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Performance Management

Performance management is a process, the goal of which is to improve employee performance, and ultimately, to improve the organization. Performance management involves both the employee and the supervisor working on an ongoing basis to achieve pre-established performance goals and expectations. It includes activities such as communicating expectations, observing employee performance and giving feedback, and helping employees build on current strengths and develop needed skills. Performance Evaluation is only one aspect of the feedback process. Formal Performance Evaluation is documented through the use of the Performance Management module of Tarleton Connection.

Listed to the right are some of the key links associated with Performance Management. Please contact the HRTD office if you have any questions regarding the Performance Management and Performance Evaluation processes.

Performance Management Workflow- Planning

Performance Management Workflow- Evaluation

User Guide and Related Procedures

User Guide

An overview of the performance management process and step-by-step instruction:

Tarleton Connection User Guide to Performance Management

Related Procedures

Non-Budgeted Hourly/Student Performance Evaluation Form


The Annual Review Process Begins:
March 1-May 26, 2017 

The first step of the process includes completion of a self-appraisal by the employee and performance evaluation by the supervisor. If you are unable to access the self-appraisal (self-evaluation) it is likely due to either not acknowledging your goal plan or your supervisor not completing your goal plan for 2016-17. Please direct inquiry about your status with your supervisor first.


Instructions and User Guide

Tarleton Connection User Guide to Performance Management

Tarleton Connection Portal

Tarleton Connection Performance Management Portal
(requires NTNET log in)