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/2:D 63 eg Disability among the working age population, 2008 and 2009
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/2:H 34/2 eg Health insurance coverage of children under age 19, 2008 and 2009
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/2:H 81 eg Housing costs for homeowners with mortgages
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/2:M 34 eg Employment status of married-couple families by presence of own children under 18 years
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/2:SCI 2 eg Science and engineering degrees, 2009
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/3:10-05 eg Child poverty in the United States 2009 and 2010
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/3:10-06 eg The foreign born with science and engineering degrees
C 3.297/3:10-07 eg Lifetime mobility in the United States
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/3:10-10 eg Native North American languages spoken at home in the United States
C 3.297/3:10-12 eg School-aged children with disabilities in U.S. metropolitan statistical areas
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/3:10-16 eg The newly arrived foreign-born population of the United States
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/3:10-17 eg Areas with concentrated poverty
ELECTRONIC C 3.297/3:L 34 eg The foreign born from Latin America and the Caribbean
ELECTRONIC C 13.58:7810 eg Data dependency on measurement uncertainties in speaker recognition evaluation
ELECTRONIC C 13.58:7828 eg Ocular and iris recognition baseline algorithm
ELECTRONIC C 54.402:OI 5/4 eg Oil spills in mangroves
C 55.13/2:NMFS-AFSC-230 eg Improving community profiles for the North Pacific fisheries
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-F/SPO-110 eg Green turtle nesting sites and sea turtle legislation throughout Oceania
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-F/SPO-116 eg Environmental effects of tidal energy development
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-NE-218 eg NEUS--Atlantis
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-12 eg Stock assessment activities within the National Marine Fisheries Service
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-15 eg Status reports on world tuna and billfish stocks
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-16 eg An evaluation of tagging, marking, and tattooing techniques for small delphinids
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-28 eg Two computer programs to project populations with time-varying vital rates
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-38 eg Distribution of four dolphins (Stenella spp. and Delphinus delphis) in the eastern tropical Pacific, with an annotated catalog of data sources
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-41 eg Diving patterns of the Hawaiian monk seal, Lisianski Island, 1982
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-43 eg Atlas of airborne sea surface temperature observations in nearshore California waters, 1980-1983
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-44 eg Potential impact of deep seabed mining on the larvae of tunas and billfishes
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWFC-61 eg The limitations of fish tracking systems
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWR-038 eg Sardine fisheries, trade, and market of Japan
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NMFS-SWR-040 eg The Japanese sea urchin market
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS CS 10 eg NOS experimental Galveston Bay Nowcast/Forecast System
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS CS 12 eg Skill assessment of NOS Lake Erie Operational Forecast
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS CS 13 eg Skill assessment of NOS Lake Ontario Operational Forecast System (LOOFS)
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS CS 17 eg VDatum for the coastal waters of southern California
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS CS 22 eg VDatum for the coastal waters of north/central California, Oregon, and western Washington
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS CS 5 eg North Carolina sea level project
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS CS 6 eg Modeling of tidal datum fields in support of vdatum for the north and central coasts of California
ELECTRONIC C 55.13/2:NOS NCCOS 137/2011-2 eg Deep Coral and Associated Species Taxonomy and Ecology (DeepCAST) II Expedition report
ELECTRONIC C 55.13:NMFS-61 eg Manual for starch gel electrophoresis
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:C 76/6 eg The national effort to establish the full extent of the continental shelf of the United States
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:F 53/6 eg Wetlands and fish
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:M 35 eg Marshes on the move
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:SA 5/2 eg Fathoming our past
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:SE 1/22 eg Planning for sea level rise in the Northeast
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:T 68/2 eg Spill trajectory analysis
ELECTRONIC C 55.2:T 68/3 eg Digital distribution standard for NOAA trajectory analysis information
ELECTRONIC C 55.309/2-14: eg National Marine Fisheries Service strategic plan for fisheries research
ELECTRONIC C 55.8:T 68 eg Trajectory analysis handbook
ELECTRONIC C 59.2:IN 8/4/2004/FINAL eg U.S. direct investment abroad
ELECTRONIC D 1.2:IR 1/6 eg Saddam's generals
ELECTRONIC D 5.417/4:2 eg Civil-military relations in China
ELECTRONIC D 5.417/4:3 eg China's out of area naval operations
ELECTRONIC D 5.417/5:1 eg Redefining success
ELECTRONIC D 5.417/5:2 eg Chief of mission authority as a model for national security integration
ELECTRONIC D 5.417/5:3 eg Russia's revival
ELECTRONIC D 5.417/5:4 eg Secret weapon
ELECTRONIC D 5.417/5:5 eg Joint Interagency Task Force-South
ELECTRONIC D 5.425:16 eg Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5451 eg Graphene-based nanoelectronics
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5668 eg Millimeter-wave interferometric sensing
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5741 eg Low-cost engineering of laser rods and slabs with liquid phase epitaxy
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5760 eg A test plan to measure metamaterial performances
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5792 eg Atmospheric Impacts Routing (AIR)
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5798 eg Introduction of automation for the production of bilingual, parallel-aligned text
ELECTRONIC D 101.146/3:L 46 eg Real leadership and the U.S. Army
ELECTRONIC D 101.146:F 76 eg Forecasting zero
ELECTRONIC D 101.146:R 92/14 eg Russian nuclear weapons
ELECTRONIC D 101.146:SA 8/2 eg The Saudi-Iranian rivalry and the future of Middle East security
ELECTRONIC D 101.2:T 18/2 eg The Acting Secretary of the Army's Task Force report on sexual assault policies
ELECTRONIC D 103.2:R 24/9/V.1-2 eg U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recreation study
ELECTRONIC D 208.213:8 eg The dragon eyes the top of the world
ELECTRONIC D 214.13:IR 1/6 eg U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2003
ELECTRONIC D 301.26/6:AI 7/16 eg The quest for relevant air power
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102011-3342 eg 1st Advanced Marine Renewable Energy Instrumentation Experts Workshop
ELECTRONIC E 1.177:DOE/GO-102011-3447 eg Energy savings measure packages
ELECTRONIC E 1.2:B 52/29 eg U.S. Department of Energy's bioenergy research centers
ELECTRONIC E 1.28:SERI/STR-253-2531 eg Survey of failure modes from 122 residential solar water heaters
ELECTRONIC E 1.70:G 28/2 eg Gene gateway, exploring genes and and genetic disorders
ELECTRONIC E 1.99:doe/sc-0123 eg Complex systems science for subsurface fate and transport
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-6 A 20-52868 eg Solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) markets
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 40-52897 eg Targeting net zero energy at Marine Corps base Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5000-50539 eg Loads analysis of several offshore floating wind turbine concepts
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5000-51753 eg Investigation of various condition monitoring techniquest based on a damaged wind turbine gearbox
ELECTRONIC E 9.17:NREL/CP-5500-52202 eg The impact of high wind power penetration on hydroelectric unit operations
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-5400-52668 eg Collaborative lubricating oil study on emissions
ELECTRONIC E 9.18:NREL/SR-5400-52909 eg High ethanol fuel endurance
ELECTRONIC E 9.2:N 38 eg Getting to net zero
ELECTRONIC E 9.2:R 11 eg Solar radiation resource assessment project
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5000-53084 eg Wind turbine gearbox failure modes
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-53294 eg Allocating variability and reserve requirements
ELECTRONIC E 9.22:NREL/PR-5500-53298 eg Western interconnection energy imbalance market status and prospects
ELECTRONIC E 9.23:NREL/BK 6 A 10-51726 eg Hydrogen production cost estimate using biomass gasification
ELECTRONIC E 9.28:NREL/PO-270-46338 eg Assembly and activity of engineered minicellulosomes
ELECTRONIC E 10.2:L 62/3/2010 eg Program partners leverage know-how and market pull
ELECTRONIC E 10.2:T 68/4 eg FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Program
ELECTRONIC ED 1.108:L 86/2 eg Traveling through time
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:P 94/14 eg Problem analysis
ELECTRONIC ED 1.2:T 22/24 eg Transition to teaching program evaluation
ELECTRONIC ED 1.310/2:432931 eg Exit counseling guide for counselors
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:2/3 eg Why the codfish has a red face
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:3/19 eg The turtle who went to war
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/10 eg How the animals got their color
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/11 eg Winter months
ELECTRONIC ED 1.319:5/TEACHER eg Thoughts from the shadow of a flame
ELECTRONIC ED 1.354: eg Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
ELECTRONIC ED 1.46/3: eg Justifications of appropriation estimates to the Congress
ELECTRONIC EP 1.2:C 76/9 eg Measuring construction industry environmental performance
ELECTRONIC EP 2.2:SE 2/3 eg Water security initiative
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:C 73 eg Expanding and updating the master list of compounds emitted by mobile sources
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:D 56/2 eg Highway diesel progress review
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:D 56/2/REPT.2 eg Highway diesel progress review report 2
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:EM 4/22 eg Technical support document
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:EM 4/22/DRAFT eg Draft technical support document
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:EM 4/24 eg Control of emissions of hazardous air pollutants from mobile sources
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:F 95/19 eg Light-duty automotive technology, carbon dioxide emissions, and fuel economy trends
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:F 95/20 eg Regulatory impact analysis
ELECTRONIC EP 6.52:M 71/3/DRAFT eg Draft regulatory impact analysis
ELECTRONIC EP 10.2:L 22 eg Land revitalization
ELECTRONIC EP 10.2:M 31/3 eg Best management practices
ELECTRONIC EP 10.2:N 21/2 eg NPEP champion
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:B 52 eg Sproull property
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:B 62 eg Coastal Range Food Bank
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:ED 8 eg Ohlone College Newark Center
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:EM 3 eg Green City lofts
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:G 16 eg Fremont Community Garden
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:G 83 eg Grijalva Park at Santiago Creek
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:H 77 eg Hoquarton natural interpretive trail
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:IN 2/2 eg Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:L 78 eg Malibu Bay property
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:M 47 eg Meeting Street National Center for Excellence
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:M 64 eg King and Hadley property
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:N 31 eg Former Sears building
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:OI 5 eg Flat Branch Park
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:OK 4 eg Skirvin Hotel
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:SH 8 eg Convention center
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22/2:T 71 eg Mabel Davis Park
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:B 52 eg A contaminated abandoned gas station finds new life in the sale of cutting-edge biofuels
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:C 73 eg Assisting community-based redevelopment
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:C 76 eg Removing the stigma of contamination and repairing blighted areas
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:D 93 eg In Durham, North Carolina, environmental training prepares residents for the jobs created by area revitalization
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:EC 7 eg Ecology in partnership with industry
EP 10.22:EL 4 eg New affordable housing in Elizabeth, New Jersey
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:EM 3 eg Community led action to create the Emerson Street garden
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:EN 8/2 eg Environmental insurance helps ensure redevelopment
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:F 29 eg A salute to the armed forces in Fayetteville
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:F 95 eg Partnerships and critical funding turn contaminated
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:G 22 eg Changing first impressions
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:G 82/2 eg Using "green" buildings on brownfields
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:G 82/4 eg Green jobs resulting in sustainable careers
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:H 89 eg Environmentally-conscious redevelopment creates a new home base for world hunger organization
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:IN 2 eg Indian colony transforms idle property into a community benefit
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:K 41 eg Historic trolley barn site will house the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:L 11 eg Bridging the needs of the community with the needs of the labor market
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:L 78 eg The union of Revolving Loan Funds
ELECTRONIC EP 10.22:M 61 eg Former mill redeveloped to create 500 jobs
ELECTRONIC FT 1.37/2:305 eg Job insecurity isn't always efficient
ELECTRONIC FT 1.37/2:308 eg Dynamics in a mature industry
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-11-885 SP eg Recovery Act education programs
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13/21:GAO-11-894 SP eg Freight railroad safety
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-1021 eg Drug control
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-1053 eg Aviation and the environment
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-1075 eg Pipeline safety
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-1078 eg Defense trade
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-1129 eg Health products for seniors
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-277 eg Information security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-345 eg Telecommunications
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-441 eg Nuclear cleanup
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-483 eg Prisoner releases
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-530 eg Export controls
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-542 eg Early childhood programs
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-561 eg Dairy industry
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-567 eg Troops to Teachers
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-633 eg Space station
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-647 eg International trade
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-773 eg Consumer finance
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-788 eg United Nations
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-883 eg Medicaid and SCHIP
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-01-948 eg Insurance regulation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-02-122 eg Elections
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-02-29 eg Financial management
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-02-87 eg National parks
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-346 eg Environmental health
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-607 eg Food safety
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-616 eg Financial crisis
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-652 eg Homeland security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-698 eg Small Business Innovation Research
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-703 eg On-the-job training
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-730 eg Tax administration
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-733 eg Airline passenger protections
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-744 eg Prescription drug control
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-751 eg Personal ID verification
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-757 eg Child care
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-758 eg Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-762 eg Information technology
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-766 eg Warfighter support
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-767 eg Indian Health Service
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-774 eg Iraq drawdown
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-791 eg Health care price transparency
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-794 eg Federal Bureau of Investigation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-795 eg Veterans health care
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-800 eg Climate monitoring
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-804 eg Recovery Act education programs
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-806 eg Weapons acquisition reform
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-809 eg Preventing sexual harassment
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-810 eg Long-term care hospitals
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-812 eg Veterans disability benefits
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-826 eg Information technology
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-832 eg Low-income countries
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-836 eg Drug pricing
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-839 eg Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-845 eg Military training
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-848 eg Modernizing the nuclear security enterprise
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-849 eg Aviation safety
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-853 eg Freight railroad safety
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-857 eg Federal courthouses
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-858 eg Motor carrier safety
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-863 eg Child welfare
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-886 eg Iraq and Afghanistan
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-893 eg Bureau of Prisons
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-908 eg Streamlining government
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-909 eg National Export Initiative
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-918 eg Highway Trust Fund
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-920 eg Nuclear nonproliferation
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-121 eg National preparedness
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-123 eg International military education and training
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-146 eg U.S. Postal Service
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-2 eg TANF and child welfare programs
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-23 eg National Cord Blood Inventory
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-30 eg Consumer Product Safety Commission
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-33 eg E-filing tax returns
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-50 eg Language and culture training
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-76 eg Income security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-12-86 eg Deepwater Horizon oil spill
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GGD-90-62 eg Immigration reform
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GGD-97-91 eg Tax policy
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-90-87BR eg Women in the military
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-94-147 eg Nonimmigrant visas
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-94-248 eg Space station
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-94-82 eg Military training deaths
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-94-86 eg Air Force fighters
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-94-87 eg Natural resources
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-95-191 eg Weapons of mass destruction
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:NSIAD-95-53 eg International broadcasting
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:PEMD-95-7 eg Electric vehicles
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:RCED-91-4 eg Housing for the elderly
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-11-875 R eg Private health insurance
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-12-27 R eg Department of Defense
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-828 T eg Social security disability
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-925 T eg Homeownership counseling
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-942 T eg Disaster recovery
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-945 T eg Polar satellites
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-122 T eg Federal Reserve System
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-129 T eg DOD and VA health care
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-12-196 T eg Supplemental security income
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:T-NSIAD-96-154 eg Chemical and biological defense
ELECTRONIC HE 1.2:T 63/5 eg Right after a tornado
ELECTRONIC HE 20.2:SE 9/2008 eg Teen talk
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:C 73/7 eg Principles of community engagement
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3202:AS 8/6 eg Asthma & physical activity in the school
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3202:AS 8/8 eg Asthma management in minority children
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323/3:N 95/2 eg Nutrition for early chronic kidney disease in adults
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3502:AU 8/2 eg Autism fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3520:R 31/2 eg Rett syndrome fact sheet
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3858:T 14/2 eg A clinician's handbook
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3902:AR 7/3 eg Living with arthritis
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3965/2:C 64/2010 eg Cocaine
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3965/2:T 55/2010 eg Tobacco addiction
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3965/3:ST 5/2 eg The brain's response to stimulants
ELECTRONIC HE 20.4053/2:B 53 eg Birth control guide
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7114/3:EX 7 eg Explosives underground
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7952:V 81/4 eg Understanding intimate partner violence
ELECTRONIC HE 20.8102:B 52/4 eg Bipolar disorder in children and teens
ELECTRONIC HE 20.8102:M 46/6 eg Mental health medications
ELECTRONIC HH 1.133/2: eg Veteran homelessness
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22/6-4: eg U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' management letter for FY ... DHS consolidated financial
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:04-08 eg A review of background checks for federal passenger and baggage screeners at airports
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:06-06 eg A review of U.S. citizenship and immigration services' alien security checks
ELECTRONIC HS 5.103:7 eg Wet floodproofing requirements for structures located in special flood hazard areas in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program
ELECTRONIC HS 5.108:C 63/2 eg Home builder's guide to coastal construction
ELECTRONIC HS 5.202:SA 1/2010 eg Fire safety checklist
ELECTRONIC I 19.121:290/M 66 eg Mining claim activity on federal land in the United States
ELECTRONIC I 19.42/4-4:2011-5071 eg Water availability and use pilot
ELECTRONIC I 19.42/4-6: eg Ground-water conditions and studies in Georgia
ELECTRONIC I 29.158: eg The riveter
ELECTRONIC KF4819.3 .U547 2008 Immigration Court practice manual
ELECTRONIC J 28.2:F 21/3 eg Male-perpetrated domestic violence
ELECTRONIC J 28.2:IN 8/3 eg Family and employment consequences of intimate partner violence
ELECTRONIC J 28.2:IN 8/4 eg Economic distress, community context and intimate violence
ELECTRONIC J 28.2:W 84/3 eg Men's domestic violence and other forms of deviant behavior
ELECTRONIC J 28.2:W 84/4 eg Patterns of violence against women
ELECTRONIC J 28.2:W 84/5 eg Violence among women
ELECTRONIC L 35.24:C 34 eg Working safely with chain saws
ELECTRONIC L 35.24:EL 2 eg Working safely with electricity
ELECTRONIC L 35.24:SE 8 eg Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
ELECTRONIC L 35.24:ST 1 eg State job safety and health programs
ELECTRONIC L 35.24:W 89/6 eg Workplace violence
ELECTRONIC LC 1.60:N 81/2008 eg North Korea
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102289 eg Channelized coplanar waveguide pin-diode switches
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:102366 eg The fuel cell in space
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213857 eg Low conductivity thermal barrier coatings
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2005-213860 eg Investigations of shuttle main landing gear door environmental seals
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217013 eg Ice shape characterization using self-organizing maps
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217166 eg Evaluation of electronic formats of the NASA task load index
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176519 eg Global change in the geosphere-biosphere
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176539 eg Shuttle flight experiment
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176541 eg Exploratory studies of physiological components of motion sickness
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176594 eg Surface energy fluxes in complex terrain
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176610 eg Ionic charge distributions of energetic particles from solar flares
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176611 eg Constraints on lithospheric structure from satellite potential field data, Africa and Asia
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176640 eg Theory of wing rock
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:176657 eg Chemical bonding technology
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177214 eg Conceptual design study
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:177217 eg Silicon production in a fluidized bed reactor
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2011-216468 eg Lessons learned in engineering
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2011-217156 eg Focused and steady-state characteristics of shaped sonic boom signatures
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.60:2011-216929 eg Aerodynamic simulation of ice accretion on airfoils
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.61:1228 eg Fastener design manual
ELECTRONIC PE 1.10:M0067 eg Working with youth
ELECTRONIC PE 1.10:R0088 eg The World Map Project
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:W 84/4 eg United States National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security
ELECTRONIC PREX 3.18:M 73 eg Of moles and molehunters
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-1219 eg Weapons
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-1228.2 eg Double taxation
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-215 eg Defense
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-216 eg Scientific cooperation
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-227 eg Employment
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-326 eg Investment guaranties
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-406 eg Education
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-626 eg Taxation
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-626.1 eg Emergency management
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:08-110 eg Maritime interdiction
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:08-201 eg Space cooperation
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:08-602 eg Civil aviation
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:08-1001 eg Nuclear safety
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:08-1206 eg Atomic energy
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:08-722 eg Peace Corps
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:09-1017 eg Trade
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:09-1130 eg Cultural property
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:09-121 eg Mutual legal assistance
ELECTRONIC S 20.19: eg Ejournal USA
ELECTRONIC SBA 1.2:B 96/13 eg New business clustering in U.S. counties, 1990-2006
ELECTRONIC SBA 1.2:B 96/16 eg Startup business characteristics and dynamics
ELECTRONIC SBA 1.2:D 72 eg Opening doors
ELECTRONIC SBA 1.2:IN 2/3 eg Income and wealth
ELECTRONIC SBA 1.2:SA 9 eg Saving for retirement
ELECTRONIC SBA 1.2:W 84/22 eg Women-owned Small Business (WOSB) Program
ELECTRONIC SE 1.2:Q 3/2011 eg Ask questions : questions you should ask about your investments
ELECTRONIC T 1.72/6: eg Agency financial report
ELECTRONIC TD 1.2:W 84/2 eg Report to the White House Council on Women and Girls
ELECTRONIC TD 2.30/13:10-031 eg Safety benefits of raised medians and pedestrian refuge areas
ELECTRONIC TD 2.30/17:10-05 eg Federal and tribal lands road safety audits
ELECTRONIC TD 2.30:11-050 eg Performance comparison of pavement rehabilitation strategies
ELECTRONIC TD 2.30:11-059 eg Multiple corrosion protection systems for reinforced concrete bridge components
ELECTRONIC TD 8.22:EC 7/994 eg The economic cost of motor vehicle crashes, 1994
ELECTRONIC TD 8.67:811 439 eg Quick reference guide (2010 version) to Federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations
ELECTRONIC VA 1.118:11-00238-184 eg Inspection of the VA Regional Office New Orleans, Louisiana
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/6:112-5 eg Protocol amending tax convention with Luxembourg
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8: eg Report on the activities of the Committee on Education and the Workforce together with minority views
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-193 eg In the matter of allegations relating to Michael Collins
Y 1.1/8:112-276 eg Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-279 eg Redesignation of the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-288 eg Small Business Size Standard Flexibility Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-297/ eg Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-323 eg United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 3.C 76/3:32 eg
ELECTRONIC Y 3.N 88:10-11/ eg Report on waste burial charges
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:F 31/2/C 83 eg Thrift savings plan. Court orders and powers of attorney
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:F 31/2/L 71 eg Thrift Savings Plan
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/1 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #1, Outreach and recruiting
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/2 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #2, Branching and asssignments
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/3 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #3, Retention
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/4 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #4, Promotion
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/5 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #5, Defining diversity
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/6 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #6, Diversity leadership
ELECTRONIC Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/7 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #7, Implementation and accountability
Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/8 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #8, Metrics
Y 3.2:M 59/D 35/9 eg Military Leadership Diversity Commission decision paper. #9, National guard and reserve
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AG 4:S.HRG.112-135 eg Protecting our seniors
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/41 eg Repeal of law and policies governing service by openly gay and lesbian service members
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/48 eg Recent developments in Afghanistan and the proposed drawdown of U.S. forces
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/51 eg Human capital management
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/52 eg Military voting
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/56 eg The way ahead in Afghanistan
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/61 eg The future of national defense and the U.S. military ten years after 9/11
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2:T 53/2011/ eg Title 10, United States Code
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/3:S.HRG.112-159 eg The current and future worldwide threats to the national security of the United States
Y 4.B 22/3-10: eg Legislative calendar
ELECTRONIC Y 4.B 22/3:S.HRG.112-100 eg Reviewing the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's final report
ELECTRONIC Y 4.B 22/3:S.HRG.112-102 eg Building the new derivatives regulatory framework
ELECTRONIC Y 4.B 85/3:112-11 eg Budgeting for America's national security
ELECTRONIC Y 4.B 85/3:112-16 eg The broken budget process
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.109-1150 eg High-performance computing
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.111-1111 eg Transition and implementation
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.112-134 eg Tourism in America
Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.112-152 eg Privacy and data security
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.112-169 eg Keeping the Coast Guard "always ready" in Alaska
Y 4.C 73/8:112-13 eg Waste, fraud, and abuse
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-17 eg Setting fiscal priorities in health care funding
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-32 eg The U.S. government response to the nuclear power plant incident in Japan
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-36 eg Using spectrum to advance public safety, promote broadband, create jobs, and reduce the deficit
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-4 eg The effects of Middle East events on U.S. energy markets
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-42 eg White House transparency, visitor logs, and lobbyists
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-44 eg The threat of data theft to American consumers
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-51 eg Creating an interoperable public safety network
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-8 eg Network neutrality and Internet regulation
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EC 7:S.HRG.112-127 eg Manufacturing in the USA
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EC 7:S.HRG.112-138 eg Spend less, owe less, grow the economy
ELECTRONIC Y 4.ED 8/1:112-31 eg Rushing union elections
ELECTRONIC Y 4.ED 8/1:112-41 eg Modernizing the Workforce Investment Act
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG.112-117 eg Critical minerals and materials legislation
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG.112-124 eg Various national parks bills
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG.112-128 eg Wildfire management
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG.112-129 eg Water and power bills
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG.112-131 eg Miscellaneous public lands and forests bills
ELECTRONIC Y 4.EN 2:S.HRG.112-146 eg Natural gas
Y 4.F 49/20:112-26 eg Oversight of the Financial Stability Oversight Council
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49/20:112-35 eg Federal Reserve lending disclosure
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49/20:112-39 eg Financial regulatory reform
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49/20:112-41 eg Investigating the gold
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.111-1077 eg The U.S.-China trade relationship
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.111-1086 eg Welfare reform
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.111-1088 eg Tax and fiscal policy
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.111-1093 eg Tax reform
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.111-1095 eg Do private long-term disability policies provide the protection they promise?
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.111-1101 eg International trade in the digital economy
Y 4.F 76/1:112-59 eg China's latest crackdown on dissent
Y 4.F 76/1:112-63 eg China's monopoly on rare earths
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-64 eg Prioritizing international religious freedom in U.S. foreign policy
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-65 eg Global perspectives on autism
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-66 eg The international exploitation of drug wars and what we can do about it
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-67-81 eg Narcoterrorism and the long reach of U.S. law enforcement
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-69 eg Job creation made easy
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-71 eg The expanding U.S.-Korea alliance
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-72 eg International child abduction
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-74 eg Efforts to transfer America's leading edge science to China
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/1:112-78 eg Feeding the dragon
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.112-89 eg Libya and war powers
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-35-43 eg Regulatory impediments to job creation in the Northeast
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-39 eg State and municipal debt
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-44 eg The foreclosure crisis
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-46 eg The future of capital formation
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-51 eg Official time
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-55 eg Cybersecurity
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-56 eg Unfunded mandates, regulatory burdens, and the role of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/7:112-57 eg Duplication and inefficiencies in federal social welfare programs
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1079 eg Terrorists and guns
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1081 eg Iran sanctions
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1089 eg Gulf Coast catastrophe
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1096 eg Nuclear terrorism
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1097 eg Charting a path forward
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1103 eg Cyber security, 2010
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1104 eg Nine years after 9/11
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.112-143 eg Preventing abuse of the military's tuition assistance program
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.112-144 eg Small business contracts
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.112-151 eg A ticking time bomb
Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.112-155 eg New tools for curbing waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.112-156 eg Roadmap for a more efficient and accountable federal government
ELECTRONIC Y 4.H 75:111-59 eg SBInet
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-51 eg How fraud and abuse in the asbestos compensation system affect victims, jobs, the economy, and the legal system
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-53 eg National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-54 eg Investor Visa Program
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-56 eg Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-57 eg Government Litigation Savings Act
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-58 eg The proposed merger between Express Scripts and Medco
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-59 eg Going dark
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-60 eg Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-62 eg A balanced budget amendment to the Constitution
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/1:112-63 eg State of religious liberty in the United States
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/2:S.HRG.111-1102 eg Oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/2:S.HRG.112-130 eg The Electronic Communications Privacy Act
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/2:S.HRG.112-132 eg The Violence against Woman [sic] Act
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/2:S.HRG.112-137 eg Considering the role of judges under the Constitution of the United States
ELECTRONIC Y 4.J 89/2:S.HRG.112-147 eg Protecting seniors and persons with disabilities
ELECTRONIC Y 4.L 11/4:S.HRG.111-1078 eg Pensions in peril
ELECTRONIC Y 4.R 31/3:112-23 eg Creating jobs by overcoming manmade drought
ELECTRONIC Y 4.R 31/3:112-26 eg At risk
ELECTRONIC Y 4.R 31/3:112-47 eg Giant salvinia
ELECTRONIC Y 4.SCI 2:112-10 eg The role of small business in innovation and job creation
ELECTRONIC Y 4.SCI 2:112-18 eg Nuclear energy risk management
ELECTRONIC Y 4.SCI 2:112-19 eg Protecting information in the digital age
ELECTRONIC Y 4.SM 1:112-033 eg Beyond the size standards
ELECTRONIC Y 4.SM 1:112-034 eg Helping small businesses compete
ELECTRONIC Y 4.SM 1:112-035 eg Are excessive energy regulations and policies limiting energy independence, killing jobs, and increasing prices for consumers?
ELECTRONIC Y 4.T 68/2:112-26 eg Biometric IDs for pilots and transportation workers
ELECTRONIC Y 4.T 68/2:112-29 eg EPA mining policies
ELECTRONIC Y 4.T 68/2:112-32 eg Creating U.S. maritime industry jobs by reducing regulatory burdens
ELECTRONIC Y 4.T 68/2:112-50 eg The Economic Development Administration
Y 4.V 64/3:111-94 eg Gulf War illness
Y 4.V 64/3:112-10 eg Sacred obligation
Y 4.V 64/3:112-23 eg Implementation of caregiver assistance
ELECTRONIC Y 4.W 36:111-5/2 eg Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
ELECTRONIC Y 4.W 36:112-HR 4 eg Improving programs designed to protect at-risk youth
ELECTRONIC Y 4.W 36:112-HR 5 eg Child deaths due to maltreatment
ELECTRONIC Y 4.W 36:112-OS1 eg Improved efforts to combat health care fraud
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:AI 7 eg Indoor air quality
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:AS 1 eg Asbestos
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:B 23 eg Fire barriers limit the movement of fire and smoke
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:C 32 eg Missing ceiling tiles
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:C 42 eg Safe use and handling of hazardous chemical products
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:C 81 eg Damaged power cords
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:C 81/2 eg Temporary extension cords and power connectors ahould not be used for permanent wiring
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:D 72 eg Fire doors
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:EX 7 eg Exposed, energized wiring and electrical components
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:EX 8 eg Portable fire extinguishers are often the first line of defense for fire suppression
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:EY 3 eg Emergency eye wash and shower units
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:F 19 eg Working from heights
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:F 67 eg Pandemic flu
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:F 67 eg Compact flourescent lamps
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:F 67/2 eg Pandemic flu
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:G 91 eg Ground-fault circuit interrupters protect you from electrical shock hazards
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:H 35 eg Heat stress
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:H 35/2 eg Space heaters
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:H 81 eg Housekeeping
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:IM 7 eg Electrical impedence hazards
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:IN 5 eg Avoid injury when lifting and handling heavy materials
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:L 11 eg Labor-management relations
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:L 23 eg Grounds/landscaping
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:L 46 eg Lead
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:L 81 eg Lockout/tagout
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:M 56 eg Methylene chloride
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:M 71 eg The hazards of using mobile devices while walking
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:M 73 eg Indoor air quality - mold
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:OF 2 eg ADA office checklist
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:P 19 eg Electrical panel accessibility and enclosure of live parts
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:P 87 eg Power strips and dangerous daisy chains
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:SA 1 eg Safe office checklist
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:SI 2 eg Exit and related signs
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:SM 7 eg Smoke detectors provide early warning of danger
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:ST 3 eg Stepladders
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:ST 7 eg Storage in corridors and exit pathways
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:W 89 eg Computer workstation setup
ELECTRONIC Y 11.19:W 89 eg Workplace rights for congressional employees
ELECTRONIC Y 11.2:C 68 eg Labor representation
ELECTRONIC Y 11.2:D 63/4 eg Dispute resolution
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