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Discipline Procedures

The Judicial process begins by having a complaint filed against a student or organization.  The complaint is then brought before the Judicial Officer and either there is no charge filed or there is a charge filed in which the student or organization is then notified of the charge.

Once the student or organization comes to meet with the Judicial Officer in the initial meeting, the process is explain and the choice made to before the JAC (Judicial Advisory Council) or Judicial Officer During this meeting, it is explained the JAC decision is a recommendation only.  *If the alleged student or student representatives of an organization chooses the JAC, the meeting is scheduled.  Once a decision is rendered on the incident, JAC will recommend a sanction to the Judicial Officer.  However, it is at the discretion of the Judicial Officer whether or not to accept the decision rendered by the JAC.  Once the appropriate sanction is agreed upon, the student or organization is notified of the decision rendered.

If the Judicial Officer declines the recommendation of the JAC, then s/he re-examines the documentation present which includes the report that explains the JAC rationale for their conclusion.   The Judicial Officer then decides the appropriate sanction to give based on information provided.  Once the decision is rendered the student or organization will be notified of the decision rendered.

If student or organization decides to have Judicial Officer’s hearing, then the Judicial Officers will meet with the student that day or another scheduled time (majority of the time the Judicial Officer is chosen to hear the incident).  The Judicial Officer will make a decision based on the facts of a case and if it is found that no violation occurred the complaint will be dismissed.  However, if there is found that a violation occurred then there will be a sanction given.  Either way the student or organization will be notified of the decision rendered.

Once a student or organization is found to be in violation, the decision rendered, they can appeal the decision.  A student or organization must request an appeal hearing in writing through the Vice President for Student Life, and only for the following reason: Procedural error(s), Insufficient evidence to support the finding(s), Sanction(s) inconsistent with the findings, and Misinterpretation of university policies and regulations by  the hearing officer/body. The only sanctions appealable are disciplinary probation, suspension, expulsion, and revocation of degree.  The appeal hearing may be denied, granted in whole or part, or other relief may be directed where appropriate.  If there is new evidence that was not available at the time of the administrative hearing, the case will be referred back to the original hearing officer/body. 

The request in writing must include the name of student or organization, address of student or organization, telephone number and the student’s ID number.  It must also include the date of disciplinary action, by who disciplined as well as nature of disciplinary action, circumstances which merit review and signature of student.  As for the grounds of appeal, a written brief stating the ground(s) for appealing concerning the case should be presented by the student appellant which the designated time frame. 

The scope of the review will be limited to a timely written notice of the appeal suspends the imposition of sanction(s) until the appeal is finally decided.  Also the Vice President for Student Life will forward the written appeal within five University working days along with any documents or written evidence submitted at the hearing to the University Discipline Appeals Committee Chair.  On written request made to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, a student or organization may request copies of evidence used to adjudicate the case in which two University working days must be allowed to provide these copies.  Then the chair of the University Discipline Appeals Committee will set the date, time and place for the committee review upon receipt of the request for review and will notify the student or organization of the same in writing.  This will be done within five University working days after the receipt of the request.

The student or organization who fails to appear for their appeal, forfeits their right of appeal.  Only extenuating circumstances may cause the University to deviate from the defined time frames.

Discipline Process


Appeals Process