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Tarleton State University Libraries LibX Toolbar

LibX tool

The Tarleton State University Libraries LibX extension is a Firefox and Chrome extension that provides direct access to the Tarleton Libraries resources. It features: 

Dropdown menu & right-click context menu: Access library information and web pages from a list or search the library catalog, Full Text Finder E-Journals, WorldCat, or Google Scholar directly from the LibX toolbar or using the right-click context menu.

Off-campus access via EZProxy: Using the Library's off-campus proxy, you may reload a page through the proxy, or follow a link via the proxy, making it appear as though you are coming from an on-campus computer.

Quick full text access to journal articles: LibX uses Google Scholar to search for articles and directs the user to the electronic copy subscribed to by your Library. Select a citation, then drag-and-drop it onto the Scholar button on the toolbar. You can use this feature even from inside a PDF file, which makes retrieving papers referenced in a PDF file a snap.


To install the Tarleton State University Libraries LibX Toolbar ("LibX").  The most current version is 2.0:

Browser Requirement

  • Firefox 5 or higher

What is LibX?

  • Dropdown menu: LibX is a browser menu add-on that allows you to quickly search the Library Catalog, and links to other search tools and library resources.
  • Right-click menu: LibX allows you to select text on a web page and right-click for a menu of search options.
  • Embedded cues: LibX embeds a Tarleton Small T "cue"  on search results in Amazon, New York Times Book Reviews, Yahoo! and more that leads you to Tarleton's print and licensed e-resources.
  • AutoLinks: LibX automatically links ISBNs, ISSNs, PubMed IDs and DOIs to the Tarleton Libraries' print and licensed e-resources.

Dropdown Menu:

Select from a list of library resources and web pages including the databases, ask a librarian, and my account pages for quick access.  Enter search words in the box in the LibX toolbar to search the Tarleton Library Catalog, or switch to search, WorldCat resources, or Google Scholar. You can search by multiple terms in different fields (author, title, ISBN/ISSN, etc), and by clicking on the down arrow  you can add additional search boxes.

LibX toolbar

The search tool you choose determines your search options.

Right-click menu:

Highlight text on a web page and right-click to get this menu: LibX right click

From this menu you can:

  • Search selected text in the Tarleton Library Catalog or Google Scholar.
  • "Reload [this page] via Tarleton Access" for access to Tarleton's licensed e-resources when you find a restricted article on the Web.

The right-click menu changes depending on what text is highlighted. For instance, if an ISBN is selected, you will be offered appropriate ISBN searches. LibX searches ISBNs, ISSNs, PubMed IDs, and DOIs.

Alternatively, instead of right-clicking, you can drag and drop the selected text into the search box on the LibX toolbar, or directly onto the Google Scholar button.

Google Scholar Tip: Be sure to set "Tarleton State University Libraries - Fulltext Finder@Tarleton" as your Library Link in Google Scholar Preferences. When you right click to search highlighted text via Google Scholar, or drag and drop text onto the Google Scholar button, Tarleton's Full Text Finder link will appear in the results.

Embedded cues:

LibX places a cue Small T within:LibX Cue menu

  • Amazon
  •  New York Times Book Reviews
  • Global Books in Print
  •  Yahoo! Search
  • Google

  Click on the cue to get online access to the article or to see if Tarleton owns the book.


LibX autolink

LibX recognizes ISSNs, ISBNs, PubMed IDs and DOIs and turns them into autolinks that you may use to search for specific books and journals. Linked ISSNs are especially helpful for tracing journal title changes in the Tarleton Library Catalog and in other catalogs.

To disable the autolink feature, uncheck "Autolink pages" in the LibX menu.

To turn off the Extension:

In Firefox go to "Add-Ons" then "Extensions" and then hit "Disable" in the LibX box.

In Chrome go to the menu, then select "More Tools" then "Extensions". A new screen will pop up. Uncheck the "Enabled" box in the LibX2.0 row.

More Information:

If you have any questions contact the Library systems office by email or phone 254-968-1955.

LibX: visit the LibX Homepage and see their FAQ and Known Issues.
Firefox extensions: see Firefox Add-ons: Extensions
Chrome Extensions: see Chrome Web Store

LibX is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. 
The copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech.