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Amy McKay

Assistant Professor

22nd Season


  • B.S. Tarleton State University
  • M.Ed. Tarleton State University



Amy McKay (M.Ed., CSCS, AFAA-PT&FC, Yoga, Step Aerobics, SCW-Sports Nutrition, ISSA-Sports Nutrition & Exercise Therapies) is an Associate Professor in the Kinesiology Department.  Mrs. McKay is a graduate of the program and has been a part of the teaching team for 20 years.  She is passionate about strength and conditioning for all age groups and special populations.  During her time at Tarleton she has taught a wide variety of classes including Integrated Movement, Yoga, Strength and Conditioning, Group Exercise, Weight Training and Wellness for Life. Teaching Sports Nutrition will be the next chapter in her responsibilities within the department.  Mrs. McKay is an endurance athlete and strives to lead her students by example and enthusiasm.

Experience and Research

  • Lead Writer for The Motivator, a biannual publication by The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. Fall 2015
  • New York City Marathon. Personal Record: 3:43
  • BME= Best Mom Ever
  • McKay, A. (2014). Handle it Better: A handout combining nutritional and quality of life tips for everyone to “Handle it Better” in any situation. 

  • McKay, A. (2014). We Work Better Together: A pamphlet designed for symptom management of Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation with nutrition and exercise.

  • McKay, A. (2014). Nutrition Twister: An interactive game created to use at Family Fitness night at Acton Elementary School. 

  •    McKay, A. (2014). Safe Cooking Temperatures As Measured with a Food Thermometer: Informational template for Tarleton State Sports Nutrition and Food        Safety course.
  •    McKay, A. (2013). Sugar…Friend or Foe?: A survey and handout created for the Weight Watchers support group at Tarleton State University. This program has    also been used staff development day at Tarleton State University as well as various Multiple Sclerosis conferences. 
  •    McKay, A. (2013). Movement is the Key to Unlock Your Strength: A Multiple Sclerosis presentation created to inspire patients that music has a variety of            benefits for overall health and wellness especially when coupled with movement. A CD and handout are given to all participants.
  •    McKay, A. (2013). Fruit and Veggie Galore!: An easy and colorful handout for Multiple Sclerosis patients encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  •    McKay, A. (2012). This is Your Now…Here is Your How!: A collection of simple ideas to keep your life in balance. A creative and interesting delivery package of    handouts on healthy living topics. The cards were designed to fit in small places as reminders of the concepts listed.
  •    McKay, A. (2012). Yoga Kids: Create strong bodies, calm minds, and a happy spirit! This publication was designed to be a resource for Texas physical                education teachers. 
  •    McKay, A. (2012). Artistic Happy: A colorful publication for a creative Multiple Sclerosis Association program at an art studio
  •    McKay, A. (2010). Yougo-Not BINGO: A publication created to teach the macronutrient types and how these resources are utilized in the body. This                    publication has been used at AES, MSAA events and in TSU classes. 
  •    McKay, A. (2010). Nutrition Basics and Health Tips: An informative guide to a healthy lifestyle and nutritional dietary habits. 

Quick Facts


Amy McKay

Courses taught:

  • Theory of Strength and Conditioning (KINE 3320)
  • Integrated Movement (KINE 3340)
  • Motor Behavior (KINE 3330)
  • Kinesiology (4380)
  • Sports Nutrition (KINE 3360)
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Wellness

Quote to Live by

"Knowledge is only a rumor until it lives in the muscle." -Asaro Tribe of Indonesia

"Best Day Ever!" 

Favorite fitness routine:

Distance running and interval "boot camp" style training

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Faculty Excellence in Student Success College of Education 2015
  • Faculty Excellence in Student Success Tarleton State University 2015

Why Kinesiology is important to me:

I believe that human movement is a true expression of poetry in athletic performance, daily fitness, and overall heath and quality of life.