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January 2013 New Resources

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF76 .C38 2007 Career paths in psychology : where your degree can take you
BF173 .P29 1992 Jung to live by
BF175 .G325 2010 Freud's Mexico : into the wilds of psychoanalysis
BF311 .D466 2012 The brain : big bangs, behaviors, and beliefs
BF335 .D78 2012 The power of habit : why we do what we do in life and business
BF431 .D86 2010 How intelligence happens
BF431 .K366 2012 The intelligence paradox : why the intelligent choice isn't always the smart one
BF441 .C565 2012 Bullspotting : finding facts in the age of misinformation
BF636.7.C76 L58 2011 Social class and classism in the helping professions : research, theory, and practice
BF637.B85 K89 2012 Bullying
BF637.S4 F36 2000 The cycle of self
BF692.2 .G67 2011 Men, women, and relationships : a post-Jungian approach : gender electrics and magic
BF697.5.S43 D48 2011 Developing self in work and career : concepts, cases, and contexts
BF724.5 .T46 1995 Learning and change in the adult years : a developmental perspective
BM750 .W33 1999 Jewish stars in Texas : rabbis and their works
FTWORTH BS658 .K87 2002 The animals in the ark
FTWORTH BT378.L3 C75 1991 The parable of the vineyard
FTWORTH BV353 .J47 2005 Jesus and the children : beloved Bible song verses.
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
D - History: General and Old World
D20 .G756 2002 History at the limit of world-history
D767.4 .S58 2012 Undefeated : America's heroic fight for Bataan and Corregidor
D792.S65 H36 2012 Red phoenix rising : the Soviet Air Force in World War II
D799.U6 K46 2012 Ed Kennedy's war : V-E Day, censorship, & the Associated Press
D810.E8 C66 2012 American girls, beer, and Glenn Miller : GI morale in World War II
D810.N4 C36 2012 The color of war : how one battle broke Japan and another changed America
D842 .C295 2010 The Cambridge history of the Cold War
AV DA585.L57 L64 2011 The king's speech [sound recording]
DC97.5 .T82 1979 A distant mirror : the calamitous 14th century
DS134.72.K67 B64 2009 The champion of children : the story of Janusz Korczak
DS558 .K557 1998 Nixon's Vietnam War
DS916 .M465 2005 The war for Korea, 1945-1950 : a house burning
E - History: America
E168 .G48 1989 Age of excess : the United States from 1877 to 1914
E169.1 .L5295 2012 The mansion of happiness : a history of life and death
E178.1 .A49367 2003 The American promise : a history of the United States
E178.1 .M23 2001 Making America : a history of the United States
E184.M88 B55 2012 Finding Mecca in America : how Islam is becoming an American religion
E184.S75 M453 2012 Conversations across our America : talking about immigration and the Latinoization of the United States
E185.615 .C35195 2012 Beyond Black : celebrity and race in Obama's America
E185.97.D73 A25 1970 W.E.B. Du Bois : a reader
E185.97.K5 F695 2002b Martin Luther King, Jr.
E457.2 .D574 2012 Lincoln and the Constitution
E457.45 .V67 2012 Rise to greatness : Abraham Lincoln and America's most perilous year
E621 .G79 2012 Rhode Island's Civil War hospital : life and death at Portsmouth Grove, 1862-1865
E807.1 .D66 1996 Eleanor Roosevelt
E841 .F74 2001 From Camelot to Kent State : the sixties experience in the words of those who lived it
E843.K4 T35 2000 Jackie, Ethel, Joan : women of Camelot
E855 .P47 2008 Nixonland : the rise of a president and the fracturing of America
F - History: America
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
F67.W79 M66 1999 The Puritan dilemma : the story of John Winthrop
F334.M753 P373 2000 Rosa Parks
  F395.M5 T67 1994 Memorias de mi viaje = Recollections of my trip
  G245 .H47 2012 Polar wives : the remarkable women behind the world's most daring explorers
  G535 .D8813 2013 The pirate organization : lessons from the fringes of capitalism
  GV558 .D45 2012 Developing agility and quickness
GV867.64 .A38 2013 When baseball isn't White, straight, and male : the media and difference in the national pastime
H - Social Science
HB3717 1929 .K588 2001 Rainbow's end : the crash of 1929
HC103 .H39 1999 The economic transformation of America : 1600 to the present
  HC103 .W34 2002 History of the American economy
  HD30.28 .D4743 2008 Strategic management : text and cas
  HD30.28 .G353 2013 Essentials of strategic management : the quest for competitive advantage
  HD31 .C586 2002 The portable MBA in management
  HD62.4 .B365 2008 Transnational management : text, cases, and readings in cross-border management
  HD69.C6 N454 1997 Consulting for dummies
  HD8066 .W47 2000 Who built America? : working people and the nation's economy, politics, culture, and society.
  HD9005 .H358 2012 Foodopoly : the battle over the future of food and farming in America
  HD9940.A2 C54 2012 Overdressed : the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion
  HF5382.6 .K44 2012 Rising stars : developing millennial women as leaders
HF5386 .H57 1999 Think and grow rich : teaching, for the first time, the famous Andrew Carnegie formula for money-making based upon the thirteen proven steps to riches : organized through 25 years of research, in collaboration with more than 500 distinguished men of great wealth, who proved by their own achievements that this philosophy is practical
  HF5415.332.C45 B83 2011 The material child : growing up in consumer culture
  HF5549.A2 H86 Human resources.
  HF5549 .F88 2005 The future of human resource management : 64 thought leaders explore the critical HR issues of today and tomorrow
  HF5549.15 .C66 2006 Contemporary human resource management : text and cases            
  HF5549.5.C67 M284 2011 Strategic compensation : a human resource management approach
HF5549.5.M5 H37 2005 Understanding and managing diversity : readings, cases, and exercises
  HF5549.5.M63 D36 2000 Bringing out the best in people : how to apply the astonishing power of positive reinforcement
  HF5627 .R657 2010 The inside track to careers in accounting
  HM851 .D534 2013 Digital identity and social media
  HM1033 .V37 2011 Human behavior and the social environment, micro level: individuals and families
HM1101 .C768 2012 The real story of risk : adventures in a hazardous world
  HM1206 .M3759 2012 Greening the media
HQ774.5 .H34 2011 Teaching children responsible behavior : a complete toolk
HQ781.5 .S66 2003 I am America
  HQ799.7 .H46 2012

Twentysomething : why do young adults seem stuck?

  HQ801.82 .B75 2012 The illusion of intimacy : problems in the world of online dating
HQ1001 .G57 2012 What is marriage? : man and woman : a defense
  HV6570.3.P36 M68 2012 Game over : Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the culture of silence
HV7439.C2 B76 2012 Arming and disarming : a history of gun control in Canada
HV8079.C65 A57 2012 Mastering Windows network forensics and investigation
HV8148.N5 K36 2012 Jammed up : bad cops, police misconduct, and the New York City Police Department
J - Political Science
  JA81 .P6 1989 Politics, language, and time : essays on political thought and history
JC574.2.U6 Z37 2012 Why America needs a left : a historical argument
JC591 .W56 2012 A right to offend
JC599.U5 B675 2012 Libertarianism : what everyone needs to know
JF1525.S4 N53 2012 Private : Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, and the biggest exposure of official secrets in American history
JK1896 .K7 1981 The ideas of the woman suffrage movement, 1890-1920
JK2265 .E38 2012 The parties versus the people : how to turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans
K - Law
KEO1167.5 .W35 2010 Race on trial : black defendants in Ontario's criminal courts, 1858-1958
KF4541 .H575 2013 For ourselves and our posterity : the preamble to the Federal Constitution in American history
KF4749 .F55 2013 Ordered liberty : rights, responsibilities, and virtues
KF4772 .B49 2012 Too much free speech?
L - Education
LB1632 .F57 2008 Improving adolescent literacy : content area strategies at work
ELECTRONIC LB2806.36 .B427 2012 An analysis of academic achievement in public elementary open-enrollment charter and traditional public schools
LB2822.82 .G86 2012 Barriers to excellence : the changes needed for our schools
ELECTRONIC LB2831.744.T4 W55 2012 The relationship of organizational commitment and superintendent job satisfaction
ELECTRONIC LB2831.93 .E35 2012 Relationship of high school principal organizational commitment and campus academic performance
LC5225.L42 M33 2004 Making sense of adult learning
LC5800 .N45 2012 Teach beyond your reach : an instructor's guide to developing and running successful distance learning classes, workshops, training sessions, and more
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML410.C859 S23 2012 Henry Cowell : a man made of music
ML410.H13 B94 2012 Handel
  ML410.K636 A3 2012 A natural woman : a memoir
  ML410.R23 R63 2012 Reflections : the piano music of Maurice Ravel
  ML417.G78 B36 2012 Vince Guaraldi at the piano
  ML420.G978 R45 2012 Arlo Guthrie : the Warner/Reprise years
  ML420.J175 S85 2012 Untouchable : the strange life and tragic death of Michael Jackson
  ML420.P96 E25 2012 Echoes of Elvis : the cultural legacy of Elvis Presley
  ML2075 .B87 2012 The music of James Bond
  ML3531 .F46 2011 Close to the edge : in search of the global hip hop generation
N - Fine Arts
  NC975.5.N54 A35 2012 Abstract city
  NK1520 .H67 2012 The shape of green : aesthetics, ecology, and design
P - Language and Literature
PN1009.A1 C514 Children's literature: annual of the Modern Language Association Division on Children's literature and the Children's Literature Association. [serial]
ELECTRONIC PN1009.A1 C514  Children's literature: annual of the Modern Language Association Division on Children's literature and the Children's Literature Association. [serial]
PN145 .M485 2012 Metawritings : toward a theory of nonfiction
FTWORTH PN1085 .C52 1995 A child's anthology of poetry
PN1993.5.G75 K38 2012 A history of Greek cinema
PN1995.9.C55 B75 2012 British comedy cinema
PN1995.9.C56 L358 2012 Costume design
 PN1995.9.H5 J64 2012  The past is a moving picture : preserving the twentieth century on film
PN1995.9.H6 W435 2012 Post-9/11 horror in American cinema
PN1995.9.I684 C66 2012 The IRA on film and television : a history
PN1995.9.N36 G37 2012 The Third Reich's celluloid war : propaganda in Nazi feature films, documentaries and television
PN1997.F7442 F64 2012 Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy : the last masterpiece
PN1998.2 .L376 2012 The beauty of the real : what Hollywood can learn from contemporary French actresses
PN1998.3.C6635 P45 2012 The philosophy of the Coen Brothers
PN1998.3.E327 R46 2012 Rule of thumb : Ebert at the movies
PN1998.3.L544 J86 2012 Richard Linklater
PN1998.3.P43 P46 2012 Peckinpah today : new essays on the films of Sam Peckinpah
PN1999.R3 J46 2012 RKO Radio Pictures : a titan is born
PN2053 .M545 2011 The horse's mouth : how Handspring and the National Theatre made War horse
AV PN2287.F4255 A3 2011 Bossypants [sound recording]
PN2597 .A28 2012 Actors' voices : the people behind the performances
FTWORTH PN6231.C23 K453 2006 Feline felons : caught in the act
PN6231.C32 W57 1998 The secret knowledge of grown-ups
PQ1463.G19 E88 2009 Estoire des engleis = History of the English
PQ2637.I547 P6 1963 Planet of the apes
ELECTRONIC PR13 .T4 Texas studies in English.
PR13 .T4 Texas studies in English.
PR1309.D4 D399 2009 Detective stories
PR3403.Z5 F73 2012 Crusoe : Daniel Defoe, Robert Knox, and the creation of a myth
PR4592.G6 C65 2012 God and Charles Dickens : recovering the Christian voice of a classic author
PR6054.O37 D4 1985 The death of a king : a medieval mystery
PS129 .B76 2008 Conversations with American writers : the doubt, the faith, the in-between
PS153.N5 J37 2011 The indignant generation : a narrative history of African American writers and critics, 1934-1960
PS3149.W58 W55 200 Who was guilty?
PS3511.A86 A85 2000 As I lay dying : the corrected text
PS3511.I9 G7 2004 The great Gatsby
PS3537.M2895 T74 2005 A tree grows in Brooklyn
PS3537.P652 B95 2004 Byline : Mickey Spillane
AV  PS3537.P652 N49  The new adventures of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer. Vol. 3, Encore for murder [sound recording]
PS3552.E73125 G88 2011 Gutshot straight
AV PS3552.U723 F43 2011 Feast day of fools [sound recording]
PS3557.O75 S63 2010 Spade & Archer : the prequel to Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese falcon
AV  PS3558.A667 S68 2010  The stainless steel rat [sound recording]
PS3558.I528 P43 2011 Peaceful pieces : poems and quilts about peace
PS3563.A319 M6 1987 Moving on : a novel
AV PS3563.C383495 P37 2011 The Paris wife [sound recording]
AV PS3566.A7756 S76 2011 State of wonder [sound recording]
AV  PS3568.O243 N48 2011  New York to Dallas [sound recording] : an In Death novel
PS3569.C48435 B88 2009 Button up! : wrinkled rhymes
PS3569.L25 R47 1974 The reproductive system
AV PS3604.I2255 L36 2011b The language of flowers [sound recording]
AV  PS3608.O29 P75 2010b  Pride and prejudice and zombies. Dawn of the dreadfuls [sound recording] : a prequel
AV PS3610.O6236 F57 2010 First grave on the right [sound recording]
PS3613.E979 Z644 2012 Fanpire : the Twilight saga and the women who love it
AV PS3623.A956 W47 2011 We're alive. The first season [sound recording] : a story of survival
FTWORTH PZ7.B3262 Sl 1999 Sleep, little one, sleep
AV PZ7.B4985 Ch 2011 Chime [sound recording]
 PZ7.B7685 Fi 1986  Fireflies!
FTWORTH PZ7.B936 Mi 1970 Mr. Gumpy's outing
PZ7.F8654 Mi 2000 Miss Alaineus : a vocabulary disaster
AV PZ7.G1273 Co 2002 Coraline [sound recording]
PZ7.G1273 Odd 2009 Odd and the frost giants
AV  PZ7.G15334 Dd 2011b  Dead end in Norvelt [sound recording]
AV PZ7.G8233 Wil 2010b Will Grayson, Will Grayson [sound recording]
FTWORTH PZ7.H1828 Mac 1993 M.C. Higgins, the great
FTWORTH PZ7.H18944 Su 2009 The summer I turned pretty
PZ7.H2688 St 2002 A story for Bear
AV PZ7.H9156 Up 2011 Up a road slowly [sound recording]
PZ7.K494 Ar 2000 Armadillo tattletale
PZ7.L13735 Ni 1994 The night I followed the dog
AV  PZ7.L54 St 2011  Strawberry girl [sound recording]
FTWORTH PZ7.L56285 Po 1986 A porcupine named Fluffy
PZ7.M929 Dn 2006 Do not open this book!
FTWORTH PZ7.N5897 Cb 2007 Charlie Bone and the beast
FTWORTH PZ7.N5897 Cf 2004 Charlie Bone and the invisible boy
FTWORTH PZ7.N5897 Cha 2008 Charlie Bone and the shadow
FTWORTH  PZ7.N5897 Mi 2002  Midnight for Charlie Bone
PZ7.O222 Fa 2006 Fancy Nancy
FTWORTH PZ7.P338 Yh 2000 A year down yonder
PZ7.R210154 St 2011 Stars
PZ7.R982 Gr 2001 The great Gracie chase : stop that dog!
PZ7.S52865 Baj 2004 A bad case of stripes
   PZ7.S55987 Dap 2012  The dark side of nowhere
PZ7.S6257 Co 2000 The composition
PZ7.S77573 Bgm 2003 Beverly Billingsly takes a bow
PZ7.S84453 My 2005 My big dog
AV PZ7.T214826 Dau 2011b Daughter of smoke & bone [sound recording]
PZ7.T2193825 De 2002 Dear Mrs. LaRue : letters from obedience school
FTWORTH PZ7.T3715965 Las 2008 The last of the high kings
FTWORTH PZ7.W244 Muk 2001 The mystery of the tiger's eye
PZ7.W84738 Qu 2002 A quiet place
 AV  PZ7.5.W64 Wat 2011  The watch that ends the night [sound recording] : voices from the Titanic
PZ7.7.H385 Zit 2010 Zita the spacegirl : far from home
PZ8.1.S2168 Ep 2002 Epossumondas
FTWORTH PZ8.3.G276 Fox 1965 Fox in socks
PZ8.3.S55365 Fo 2002 Food fight!
PZ8.3.T2184 Ho 1995 How I spent my summer vacation
FTWORTH PZ10.3.C8975 Li 2003 Little Scraggly Hair : a dog on Noah's Ark
Q - Science
QA21 .M335 2012 The cult of Pythagoras : math and myths
QA76.76.I59 B34 2011 The virtual future
QA246.5 .C36 2010 Growing patterns : Fibonacci numbers in nature
QA275 .B43 2011 A student's guide to data and error analysis
QA276.12 .B725 2001 Understanding basic statistics : concepts and methods
QB582 .S545 2003 The moon
QE539 .C64 2013 The earthquake observers : disaster science from Lisbon to Richter
QH75 .C56 2012 Climate and conservation : landscape and seascape science, planning, and action
FTWORTH QH431 .S696 2012 Statistical human genetics : methods and protocols
FTWORTH QH506 .M45 v.850 Statistical human genetics : methods and protocols
QH457 .G65 2012 Our genes, our choices : how genotype and gene interactions affect behavior
ELECTRONIC QK86.U6 C69 2012 A two year flora and survey for rare species at Tarleton State University's Hunewell Ranch, Erath County, TX
   QL49 .J45 1995b  Biggest, strongest, fastest
QL696.P2367 M357 2012 Gifts of the crow : how perception, emotion, and thought allow smart birds to behave like humans
QL721.8 .B66 2012 Bones, clones, and biomes : the history and geography of recent neotropical mammals
QL949 .L26 2012 Animal eyes
QL951 .C8  Current topics in developmental biology.
ELECTRONIC QL951 .C8 Current topics in developmental biology
FTWORTH QM557 .F5513 2013 diFiore's atlas of histology with functional correlations
QP360.5 .A77 2012 The woman who changed her brain : and other inspiring stories of pioneering brain transformation
FTWORTH QR181 .W67 2012 Immunology : mucosal and body surface defences
R - Medicine
 RA776 .T539 2013  Fit to be well : essential concepts
RB150.S84 P74 2012 Preventing sudden death in sport and physical activity
FTWORTH RB155 .M6277 2012 Molecular genetics and personalized medicine
FTWORTH RB155.5 .G467 2012 Genomic structural variants : methods and protocols
AV RC275 .M85 2010 The emperor of all maladies [sound recording]
RC633 .H33 2012 Haematology nursing
ELECTRONIC  RC669 .C43 2012  Gender and stress related effects on cardiovascular health measures among college-age students
RC1210 .A84 2013 Athletic training and sports medicine : an integrated approach
RJ502.3 .C477 2012 Child and adolescent behavioral health : a resource for advanced practice psychiatric and primary care practitioners in nursing
ELECTRONIC RM666.T794 K35 2011 Tribulus terrestris : a study of its effects on strength, body composition, and cardiovascular health
S - Agriculture
   S592.2 .J455 1994  Factors of soil formation : a system of quantitative pedology
SB419.5 .G735 2012 Green roofs and rooftop gardens
ELECTRONIC SB945.S35 T46 2012 Eliciting aggregation response in green June beetle, (Cotinis nitida) using artificial lure stations
FTWORTH SF429.G63 C65 2009 The golden retriever handbook
T - Technology
 T58.64 .I5285 2012  Information overload : an international challenge for professional engineers and technical communicators
TL540.Y4 A38 1985 Yeager : an autobiography
TL789.8.U5 H53 2012 Inventing the American astronaut
TR140.P35 P3564 2006 Gordon Parks : no excuses
TX298 .G29 2012 The vacuum cleaner : a history
TX652 .F699 2004 How are you peeling? : foods with moods
TX716.M4 A74 2012 Taco USA : how Mexican food conquered America
TX803.P35 K73 2013 Creamy and crunchy : an informal history of peanut butter, the all-American food
U- Military Science
UA29 16th .C58 2001 Blood and sacrifice : the history of the 16th Infantry Regiment from the Civil War through the Gulf War
UH495.U6 S33 2012 Nurses in war : voices from Iraq and Afghanistan
V - Naval Science
Z - Library Science
ZA3075 .I5325 2013 The information behavior of a new generation : children and teens in the 21st century
U. S. Documents
A 67.7/3: AgExporter
Y 3.AP 4/2:9-2/ Appalachia : journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission
Texas Documents
     Plant disease. 
     Journal of gerontology. 
Science and children
North American journal of fisheries management.
Sierra. .
International wildlife.
Journal of food protection.
Veterinary medicine.
American forests.
Agricultural education magazine.
Science scope / National Science Teachers Association
Biochimica et biophysica acta. International journal of biochemistry and biophysics.
Booklist / American Library Association.
Cereal chemistry.
Cotton grower.
Farm journal.
Journal of soil and water conservation
National hog farmer
Natural history
New Zealand journal of agricultural research
Poultry science
Successful farming
Western fruit grower
Quarterly review of film and video : QRFV.
Water environment & technology
New Zealand journal of botany.
Taxation for accountants.
Agricultural finance review
Supermarket business.
Farmer's weekly.
Journal of the Chemical Society. Dalton transactions.
Journal of the Chemical Society. Perkin transactions 2.
Journal of agricultural and applied economics.
Hispanic outlook in higher education [serial]
New York State conservationist.
Ranch & rural living.
Food management. [serial]
Journal of the American Pomological Society. [serial].
Journal of educational administration and history.
Compost science & utilization
National wildlife
Industrial engineer : IE.
Journal of the Effective Schools Project.
AWI quarterly
Journal of wildlife diseases
Journal of geoscience education
The new educator
Kirkus reviews
History news
Journal of climate
Measurement and evaluation in counseling and development
Acta veterinaria scandinavica
Advances in animal biosciences
Ag consultant
Agricultural and resource economics review. [online]
Agricultural economics review [online].
Agricultural sciences. [online]
Agriculture business week
Agriculture Department Documents and Publications
Agriculture week
AGRIS on-line papers in economics and informatics
Air, soil and water research
Albanian journal of agricultural sciences
American academic & scholarly research journal
American fruit grower
American journal of animal and veterinary sciences
American journal of experimental agriculture
American journal of agricultural and biological sciences
American journal of plant sciences
American journal of potato research
American vegetable grower
Animal health research reviews
Annals of forest research
Annals of nutrition & metabolism
Appalachia : journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission
Applied and environmental soil science
Arable farming
Arboriculture & urban forestry
Australasian plant pathology
Australasian science
Australian commodities
Australian journal of crop science
The Australian journal of dairy technology
Baking management : the production magazine for volume bakers
Bangladesh journal of plant taxonomy
Basil & spice [basil & spice - blog]
Bee culture
Beef today
Biochemistry and cell biology = Biochimie et biologie cellulaire
Biophysical journal
Children's literature: annual of the Modern Language Association Division on Children's literature and the Children's Literature Association.
National geographic