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Tarleton State University provides wireless services to common areas of the majority of the buildings located on the Stephenville campus. Where available, the wireless network provides Tarleton users with mobile access to the Internet, and email without having to be physically connected.  Wireless-ready devices such as laptops and smart phones can readily connect using your Tarleton network credentials.

Instructions for:

Network Access Control (NAC)

In order to connect to a Tarleton campus network, your computer must meet certain security conditions.  You will be required to authenticate to the Tarleton wireless network using your NTNET username and password.  Upon authentication, your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) will be assessed to ensure it meets the following conditions:

  • Does the computer have anti-virus software installed, running and up-to-date?
  • Does the computer have a firewall installed and enabled?
  • Is the computer configured to automatically install system updates?
  • Is there active P2P software on the computer?
  • Is the user authenticated?  (This can be a regular user or a guest user, depending on the circumstances)

All Tarleton machines are configured to meet all of these requirements by default. If a user’s computer fails any of these conditions they will be notified via a pop-up message or website that will help resolve the issue. Depending on the specific issue, their network access may be removed until the issue is addressed.  

How do I work from home?

Faculty, staff and students also can connect to the Tarleton's network from off-campus across the Internet through a Virtual Private Network connection.

Wired Ethernet

Tarleton has a Gig backbone to most of the 35 administrative and academic campus buildings.  The remaining buildings are 100MB.  Tarleton is moving to a chassis-based Gig capable end-to-end network.

Current Network Utilization


When viewing, please remember that since this is from TAMU's perspective, the outbound UTILIZATION is really the inbound UTILIZATION from Tarleton.