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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I become a coach and teach?
A kinesiology degree with  the all-level certification option enables a student to teach and coach in the public schools of Texas. The addition of second teaching field, other than physical education will make a student more marketable for employment opportunities after graduation. In most public schools in Texas coaches are required to teach in addition to their coaching responsibilities.
How Can I become an athletic trainer?

Athletic Trainers in Texas must be licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Tarleton offers all coursework (approximately 10 courses) and clinical experience (5 semesters/1800 hours) required to be eligible to take the Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers state board exams. Successful completion of all coursework, clinical experiences and exams allow the student to practice as a Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT). The first step to becoming a LAT through TSU is the completion of KINE 212, Introduction to Athletic Training.

What can I do with an option in Fitness Management?
A fitness management option will allow a student to pursue many areas in kinesiology. These include, but are not limited to interests in the fitness industry in personal training or working in a recreational facility or fitness center. Students interested in exercise stress testing or cardiac rehabilitation should include the optional courses of physiotherapy and electrocardiography to assist them in these career options.
Does a major in Kinesiology allow me to become a physical therapist?
Majoring in kinesiology will enable a student to earn a bachelor of science degree, while completing some of the prerequisites necessary to enter a physical therapy program. Tarleton State University does not offer a full degree in physical therapy.
What are professional development points?
Professional development points are earned while a student is pursuing their degree in kinesiology. The points are composed of many areas outside of the degree required coursework. Professional development opportunities range from different types volunteer work related to the major, membership in degree related organizations, participation in recreational sports to certifications in degree related areas.