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Welcome to the Department of Kinesiology!

About Us

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the "Department of Kinesiology" is to provide educational opportunities related to movement and health, provide leadership experiences through service and to promote the total well being of students; not only for a career....but for a lifetime.

We Are The Department of Kinesiology:

The Kinesiology Department strives to build fearless champions. The department teaches wellness through nutrition, fitness, movement, and therapy. The program also produces leadership skills through management and administration classes, internships, clinical experiences, and professional development opportunities. Professors in the Kinesiology department have a vast amount of knowledge through research and experience to pass on to students. Professors and students interact to develop relationships and mentorships to help students succeed in their education and future careers.

Our Degree Plans:

Kinesiology has several concentrations and career paths for students to choose from. With a concentration in Fitness Management, graduates can pursue careers in physical rehabilitation, allied health (Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Occupational Therapy), strength and conditioning, personal training and recreation. Kinesiology also has a concentration for an All-Level Physical Education teaching certification for students who would like to teach and/or coach at the high school level.  

The Tarleton Sports Medicine program just started the accredited entry-level master’s program for athletic training in the summer of 2016. With completion of this new program, students will be eligible to sit for both the Texas licensure exam and the national certification exam (BOC) for athletic training, providing students the opportunity to work anywhere in the country and even abroad. The program will continue to incorporate hands-on experience through clinical interactions with Tarleton athletic teams as well as other clinical settings, including sport rehab clinics, the Student Health Center, high schools, and orthopedic clinics. Upon graduation and passing of licensure/certification exams, students will be qualified to work in a wide array of both traditional and non-traditional settings. The mission of the Master of Science in Athletic Training program is to inspire discovery, leadership and service through captivating educational and clinical experiences. Learn more about our Masters of Science in Athletic Training. 

Our Facilities:

There are two labs under operation by the Kinesiology department. The Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior (LWMB) works with individuals who have physical disabilities and provides therapies to increase mobility and health (Click here for LWMB GooglePlus Page). The Clinical Exercise Research Facility (CERF) provides a large amount of health and fitness evaluations, such as, VO2 maxes, stress testing, and lactate thresholds testing. The Kinesiology Department also runs an indoor pool located in the Kinesiology building. The pool is open to the public and offers swim lessons and water aerobics. The sports medicine program utilizes three athletic training rooms: the Baseball/Softball Complex, Wisdom Gym, and the Memorial Stadium Fieldhouse. In these athletic training rooms, students get hands-on experience working with Tarleton State University athletes. A recent addition to the department is the Champions Club where students can interact, play Wii games, and purchase healthy snacks and official Kinesiology gear.

News and Events

New! Kinesiology Department Boasts Hall of Fame Professor!!

The Kinesiology Department is proud to announce that Dr. Steve Simpson has been inducted into the 2015 Southwest Athletic Trainers Association (SWATA) Hall of Fame in Houston, Texas. Not only is Dr. Simpson an appropriate and well deserving inductee for the 2015 SWATA Hall of Fame award, but he is a humble man of integrity who has proven himself to be a commendable athletic trainer and leader. His passion, and devotion to his students and athletes has shone forth as he has illustrated yet another way the Kinesiology Department here at Tarleton State is promoting the total well-being of students and building fearless champions.

To find out more about Dr. Simpson's Great achievement, watch the SWATA Hall of Fame Video or read our Kinesiology & Sport Review

New! Spring Internship Information

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