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New Resources - January 2010

Call Number
A-General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B398.M8 P54 2009
Plato's myths

B832 .K66 2009
Pragmatism as transition : historicity and hope in James, Dewey, and Rorty

B945.A274 B52 2009
Maynard Adams : Southern philosopher of civilization

B2798 .E54 2009
The form of practical knowledge

BF39 .G72 2004
Statistics for the behavioral sciences

BF76 .L357 2009
Finding jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree

BF76.5 .S497 2009
 What psychology majors could (and should) be doing

BF341 .S38 2009
At home in the world

BF575.T7 E87 2009
eTrust : forming relationships in the online world

BF637.C45 M328 2009
The five vital signs of conversation

BF713.5 .P47 2009
Perspectives on human development, family and culture

BP171 .B35 2009
Surrender : appeasing Islam, sacrificing freedom

BX6177.3.T4 P69 2009
Matches in the gas tank : trial by fire in the Armstrong cult

BX8382.2 .M87 2009
"And are we yet alive?" : a history of the Northwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CR113 .T43 2009
Capture the flag : a political history of American patriotism
LOCALHIST CS413 .O94 2008  Oxford companion to family and local history
LOCALHIST CS414 .M37 1989 The A-Z guide to tracing ancestors in Britain
LOCALHIST CS483 .R33 2001 A genealogist's guide to discovering your Irish ancestors
D - History: General and Old World
D118 .H235 2010
Term paper resource guide to medieval history

D522.25 .P53 2009
Picture this : World War I posters and visual culture

D769.8.H58 B496 2009
Beyond the Latino World War II hero : the social and political legacy of a generation

D799.U6 G677 2009
Soldier of the press : covering the front in Europe and North Africa, 1936-1943

D804.3 .A427 2009
Remembering the Holocaust

D804.3 .L3573 2009
Philosophical witnessing : the Holocaust as presence

D810.C4 B84 2009
A lucky child : a memoir of surviving Auschwitz as a young boy

D810.S7 D57 2009
Deciphering the rising sun : Navy and Marine Corps codebreakers, translators, and interpreters in the Pacific war

DF234 .C47 2009
Alexander the Great

DK219.6.K28 V47 2009
The odd man Karakozov : Imperial Russia, modernity, and the birth of terrorism

DK274 .D637 2009
Khrushchev's cold summer : Gulag returnees, crime, and the fate of reform after Stalin

DS558.8 .H384 2009
Flying from the Black Hole : the B-52 bombardiers of Vietnam

DS559.4 .A44 2009
Until the last man comes home : POWs, MIAs, and the unending Vietnam War

DS559.62.V5 S39 2009
The American war in contemporary Vietnam

DS779.47 .C45 2008
China's ascent : power, security, and the future of international politics
E - History: America
E78.S7 M136 1994
Coyote : a trickster tale from the American Southwest

E83.83 .H335 2009
Uncommon defense : Indian allies in the Black Hawk War

E98.D2 T76 2009
Indian blues : American Indians and the politics of music, 1879-1934

E99.C6 B25758 2008
Just too much of an Indian : Bill Baker, stalwart in a fading culture

E99.C6 G647 2009
Our knowledge is not primitive : decolonizing botanical Anishinaabe teachings

E99.L5 M56 2009
The light gray people : an ethno-history of the Lipan Apaches of Texas and northern Mexico

E99.S4 H269 2009
The nature way

E99.Y23 S235 2010
Wild men : Ishi and Kroeber in the wilderness of modern America

E159 .P59 2008
Progressive nation : a travel guide with 400+ left turns and inspiring landmarks

E164 .W63 2009
Empire of liberty : a history of the early Republic, 1789-1815

E169.Z83 A44 2008
America at home : a close-up look at how we live

E169.1 .P38 2009
The new American exceptionalism

E169.12 .B334 2009
Arguing with idiots : how to stop small minds and big government

E176.1 .M73 2010
Celebrating the Republic

E179 .L235 1984

E184.A65 C35 2009
Homeland insecurity : the Arab American and Muslim American experience after 9/11

E184.E95 C64 2009
Mass migration under sail : European immigration to the antebellum United States

E185.6 .S62 2009
Black culture and the New Deal

E185.61 .B975 2009
The end of white world supremacy

E185.61 .W17 2009
The ghost of Jim Crow : how Southern moderates used Brown v. Board of Education to stall civil rights

E185.615 .F56 2009
Yes, we did? : from King's dream to Obama's promise

E185.615 .W328 2009
Want to start a revolution? : radical women in the Black freedom struggle

E185.97.B7 A3 2008
From slavery to wealth : the life of Scott Bond

E197 .D46 2005
The unredeemed captive : a family story from early America

E315 .H64 2006
The Whiskey Rebellion : George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the frontier rebels who challenged America's newfound sovereignty

E322.1.A38 H65 2009
Abigail Adams

E411 .M127 2009
The Mexican War diary and correspondence of George B. McClellan

E467.1.L55 M46 2008
Confederate struggle for command

E469 .J563 2010
Blue & gray diplomacy

E470 .M73 2009
Punitive war : Confederate guerrillas and Union reprisals

E475.55 .E466 2009
Lincoln's Gettysburg address : echoes of the Bible and Book of Common Prayer

E491 .R36 2010 Baring the iron hand : discipline in the Union Army

E540.I6 S25 2009 Becoming American under fire

E615 .P53 2009 Captives in gray : the Civil War prisons of the Union

E744 .B6977 2009 Why America fights : patriotism and war propaganda from the Philippines to Iraq

E748.G725 G68 2009 Encounters : my life with Nixon, Marcuse, and other friends and teachers

E807 .B75 2010 Franklin Delano Roosevelt

E840.8.F695 W45 2009 Barney Frank : the story of America's only left-handed, gay, Jewish congressman

E840.8.K35 A3 2009 True compass : a memoir

E850 .J64 2009 All the way with LBJ : the 1964 presidential election

E877.2 .R35 2009 The president electric : Ronald Reagan and the politics of performance

E895 .M38 2010 Superpower illusions : how myths and false ideologies led America astray--and how to return to reality
F - History: America
F128.65.C3 S55 2009
New York City's Central Park
F128.8.E46 R45 2009
The Empire State Building
F385 .I538 2001
Texas Ranger service records, 1838-1846
F387 .F56 2000
Final destinations : a travel guide for remarkable cemeteries in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana

F389.P48 C86 2009
Emily Austin of Texas, 1795-1851

F390.L25 B79 2008
More zeal than discretion : the westward adventures of Walter P. Lane
F390 .M855 2009
The Alamo : the battle for Texas
F392.H65 C66 1983
Hood County marriages, 1875 to 1900
F392.H65 H656 1993
Hood County historical highlights

F392.K47 S59 1999
The King Ranch story : truth and myth
F392.P165 H33 1985
Palo Pinto County, Texas, marriage records, 1858-1881
F394.A15 S58 2008
A people, a place : the story of Abilene

F394.A573 C43 2008
Antioch Community, Hood County, Texas

F394.S693 C43 2006
Soda Springs Community, Comanche County, Texas
F394.S7 P95 2009
Sins of the pioneers : crimes & scandals in a small Texas town

F395.M5 C64 2009
The master showmen of King Ranch : the story of Beto and Librado Maldonado

F592.C263 M335 2009
The Campbell quest : a saga of family and fortune
F1060.92 .K865 2009
The Alaska Highway

F1219.56.T46 D54 2008
The Tira de Tepechpan : negotiating place under Aztec and Spanish rule

F1234 .R25 2009
Mexico, la patria! : propaganda and production during World War II

F1234.Z37 B79 2008 The posthumous career of Emiliano Zapata
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G535 .L44 2009
The invisible hook : the hidden economics of pirates

GA401 .S73 2009
Longitude by wire : finding North America

GB1001.72.S3 N54 2007
The essential handbook of ground-water sampling

GB1197.7 .T69 2009
Gravitational systems of groundwater flow

GC89 .P48 2009
The rising sea

GC1018 .M34 1999
Safeguarding the health of oceans

GE170 .G686 2009
Governing sustainability

GF71 .V65 2009
Climate, affluence, and culture

GN635.S57 F56 2009
Objects of translation : material culture and medieval "Hindu-Muslim" encounter

GT2850 .C65 2007
Consuming the inedible : neglected dimensions of food choice

GV200.2 .R66 2009
Rock climbing

GV889.6 .S53 2009
Netball : steps to success

GV951.7 .G88 2009
Football kicking and punting

GV1015.5.T73 W35 2009
Aggressive volleyball

GV1201.38 .S78 2009
Caught in play : how entertainment works on you

GV1785.A83 E68 2008
Fred Astaire
H - Social Science

H61.95 .E22 2009
e-Research : transformation in scholarly practice

HB103.A2 W57 2009
Wealth and life : essays on the intellectual history of political economy in Britain, 1848-1914

HB139 .B34 2009
Running regressions : a practical guide to quantitative research in economics, finance and development studies

HB615 .K38 2009
Entrepreneurship, growth, and public policy

HB615 .U554 2009
Uncertainty, information management, and disclosure decisions

HB849.415 .B76 1998
Beyond Malthus : sixteen dimensions of the population problem

HB3722 .S659 2009
Too big to fail : the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system--and themselves

HC79.C6 B694 2009
Why she buys : the new strategy for reaching the world's most powerful consumers

HC79.E5 G334 1998
Mind over matter : recasting the role of materials in our lives

HC106.7 .R3 1980
Rational expectations and economic policy

HD30.3 .F664 2009
The four conversations : daily communication that gets results

HD31 .P288 2010
Integrated management systems : leading strategies and solutions

HD41 .E97 2009
Experiments and competition policy

HD58.8 .K75 1997
Sacred cows make the best burgers : developing change-ready people and organizations

HD58.8 .L3655 2008
The change cycle handbook : how to initiate, implement, and institutionalize change

HD58.9 .S676 2009
Chasing the rabbit : how market leaders outdistance the competition and how great companies can catch up and win

HD69.S8 A74 2009
Digital strategies for powerful corporate communications

HD111 .S27 2010
Greening brownfields : remediation through sustainable development

HD1525 .K36 2008
Profile of hired farmworkers, a 2008 update

HD1761 .H57 2010
Applied risk management in agriculture

HD2932 .E44 2009
Emerging multinationals in emerging markets

HD3616.C23 G88 2009
Not a conspiracy theory : how business propaganda hijacks democracy

HD6060 .G63 2009
The glass ceiling in the 21st century : understanding barriers to gender equality

HD6073.H82 U5 2009
Counter culture : the American coffee shop waitress

HD8039.O332 M61584 2008
Fragmented lives, assembled parts : culture, capitalism, and conquest at the U.S.-Mexico border

HD9011.7.E5 F74 2004
French beans and food scares : culture and commerce in an anxious age

HD9349.S634 C694 2009
Belching out the devil : global adventures with Coca-Cola

HD9560.5 .K35 2008
Pipelines : flowing oil and crude politics

HD9685.U6 T437 2009
Electricity restructuring : the Texas story

HD9718.A2 R46 2000
Working for the environment : a growing source of jobs
HE355 .M87 2009
The Eisenhower interstate system
HE8815 .M87 2009
The telephone : wiring America

HF1414 .S57 2008
Globality : competing with everyone from everywhere for everything

HF5381 .Z86 2002
Career counseling : applied concepts of life planning

HF5387 .H859 2009
Humanism in business

HF5415.13 .C253 2008
Breakthrough marketing plans : how to stop wasting time and start driving growth

HF5471 .M35 2009
Market and society : the great transformation today

HF5549.5.P37 J46 2009
Performance at the limit : business lessons from Formula 1 motor racing

HF5616.G7 H652 2009
Accounting principles for non-executive directors

HF6105.U5 J66 2009
All-out for victory! : magazine advertising and the World War II home front

HG179 .G626 2003
Raising financially fit kids

HG179 .K565 2000b
Rich dad, poor dad : what the rich teach their kids about money-- that the poor and middle class do not!

HG538 .B935 1971
The money supply process

HG3755 .B76 2008
Inequality, consumer credit and the saving puzzle

HG3881.5.W57 P45 2009
Reforming the World Bank : twenty years of trial -- and error

HG3891 .F74 1998
Investing in the future : harnessing private capital flows for environmentally sustainable development

HG4026 .S77 2007
The definitive guide to business finance : what smart managers do with the numbers

HM1206 .C668 2009
Convergence media history

HN90.M3 S75 2010
Connecting social problems and popular culture : why media is not the answer

HQ21 .M67 2009
How sex works : why we look, smell, taste, feel, and act the way we do

HQ31 .L817 2010
Condom nation : the U.S. government's sex education campaign from World War I to the Internet

HQ536 .G667 2009
Making meanings, creating family : intertextuality and framing in family interaction

HQ734 .M3872 2009
Marriage and family : perspectives and complexities

HQ761 .D38 2009
Go ask your father : one man's obsession with finding his origins through DNA testing

HQ769 .B686 2009
Raising thinking children and teens : guiding mental and moral development

HQ774 .R34 2009
Extending the dance in infant and toddler caregiving : enhancing attachment and relationships

HQ801 .H35249 2009
Act like a lady, think like a man : what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment

HQ1064.U5 C61135 2010
Family ties & aging

HQ1237.5.U6 B47 2009
Sexism in America : alive, well, and ruining our future

HQ1419 .C683 2008
Native speakers : Ella Deloria, Zora Neale Hurston, Jovita Gonz*alez, and the poetics of culture

HQ1421 .C64 2009
When everything changed : the amazing journey of American women, from 1960 to the present

HT241 .S54 1999
Reinventing cities for people and the planet

HV40 .R376 2009
Religion, class coalitions, and welfare states

HV553 .S59 2009
 A paradise built in hell : the extraordinary communities that arise in disaster

HV875.5 .I573 2009
International adoption : global inequalities and the circulation of children
HV5089 .S58 2009
The prohibition era : temperance in the United States

HV5822.M3 F69 2009
Marijuana is safer : so why are we driving people to drink?

HV6432.4 .C47 2009
Homeland security : assessing the first five years

HV6535.M43 C588 2008
Violence and activism at the border : gender, fear, and everyday life in Ciudad Ju*arez

HV6626.22.O35 D445 2009
Dangerous exits : escaping abusive relationships in rural America

HV6692.M33 A78 2009
Madoff : the man who stole $65 billion

HV8699.U6 T497 2009
Upon this chessboard of nights and days : voices from Texas death row

HV9469 .W53 2009
Who's watching? : daily practices of surveillance among contemporary families
J - Political Science

JC571 .B435 2009
Rejecting rights

JF1525.I6 W38 2010
The international politics of intelligence sharing

JK516 .K55 2009
The discretionary president : the promise and peril of executive power

JK528 .V38 2009
The message matters : the economy and presidential campaigns

JK2249 .M35 2009
Culture of corruption : Obama and his team of tax cheats, crooks, and cronies

JN900 .C65 2009
The Internet and democratic citizenship : theory, practice and policy

JQ2941.A91 G55 2009
The dance of politics : gender, performance, and democratization in Malawi

JZ1312 .C35 2009
Follies of power : America's unipolar fantasy

JZ1480.A57 T9 2009
American image in Turkey : U.S. foreign policy dimensions

JZ5538 .R46 1999
Ending violent conflict

JZ6005 .E43 2009 Virus alert : security, governmentality, and the AIDS pandemic
K - Law

K212 .S325 2009
Thinking like a lawyer : a new introduction to legal reasoning

K487.E3 T48 2009
Theoretical foundations of law and economics

K3268.3 .R45 2009
Refugees, asylum seekers and the rule of law : comparative perspectives

KBM563 .W45 2009
Levirate marriage and the family in ancient Judaism

KF2400 .B36 2008
Who owns the sky? : the struggle to control airspace from the Wright brothers on

KF2812 .J46 2009 Censorship : the threat to silence talk radio

KF4220 .L39 2009 The law of special education and non-public schools

KF4749 .C6425 2009 Justice Kennedy's jurisprudence

KF4778 .K67 2009 A right to discriminate? : how the case of Boy Scouts of America v. James Dale warped the law of free association

KF8742 .B727 2009 Strategy on the United States Supreme Court

KF8748 .F79 2009 The will of the people : how public opinion has influenced the Supreme Court and shaped the meaning of the Constitution

KF8776 .G53 2009 Citizens, courts, and confirmations : positivity theory and the judgments of the American people
LOCALHIST KFT1716.E73 K55 2009 Vigilantes to verdicts : stories from a Texas district court
L - Education

LA227.1 .N67 2009
The Third Reich in the ivory tower : complicity and conflict on American campuses
LA2301 .G67 1997
Biographical dictionary of North American and European educationists

LB875 .D3943 1997
Experience and education

LB1025.3 .M544 2009
The total teacher book and planner : the all-in-one system that gets you organized, empowered, and inspired to teach your best

LB1025.3 .S565 2009
Teaching is more than pedagogical practice : thirty-three strategies for
    dealing with contemporary students

LB1025.3 .W725 2009
Metaphors & analogies : power tools for teaching any subject

LB1043.67 .M35 2009
Picture that! from Mendel to Normandy : picture books and ideas, curriculum and connections--for 'tweens and teens

LB1139.23 .H65 2010
 Little kids, big worries : stress-busting tips for early childhood classrooms

LB1139.5.L35 Q55 2009
Critical literacy in early childhood education

LB1575.8 .P85 2009
Pulling together : integrating inquiry, assessment, and instruction in today's English classroom

LB1576 .B8925 2009
Practical literacy coaching : a collection of tools to support your work

LB1623 .M56 2009
Understanding and engaging adolescents

LB1731 .A435 2009
Improving teacher quality : the U.S. teaching force in global context

LB1731.4 .M4655 2009
Mentoring beginning teachers : guiding, reflecting, coaching

LB1738 .F37 2009
Faculty success through mentoring : a guide for mentors, mentees, and leaders

LB1775.2 .V36 2009
Everything but teaching : planning, paperwork, and processing

LB2331.72 .B87 2006
What ever happened to the faculty? : drift and decision in higher education

LB2335.7 .C76 2009
Off-track profs : nontenured teachers in higher education

LB2366.2 .B36 2009
Designing effective assessment : principles and profiles of good practice

LB2822.82 .C365 2009
Improving standards-based learning : a process guide for educational leaders

LB2831.82 .B85 2009
Building sustainable leadership capacity

LB2831.92 .S26 2009
Principals matter : a guide to school, family, and community partnerships

LB2831.92 .W53 2009
Developing successful K-8 schools : a principal's guide

LB2832.2 .B76 2009
From difficult teachers-- to dynamic teams

LB3013.3 .B433 2009
Bullying prevention for schools : a step-by-step guide to implementing a successful anti-bullying program

LB3060.33.G45 M34 2005
McGraw-Hill's GED : the most complete and reliable study program for the GED tests

LB3479.U6 P55 2010 Free for all : fixing school food in America

LC2771 .E25 2009 Educating African American students : foundations, curriculum, and experiences

LC3981 .O725 2009 Discipline in special education

LC4713.4 .L68 2009 The school counselor's guide to ADHD : what to know and do to help your students

LC4802 .W55 2009 Teaching infants, toddlers, and twos with special needs
M - Music and Books on Music

ML38.B48 W664 2009
The road to Woodstock

ML420.J175 H35 2009
Unmasked : the final years of Michael Jackson

ML421.V44 V445 2009
The Velvet Underground : New York art

ML1733.4 .P67 2009
Changing the score : arias, prima donnas, and the authority of performance

ML3506 .F38 2009 "Do you know-- ?" : the jazz repertoire in action

ML3917.U6 G54 2009 Sound diplomacy : music and emotions in transatlantic relations, 1850-1920

ML3918.J39 D38 2009 Jazz diplomacy : promoting America in the Cold War era
N - Fine Arts

N6505 .Y35 2008
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness : American art from the Yale University art gallery

N6537.C462 A2 2009
The sweet smell of home : the life and art of Leonard F. Chana

N6953.L53 A4 2008
Jan Lievens : a Dutch master rediscovered

N7345 .V56 2008
New China, new art = Zhongguo dang dai yi shu

NA2542.36 .K38 2010 Greening our built world : costs, benefits, and strategies

NC1764.5.U6 D36 2009 Underground classics : the transformation of comics into comix

ND237.M41178 A4 2009 Holiness and the feminine spirit : the art of Janet McKenzie

ND237.W7955 A4 2009 Sports book

ND623.B9 A69 2009  The Last Judgment : Michelangelo and the death of the Renaissance

ND623.D65 F56 2008 Dosso Dossi : paintings of myth, magic, and the antique

ND1839.B8 A4 2009 Charles Burchfield 1920 : the architecture of painting

NK925 .A79 2008 Artistic luxury : Faberg*e Tiffany Lalique

NK2004.3.K37 A4 2009 Inspired interiors
P - Language and Literature

P91.3 .D57 2010
Distinctive qualities in communication research

P92.E9 M43 2009
Mediating Europe : new media, mass communications and the European public sphere

P92.U5 H365 2009
Empire of illusion : the end of literacy and the triumph of spectacle

P94.5.M55 W45 2009 The radio eye : cinema in the North Atlantic, 1958-1988

P95.82.U6 G65 2005
100 people who are screwing up America-- and Al Franken is #37

P117 .E54 2009
The anatomy of meaning : speech, gesture, and composite utterances

P291 .V65 2009
The art of syntax : rhythm of thought, rhythm of song

PA4025.A2 J67 2008
The Iliad

PE1072 .O54 2009
One language, two grammars? : differences between British and American English

PE1404 .S827 2009
Journal keeping : how to use reflective writing for effective learning, teaching, professional insight, and positive change

PE1405.U6 W67 2010
Working in the archives : practical research methods for rhetoric and composition

PN45 .S857 2009
The story about the story : great writers explore great literature

PN56.D55 H36 2009
Fictions of embassy : literature and diplomacy in early modern Europe

PN175 .M115 2009
John Macksoud's Other illusions : inquiries toward a rhetorical theory

PN212 .F53 2009
The elements of story : field notes on nonfiction writing

PN681.5 .H49 2009
Desiring bodies : Ovidian romance and the cult of form

PN1083.W37 W56 2008
The poetry of war

PN1992.92.D57 M56 2010
Media globalization and the Discovery Channel networks

PN1993.5.U6 R29 2009
Hollywood politicos, then and now : who they are, what they want, why it matters

PN1995.9.Q35 F67 2009
Royal portraits in Hollywood : filming the lives of queens

PN1997.G59 H37 2009
Frankly, my dear : Gone with the wind revisited

PN1998.3.E325 C67 2009
Clint Eastwood and issues of American masculinity

PN3355 .S554 2009
The art of time in fiction : as long as it takes

PN3451 .B68 2009
On the origin of stories : evolution, cognition, and fiction

PN4738 .F46 2009
Junk news : the failure of the media in the 21st century

PN4738 .H39 2010
Negotiating in the press : American journalism and diplomacy, 1918-1919

PN4751 .N67 2009
Normative theories of the media : journalism in democratic societies

PN4784.O62 J66 2009
Journalism and citizenship : new agendas in communication

PN4836 .P54 2009
Girl zines : making media, doing feminism

PN4864 .R38 2009
Paradoxes of prosperity : wealth-seeking versus Christian values in pre-Civil War America

PN4888.F69 H36 2009
Journalism's roving eye : a history of American foreign reporting

PN4893 .C78 2009
The Southern press : literary legacies and the challenge of modernity

PQ221 .D64 2009
Love cures : healing and love magic in old French romance

PQ6147.S44 F64 2009
Escape from the prison of love : caloric identities and writing subjects in fifteenth-century Spain

PQ6410 .L3 1988
Poes*ias completas

PQ8179.S5 A6 2003
Poemas y prosas

PR551 .J86 2009
The fragmentary poetic : eighteenth-century uses of an experimental mode

PR595.O6 S49 2009
Perspectives : modes of viewing and knowing in nineteenth-century England

PR878.D35 E54 2009
Dancing out of line : ballrooms, ballets, and mobility in Victorian fiction and culture

PR888.F27 C66 2008
Contemporary fiction and the fairy tale

PR2823.A2 B73 2008

PR2969 .M37 2009
Shakespeare and Victorian women

PR2995 .W45 2008
Shakespeare and the power of performance : stage and page in the Elizabethan theatre

PR3011 .J46 2008
Religion and revelry in Shakespeare's festive world

PR3095 .G865 2009
The Shakespearean stage, 1574-1642

PR3593 .V3
A variorum commentary on the poems of John Milton

PR4856 .D45 2008
Being Kipling

PR5892.S58 S56 2009
Wordsworth, commodification and social concern : the poetics of modernity

PR6023.A93 A6 2009
The vicar's garden and other stories

PR6066.R34 P97 1989
Pyramids : (the book of going forth)

PR6103.O976 G55 2008
The glass of time : the secret life of Miss Esperanza Gorst

PR9619.3.F68 Z86 2009
Her brilliant career : the life of Stella Miles Franklin

PS153.M4 G59 2009
Border renaissance : the Texas centennial and the emergence of Mexican American literature

PS217.I49 M54 2008
Moving encounters : sympathy and the Indian question in Antebellum literature

PS374.D4 N36 2008
Nancy Drew and her sister sleuths : essays on the fiction of girl detectives

PS374.S7 A45 2008
American fiction of the 1990s : reflections of history and culture

PS559.E6 L58 2009
Literary El Paso

PS2388.I8 B47 2009
American Risorgimento : Herman Melville and the cultural politics of Italy

PS3511.I9 Z589 2009
Fitzgerald & Hemingway : works and days

PS3515.E37 Z58579 2009
All man! : Hemingway, 1950s men's magazines, and the masculine persona

PS3553.L287 I4 1993
I'll be seeing you : a novel

PS3553.L287 L59 1994
The lottery winner : Alvirah and Willy stories

PS3553.O5545 S56 2002 Shock

PS3553.O692 A93 2007
 At risk

PS3553.O692 B6 1991
Body of evidence

PS3553.O692 S26 2008

PS3554.I32 Z89 2009
Reading, learning, teaching James Dickey

PS3554.I33 D4 1984
Democracy : a novel
PS3557.E488 G7 1997
The great frog race and other poems
PS3557.R5355 B74 2000b The brethren
PS3557.R5355 S7 1998 The street lawyer
PS3566.A822 C3 1997 Cat & mouse : a novel
PS3566.A822 P66 1999b Pop goes the weasel : a novel
PS3566.A822 W44 1998b When the wind blows : a novel
PS3569.P363 B46 2001 A bend in the road
PS3569.P363 M47 1998 Message in a bottle
PS3572.O5 Z743 2009 Kurt Vonnegut's America
PS3601.L335 F59 2003b The five people you meet in heaven
PS3619.W525 C66 2009 Comfort and mirth
CURR-COLL PZ7.P2437 Gw 2007 Gwango's lonesome trail
CURR-COLL PZ7.P7129 He 2009 Hellie Jondoe
CURR-COLL PZ73 .B4495 2008 Dreamygirl's field of wishes = Enso*naci*on y el jard*in de sue*nos
Q - Science

Q130 .D43 2009
Getting the most out of your mentoring relationships

Q143.L88 G752 2009
James Lovelock : in search of Gaia

 Q172.5.C45 D47 2009 Dynamics of self-organized and self-assembled structures

Q223 .P56 2009
The boundaries of the new frontier

Q387 .S7 1998
Spatial cognition : an interdisciplinary approach to representing and processing spatial knowledge

QA27.G4 S53 2009
Mathematicians fleeing from Nazi Germany : individual fates and global impact

QA37.3 .J65 2009
A transition to advanced mathematics : a survey course

QA37.3 .P39 2009
Essential math skills for engineers

QA63 .L48 2009
The mathematical mechanic : using physical reasoning to solve problems

QA76.73.P98 B84 2010
Exploring Python

QA76.76.O63 L48534 2009
Tiny OS programming / Philip Levis and David Gay

QA76.9.C66 G68 2009
The cultural logic of computation

QA113 .G54 1992
Each orange had 8 slices : a counting book

QA159 .D74 1999
Fostering algebraic thinking : a guide for teachers, grades 6-10

QA164 .K86 2009
Combinatorics : the Rota way

QA300 .B496 2009
Thinking about equations : a practical guide for developing mathematical intuition in the physical sciences and engineering

QA377 .S3538 2009
A compendium of partial differential equation models

QB64 .M59 2009 Cataclysmic cosmic events and how to observe them

QB521 .G29 2008 Three steps to the universe : from the sun to black holes to the mystery of dark matter

QB603.C78 T39 2009
Planetary crusts : their composition, origin and evolution

QB821 .M829 2009 The Cambridge double star atlas

QB991.C64 P44 2009
Finding the big bang

QE48.8 .R46 2009
Applied geostatistics with SGeMS

QE538.5 .S37 2009
Seismic interferometry

QH31.D2 C185 2009
The Cambridge companion to Darwin

QH45.5 .S47 2008
The seventy great mysteries of the natural world

QH81 .G67323 1999
Leonardo's mountain of clams and the Diet of Worms

QH96.8.B53 A88 2009
Assessing the conservation value of fresh waters

QH102 .F54 2010
Field guide to rivers of North America

QH308.2 .E57 2009 Environmental biology

QH315 .P56 1996
A portfolio of teaching ideas for high school biology

QH365.Z9 V36 2009
Charles Darwin's shorter publications, 1829-1883

QH428 .F35 2009
Genetic analysis : a history of genetic thinking

QH431.A1 A3 v.65
Genetic dissection of neural circuits and behavior

QH470.S23 Y43 2009
Yeast functional genomics and proteomics

QH506 .C48 2009
Biomolecular networks : methods and applications in systems biology

QK86.A1 T89 1999
Nature's cornucopia : our stake in plant diversity

QK725 .P95 2009
Plastid biology

QL82 .T89 1998
Losing strands in the web of life
QL475.T4 K38 2009 Insects of Texas : a practical guide
QL551.S87 B76 2008 Butterflies of the Southwest
QL666.C5 E76 2009 Turtles of the United States and Canada
QL666.O6 S655 2009 Snakes : ecology and conservation
QL677.78 .V49 2002 Birds of prey in the American West
QL737.C23 M245 2009  The jaguar's shadow : searching for a mythic cat
QL737.C27 E47 2009 On thin ice : the changing world of the polar bear
CURR-COLL QL737.P98 G53 2008 Elephants of Africa
QL757 .P743 2009 Primate parasite ecology
REFERENCE QM25 .A489 2010 Anatomy & physiology : an incredibly visual! pocket guide.
QR121 .G86 2009 The raw milk revolution : behind America's emerging battle over food rights
R - Medicine

R118 .M375 2009
Mastering communication with seriously ill patients

R729.8 .S844 2008
Patient safety handbook

RA412.2 .K68 2007
The healthcare fix : universal insurance for all Americans

RA645.N87 G374 2000
Underfed and overfed : the global epidemic of malnutrition

RA1224.2 .H57 2009
Histological analysis of endocrine

RA1226 .M38 2000
Why poison ourselves? : a precautionary approach to synthetic chemicals

RC488 .C5935 2006
Groups : process and practice

RC512 .B33 2009
Back to life, back to normality

RC512 .R43 2009
The recognition and management of early psychosis

RC560.D97 F46 2009
Female sexual pain disorders

RC566 .S36 2009
Community treatment of drug misuse : more than methadone

RC606.6 .L56 2009
A line drawn in the sand : responses to the AIDS treatment crisis in Africa

RD82 .G66 2009
Acting in anaesthesia

RM237.85 .G67 2008
Dr. Gott's no flour, no sugar cookbook

RM237.87 .L683 2005
The gluten-free bible : the thoroughly indispensable guide to negotiating life without wheat

RM735.7.G37 H49 1994
Horticulture as therapy
RT4 .O44 2009 The official guide for foreign-educated nurses
RT81.5 .N8665 2010 Nursing research : methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice
S - Agriculture

S441 .B472 2009
Bringing it to the table : on farming and food

SB454.3.F7 F73 2009
Fragrant designs

SF303 .S826 2008
The forgotten horses

SF778 .V49 2009
Veterinary disaster response

SH327.7 .M36 1998
Rocking the boat : conserving fisheries and protecting jobs
T - Technology

T11.8 .K57 2009
The right graph : a manual for technical and scientific author

T55 .G5849 2010
Establishing a safety-first corporate culture in your organization

T55 .S6442 2009
The handbook of safety engineering : principles and applications

T385 .B4793 2010
Engineering design and graphics with SolidWorks

T385 .L6465 2010
SolidWorks administration bible

T385 .R49457 2010
 Introduction to AutoCAD 2010

TA169 .B385 2009
Practical system reliability

TA169 .J334 2010
Architecting resilient systems

TA714.5 .S38 2009
Creep and fracture of ice
TC557.5.H6 A43 2009
 The Hoover Dam

TD426 .S26 2000
Deep trouble : the hidden threat of groundwater pollution

TD430 .W365 1999
Water quality and treatment : a handbook of community water supplies

TD890 .C542 2009
Continuous monitoring for hazardous material release

TD899.F585 S78 2009
Waste : uncovering the global food scandal

TD930.2 .M36 2009
Manure pathogens : manure management, regulations, and water quality protection
TF847.N5 R45 2009
The New York City subway system
CURR-COLL TG25.N53 P74 2009 The Brooklyn Bridge
TK2851 .S26 2009 Running small motors with PIC microcontrollers
TK3275 .M58 2009 Electrical safety of low-voltage systems
TK5105.88813 .O94 2010 Development with the platform
TK7874.75 .B78 2010 Digital VLSI chip design with Cadence and Synopsys CAD tools
TK7887 .G677 2009 Troubleshooting & maintaining your PC all-in-one for dummies
CURR-COLL TL789.85.A1 S79 2009 Almost astronauts : 13 women who dared to dream
TP339 .B564 2009 Biomass and alternate fuel systems
TR140.A76 E94 2009 Eve Arnold's people
TR659.8 .P34 2009 The photographs of Homer Page
TR660.5 .V37 2007 Four & twenty photographs : stories from behind the lens
TR679 .F374 2008 Fashion as photograph : viewing and reviewing images of fashion
TR790 .I45 1981 Images of the world : photography at the National geographic
TR820.5 .O384 2008 The dawn of the color photograph
TR820.5 .S8475 2008 Everyone had cameras : photography and farmworkers in California, 1850-2000
TS155 .I39 2009 Optimizing factory performance : cost-effective ways to achieve significant and sustainable improvement
TS157.5 .B35 2009 Principles of sequencing and scheduling
TS183 .M4613 2009 Manufacturing execution systems : optimal design, planning, and deployment
TS1109 .A25 1999 Paper cuts : recovering the paper landscape
TT212 .R488 2004 101 bench tips for jewelers
TT900.C4 C487 2008 Christmas with Southern living 2008
TX355 .E44 2009 Food in the United States, 1890-1945
TX392 .K394 2009 The vegetarian myth : food, justice, and sustainability
U- Military Science

UA23.15 .B87 2009
Honest broker? : the national security advisor and presidential decision making

UB418.W65 B45 2009
Women doctors in war

UG1242.A28 J64 2008
American attack aircraft since 1926
Z - Library Science

Z653.7 .A43 2008
Licensing and managing electronic resources

Z666.6 .M39 2008
FRBR : a guide for the perplexed

Z674.75.I58 W42 2008
Web accessibility : practical advice for the library and information professional

Z674.75.W67 P48 2009
Library programs online : possibilities and practicalities of Web conferencing

Z711 .B927 2002
Building a successful customer-service culture
Z716.3 .D69 2010 Bite-sized marketing : realistic solutions for the overworked librarian
Z716.3 .L52 2009 The library PR handbook : high-impact communications
Z717 .L37 2008  Merchandising made simple : using standards and dynamite displays to boost circulation
Z718.85 .G65 2007 Going the distance : library instruction for remote learners
ZA3075 .G73 2009 Information literacy instruction : theory and practice
ZA3075 .R54 2006 Learning to learn : a guide to becoming information literate in the 21st century
Texas Documents
TX-DOC N330.8 D46CO Design and construction guidelines for dams in Texas
TX-DOC S600.8 T312FA 2008 The Texas family guide to personal money management

Ambio special report

The American law register
The American law register
The Annual of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem

The annual of the British School at Athens

Anthropological linguistics

Asian ethnology

British journal of international studies

Bulletin du Jardin botanique national de Belgique

Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of Italian

Bulletin of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History

Environmental history review : EHR

Environmental review : ER

Erato : news and views of the Woodberry Poetry Room and the Farnsworth Room in the Harvard College Library

Etudes rurales

Forest & conservation history

Harvard book review

Harvard review

Holarctic ecology

Forest history

Infection control : IC

Infection control and hospital epidemiology

The international law quarterly

Journal of architectural education

Journal of architectural education : JAE

Journal of criminal law and criminology

Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology

Journal of forest history

Journal of herpetology

Journal of religion and health

 The journal of the gilded age and progressive era

Journal of the Royal African Society

Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, including the papers read and abstract of proceedings for


The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly

The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly. Health and society

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Philosophical transactions (1683-1775)

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London

Policy sciences

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Science studies

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TDR / New York University


Oral microbiology and immunology