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Skydrives, Dropbox, Google Drive, is my information protected?

Cloud storage such as Skydrives, Dropbox, Google Drive….do you trust them?

Will the online storage tools you use such as Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, and SpiderOak be required to scan incoming files for copyright violations? To protect your information, will they start having to implement a Content ID system (a set of copyright policies and content management controls), similar to YouTube's? More controls could impact the free and open user experience.  

In the end, it seems that the battle for online storage may be less about features and more about trust. Google raised a hornet's nest of privacy concerns last week over its Google Drive terms of service, then compounded the damage by not immediately responding to its’ customers when privacy advocates voiced strong concerns over how they may have used customer data before and after they were actively engaged in the service. Dropbox may have also blown it last year with privacy concerns that haven't been solved yet -- at least, not in a technical way.”

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